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Personal Experiences


[1378] Vickie in Monterey, CA  Outrageous Price 

Today, I brought my 2007 New Beetle to the Monterey Ca Jiffy Lube. Rolling in, I asked the man who approached my car what it would cost for a lube & oil change using 5/30 synthetic oil. He said $42 plus change after tax. I gave him the "thumbs up," and said "Let's do it."When I came to get my car, the girl rang up an invoice for $75.90! I objected, citing the quote given me when I drove in. "He must have misunderstood," was her response.

They tried to charge me $8.74 for 1.25 quarts of oil over and above the included 5 quarts. I objected vigorously and the manager credited it.  Honestly, this seems like an outrageous amount for such a "quickie" job and six quarts of synthetic, which should cost maybe $30.00.

[1377] Thomas  Price is Price

This is in reference to all that have problems within the pricing! I understand that poor service is poor service, but for complaints on pricing, well that's just life. I hear complaints that Jiffy Lube's employee's use sales tactics, dont give correct discounts, etc. This is the 21st century, price is price. You wouldn't go to a supermarket, & expect to pay $5.00 for something that cost $20.00 would you? Hopefully not. Wherever you go, theres always sales, sometimes more aggressive, sometimes not! I think that for all the issues consumers have had with damage due to niglect, you are correct, & compensation should be applied. For those that simply have nothing better to do than compalin, & bicker about price, GROW UP! Lastly, if you truely think your dealer is better, than you've just been sold, as their job is to keep you coming back & spending more!

[1376] Rosey in Lowell, MA  Racial Problems

I am writtening in regards to the way employees of a different race is treat at Jiffy Lube 1713 Middlesex Street, Lowell Mass by there manager Mr. Don Paradise. I have been a custumer for over a yr now and heard the manager called the spanish gentlemen racial slurrs and bad comments. Also I have had friends that have heard it also. These men deserve to be respected and treated fairly. The manager have a very bad attitude with the custumers. I feel that a man in charge of your company should treat employees and as well as custumers with respect. I feel that he shouldn't be in the manager position. The employees that work the afternoon shift I find are very good at there jobs and treat there custumers much better than Mr. Paradise's shift. I am writting this to inform you that something has to been done and noticed. Thank you for taking the time to read my complaint and hope to see charges at that location.

[1375] Rick in Zion, IL  Would Not Honor Coupon

I had my car serviced on Sunday, August 16, 2009 at 4:30 PM.  Upon arrival, I presented a valid $10 off coupon for an oil change service.

The technician said fine and handed me the coupon to hold until check out.

When I checked out, the store refused the accept the coupon.  The owner (John Moy) claimed that I had to present it upon arrival.  When he realized that excuse did not work, he claimed it was a corporate coupon and he was independent and did not have to honor the coupon.  Finally, he gave me $8 off and not the full $10.

I will now look for Jiffy Lube corporate to refund the difference.  If not, then I will file a consumer fraud complaint with the State of Illinois.  If everyone does that, then the business license can be revoked.

Beware of this store tactic to not adhere to Jiffy Lube promotions and discounts.

[1374] Richard in Woburn,MA  Engine Flush Destroys Engine

Took our 2003 Toyota RAV4 into the Beverly MA Jiffy Lube on July 20, 2009 for scheduled oil change. After the usual pre-lube once-over, the mechanic (and I use the term loosely) strongly recommended an engine flush.  A service he assured me was also "recommended by the manufacture for high mileage vehicles." I agreed, service was performed and off I drove $189.79 lighter.

Less than a month later, and without warning, the oil light goes on and the engine began rattling like a jackhammer. The dipstick was dry so I added 3 quarts of oil. The oil light remained on as did the rattle.

Brought the car to a local garage that promptly diagnosed the problem as now having too much oil at the bottom of the engine that either had a "clogged oil pump or worse."

In researching my suspicion of the Jiffy Lube flush and the timing of the problem, I found this web site and the related horror stories. With that information I called a reliable mechanic who was no stranger to this issue. He dropped the pan on the engine and found quarts of settled carbon the flush had stripped off the engine, filling the oil pump screen and not allowing the oil to lubricate. He cleaned out the carbon and replaced the oil.

Luckily the problem was repaired under $300. However, the flush did cause some engine damage which has reduced the vehicle's life expectancy.

I fully intend to pursue any and all legal recourse to recoup my immediate and potential future monetary loss.  Judging by the amount of similar complaints, I have no doubt a class-action suit against Jiffy Lube is in the works.

[1373] Rene in Pasadena, TX  Multiple Oil Change Problems

I have done my oil changes at your Burke store in Pasadena Tx. Lately I have had problems getting the service at your store. I had to wait twice longer than expected one after draining the oil on my f250 truck they realized they did not have oil to put in. The second time after removing the oil on my wife suv they did not have an oil filter, and again i had to wait until another store send one to them, and to top i off i was charge twice for this last service. I hope this customer service will change, I been doing oil changes at tis store for a couple of years looks like they are getting worst instead of getting better. 

[1372] Ray in Ogden, UT  Cracked Oil Sensor

Please see the below email thread to Heartland Automotive ( a Jiffy Lube Franchise ). I am filing a claim in Small claims court for the damages done to my car. I will never do business with another Jiffy Lube location. They totally ruined my car and refuses to take responsibility. Thank you for establishing this website so private citizens can fight this wrong doing by this corporate swindler.

<> I had an oil change done at a Heartland Automotive Jiffy Lube on 7.26.09.

Immediately after leaving the store, I noticed my oil light stayed on. But because I had just completed an oil change and had total confidence in Jiffy Lube, I assumed that it must be a problem with my instrument panel and therefore I did not go directly back to the store. Besides that, I had this work done on Sunday, and I was out with my spouse for a Sunday Brunch, and decided to have the oil changed because the store was right next to the Waffle House that we frequent. So I just continued on with my day.

On SAt, Aug. 1 while driving to the neighborhood store, oil started to pour from under the left side of the engine. I didn't notice, but a passerby waved me down and brought it to my attention. I immediately stopped the vehicle and called a tow truck. I had it towed to a mechanic. On Monday, Aug. 3, the mechanic called me and told me that the oil sensor had cracked and that's where the oil was leaking from. I immediately went to the shop, and while it was up on the rack, he pointed to the sensor and I could see clearly that that's where the oil was coming from. I didn't let the mechanic continue the repairs because I suspected something went wrong at my oil change. But I couldn't tell what happened until we actually got the car home, jacked it up, and we could then see that the cable that plugs into the sensor had been pulled away from the clap that secures it to the engine, thus pulling on the sensor and cracking it. It was so fragile, that when we removed the sensor it just fell apart. It's very obvious that the cable was pulled, and as a result the sensor was damaged. I have sent numerous pictures to the store, and Mr. Fox. I am including 2 of those pictures for your review.

Let me also add that I have talked with Mike Fox on a number of occasions. I understand his position but I think we have different priorities. His priority is to protect the company from liability. My priority is to have my car restored to the condition it was in when I came to Jiffy Lube.

I am writing you this e-mail in an attempt to exhaust all avenues in an attempt to avoid any legal proceedings. I am asking Jiffy Lube to honor their warranty of their products and services, which up to now, no one is willing to do. Since my last contact with Mike, I have had my car repaired.

It cost me $186.00. This could have been avoided if the store manager at store 2079 had replaced the oil sensor that had been damaged. I am asking to be reimbursed for my expenses to have my vehicle restored. Please be advised, I will not leave this alone. If I do not receive a satisfactory resolution to this issue by Monday, Aug 10, I will contact the courts for relief.

<> Hi Mile, again thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I have looked over the diagram. From the diagram I can't really tell were the wiring harness SHOULD run, but I hope the attached pictures will clarify were my cables run. Based on our conversation yesterday, I truly do understand your position and it helped very much in calming the situation emotionally. Thank you for that. However, I am stuck this morning with no vehicle. I have to fix this issue immediately. If I have not heard back from the shop on 1st Ave. where I had the work done by noon today, I will have the vehicle fixed on my own and look for other means for compensation. Again thank you, and I would ditto your comments, " very interesting circumstances. Thanks Mike, Ray

<> Here is the routing of the oil sensor wire which should be way clear of any hand or tools if routed correctly, but never the less it is what it is. I will call you today with a decision into this matter. The wiring harness splits into the Y in the diagram but falls short of the bottom end routing area? Interesting circumstances though!

<> Per our discussion I am sending the following pictures. As you will see, it is not really the position of the oil sensor as it relates to the oil filter, but the cable that plugs into the sensor. I don't know if the pictures will show these clearly, but the cable has a plastic connector that secures it to the engine to keep it out of the way. The cable is pulled away and the fastener is no longer connected to the engine. The cable wraps around and located next to the oil filter. Which you can only conclude that while removing the filter, the cable was inadvertently pulled, thus damaging the oil sensor. You're prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.

[1371] Kevin in Ogden, UT  Unnecessary Wait

I went to jiffy lube at 104 N Washington blvd, Ogden Utah 84404. There was one car in the stall, I was told to pull behind it, the other stall was open. I was there for 20 minutes waiting, one employee worked on the car in the stall. The other three employees pointed at me laughing, like it was a joke to make me wait. the way things are now days with the economy I dont understand how they can run a company this way. There is nowhere to contact anyone to complain. I work for U.S. Government, I will do whatever it takes to get my word out about this bad company. Any help you could give me will be used.

[1370] Diana in St. Louis, MO  Dishonest With Coupon

I hesitated going to Jiffy Lube in the first place but decided to go anyway after receiving a $10.00 off coupon.  I was told that the cost would be $34.95 with $8.00 off and once I showed my $10.00 off coupon the manager didn’t like that ,so he started stuttering saying that the price would depend on whether I used regular or  synthetic and how big my engine was.   He called by over and said I needed 7 quarts of oil and it would cost me $48.00.  I told him I have never paid that much for and oil change in  my life he got made and told me he would pull my car around and I said then PULL IT AROUND!  I left there and went to an independent  auto shop and paid $21.09.   So there are still honest people out there.

[1369] Pat  Radiator Flush Destroys Water Pump

I quit going to Jiff Lube 3 yrs. ago because: I went in for oil change and they wanted to recharge my a/c I said no its working fine, down the road and 1/2 hr later it stopped. I thought it was strange but did not complain. 6 months later "like an idiot" I went to Jiff/lube and this time they wanted to give me a radiator flush, I agreed, 1-2 days later my water pump went out and hoses were leaking.

I went to complain they said just coincidence and offered no other solution or reason. I have since then have told everyone I know and have convinced alot of people not to go.

[1368] Walter in Crofton, MD  Did Not Tighten Filter Properly

I have had two bad experiences with Jiffy Lube, Crofton, MD.

In both cases they did not properly tighten either the oil plug or oil filter. In the first case I noticed a smell of burning oil. I was on the road and ended up pulling into a Ford dealership. They fixed the problem and charged me $100 to clean out the mess, refill the oil and get me back on the road again.

In the second case I was returning to Maryland from South Carolina with my wife following. She noticed a fine film of oil on her windshield. When we got back to Crofton I went back in to Jiffy Lube and they fixed the problem after much hemming and hawing. I recall that they mentioned something about the filter not being properly installed. I was not charged.

Note that I drive a company car, and PHH pays for maintenance. I have used them twice since these experiences, but first tell the manager to double check the job done by the technicians. I am awaiting a replacement PHH fleet vehicle, and that new car will not be going to Jiffy Lube.

[1367] Mark in Los Angeles, CA  Oily Footprints

My daughter took her brand new Honda Accord to Jiffy Lube for it's first oil change.  When she got home she had me look at her car.  On her floor mat were two stained oily footprints on her drivers side floor mat.  When I went back with her to resolve the problem, I had the assistant manager treat me in a manner I wanted to choke him out.  I had to go through the better business bureau to finally resolve the problem.  I will never return and I tel everyone I know never to go there. 

[1366] Marcia in Stafford, VA  Destroyed Oil Sensor

I went to Jiffy Lube on Friday, August 21st at the location in Stafford, Virginia at 204 Garrisonville Road at approximately 9:30 am to get a oil change on my BMW 325I.  I have been to this location before to get a standard oil change.  I was getting the oil change because I had to go on an 8 hour road trip to my friend’s wedding. I drove the car there and shut it off as instructed by the attendant and gave him the keys. I went inside to the waiting area.  I was told this may take about 25 minutes.  I was then approached by the customer service person who brought in the filter to let me know it needed changing. I told him go ahead and change it. I noticed time was slipping away as I had to get on the road, it was now after 10 am and my car was not ready.  I looked out the big glass window to see two young men trying to screw a cap on and the screw got stuck so another guy had to come over and help to remove the wrench or whatever device they were using to screw the cap on.  I noticed also that one of the20young men were trying to start the car with no avail.  There was a young woman who worked at that location, who was working the desk said, let them keeping trying it is a learning moment for them.  I promptly replied that I do not need them to be learning on my car which she quickly replied, no, they need to close the hood first in order to start the car, which sounded ridiculous to me, I have owned   By now I noticed that there was a problem, my car was not starting. I was then told by the customer care person that they were going to go over everything that was done to see why my car is not starting because they were able to start it and pull it into the bay and after the oil change they were not able to start it to drive it out of the bay.  I told him that I was going to leave and to call me when they figure out what was wrong with it. I called my next door neighbor to pick me up and I went home. I notice no one called so I called the shop to find out the status, again I was told that they still don’t know what was wrong. Eventually I came back to the shop where the manager on duty Andra Sumler finally came over to me for the first time to let me know that there is a possibility because the hood was open for so long as the reason for why the=2 0car could not start and based on the manual it says to leave the car for about 30 minutes and then it would start. That was such as bunch of crock, never had that experience with the car.  Needless to say in 30 minutes the car did not start, I was not surprised.  I had to call a tow truck to tow next door to an auto repair shop. When the tow truck came, I tried starting the car again, and it did start but however was shaky, I was able to drive the car next door and it then shut off and would not start again.  The auto repair shop checked the car and found out that the oil sensor was damaged and as a result the car did not start.  The sensor got damaged somehow when they emptied the oil, so when they replaced the oil as a safety mechanism the car would not start at all.  The repair will cost me over $400.  I already paid $119.21 for the oil and filter change, plus an additional $81.93 just for the auto shop next door to diagnose the problem.  I believe Jiffy Lube is responsible for this damage.  They used inexperienced people to work on my car.  How can someone screw up such a simple oil change and one that cost so much because=2 0of the synthetic oil used.  I will be submitting my bill to their corporate office to handle as the local manager did not want to take responsibility or even offer to pay for the towing to next door.  He was rude, all he was interested in is having me pay for the oil change even though my car could not start.  I want everyone to know this.  Beware before you take your car to Jiffy Lube at 204 Garrisonville Road, Stafford, VA.   I am extra upset, because I did not get to go to my friends wedding in South Carolina.  Jiffy Lube not only ruined my day, they ruined my whole weekend with friends and that you just cannot put a price on.

[1365] Lindsay  Manipulation

My Jiffy Lube Experience: Was horrible.  I went there once and never again.  I felt manipulated by the workers to replace things that I recently had replaced.  They also encouraged me to replace license plate lights for an exhorberant fee.  The most disgusting part was that they didn't have paper recycling and I saw them wasting a lot of paper.  Anytime I see or hear someone mention Jiffy Lube I remember this bad experience and share it with others. 

[1364] Jill in Middletown, RI  No Oil Destroys Engine

No oil in my engine after a Jiffy Lube oil change resulted in a seized motor. I went to get a routine oil change on July 19, 2009. and on Aug 17 my car seized on the road while I was driving and I can't get any help from the store manager and regional manager and there are no leaks from anywhere...NOW my motor will need to be replace for $2500....HELP CAN ANYONE TELL Where TO GO FOR help AS WELL AS A LAWYER TO GET THEM TO FIX THE PROBLEM...

[1363] Rob in Filmore, CA  Improper Oil Filter Installation

My name is Rob and a veteran just having been released from the LA West VA hospital having fractures in my face repaired, and unable to do maint. to my  truck. I entrusted them to service it as i needed to head up to Fresno. Not only did it cost me valueable time, i had to return to JL due to improper installation of the oil filter? My truck was saturated as well as my driveway and no compensation was given exept an old dirty coolant jug filled with some degreaser when i asked for help to at least clean the under carriage,.,.,.,WOW! what is this world coming to! The shop mngr. stated that this happens sometimes? Now i enjoy the sweet smell of burning oil hitting my exhaust and the plumes of smoke trailing my truck are helping our air quality with every mile until i can get it properly cleaned cleaned which also cost more $$ and more time! Both of which are limited. The store is located in Fillmore, Ca.and is #3265 under Roknipour, inc. this stoes address is 707 Ventura st. 93015

[1362] Thomas in Gainesville, FL  Deceitful Manager

I took my vehicle in for a signature service oil change and engine flush.  The total cost of the service was $131.28.  After driving the vehicle home (32 miles), I noticed smoke coming from the engine compartment and could smell burning oil.  I checked the engine oil level when I made it home and noticed that it was two quarts low.  I replaced the oil and I took the vehicle back to Jiffy Lube and was told by the manager that there was no oil leak and that the liquid on the underside of the engine was coolant, not oil.  I placed my finger on the oil pan and physically showed him that it was not coolant.  He disagreed and recommended I take it to a mechanic.  His assistant told me that he had made a note on the original invoice that 'there were signs of leakage' when he originally serviced it.  I had the manager reprint up the invoice and there were no remarks made to that effect.  In short, the Manager was incompetent, and his assistance was deceitful.  I did, however, take his advice and took my car to a reputable mechanic.  He notified me that the oil filter was very loose and was leaking oil profusely.  He also performed a diagnostic on the coolant system and found there to be no problems.  This is but the first of communications you will hear from me as I intend to recoup my losses for the trouble that your incompetence and lying has caused me. I will NEVER use your service again.  I will also make it clear to all my business associates, contacts, friends, and family that their car servicing business should be taken elsewhere if my problems are not remedied in a timely manner.

[1361] Darren in Baltimore, MD  Wrong Oil Filter Destroys Engine

I am writing to request that Jiffy Lube pay for all expenses required to repair my 2007 Mitsubishi Galant including rental expenses.  According to Jiffy Lube policy before performing an oil change mechanics are suppose to conduct a 14 point inspection that includes checking for any oil leaks and/or engine problems.  According to the receipt that was given to me when I left the Jiffy Lube on Hartford Rd the only recommendation on it was for tire rotation. This proves that there was no oil leakage or engine problems what so ever before I brought the car in for an oil change.  According to the Mitsubishi owner’s manual when changing the 2007 Mitsubishi Galant oil filter it should be replaced with a size 7317 oil filter the receipt from the date of service indicates that a size 6607 filter was used to replace the filter which is a smaller and less efficient oil filter. According to the engine tear down preformed by Jerry’s Mitsubishi of Joppa Rd the engine failure was caused by the engine not having any oil in it. The oil level was little to nothing because a defective aftermarket oil filter was used in my last oil change.  The tear down also revealed small metal particles in oil beneath the oil filter. (Performed by Jiffy Lube) If what the receipt reads is true and the mechanic did use Penzoil 5W30 synthetic oil for the oil change there is no way that the car should have had absolutely no oil in it. According to numerous sources and previous lawsuits, some Jiffy Lube branches have been sued for not putting any oil and all in cars that were serviced.  According to the Jiffy Lube representative the oil she put in the car should have been usable for at least 6000 miles. The report revealed that there was little to no oil in the car after diving the car for roughly 3000 miles. Rather than contacting the Better Business Bureau of Maryland and engaging Maryland State Delegate Darryl A. Kelly of the 26th district for Prince Georges County as my legal counsel, I’d like to settle out of court for  all expenses required to repair my 2007 Mitsubishi Galant including rental expenses.

[1360] Jim in Oswego, OR  Lost Oil Because of Loose Plug

Th experience there was terrible ,I wasted my whole day and the manager Kenny was the biggest jerk asshole.They put my drain plug on too loose losing almost all my oil  and my oil filter it fell out .They didnt give me the oil I had asked for. My whole motor sounded funny at first when I left then when they checked it out the mngr said looks fine to me.I took it to a reputable shop- and they determined that jiffy lube and the mngr who worked on my my car were at fault...That guy shouldn't be even be manger anywhere.he should be working at a snack bar.What a complete moron. He was very rude,disrespectful,and treated my car like total shit. I hope that guy gets fired and someone with a brain gets to take over. Thanks for freezing up my motorand then refusing to pay for it.JERKS ,LIARS I'll tak emy vehicles elsewhere

[1359] Trouble in Maynard, MA Differential Plug Leaking Oil

In July of 2009 I brought my 2002 Subaru Forester for an oil change to the Jiffy Lube in Maynard, MA.  While there they 'upsold' me a front differential service while mentioning that the rear should be serviced too.  I opted for the front but told them I'd come back for the rear.

About 1 month later I took my car to a Subaru dealer for brake service.  While inspecting my car they reported the front differential drain plug was leaking gear oil onto the exhaust.  He said it looked like the gasket was missing.  The plug needed to be removed, gasket needed to be replaced and the fluid needed to be changed (huh?).  Of course I agreed to the service - who knew what damage could be done to my car if I continued to drive it as is.

I called the Jiffy Lube in Maynard, MA and asked what service was performed on my car on my last visit.  They then told me they changed the front differential.  I NICELY explained my confusion as my mechanic reported differently and what arrangements could be made to either reimburse me for what Subaru had charged me, or what Jiffy Lube had charged me for the original job that wasn't done correctly.

The tech informs me that it's not their policy and the car should have been brought back to them to verify that they had screwed up.  I informed them I wanted to hear from the owner because that wasn't acceptable.  The manager returned my call and offered a free oil change.  Umm huh?  You think after this I'm going to let them touch my car again!  Not.  I want my $80 back and an admission that their tech was incompetent.

Now I'm on a mission.  I've contacted the national number, created a group on Facebook and am posting bad reviews of this location on every public website I can find.  Do NOT go to Jiffy Lube!

[1358] Chris in Moorpark, CA  Pliers Destroys Engine

Our daughter brought her 2003 Mazda 6 with 78,000 miles on it to Jiffy Lube for an oil change three weeks ago.  They quickly completed the job and she drove on.  Five days later her check engine light came on and her motor stopped abruptly.  We had the car towed back to our house and found that the engine was completely seized and wouldn't rotate.  The dipstick showed that there was no oil in the engine.

We contacted Jiffy Lube in Moorpark, who denied responsibility, claiming that our daughter probably ran over something which struck the oil filter housing.  We towed the car to a local independent mechanic who thoroughly inspected the vehicle and found plier marks on the plastic oil filter housing and fresh oil covering the bottom of the car.  Our mechanic gave us a written estimate for $3200 to replace the engine.  We took pictures and told Jiffy Lube that we intended to pursue this in court if necessary.

The manager at Jiffy Lube contacted his corporate office and they sent out their Master Mechanic and insurance adjuster to inspect the car.  The mechanic pulled the oil filter housing off and found it empty and cracked, apparently from using pliers to remove it instead of the approved Mazda tool.  Surprisingly, he admitted responsibility and the insurance company agreed to pay for a new engine. 

A week later a new engine was installed in our daughter's car and she was back on the road.  After reading the numerous horror stories, I think we were one of the lucky ones...

[1357] Catlyn in New York, NY  Taking Advantage of the Elderly

My mother went to Jiffy Lube today to get her oil changed (only) and the price has increased to $34.99 - however, it didn't stop there - Jiffy lube also asked her if she wanted the filter changed as well as the inside Hepa filter.  Of course, once they showed it to her, she thought it should be changed and then they proceeded to charge her 25.00 - $30.00 for each filter.  My mother is over 70 and doesn't know the first thing about vehicles.  These people should be stopped from trying to sell other items for the car that are not necessary!!!  I took my truck into Jiffy Lube to have the oil changed - my truck had 18,000 miles on it and they wanted to change the filter as well as other things... I SAID NO.  Once again, they should be stopped!!!!

[1356] Bill in San Ramon, CA  Oil Filter Not Changed

I went to Jiffy Lube in San Ramon California in July 2009 to get an oil change for my Toyota Sequoia. I declined any of the other add-ons (wiper blades, air filters, etc.) because these had all recently been changed. We were leaving on a road trip with the family, and I wanted this taken care of before the trip.After paying approx. 50 bucks for an oil/filter change, I left with my kids for a few minutes while the work was being done. When we returned I was told the car was ready, and found it waiting out front.

I had a gut feeling to just check to see if the filter had been changed. Sure enough, my gut feeling was correct...the same old, dirty filter was there, never having been touched. The road grime wasn't wiped off or anything.

I was mad, and asked to see the manager on duty. He was not present, I was told, so another employee came over to assist. I explained the problem, so he pulled my car right into the bay in front of other waiting customers, and had the filter changed. After waiting several more minutes for the filter to be changed, the car was ready. I asked if the oil was topped off again, knowing some oil would be lost while changing the filter. I was told yes, it would be topped off again.

I drove away, and tried to follow up with phone calls to find out who the owner of this business is. I was told it was some guy from Costa Mesa (Southern California) who owns seven Jiffy-Lubes. I was then put on the phone with the supposed District Manager, who just happened to be in the store at the time I called. He tried to explain away the scam as a mistake or an oversight, and had no explanation for how the filter got missed. He even tried to tell me that the employees are trained in extensive procedures to make sure this type of thing doesn't happen. Never once did he offer to refund my money.

But what fries me is the knowledge that 90% of the people don't stop to look under their hood to make sure the work was done as promised and paid for. This is probably happening every single day at Jiffy Lubes (and other "cheap" oil change places with minimum wage employees) who don't care about doing what's right. It's either laziness (saves time) or greed (saves a few $), but the end result is your engine is being contaminated by extra debris/abrasive dirt caught in the old, dirty filter. Over time, this will shorten the engine's life and cost countless car owner's countless thousands of dollars in premature wear on their engines.

Jiffy lube sucks. I'm never going back, and I'm telling everyone I know about this. They are only about maximizing profit, not providing genuine, honest service.

[1355] So in Bellevue, WA Rubber Drain Plug

I recently bought a 1997 Camry and noticed that the motor oil drain plug is replaced with an wing nut expandable rubber plug. There was a slow leak under the car. While inspecting the maintenance records of the car,  I noticed that the car was taken to Jiffy Lube in Bellevue Washington for the past 18 months. I then read the stories that people posted about Jiffy Lube in various areas of the country and their lack of experience and errors. I would not be surprised if Jiffy Lube technician in Bellevue, Washington stripped the threads on the oil pan of this Camry and used an expandable rubber plug. I will stay away from them for sure.

[1354] Peter in Chicago, IL  Over Inflation Destroys Tires

JiffyLube destroyed my tires by over-inflating them during your "service check". On 06/26/09 I went to JiffyLube to change oil and filter. During the "service check" their “technician” added air to the rear tires. A month later I heard noise coming from the rear of the car. The noise was unbearable at high speeds. Today I went to a car mechanic to inspect the noise coming from the rear tires. It turned out that the tires were over-inflated with pressure over 60psi! The tires internal wires fell apart.

Thanks to their service now I have to replace the tires which were brand new from TireRack.com It will cost me over $200 to replace them because the tires cost $87 each plus shipping.

[1353] Vicky in Oklahoma City, OK  Destroyed Transmission

 I first went to your store 07/02/09. I originally went for an oil change and they informed me I was due for a tranny flush. They said I had an oil and transmission leak although I don't think that is true because I have no spots on my drive! The only thing I have noticed leaking was water condensation from my air conditioner. There were about 8 men working on my car at the time. I was the only one there. So they finished doing the oil and tranny change and said I was good to go. Nobody told me to come back and it wasn't written any where on the invoice that I needed to come back. Although about 5 days later I started having all kinds of problems! My engine light came on and a power steering light came on. So when I took it back the manager informed me that they should have told me to come back in 3 or 4 days because the fluid circulates and they have to recheck and usually add more. If all these things weren't happening to my car I wouldn't have known to come back! I talked with a mechanic and was told that I didn't need to come back. They should have let my engine run for 30 minutes then rechecked it before I left the building! So I come back on my 2nd visit and tell him all my problems. He pulls the car in and had to add 4 quarts!!!!! Appearantly something was left off or not tightened! This was crazy! So then I ask him if I needed to come back again? He said no he had to fire a bunch of the guys and they should have told me to come back in 3 days but they didn't. He told me to drive the car for awhile and everything would reset it's self and all the lights would go off. He said if it didn't I may need  to have the computer reset. OK My lights never went off and the problems just got alot worse. It started chugging and making all kinds of grinding sounds. I was on my way back to have them check it out again for the 3rd time but I didn't make it. I got stalled and had a pile of transmission fluid under my car when the tow truck had to come get me!!!!! I am so furious I can't stand it. I don't know what they did or let me say didn't do but my whole transmission is ruined. I am going to take it to the dealer and find out exactly wasn't done. I called the manager at Jiffy Lube #32 2400 N Meridian OKC to tell him what had happened and he said he had to wait for the general manager Danny Skaggs who was in Kansas and should be back Thursday. Well in the meantime my car is totally ruined and I don't have a 2nd car to go to work in! I hope you can address this matter and fast. I was reading all the complaints on the Jiffy Lube sight and the list goes on and on. Maybe these guys need alot more traing before they get out there and act like they know what their doing.

[1352] Glass Guy in Apple Valley, MN  Destroyed Transmission

Don't get lubed at Jiffy Lube Apple Valley MN

On may 18th 2009 I took my Van to Jiffy Lube in Apple Valley Mn store # 1344 Owned by Heartland Automotive Group Omaha NE to get an oil change. Like they do at most oil change places the worker comes in and tries to sell you add ons. I was told by the manager Devin Jungbauer that It was recommended I get a transmission flush. Seeing as I had never had one before, and I had 87,000 miles on the Van  I agreed to let them do it. After about 30 minutes they finished. I payed my bill and was on my way. Within 2000 miles of getting my Transmission flushed by Jiffy Lube in Apple Valley Mn  my transmission bagan to slip. Whenever I would slow down to come to a stop sign or stop light the van would start shaking violently. Then when I would take off from a stop sign or stop light my van had no power. After getting home that day, Thank God I made it. I started doing some research on the internet about transmissions and began to see the horror stories of other people who had had transmission failure after getting them flushed. I called up an auto mechanic friend of mine and he explained that he had flushed 3 transmissions once and within 2 months all 3 transmissions had failed and needed to be replaced. I also talked with 2 other people that had experienced the same fate with their cars. I immediately called the Jiffy Lube in Apple Valley and asked to speak to the manager Devin Jungbaur. He contacted his boss District manager Mick Fredrickson. Mick came out started the van checked the fluid level climbed under the van and told me I needed to have the Tranny inspected by a certified mechanic. I would have to pay for the tow and inspection, and if it was determined that they were at fault they would fix it. After calling several transmission repair companies and asking them how they could determine if Jiffy Lube was at fault. They told me it would be impossible to determine that. I think Mick knew that and that's why he offered to do it. Now I'm sitting here trying to figure out how I will get my van back up and running. I run my own business and my van is my lifeline. Without it I can't work. Jiffy Lube refuses to accept blame so I am now stuck paying the bill to get it repaired.
What a crappy way to do business, but that seems to be the norm with this company. Take my advice and stay as far away as you can from JIFFY LUBE  Look at what many other consumers are saying about Jiffy Lube. there are 132 complaints on Ripoff Report alone the list goes on and on
read more here http://www.merchantcircle.com/blogs/The.Glass.Guy.Hastings.MN.651-491-7626

[1351] Tess in Oakbrook Terrace, IL  Destroyed Engine

My husband went into JIffyLube in Oakbrook Terrace IL. on June 26th 2009 to get a routine oil change.  He left the Jiffy lube and within 5 minutes of leaving, he heard a large pop and the engine stopped and he was stranded along with our 7yr old son. Thank God nothing happend to them while stranded on a busy road.

He was able to get the car off the road into a parking lot and when he got out and looked at the car, there was oil over the entire engine , down the side of the car and all over the wheel well.  He called Jiffy Lube right away and they sent out 2 guys to look at it. They said it was a faulty filter and would  replace it. THey came back, replaced the filter, filled it back up with oil and it still did not start.

They decided to jump the car and no luck. At that point we knew the engine most likely was shot. We had it towed to the Honda dealer where we bought it.  They could not look at it for a few days, but finally said that the engine had to be rebuilt and most likely this was Jiffy Lubes fault but would not commit to saying that. The total for everything is $8100.

Neither Jiffy Lube or Honda is being that helpful with this problem. Neither wants to admit fault. I am so frustrated at this point, I could scream.  If Juffiy Lube does not pay for their mistake, I will do everything in my power to put that store out of business and help make the public aware of the problems and stress this place can cause.

It is unacceptable in my mind for this type of thing to happen. The store number is #1100 in Oakbrook Terrace IL. STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!! you will regret it!

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