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Personal Experiences


[1225] Elizabeth  Checklist Unfulfilled

Supposed to refill fluid levels.. NOT DONE... also supposed to have "checked belts" and one week later my serpentine belt completely fell off in the middle of the road- the nut was loosened. (not by me). Cost me a heck of a lot more than an oil change! Thanks.

[1224] Carl in Lenexa, MO  Transmission Fluid Problems

Jiffy Lube® Service Center # 162813520 W 87TH STREET PKWY LENEXA , KS 66215-2409 US  I drove my car here from Florida to visit my brother an go on a trip to Colorado camping. Before we left, I Did an oil change on my 1979 low mile BMW 320i at the above Jiffy Lube and told me they checked the 17mm Allen plug for the transmission fluid. They told me at first they weren’t sure about the metric Allen plug but then recanted by saying they had it all under control and it was serviced.

Well after a trip to Colorado and back I lost the rear and front main bearings in my 5 speed transmission. When the shop checked it in Salina Kansas, (nice Folks!) he asked when I had last had the transmission serviced as the Allen plug was full of dirt and light grease and obviously had not been checked recently. I had him document the issue and found that the trans was only half full of fluid so in the mountains on steep grades either bearing was starved for oil depending on whether we were going up or down the mountain. I contacted Jiffy Lube Manager at the store who was no help and swore since it was checked off on the page (so they could charge me for it) and that they had done the service, He then referred me to Jiffy Lube who had their attorney call me in Florida and tell me I could sue them but they weren’t paying a dime. In the mean time , I had to rent a van, borrow money from my brother in law, buy a transmission in Kansas City and get it back to Salina, Fly my wife and daughter home and wait for the car to be repaired. Jiffy Lube has never had my business since and I would implore anyone to NOT have work done at this facility or with this company. They could care less.

[1223] Sara in Wichita, KS  Liars & Thieves

I went to jiffy lube for an oil change and to my surprise it was 39 dollars, even thogh every day as I drive down Harry they are always holding a 19.99 dollar sign even if it's 10 degrees outside, so it was a saturday and they said they only do that during the week so i went along with it, well they decided to tell me my rear differential fluid badly needed changed and if i didn't do it one day i'd be driving and "the entire back end will stop working" and basically i won't be able to even move. so i agreed, it looked pretty important, they wanted over 150 dollars for this also, so i called my husband who said ( we just bought the car about 6 months before this) we don't need to change that until at least 60 thousand miles, so i then declined, and the worker thne decided to come in and show me his gloved finger and how dirty this fluid was and also that my car does not have a magnet to keep out the pieces of metal that circulate in there, i declined anyway. i later spoke to another oil change dealer because i was concerned about what the man said about my fluid, that man told me not to worry, needs to be changed ever 60-80 thousand miles and that i HAVE A MAGNET IN THERE to keep me from getting too much metal!!!! I will never be back to jiffy lube, they are liars and thieves!!!

[1222] Paul in Ft. Worth, TX  Work Was Not Checked

2007 Ford P/U with 25,000 miles.  Jiffy Lube has insisted the fuel filter must be change on 4 different trips for oil changes.  The Ford manual states it does not need to be changed the first time until 30,000 miles.

After the oil was added and the engine was run, no one looked for leaks under the vehicle.  I could tell this because the pit grates had been replaced before the oil was put in the engine.  No one could have seen anything.  Nothing on the rear half of my truck was looked at because the floor pit did not extend past the cab.  The employee in the pit even yelled out that he could see the back half because the truck had not been pulled in far enough.  Greasy finger prints on the steering wheel and door and a greasy boot print on the carpet.   

[1221] William in Mercerville, NJ  Service Paid But Not Completed

ON 11/04/2008 I went to Jiffy Lube #1987 located at 702 Highway 33 Mercerville, New Jersey.

I went for an oil change and was advised that I needed to have the transmission flush service, Front differential service, rear differential service and transfer case service. The entire bill cost $324.16. I left Jiffy Lube a satisfied customer that my car had been service and would be good for many miles to come. On January 6th, 2009 just 62 days later I had to have my car repaired because the front differential service that was supposedly done either was not done or they used the wrong lubricant and the differential failed. At that time I asked the service technician at the repair facility to check the other fluids to see if that had actually been changed and they had not.

So I spent $324.16 for the service that was not completed by the Jiffy Lube and $1,414.00 to replace the front transfer case.  I was screwed by Jiffy Lube and will attempt to get some of the monies I waited back from them.  Never again, will I go to Jiffy Lube.

[1220] Mary in Hadley, MA  Window Tint Ripoff  

I had my car inspected at Jiffy Lube in Hadley, MA 01035.  I had light tint on my windows and have lived here for almost 5 years. I have had inspections ever year with no problem. I was given a Rejection sticker because they said my windows were to dark. they have been on the car for 5 years of which the car is parked outdoors in the sun and weather and were faded. they were put on for MA standards and previously passed every other inspection.  Due to this I had to have the tint taken off which cost me $100. I am a 70 yr old widow and feel that I was "ripped off". I had the inspection done on January 8, 2008 and today the 9th when I called them they still had my registration and paper work which should have been put in my car.  So I had to make another trip to pick up the paperwork.  This is my first experience with Juffylube and it will be my last.  I think it is disgusting that no leeway is given when the problem was not there.  My late husband ran a garage and did inspections for many years. So I do know that cold weather can make adjustments to the inspections. I also went to the RMV and the inspector checked it and said it was a "hair" to much. I will decide if I will get a lawyer to solve this problem. I will never recommend JiffyLube to anyone.  Your reputation right now with the people where I live is gone!  I hope you enjoy your dinners this next week but my dinner money went to take the "hair dark tint" off. !

[1219] Aaron in Richmond, VA  Cabin Filter Errors

I went to Jiffy Lube in Utica, Michigan, Store number 991 on Van Dyke Avenue,  for a regular oil change. They removed my cabin air filter to check it, and showed it to me to verify it was good. Then, they forgot to put the cover back on it.....didn't  know this until 2 months later, when water was leaking into my passenger compartment. A trip to another mechanic revealed the missing filter cover, which then had to be ordered from Detroit. Had to go a week during the rainy season with nothing keeping water from pouring into my passenger compartment. Needless to say, the filter itself was also useless now, and I had to pay for the labor to install it. Avoid Jiffy Lube!

[1218] Kristopher in Hillsboro, OR  Default Judgment

Brought my 4x4 PU in for a full change ... let them talk me into changing the diff and transfer case lubricant. They didn't properly replace the diff plug, and it fell out in traffic. By the time I noticed, the diff had destroyed itself.

The people at that shop referred me to their national number ... and the people at the national number told me the damage was the responsibility of the franchisee. They would not tell me how to contact the franchisee, btw.

So, I filed a claim in small claims court for the repair bill, with the unnamed franchisee and Jiffylube as defendants. I paid a process server to serve the Oregon corporate rep. They refused to respond, as seems to be usual for them, and I got a default judgement.

I dunned them for the judgement, and they simply ignored it. So I filed a writ of garnishment of information ( i.e., explain to the judge in person why you aren't paying, and tell him where your assets are ) , and served it on the VP in Texas who had originally sent me back to the hidden franchisee ... I  mailed it to her in a Nordstrom's Box with a clean towel as filler, certified mail, signature required. She signed for it. Heh.

The check arrived by priority mail a few days later. I notified the court that they had paid off, and that was that.

[1217] Sherron in Flourtown, PA  Broke Hood Rod

Jiffy Lube had broken my car hood rod that holds the Hood open, they have repeatedly promised to order the part for months and no one has contacted me, although I've gone to them more than 5 times and they continue to lie. I'm surprised by Jiffy Lube's actions and irresponsibility. The Jiffy Lube is on Bethlehem Pike, Flourtown.

[1216] John Bait & Switch

On December 30 I arrived early to take advantaged of the "Early Bird Discount" price for a standard oil change.  After waiting, I was informed that the "special" was only on Tuesdays and Thursdays, even thought a permanent, painted window ad said "Monday-Friday, 7am to 9 am."   The "Tuesdays and Thursday" reference was to another promotion, "Crazy Tuesday and Thursdays."  The "Signature Service" I was told was a minimum of $37.95 was the same "service" advertised in the window ad.  Because I was in a hurry and didn't want to argue, I went ahead and had the "service" performed.  During the oil change I was informed I had several problems that did not exist, such as "bad" battery, dirty air filter, need for a differential oil change, etc. -- all which had recently been checked and were in good condition.  I declined further "service."  When I looked at the computer-printed check list, I noticed all the items I was told were "bad" were marked as being in good condition.

[1215] Victim in Albuquerque, NM  Mistaken Tire Rotation

I took my newly purchased Ford Tauras in for an oil change in Albuquerque.  1201 San Mateo Jiffy
Lube.  When I returned they told they had rotated my tires - by mistake.  When I drove away, there
was a sound that was not there before. I took the car back and they said that had nothing to do with
rotating the tires.  I took the car back to the Ford dealer they had to sell me a whole new set of tires
because the tires were no longer "round".  I ended paying for a $550.00 set of tires for an oil change
at Jiffy Lube?  Never again will I use this company.

[1214] Steve in Waterloo, IA  Catastrophic Tire Failure


On December 16, 2008 I took my '99 Chevy Pickup in for an oil change. According to my invoice #1391 164983, the tire pressure was reduced to 35 psi on all four tires. The recommended tire pressure of 80 psi is clearly printed on the side of each tire.


These tires were brand new 6-ply commercial-rated tires that were installed 12/10/2008. They had less than 100 miles on them when the first one catastrophically failed less than 15 miles after my visit to Jiffy Lube. It failed at night on the interstate during a snowstorm.


Subsequent inspection revealed critical sidewall tears in the remaining three tires. All four of my brand new heavy duty tires have to be replaced.

The most troubling aspect to this incident is that the store manager does not seem to understand how vital proper tire inflation is to the safe operation of a vehicle. (I guess he hasn’t seen Mario Andretti with his tire gauge on TV!)


From what the store manager told me, the tire manufacturer’s recommendations are ignored when they adjust tire pressures. Their actions could have resulted in death or injury to me, my family or other motorists on the highway.


Now I’m trying to get them to commit to repairing my tires and the body damage caused when my tire came apart on the highway.

[1213] Paul in Rocky Hill, CT  Inferior Air Filter

My loc al Jiffy Lube franchise uses air filters that do not meet my car manufacturer’s (Subaru) quality standards. A filter JL installed a month ago just failed and particles entered the Air Mass Sensor, fortunately triggering a Check Engine alert when I was 5 miles from a Subaru dealer who was able to vacuum out the particles and install a correct filter. I will be asking JL to pay for the $90 service charge.

[1212] Nelson in Round Rock, TX  Bait & Switch

For almost a year local Jiffy Lubes have had people standing on the roads with signs advertising oil changes for $26.95.  I needed to get two cars oil changed and looked online and found a competitor offering a $21.95 special. I also found a Jiffy Lube $5 off internet coupon - so I picked Jiffy Lube.  I drove into the "Heartland Automotive Services" JL franchise and asked if I could use the internet coupon and was told I could - so I left the first car and returned later. My car was ready and I went to pay and was told that the $26.95 price represented a $8 discount and so the $5 off coupon couldn't be used.  This is bait and switch and the last time I will use Jiffy Lube!

[1211] Dave in Bradenton, FL  Didn't Know About Grease Fittings

Unbelievable in Bradenton, I live in Bradenton Florida  and have been going to the same place for servicing for 16 years or so. About 18 months ago, Jiffy lube bought the place. Well the price went up and some of the faces changed. Not for the good. Well today I drove in and did not recognize anyone there out of 3 employees. I got my receipt for a full service oil change and noticed under “lubrication of chassis” they listed sealed. I quickly told the new manager that there are fittings under there and that I can show him the last receipt and many more prior that show 7 fittings. He told me that his oil change tech told him that. He preceded to educate me in that 4 wheel drives have the fittings and since I have a 2 wheel drive truck, I didn’t. Well, I know from experience, you should never argue with an idiot. But my stubbornness got the best of me. I drove around the corner and found several old receipts that validated what I was talking about and drove back in to the bay. I showed the manager and he talked to the tech again and he said the tech had mis communicated the information . He was talking about the other car in the bay next to mine. He said that I had 10 fittings. ( Holy crap these guys don’t even lie good, I have had 7 fittings for the last 8 years) I asked him if he lubed them and he said no because they were full???????? Where in the hell do they get people like this? And wouldn’t you think that the people they hire would have some kind of mechanical knowledge?  That is scary, 2 out of 3 people I talked with knew nothing about lubrication by the things they had told me. ( I did not speak to the 3rd) I put a call in to the corporate office and I am presently waiting for a call back. Meanwhile I think I will start doing the service myself.

[1210] Brandon in Stockbridge, GA  Printer Out of Ink

 I own a 94 Acura Integra, my emissions was expired so I went to Jiffy Lube #1568 in Stockbridge, GA... that was a mistake. The first time I went they warned me before the test that they had no printer ink so if I failed I would have to print it out myself, I agreed and they checked out my engine then proceeded hooked up my car to the dyno. After about 30 or so minutes the test was done and I ended up failing all but one of the catagories, baffled I asked to see what was wrong and where it failed. They said it was on the paper I had to print out that they usually have but were out of ink, I thought about it for a few hours and went down to the goodyear shop down the road the people there have worked with me before and checked out my engine, to their suprise one of my distributor plugs were unhooked and had been hanging off the whole time. When they plugged it in and I drove it down the highway it was like a new car and they told me the test should pass now becuase I was only running on THREE CYLINDERS! I came back to the store later that day and "had to have the forum printed out", I was okay with that and got it printed out at my brothers work two days later.
I headed back with everything I needed to show them and explained that the distributor plug was off and I wanted my free retest she claimed that the dyno had no gas and I'd need to come back another day... frustrated I left and came back four days later(because of christmas and the holidays)... of course they were closed. The last and final straw was today Friday december 26th I went to get the emissions retested and there was a man there close to his late 50s maybe 60s(the manager) he asked to see my papers, one of my letters was smudged on the invoice they gave me so they were about to turn me away or make me pay for a new one until one of the workers volunteered to reprint it... simple as that. We get the test started and it timed out 3 times in a row, I asked him whats wrong and he claimed my rpms were outta whack and something was wrong with my engine... the idle was .700 thats a good idle as far as I know, I asked him to retest it so I could watch what he was doing he agreed but was irritated at the request he started the test and my rpms were the same again but I noticed that he was going over the maximum speed limit and rpms that were allowed for the test and still claimed it was my car that was causing the issue. While I was there... there was a frustrated lady she was complaining about the service too so I know after seeing her and this site it's not just me.

 What I don't understand is, how does my car complete the test WITH THREE CYLINDERS then, when I bring it back for the retest with FOUR CYLINDERS it cant even get passed the first test?? I hope to head back tomorrow and speak with the woman that got it passed the test the first time when my car was running without 1/4 of its maximum power, I usually don't have problems with service but this is one of the worst shops I HAVE EVER dealt with... think twice before you go to this store these people don't care about you or your business... by far the worst customer service I have ever experienced, my brother had an oil change there and they threw a book in the back of his car and sold it to him without his knowlege they said it was included in the original price... unbelieveable.

Thank you for making this site,

[1209] Tony in Monroeville, PA  Problems with Additional Services

I took my 2000 Tahoe into Jiffy Lube for a routine oil change. When I left the next day my engine was running hard. I took it back and asked what engine parts did you guys touch, remove and replace in an attempt to add additional services. The response, we took out air filter and PC Valve. I noted dust removed from several spark plug wires and several other locations on engine indicating they had been at least touched if not tampered with. I replaced the PC Valve and check engine light came on. Now oxygen sensors need replaced and cylinder 5 is not firing correctly. I had all plugs changed and still same issue. Manager insists they pulled nothing else off. I stated I wanted an oil change only and your guys still pulled several things out to ask for additional services. My claim is that they removed items not replacing securely and allowed dirt to enter system and causing damage and misfires. I am still in battle. Estimated repair. $700 - 1100.00, sensors  and now ex haust system needs removed and checked.

[1208] Khaled  Cheating Customers

They just cheating their customers, they a sign sys 26.99 for oil change they charged me 45 dollar, it took them less than two minutes to change oil.

[1207] Employee in Salt Lake City, UT  Sell, Sell, Sell

I am an ASE certified Automobile Technician and have worked on and off at various Jiffy Lube locations in Illinois and Utah. I was an assistant manager for a short while before i finally left for the LAST TIME. This company is up there with wal-mart in aspects of violating employee rights. Countless times I would work 12+ hrs. shifts with maybe a 5min cig break. 90% of the employees are young and have know idea the difference between a transmission pan and an oil pan until the 5th time they screw it up. I have worked the pit many times it is not a job for the faint of heart. Everyone hates that part of it so when an employee can't handle it anymore they look for some sucker off the street and put him in the pit. Not good the pit is the most critical aspect of the LOF and more often than not there is a rookie underneath your car. I mainly Greeted customers and sold the services. I never sold an item to a customer that didn't need the service. But the way the Service writer is trained is to sell, sell, sell. They want you to be pushy the goal is to have 23% sale increase everyday over the base oil change price. The reason for me leaving this last time was. I was an assistant manager Came into work and my manager never showed so I was in charge no big deal. I had only two other employees plus myself the entire week. I called and called my district manager they didn't do anything for me. I had to come and open and close the store for 4 days, my one employee walked out on me the 2nd day. The other kicker is $8.00 an hour for manager HA! Well I could only last till the fourth day I just stopped going in. The bottom line is Jiffy Lube does not conduct their business professionally, which has given me reason to boycott this establishment I would love to see Jiffy Lube corp to go under. I would advise anyone with a vehicle SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS and don't give your hard earned cash to these money mongers. Oh and now for my favorite rules
No beanie hats even when it is -10 degrees outside no exceptions
bay doors must remain open during hours this sucks when its -10 degrees and no beanie hats
weather or not it is time to close if there are customers waiting you must keep serving them (I have stayed over 3 hrs after closing because cars kept coming)
There are many other stupid rules which i can't remember it has been a couple years since I worked for Jiffy Lube. If you are thinking of working for Jiffy Lube beware!! 

[1206] Claude in Atlanta, GA  Leaking Oil

You changed my oil recently and then I noticed an oil leak on the floor of my garage. You did this previously and it cost me over $200 dollars because the oil filter was put on incorrectly. I haven’t taken my car to the dealership to have it checked yet but I will as soon as I can. I drive a 2006 Saturn ION.  You can count on me to never return to Jiffy Lube again and I will encourage friends and colleagues to do the same!

[1205] Brendan in Braintree, MA  Shoddy & Careless Belly Pan Work

This is ridiculous first off. Reading this Blog i realize it doesn't  look like Jiffy Lube ever replaces the 'Skid Plate' correctly. In my  case they did the same thing only to my girlfriend's 2002 Passat. Its  called the 'Belly Pan' and my girlfriend called me today (on one of my  very limited days off) needing my car because the belly pan was dragging on the ground. This is not the first time this has happened, the last time she took it to Jiffy Lube the same thing happened and she had to pay $30 at a nearby shop to get it fixed. Anyhow, I contacted the manager today and brought the car back in after jerry rigging the piece of plastic to the bumper for a temporary fix. Once there they gave me half off the next oil change (which will never be used, ever) and fixed the problem, or so I thought. I returned to my girlfriend's place nearby and inspected their work. Guess what? All they did was zip tie my jerry rigged temp fix to the under carriage. What happened to the original bolts? I don't understand it, I work with aircraft and if that ever happened the fleet would be grounded and someone would be fired. As a result I'm filing a complaint with the better business bureau against Jiffy Lube # 133 504 Quincy Ave, Braintree Ma, never go to another Jiffy Lube and tell everyone I know never to go there. Lastly I'm going to VW this afternoon and getting the belly pan fixed once and for all. I just don't understand how anyone could sign off on such shoddy work and be so careless. It seems Jiffy Lube needs to re-hash it's quality assurance program but unless their bank account starts to suffer I don't expect a change anytime soon.

[1204] Jennifer in Libertyville, IL  Destroyed Engine

My husband and I are in the middle of a terrible nightmare due to Jiffy Lube of Libertyville, IL.  We took our Mitsubishi Eclipse in on August 8, 2008.  2500 miles later the engine blows and the bill has reached $5700.00 in repairs.  My warranty won't cover anything because Jiffy Lube put the wrong filter on the car and all the oil leaked out.  Now we are fighting for the coverage of the repairs. We have had to retain a lawyer.  Jiffy Lube's owner has offered a deal to take it to a automotive shop which he owns and put some junker engine in.  NO WAY!  You broke my car once and now you want to take it to another one of your shops so that it will no dought fail again?  I don't think so.  Jiffy Lube is a very unreputable place and should be ashamed!

[1203] Amanda  No Radiator Cap

I would love for you to respond to an incident numbered 1191 in which a customer, Brian, says Jiffy Lube is at fault for his engine overheating because a radiator cap not being replaced after service. As an ASE certified technician, I believe it is impossible for a car to last 2 days and/or 200 miles, in 100 degree heat, with no radiator cap. Within minutes, that radiator would have dumped out any coolant it contained. This customer would have noticed smoking, a maple syrup smell, and overheating immediately. Anyone with any knowledge of how a car works would know this. THERE IS NO WAY THIS CAR WOULD HAVE LASTED 200 MILES! What a fool.

[1202] Dominique in Spring, TX  Car Rolled Into Traffic

On Dec 1 2008, I went to the Jiffy Lube located on 511 Sawdust Rd in Spring, Tx for a basic oil change.  I noticed my car in the parking lot and thought to myself, "Cool, I'm ready to go."  Then I saw my car hopping the curb into oncoming traffic and it looked like it hit another car.  I asked someone where are they taking my car? They said they were doing a brake check.  I told him I never had a brake check done before for a basic oil change and I don't appreciate how the driver hopped the curb and it looked like he hit another car. I was walking back to the waiting room and noticed my car was still sitting in the road and then noticed an employee going to my car and get into the driver seat to back it up in the parking lot.  I went outside and saw the car that I thought was hit sitting in the parking lot.   Apparently, an employee of Jiffy Lube left my car in gear and let it roll into traffic.  They used the excuse that they thought I needed a state inspection. The sailor in me came out and I was furious.  I believe if the car didn't get hit they wouldn't have said anything to me.  They were quick not to call the police and I understand why.  The body shop my husband went to  get an estimate stated they get most of their business from Jiffy Lube to replace engines. I am thankful no one was hurt, but it could have been a lot worse.  Still in the process of getting this resolved.  I don't recommend Jiffy Lube after reading other people's misfortunes.

[1201] Ellen Destroyed Engine

My husband took his 2000 VW Golf to our neighborhood Jiffy Lube after what he thought was the signal to change the oil light came on.  An oil change was completed, he drove away , but the ”oil light” was still on. He drove back to JL and told them this pesky light was still on.  Per his account, he was told to keep on driving and it would eventually go off.  In fact, the light was the “oil pressure” light and the engine is now dead.  I know there obviously was something going on with the car prior to the JL visit, but the techs should have told my husband not drive the car & have it towed ASAP to a mechanic.

The entire turbo engine now needs to be replaced a quite a cost.  The car only had 55k miles and had been in OK shape.  Would like to see if Jiffy Lube would care to donate to the engine replacement fund I have started.  Thanks for the forum

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