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[1175] Carrie in Gilbert, AZ  Small Problem

I want to say not all experiences are bad at Jiffy Lube.. I live in Gilbert Arizona and I did have a small problem with a service that I had.  I contacted the main office of the Franchisee of this particular center and I was contacted immediately by the Area manager, Tim, and he took care of me like I was very special.  He even called a few days late to make sure everything was ok.  I appreciate service like that and I will go back to one of is centers only.

[1174] Nicholas in Las Vegas, NV  Witnessed Drug Transactions

A few days ago, I was at your Jiffy Lube shop located on Durango & Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV.
I was waiting in line to get my oil changed when I witnessed on more than one occasion a group of cars coming in one by one, not for service, but for what appeared to be drug activity.  The selling of narcotics.  I thought I may have been wrong, but  I got out of my vehicle when still another car drove into the parking area where I overheard and saw with my own eyes a drug transaction.  I am 48 years old, born and raised in Chicago and know damn well what a drug transaction is.  I was appalled to say the least.  Do you people know what is going on at this facility?  I refuse to be a part of it and I left soon after.  I suggest that Jiffy Lube conduct some sort of investigation and put a stop to this activity before it gets further out of hand.  In my observation I found out that the provider of the drugs, the person who went out and met each and every car, was named Andrew, no last name.  Also, it seemed to me that the manager who's name I did not get was allowing this to happen. He was in full view of all activity, the going back and forth to numerous cars, and seemed unconcerned.  The reason why I'm telling you this is that I don't want my kids to have this sort of activity around them.  I'm sure you understand.  The ball is in your court.  I will be checking periodically at this facility in the future to see if this issue has been addressed.  If not, I will seek other legal alternatives.

[1173] Hallie in Costa Mesa, CA  No Oil Destroyed Engine

I got my 'oil changed' at a location in Costa Mesa, California. They forgot to put oil in the engine and as I drove away the oil pressure light came on, malfunction light and check engine light all came on. As I made a u-turn to go back to the Jiffy Lube in question, my car just died. (It was fine before and only has 48k miles on it). I turned it back on and went back to Jiffy Lube where they have me a lovely excuse of a 'defective gasket'. I immediately called the dealership and went there only to be here a week later with a car in the shop with $5k in damages and I keep getting the run around from the west coast franchise manager. 

[1172] Paul in Worcester, MA  Saves Time But Not Money
I used to have my oil changed at JL several times a year on two different cars. One of my cars’ has (10) front-end grease fittings. During the summer of 2007, I learned the pitman arm failed. The pitman arm directly connects the steering box to the center link, which (through a series of parts) moves your front wheels. It is not a high-wear item, since it SHOULD be greased during a DECENT oil change service. Later that year, I had a look because I do some of my own work. I assumed JL was doing their job. Surprise! JL was NOT greasing the fittings. I also discovered ALL steering parts were failing because they lacked grease, which subsequently, explains why another part (center link or drag link) failed in just two seasons (6 to 8 thousand miles) of driving.

Immediately following my LAST oil change, I carefully inspected ALL grease fittings in question. As it turns out, some JL employees are clearly NOT adding grease. I pumped my own grease in - anywhere from two to three squeezes into at least SIX of the TEN fittings. It had me baffled at first because as I inspected each fitting, I noticed only a “SPOT” of new grease, BUT NO OTHER EVIDENCE OF GREASE! In other words, they’re NOT DOING THEIR JOB! As further proof of incompetence, I reviewed old JL service receipts, and the number of grease fittings would change from between 5 and 10 on the same car over several years! Sure JL saves people time. But, they also cost many people money on replacement parts that would last a lot longer if they knew how to grease these important fittings properly on their customer’s cars! They’ll fool me no more!

[1171] Vivian in NC  Policy Not In Writing

I took my car into Jiffy Lube for an oil change on a Sunday afternoon.   The technician stripped the oil pan & plug and replaced it with a larger plug.  He then told me to take it to the dealership on Monday to get it fixed because it might leak.   Per the dealership, the damage is too great to be fixed, it must be replaced.  I completed an incident report, talked to the store manager and the district customer service manger.  The district manager told me that because they had only serviced my car once in the past and because the oil pan was considered a wear item that Jiffy Lube would only pay for half the repair.  I asked the manager to send the written policy.   He informed me that there was no written policy but he would only pay for half, it as my decision to take it or not.  I then asked that he put our conversation in writing and send it along with the check.  He told me that he would not put our conversation in writing because it was not policy.  I am currently waiting for the check as well as a phone call from his manager.     I am very dissatisfied with the service from Jiffy Lube's technicians and it's customer service department.  


[1170] Joe  Incorrect Filter Installation

JL replaced the cabin air filter (CAF) in my car. Afterwards, when I set the fan speed to 3 or 4 (4 being the highest speed), the fan made a rattling noise that sounded like the new CAF was loose (too small?) I took the car to the dealership to have them look at it and they said the CAF was installed incorrectly and caused debris to get into the blower. I'm now out nearly $180 (not including my time). I am seeking a refund from JL (Houston). Their local manager called me and stated he did not believe it was JLs problem. He stated they always test the fans after installing the CAF. I said it did not state that on my bill. He stated that the bill did not state that the test was NOT done! Nice...I'm done with JL. I will pursue in small claims if I can find the time.

[1169] Jake Bogus Cabin Filter Charge

A month ago my fiancee took my Toyota pickup in to get the $24 oil change they advertise on the big sign out front.  Not knowing any better, she let the guys convince her that my truck didn't qualify because "its a 4x4 and takes more oil."  Well its a 22-RE motor, a little 4 cylinder that is the same as in a Toyota sedan of the same year.  Totally bogus claim on their part.  Then they break the radiator cap checking the coolant, and tell her it was already broken and needed replacement.  $85 later I have my truck back, with 4 quarts of cheap oil and a $5 filter.

Today I bring our 2003 Corolla in, and of course they start going through the whole car, insisting that several things need to be done right away at extra charge.  They show me the filthy cabin air filter, and tell me 'its the dirtiest we've ever seen.'  In a moment of weakness, I finally just say "whatever, go ahead and replace it."  This is a $10 part at NAPA....I go to the register when they are done, they've charged me $50 to replace the $10 filter.  I just about had an aneurysm when I saw that, and they refused to uninstall it.  I should have asked in advance the price I know, but I never guessed they'd charge me $40 for literally less than a minute of work.

[1168] Donna  Overcharged

I normally go to the same Jiffy Lube; however this time, I was not told that any filters were replaced, and I did not have the tires rotated. They did vacuum the floors and clean the windows, but for just an oil change with 5 quarts of oil, my bill should not have been $67.61. My dad is a mechanic, and told me I was so overcharged, and I should have taken my vehicle to the local Ford dealership - they would have cost less than $30! I am so dissapointed in this company, and I plan to make a formal complaint with the owner. I will NEVER go back to them again, and I will start taking my car to the dealership (one that I know well and trust)!

[1167] Sam  Incomplete Work

I  recently had an oil change/air filter change at Jiffy lube.   The following was not done:   1) windshield washer fluid was not checked or filled.  2) tire pressure was not checked.  3) interior was not vacuumed.  4) one of two clamps that hold the air filter cover in place was unhinged.  The engine oil and air filter were changed.   i don't know if the oil filter was changed.

[1166]  Employee in Michigan

As a current Jiffy lube manager myself I am appalled by these complaints from across the country. Jiffy lube has an excellent training program but the problem is if a manager is lazy and does not follow through it does not matter how good the program is. Also people get promoted for their sales skills alone nothing else matters. A good salesperson does not equal a good manager. My shop is in SE Michigan and there are only 4 or 5 complaints from Michigan and none from our franchise. Why? Because we train our employees very well and take pride in our work. And we do not have sell sell sell we have a pretty low sales goal compared to other shops for example Uncle Ed's has a $75.00 ticket goal compared to our $50-55 goal. All Jiffy lubes are not bad.

[1165] Larry in Renton, WA  Forgot To Replace Oil

this happened a few years ago and I got screwed. I had a toyota celica 2001 which I took great care of. I started doing my oil changes there due to its location closer to my house than the dealership. I noticed it would get more and more expensive as I went there. things started to get fishy when my oil light would appear 2 months in to the oil change. this car had 67k in 2007. another incident they left a huge flathead near my car batter I noticed my hood not closed all the way lifted it up and the oil cap was real loose. to make a long story short my sister needed to borrow my car so I went and got a fresh oil change. lent it to her and the motor siezed on her 2 weeks later. the mechanic said no oil. then had to replace my motor and the car never felt the same since.

[1164] Jason in Encinias, CA Forgot To Replace Oil

The Encinias Jiffy Lube - 221 El Camino Real, Encinitas CA, managed by Scott Eckles - is refusing to pay for the damage that they did to my car. They did not put enough oil into it during an oil change, and as a result the engine needs to be replaced. The service manager at my dealer examined the engine, along with a Magoo's representative sent by the Jiffy Lube manager, and both agreed that the engine seized due to lack of lubricant; there were no defects in the engine, nothing that would have caused the oil to leak. To further compound the issue, Mr. Eckles has refused to share a copy of the Magoo's report with me. I have called the franchise management group - the Heartland Group in Omaha, Nebraska (800-417-233-7308, for anyone else who may have had issues with this location). The person I spoke with told me that he would ask Mr. Eckles to send me the report. We are filing a consumer fraud complaint with the local DA's office, we have contacted local media outlets to see if there had been any other complaints against this particular location, and we're getting a lawyer and would appreciate any local references.

[1163] Marianne in Atlanta, GA  Overcharged

Attached is a copy of my receipt for a basic oil change. I was charged $56.21 for a basic oil change on my ford truck it is only 4 cylinders. When I spoke to Mike at 800.345.8237 he said I was charged this amount because they vacuumed my truck, which was incorrect because they only vacuumed the drivers side and not the whole truck. I was never told prior to the job that it would cost me close to $60 for an oil change. When I questioned the service person she said the price was because I ordered the truck oil, and I pointed out that the oil was only a charge of $15, so she told me to complain to Headquarters.

 According to the receipt the labor should have been $16 and the oil charge should be $15 this does not total $56.21.   In researching on how to contact Jiffy Lube HQ I filed a complaint with http://www.consumeraffairs.com/automotive/jiffy_lube_damage.html

I have also filed a complaint with Clark Howard in Atlanta and the Better Business Bureau.  In addition to the parts charge on my receipt notice the $2.22 on the tax, why is this so low for a bill of 56.21?

Believe me I am very upset, in addition to struggling with gas prices, food prices, now I am being scammed by Jiffy lube for going in to get a simple oil change.

[1162] Marc Charges Without Approval

Brought in my car for an oil change.  I was told by technician that I needed a new serpentine belt, new bulbs for license plate area, wiper blades and a coolant top off.  Other services were offered and I declined.

After arriving home, I inspected the invoice and found that the belt was not replaced (the technician said there were many cracks in it).  Instead, a received "aquapel applicator," which I did not ask for ($14.99), and BEF coupon books, whatever that is, for another $5.  The serpentine belt would have been $69.99, so my total bill was less than expect, but why were the changes made without my approval?  Am I still driving around with a cracked serpentine belt?  Was a mistake made in the invoice?  Who knows?

I've had problems in the past with Jiffy Lube in the past (saying that I need a particular service when it had been performed on the last visit, with the technician suddenly saying, "Oh yeah, you're right."), so my confidence level with the company is now at an all-time low.  Can anyone give me a reason as to why I would use Jiffy Lube in the future, and that I should trust their technicians to perform the necessary work to my car?

[1161] Ernest  Do-It-Yourself Saves Headaches

I drive a 2003 Subaru Impreza WRX with 60,000 miles.  When I first purchased the car used @ 48,000 miles I changed the oil myself to get some fresh full synthetic oil into the car.  I have changed oil on many different cars ie, Olds Cutlass Supreme, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Honda Civic, Acura Integra, etc.  Nothing new to me at all.  The first oil change I performed myself went smoothly, oil drain plug came right out and went back in smoothly with a new gasket. 

During the summer months I was extremely busy with work/school and thats when I do most of my driving so I took my car into Jiffy Lube in early May for a full synthetic oil change.  They performed the first oil change fine, so I went back again in early June for another oil change.  Of course they tried to up sell me to get my differentials done by them, etc.  I declined and went on my way.  During late summer I needed to perform maintenance and figured why not get some fresh oil in there as well.. . . .

As soon as I got under my car and tried to torque off the drain plug I knew there was a problem.  It was WAY too tight.  After a few huffs and puffs the drain plug loosened up a bit and I was able to get it out.  Immediately I noticed that there wasn't a gasket on the OEM drain plug,  I searched everywhere and I couldn't find the gasket.  This was an indication that Jiffy Lube failed to put a fresh gasket when they replaced the oil which typically means to compensate for the lack of the gasket they would over-torque the plug to prevent leaks.  Anyhow I continued with the oil change, I added a fresh OEM gasket to the drain plug and proceeded to thread it into the hole.  But it never got tight. . .it just keeps spinning over and over and over again.  I first thought/hoped that maybe the OEM plug was screwed up somehow so I got a replacement with the same results.  I've tried 4 different kinds/brands of plugs and gaskets and none of them can stop the oil leaking from the oil pan.  I took a flashlight to the pan and indeed the threads inside of the oil pan are stripped from Jiffy Lube over torquing the drain plug.  I can see where the threads are deformed from the OEM drain plug being forced into place. 

I just contacted 1-800-741-LUBE to see what my options are if any on getting reimbursed for their screw up.  I don't know where to go from here, I checked some prices out and the oil pan is going to cost me about 80 bucks shipped, then I'd have to go through the pain of the install which I don't really want to do which would cost about another 200 bucks for labor.  Hopefully Jiffy Lube can provide some sort of solution to their mess. 

To everyone out there, if you feel comfortable just do the maintenance yourself or have a friend teach you.  It can save you a lot of headaches down the road. 

[1160] Employee  Felons & Poor Workmanship

Hi, I was an assistant manager at a Heartland owned Jiffy Lube for about a month.  A month was all it took for me to realize I did not want to work there anymore.
Our ticket average goal was 70 dollars.  This is how much money the district manager wanted us to get PER CAR.  With constant 21.99 and 24.99 oil change specials, this goal seemed unreasonable but we still managed to do it.  How did we manage this?  Its simple.  You take an experienced employee there who is good at lying and bending the truth, and you let them sell products at the customer review.  Selling customers services they didn't need, dipping the coolant tester into windshield washer fluid before taking a real reading, sticking the oil or transmission dipstick into the USED oil catch pan were just some ways to convince customers they needed services.
Why was this done? 

Its simple.  If we didn't meet ticket average, the DM was on the phone calling every hour threatening our jobs.  Also, if our labor rate was too high, we would clock out just to make the numbers look better while we worked for free.  We would have rather worked for free for an hour, than been fired/yelled at for the numbers looking "bad".  Oh the employees.  Don't get me started.  ALmost everyone that works at Jiffy Lube is a felon or has a criminal record.  I have had no less than 4 sheriffs show up asking if we knew the whereabouts of previous employees.  Most of the employees I worked with had some sort of record, ranging from theft to drug charges.  What does this have to do with them performing an oil change on your car?  If the oil filter is too hard to get to, they don't do it.  If the drain plug is stripped, they put it back in with vise grips and if its not leaking too bad, they send the customer on their merry way.  Fuel filters?  I've seen no less than 10 fuel lines be broken, only to have them patched up with injector hose and some hose clamp to a universal fit filter.  If it gets the customer out of the store without the car stalling/leaking noticable amounts of fluid, then its fine in the books of jiffy lube. 

I've seen cars come back for service with their history stating it was done at OUR SHOP, and the drain plugs were stripped, screws/clamps missing on the air cleaner, loose oil filters, tools left under the hood......

There is so much other crap that I could list if I could just remember it.  Maybe I will make another post soon.

[1159] Josh in PA  Theft

On August 17th, 2008, I took my car, a yellow 1991 Buick Century that my grandfather had given me, to Jiffy Lube for an oil change, as it is conviently located a few blocks from my respective employer and I didn't have the time in between work and a busy home life to do it myself. Let me tell you, I should've. I knew something suspicious was going on as soon as I went inside to wait as my car was serviced, because I was occasionally watching the employees through the glass window inside the waiting room, and every time I did, they were looking at me and as soon as my eyes met theirs, they immediately looked away and pretended I was not there, as if they had ALREADY done something wrong and were worried that I would see and find out. A short while later, my car was returned, and I thanked them and drove home. Not even fifteen minutes later, as I had stopped at a nearby fast food resteraunt to grab a bite to eat, I noticed my change cup was completely empty, and I usua lly keep about twenty dollars in it for food and gas. Those assholes robbed me blind, and to rub salt in the wounds, when they checked my tires, I found out later that they had actually let more air out to try to scam me into coming back. HA! I went right back and asked to speak with the manager, and he basically called me a liar and told me to leave the premisis. Customer service at its best, huh? I thought about going to the police, but that would be making a mountain out of a molehill, in all seriousness. However, I'd reccomend taking anything of value out of your car when or IF you go and watching the employees work at all times. It cost me, so take my advice and don't let these people screw you.

[1158] Albert  Costs Too Much

I have been a customer at the Jiffy Lube here in town for about 5 years, and have a problem I would like to bring to your attention.  On Sept 24th 2008 I went in for my usual oil change.

It was suggested to me that My car a 2003 Ford Focus  was due for a new fuel filter.It had 42000 miles on it.  I told them to do it.  I was charge $55.99 to have this done. I thought that this was a lot of money for a fuel filter so I checked the price of one at the local parts store.

It was $13.80 that means I was charged more than $40.00 to put it in. Now I wasn't in there for longer than it takes to normally just change the oil, which was about 20 minutes, so thats a lot of money for a little bit of time.


[1157] Victim  Forgot Oil Filter

Raising prices faster than the competition, trying to sell services beyond what I want, letting more air out of my tires while checking tire pressure then we started with,  poorly trained personel, twice in 15 months missing the oil filter as the vehicle was moved out of the bay, and a bent auto hood closed without first removing the virtical holding rod...JUST FOR STARTERS.

[1156] Employee in Ottawa, IL  Fired For Wrong Pants


[1155] Nick in Sunnyvalle, CA  Overfilled Crankcase

I had my car, a Toyota Prius, serviced by Jiffy Lube #295 in Sunnyvale, CA.    They overfilled the crankcase.  Some time later my car stalled on the freeway.  I managed to restart it and limped into the closest Toyota dealer and was told that the problem was due to overfilling the crankcase.  It cost me over $200.  I contacted Jiffy Lube in Houston, the headquarters.  I was told to submit a claim, documenting the cost for repairing the car.  There was no response.  During the next three months I wrote three additional letters, one certified.  To that letter I got a recording on my answering machine, asking me to resubmit the Toyota repair bill.  I did, but still no response.   I called the number for claims in Houston 10 times during the following several months.  Each time I was told that Jeff, the person handling my case, was unavailable and to leave a message on his answering machine asking  to call me back.  I never received a call. I contacted the CA Bureau of Automotive Repair and will file a complaint with them.

[1154] Craig in N. Myrtle Beach, SC  Sealer Around Drain Plug

I'm Writing to inform you of an experience I had at one of your stores in N Myrtle Beach S.C.  It started in August when an employee performed a procedure, I had never seen or heard of before, in order to put sealer around the drain plug without letting any oil drain out.

To make a very long story short I am just letting you know that my car was damaged by the store but they are taking care of me and my car so I am so far very pleased with the projected outcome of my situation. I will continue to use the store for all of our vehicles oil changes and let anyone that askes me know that Jiffy Lube stands behind their work and takes care of their costomers.

[1153] Dave in Worcester, MA  Not Enough Transmission Fluid

I went to jiffy lube on park in Worcester, MA . Mike the manager up-solded me on a transmission flush – I went for it because I am giving my 2001 Nissan Maxima to my son (who is 16 now). Almost immediately the transmission started acting up – They never put enough transmission fluid in. Also the dipstick for the oil was out 5 inches and within 2 weeks  a cylinder coil went.  Jiffy Lube should be held liable for service like this.

[1152] Jesse in Chapel Hill, NC  More Lies

I went to Jiffy Lube in Chapel Hill, N.C. recently.  First, my air filter was brought to me with twigs and trash on it and I was advised to change it.  The filter was new 3,000 miles ago and I can only guess how the twigs and trash got on it.  Secondly, it was “strongly advised” that my tires be rotated because “the car has 61,000 miles”.  I inquired what the mileage has to do with tires that were purchased 12,000 miles ago and were rotated yesterday. I got only a deer in the headlights look.  When I paid my bill, I was charged extra for a filter and extra oil because “it is a turbo”.  The car is not a turbo.  When I got home, I looked at the engine and all three brackets that hold the air filter cover were not hooked.  Incredible.  I will never go to Jiffy Lube again.

[1151] Ace  Their Fault 

Jiffy lube messed up my car.  They told me they would pay for the damages if the mechanic said they were at fault and they didn’t.  I had to pay $600 out of my own pocket for something they messed up which was their fault.  Please help me get my money before I have to take this situation to the courts. 

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