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Personal Experiences


[1450] Joan  Destroyed Starter

I have been a loyal customer of Jiffy lube for about 2 years getting my oil changed every 3000 miles.  My last experience with them will be my last because I found out that they are not tightening the oil filter which caused a steady stream of oil to drip on to my starter.  I just replaced a rebuilt starter on my car one year ago this Dec.  I was very surprised when in 20 degree weather in was not starting until yesterday when it would not start at all.  The rebuilt starter was shot because they did not tighten the filter and it was filled with oil.  The last time I was in to get my oil changed, they said my car was losing oil due to the age of the car and to remedy this I should start getting a better grade of oil.  Little did I know I was losing oil because they were not tightening the oil filter.  I have lost all trust in them and will not be going to Jiffy Lube anymore.

[1449] Lisa in Leominster, MA  More Windshield Wiper Scam 

I recently had my oil changed in Leominster, MA.  From the waiting room, I witnessed the employee tamper and break my windshield wiper. I saw him do it.  Moments later he came to tell and show me the broken wiper blade.  I know for a fact it was not broken when I drove in. Upon questioning he said I was incorrect.  All of the employee approached my car and said I was wrong. I intend on calling the better business bureau and contacting the local police department. I would like to be reimbursed for a graphite wiper blade-22 pp + tax.

[1448] Trudy in Oak Brook, IL  A Funny Window Experience

Today Jan 10 i went to get my oil changed at store 1100 17 w 620 butterfield rd , oak brook terrace il.. Receipt # 7235454 invoice # 1100 7345454  bay 7. Transaction # 10010907235454 . My complaint is in regards to "JOSEPH"  whom i assume is the store manager, I brought my car to this establishment for a simple oil change. The drivers side window button is missing from the panel and all other buttons are in place. Someone rolled my window all the way down, on the window that is missing a button, keep in mind we are illinois and its around 18 degrees out. When they were finished with my oil change they drove my car out and were going to leave it with the window down, as the button is broke and never should have been touched. I asked "JOSEPH: if they were going to leave my window down like, that he said "it's not his problem that they rolled my window down and it wont go back up." Asked him why window was even rolled down when the button was missing, he said, its company policy. Advised him have 3 other working windows that he could have rolled down and i need the window rolled up its cold outside, he began to giggle and laugh as though it was funny that my window was down and i was upset that they werent going to put it back up. He sat there grinning asking for payment for the oil change, i told him to get my window up so i could pay my bill and leave. And again he said "getting the window up wasnt his problem" and laughed about it again,I asked "JOSEPH" why he thought it was funny and all he could do was laugh and say it wasnt his problem, At this point i asked all other customers who were in the waiting room if they could see "JOSEPH" laughing at me, When "JOSEPH" realized the woman and three gentlemen in the lobby were watching him laugh at me, he decided to take the situation a little more seriously and said "he'd take a look at the window even though he wasnt the one who rolled it down".  Meanwhile his employees were rushing to try to fix my window.  My fiance finally came to the counter and told me to just pay my bill so we could leave and "JOSEPH" told him to mind his business, I paid my bill and "JOSEPH" noticed his employees got my window up and made the remark "see your window is up now, it's not like we havent had to roll up a window before", again "JOSEPH" is laughing and grinning the whole time. I advised "JOSEPH" I would write a letter about my experience at his establishment.  Keep in mind the lobby was FULL, all seats were occupied. I would like feedback as to what steps have been taken to ensure this not to happen to another consumer. I really wonder what was wrong with "JOSEPH" that this was so funny to him?

[1447] Tom in Algonquin, IL  Destroyed Engine

I took my wife’s car into Jiffy Lube in Algonquin Illinois for an oil change. They failed to put the oil filter on correctly. My god isn’t that what they do? The oil leaked out.

We had the car checked by an independent third party, who verified the filter was improperly installed.  We called Jiffy Lube and told them the problem and they offered to wash the car.  We have $2000.00 worth of engine damage.

[1446] Gail in Raleigh, NC  Destroyed Engine

My daughter had oil changed at Store 2719 (Raleigh, NC) on 11/12/09.  The very next day and 50 miles later, her engine locked/froze and left her stranded on the highway.  We had the car towed to the nearest mechanic.  The top half of the engine had to be rebuilt/replaced.  This took about 10 days (due to waiting for additional parts, etc).  So, when all was said and done, the mechanic stated that there was less than a quart of oil in the engine which caused the engine to lock up.  My daughter then says “well, I had the oil changed the day before at Jiffy Lube.”  So, off we went to Jiffy Lube and the manager filed a complaint.  Two days later, someone from corporate called and stated they would pay ½ of the bill ($2200) and there was no way they could determine the cause of the engine lock, etc.  I told them I would get advice from my attorney and let them know.  Four days later, another corporate person called and stated they were doing an investigation and would let me know something soon.  I informed the gentleman that I felt the entire $2200 should be reimbursed as there was little oil in the car, there was no oil leak and the oil was supposed to have been changed the day before by Jiffy Lube.  Therefore, I felt they were more than 50% responsible.  This was over a month ago!  I called and left a voice mail yesterday and am now awaiting a call back.  Next, I will go to small claims court as I don’t have the time or effort to keep debating and waiting.  If anyone has any advice, I welcome it.

[1445] Stacie  Tire Flew Off Car

Last week I had my oil changed and tires rotated.  I normally would never go to a Jiffy Lube because I have heard so many things go wrong, but I am new to the area and was short on time.  As I pulled out the shop, I drove not even a 1/2 mile and my tire flew off my car, nearly missing cars in oncoming traffic.  Thank God no accident happened and no one was hurt, but imagine what could have happened.  This this was simply an act of carelessness and could have been 100% preventable.  I'll never go back.

[1444] Chris in Poway, CA  Destroyed Transmission

Avoid Poway Jiffy Lube at all costs. I've owned and babied my Ford Ranger for 5 years. Never once has my check engine light come on until these people did an Automatic Transmission Fluid replacement. I barely made it to work the next day, with my transmission slipping all the way. I took it back to them and all they did was check the levels and say '..its not our problem..we don't do diagnostics..' Screw these people! I'm calling management...

[1443] Samuel in Miami, FL  No Lube, Less Oil

This  is to complain about the service i got at the Jiffy lube location at 4050 S.W. 67 th. ave. in miami, fla shop #1176.  On 12/22/09 I visited the location for an oil change and lube, I was charged for the lube lube but it was not done.  I got 4 qt. of oil instead of 5 which my pick-up requires ,oil was spilled over engine,the tire pressure was not checked.  Over all I was very dissatisfied  with the service and i will never go there again.

[1442] Katharine in Columbia, MD  Let the Buyer Beware

“Let the buyer beware!”  Jiffy Lube preys on and profits from the ignorance if it’s customers Jiffy Lube does not assist customer with getting what they came in for.  On 3 Jan 2010 I went to the Jiffy Lube in Columbia, Maryland and asked for the cheapest oil change.  When the game began and I was called out to stare at the computer and to decided which level I wanted to be taken advantage of.  When I was asked if I still use Pennzoil I replied yes.  I didn’t realize this would give me the Jiffy Lube Signature Service even though I specified that I wanted the cheapest oil change.  I’ll never use Jiffy Lube again

[1441] Peter in West Olympia, WA  Overfilling Damages Engine

I recently took my care into the West Olympia, Wa Jiffy Lube #2072 for an oil change.  I don't drive my car on a daily basis but started to notice a small oil drip onto my garage floor. Upon further inspection I noticed that they had overfilled my crankcase with too much oil.  I took the car back to Jiffy Lube and pointed it out to the service manager.

He checked the oil and said it was fine and showed me the dip stick.  I said, excuse me sir, but to get a true reading you have to let the car sit for a five minute spell or so to let all the oil drain back into the oil pan.  He quickly pointed out that you always warm your car up before checking the oil and check it immediately after shutting down the engine. And that you will always measure about a quart high if you check the car with the engine cold and had been sitting overnight.  This seemed a little over the top for me, as I have been around machinery since a young person.  When I got home I pulled out the owners manual for my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee which confirms that to get an accurate reading on the dip stick,, it is best to do it on level ground after the car has been sitting awhile, preferably overnight. The manual goes on to say that overfilling the crankcase with oil can lead to serious engine damage due to leaking or blown seals and aeration of the oil caused by the crankshaft whipping up the oil causing foaming from the whipped up air in the oil. Air is not a lubricant.

I called back the service manager at the Jiffy Lube #2072, and pointed out that his procedure of checking the oil level was not in compliance with the manufactures' specification.  He said he had never heard of that before and that's the way they always do it at Jiffy Lube.

I have since sent an email to Jiffy Lube Customer Service and to their Legal Department, informing them of the lack of training of their employees , and that if this leak continues to drip now that the oil level has been corrected, I expect them to repair it at no cost to me, in addition to any other engine damage that may have be caused by their actions.

[1440] Dimitre in San Jose, CA  Destroyed Engine

San Jose, California. Jiffy Lube Service Center #2344.
Our 1999 VW Passat was serviced on November 16th at the local Camden (San Jose) Jiffy Lube for a scheduled oil change. The vehicle was driven for approximately 15 miles, at which point all of the oil had leaked out from the vehicle, and the car wouldn’t start. The next morning the car was towed to the JL branch which previously serviced the vehicle.

Without our knowledge or consent, the District Manager personally replaced (which was believed to be the problem) the broken oil filter housing gasket. In the state of California, it is illegal to perform any service repair without the prior approval of the owner and his or her’s verbal or written consent. After the fact… we were informed of the repair on our vehicle and were told that the vehicle was ready for pick-up.

In order to make up for this inconvenience, they offered up the next oil change at no cost and replaced the gasket free of charge. We later have found through other JL branches that it is not common policy to repair vehicle parts, unless they feel directly responsible for the break in the vehicle. Other fellow employee’s confirmed that it is not in their nature to perform repairs, as they can be held liable for improper repairs (also warranty is not issued on any repairs).

Exactly after vehicle pick-up, the oil light had come on indicating that the problem was much deeper than what was originally repaired. The car was brought into a VW dealership later that week to diagnose the extent to which the engine was damaged. According to the engine tear down preformed by the VW dealership, the low oil pressure in the engine resulted in permanent damages to the engine and turbo. There was low oil pressure in the engine caused from the car being driven low on oil. After physically examining the gasket, a VW certified technician, went on record, saying that the damages on the gasket can only be explained by over tightening the oil filter so that the cooler housing begins to spin on the filter stand union causing the housing gasket to break. This is further explained by the inner tabs on the gasket, which were broken (this is only apparent when the oil filter is over-torqued causing the gasket to spin off and the inner tabs to break).

At first the District Manager took a stance, saying that due to the mileage and old age of the car, a rip in the gasket would not be covered by JL, as they didn’t feel responsible for it breaking. They have later tried offering $1000 and $1600 to cover expenses. It has been an ongoing battle with Jiffy Lube’s District Manager and Anthony Fanticola & Joann Fanticola Family LP (Owner) to try and negotiate a reasonable price for the damages caused by the gross negligence in servicing our 1999 VW Passat. We are seeking compensation equal to a comparable engine and turbo, along with any incidentals such as the diagnostics.

[1439] Kelley in Bellevue, WA  Destroyed Transmission

I would like to add to the list of complaints here as I've been the victim of a horror story with Jiffy Lube as well. I'm still going through the drama with them right now as I expect them to replace my transmission completely but they are currently trying to get out of it. I hope that it does not have to escalate to involve lawyers or small claims but I'm willing to do that just to prove a point that they need to be responsible for the damage they've caused. Here is my story (copied from the letter I wrote corporate):

I received a $10 coupon in the mail for a Jiffy Lube oil change. Even though I had experienced poor service previously at another Jiffy Lube, I thought I’d give them another shot because of the coupon – how easily I was lured back against my better judgment!

On November 17th, 2009, I took my 2002 VW Passat for a standard oil change to the Jiffy Lube located at 10510 Main St, Bellevue WA 98004 (store #1109). When the service was complete, I drove back to work. My car seemed to be running a bit strange (slight hesitation problem) but I thought maybe the oil just needed to work through the car even though I’d never experienced this before (I admittedly don’t know much about cars). See appendix A for original Jiffy Lube receipt of service.

The next day on November 18th, 2009, my car was still acting funny and I knew it was related to the Jiffy Lube oil change since I had absolutely no problems prior to. I was pretty upset since I live about 25 miles away and knew I’d have to drive it back to that specific store. So I submitted an online complaint to the Jiffy Lube International website and received a response that I would be contacted within 2 business days.

On November 19th, 2009, I was contacted by store #1109 manager John (not sure of his last name). He was very professional and apologized for the poor service. He stated he would be happy to take a look at the vehicle and provide me with a refund. Because I only work in Bellevue a few days a week, I asked if I could take my vehicle to any Jiffy Lube (I also didn’t feel comfortable driving my car in its current state on the freeway in case it broke down). John stated that I could take it to any store and if another store had questions to contact him directly. I was satisfied with this.

So later that afternoon, I took my car to the Jiffy Lube located at 606 164th St, Lynnwood, WA 98037 (store #2052). The service I received there was very professional and they stated that they could not find anything that was an obvious problem (no disconnected hoses, etc). They did, however, find that my car was 1.25 quarts overfull in engine oil. They stated that could be extremely bad for a car especially for a VW, which seem to be very touchy on these things. They emptied and refilled my oil at no charge. See appendix B for this service (also shows the note about the overfill).

However, my car was still running like crap after that and I wasn’t sure what to do next. I, again, called the store manager (#1109) John to tell him what had happened and he stated that I should bring the car into his store so that he could personally investigate it but I wouldn’t be in Bellevue again until December 8th, 2009 due to vacation I had scheduled. We agreed I would bring the vehicle in at that time.

I returned from vacation on December 4th, 2009. My vehicle was now running even worse than before and the service engine light had now come on. I definitely could not drive it into Bellevue and risk breaking down. Instead I scheduled an appointment with my trusted mechanic, Bothell Import Service located at 19319 Bothell-Everett Highway, Bothell WA 98012. The morning I was to take my vehicle in, it would not start. I had to get a jump later that evening and then drop the vehicle off for service Wednesday, December 9th, 2009.

Bothell Imports called me later that afternoon and said it appeared someone had drained my transmission fluid (it was 4.2 quarts low). They stated my engine oil and transmission plugs are right next to each other and likely Jiffy Lube had emptied it on accident. Once they refilled my transmission fluid, the car ran fine. This cost me $298.57. See appendix C for receipt of damages and service note on transmission fluid.

I called to inform the manager, John, at the Bellevue Jiffy Lube and was very upset that not only has this whole ordeal greatly inconvenienced me (having to take time off from work and be without a vehicle for over a week) but I had now paid a mechanic $298.57 to fix a problem that never should have happened. Further, I don’t know what the long term affects of the few days I did drive my car following my “oil change” will have on my transmission but my mechanic said that if I have a failed transmission in the near future it would obviously be an effect of this entire ordeal.

I would also like to mention just for the record that in my online complaint, I also stated two unrelated incidents that should have told me never to take my car back to Jiffy Lube: (1) About a year ago I went in for a standard oil change and they had apparently disconnected a hose to better access the oil dip stick but then they forgot to reconnect the hose. I got halfway down the street and my car began making this loud noise so I turned around and took my car back. They found their mistake and were very unprofessional about it – never apologized and almost seemed inconvenienced. I understand people make mistakes and would have been fine with the mistake had they been more courteous. (2) When I took my car into my trusted mechanic for the timing belt change about 6 months ago, my mechanic asked who changed my oil last – they found engine oil in my antifreeze. They checked for a cracked gasket but saw none so they wanted me to be aware that whoever changed it last must have made the mistake (it was Jiffy Lube). And yet even after all that, I was lured by a measly $10 coupon because of our economic hard times. I will not make this mistake again...

[1438] Malachy  Clink in Engine

i had a 55 dollar oil change done and left with a clink in my engine due to starting a car without oil. last night my engine failed. i have no way to work or school or picking up m girlfriend when needed. what do I do?

[1437] Murray in Rocky Point, NY  Faulty Blade Scratches Window

I  had a oil job done and am glad i read all these letters on line. My experience was the wiper blade that they replaced, on a horrid rain storm - the blade broke and scratched my glass... they replaced blade now i have to go there to fill out a accident report. This happened once before to another car, the blade was put on upside down....I should have known to stay away..Watch out for rocky Point New York 25A

[1436] Troy in Anaheim, CA  Another Rip Off

My girlfriend went to jiffylube #1028 in Anaheim, Calif, on Ball Road. She visited this facility back in September of 2009. We were both discussing some of the problems with these chain oil places and decided to review her receipt to see if she was indeed a victim. Well, Jiffylube did not let us down, they kept true to form and ripped my girl off. My girl was charged $59.99 for an oil change! Get this, $23.00 for an oil upgrade. What the hell is that! It gets better. They supposedly talked her into changing her bulbs on the car. $5.99 for each bulb X 4. I just priced the same bulbs for $1.25 a pack at the local auto supply store. It gets better. In October, I invested in my own tools and decided to check her vehicle out. I found that the car was a half qt low on oil. When I reviewed Jiffy's invoice they indicated back in September it was half qt low. You know what that means, they never checked the oil and most likely never changed it. They indicated on their invoice that they put 40 psi air pressure front and back tires. However, her front tires require 30 psi and 35 psi back. When I checked the air pressure in October all tires were severely low pressure with the right front at 20 psi. Grand total for this madness, $89.74

I was reading some of the post from different states and a lot of women get the old oil upgrade line. This tells me that Jiffylube trains their employees nation wide to rip people off. Mighty funny that employees in Texas, Nevada, Arizona, and California use the same line. Why has the Attorney General allowed this fraud to continue. I will not let her take the car back to these types of places and will be doing all future oil changes myself. If anybody can find some of that special oil upgrade, let me know; I would like to put some in my spaceship.

[1435] Tim in Mount Airy, MD  A Machine Bolt for Plug

A very good family friend of mine has a 2002 Ford Explorer. She has always used various Jiffy Lube locations around the area. I finally talked her into letting me change the oil for her. When I was taking out the drain plug, it was REALLY tight, and the head was a 5/8" (which is HUGE for a drain plug). When I finally got it out, I figured out why, it wasn't the original, and this "new" plug was cross threaded, and all of the threads on it were gone. Also, the plug was just a garden variety machine bolt! So, I had to go to Napa and buy a new OEM style plug for six bucks. Luckily, the threads in the oil pan didn't seem to be compromised. Keep your car away from Jiffy Lube if you want to keep it! Every thing they did was wrong and dangerous for the vehicle. 

[1434] Laura in Austin, TX  Oil Filter Failure, Rude Treatment

I had my oil changed at Jiffy Lube the day before thanksgiving at around 3 pm. I got a call from my husband at 9 pm that his big rig truck broke down 100 miles away. I just had my entire transmission rebuilt 2 weeks prior and the night prior I had my shocks and struts done. I felt perfectly fine driving to go and pick him up. I made it to Bryan TX from Austin TX with no noises or anything coming from my car. Maybe a small smoke coming out the passenger side under the hood, but nothing significant. It could be explained if they accidentally dropped a little oil.  We get ½ way home and the car oil light came on and then the battery light came on and we lost power. It was very difficult but we were able to get the car to the side of the road (no shoulder). We almost got reamed by an 18- wheeler and a small pick up truck while pulling our car to the side. We had our car towed home for $160 at 3 am on thanksgiving morning. I talked to the District manager Jerry on the Friday after thanksgiving (granted our thanksgiving was AWFUL b/c we weren’t able to go see our family due to having no car), and he said he would tow our car to Aamco to have a diagnostics done. He was very polite and even rented us a car.

They call me on Monday to tell me that there was 3 quarts of oil in the car, When in fact that is a lie b/c I checked the oil in the car after we broke down (well My husband did) and it barely had any oil at all, and that it was not their fault and my claim would be denied. I asked what the appeals process was and he offered to have a 3rd party inspector come and view the car.

On Tuesday Jerry called me to let me know that my car had excessive oil leaks from the seals I just replaced 2 weeks ago and that the inspector needed to remove my valve covers and oil pan to complete the review. I told him that no only my mechanic could work on my vehicle. I told him that I would contact him after I spoke with my husband. 1 hour later I called him back and he told me no need to have my mechanic do the work b/c from the information that he had my claim was going to be denied.

I called his home office that evening and pleaded my case and Jerry called me within 2 hours very rudely asking me who my mechanic is and when can he take off the valve covers and oil pan to let the inspector look. I called my mechanic and he agreed to do the work 1st thing in the morning and be ready for the inspector. The inspector didn’t show up until 2 days later taking up space in my mechanics small shop and costing him business.  

I called Jerry for a FULL week at least 2x a day, with him telling me the ENTIRE time that the inspectors report was not back so they couldn’t make a decision yet. Finally a week after the inspector came out I get a call from Jerry telling me my claim has been denied and to turn my rental back in and Jiffy lube is not accepting responsibility. Now I am getting a lawyer and filing a suit.

I didn’t mention that the rental they got us was set up wrong and we had to pay a 200 dollar deposit that caused our bills to bounce and racking up 208 dollars in overdraft fees. My entire paycheck was eaten up by covering all the fees and bounced checks. I had enterprise calling us daily telling us that they needed us to pay them, when I told Jiffy lube about the calls they said they would call Enterprise and take care of the situation, but Enterprise kept calling and said they only received ONE call from Jiffy lube and they told them that they needed to bring down a corporate credit card to pay for the account so we could get our deposit back and stop receiving calls to come and pay for the car!

I have never been treated so rudely in my life and no one I know will ever go to Jiffy lube again. I know Jiffy Lube thinks they can run me over since me and my husband are a low income family, but they don’t realize that I may lose my job now from not having a vehicle. I was suppose to move into a house I panned on buying on January 1st but I cannot now B/c it is not on a bus line and I would not be able to work. They have ruined everything for me right now and I will not take that lying down. My family matters, my son matters and they just took away so much from him. I tried to be nice. I tried to let them do right, but they refused. I hope that once I sue for the repairs and for punitive damages and get awarded a large sum from them they may open their eyes and not be so careless in the future.

Oh yeah, the mechanic at aamco, the inspector and My own mechanic all say that Jiffy lube did not screw in the oil filter all the way and oil was leaking out from there. You tell me how they are not at fault for my engine failure????

[1433] Victoria in Greenwood, MS  JL Stole Evidence

I am an attorney bringing a lawsuit against Shell Rapid Lube SRL in Greenwood, MS. My client, a widow, was regular customer, but engine noise started clanking after last oil change. She went home and checked oil. Saw none, brought car back.

Shell checked oil, said it was so clean she couldn't see it on the dipstick. Her car started burning smell and blew up the engine, the same day. SH525 filter. Wondering if anyone knows about it.

SRL got her a rental car, paid for it, and towed her car to a mechanic and, get this, Shell District Manager stole her oil filter!

He went to client's place of business to state that sometimes an oil filter was defective, and if she liked, he could send it in to be checked. She said no thanks, and called the shop to tell the mechanic to not let anyone get the oil filter, and the mechanic told her that SRL manager had already taken it.

The federal lawsuit has to do with obstruction of justice, removing, concealing, destroying evidence to impair its use in an official proceeding.

Has this happened to anyone else?

[1432] Sarah in San Luis Obispo, CA  Humiliated & Horrified

On October 22nd I visited the San Luis Obispo Jiffy Lube location for a standard oil change. I have been going to Jiffy Lube for a couple years now and have always been greeted by friendly staff that does a great and quick job at servicing my car.

Everything went well at the beginning. The man assisting me asked if I would like to purchase a cabin air filter and engine air filter as mine were in pretty bad shape and I agreed because there was a special offered. They were going to sell me one air filter for $65 and the other air filter, normally $30 would be free. As I was waiting for my car, I called my dealership to ask about my transmission service. I asked, out of curiosity, how much their air filters cost. The parts department informed me that they were $23.50 each.

I went inside to pick up my keys and sign out. At this point, I was feeling a little taken advantage of. I understand that your company has the right to charge what you would like but thought I would enquire about the lower cost filters, as there is no harm in asking. I told the gentleman at the desk that I found the filters less expensive through my dealership and asked if I could have my old ones back and buy new filters elsewhere. He told me he would just match the price for them instead. He was VERY helpful and exceeded my expectations.

The gentleman let Roxanna know that he would be matching the lower price on my bill. It was here my service went south. Roxanna went to the register, looked me straight in the face and rolled her eyes, an act suggesting to me that she felt I was wasting her time. After a dramatic sigh, she entered a few numbers on the computer and told me the bill's total. The total seemed high, so I asked if she could breakdown the charges for me. I wanted to better understand what I was paying for. Again, as if I, the customer, was wasting her time, she sped through the bill. I still felt uninformed, yet I was too embarrassed at this point to ask for further clarification. Pressured with her reaction, and being that there were other customers in line watching this interaction (which was very humiliating), I began to sign the bill. Before I even finished writing my name, Roxanna yanked the bill away! This is apparent if you see my signature on the original bill.

She should never have made me feel so unsatisfied in a Customer Service centered business. I am the customer, and I didn't even ask for a discount in the first place. It was only because of the kind gentleman earlier that I agreed. If I had been able to foresee the treatment that Roxanna would give me, I would have never mentioned anything about the less expensive air filters.

I was even more horrified to find out, when I called to get a manger’s name, that Roxanna is actually a manager. As a supervisor myself in the service industry, I would never dream to act so unprofessional or inconsiderate to a customer. I was embarrassed and extremely taken aback by her actions. I felt bullied. I wrote a note the store manager with no response. I then wrote a letter to corporate and the store's general manager, with still no response. Do they not care about their customers? They pretend to as they advertise "100% Customer Satisfaction" on their website. They don't even care enough to issue a simple apology to me. Roxanna is a terrible representation of the Jiffy Lube company and should not be working in the service industry, let alone as a manager.

[1431] Roland  No Coupon

I went to Jiffy lube and was given a free next oil change coupon, it said to send it in with your receipt and receive a free oil chande fro your next vist I never got it , it's been a year waiting, I never used them again, and I tell every one I no not to use them either.

[1430] Robert  Forgot To Replace Air Filter

I had my oil and air filter changes on a Saturday afternoon. That Monday my engine light came on. I wasn't sure what it could be.

I have a 2006 Mercury Montego with 63000 miles and love no problems. Well today Tuesday I was on the interstate and was passing other car. My car bog down and buck and kick, I was near a off ramp and my car had stalled out. Fortunley I was near a Ford Dealer.  They were great to take my car right in. Well guess what  no air filter at all and the air filter compartment was wide open.

 I hope that Jiffy Lube is ready for me because I'm going to make them pay dearly for they mistake

[1429] Paul  No Filter Destroys Sensor

Had Jiffy Lube service my car and they didn't replace the air filter, but charged me for it on the invoice.  I had no idea it was missing until a year later when the engine began running poorly after a roadtrip including almost stalling as I crossed an offramp intersection with a truck coming at me.  On taking it into service, my mechanic said the air filter was missing and the air mass sensor was toast.  So glad they put that sticker on my windshield or I would have forgotten where I had it serviced.  I use synthetic oil so had only changed oil once in a friend's driveway in the interim.  Opened a case with them, never got a call back.  Have never had a call returned - keep calling them...  Faxed documents in and waited.  Was told it looked like the case had been closed.  Now, after many calls, I was told the decision was that it had been a year and 22,000 miles so they had doubts Jiffy Lube was the last place I had my car serviced.  I can understand that.  So I explained that a friend helped change it during a driveway brake job and I don't change synthetic often.  The rep said he'd kick it around the office but again, haven't heard back.  The mechanic also said I should have it reprogrammed since the software was running in a protective mode.  Wasn't going to charge them for that, but now...  Anyway, it looks like I'll go to small claims court.

[1428] Mike in Largo, FL  No Oil Destroyed Engine

In February, 2009, I took my 2002 F150 to a Largo, Florida Jiffy Lube for oil change and filter.  One week later, as I was returning from a 250 mile round trip, the engine started making very loud noises and could barely be kept running.  After stopping, the engine died.  I check the dipstick and found no oil.  There were no leaks visual.  It was towed to a garage, who said the engine had been destroyed and it would be cheaper to swap for a rebuilt.  It had about 70,000 miles on it.  This was done at a cost of $3800.00.  I learned that Jiffy Lube had been saying my 5.4 liter engine required 5 quarts of oil with filter change.  My manual says 7 quarts.  I'm absolutely certain Jiffy Lube cost  me an engine, but I've no idea how I can prove it.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

[1427] Matt in Northern Colorado  Employee

 Jiffy Lube is poorly run.   That statement should say enough.  I am currently a fellow employee of Jiffy Lube in Northern Colorado and after a few months of employment I know factually the business is a flat out joke, even nation wide.  I am generally in control of the pit services or downstairs duties and I assure my work is done correctly however in the upstairs portion the management is flat unacceptable.  I am embarrassed to have a ASE certification in all 15 fields and be stuck in an economy downfall job.  Jiffy Lube rips off customers and employees,  then takes all benefits and pays the people that have nothing to do with jack squat in regards to the vehicle.   My boss is only the boss because his father owns the business.  Thus he does "son" type duties in order to please his father.   Thus resulting in pay deduction of employee's for his wrongful decisions. However, unfortunately for the customers, a bit of there $45 standard oil change also does the same.  Both parties get wrongfully charged.  It's unethical, immature, disrespectful, and just flat out wrong.  Making a skim 35 cents an hours over minimum wage and being a mid 20's young man, this hurts.   On the customers side, being in a poor economy; how do you feel about paying some unqualified 28 year old your hard earned money, only for him to turn around and kiss his dad's behind with it?  I encourage everyone to COMPLETELY AVOID Jiffy Lube at all costs.   Just because we wash windows and vacuum carpets, doesn’t mean your getting any special treatment for your extra money.  

[1426] Marco Employee

In response to all the bad rep that it's being spread thru this site about jiffy lube; you all should know that jiffy lube is not only the fastest place to get an oil change but it's also the best. I challenge any of you to tell me which shop besides jiffy lube actually goes to your car and greets you within 10 seconds of arrival? Which shop walks you inside the lounge and offers you fresh coffee? Which shop checks all the vehicles lights? Checks and tops off any fluid under the hood that needs to be topped off. Tells you the recommendations by your car manufacturer. Cleans the interior of the vehicle as well as the exterior windows.  Tells you the conditions of your battery, fluids, belts, filters etc...  Performs quality service in less than 10 minutes. No appointments, no long waits and if a service is purchased you can actually see it unfold fast and efficient! We all know jiffy lube is a little high when it comes to the price but your not just paying for quality service and oil but for speed of service also because at jiffy lube they value our time!

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