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Personal Experiences


[1325] Russell in Wichita, KS  Overfilled Transmission

After having my transmission fluid flushed and filled at Jiffy lube on west Central in Wichita, Ks,  my Ford F150 truck started leaking tyranny fluid.  Took it back in twice and they couldn't or wouldn't find anything.  I then took it in to a Ford dealer whom found the transmission had been overfilled.  An overfull hose was leaking fluid out when parked on slope on drive.  I paid Ford for their time and effect, and ask Jiffy lube for a refund, as their receipt show a unconditional money back guarantee on the back of it.  It was a worthless claim.  Then never refunded me a dime.  What a company!!

[1324] Mike  Stripped Oil Plug

Oil leak caused by stripped oil drain plug.  I had no leaks on garage floor until next day after oil changed at jiffy lube took car back twice and they put blame on previous change ( which was done at the mazda dealer) but jiffy lube made no mention of a replacement plug being installed when they serviced it.


[1323] Laura  Stripped Oil Pan

Before today I was not aware of the Jiffy Lube crisis, but after today I am all to aware. I took my 2007 New Beetle in for an oil change and waited patiently for my car to finish being serviced. A mechanic came in and told me that I had scratched the bottom of my car and stripped the oil pan. Therefore, they could not perform the oil change and the mechanic proceeded to tell me to take my car to the dealership since it was still under warranty. (Thank God for that!) Now, I am a college student and the town I go to school in does have some sharp hills but nothing to the extent of stripping my oil pan. After all, I would know if my car was scratched considering I'm the only one who drives it. 

After googling my problem I came across others who had the same issue.  I now know that Jiffy Lube stripped the pan themselves and blamed it on me. Tomorrow morning I am getting up at 6 am to take my car to the dealership so they can correct Jiffy Lube's wrong. Lesson learned!

[1322] Jerry in Fauquier County, VA  Price Gouging

I am a citizen and law enforcement officer who works in Fauquier County, Va.  In the past I have used your franchise there to service my vehicles, however this will not continue to be the case.  Today, I went in for an oil change.  My cabin air filter was in desperate need of being changed.  I knew this.  My wife has the same type of car and we had just changed hers but the local auto parts only had one in stock.  I figured Jiffy Lube would be a bit more expensive than the $14.00 I spent for hers but it was convienient.  To my shock and horror I went in to pay for the bill only to find that Jiffy Lube charged me $49.95.  This is price gouging at its most obvious!!  I will be writing an editorial to the local paper and spreading, by word of mouth, how horrible Jiffy Lube is!  Be assured that in my travels through work that I know quite a few people in the community and they WILL know how I have been treated.

[1321] Lisa in Austin, TX  Air Wrench Used On Air Filter

About a year ago I made a bad mistake and took my 2002 Honda Civic Ex to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. Austin TX Manchaca and Slaughter Ln.   They did the typical touch everything you asked them not to.   In fact, They went the extra mile and checked my Air Filter.  The only problem was, the person doing the inspection of the Air Filter put the screws back in with an air wrench and striped out the threads on my Air Intake Housing.  So now I am going to have to get creative to get the bolts out. I need to change my Air Filter. Cough, Cough...Hiccup. 

I cannot get the Upper Housing bolts off. Any Ideas would be welcomed.  When I approached them about the incident they denied it.  That is what's real sad. They did not even attempt to address the root cause. Just deny it............

[1320] Tim in Everett, WA  90' of Flames

I take all of my vehicles to jiffy lube  on Broadway in Everett  wa recently I had an oil filter come loose on my 97 Mitsubishi eclipse turbo I took it back to them ands they said they didn't know why it happened and everything was fine  it happened again I took it back again they put a  new filter on and said this one would not come off that he had used a wrench and all of his strength to make it tight also that it must have to do with the vibration of the high performance motor and that if it happened again I should get an oem or high performance oil filter and that they still could see nothing wrong it happened again I went and got a Mitsubishi oil filter and had them, put it on stating that every thing looked normal and I shouldn't have any problems now than one week or so later it came loose and oil squirting out under my car ignited and leaving a trail 90 feet of flames down the side of my car and under the hood my car is not a total loss but there is probably over 5000$ in damage when it got to the tow yard they had a mechanic look at it and he noticed immediately that the entire housing that the oil filter screws to was loose it was obvious to him that this was the cause of the mysterious loosening oil filters he also commented that even a non professional would know something was wrong the second they put the filter on and it was still moving back and forth in their hand so I took my information to the manager pictures and all to this day 3 weeks they have done nothing but promise me they would look at it no one has  also while there one of the employees stated that he noticed the problem and reported it to a guy who no longer works there but know one told me or documented it  that car is my pride and joy I've got over 12 thousand $ in it if  I had the slightest idea that there was anything wrong it would have been in a shop so fast it would make your head spin please help

[1319] Aki in Cupertino, CA  Incomplete Work

On 1/24/09 Jiffy Lube in Cupertino, California (#2355) replaced the oil and filter in my Infiniti car. The technician said that the air-filter need to be replaced which I authorized. I got billed for the service (Invoice #2355 3967044 BAY7)  Yesterday 6/9/09, 6 month later and about 5,000 miles later I discovered that no air filter was installed and the cover was left open.  I contacted, visited and asked Jiffy Lube to authorized and pay for an engine inspection (and possible repair) at the local Infiniti dealer. The Jiffy Lube store manager and regional manager (Gilbert) refused!

[1318] Robin in Bastrop, TX  Retail Rape

Happening right now.  11 June 2009  Had the oil changed in our Toyota Camry on Friday the 5th of June  - because of installing the wrong filter - it fell off with complete oil loss within minutes of my husband leaving the facility in Bastrop, Texas.  Our car is now at a Aamco Transmission store (their choice) and we have been advised the engine is toast.  There has been absolutely no communication with us except for the calls we have made.  We are traveling from Las Vegas on our way to see our son graduate from Army Basic Training in Ft. Benning Georgia and have no idea what jeopardy that has put us in. The left hand does not know what the right is doing and here we sit.  I consider this Retail Rape.  I do hope that the Mother Ship gets involved and does the right thing.  I will report if everything is ever taken care of properly and to our satisfaction and believe me if not.......you won't be the only email, call or letter I write. 

[1317] Norst  Air Filter Disconnected

I went to this place for their signature oil change. But 2 days after, my car's check engine light is on. I open the hook and found that one of the hose close to the air-box (which holds the air filter) is DISCONNECTED.  Those guys tried to convince me to replace the air-filter. They took it off and showed to me. It looks not that bad at all. When they put it back and obviously he forgot to attach the hose back.  If you google on the internet, you will find tons of cases like this.. Really be careful before you go to this place. You might save a few bucks, you might save some time, but you will regret once your engine is ruined.

[1316] Kelsey  Theft

I got an oil change at jiffy lube and 20 dollars was stolen out of my car.  Granted I should have remembered to take my belongings out, BUT the fact of the matter is that the money was in there, HIDDEN, for an emergancy.  Also, it was in a hidden compartment that no one should have been looking in anyways.  No one needed to look in there in order to change my oil.  I feel cheated by a company I trustED with my property and instead I have been made a fool.  I tell EVERYONE I know not to go to any jiffy lubes because if we cant trust them to do the job we pay them for (which is what they are trained to do) then they dont deserve any compensation from us!!!

[1315] Mark  Oil Pan Screw Problem

Today I took my VW Beetle in for its regular oil change at the same Jiffy Lube I have been taking it to for over six months. I drive a lot, so get it changed fairly often and am a member of the 'card club.' Today the mechanic broke the screw on the oil pan and told me he couldn't change the oil. He suggested I take it to the dealer. Upon calling the dealer, they instructed that it would cost about $350-$500, but that Jiffy Lube is responsible for this because they are the only ones that have changed the oil. Either they screwed it on too tight last time, or they simply just broke it this time, either way Jiffy Lube is responsible for the damage done to the vehicle. I commute 2 hours each day, and now I have to drive a vehicle which cannot have an oil change currently. This will inevitably cost us much more money, especially if we were to require a rental car. I would like a response quickly from any staff of Jiffy Lube that will take this claim seriously, or we will be getting a lawyer and heading to small claims court.

I just wanted to let you know about the update on this situation. My husband called the Jiffy Lube headquarters and complained. Since we could prove this was the only place it had been taken to for the cars last few oil changes, the exact same location. After a few days, the headquarters spoke with the Manager, which is the one my husband interacted with, and then asked my husband to take the car back in to be looked at again. They then replaced the screw (which is what broke) and then changed the oil for free. What is most annoying, is that in the initial visit, they stated they could not change the screw. But, obviously they had the ability, since they did it on the second time around. So we assume they were either lazy or incompetent the first time around. But it did get fixed. Now we have to wonder whether we really want to return there again or not. We may just return to Sears to be honest, as they are about the same price and always did a great job before we switched over. Thanks!

[1314] Belinda in Smithfield, NC  Didn't Replace Filter

About 2 weeks ago 11 June 2009 I took my 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer with 13000 mi. to a jiffylube at Smithfield NC in front of Walmart. I got an oil change and tire rotations which came out pretty expensive. And the guy pulled out my air filter and said i should get a new one which i said no because it looked brand new! Almost a day after I noticed that my car wasnt driving the same. It felt as if it was stuck in 1st gear and took alot of power to accelerate. Which was horrible because when I accelerated to 35 in town it would sound like I was racing and it also chugged down more gas.

It never sounded like that before so I was thinking it may have been jiffylube related. I didnt really want to call them because my grandmother already had trouble with them when she got her inspection there; they tore her windshield wipers (and she knows for certain they did her son checked it earlier to make sure it would pass since he had mechanic experience) and she had to buy new ones to pass the inspection.

But anyways the next day I took my car to another jiffy lube nearby and they said my Cadillac Converter may be messed up. But that didnt seem right to me they didnt look like they knew what they were doing or talking about. So i took the car to a local nice mechanic in Smithfield at Burgess Machine Shop to Mike Revell. He was a real nice guy and took the time to look at and drive my car around the block to hear and see the problem. And guess what the problem was????? He lifted up the hood and the air filter hadnt been latched in and look like it was thrown in there. He didnt charge me anything but now I get him to service me. I just have one thing to say: don't keep jiffy lube in business go to someone that deserves it.

[1313] Aki in Cupertino, CA  Didn't Replace Filter

On 1/24/09 Jiffy Lube in Cupertino, California (#2355) replaced the oil and filter in my Infiniti car. The technician said that the air-filter need to be replaced which I authorized. I got billed for the service (Invoice #2355 3967044 BAY7)  Yesterday 6/9/09, 6 month later and about 5,000 miles later I discovered that no air filter was installed and the cover was left open.  I contacted, visited and asked Jiffy Lube to authorized and pay for an engine inspection (and possible repair) at the local Infiniti dealer. The Jiffy Lube store manager and regional manager (Gilbert) refused!

[1312] Rosa in Fort Hood, TX  Just Suck It Up

I was told in the U.S. Army to suck it up and drive on! Recently a soldier from Fort Hood Texas went on a trip to Manhattan, New York.  The owner of the Jiffy Lube store a retired Army CSM seemed very honest. In fact he was so honest that when he had an oil change they made a minor mistake they forgot to tighten the oil drain plug, eventually his car didnít make it very far from Jiffy Lube. It seized up on him!   When the soldier returned to the service station he was told by the owner that he will not pay for the damages done he said that he should have checked it himself before driving away!   The retired CSM told him to suck it up and drive on!!     Unfortunately the customer soldier and a private out of respect for rank did just that suck it up and drove on, he paid over 1,145 to overhaul his engine in the same Jiffy Lube shop. Isnít this a great deal or what??    I certainty recommend this Jiffy Lube to anyone who wants to get really screwed hard!

[1311] Antoine in Chicago, IL Stripped Plug

I just left Jiffy Lube going back and forth with them over them striping my oil pan plug! This was on my Mazda 2003 MPV van.  Well of course I didn't win! But I know I was honest with them! The biggest mistake I made was having my son who works at Honda go ahead and change the oil after we saw there was a problem! This voided Jiffy Lubes work! A fundamental mistake that I should have known better. But without going on and on. Be careful when using the Jiffy Lube on Halsted! They also did the same thing to my Civic! So what does that tell you! Sometimes its better to go to the dealer even if its not as convenient as Jiffy Lube! But this is not a Jiffy Lube bash! They may have had a bad tech for a small time at this Jiffy Lube! Because I have been going to Jiffy Lube probably since they started. And this is the first time I have had any problem!

[1310] Steven Would Not Honor Agreement

My sister took her car to have the A/C charged up. It took them over 1 1/2 hours to do it. But they guaranteed a 30 day money back. That same day the A/C did not work and her sensor light kept coming on. She had it checked with a different mechanic, if you can call the workers at Lube mechanics. They had disrupted the electrical flow to the sensor which cost her 125.00 to fix. She went back to Lube to get her money back and they wanted her to pull in to drain the system for the refund. She said no, could not wait that long. But my question is the A/C did not work at all after they did the recharge and it worked, though not great before she had the work done. So why did they want to drain the fluid. Did they intend to use it in another car after being in one. Or dispose of it, if so why the drain. Isn't this an issue for OCIA to investigate on what they do with the removed fluid. Needless to say they did NOT honor the agreement, nor did they ever tell her to get the money back she would need it drained. They just told her it was guaranteed. So now, she is out the 99.00 for the A/C charge but also needed to see another mechanic for the sensors fixed and will need to go pay somewhere else to get the A/C working.

What a rip off. And a lousy business practice.If they could not get it working right they just should have said it up front. But no they took the money and did not honor the guarantee. What do they do with used fluid, put it in someone else's car? After it was used.If so what do they do with the oil?

Another Experience:

I went in for an oil change. They completed it but stripped the bolt on my oil container. It was leaking badly but they said nothing. The next day, mu driveway was covered in oil and the crank case empty.It was leaking fast enough to see every thirty seconds but they just left it and let my engine go dry of oil. No warning just pay was the way they handled it.

[1309] Lester in Naperville, IL  No Professional Standards

I would not say I am a victim,but I did have a surprising experience recently. About 20 years ago  I worked for 4 years at the Naperville, IL location #482. This was arguably the highest quality Jiffy Lube in the Chicagoland area at the time. The key was that it was owner operated. The owners, Al&Gail Neckrosh, insisted on the highest professional standards from their managers and techs. Granted,  mistakes did happen but they always rectified it and did their best to prevent future occurrences. I read through these posts and every single issue is easily preventable if the process is followed. I think the key is finding a owner-operated location. Fast forward 20 years and I am now a senior Quality Management leader for a major Fortune 500 corporation. I brought my car in for a transmission fluid service at the Palatine, IL store and here is a summary of my experience.

1) Even though they had the full transmission service posted they would not sell it. This is where they change the gasket, filter, and fully flush the system for $150. The techs said they only do the flush. When I inquired why, the tech said too many cars were coming back leaking so they stopped dropping the pan. What kind of approach is that....we can't do it right so lets just stop!!!! They tried giving me some line that it is not needed. I was in hurry so I had it flushed, but will drop the pan another day myself. Just teach the techs how to properly use an air powered wire wheel, a scrapper, and a speed wrench. I changed hundreds and they rarely leaked. If they are going to leak you will almost always see it in the first 5 minutes. They only leak for a few reasons....loose bolts, pinched/damaged gaskets, and dirty mounting surface. 

2) Did not use a seat cover. That should never be permitted.

3) The hood tech actually used  his SHIRT to wipe off the fluid dip stick. Just walk the 2 feet to grab a paper towel.

4) Never showed me a sample of the fluid to tell me its condition.

5) Everyone one smoking out in the open when a customer was there.

6) they overfilled the trans. I will have to suck out a little on my own.

7) Did not use fender cover mats. They were hanging right next to the car! Did the same thing on another car.

[1308] Chuck in Costa Mesa, CA  No Oil In Transmission

Took my Subaru into a mechanic after discovering noise apparently emanating from the  transmission.  He said that the drain plug was missing and no gear oil resulting in a completely destroyed transmission.   Estimate without tax is over $4200 since the whole transmission will need to be replaced.

Friday May 22, 2009, approx 7 PM  discovered noise in my Subaru like it is coming from transmission and subtle burning odor on freeway on the way home

Tuesday, May 26, 2009 approx 9:15 AM  called Kuno's in Redwood City, CA (specialist in Subaru), scheduled appointment for Thursday morning, May 28th

Thursday May 28, 2009 
At 9:15 AM, brought in vehicle for diagnisis. 

At 10:45 AM,  received report that the tranmission had no gear oil and transmission drain plug missing and tranmission damaged beyond repair..  Received instructions from Kuno's to identiy who last provided service on the transmission.   Agreed with mechanic's opinion that whoever last worked on the transmission provided unsatisfactory service and should contact the place of business for investigation prior to authorizing any work.

At 11 AM, received repair estimate from Kuno's of $4274.70 and 9.25% sales tax to replace the whole tranmission.

At 11:05 AM, recovered Subaru Service record identifying Jiffy Lube #610 in San Carlos, CA showing last service to transmission with respect to fluid replacement.

At 11:10 AM, contacted Jiffy Lube Customer Service in Houston, TX to notify my intent to register a claim against Jiffy Lube for restitution.  Received instructions to contact the actual business where service was performed as each Jiffy Lube is independently owned.

At 11:15 AM, contacted Jiffy Lube #610 in San Carlos, CA and requested the manager.  Put hold and line went dead.

At 1 PM, went on site to Jiffy Lube #610 and requested to speak to manager.

At 1:15 PM, met with Lorenzo, who calls himself the Assistant Manager and said the Manager is not present and will be back between 5 and 6 PM and will call me then.   Provided copy of estimate to Lorenzo who made photo copies as well as copy of the receipt of service provided and left contact information.

At 5:15 PM, called Jiffy Lube #610 and again spoke to Lorenzo who said that the manager is in the hospital and will be back on site Saturday.

Friday May 29 2009

At 10:40 AM sent certified mail to the following businesses: Jiffy Lube #160 MC, LLC of Costa Mesa, CA owner of independently owned Jiffy Lube #160.  Jiffy Lube Customer Service in Houston Texas and formerly requested inspection of my Subaru currently located at Kuno's in Redwood City, CA and intent to submit a claim for restitution with copies of service record and repair estimate.

[1307] Joyce in Plano, TX  Wanted To Replace Phantom Part

I took my vehicle in for an oil change and the guy came out and told me the PCV valve needed to be replaced. Knowing females can be taken advantage of on vehicle repair issues, I told him I wanted to see it first.

He never came back but another guy came back to the front awhile later and told me my vehicle was ready to go. I relayed what the other man had told me so he went to check on it and came back and told me my vehicle did not have a PCV valve on it. It was a 1999 Pontiac Grand AM, this occurred in 1997 at the Jiffy Lube in Plano Texas on Alma Drive. Needless to say, they will never change oil or do anything on my vehicles again.

[1306] Willie in Westboro, MA  Different Stores, Similar Problems

The closest location once let some air out of all my tires after I just got through putting in the tire pressure I wanted a week before (paid 75 cents).  Jiffy Lube is supposed to ask you if you want your tire pressure checked but they did not on this instance.  The girl at checkout claimed it was the proper air pressure for my tires as noted on the side of the door.  I advised her that my tires are not stock and they had no right to touch my tires pressure.  This was a minor hassle made worse by their unwillingness to provide me a wheel retorque which they claim they could not do even though they offer wheel rotations.

After that experience, I went to the 2nd location available, a 15 min drive.  I had a nice conversation with the manager on staff who happened to drive the same make/model car as me (Honda Civic).  I informed him of my trouble at the other location and put in the system for them not to touch my tires.  Upon beginning the oil change, the manager informed me that they were out of the oil filters that my car uses!!  They sent someone on staff to the other Jiffy Lube location that I had previously banned due to the tire incident.  I waited like 20 minutes for the guy to come back.  The manager discounted me some $ for my inconvenience.

Upon beginning the oil change, the service person told me the screw to get to my engine air filter was stripped!!  Who can guess who's fault that is?  Yep, Jiffy Lube strikes again for the useless labor of trying to take it out to show me something I didn't have the money or intent to pay for anyway!

[1305] Terry in Chino Hills, CA  Did Not Meet Specifications

I went to Jiffy Lube #1287 in Chino Hills, CA for an oil change and tire rotation for my 2008 Prius.  Two weeks after the service, I checked my tire pressures and found that, although the tires had been rotated, the tire pressures were never adjusted.  The Prius requires 35psi in the front and 33psi in the rear and it was opposite that, very strong evidence that they never set them to the manufacturers specifications.

I then checked my oil and found the level to be about 1/2" over the max mark on the dipstick.  I had to drain about 3/4 of a quart of oil to bring it back to the max level.  If you read vehicle maintenance forums regarding the Prius, overfilling the oil can cause reduced gas mileage and possible engine damage.

I called the local store and talked to the manager, who politely took my complaint and offered to correct the problem, which I had already done since I have no intent of ever taking it back there.  I also sent the problem description, using the "contact us" form on the Jiffy Lube website, to Jiffy Lube, which says they will respond within 48-72 hours and have never heard back from them.

[1304] Rowan Caused Potential Accident

I thought I had an ok experience until a week later. They broke the indoor toggle that opens my hood and threw it away without telling me. This is dangerous! I found out when I needed to get my hood open on the shoulder of a major interstate.

For good measure, when I got it open, I found a rotten sandwich on my battery. When I went back to talk to them, they assured me the sandwich must have gotten under the unopenable hood some other way because they do not eat under the hood.  Evidently it is more likely that somebody broke into my car, used pliers on my broken hood toggle and decided to put a moldy sandwich there without me noticing.  They said because the tab broke due to normal wear and tear they did not need to tell me about it.  In compensation, they offered to screw (no screwdriver necessary--just twist) the two pieces of the hood toggle together if I found the right part, bought it, and drove my car back to them.

[1303] Rick Using JL Cancels Ford Warranty

I havenít had a problem but Iíve heard that Ford Motor Company has a bulletin out that says they wonít warranty their engines if a Jiffy Lube oil filter is used. Anyone heard this one?

[1302] Ray Skipped Services

I took my 1998 Dodge Dakota in to have it lubed They did not lube it they skipped several lube spots like the driveline transfer case. Luckly we did it our self after they were suppose to do it also had all fluids topped off they said it would cost money to have the coolant fluid topped off so i did it myself also. They also lost a valve stem cover and told me to go buy one and they would remburse for it I told them that they should go and get it not me. They gave me a card for $15 off my next full service lube and oil change which will not be happening.......

[1301] Paul Questioned My Believability

Last fall I allowed Jiffy Lube personell to change the lamps that illuminate the rear license plate.  When they did so they broke both of the lamp holders in such a way that they hung down by the wires and would not stay in the designed location on the bottom of the trunk lid.  The clips molded into the lamp holder were broken off .

The business of life kept me busy with other matters and I did not expect them to provide satisfaction on the matter anyway.  When I went to the dealer today I found that replacement parts would cost me $98 for two of them.

When I presented my receipts for the Jiffy Lube "service" (which indicates that the lamps were changed) and the parts cost from the Mazda dealer the manager of the Jiffy Lube questioned the believability of my story and offered to reimburse me for only half of my cost. This I refused, this is not a matter of money but principle and responsibility.

I am done with Jiffy Lube. I find their constant press to sell extra "services" such as wipers, filters, engine flush , antifreeze etc annoying and their service inept.

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