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Personal Experiences


[1150] Kent in Mesa, AZ  Ex-Criminal Does Damage

A convicted felon recently released from jail and hired by Jiffy Lube #2266 in Mesa, AZ. did $3000 body damage to the passenger side of my GMC Sierra truck while driving it out of the bay after service. I am the Superintendent for a project at the Maricopa County jail where the inmate was housed for a year. The convicted felon recognized me and we spoke for about 10 minutes while I was in the waiting room. The incident happened on 8/22/08 and he had just been released on 6/27/08. His job was to clean the windows, vacuum the vehicle, check the tire pressure and pull the vehicle out of the bay. When I called Jiffy Lube corporate and talked to a naive person named Jodi after the accident she said they would have to do an internal investigation.

Apparently they do not do proper training or background checks for employees.


[1149] Clancy in VA  Ex-criminals Keep Prices Down

I have had no real bad experiences with Jiffy Lube other than small oil seepage from an oil filter once. They don't wrench tighten filters anymore because they get them off with crushing the filter and leaving the old gasket behind.

My son now work at a Jiffy Lube in Virgina. He says they try very hard to do a good job. The employees get bonuses for performance. They do hire people who have criminal pasts, but that's how they keep the price down. At his store all employees go thru testing at different levels of skill, starting with the vaccum and window cleaners on up to manager level. If you want an certified mechanic to change your oil then expect to pay $100.00 for a simple oil change. Jiffy Lube sends out test customers to catch the employees doing something wrong, such as not greeting the customer within five seconds.The corporate shill report affects their bonuses.

I have the read the scams reported by customers about different Jiffy Lube stores and don't blame them about their complaints. But my son has told me about many scams and idiot requests by customers, starting with don't change the filter only the oil At 15,000 miles to blaming the store for ruining their engine even though the lifters are dry slapping and nothing comes out of the drain plug. It's certainly not a one way street.

[1148] Marilyn in Salt Lake City, UT  Lying, Face to Face

I spoke with James (aka Jim) by phone on, I believe, 9/4/08 regarding  JiffyLube form # 487121 concerning problems encountered with our oil change service to our 2008 Silverado completed on 9/3/08, as we traveled through enroute from Concord California to Denver Colorado, stopping at your shop at 804 E. 400 S., Salt Lake City, across the street from our Hotel..  The invoice on this is 08090300487121. Pardon the delay, however school enrollment, illness due to cold, and move-in factors delayed our sending these photos and this email.

Pictures taken on 9/5/08 by my son, who has Dad's (Craig's) truck in Denver, do not show the damages too well but they do, indeed, indicate are the problems I discussed. My son used white paper in some shots in efforts to highlight and or allow shadow from the sunlight  to the damages as they truly exist.

1) Scratches from the work apron too quickly scraped off (instead of being gently lifted off) the truck front passenger side front side after service
2) Stain on overhead upholstery over the driver's side front seat/window from greasy hand (apparently left when service person was washing windshield)
3) Odometer obviously shows service person did not inflate tires as he indicated he had done when directly requested before and questioned about afterwards.  He outright lied, saying he'd noted the differences in inflation and had corrected!

Now, as stated, this is a brand new truck, the love of my husbands life - and nothing but sloppiness in attempt to rush the job caused unnecessary damage and negligence to the truck. And...no, we are not expecting to return to Salt Lake City anytime soon.  We expect to have some sort of reimbursement for the damages, physically and emotionally regarding our experience.  In addition, it is pertinent that you reprimand your staff on lying, face to face with customers!

[1147] Steph  Red Lining Destroyed Engine

My boyfriend just bought a used car with 58,000 miles on it.  The first day of owning the car he took it to Jiffy Lube for a tune up/ oil change.  They decided to do fule injection flush after which they revved his enging for 2-3minutes straight red lining it.  He had told them the car had not been driven for 2 months.  Because they red lined it the way they did, they threw a rod out of place.  Now he needs an entirely new enging and they are giving us hell to get the money for it.  We will see if they ever pay out. ugh!

[1146] Kathy in San Jose, CA  Woman Points Out Mistakes
I have always done my own mechanics on my car with my own tools.  I am a 32 yr old woman.  May 22nd, I lost my entire home to a wildfire.  Tools incinerated.  Now I have to smog my car for reg, and took it to Jiffy Lube.  Feb of this year, I had my tranny rebuilt, which, when put back in, it developed a slow drip.  Nothing severe, just need to check fluids more often than before.  This is Friday. 

Saturday, I'm going on a road trip for a friend's wedding.  I view the tranny fill/check plug before my service and it's caked with grease and dirt.  Jiffy Lube checks me in and sends me to the waiting room.  No thanks, I'll wait outside.  My car is my life, and I guarantee I am more familiar with autos than any of these kids, so I'd like to watch while I hang out.  They do their routine, drag an air hose around, do some more turning knobs and pulling levers, looking busy.  12 minutes later.... "Finished"?
Hmm.  The "greeter/cashier" goes over the checklist: Oil changed filter changed air cleaner, "none in stock" Wiper blades "good" Tranny fluid "good" Power steering fluid "good" Washer fluid "topped off" Battery water "good" Tires "F30, R30 filled" Windshield "no chips/cracks"  etc, etc, etc.
I get home and view the tranny plug.  DIRTY?  They didn't check it!  I even asked 2 employees, "you check the tranny fluid right?"  "Oh yah." they said. I took my car back in with an air cleaner they didn't have in stock and pointed out the dirty tranny plug. I had to explain "I'm going 400 miles tomorrow and you didn't check my tranny oil, I can only get it at the dealer."  They were extremely embarrased, probably not only did a chick catch their ignorance, but other customer's were present.
Here's the contrary:  My wiper blades are over a year old, I have a chip in my windshield, my tires were: 24, 26, 29, 22.  Specs call for them to be at 42 minimum on the tires & door jam, and imagine this, the tranny fluid was LOW.
Many others have experienced worse stories than this, but even still, 12 minutes to perform this service is curious, the fact that they open your door for you, even more so when they're ripping you off.
Shadey business, I will never go to Jiffy Lube again.

[1145] Dennis in Santa Fe, NM  Improper Radiator Refill

I t took my 1991 Subaru Legacy in for an oil change, radiator flush and new anit-freeze.  After paying the bill, the manager told me to bring the car back in a few days to top off the radiator.  Driving home I noticed the car was running a  little hotter than normal and that the heater wasn't working.

The weather turned very cold. Driving to work (four miles) the next day the car seemed to still be running hot.  The next day it snowed over two feet and traffic didn't move for a few days.  It was about a ten days (mostly of not driving) before I could get back to Jiffy Lube.  On the way there the temp gauge went into the red.  I told the manager about the engine overheating and he said it was because I hadn't brought the car in for "topping off" soon enough.  I told him it first happened on the day of the service.

He told me it was probably the thermostat and to take it to my mechanic, it wasn't Jiffy Lube's responsibility.  I told him there was no problem with the thermostat when I bought the car in for service.  He told me there was nothing he could do but top off the antifreeze, which he did by poring antifreeze into the radiator.

Driving home, the car overheated into the red again.  I took the car to a Subaru mechanic the next day.  He told me Jiffy Lube had probably not opened the air bleeder vent on the left top of the radiator when they filled it.  There was probably air in the line, the coolant wasn't circulating properly and that caused to engine to overheat and the heater not to work.

My mechanic worked on the car for about half an hour, topping out the system.  The heater seemed to work fine.  The next day all the problems were back.  I left the car at the mechanic's shop for a few days.  He went through a whole list of things including changing several thermostats, trying a different radiator. 

In the end he said he'd tried everything he could think of and that I needed a new engine.  I drove home, seized with anger and parked the car in the drive where it has remained until I can save $800-1200 for a new motor.

[1144] Kevin in King of Prussia, PA  Wrong Oil Filter

I went to Jiffy Lube #261 in King Of Prussia, PA this past Saturday (9/13/2008) for an oil change.  Later that day I noticed oil dripping everywhere I parked my car.  Within 30 hours of the oil change, all the oil had leaked out of my engine.  After buying additional oil, I took my car to my trusted mechanic and found out the casing for the oil filter had been stripped when they put an incorrect oil filter in.  The part has to be ordered and I'm out $150 total plus a day of my life lost.  After reading through the experiences on the site I am cutting my losses, getting it fixed properly immediately, and never going back to a Jiffy Lube again.  Fortunately there was no major damage to my car.  Sign me up for the class action lawsuit when it comes!

[1143] Heather in Taylorsville, UT  Forgot To Replace Diff Plug

Yesterday(Sept. 13, 2008) I was driving along I-15 in the middle lane at about 75mph when my truck lurched and started making ridiculous noises.  Nothing was happening when I was stepping on the gas or the brake.  I barley made it to the side of road before the rear end locked up and threw me and the 5 dogs I had with me around.  I had on my seat belt, but the jolt was very painful.  I train dogs and was transporting them, 2 in the shell of my truck and 3 in the cab.  The 3 in the front hit the dash board and then the floor.

My husband had just taken my truck in on Sept. 5 for an oil change.  They suckered him into a 2 for 1 deal, they did the front and rear differentials.  After the tow truck driver came, he pointed out that the rear diff was locked up.  Once it made it to the auto shop, the mechanic said that the fluid plug had not even been replaced!  I am so upset!  This was a very scary experience for me I could just as easily have been stalled in the middle of a very busy freeway.  Things could have gone much worse, but it is bad enough just knowing that this is based on some idiot not knowing how to put a plug back.  

This service was done at the Jiffy Lube in Taylorsville, UT at 5400 South and Redwood Rd.  I will never go to ANY Jiffy Lube, and I suggest no one else does either.  I will be pursuing this through small claims court, because I know I will never get them to admit fault.    

[1142] Michael Jiffy Lube Ruined My Engine

I went into Jiffy Lube last Friday [5 Sep 08] for an oil change and radiator flush. By the end my engine would not even start. They could not even tell me what had gone wrong.  My engine was making a high pitched whistle noise. The next day my car was towed to the mechanic of their choice who was closed all weekend. Now seven days later I am still waiting on my car and the mechanic still does not know exactly what is wrong with my 03 Saab. After finally hearing from the district manager he was more than rude and did not offer to compensate me in any way. Down with Jiffy Lube! I would like to burn that mother to the ground!

Update.  This is Michael I wrote you a while ago regarding Jiffy lube ruining my engine. It has now been 17 days since it was towed off the bay. The insurance adjuster is now doing everything he can to dance around getting me a new engine. I feel like I need to get some legal representation lined up if they try to deny their actions. Can anyone help me. The mechanic of their choice told me he has never seen them “buck” around getting a car fixed like this. Its obvious they owe me a new engine.

[1141] Craig Jiffy Lube Ruined My Engine

Appliied a shop vacuum to the oil fill hole on my engine. On August 5th I had my oil changed at a Jiffy Lube, the next day I noticed some oil drops on my garage floor so I sprayed the bottom of the oil pan off with Brake Klean and noticed there was a washer or sealant missing between the drain plug and oil pan. I took my car back to the same store on August 7th and asked the mgr to back out the drain plug far enough to put sealant around it so it wouldn't leak. His reply was "I'll do better than that. I've got a trick" At that point I should have realized that "tricks" are not good. He took the oil fill cap off of my engine and told the guy under the car in the pit, "when I say ok take the plug out seal it and put it back in". I watched him take the shop vacuum hose that hangs from the ceiling and put it over my oil fill hole with full vacuum, keep in mind the car is not running. With full vacuum, estimated to be about 12psi, he covered the fill port and said "OK". the man in the pit took out the plug and not one drop of oil came out of the drain hole or the fill hole, sealer went on, drain plug went back in and the whole thing took less than a minute. Wow you must think, kind of neat, Not so much, because now my 1996 Nissan 300ZX twin turbo, that a day before had a small leak around the drain plug has two bad turbos and a leaking valve cover gasket. I went back on the 8th to show them it was smoking and making noise plus oil was leaking on the backside of the engine so they sent me to another store, they looked at it and sent me to the Nissan dealer where it was diagnosed with two bad turbos.

 I spoke to dist mgr and they turned it over to their ins co. Ins co sent tech to inspect car on Aug 9th. He asked me if Nissan said the vacuum caused the problem and I told him they never heard of anyone doing something so stupid so they couldn't tell me. I think I'm getting ready to be screwed. I have every reciept for every service since the car was new and I never abuse it because it's a show car. It was fine the day before so you do the math.

 If anyone has ever heard of or seen this "trick" please let me know because it's $7000+ for parts and labor!

Update. On September 12th I spoke to claims adjuster at Jiffy Lubes insurance co. It seems as if they are going to make good and pay for the repairs as my last conversation with the adjuster was that they approved the claim and were giving the estimate to a mechanical adjuster to be sure the parts and labor were fair, and they are fair, as the 300ZX TT is very difficult to work on, if you can even find a tech willing to do the job, so it looks like Jiffy Lube is back in my good graces.

 I also had the oil changed in my other Z car yesterday, Sept. 15th, and the manager told me that the regional mgr had sent an e mail to his other 43 stores to not do the vacuum trick. Please update my complaint with this.

[1140] Nick in Fallon, NV Improper Lube Service

On 9/5/08 I went into JL for the first time here. On completion of their oil change and service, I was given a receipt that showed only 2 chassis fittings were lubed.  When I questioned only 2 fittings being lubed, I was told "that's all we could find".

After some research and consulting my owner manual on a 1986 Isuzu PUP, I found there are at least 8 grease fittings. I returned to the location on 9/8 and complained to the Manager, Vince.  When commenting about the lack of service and quality of the lube tech who worked on my vehicle, I was told by Vince, "Well, I have to work with what I have." So I can only assume they hire unqualified techs and have no training program and no customer/ vehicle safety concerns.

They put the vehicle on the rack again and on releasing the vehicle again, the Mgr told me they found 7 fittings this time. I asked about the u-joint/driveline fittings and was told 'we couldn't find any'. U-joints have grease fittings. They aren't that hard to find. Not many places to 'hide' them.  I had the manual with me and tried to show Vince the diagram showing the fittings and he wouldn't even look at the book. When I told him that if I find there are, in fact, u-joint grease fittings I would be filing a small claims suit against them, his reply was "Fine" and walked away from me.

How many other 'valued' customers do not get proper lube service and suffer mechanical failure and unnecesary wear later due to JL's negligence?

[1139] CLS in Cumming, GA  Wrong Oil Filter Came Off

Went to the Cummimg Ga Jiffy Lube Store for a oil change and tire rotation in June for my 2006 Toyota Rav 4. less than 2,700 miles later the oil filter came off and the oil dumped as I was going 65 miles an hour down the hwy. Turns out they put the wrong oil filter on my vechicle so it was not secured and came loose. the damage to my vechicle was $11,000.00.PLEASE DO NOT USE JIFFY LUBE!!!!!!

[1138] Laura in Gig Harbor, WA  Forgot To Replace Oil

Mine has JUST begun. 9/5/2008. I had my oil changed 2 weeks ago on 8/22/08 and have since traveled approximately 400 miles.  On Friday 9/5/08 I parked in a Costco parking lot.  I noticed steam (?) coming from under the hood of  my 2005 Ford Focus.  I tried to open it and oil dripped all over my hands.  When the tow truck driver arrived he opened it.  The cap to the oil "chamber" was sitting next to the clasp where the latch to open the hood was.  Oil was EVERYWHERE.

My vehicle was towed to a reputable local mechanic who, along with the tow truck driver, myself, my friend, and other's in the mechanic's shop observed the mess and that the oil stick was measuring NO oil.  My "Oil" light never came on.  BUT besides $10K damage on a 2005 w/low miles Focus...(My pride and joy)

The "rep" from the Gig Harbor, WA Jiffylube, was observed pouring in a quart of oil and throwing that bottle in the bushes, then adding 3 more quarts of a "brand of oil" (that was not the kind listed on my receipt) and then claiming "see there was a quart left"  He was observed wiping down the "oil mess" on the belts, etc. The rep was also, observed going under the vehicle.  The observer believes he took the oil filter off.  After the mechanic put my car on a lift... it appears the "rep" replaced the original filter with another (that does not match my receipt).  The new one??? was marked on the bottom w/ the date that I had "the oil change" along w/ "the initials TL".

Rep requested I let the vehicle be towed to Tacoma, WA.  I declined.  Next day, he called to request the same.  I declined.

Yes, I would like your input as I am only at the beginning of this dispute. 

[1137] Dave in Victorville, CA  Incomplete & Unneeded Services

Man, went into the Jiffy Lube #2981 in Victorville, CA.  Only reason I went in was the EZ Lube was packed with cars.  I used to have good service here, about 4 years ago, but then the franchise changed hands it I haven't been back due to poor service.  I guess I should have waited at EZ Lube...

First off, going through the check in was laborious.  "No, all I want is an oil change for my F250 Diesel".  "Well all these other items are do".  Me, "Yep, I know, I have them done at my dealer."  Jiffy Lube, "Well we'll check your air filter and see if it needs to be replaced and only will replace it if needed."  Me, "Nope, it was just changed about 5,000 miles ago, but you can pull it out and blow it off if you like."

I come back as my truck is being pulled out of the shop.  I ask to see the air filter they removed, if they had.  Yep they had, the filter was almost perfectly clean on one side, and slightly dirty on the other.  I asked the manager why they changed it out and he informed me that since it was so hard to get out, that it didn't make sense to put back a dirty one, so they put in a new one.  At least I got $20 bucks knocked off the price!

I look over my receipt and I see they have added washer fluid and also lowered the air pressure on my tires to 45 psi - when the Ford specs are 65 psi.  I make mention of this to the manager.  "As soon as we can get you back in the shop, we'll check them out."  I decide to take the truck home and refill the air at home. 

I get home and check the air pressure on my tires - all are at 65 psi!  They didn't even look at the tires!!!  I then decided to check to see if I got all the oil I need - 15 quarts for a diesel.  Seems to be full.  I then check the washer fluid.  It is almost bone dry!  This is when I start going over the individual items on the list that they listed for me at check out.  The truck was not vacuumed.  The boot print on the carpet.  Ugh....makes me very nervous what they actually did to my truck!!!!

Then I noticed that they indicate that the oil pan drain plugged is stripped on arrival.  Hardly likely - as I just had the oil pan replaced by a dealer, I had punched a hole in it 4 wheeling a few months ago. 

Seems to me that after this experience and reviewing all the other complaints, that Jiffy Lube has lost control of its work force and franchisees.  I will not be going back to any Jiffy Lube if I can help it.

[1136] Anne in Charlotte, NC  Dirty Oil Rag Scam

I went to a Jiffy Lube in Charlotte, NC and while my oil was being changed and based upon where I was standing - I could see down inside the trench where the technician was working. The store manager went down there and pulled out a clean rag. He then held it while the technician poured some oil on it. The manager came up and told me that my oil was horribly bad and that it indicated I needed to replace my differential oil and probably brake fluid!  I had heard of this scam before and told the manager I'd have my regular mechanic check it out. He said "you might regret driving away from here with your car like that and we can do it inside an hour, blah, blah, blah." Of course, later on my mechanic confirmed the scam.  Just today on NPR's radio show "Car Talk" a woman called in from Lansing, MI and related the exact same scam at a Sears Auto Shop. They took her for an extra $80 that day. She actually returned to the same shop 3 months later to get another oil change (she admitted she probably changes oil too frequently) and Sears pulled the same scam! She confronted the manager and he hemmed and hawed and ended up not charging her for services that day.
Caveat Emptor - "Let the Buyer Beware" of bogus dirty oil rags

[1135] PS in Raleigh, NC  Refusal Leads To Sabotage 

I just got a call from my mechanic who told me  I need to replace an air mask (sp?) meter on my Jetta. An almost $300 repair. My car was sputtering and losing acceleration--it was dangerous driving. He noticed that I had recently been to Jiffy Lube because he saw the sticker and noticed the clean air filter. He also said that there was a 2 inch piece of duct tape wrapped around my sensor, that no doubt caused the sensor to burn out. He asked if I had an altercation or something that would cause them to sabotage my car because there wasn't another explanation why duct tape would be there. Indeed, I visited Jiffy Lube a couple of months ago. I remember meeting with the technician before they begun work on the car. He detailed the costs which totaled $86. I remember chuckling and saying "$86  for an oil change? No, I don't need an air filter today (to save costs), I just had one installed less than 6 months ago." The service guy wasn't abused and kinda stared at me. Finally he grinned a little and said OK.

When my car was ready, the cashier said my total was around $86. I asked her if the air filter was changed, she said that is was. Now, I was in a pretty good mood that day and didn't want that to change, so I said,"I didn't want the filter changed, but whatever." I was very polite to both her and the technician (even joking around with both of them) , but I vowed not to return again.  But today, with the news from my mechanic, I am livid. First they bully me for services I don't need, give me grief when I decline the service, then sabotage me for it?   Beyond slimy!

I asked my mechanic if I could prove it. He said not really, since a couple of months have passed. I think I could possibly take this further, but I don't think it's worth the pain. But I will tell everybody I know to not do business there. I used to get good service there, but it has dwindled over the years. But this is my first unethical experience--the kind that gives car repairmen a bad name.

[1134] Zana  Free Oil Top Off Is Not Free

I sent my daughter to get a top off of the oil, which is free, they sold her a oil change, transmission fluid change and a new filter totaling 180.00 dollars, I just had a oil change two weeks ago. I refused to pay  they took it down to $82.00 dollars.

[1133] Susan in Horn Lake, MS  Missing Part Is Found

I recently had a situation in the Horn Lake, MS Jiffy Lube where a part was missing and appeared to become missing after a visit there.

At first I was not able to get a reasonable response, although the staff was polite, but after speaking to the correct management I was able to have a satisfactory resolve.

Quite often it would seem that management can not be aware of every issue that comes up with consumers, and there is quite a bit of foot (or tire) traffic that comes through these shops.

The management contact information is on sales receipts and should be used in case of any issues.  I am more than satisfied with the resolve which was actually completed at the Jiffy Lube in Olive Branch, MS.

[1132] Lisa in Cockeysville, MD  Forgot To Replace Air Filter

This email serves as documentation of a problem that I have with the Jiffy Lube in Cockeysville.  Due to their negligent activity almost 3000 miles ago on my Nissan Murano(2007), I was in the shop at Nissan this morning having my Nissan fixed.  I purchased a new air filter from Jiffy Lube and it was never installed so I have been driving without one for almost 3000 miles.  I am due for an oil change in 300 miles.  My car started running very hard and not right and I brought it in for service today with Nissan.  Now I realize the damage that I may have in the future with running without an air filter which is the similar talk that Jiffy Lube gives on the IMPORTANCE of a clean filter.  Now, due to their negligence, I may have to return for more engine issues in the future.  I visited with the Assistant Manager today and gave him all my documentation and he has copies of my visit with Nissan.  I am owed the cost of the air filter from Jiffy Lube which was never installed and the cost of my trip today (140.55).  I also told the Jiffy Lube, Assistant manager to also contact Nissan and get the further details.  You may also do as well.  410-252-7420.  Nissan Auto World Service Dept.

I have been a loyal Jiffy Lube customer for years and I am so disappointed with this negligence and what it did to my car and potential risks I may have in the near future driving without an air filter.  I travel alot in my job and this shows true lack of care for a customer.  Did they not see an air filter laying behind?  Did they not see a problem?  Sometimes I notice a lack of care on behalf of your employees.  I understand that good employees are hard to find but now it becomes costly on your behalf for a poor employee and lack of care on his part.  I may have a $600 problem with my engine from Jiffy Lube's lack of care in the near future.  You are costing me a lot of money...I will not be a customer of yours anymore.  You promote fast service, but you just promoted negligent fast service.

[1131] Jim in Philadelphia, PA  Bad Attitude & Arguments

On 08-21-08 I had an oil change at #262 Jiffy Lube 600 W.Street Rd. ,Philla. Pa. 18974.The service they performed was not what I payed for or expected.The attendents were not profesional to say the least. They did not check the fluid levels, diferentials, tires, wiper blades and lights. In fact, I had to go to a real service center and have fluids added and an additional quart of oil. I was charged $43.38 for just the oil and filter. After I mentioned the above to the person that seemed to be in charge, I found out that the only way I would get my keys would be to pay the bill.  During the course of all this, I witnessed an attenden treach through the window to start the truck, in so doing this he leaned against the truck with his tool pouch and scratched my truck with a pair of pliers and flashlight.  I called the 800 number on the back of the invoice and got nothing but attitude and arguments.I spoke with two different people and didn't even get an apology, they showed no remorse at all. As I said the entire experence was very unprofesional.

I feel  the right thing for you to do is reimburse me for the services that were not performed, and fix the scratch on my truck.

[1130] RC  Forgot To Replace Oil

I took my car in for a simple oil change on Saturday [30 August 2008] - it has only 13,400 miles on it - so they could not really sell me any additional services that they never deliver. Whenever I get my oil chnaged anywhere I know to check the driveway or garage for leaks the next few days. Well the next moring I see a large stain on the ground - I smell it and it is oil. I look under the car and there is oil all over the undercarriage. The dipstick  said I had no oil - - I called the store they said they would get BACK to me - no call in a few days - What I learned is do not go to Jiffy Lube especially on a Saturday morning before the guys have any time to sober up.

[1129] Dale in Eugene, OR  Reek Like Weed

I have been to a Jiffy Lube store in Eugene OR. on W. 7th st. a few times with in the past few months and on each trip that i have made there have been people that talk to me about my car and each time that i talk to them i tell them no not because i do not have the money but for the simple fact that they reek like weed i hope that you can look fruther into this befor i need to take fruther action

[1128] Mike in Decatur, GA  Synthetic Oil Scam

Today, at Store # 2112 in Decatur, Georgia, (1271 Clairmont Road) I brought my wife's car in for a basic oil change.  After being told by the representative that the price for either regular or synthetic oil was the same ($19.99 special) I told her to put in synthietic oil.  After the work was done, she rang me up for $56.00.  I told her that was not the agreed upon price, and the manager stepped in and said she was wrong and the price for synthietic was $19.00 off, not $19.99.  I explained that the price I was told was the price I was going to pay, and the manager replied that I either pay the $56.00 or he'll drain the synthetic and replace it with regular.  This is after I've been there for more than an hour.  I told him that his policy was rediculous, and he said he didn't care if I ever came back again, his customer base is too big for him to care about me.  When he put the car back in the bay to replace the oil, I told him I was worried about the work now that I pissed him off, and he, THE STORE MANAGER, replied, "You better be worried.  I'm doing the work myself."  WTF?  He then changed his mind and told his staff to just park my car behind the store.  I told him I would pay the price I was told, which I did, but when I asked for my keys back he refused.  To make a long story short, THE STORE MANAGER refused to give me my keys back, even though I had a receipt for services rendered, for TWO HOURS until I called the police.  When they arrived, he gave them the keys without saying a word...I got my keys, my car, and THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EXPERIENCE that I have ever had.  I even called their corporate hotline and MIKE P. at corporate refused to work with me...he even yelled at me over the phone!!!  NEVER AGAIN going to take any of my cars to any Jiffy Lube.

[1127] Kathy  Scratched Door

service charged for was not performed and scratched truck door with tools. made complaint and they argued with meabout tools. did not get an appologie.

[1126] Matthew  Fluids Overfilled

My first and last experience with Jiffy Lube was a bad one.  They wanted to replace parts on my car that obviously didn't need replacing.  When I got home, I checked the fluids.  The oil was low and every other fluid was overfilled!  I complained, but they wouldn't give me a refund!  Jiffy Lube will rip you off!  Steer clear of this place!

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