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[1275] Janet in Houston, TX  Unneeded Expense

On March 21,2009 I took my Honda Accord 2005 to a JIFFY LUBE STATION on 9666 westheimer ,houston tx 77063 for oil change.  the last time I was there was 2/19/2007 for oil change,their so called signature oil change.  They suggested I need new transmission fluid etc etc and I agreed.

The total bill comes to 226.64,one item they charged me was a new radiator cap for 18.99.  When I asked them why I need a new radiator cap as the old one looks fine to me,the mechanic said I need a new cap when there is a radiator flush service.  I drove off paying them the full amount,is this fair,do I really need a new radiator cap for a 2005 car with 12,856 miles,it is a certified preowned car I bought from the dealer in late 2005.

[1274] Mark in St. Petersburg, FL  Botched Radiator Flush

I had my radiator flushed at Jiffy Lube in St. Petersburg, Florida. They botched the job. The hoses collapsed, the engine got hot. I took it back the Jiffy Lube twice and the guy there said they couldn't find anything wrong. A mechanic found the problem, fixed it, and charged me $48.00. I want my money back!

[1273] Ken Jippy Lube

Apparently, this organization, the new one since the last Re -Org has a continuing problem with paying for parts purchased on credit with their auto parts suppliers.  The management is very (if not impossible) to reach unless it is in writing.

Their attorney is an Officer / Director of the company and serves as their registered agent. Mr. Bandy's wife is responsible for accounts payable.  They may be underfunded and under extreme pressure to squeeze additional money from any un-suspecting customer, such as yourself, who may be less educated and capable of recognizing a sham deal when they attempt to take advantage of yourself or another less educated customer.

According to my records, many, many parts put on customers cars, have never been paid for (to date) and they have poor management procedures, perhaps that is intentional, to get out of their debts, and/or        increase their cash flow.

Perhaps they should be called Jippy Lube!

[1272] DY in Tucson, AZ  No Oil in Engine

My son got an oil change and was charged $81.00 for the synthetic oil, problem is that they did not put any oil in the engine. I went and bought 5 quarts and they have failed to return my call...Tucson Jiffy Lube on West Valencia road.  Spoke to Alex who assured me a return call from his Manger, Jose. Has not happened.

[1271] Darrell in Jacksonville, FL  Would Not Honor Coupon

I decided to switch to Jiffy Lube because I had heard a lot of good things about them and also Arnold Palmer was a spokesman for them.  There was a Jiffy Lube near my work so I decided to try that one.  They were super.  Treated me like I was there only customer and really did a fine job.  5,000 miles later I went back.  Again I was treated very nice.  I said to myself that I may have found a service business that really knows service.  I told the cashier that I had an $8.00 coupon.  She told me that I did not need that anymore as I was now a regular customer and they would give me $8.00 off every time I came in.  Just the other day, I received a card from this specific Jiffy Lube reminding me that it was time and sure enough it was.  It also had the $8.00 coupon on it.  When I got there on a Wednesday, the service man asked if I wanted the Signature Service and I told him I did less my $8.00 savings.  He said that he would need to talk to the manager about that.  Also, on the window was a large sign in 4 foot letters saying “Wednesday, Ladies Day, Oil Change $18.99”.  The service man came into the waiting room and asked if he could see me outside.  He said that he talked with the manager and best he could do was $5.00 off.  Now there was a woman in the bay next to me getting her oil changed for $18.99 and the best the manager could do for me was $32.95.  I told the service person to forget it and I said it loud enough for the manager to hear me.  I also told him that I was glad his business was so good that he did not need my business anymore and drove off.  If I had anything to do with upper management of Jiffy Lube, this manager would have been fired on the spot.  If anyone cares, it was the Jiffy Lube on Baymeadows Rd. near Phillips Hgwy.  I’ll never go back.

[1270] Kutaree No Oil Damages Engine

I  recently visited jiffy lube with my  free oil  change voucher, that i got from Just Rite Auto Sales dealership where i purchase my car.  Runs well never had any problems until last Friday the 13th of March 2009,  for an oil change. Week later check engine light comes on while driving on the highway, steering wheel locks up car shuts shuts off. Nice guy pulls up checks my oil and theres none there, dry as the desert.

Call Jiffy Lube letting them no the problem  they said they would take care of it come morning. Morning they sent someone out from another  location who verified that there was no oil in the vehicle and stated that the time belt was damaged from not having any . 

I finally get to the shop and the associates were vey rude to me, told me that i didnt no what i was talking about, gave me the wrong number for the Corperate Office, would'nt  give me any names, just said that they will fax the information to the office and may take up to 4 or 5 days to respond.  Still Fighting!   

[1269] Jessica in Creve Couer, MO  Stripped Oil Plug

I went to a Jiffy Lube in Creve Couer, MO on Feb 20th. I've been to this location many times before without any big problems. Yes they recommend that I get the "winter" package which they suckered me in to, (which I believe they do to all young woman that come in) but that's not why I'm upset.

After getting my oil changed, I started noticing a leak under my car.  Since my car is '02 VW Beetle with 120,000+ miles, I decided I should take it into a certified VW dealer to get it worked on.  Soon after I dropped it off, I got my first phone call..."who ever's been doing your oil changes, have stripped your oil pan drain" He told me they could fix it for $175 by doing a "helicoil." Soon after, I get a call back saying that it was so stripped, they had to completely replace the pan.  Now I'm up to $513.36. 

When I went back to pick up my car, they bought me the pan, showed me where it was stripped and gave it to me to take back to Jiffy Lube and ask for a refund. 

What do you recommend that I do?  A lady that I work with said that the same exact thing happened to her a few years back at a different Jiffy Lube and they had to pay for everything. 

[1268] Nick No Oil Almost Destroyed Engine

After approximately 200 miles or 2 weeks of driving my vehicle since I had my oil changed at Jiffy Lube' I had noticed that I had lost a quart of oil.  The oil filter was not screwed on correctly. If I hadn't noticed this issue, I would be writing you today in regards to receiving a new engine.  This was complete negligence by the employees at Jiffy Lube.

To further back the point that Jiffy Lube does not properly inspect or train employees who work on vehicles, there are over 1200 people who have reported their problems to http://www.jiffylubeproblems.com alone. There is also the video on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiCAJ8ULnaI to prove the point. The report done by NBC shows that in a random sampling of Jiffy Lubes show that employees are improperly trained and do not perform work correctly or even at all.

Jiffy Lube did not tighten my oil filter correctly due to employee negligence, improper training, inadequate time to perform services, and pressure being put on employees forcing them to perform inadequate work on vehicles in order to keep their jobs.

My engine could of failed during operation due to negligence and put my life at risk. I am seeking some type of compensation for services. I have only received rude and sarcastic responses through the Jiffy Lube 1-800-344-6933 . The store manager was only able to offer me a good luck as he could not even re-do the oil change. I hope that this issue can be quickly resolved as to avoid any legal action.

[1267] Employee in Omaha, NE 

i WAS employed at jiffy lube in omaha neb. for about a year . i was offered a new pos. at the benson store to be an assistant . i was told i would have to lie and up sell as much as possible to achive ticket. im from a small town where i owned a shop for several years but went broke when sept. 11th happened . now im stuck workin for people with no sence of customer service.  when i voiced my thoughts about lyingthe offer was withdrawn and was stuck on being a tech. i was told to never talk to customers . i can work in this kinda inviroment . the company is owned by heartland automotive omaha neb... please avoid them at all cost!!! they will lie to you to just get your money then muck up your car!

[1266] Nancy in Oxnard, CA  Push You Into Services

I went to the Oxnard Jiffy Lube with (2) cars have been there before but I did not realize it would cost us over 700.00 + dollars.  They did all kinds of work, and I know I think that I got ripped off.  The other car cost 300.00 and the 4 runner truck was 400.00 then they sold me a coupon book (2) for the discounts, I do not think this place is any good any more.  They are pushing you into service.  Since these cars had al lot of milage on them, we choose to do the work big rip off be aware that they do this

[1265] Theresa at Charlottesville, VA  Stripped Oil Pan Cover

I had a bad experience at Jiffy Lube in Charlottesville VA whereby stafff stripped the oil pan cover on a new car less than 6 monthes old and consequently the pan cover has to be rigged to stay up, cost me an extra day from home for couple hours due to travel time 1 hour from place. Also after that I went to the local jiffy lube in Culpeper VA I had to keep paying each oil change for some light bulb being out and since I was grateful they found it I kept paying until the 3 rd time I ckd myself before leaving home and when the same old song and dance was played I asked him what kind of mechanic or was he a mechanic?? They didn't know how to turn the light on properly!!!!!!!!!!!! Please avoid jiffy lube unless you personally know the mechanic otherwise who knows what they are doing.

[1264] Rosesa  Damaged Drain Plug

I’ve gotten my oil change a couple times at different jiffy lubes.  I never care to check usually to see if it’s done properly, assuming that Jiffy Lube actually did the job correctly.  My issue is that it was time for my next oil change so I go get it checked at a different place, and get refused because they can not perform an engine oil change due to the drain plug is a exoansion plug and does not have a regular drain plug.  I’ve had this car for almost 6 years and never had this issue, my question is why did Jiffy Lube put an exoansion plug instead without consulting with me?  Now the engine oil plan an gasket it damaged.

[1263] Fred  $876.00/Hour

My truck takes 5.5 quarts of oil.  The Signature service provides for 5 quarts.  They charged $5.50 per quart for the additional oil.  The same day, 5W40 Quaker State oil (in the 5 quart bottle) was selling retail for $2.10.  People who buy it by the truckload at wholesale obviously would pay even less.  Price-gouging at its finest.  I figured for the 7 extra seconds it took the guy to add that extra half a quart, with the mark-up they'd put on it, he was earning $876.00 an hour.

[1262] James in Upland, CA  Damaged Transmission

In October of 2007 I purchased a 1998 Chevy S-10 from a dealership that had 55,000 miles on it, and ran like new. Right after the purchase I had the oil changed at Jiffylube #755 in Upland, CA. Over the course of the last 16 months I have put 80,000 additional miles on the truck. Every three weeks(or so) I was at jiffylube. The Engine Oil has been changed on average every 3000 miles. The Transmission fluid has actually been changed more often than recommended to be on the safe side. Early Feb I was in for an oil change. The tech informed me that they don’t gauge needed treatments by the look of the fluid, but by mileage and showed me the dipstick for my transmission which displayed dark brown fluid, not pink. I informed him that I had just had the Trans serviced in January, he looked it up and verified it. He considered it warranty work and re-flushed the transmission at no charge. While completing the transmission service one tech noticed that the tech servicing the transmission was doing it the wrong way. When they asked him why, he said it was easier. Trusting the crew that has serviced my truck for so long, I let it go. 500 miles later I laid a smoke screen across the 210 freeway due to Trans fluid leaking onto the exhaust pipe and laid an oil slick into my driveway. The next morning the truck was back at jiffylube with the identified problem. The tech had damaged the transmission line when re-connecting it. They cut the Trans line, reconnected it with a new clamp, and re-flushed the Trans again. Trying to take care of me, but I’m getting concerned. 500 miles later, guess what, smoke screen again and a nice oil slick to go with it. I was right back to JiffyLube in the morning with the truck. Victor the CSM pointed out that the line that was originally damaged, wasn’t leaking, but that I now had 2 or three leaks at the seal between the Trans and the motor. He gave me a bus card to a local mechanic that they did bus with and said that he would call and let them know to not charge me to check it out. I could see it coming so I went to AAMCO first. Unfortunately they wanted 168.00 to check it out which I didn’t have. So off to their guy I went. Their guy put it on the rack, explained how the Trans worked, then checked the oil that was leaking. There was oil everywhere, and none of it looked like Trans fluid, it was all brown. He said he would have to put a dye in the trans fluid, clean it all up, and let me drive a little, then look at the leaks with special glasses to see where their from. Sounded great, until he called Victor. He came back from the phone and said that JiffyLube wouldn’t pay for anything. Well, I have called the corporate office, left an email, gotten a return call from a DM named Jose, and am waiting for his return call. Last spoke with him 3 days ago.

[1261] Veronica Lunatics At This Place

I went into a Jiffy Lube today for a simple oil change.  Don't ask me what they did. I had checked my car the day before and I saw visually that there was nothing wrong with the belts (serepetine and timing belt).  They were a bit old, but smooth and visually sound.  While these "mechanics" were working on my car I saw the engine bouncing up and down like I had never observed before.  The mechanic then told me I had a problem with the serepetine belt. I told them to go play games with someone who did not know what they were doing, paid my money and got out of there. Imagine my surprise when I actually took a look under the hood and saw all of these rips and tears the whole length of the inside of the belt.  I will be going to my trusty mechanic to get same fixed in a day or two and this teaches me a lesson.  I will drive the 50 miles to get an oil change or any work from the only mechanic which I trust.  In the meantime, why don't people get warned about the lunatics at this place???

[1260] Jerry Free Oil Change for $40

I went there about 3 months ago and while my oil was being changed we were basically harassed by one of the guys friends that worked there that was completely drunk and just hanging out, his friend would not ask him to leave so we just put up with it. They were not very professional and we're saying a lot of "bad things" while working on the cars. So I decided to call Jiffy Lube and tell them. I got a call back from Jeff Brown the regional manager for Jiffy Lube in the area and he apologized and send me a certificate for a free oil change, today I went to use the certificate and the person at Jiffy Lube (new location) told me just to show it to him when the oil change was done, after the oil change was completed I presented it to him and he said he had never seen one before and could not find a number so he could not do anything. To make matters worse there was no Manager on the premises to help me? So I ended up having to pay $40 out of pocket for my free oil change issued to be my Jiffy Lube. And to make matters worse the windows were filthy with dirt streaks from them cleaning the windows (rubbing the dirt around with a wet towel) and now they have grease all over them. When I told the guy he said "That is on the inside of the windows" and walked off as if they did everything they were supposed to. I think Jiffy Lube has the worst service record of any company I have worked with and I wish I had of found this site earlier. Avoid Jiffy Lube at all cost, you might think it is cheap but in reality for $10 more you can go to the dealership, have a nice cup of coffee and get your vehicle back with the right amount of fluid in it and really clean windows.

[1259] Tim in Concord, CA  Lousy Service

your store at 4500 clayton rd. concord calif. started giving lousey service. been going there for years know more!! they didn't close the hood also left oily hand prints on hood as usuall. didn't vacume or wash windows. didn't bother to replace sticker in window. i understand under new management. well i paid for a service i didn't get. a customer before me complained also said he wouldn't be back and he was part of a fleet deal. you just lost another customer. in this economy thats not smart.

[1258] Larry in Torrance, CA  JL Worker Charged With Rape

 www.dailybreeze.com Posted: 03/02/2009 06:05:16 PM PST  Johnny Jeffrey Maciel, 22, was charged with rape on Monday. A worker at a Jiffy Lube in Torrance was charged Monday with raping a female customer in his locked office while her children and a friend waited in the car. Johnny Jeffrey Maciel, 22, of Lynwood faces charges that could send him to prison for up to 16 years, prosecutors said. The crime allegedly occurred about 6:30 p.m. Thursday, when the 20-year- old woman took her car to the oil change business on 190th Street at Crenshaw Boulevard to be inspected.

As her two children, an adult friend and the friend's child waited, the woman went to speak with Maciel, who asked her to accompany him into the office. Prosecutors said he locked the door and sexually assaulted her.  The woman immediately called police. Maciel stayed at the business. Officers quickly arrested him.  The victim did not know Maciel, police said.  "She was there for vehicle maintenance and was assaulted during that time," Torrance police Sgt. Bernard Anderson said.  Maciel pleaded not guilty Monday to one count of forcible rape. Judge Thomas Sokolov ordered Maciel held in county jail on $175,000 bail and to return to court March 16. Prosecutors said Maciel has a prior strike on his record but did not elaborate on his previous conviction.

Anderson said detectives are interested in talking with anyone who has had prior dealings with Maciel. "Maybe someone was offended by something he said or something was short of a sexual assault or a sexual battery, and the person discounted it as just `This guy is rude.' That's the kind of information we need," Anderson said.

[1257] Elaine in Front Royal, VA  Relentless Gauntlet of Services

I live in Front Royal VA and have taken my vehicles to Jiffy Lube three times over the past 18months for oil changes.  The relentless gauntlet of  "suggested services" that I must sit through prior to checking out is infuriating.  Of course they are only trying to improve their bottom line but really, I get pressured into small additional services and have yet to leave Jiffy Lube paying less than $150-180.  It's my own fault ,I know but I will never go back to Jiffy Lube:  they know their targets and gear the "experience" ( including a female employee to work with female clients at the end) to squeeze 20-50-100+ bucks. I hate them. 

[1256] Chris  Unanswered Transmission Complaint

I need to file a complaint with Senior management at Jiffy Lube.  A Regional Manager in the state of Oregon has not done anything about my situation..

The problem was that I went their origionally to get my transmission serviced.  They replaced my transmission pan gasket and the filter.  I left and later that day noticed that the leak was still their.  I went back and they said it was a pan problem.  I called Regional manager and they decided to get me another pan and gasket and put it on.  Well recently I took my car in  six months later after the gasket was replaced twice already.  I took it to an actual mechanic and they found that Jiffy Lube Employees used blue silicone on my pan gasket.  They used way too much of the blue silicone and caused the gasket to leak.  The blue silicone is not supposed to be on any car that has computer electronics controlling fuel and air systems.  I had to pay again….  Now I am waiting for this “Regional Manager to come correct and give me my just deserves.  This has been a major burden on me.  I have taken time off work and paid hundreds of dollars to have this fixed several times.  Along with the possibility of their lack of perfesionalism has probably cased more problems to my transmission.  

[1255] Sean in Manhattan Beach, CA  Coolant Flush Scam

My fiancee wen to the Manhattan Beach Location for an oil change, she is well versed by me not to purchase anything else, nothing but oil and filter.  Anyway, she calls me while she is at the location and tells me that the Manager named Tosh told her that there was a buldge on her upper radiator hose and that she needed a coolant flush to 'release the pressure' inside of her engine and the bulge will go down........I called him and played dumb as if I know nothing about engines and he repeated it to me, twice, and then I placed the simple question to him, isn't the function of the radiator cap to release pressure inside of the cooling system.  He then back peddled and then proceeded to just quote that the manufacturer recommends a coolant flush every 30k miles.  Think about it, he is telling a customer that to reduce the bulge in her hose was to spent $69.95 on a coolant flush and that will reduce the pressure in her engine, absolutely fu*king ridiculous.

I called corporate and they indicated that the District Manager would call me but never has, probably because he can't explain that one either.

[1254] Cliff  No Change Oil @ 3,000 Miles

I am employed at an independent auto repair shop, specializing in German cars.  While I don't have occasion to patronize Jiffy Lube, I do have a problem with their blanket 3,000 mile oil change recommendation.  Most modern automobiles simply do not need oil changes this often.  It's a waste of time and money, and it's also bad for the environment in that excessive waste oil is generated.  All of the new German cars have manufacturer-recommended oil change intervals of 10,000 miles or one year.  This is absolutely not a problem as long as the proper oils and filters are used.

As far as I'm concerned, Jiffy Lube (and the other quick oil change outlets) need to change their business models to reflect changing technology.

[1253] James in Summit, MO  No Oil Destroyed Engine

My car was taken by my son Jeffrey to Jiffy Lube #1564, Heartland Automotive Services at 915 NE Rice Rd. Lees Summit Missouri on January 31 where a service was charged of $53.78 including the changing of the oil. When ready to leave noticed a oil light was on. Talked to the person in charge that evening, James, he made several attempts to get light to go out ( he spent about 15 minutes restarting the car and fiddling with the reset button). He then said to bring the car back in the morning and he would have a fix for the light. Car was driven less than 20 miles. Engine stopped, checked oil level. There was none at all. Put 5 quarts in and drove the car home. I was then informed of the problem and recommended to Jeffrey not to drive the car until a thorough check could be performed.

Car was taken to Saturn of Tiffany Springs on Monday the second of February. Someone named Wayne came to look at the car. Claimed to be the District Manager, he pronounced the car as just fine and stated they would not pay anything.

I had the dealership pull the valve cover and discovered the camshaft had turned blue from no lubricant. Then had the oil pan pulled and discovered the engine was destroyed. They recommended a rebuilt engine as this one was beyond fixing. Cost from Saturn $7584.50 not including rental car, towing and lost wages.

This happened at the end of the business day on a Saturday night. My guess is the employees were in a hurry to leave that night and just didn't follow proper procedures. I  expect to be fully compensated for this problem as this was truly all the fault of this company.

[1252] Employee in Kansas City, MO

Hi my name is Richard  i worked for jiffy lube @ 14231 e 40 hwy kansas city mo 64013 store 0540 dist manager wayne s. he wanted the same from me that he wanted from everybody elese TO SCREW PEOPLE ok let me set the record straight i refuse to do this and i would not and wayne did not like the fact an employee was taking his power away so he did the onlything he knew to do was get rid of me well thats fine the joke is on them i still have all my uniforms that i am selling on ebay and craigslist and i got my last full paycheck hahahaha who got the last laugh oh yeah jiffy lube had to pay that out of there p&l..... 

[1251] Louise in Oxnard, CA  Overcharged

hey, I went to Jiffy Lube Oxnard Ca.  Have been going there for years.  Stopped going to the one in Camarillo.  Ok they charge me over 700.00 for all this stuff on two cars.  We paid it cause we didn't know if our cars needed it also they have some coupon thing going on with the heart association? where else can you go.

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