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Personal Experiences


[1250] John in Memphis, TN  Antifreeze Scam

On 11/26/2008 at 7:24 AM (invoice # 2957 969928 BAY 10) I went for an oil change at this location. During the oil change, a technician came to me stating that my coolant did not contain adequate antifreeze. The coolant sample in the tester shown to me appeared to be a murky brownish color. The tester indicated no antifreeze at all. Knowing that the radiator was flushed earlier in the year, I was extremely skeptical of what I saw. I took a look at the coolant in the reservoir and found it to be a bright green color. I declined their recommendation for a radiator flush and immediately used my own antifreeze tester, on the coolant and found it to register as a providing maximum protection. I don't know where the "coolant sample" came from, but it clearly was not from my radiator. Such deception should not be tolerated at all.

[1249] Bryan in Wilson, NC  State Inspection Scam

Jiffy told me I need new wiper blades, light bulb, etc while performing a state inspection.  When they finished they told me they couldnt complete the inspection due to a battery drop and still charged me for everything.  If they would have told me they couldnt complete the inspection then I wouldnt have gotten the other things done.  They just wanted my money and it will be the last time..

[1248] Employee in Austin, TX  Steal From Customers

Hello my name is Tim and I was a store manager for Jiffy Lube for 8 years.

I worked in Michigan for one of the best Jiffy Lube franchisee. They were more worried about giving good honest service over selling things not needed. The reputation was excellent and customer service score were near 100%. Then I moved to Austin Texas where I whent to work for Jiffy Lube owned by Heartland Automotive (who by the way just completed a Chapter 11

The company wanted a mandatory ticket average of 75.00 per car. That means as a manager I was to pressure customers to purchase items fot there car need or not. After working for a year with them the new District Manager Jesse Walker told me that I needed to raise my ticket average by any means possiable. He was asking me to steal from my customers. I refused and told him I would not do that. I was at that point suspened from work and then fired for not following his direct order to do what ever was nessary to raise the ticket average. My customers trusted me to provide an honest service to there cars. That is the right thing to do.

Heartland who owns all the jiffy lubes in the Austin market cares only for how much you can get from a customer nothing else. I am warrening all people to stay away from jiffy lubes owned by Heartland.  By the way Heartland is the same owner of the Jiff Lubes in Califorina that was caught on tape by the local news for stealing from customers there. Any wonder they are doing it in Austin....

[1247]  Employee  Some of the Scams

To start out with let me begin with when you hear what I have to say you wont probably will never go to a jiffy lube ever again. BTW all jiffy lubes are the same... ie ticket average ROCK CHIPS and what ever god awful promotion they have going on at the time like GO RED!!! that the employees have to hit a percentage on or its the AXE!!!!!!!! phew I got ahead of myself... When you come into my jiffy lube, thats right I still work at jiffy lube, so watch out!!!!! its best to just stay away from a jiffy lube your local lube shops are cheaper and probably do the work unlike my shops favorite $300 window wash and vacum....So you pull up DING DING car up!! Im thinking to myself this car better spend more then $100 to boost my ticket average of cars up so my Owner and district manager wont yell at me and tell me how he can find someone better and I just love the comments they give us about how its not a good time to loose your job in a economy like this BLAH BLAH BLAH..

I pull you out of the lobby and bring you to my computer of lies which dont even match the recommendations of the manufacturer and begin to try to suck you into buying stuff and if you dont and you catch us on a bad day you just paid for a oil drain and refill no filter cause thats for customers that give us the bank!!!! or we say we put in synthetic but we just put in regular sorry, cause we ran out of the synthetic and I need your $80 CAR to boost my ticket average of my cars for the month.  This average needs to be above $70 so that means every car that comes in needs to spend MORE THAN $70 to save my job and the employees . You see my Differential pump to suck out the bad fluid in your gearboxes is broke so I cant do gearboxes my boss/owner is aware of this yet I  still sell this service quite a bit. Does my boss/owner say HEY you cant be selling those cause your pump is broke?

THEY DONT CARE!!! as long as they dont have to fork out the cash for the PUMP.. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Talk about cost of goods over labor!  ok so lets see.....hmmm ahh yes rock chips they are a joke dont get them done its a scam plain and simple half the time they never seal right.

Oh yeah the little go red for women charity thats going on goes straight into there pocket book they already paid the American Heart Association the 1.5 million to get the rights to use the charitys name. Now I have to make sure every car pays for a coupon book and the go red package or else I once again get threatened with the almighty AXE!!!!! and if im not wearing my proper go red attire they take $150 dollars from your check....AWESOME!! 

There are many things I could tell you that goes on at jiffy lube the gallons of oil that we drain into the the city sewer system a day and the oil filters we throw in the garbage when the recycle can is full....I have ripped of so many customers and for that im sorry but for the pain in the ass customers yell and me when the price is too high or the coffee is not hot enough, you deserve to be ripped off.


[1246] Steve in Sun Valley, CA Dishonesty Destroys Fleet Sales

We decided to get the Fleet Maintenance cards for our work vehicles.  I took in my 2003 Ford F150 for an oil change. The salesman asked if I wanted to up-grade to a “High-Mileage” oil like I had used for my previous oil-change. I  said sure, go ahead.

I received an invoice for $78.00 for a six-quart oil change!!!! The price increase to go with the high-mileage oil (if they even put it in) was $4.50/quart.

Well, I went to Pep Boys to see how much a quart of this special oil cost and I didn’t find one “High-Mileage” oil priced at over $2.50/qt. in fact the only oil I found at a price of more than $4.50 was synthetic.  The kicker here is when I returned to the office and pulled out my records for the previous oil-change, the invoice showed that I didn’t even have the up-grade on the oil for the previous change like the salesman said.

Bottom line is that it looks like Jiffy Lube doesn’t clean up their act even after local news stations air investigative reports on the fraud this company engages in.  My corporate fleet cards have been tossed in the trash and none of my 15 trucks will ever darken their bay doors again!

[1245] James  High Pressure Add On Tactics

I will not go back to Jiffy Lube anymore.  The few I have been high pressure insisting unneeded add ons such as engine flush, transmission/transfer case flush and fill, windshield wipers, etc.  The tactic is to get you in the door with a coupon for $10 off their already high price for an oil change.  Once your car is on the rack they ‘find’ a multitude of things wrong.  Using scare tactics they put a lot of pressure on the customer to perform these services.   

[1244] Brian  Stupid Wiper Mistake

I took my car to Jiffy Lube a few years back for an oil change.  They did a check of operational components at the same time.  2 techs were working.  One was working under the hood with the hood up, the other was in the driver's seat.  The one in the driver's seat had just cleaned my windshield and left the wipers pulled up.  Then he decided to test the wipers.  Because they were pulled up, they were touching the raised hood, and left gouges in through the paint in a crescent shape.  They didn't tell me anything and just expected me not to notice.  When I approached them about it, they said that they didn't do it.

Anyway, I finally got it resolved, but how stupid do you have to be to make a mistake like that?

[1243] Seniha in Gainesville, FL  Oil Half Full On Purpose

I went to the Gainesville FL 34th street Jiffy Lube at the end of January 2009 to get my oil changed, my battery terminals cleaned, and my windshield wiper replaced. A week after the service, I had a friend show me how to check the oil.  We figured that the oil was only half full, and the terminals were not cleaned at all! So I went back to Jiffy Lube, the mechanic Matt told me they leave the oil half full on purpose, but that he would add more if I wish; and he would clean the terminals. This is happening outside, just before I enter Jiff Lube. So he closed the hood, took the key and moved the car in, and let me into the waiting room. When they were done, they called me out of the waiting room, but to my surprise, the hood did not close properly! Somehow, I believe the mechanic broke the hinge, and now the hood is closing tilted, and you have to juggle to be able to close it. I told Matt he broke the hood, but he denied responsibility. He showed me all the scratches that I had since more than a year (just scratches, no dents nor nothing!), and told me I have been in an accident, and it broke the hood.

I called the regional manager Sean Curry the next day, he said Matt told him I had hit my car, so they cannot do anything. He agreed to look into it, but when I went back to Jiffy Lube, some other guy showed up and told me they cannot pay for it.  Two issues that arise now are:
-- I had all the scratches when I went there to get my oil changed in the first place, and the hood was fine then.
-- When Matt drove my car into the service area, he was able to close the hood. So whatever happened happened when I was in the waiting room.
-- I have not been in an accident, period.

I am not only annoyed by Jiffy Lube's incompetence to properly change an oil and clean terminals; but now they cannot even properly open/close a hood. It is a 2001 Hyundai, it would surely have scratches all over the car, but it has not been in an accident! I will keep doing whatever is necessary to do now, and bother them much more than they bother me. Jiffy Lube should be ashamed of its reoccurring poor service!

[1242] Calvin  Not Returning


[1241] Wilma in Hazel Crest, IL  Defective Filter

I took my 99 Ford Taurus Wagon to the Jiffy Lube in Hazel Crest and I had an oil change done on January 28, 2009 and when I was there they talked me into having the flush for the radiator  and when I was driving home I smelled smoke like the car was on fire so I called the manager as soon as I got home and he said to bring it in the next day and when I got there he said that it was the filter that goes under the dashboard very hard to get out and then back in but he told me that once I had this replaced that the smell would stop and it is still going on, the smell has not got any better.

[1240] Shakir in Chicago, IL  Stole GPS From Car

As a regular custome i went to JIFFY LUBE SERVICE CENTER located at 17w620 Butterfield RD in OAKBROOK TERRACE, IL 60181 on Sunday Feb 01, 2009 between 10.30am -11.30am. Sameday i found my new GPS SYSTEM TOM TOM GO 720, 4.3" missing from the glove box with charging cable. i was with family and away from the store location. next day i came to the store and complaint. As per manager, somebody also called and complaint about misssing gps system...and manager told me he was off that day..so he dont know.

As per manger, its look like i am the 2nd victim for gps missing complaint and i dont know about other customer complaints before me. so i called the police and made a report.

I request the jiffy lube corporate office look and investigate into matter. I cannot afford to loose my hard earned money i bougth gps system for $300 plus from ebay. As a loyal customer for long time with jiffy lube i deserve fair justice and satisfactory.

[1239] Kacy in Everett, WA  Clogged Radiator

Jiffy lube filled my car that takes red coolant with green coolant.  This isn’t the first time.  The first time was when my husband drove the car, and had repairs done.  This time I took the car in, and my radiator is clogged AGAIN!  Do you think that they could LOOK to see what color my fluid is BEFORE they add stuff in???? 

[1238] John In Lowell, MA  A Corrupt Business

I have been a loyal customer of the jiffy lube on Middlesex St. in Lowell, MA, store 364, since my first car. I am currently employed by the Massachusetts state police and have seen many corrupt businesses. I never thought jiffy lube would be one of them.

Over the years I have only trusted jiffy lube with the oil changes on my, my wife's, and my children's vehicles. I recently received my latest oil change. Normally I enjoy making conversation with the staff, with who I have been on a first name basis for years.  However, this time I could sense a different atmosphere. I sensed a generally low morale among the jiffy lube staff. 

This particular visit I got a signature service with regular oil and a transmission flush. I was told by the manager, Don, that as always the regular oil used is CITGO, however this time I noticed that the label said pennwood.  Even though I was suspicious I took his word for it. I also noticed that when the worker was doing the transmission flush he was using a different machine than the normal one. Normally it is a black machine that connected directly to the transmission but this time it was a blue machine that went through the dipstick. The old machine clearly took out more of the fluid and did a better job. I do not think that I was given good transmission flush.   The signature service as always included a topping off of all my fluids. However this time I was told that to fill up my coolant it would cost another 5.99. I was shocked. I have never paid extra for that. I know at speedy all fluids are included in their top of the line service.  

After pushing the employee as to what was really going on he apologized to me and told me that particular store had gone from a franchise to a corporate store. I was not aware of this. I still thought that John Gerber owned it. The worker also let me in on many of the changes that have occurred under the new management. He explained that before there was a bonus program that would give the workers a piece of whatever they sold to the customers. I believe that this system was a fair way to make money for the business and still provide a quality service. That system is no longer in place. 

The employees are rated on ticket system that is based on how much you sell to a customer.  I was told that ridiculously high goals are set and then an employee is threatened with termination if these goals are not met.  I was also told that employees are being forced to stay late if a certain quota for the day has not been reached by closing time.  I think this is beyond ridiculous considering I drive by on my way home from work and it is dead by 6:00. It is clear to me that the new owners are not interested in giving good service and doing a quality job. They are only interested in scamming both the customers and the employees. The employees are being pushed to make decisions that are not in their best interest or the customer. I have known many of these guys for a long time. They are honest men just trying to feed themselves and their families. These are just the scams that I have uncovered without much effort. God knows what someone would find with a real investigation.

[1237] Larry in Wichita, KS  They Are Not Honest

This morning [January 30 2009], I took my 2004 Suzuki Verona to the Jiffy Lube on East Pawnee in Wichita.  I TOLD them expressly I ONLY wanted an oil change and a filter ..nothing more.

I am VERY particular with my vehicles.. My friends have always teased about how clean and nice my vehicles are. I even keep folded bath mats on the floor in front of the driver and passenger. If you LOOK inside my car ..you would swear that no one has ever sit in it. 

When the car was finished ..the charge was $49.00. I asked why so much?  They told me I got the "Express" service. They had washed the windows ..swept out the car and checked and inflated the tires. 

I was upset..but came home. When I got home..I opened the a back door and there was a penny right in the middle of the floor. It had fallen out of my pocket and I never noticed it. They did NOT vacuum my car. 

On the door pillar the correct tire pressure is called out. 30lbs front and rear.  On my sales ticket ..it noted they had inflated my tires ...to 32lbs.    I don't think they ever TOUCHED my tires.

You cannot trust Jiffy Lube..They are not honest.

[1236] Glenn  Blog Post About Jiffy Lube

I came across your website while researching my latest blog post.  I wrote about positive and negative word of mouth and how Jiffy Lube is creating negative WOM with the tactics they use when servicing cars. 


[1235] Makia in SC  Tell Everyone

Please everyone if you know of anyone family or friend please make your problems known on this site.  We are are being heard. This has gone on too long..

[1234] Sun in Chicago, IL  Shocked Over Too Many Problems

I was thinking about using your services from now. So I started to check on line about other people's experiences and found out some horrible situations and mark ups and lying service and mechinical guys presssured to do some of these.

After reading all this and being shocked I want to let you know that I've changed my mind using your stores in Chicago.  Clean up your house and be honest in running your business.

[1233] Matt in Franklin, MA  Spilled Oil All Over Engine

I usually do my own oil changes for obvious reasons such as Jiffy Lube's inferior service now known to me, but it is winter and too cold to get underneath my truck. I went for the conventional oil change $36 (ridicilous) and had a coupon for a $19.99 conventional oil change. The person taking my information tried to upsell every service under the sun, told him I just wanted a conventional oil change. The bill came to $40.78 total minus $16 with the coupon. They charge an extra $2.00 for 4x4 vehicles unbeknownst to me, does it take more of an effort to change oil in a 4x4? I paid $26 when all was said and done. Left the "iffy lube" and noticed they didn't vacuum my floors, which really wasn't a big deal. Arrived at home and being curious looked under the hood. I saw they had spilled oil all over the side of the engine and didn't even attempt to clean the mess. I called "iffy lube" and talked to the sorry of an excuse of a store manager and told him that" I realize accidents happen but at least clean the oil off the engine." He replied " I will mark it on your invoice and see who serviced your vehicle." That was the remedy, he should have told me to bring it back to clean the oil off my engine , which I thought would be a positive step to rectify the problem and bring back my business in the future. The level of service is pitiful and the management is no better. I called the regional office and left a message, time will tell if anything happens to show any concern for the customer. DO NOT GO TO JIFFY LUBE IN FRANKLIN,MA   SPEND THE EXTRA TIME  AND GO TO YOUR CERTIFIED MECHANIC, ITS PROBABLY THE SAME PRICE IF NOT CHEAPER AFTER ALL IS SAID AND DONE.

[1232] Dale in Van Nuys, CA Deliberate Air Filter Tear

Today 18 January 2009 I took my 2007 Ford Explorer to Jiffy Lube in Van Nuys Calif. for an oil change .

Before I had the oil changed  I removed my air filter to inspect it and remove any debris with my air hose. The air filter was serviceable and would last until the next oil change.

While changing the oil the mechanic called me to the front of my vehicle to show me my air filter. There was a tear in the middle of the filter. I had just inspected it and I told him so. The mechanic said “ I will give you a good deal on a new one for $15.00". I bought an OEM part at the Ford dealer for $14.63. I did see him put oil in but I didn't see him change the oil filter. Hmmm.  

[1231] Robert in Portland, OR  Deleted Video Proof

I had the oil changed at Jiffy Lube on November 3rd, 2008 and on November 28, 2008 my car brakes locked up on my wife coming home. I had the car towed to integrity auto (independent toyota specialist) and was told that "the brake master cylinder was damaged internally. It appears to be contaminated with a mix of brake fluid and some other incorrect fluid. Front brakes not releasing properly. Front rotors have been over heated and warped. Rear brakes not applying properly." I purchased this car back on June 15, 2008 and had reached 3000 miles on November 3, 2008. Jiffy Lube is the first auto shop to do any kind of service to my car since I purchased it. No other auto shop or myself has been under the hood until the day of my oil change. I have driven it for over five months without any problems until after visiting jiffy lube. Jiffy lube told us that they had our oil change on surveillance video and that we could come and view it. We asked them to have a copy of this video, however, they declined. We did go and view the video at their place of business and there are parts of the footage where the the view of the master cylinder is being blocked while the oil change is being done. We also feel that the part of the video in question may have been deleted before we were able to view it. We have been in contact with the better business bureau regarding this issue.  Jiffy lube did offer to send the better business bureau a copy of this video footage. In my last correspondence to the better business bureau they replied that have now closed the case stating the "BBB determined the company provided proper verification that indicated there was no obligation to resolve the issues of the complaint. We believe that the company has addressed the issues in this case and cannot require the company to respond further, however, their reliability report will reflect that you were dissatisfied or did not accept their offer."

My wife had to charge all brake related repair on her visa card, which until recently had been all paid off, because we did not have the money to fix the damage caused by jiffy lube. This costed us a total of $625.50. It was $546 for all brake related damage (master cylinder, rotor repair, brake fluid, hydraulics flush, labor, shop supplies etc.) and $79.50 to have the car towed to the toyota specialist for the repair. We would like jiffy lube to take responsibility for their actions and reimburse us for all damages done.

[1230] Lyn in Van Nuys, CA Incompetent and Dishonest

After having the Sherman Oaks Jiffy Lube leave the oil cap off my car a few years back, I avoided them. And no, they never admitted my being stranded by the road was their fault, or offered any apology. Luckily, I had road service and was close to a dealership.  I'm now kicking myself because I took my current car to a Jiffy Lube in Van Nuys last weekend.  I decided to give them another chance, assuming that the last incident was a fluke. I got a simple oil change and had my tires rotated. Two days later, my brakes started making a horrible noise and the front end of the car shakes when I step on the brakes (the car is 3 years old and has been regularly serviced at the dealership). I suspect they didn't properly tighten something when they rotated the tires.  Now I'm going to have to pay to have the car checked out by a mechanic and pay to fix whatever damage they caused. I can see by the other postings that there's no point in trying to get any satisfaction from JL. never again will I go to one of their outlets, and I'm going out of my way to tell everyone I know to stay away. Pass the word. Jiffy Lube is incompetent and dishonest

[1229] Tyson in Acworth, GA  Broke Dipstick

Jan 03, 09: I got an oil change and an engine flush on my recently purchased 2000 Ford Explorer at the Acworth, GA Jiffy Lube. The manager (Justin Galloway) informed me that they broke my oil dipstick handle off, and that it was a very common occurence with my make and model car due to the plastic drying out and getting brittle. While trying to dig out the remaining dipstick left in the dipstick tube, they dug at it with a sharp pick and bent and scored the lip of the dipstick tube. They told me dipsticks were very cheap and easy to get at any auto parts store. This simple oil change and engine flush took an hour and seven minutes. There's nothing Jiffy about that...

Every auto parts stores referred me to the Ford dealer, telling me that the part was not manufactured anymore. Meanwhile, I noticed that the oil filter they had installed was leaking and dripping oil off the side of the filter on the ground. The same manager who dug at the dipstick he broke off assured me that I would be reimbursed if I simply bought the part and gave him the receipt, and that he would take care of it personally.

Since then they have avoided my calls and passed the buck, and made me fill out a complaint form. When I called the 1-800 customer no-service number, they told me I could get the money back ($31.91 for the dipstick) in the form of a gift certificate redeemable only in services. I told them that was worthless to me, since I intended never to darken the doorstep of any Jiffy Lube for the rest of my life, and if I had things my way, neither would anybody else I came in contact with. They told me this was my only choice and there was nothing more they could do.


Hi! I'd sent in an email about my Woodstock/Acworth GA (not so) Jiffy Lube experience with the broken dipstick. Your website has been extremely helpful, and I wanted to give you some info I found. As of the date of this email, the Public Relations Services representative is Virginia Sanchez, and she's the one you reach when you call the 800.252.0554 Extension 6272 number. She was very polite and apologetic and insured me everything would be taken care of in getting my money back, but I'll believe it when I have the cash in hand, because it's still being taken care of a few days later. I'll send you a progress report as the drama comes to a close.

Tyson in Acworth (complaint #1229) here with an update(2/9/09):

Virginia Sanchez referred me after several follow-ups to Ryan R. in Customer Service for Lucor, the corporation that owns Jiffy Lube, apparently. He was all business, neither polite nor rude, and insured me they would get my check out soon. Lo and behold, I got a check for $31.91 in the mail two days ago, and cashed it today. Guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but I had to do a fair amount of squeaking.  I hope that this may expedite the squeaking of future wheels who get screwed by Jiffy Lube.

For what it's worth, Ryan never would give me his last name- he kept saying "I'm the only Ryan here, they'll know who it is if you send something to me..."

[1228] Gary in St. Charles, MO  Below Par Sales Practices

I went to your establishment on 1/7/2009 to get an oil change. I used to like going to your store because the service was quick and friendly, but no more. I will not patronize this store any further because one of your employees tried to get me to buy something that one I didn't need, an excessive price of a product and deceptive practice. 

I was approached by one of the employees (I won't call him a technician because he isn't), and asked me to come out to my 2004 Jeep Cherokee, to point out some items, First off, he told me both of my license plate lights were out and for $9.95 he would change them. I said "No" (After I got home, I discovered both of these bulbs came to life; How amazing!).  Second, he showed me my air filter, had it in his hand and told me it was dirty and stated it should be changed. I took it, held it up to the light, and stated as long as one can see light through it, it was good.  He then held my oil filler cap and told me it had sludge on it, and for "$49.95, but he'll take off $10.00 to $39.95", and he will put "a chemical to get rid of the sludge buildup". I noticed there was some kind residue on the underside of my cap. He then to proceed to try to pull up a plastic tang inside the oil filler cavity, but it wouldn't move. I stated "No".

Further investigation of this "sludge" revealed:

1.         After I got home, I looked at the underside of oil cap; there was no more "sludge" on the bottom of my cap. What a miracle!!

2.         The plastic tang inside of the oil fill cavity is only a guide and is not removable.

3.         My Jeep gets the oil changed every 3000K -/+ 100 miles so there is no opportunity for sludge to build up.

4.         I just came back from 3000 mile trip and all were highway speed. Again, no sludge could occur.

5.         I consulted the dealer about this issue and he told me he'd never seen sludge occur on this engine with regular maintenance as has occurred on this vehicle.

6.         The way the oil fill cavity is designed, the chances of oil making it up the oil fill canal from the engine, navigating through the square opening inside the oil fill chamber and up to the bottom of the cap is almost impossible.

7.         I went onto a parts store and looked at several oil treatment products, and none of them were over $10.00. So this "kid" charging me "$49.95 with $10.00 off for only $39.95" was trying to "rip me off".

8.         When I was greeted in the beginning, I told the individual who was putting my information in the computer, that I didn't need the windows washed or the interior vacuumed. But the receipt says"completed". Seems your employees say they did something that never was done. In aviation we call this "pencil-whipping". Signing items off that were never done.

9.         The invoice says "ok" for the lights being checked. If I had two burnt out, then why would the invoice say they all were ok? Again, stating they did something that never was done.

10.        I seriously doubt all the items on the "service checklist" were completed, now.

As stated before, I will not patronize your store any further only because I want to come get my oil change and not feel your employees are trying to defraud me and just get me to pay for services I don't need. I don't feel I have to spend the time to go over all the items they said they did and I shouldn't have to. But in this case, I had to. I almost had the dealer perform a troubleshooting to determine if I did have sludge at extensive costs to me plus the loss of a vehicle for that time, only to find out, there wasn't any. Your "kid" almost cost me several hundred dollars. As you can see, I've have taken some of my time to research this; all because of your staff.  I don't trust your staff there anymore.  Furthermore, I will send this complaint over to the Better Business Bureau.

[1227] Matthew in Palmdale, CA  Stripped Oil Pan Threads

Jiffy Lube of Palmdale CA 93550 located at 37140 25th is the cause of me having to replace my oilpan on my 2004 Honda Acord. They stripped the threads and now it is going to cost me over $450.00 to fix the problem at the Honda Dealership. To top it of I received the redest call from Fernando, an employee at that Jiffy Lube. I contacted Jiffy Lube Customer Service and I will be making every attempt to talk to a District Manager to get reimburssed for the problem they caused. I will be seeking legal advise, but I may need to pursue this through small claims. Not a problem as I am a man of principal. Thank you.

[1226] Bonnie in Crestwood, IL  Double Dipping

I went to a jiffy lube in Crestwood, Illinois for an oil change and ended up getting   a radiator flush & also other things they said I needed. Well the bill came to a total of 150.00. I paid the bill & went home and checked with my bank on the computer to see if the funds were taken out yet, well they were and also another 150.00 which when I went back to the store  with a printout of my bank statement to prove it to them. It so happenend that they said the computer made a mistake.  I can't remember how long it took to get my money back but it took a few calls to the manager of the store who lived in Indiana, for my money to be redeposited to my bank . This was Oct of `07. The store # 2982. Well Dec. 31st I went to get another oil change at a Jiffy Lube at 9756 S Cicero Ave In Oak Lawn Illinois. It was again an oil change among other things they said I needed. The bill came to178.03 I paid it with my debit card, left the store & thought I would call my bank to see if it was taken out yet. Well come to be they took it out twice. Well I immediately went back to the store and told them. The person that did the oil chenge etc. said well the charge was 178.03, I said I know how much it was but you charged me twice. The person that ran the computer said well look it's only on the bill once! I said would you like me to go home & get a prinout of my bank statement & bring it back & show you? He sid Yes. So I proceeded out the door and noticed that a branch of my bank was about a block away. I drove into the parking lot and I thought well I am goinig to call my bank again & make sure. Well I called and it said they made a reverse deposit right when I left!   You can bet I will never go to another Jiffy Lubbbe and I will be sure to let my friends know about my two experiences with them!

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