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Personal Experiences


[1350] Ivan Rude, Inconsiderate & Ignorant

I have spoken to three different representatives at Jiffy Lube HQ who were rude, inconsiderate and ignorant.  Not only were they unable to assist with my inquiry but they could not be bothered to escalate even when I told them each that they were harming the reputation of their company. I even told them that I would pursue this until they lost their jobs if necessary.  They could not understand that they were hurting not only their own reputations but that they were harming the reputations of their franchisees.

One guy transfered me to the SE Midwest group out of his ignorance and probably just to get rid of me.  The SE Midwest Group was the first place that I spoke to a normal person, Christen who showed some concern for my issue.  Unfortunately she is not in a position to solve this particular issue of total contempt for customers at the HQ.

I have had occasion to deal with many an aggressive company in my time, but I have never experienced total contempt and aggressive superiority by low level employees of an international company.  Needless to say, I am appalled.  I expect an acknowledgement and an apology from an executive of the HQ.  I am prepared to escalate this complaint to the level needed to disrupt the disgusting culture at Jiffy Lube.

[1349] Mike  Price Gouging

I took my car in to the local Jiffy Lube yesterday.  It was a bit late for the recommended oil change, which was all I wanted done.

I pulled up @ 11:48 AM, and pulled into the shortest line. There was one car in the bay being worked on when I did so, with another car waiting after that.  So, counting the car being worked on, my car was 3rd in line.  I got out @ 1:30 PM, after several "discussions" where they tried to sell me additional
services totaling over $ 228.73 ... including, but not limited to:

    Automatic Transmission Service : $ 120.00
    New Air Filter : $ 13.00

They also pressured me to get new headlights ( a pair, of course), as one of mine was cracked.
Cracked, yes ... but still quite functional.  I'd already bought a pair of new headlights that I intended
to install myself.  They wouldn't touch them.

So, I eventually left, having paid  $ 75.13 for what I expected to be a $ 30-odd oil change.
So much for a "fast, reasonably-priced" oil change.  Never again.

[1348] Michael in Herndon, VA  Price Gouging & Lies

When I brought my Prius to Jiffy Lube (25K Miles), they told me that I need to have both the air filter and cabin filter replaced.  They told me the price of the air filter was $19.95.  Then they talked about the cabin filter but didn’t say a price, wording it in such a way to suggest it was the same price as the air filter.  They also told me that Toyota recommends changing these every 10K miles.  The cabin filter ended up costing me $45.00 even though the exact model is available at auto parts stores for $9.95.  Also, Toyota only recommends a 10K interval for changing these filters ONLY IF you drive regularly on dirt roads, something we have none of in the DC suburbs.  For regular roads, Toyota recommends a 30K replacement interval, which means that the “technician” completely lied to me.

[1347] Laura  Stripped Oil Pan

Before today I was not aware of the Jiffy Lube crisis, but after today I am all to aware. I took my 2007 New Beetle in for an oil change and waited patiently for my car to finish being serviced. A mechanic came in and told me that I had scratched the bottom of my car and stripped the oil pan. Therefore, they could not perform the oil change and the mechanic proceeded to tell me to take my car to the dealership since it was still under warranty. (Thank God for that!) Now, I am a college student and the town I go to school in does have some sharp hills but nothing to the extent of stripping my oil pan. After all, I would know if my car was scratched considering I'm the only one who drives it. 

After googling my problem I came across others who had the same issue.  I now know that Jiffy Lube stripped the pan themselves and blamed it on me. Tomorrow morning I am getting up at 6 am to take my car to the dealership so they can correct Jiffy Lube's wrong. Lesson learned!

[1346] Kenny in Grand Prairie, TX  Did Not Replace Marked Filter

I need to let you know what happened at Jiffy Lube #3288 on Saturday 6/20/09 at 1:15 PM.

I have been getting my 2 new cars oil changed at this location since Day one of these cars. 2008 Toyota Corolla and a 2008 Kia Optima. I could not help questioning the speed at which the oil changes were getting done. I actually loved it until today. I marked on the side of the oil filter with my son’s initials on the Optima before getting the oil changed. I just wanted to make sure the job was actually getting done. I received the oil change in the same speedy manner. I returned home and lifted my hood. To my surprise and disappointment the initials were still there! I could not believe my eyes. I went back to the store and told them what happened. They took me underneath to show me today’s date was put on the bottom of the filter not realizing my sons initials were on the side. Which made me even more disappointed that they would not only avoid changing the oil filter, but would try to hide this by putting today’s date on the bottom of the filter. The assistant manager ( Willie ) apologized and gave me my next oil change free of charge. Can I really except this offer? Will they really do the job I am paying for everytime? Do I really have to mark my oil filter every time I return?

[1345] Keith in Wichita, KS  Hurt Employee Gets Fired

I worked for jiffy lube in wichita ks at the harry and rock store we were closing the store and i took some half full bottles into the pit to put them up and i slipped on a puddle of oil that had not been cleaned up and i hurt my self i told the manager right after it happened. It severly hurt the next day so i called the regional manager told him i need to go to hospital he told me to try and wait it out and go to their own personal doctor  in a few days i told him i was in to much pain to wait so he told me to go to ER. The ER did xrays and determined i had severly stretched my tendons in my foot and leg i filed it under work comp in ER. I told the managers i filed it then the regional came to talk me out of filing under work comp and  that they would cut me a check to pay for the bill The regional managers made a big deal of it.So i told them ok They talked to me everyday to make sure i stopped the work comp claim untill they recieved notice of this. I ended up quiting 2 months later and now im recieving collections notices from Wesley. I spoke to regional manager a few days ago and he told me they were not paying for the bill that i better pay it.  So now i am hiring a work comp attorney in 1 week if  i am not contacted by someone to resolve this. Does Mr. Bell not have the proper insurance for his employee's

And why are employee's fired if they get hurt?

[1344] Jim in Raleigh, NC  Inadequate Reimbursement

I had my husband service my car at J. L in  45150, on MAY 20th, 2009 at about 11:20 am I had bought the car new in 1994 and it only had 84,000 on it. They changed oil and filter, and flushed the transmission. I usually had a local garage change trans. fluid, but he was on vacation and thought I would send to J L. 45150.  He returned it 16 miiles from J. L. and I started to drive, and smoke went everywhere, I was going around curve at the time Transmission line blew apart, as the guy that serviced it, let line lay on top of a pulley. I called my husband, and he came right out, then he called J. L. They sent 2 guys from J. L. out about 2 hours later. They said not to worry that I would get a new transmission out of it. They called, A Mike P. in 790 Pershing Rd. 27608, in N. C. He told my husband to call a local transmission shop, and he would have the 2 employees call a wrecker to take it there to have it fixed. He then told us we were getting a rental car at Enterprise locally.  I thought everything would be o k. untill another guy called and was very demanding, and he wanted to take a look at car before it was moved.  My husband told him, that the Corp. office said to get it fixed, and he was very demanding. We think the guy calling was really a JERK.  My husband told him that his boss said it was O. K. to sent to TRANSMISSION SHOP.. Well, anyway the 2 guys that came out said they would stay there untill the Wrecker came. Wel,l just as soon as we left, they left, as that is what neighbors told us, as we called them at 8 pm and it was still sitting there.  My husband called a local Wrecker and he said he couldn't take to Transmission shop untill the next morning, so that is what we did.

The estimate to fix transmission was over $2300.00.  Well Mike called and said that he would only give $700.00 for the car with only 84000 miles on a one owner, like new car. My husband told him that we wanted the car fixed as I liked the car, and didn't want to sell it. He then offered  $1100.00  for the car.  We told him no, and we would take them to court, and he said we would be sorry, and he would see us in court. That car ran good before J. L got it in their possession. I told them they broke it, and they said they would fix,  as the Employee said it was all his fault.  Well we took them to Clermont County Small Claims Court.  We appeared and the two guys from J. L. were there also.  But what We didn't know that J. L. was owned by LUCOR which is owned by Shell Oil Co. and they brought in a high dollar Attorney whuich worked for Westfield Insurance Co. All we had was Estimate for repair of trans. He brought in a Kelly Blue Book for a trade In. He presented it to MAGISTRATE. The Attorney said it was J. L. fault , that wasn't disputed, it was their fault. He said all they could give for car was top Blue Book value, which was $1050.00. He presented a case : Falter v TOLEDO (1959 )  They said they offered us a fair market value for the car on May 29th, 2009, which they did, but they wanted the car, and I wasn't giving up my car that I bought new. I am a Senior Citizen, and when i bought the car, I said this was giong to have to last me the rest of my life. I didn't want to part with my car, that was where they lied in COURT, by saying they offered a fair market value, but they didn't tell the Magistrate that they wanted the car too. We didn't see that untill we got the decision back from the court. The lady Magistrate evidently didn't know the law refered to a Collision, not A Mechanic's flaw. That should be covered under GARAGE  LIABILITY INSURANCE.  We also asked for additional damages for loss of car for over a month, and we still don't have a car to this day. We just got decision back  on JULY 25th, 2009.  Before we went to Court I had called Att. General in Ohio. He sent them a letter, and J. L returned a letter and told Att. Gen.they were going to court on  Small Claims Court on case. Well, the Att. Gen. sent us a lettersaying because it wasin Court that he couldn't get involved. He was very nice about it. So I guess I will have to get ATTORNEY, and take them back to Court. I believe the Attorney for LUCOR,  REP. from Westfield, MANIPULATED Me in COURT. I am a lady, and the ATTORNEY asked me if I was a CERTIFIED MECHANIC , How many Ladies are CERTIFIED MECHANICS, My son has been CERTIFIED for over 25 years. My husband asked the Attorney to asked him any mechanicql questins they wanted, they had none. He was in Auto Service for over 10 years. The guys at J. L. are more SALESMEN than Mechanics ..WE looked everywhere to find a '94 the same model with the 84000 miles on it, we couldn't find.  We found one that had 91000 miles and they wanted $2995.00 for it.  WHAT A RIP OFF THEY ARE.????????????  Sure wish we could all form a union, and take J. L.  LURCOR and SHELL OIL Co. to Cilvil Court.      Hope I didn't make typing mistakes.

[1343] Jerry  Transmission Damage

i had my transmission flushed and my trans pan and gasket serviced on may 22, 2009, at the establishment stated above, they failed to seal the gasket around my transmission properly causing the fluid to seep out and under pressure to blow out with out my knowledge (over time). on july 22, driving on the highway, my transmission fluid leaked out to the extent that it burnt out my transmission and my car died. at that time i checked the transmission oil and none showed on the dip stick and you could smell burnt oil. so i left the car and went to go by some transmission oil, i had to purchase 5 quarts of transmission oil to put in the car so i could get the car to drive  home, (from the tow yard that told me that the transmission oil (leaked, blew out) leaving a trail on the road)(and damaged my front end with the tow, not to mention the ticket i received).....  the next day i took my car to have the body work and the transmission looked at, the mechanic showed me under the car where the transmission oil was (leaking, blowing out under pressure) at the back of the pan showing where the oil was leaking and blowing back under the car. he told me to take it back to jiffy lube because he didnt want to mess with it or drop the pan because he said that it would void the warrenty and work that jiffy lube did, so i went from there back to jiffy lube and explained what happened, one of the employees went under the car wiped the pan down and tightened 2 or 3 of the back bolts in my presence then told me there was no leak, then he added some transmission oil then told me to come back the next day to see the manager, the next day i called and was told someone was going to call me back, no one ever did, the next day, a saturday, i put another quart in the transmission then took my car back to jiffy lube where the manager checked it out and told me that it had a small leak and the gears were shot in the transmission, then he told me to take my car to one of there mechanics shop to have it looked at, i take my car and go over there to have the mechanic look at it, he drives it for about 5 seconds then tells me the transmission is no good, then takes the car in the shop and puts it on a rack, wipes the oil off the transpan (but dosent drop the pan) checks it out for about 20 mins, puts a quart of oil in, then tells me that theres no leak, then one of your district managers calles me and in a rude manner tells me that i was lying and not certified to be able to tell whats wrong with the car, and that theres no oil leak and they were not going to cover the damage. a little while after that i called the divisional manager and explained what was going on and what the district manager said to me... the divisional manager said that he was going to set up an independent inspection and that if it was just a little bit their fault that they would fix it, he had the district manager call me back and  he set up the meeting at the same mechanic shop that (tuesday but i couldnt be there, set it up for wednesday, wednesday morning the district manager called and canceled and set it up for thursday), jiffy lube had sent me to the first time, the private inspector was suppost to be there at 10am but didnt show up until 1pm, when he got there he went in and talked to the mechanic for about 5 minutes then came out and started taking pictures of the car,(under the hood, left side, right side, millage, ETC.). i told him i had to put in a quart of transmission oil before i came, he checked the transmission oil said it was still about a quart down and the oil smelt burnt, then he had the mechanic take the car in the shop an and put it on a rack, he looked under the car at the pan an told me that that there was no doubt that it was leaking, took pictures of the oil on the pan, and of the oil on the floor that was dripping right in front of him,( he didnt drop the pan, drive the car, nothing(the inspection took about 10 or 15 minutes) he said he was done, i asked him what was going to be done about my car cause i need to know what to do because i need my car, he said he didnt know, he would submit his paper work that evening, (i didnt get a copy), and that jiffy lube would decide what would be done, he told me that if jiffy lube didnt call me the next day, that i should call them.  i called the district manager(the rude one) a few times and no answer, later that day at about 530pm the district manager calls me back and told me the inspector said it wasnt going to cover the transmission because it didnt have an extensive oil leak and the leak it had now(after jiffy lube tightened the bolts on the pan) wouldnt of caused my transmission to burn out so therefor they werent liable for the damage,  now, if nobody dropped the pan to check the rubber seal or the pan gasket for cracks or anything of the sort and one of the employees tightened some bolts after i brought it back (and is still leaking (and it shouldnt of been leaking if the first place since you changed the pan and gasket) how can you say that its not jiffy lubes fault and your not going to cover the damages,

[1342] Jason in Portland, OR  Oil Filter Fell Off

I go in for an easy oil change. They were real nice about it all. Oil change is done, and I leave..too easy. I drive down the free way, as I am on my way to the gym. I notice the oil light on, and just hope that it's something that will turn off after a while, or when I restart the car. Not being a very technical guy with cars, I continue to the gym, until I hear a very terrible high pitched screaming, and my car starts to stutter. Pull into the gym, because luckily it was right at the next exit, and immediately turn my car off. Call the guys at Jiffy Lube, and they send me to the closest Jiffy Lube near my gym. I start the car up again, and once again I make my move hoping my car does not kill itself before I hit the Jif. Almost getting there, all my car lights(Battery,Oil,Check Engine..etc) come on and I feel the car turn off. Rolling luckily on a hill I pull off to the side safely with my alerts on. Once again luckily the Jiffy Lube is only a block away. I walk down there and speak to the guy there, explaining my situation. Real nice guy helps me out following me to my car. Checks underneath the car and finds that the filter had fallen off. Takes my reciept and walks back to the station to grab another filter. The one he comes with doesn't exactly stay fit on the car, so he checks the sizes for my car, and realizes it was the wrong filter installed. He goes back to the station grabs the right one with some oil, and finally my car starts back up, but now it's making a terrible noise. Turns out I had been driving without any oil at all for a while, and my car is smart enough to shut down before the engine has blown. I am taking my car into their repair shop tomorrow, and going from there. Once again they are really lucky that I don't have to be somewhere, as I am recently unemployed, and that I am also leaving town for a few weeks. Phew!

[1341] Janet  Putting Your Life At Risk

Negligence because they don’t know how:

I had a full service done where I wanted a complete over haul for everything a major tune-up would have done except for the spark plugs. They came up with my battery needs replacement and sold me one with an 8 year warranty.

Transmission fluid was bone dry on the freeway. I drove away thinking everything was properly done and they did it in about an hour. That was fast. So, I paid 500 including a battery and now I needed plugs done and I would be finished until my car reached 100k. Right now, it isn’t quite at 60k. I got on the freeway and my car acted funny in traffic. It was jerking and couldn’t pick up speed correctly. I pulled it over and checked the fluid. BONE DRY! I called up. They said their computers could tell if the job was done. The person who called himself the manager was the assistant manager. I got to the shop. It was passed 6pm when they said they were closed. The assistant manager is sitting there checking the trany fluid with the engine OFF!!!! I had to sit there and teach him the difference between checking the motor oil and the trany fluid. Now, my curiosity is way up. Windshield wiper fluid was way low. The inside the shop had told me that my brake fluid was checked and it was fine and that is how you can tell if the brakes are bad because they would use more fluid to keep them up. I don’t trust them at all now and wonder if my battery was even really bad. Tires were supposed to be checked and they checked it only when I had returned. The assistant mgr told the guy to wait and not pull the car out yet. The guy was leaking air in the tires as he checked them. I had to show him how to do that. Now, I am thinking that the entire time I was speaking with the shop guy selling me the services while this was going on, I was right next to the door where they do this stuff and not once did I remember hearing the sounds for taking off a tire. They never rotated my tires! What else did they not do? They put coolent in but how do I know it was even flushed? The asst mgr. tells me that they stopped changing the filters to the trainy about a year ago. The web site says different. It says this service is done along with the gasket pan seal and all. So, how did they charge me for services that they never performed and risk my life from getting killed on the freeway when my trany was not properly working due to their neglect? There is probably more, I just am so mad that I am sad I threw away money when I didn’t have to. The guy that says he is the manager or assistant was not the guy that yesterday the others referred to as manager inside the shop. That is weird. The whole thing is weird now that I think about it. I don’t like it. The fron t guy said he had the guy change some other fluid that he should have charged me money for. Well, I am frantic worried now, wondering if they didn’t leave something else bone dry and my car will start acting up on me in a minute. This is scarry stuff and my life is at stake.

The best bet is to call the California or whatever state you are in, the Department of Auto Repair. It is a federal government regulated department for mechanic repairs and these companies will be investigated and severly fined or even shut down if things are not right. These are people’s lives they are playing around with and this is not just a defective product, this is worse than buying bad meat or milk at the store. This is putting your life at risk, your children and your friends or whomever is in your car AND the other people on the road that you get into an accident with and their family and friends because Jiffy Lube didn’t even know how to check fluid properly or forgot to fill something up or properly check tires and you get into a wreck.That is scary stuff and your federal government department of auto repair needs to know!

[1340] James in Kent, WA  Bullying & Lying

In early April I stopped in at Jiffy Lube in Kent WA (104th and approximately 242nd) for a top off. I told the employee (a young black male) that I thought I needed a top off. He then went to another employee when I heard him say, "He can't have any after January, right?" I took no offense, as I assumed the young man was a new employee. However, the other employee - a young white male with facial hair, named Josh - came over and advised me, "I'll do it this time, but three top offs is the limit. Besides, you're only 200 miles from your next oil change. You just need to come in and have another oil change!" I said I was unaware of limits on top offs - "Is this something new?" Josh said, "Yeah, there has just been too many people who come in after they're due for an oil change, and get a top off. So we had to put on a limit of three."

This fellow is young, and I am not. Do your employees really assume your customers are so stupid? And why in the world would Jiffy Lube give anyone a top off if their previous oil change was more than 3000 miles past? And is it customary for your employees to order your customers (i.e. "You just need to come in and have another oil change!") around? Not only that, but once I came home, I noticed I was 500 miles away from my next oil change - not 200 as Josh said!

A few days later I stopped at another Jiffy Lube in Kent and told a female employee about my experience. She basically said Josh "didn't know what he was talking about." Gee, what a shock there.

Is it common for your employees to try and bully customers as well as lie to them? That hasn't been my experience - as far as I know - in the past, but I have seen some bad press on Jiffy Lube before. I'm now due for an oil change for one of my cars. Can you tell me why I should patronize Jiffy Lube in the future? I'd appreciate an answer as soon as possible. If I don't hear from you, I shall contact the WA State Attorney General as well as the BBB. Thank you for your time.

[1339] Jim in Glenview, IL  Filthy & Lots of Machismo

I took my new Saturn in for it's second oil change at the Jiffy Lube in Glenview on Greenwood and Glenview road.   here's what's wrong

1) waiting room is filthy

2) employees are yelling at each other across the bays, no customer wants to hear the constant yelling

3) guy comes out, lots of machismo, calls me over to his computer and says that the mfg recommened oil is synthetic and that since I have a new car, I will void the warranty if I don't put in synthetic oil, on top of that, he says that "they'll know i didn't put synthetic oil in" if my engine has problems. B******t! What a scare tactic! I told him to stop trying to scare me and put in the regular oil.

4) i didn't care for the filthy, oil stained attendant not putting in any type of seat or floor covering in my car when he drove it into the bay

5) they said they "couldn't get the air filter out of the car". in other words they were too lazy to take off the four screws, two of which are somewhat difficult to get to, but regardless how is it not possible to take out of a near brand new car? Morons!

will never, ever take my car to Jiffy Lube again. I'm going to do what I did in my 20's, change my own oil, won't have to deal with those yahoos and I get a little self satisfaction. by the way, Pep Boys in Skokie wasn't much better with my other car, nice oil hand print on the door, hood, and steering wheel.

[1338] Chris in Franklin Park, IL  GPS Theft

Bottom line I will never ever set foot in another Jiffylube. I have been going to Jiffylube for quite a few years and have been able to ward off the constant urges to sell me more services than asked for by asking my Son-in-law if what they recommend was needed.

This time I was just going in because I needed the air in my tires checked. I still had time before my next oil change but because I had a coupon I decided to get it done. I had just used my GPS a few hours prior and had put it back under my back seat. There was also a bag of things I had purchased at Walgreen's on the floor.

When I got back in the car I noticed the Walgreen bag had been thrown on the seat and the contents had fallen out. Since I had my Grandson with, I just buckled him in and went home. When I got home I started looking for the things that had fallen out when I noticed that my GPS was missing. I immediately called the Jiffy Lube but they denied seeing it and explained there was nothing they could do.

I filed a police report.

I knew there was nothing to do since I had not seen who had cleaned my car because the people are not allowed in the work area. I accepted that I had made a big mistake not taking the unit out.

When I went to my daughter's house to drop off my Grandson, my Son-in-law went out to check my car and informed me I was low on brake fluid and windshield fluid, both services that should have been included in the price of the oil change. I guess they were too busy stealing to worry about doing the job paid for. He did say the oil was clean so I guess I'm lucky.

This in not the first time I have heard about problems at this Jiffy Lube so I guess the error was mine to have gone there. Lesson learned.

As with the report made at the police department I'm sure there is nothing to be done but I will feel better knowing that this has been reported.

[1337] Eli in Indio, CA  Destroyed $170 Key

A few weeks ago, on Sunday afternoon at about 1:30 I arrived at the Jiffy Lube location in Indio, CA.  I gave the employee my keys and proceeded to wait to be called in for service specifics.

I waited for about an hour, and it was not a busy day and my car was already pulled up onto the service bay.  I went in and said, “Can you just sign me in so I can leave for a minute, I need to get something to eat”.  The employee said, “We can’t yet blah blah blah.”

So I waited until the Oil Change was pretty much done before they finally signed me in, at which time I told another employee that the service was horrible.  He didn’t seem to enjoy my opinion and tried to shrug it off.

When the service was complete, I paid and went out to get into my car.  When I turned the key to start my car, the plastic remote of the key came completely loose from the metal key.  I looked at the key and noticed that it had been bent until it cracked off the metal, and then replaced and put into my car.  I questioned the two employees about it and they both denied everything, in fact one of them said that my key was already broken upon arrival. That was completely untrue, I even have a witness, my mom, who say my key before the service began.  At that point I lost my temper and left.

I called the manager of the store the following day and told him what had happened.  He said, “Come in and we’ll take care of it.”

I went in the following day, Tuesday, and the manager told me he could take my key in and get it replaced.  I refused and told him I wanted the $170 for the new key, and a refund for horrible service.  I wasn’t about to give them my key, ever again!  I got his boss’s phone number, the “Senior Operations Manager” Jose Perez.

I talked to Jose about it and he said he would view the video of that service and call me back.  He did call me back and left me a message saying that nothing showed up in the video tape (the employees must know where the cameras are, duh) but he would replace the key by paying for it in advance and then I could go and get it made, but that they could not refund the service even though it was horrible.  I’ve tried to call him back, left him a message, tried more but no response.  He won’t answer my calls now and my key is still broken.

I plan to file a small-claims suit solely for the purpose of making this right.  Jiffy Lube is horrible and I will never take my car there again.

[1336] Dave in Johns Creek, GA  Price Gouging & Rude

On 7/1/09 @ 3:45 PM with 150K miles on my 1999 Toyota 4-runner 4WD, I asked Jiffy Lube  #2179, 9630 Medlock Bridge Rd, Johns Creek, GA 30097, (770) 813-9510 to do an oil change & lube.  Because we’re price-sensitive, I specifically told them to work up a quote before doing any work. Of course, right off the bat they’d did their upsell thing and my oil/lube request was soon approaching $200 worth of work. After consulting with my wife, I went back and told them that I was going to take it to NTB instead because I just needed a plain old oil change. During this time, they had already done most of the work and I was stuck with the bill.

This kind of lousy customer service, while not particularly damaging to my car, is plain rude. They do not listen to the customer, and just start right into the work before permission is given. I ended up paying twice what I intended.

Avoid these guys at all costs; if they can’t do something as simple as listen, it’s no surprise that bigger problems are being reported by others.

[1335] Braxton in Snoqualmie, WA  IPOD Theft

Yesterday (6/28/09), I dropped our Honda Pilot off to be serviced.  The Transaction Number is 09062706657244, Store Location #3028 in Snoqualmie, WA.  While the car was under your control, my IPOD was stolen out of the car.  The manager (Mark S.) confirmed he saw the IPOD when he checked the mileage.  I left a message for the District Manager (Jeff Brown), but he has not returned my call.  It is very disappointing to assume that one of the employees at this location would remove an item out of a Customer vehicle without their consent.  The IPOD was a 18th birthday present from my parents.  I would like to see what are the possibly of having my IPOD replaced.

[1334] Drew Replaced Trans Filter with Oil Filter

I recently spend $80 for an oil change.  It cost's that much because I don't skimp on my car (in any way), and I always get full synthetic. 

Not only did I have to go to the dealer the next day (under tow) but I found out what had occurred.  It appears that my transmission fluid filter was replaced with an oil filter, and my oil filter was replaced as well (by the same type of filter)...I only asked for an oil change.

My mechanic does not believe it was a leak that caused the failure, but that jiffy lube drained my transmission fluid.  Additionally, my mechanic stated that it did not look like my oil had been changed.  So for $320 plus another $85 for a new oil change, as well as two days of a rental car ($35/day) I am out $475 not including damage to my VERY well kept engine with 77k miles.  If Jiffy Lube fails to pay in full including unforeseen damages and inspections I will have performed, they will be hearing from my attorney; and paying all associated costs. 

I do not recommend.  I have consistently used them for more then five years, every 7-10k miles (manufacturer and oil life recommendations, not Jiffy Lubes 3k recommended.)  I am a Mechanical Engineer.  I watch everything that goes on with my car, but I was unable to watch the oil changed because of the sub-ground change.  Unfortunate, expensive, and sad that they have done such to their otherwise good name.  I certainly hope they make this claim easy for all parties. 

All I wanted was my oil drained, and replaced.  I got 4 quarts of oil (not the 5 I paid for, I watched that), and did not get the oil drained.  Instead I got my transmission drained, and subsequently had it cease.

[1333] Charlie in Billerca MA  Price Gouging

Asked for the basic lest expensive oil and filter change. They hit me with a screen display for synthetics, 75K+ mile specials and I continued to request basic cheapest oil change as I had historically been doing with this car.

When car was completed the bill was $52.34 and I indicated this is ridicules for an oil change and went through the not going to pay that much, speak with manager, etc.  I handed them $40 and walked out.

I only went there out of desperation because I was well over the change miles and didn't have access to my regular mechanic. My previous experience with Jiffy is they always try to sell you more than you want or need, but now they have begun misrepresenting pricing.

Don't go there unless you absolutely have no choice, but if you must make sure they quote you a price you believe you have agreed on.

[1332] Carsten Did Not Do The Work

Took my wife\'s car in for a oil and filter change.  This is a newer car 2008 Audi Q7.  It has a internal filter element so I was alright with the $104 cost for maint. 7.4qt synthetic oil and filter.  When I got home I checked the oil it seemed a little overfilled and dirty.  Was curious about this internal filter and what all was involved with replacing it.  Looked under the car and found the filter housing.  Just looking at it I could tell it wasn\'t even touched.  It had road dust build-up and showed no sign of being removed.  Drained the oil and checked the filter and no surprise it still had the old (dealership made in Germany filter).  The invoice states they put on a new HL8158 filter, which obviously they did not!  Went back to Jiffy Lube and spoke with the manager, showed him the filter that we took off.  He agreed that they do not carry the German filter so obviously it had not been changed.  I asked for a full refund and he said the best he could  do was fill out a customer complaint form and send it in to their headquarters.

These guys have the easiest no brainer job in the world and they can't even get it right.  Drain oil remove filter, replace filter and plug put the right type and amount of oil back in the engine. 

So now I'm wondering if they even put the right oil in the car.  I already know they didn't drain / replace the filter so that when they put the new oil in they overfilled the engine which could result in blown seals and catalytic conv. damage.

If you value your vehicle, or your loved ones depend on their vehicles to work properly  DO NOT GO TO JIFFY LUBE!!!!!

[1331] Shawn in Lacy, WA  Check Work Before Leaving

I wish I would have said something when this happened "but" hindsight is usually better anyway!

Back in April of 2004 a week before getting married I had my 01 Tacoma Double Cab serviced at the JL on Marvin and Martin Way, in Lacy Wa.

right after I drove it home approx  3 miles from the Shop, I noticed that there was a noise that was not normal ( being that I was a mechanic at a rental equipment shop I knew that this could not be good ) I looked under the truck and discovered that the plate protecting the oil pan was only held on by one bolt , upon further investigation I discovered that the oil filter was so loose that I could jiggle it with my hand ( so y it had been leaking oil in excess ) once tightened I also discovered that the oil was about half full , when I contacted the JL shop it was pretty much the story that has been heard by many others , that WE the customer ! did the deed and that it was our own fault, so all I can say is that if you know anything about vehicles do it yourself or CHECK the work once it is done. That way you can have proof right there in their parking lot.

I have never taken my vehicles to JL ever again ( i just take the time to do it myself.

[1330] Jerry in Fauquier County, VA  Price Gouging

I am a citizen and law enforcement officer who works in Fauquier County, Va.  In the past I have used your franchise there to service my vehicles, however this will not continue to be the case.  Today, I went in for an oil change.  My cabin air filter was in desperate need of being changed.  I knew this.  My wife has the same type of car and we had just changed hers but the local auto parts only had one in stock.  I figured Jiffy Lube would be a bit more expensive than the $14.00 I spent for hers but it was convienient.  To my shock and horror I went in to pay for the bill only to find that Jiffy Lube charged me $49.95.  This is price gouging at its most obvious!!  I will be writing an editorial to the local paper and spreading, by word of mouth, how horrible Jiffy Lube is!  Be assured that in my travels through work that I know quite a few people in the community and they WILL know how I have been treated.

[1329] Carol in South Burlington, VT  No Oil In Engine

On 6/19/09 @ 3:59 PM with 188,334 miles on my 1998 Toyota 4-runner, I asked Jiffy Lube  #1261, 1525 Shelburne Rd, South Burlington, VT 05403, (802) 862-8438  to do a high mileage oil change & tire rotation.  The invoice (Attachment A) reflects that the tires were not rotated but that the oil & filter were changed and various other checks were made to my vehicle. $40.83

While driving south on Route 116 on 6/20/09 at approximately 1:15 pm with 188,372 miles on my SUV, the engine oil light came on, my car shut down & I coasted to the side of the road.  Checking my oil, I found that it was bone dry & a film of oil coated the entire backside of my car.  AAA provided the tow to Heritage Toyota in South Burlington, VT.  $114.00

I spoke with Jiffy Lube (Andy, manager) & provided notice that I would be making a claim.  There can be no question that the life span of the engine was compromised by running the vehicle without oil.   Andy advised that he would arrange for a car rental on Monday, June 22, 2009, so that I would not have to incur out of pocket expense.

On 6/22/09 while speaking with Andy about the car rental he advised that he went to Heritage & viewed my vehicle and that the oil pan plug was gone.  Plugs in oil pans that are tightened properly, do not just fall out. It would appear that it was not tight when I left Jiffy Lube and fell out after driving no more than 38 miles.

I was provided with an Enterprise Car Rental. & drove to Jiffy Lube to collect a refund of $40.83 for the failed signature service.  Andy stated that corporate would send me a check covering all costs at one time.  I missed 4 hours of work. $131.16

Late this afternoon I received a call from Heritage Toyota.  They filled my vehicle with oil and replaced the missing oil pan plug.  In addition, they let it run to determine if knocking was present indicating an immediately larger problem with the engine.

Without a borescope inspection or completely examining the engine by taking it apart there is no way to determine the extent of damage that resulted by driving the car without oil.  Because the vehicle was empty of oil, a full engine oil analysis to establish if any white metal was present in the oil could not be conducted and any indication of damage to vital bearings could not be determined.

Accepting my car back without some type of vehicle service agreement from you would certainly be foolish.

Heritage suggested that for a period of three oil changes (every 3,000 miles) or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first, should there be indicators (engine knock, vehicle using oil, oil leaks, metal shavings, or engine failure due to lubricated engine part and component failures) Jiffy Lube will pay for the repair or component replacement resulting from any lubrication-related engine damage.  All lubricated engine parts and components (cylinder heads, oil pump, pistons, and engine) would be covered.  Oil changes and repairs, if any, will be performed by Heritage or other certified Toyota dealership.  Related costs (tow, car rental, time from work) will be paid for by Jiffy Lube.  If I sold or traded my vehicle this VSA is not transferable. 

06/19/09        Jiffy Lube - oil change                 $40.83 
06/20/09        AAA tow in excess of 5 miles    $3.00   38 miles (estimate)     $114.00
06/22/09        Annual Leave (4 hours)  $32.79  4 hours $131.16
06/22/09        Heritage Toyota                 $96.49 
                        TOTAL   $382.48

[1328] Josh in Baton Rouge, LA  Double Gasket Filter Destroys Engine

I own an '05 Toyota Tacoma . I was lured in by the $8 Off Wednesday Special. The oil change went quick enough...until my oil light came on after I left. I turned around and went back. They checked it out and told me nothing was wrong. When I went to my car, I realized there was a line of oil starting from the oil bay all the way around the building. When I questioned, they told me it was oil left on my skid plate. I left again but my car stopped on College Drive (by the way, anyone who cares to know, this was in Baton Rouge, LA) I called the store and the manager stated that he would send someone immediately. When the employee arrived, he pushed my car into the Wal-Mart parking lot and let me know that my oil filter was double gasketed. Basically, the filter was leaking and costs me $1500 at the dealership to have my engine rebuilt from the damage they caused. Jiffy Lube Sucks and the alcoholic who owned the business at the time (for anyone interested, his name was Ed Lee) you still owe me money

[1327] Terrie in Tigard, OR  Long Time Customer

My husband and I have been customers of Jiffy Lube for years!  We bought a new 98 Corvette, a 2004 Cadi SRX, a 2005 Infinity and a Mercedes.  I would like to share our experiences at various Jiffy Lubes.  We had other high end cars before that and had such positive experiences we continued to go to them and never have had any problems.  We have found the workers polite and efficient.

One time I needed to take the Cadi into the dealer for a repair, they told me that if I had my oil changed at another place it would void our warranty.  I called my husband and he said they are not telling you the truth.  We do realize that workers do make mistakes.  However it is also important that those of us satisfied customers speak up as well.     

[1326] Orges Broken Oil Pan 

I changed my oil 4 months ago at Jiffy Lube.  Two days ago I went to my mechanic to change the tires, and told him to do the oil change. While we were doing the oil change, we discovered the oil pan was broken, very likely at my last oil change at Jiffy Lube.  I e-mailed Jiffy Lube, and their regional manager Rich called me (973-280-0830). They checked the car and claimed that since the oil change was more than 3 months old, and because I also changed my oil Jiffy Lube is not responsible.  I plan on taking them to a small claims court for $ 650, where my mechanic will testify.

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