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Personal Experiences


[1475] Pat in Imperial Beach, CA  No Service

I have recently visited two times in the last month for my trucks service as I have done for years...I knew on the first truck I had a low tire. Had a low tire when I left. Never was asked about my air filter that hadn't been changed for a year. Didn't reset my change oil indicator...Stupidly I brought my other truck in for service. This time I observed them checking my trans oil with the engine off. There were other things I was unhappy about but forgetting. All I know I will not go there again. This station is on Palm avenue in Imperial beach.

[1474] Nicki in Indianapolis, IN  Forgot to Tighten Lug Nuts

A little over a year ago, I went for an oil change and tire rotation. After completing the transaction, I traveled approximately 1.5 miles before I was forced to pull over to the side of the interstate due to severe vibrations in the tire suspension of my 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser. Once I pulled over, it was obvious that the lugnuts on the right front tire had not been properly tightened. Only one lugnut was remaining and the tire was at a dangerous angle.

I was able to reach the manager on duty at the store and he picked me up in his personal vehicle and had my car towed back to the store. The lug nuts and lug bolts on that tire had to be replaced and approximately a week later, I also had to have the dust shield on that wheel replaced as well. Unfortunately I have continued to have problems with my car.

I also had to have the wheel replaced on my vehicle on February 12, 2010 after my mechanic determined the holes for the lug bolts had been stretched out due to the wheel/tire being left loose. He stated the holes were no longer round, but oblong-shaped and could not properly hold the tire in place. 

[1473] Marvin in Las Vegas, NV  Forgot to Replace Transmission Fluid

in 2oo9 I took a trip to Las Vegas in my new car and decicded to flush the transmission fluid; took it to jiffy lube to change it. as the were changing it there were four young kids and they were finished flushing my car in forty five minute. I left i went five or six miles to my hotel room and the transmissiom started  slipping. A good friend of mine looked under the hood to the transmission fluid and guess what?? there was NONE. he went to the auto store and bought seven quarts of transmission fluid and the car ran fine. by this time jiffy lube had  closed  I was Pissed. What if I was on the freeway back to San Diego? So, I called jiffy lube the next day the had the nerve to say i was sure... to make a long story short they gave me a free transmission and oil change AND refunded my money but, after that I wouldn't get anything done at jiffy lube free or not. How do you forget to put transmission fluid after a transmission flush!? What ever you do DONT ever go to jiffy lube. Just go to the next auto shop.

[1472] Mario of Fayetteville, NC Wrong Oil Destroys Engine

17 FEB 2010: 10:03 - took my vehichle to Jiffy lube for a full synthetic oil change, add coolant, change front and rear differntal oil, gear oil for $ 194.92

10:25 - I was driving towards my mothers house and the car died on me on the highway.

I was able to make it to the side of the road.  I hoped the hood and noticed coolant liquid all over the bottom of the skid pad inside the engine bay and also pouring out the bottom.

10:35 - I called Jiffy Lube and told them of the problem.  They sent the supervisor Chris to check out my vehicle.  

11:05 - Chris arrives and looks at my vehicle and suggests that I call the dealership to have them tow it there.  I called the Cross creek Subaru dealership and they gave me a number for a wrecker.  I called them and they said they will pick it up in 30-45 minutes.

12:15 - The tow truck arrives and loads my vehicle to take it to the dealership.

13:25 - I arrive at the dealership to find that the radiator was busted all across from the left to the right bottom.  The dealership determined that the wrong coolant was put in.  The dealership drained some of the oil and found that it was the wrong oil put into the engine.  The oil contained metal from the interior of the engine.  They also determined that the wrong differential oil was put in as well.  They also told me that Jiffy Lube charged me for a service which isn't available for my vehicle, the front differential oil change.  The dealership determined that my entire engine needs to be replaced and at that point, once the car is running again, they can determine the remaining problems caused my Jiffy Lube.

15:00 -1800 - Chris, supervisor of Jiffy Lube, shows up to take a sample of the oil.  The dealership gave it to him.   Chris asked me to fill out an incident report stating what happened after I left the dealership, so I did.  I stated what had happened. He gave me a copy and told me to have the dealership write an estimate and fax it to the Jiffy Lube corporate office.  The dealership did so and determined that to rebuild the engine and put in a radiator it will cost $ 11,051.00 including parts and labor.  They faxed it to the Jiffy Lube corporate office.  I called to follow up and the guy told me that the estimate does not show that Jiffy Lube is at fault.  He said he needs a diagnostics from the dealership.

[1471] Lucas in Salina, KS  Leave or I Will Call Police

On Feb 17th the day before my birthday, I took my car into jiffy LUBE at 2365 s. 9th st Salina Kansas. I told the guy from the start "I have not been to Jiffy lube in three years because they charged fro $55 dollars for a 19.99 oil change the last time I was in, but Walmart had a three hour wait and you did not have anyone in your stall" That how I started off. I told him i do not want my air filter checked all i want is my Oil Changed. He said ok and left.He Came back a few min later and asked if my suv was 4wd I told him it was he informed me it would be a 3 dollar charge for a 4wd. I told him to give me my car back I did not want to deal with them anymore, he said go around to the front and he would give me my car back. I walked to the front and the manager opened the door and said he would waive the fee. They came back in and told me my total i paid and left.
I drove my car 55 miles back home. Smelled Oil the whole way home. The day after that I had to go pick up my daughter, The car had been sounding different since the oil change. I drove from Concordia Ks to Manhattan Ks. About 3 miles outside of Manhattan I noticed my car was sounding really different, The gauges were all good so i just thought it must be the road. I Pulled into the place I meet my X wife and noticed smoke coming from the hood. My temp gauge was only at half. I Touched the radiator cap it was not even hot, I looked at the overflow bottle and it was fine. Shut the car off and waited till the smoke stopped. I drove to wal mart and asked them to look at the drain plug. They told me there was no oil in the engine, but they put it on the lift and found out that my oil filter was not tightened at all. The wal mart guy reached up and spun the filter with one finger. Wal Mart documented the condition the car was in. They said that there was no oil in the car,the filter was loose, and there was oil all over the bottom of the car and noted Oil leaking from Filter. It was 255 miles from the time i left Jiffy Lube to the time I got to wal mart. 255 miles with oil leaking who knows how far with out oil.
I drove the car home that night with no problems. I called Jiffy Lube the next morning the manager asked me to bring the car in. I took the car back to them, after waiting 30 mins for the manager to return and listing to the (Failed out of Tech School) Mechanics talk about how they had to call the cops on the last guy. The manager showed up walked in and said your car sounds fine, we would be willing to refund your oil change but i am not going to buy your a new engine. I told him I did not want a new engine I wanted him to pay to check mine out. Once again he told me that my car sounded fine, I asked him if he was a ASE certified mechanic he said no, I then asked how he knew my car was fine. He told me that was all he could do for me. I said no you forgot to tighten my oil filter you are going to pay to make sure driving 255 miles without oil did not hurt my engine. He then said you can do that if you would like but it would not be refunded by jiffy lube. At that point i looked at the other customer sitting in the lobby and asked if he was really going to let them work on his car after listing to the my story. I was then asked to leave the property, I took a step past him to go out to the garage to get my car and leave and he looks at another Worker and says call the police. I said call the police make sure and tell them my car is in your shop and you wont let me get it. I went out side and saw a cop sitting across the street running radar. The cop got out and told me i need to leave the property, I told him they ruined my engine and I was trying to get a managers phone number. The guy would not tell me his managers name, The police man told me either i can get in my car and leave or he will arrest me, I asked how this is right they screwed up my car and I am being kicked out with out any information.
I do not know what to do from this point i do not have the money for an Attorney any help would be great. My car runs now with the Diesel sound that it was making. But I know that something had to be damaged.

[1470] Kenneth in Gig Harbor, WA  Poor Service

My problem is just plain poor customer service along with high prices.
My last, & I do mean last, visit was on 2010-02-08 at the Gig Harbor, WA Jiffy Lube #2058.

$48 for a simple oil & filter change. When I can buy all the materials at retail for less than $20 it makes me feel gouged especially when I can change it myself in less than half hour at home including finding all my tools & everything. $48 is not worth the convenience either.

It then took them over an hour to do the work. I believe the reason was because they moved other cars in front of me in line. No it wasn't my imagination. I had dropped off my truck to be serviced then walked next door to grab a bite to eat at the Taco TIme. After I had my order I sat down at a table to eat it & began watching the Jiffy Lube for progress on my truck. While sitting there I watched another vehicle with a young lady in it pull up to Jiffy Lube for service. After dropping off her car she then came over to Taco Time to eat also. By then I had been there long enough to have finished eating my dinner. I returned to Jiffy Lube to find them pulling my truck out of line and pulling her car in to the lube bay instead.

[1469] Jenny in Sacramento, CA  Blown Engine from No Oil

I drive a 2003 VW Beetle Convertible. My baby. I took it in for an oil change. They drained the oil out of the car and "forgot" to replace it with new oil. I drove two blocks when my engine seized. I had the car towed to a local VW dealer that did a quick visual insepection for $100 and said it was fine. Jiffy Lube reimbursed me the $100. One week later my oil light is going nuts. I take it back to the VW dealer where they spend four hours dismantling the engine to get a look inside. The rod bearing is scorched from being driven without oil, it blew and sent metal shcrapnel throughout my engine. The VW dealer says the whole engine needs to be replaced and attributes all the damage to Jiffy Lube's oil change.

I've left some messages for Jiffy Lube, without a call back. My baby is sitting in the dealer's service department with the engine torn out of it. I'm reading all these stores about Jiffy Lube being responsible for damaging vehicles and never paying out. It's making me nauseated!

I intend to not only have Jiffy Lube pay for the new engine, but also for a rental car for the week that I don't have my car. Looking at all these stories, it'll be rough...


I actually got Jiffy Lube to pay for the damage done to my car! I took my beetle to a VW dealer who spoke directly with the Customer Service Representative from Jiffy Lube. The mechanic told the JL Rep that it was without a doubt Jiffy Lube's fault. Jiffy Lube paid for EVERYTHING - parts, labor, even a rental car for the week I was without my car. In total, Jiffy Lube paid out $5,300.00 on my car.

I think the key to dealing with these people is to be really forceful when speaking to them. I didn't say, "Will you fix my car?" I said, "My mechanic will be calling you within the hour to set up payment for the damage your technician did." I also didnt say, "Can you guys cover a rental car?" I said, "When is my rental car picking me up?" And if all else fails, tell them, "I have no problem filing a suit against your company, if this isnt resolved soon." They tend to change their tune pretty quickly.

I am please to have my car back in working order, but it has been one nightmare ordeal. I will be boycotting Jiffy Lube and encouraging others to do the same. JIFFY LUBE SUCKS!
[1468] Jason Our Techs Aren't Mechanics

My fiance' went to a Jiffy lube today for an oil change on a Nissan Xterra.  She came back after spending $317.98!  They recommended she change the differential fluid($69.99front, $99.99back) get "high mileage" oil($38.99 + $25.00), and change oil in the transfer case($69.99).  They also found a burnt out bulb and charged $9.99 to replace(it's anywhere from $0.38 - $1.48 off the internet or in a store).

I called the manager asking WHY he changed the differential fluid since it had been chanaged just over 30 days ago... and he said that it was recommended to her because the vehicle wasn't serviced at a Jiffy Lube to have it done so they didn't know it had been done.  They just go by what the computer shows as recommended.  If anything is done anywhere besides Jiffy Lube, they don't track it and don't check.  They recommended it be done, and she didn't know any better...

I explained that as a mechanic, there are signs to tell if the service they recommended had aready done recently... His reply;  "Our techs aren't mechanics."

Ironically, the vehicle needed a new rear windshield wiper pretty bad.  It was marked as "OK" on the invoice.

In short,  I paid $317.88 for an oil change today.  What a great service they provide!

[1467] Terry in Gig Harbor, WA  Incomplete Servicing

I purchased a used 1998 PontiacTrans Sport mini van on Saturday (Feb 20) morning.  Since we never know how a used vehicle has been taken care of the first thing I always do is take it to Jiffy Lube for a complete service/inspection just to get everything up to date. 

I will say the guys at the Gig Harbor store were extremely friendly and showed good customer service skills.  I ended up spending $401.  I had the following done: Oil service, transmission flush, radiator flush, rear wiper blade replaced, glass treatment applied, and a new serpentine belt installed. 

I was quoted that it would be a forty-five minute job.  It was two hours before I got out of there.  I can live with that but it would sure be nice if they could hit the mark a little closer.  

After leaving Jiffy lube while waiting in line to pay my toll to go across the bridge the serpentine belt started squealing like a stuck pig.  Once I got on hwy 16 it quieted down.  By the time I got to Orting the temp gauge had gone up higher then the normal range.  When I got home I checked under the hood and there was no anti freeze in the overflow tank.  Having worked on a lot of cars when I was younger I know that air trapped in the system can make it seem like the system is full until that air is moved along.  This is apparently what happened at Jiffy Lube.  I would have thought the guys would have been trained to recognize this.  I ended up having to go to Auto Zone, purchased a gallon of anti freeze.  The entire gallon went into the system.  I also had to purchase belt dressing because the serpentine belt would not quit squealing.

First thing Sunday morning I decided to check on the rest of the fluids.  I was able to but an entire one gallon bottle of 20/10 into the windshield tank.  The brake fluid was about a 1/2" below the fill line.  I did have some Dot 4 fluid in the garage so I topped that off.  I then pulled the air filter and it was filthy, looked like it had about 30,000 miles on it.  It was apparently never checked by your techs.

So far I am out a little over twenty bucks for things that were supposed to have been included in the $401 that I paid.  The serpentine belt still squeals and I have to go buy an air filter.  Plus having wasted a lot of time taking care of things that should have been taken care of.  Overall a very poor experience.

[1466] Walter in Walnut Creek, CA  Missing Skid Plate Bolts

Since I purchased my 350Z it has been serviced exclusively by Jiffy Lube as related to normal servicing such as oil changes, air filter and windshield blades.  This totals 12 service stops for $871.  During this time I’ve had 3 servicing issues, the last of which involved the back side of the skid plate where the bolts dropped out while I was 50 miles from home forcing me to drive at 45 mph on Interstate-80 to avoid damage.  Basically the servicing associate failed to properly secure and tighten these bolds and they dropped out a little over a week ago resulting in the cars skid plate baffling against the bottom of the car and the road.  It cost me a little under $4 to have the bolts ordered from Nissan since they didn’t carry them in stock in addition to damage to the skid plate that’s not so extreme that I can’t still use it but to such an extent that it’s likely I will have to replace it at a later date if the bolt holes tear much further.  Although I was able to still use the car on surface streets I was unable to drive over 45 mph until the bolds arrived last Friday.  Being in California unable to use the freeway is the same as being homebound. 

The 2 prior issues were as follows:

1)     This was at a location you closed a little over a year ago near the Walnut Creek BART station.  The servicing associate failed to secure the oil dip stick plunger so the following day oil surged up through the dip stick pipe and drenched the side of the engine housing.  Aside from freaking me out and making my car look like a wounded B52 made my garage and home (since they are connected) smell for some time.

2)     This involved the same location with the bolt problem I just had.  I elected to have your servicing associate replace the 2 front windshield blades.  After the servicing was complete I took a right turn onto Concord Blvd only to have both blades shoot off the car onto the Blvd.  Basically the associate just laid the blades on top of my windshield blades expecting someone else to do the actual installation.

Needless to say I will not be going to Jiffy Lube going forward since I’ve lost all confidence in your teams attention to details and possible retaliation based on the feedback I’m providing here but since I’m in a management position I know that I would welcome this information for training.

[1465] Frank in Lafayette, CA  Forgot to Replace Differential Plug

I am extremely upset with Jiffy Lube. As a result of shoddy work I am out $2669 and I can not get management to accept responsibility and accountability. Let me explain.

On November 12, 2009, I had a routine service done to my Suburban. On January 5th, after hearing a strange noise coming from the drive train of our Suburban, I took the truck to Concord Chevrolet for a diagnosis. I was told that the rear differential fill plug was missing, that all the lubrication fluid was gone, and that all the gears and bearings were shot. The service advisor asked me who had worked on the truck last. It was Jiffy Lube. Not knowing the potential implications, I gave my approval for a complete overhaul of the rear differential. The cost was $2668.93.

As I said, Jiffy Lube was the last outfit to work on my Suburban. From the time of the repair, it had been 54 days and 2413 miles since I took my suburban to Jiffy Lube. There is no good reason for the differential fill plug to ever fall out if it put on correctly no matter how many miles have elapsed after removal to check the fluid level.

The next day (Jan. 8th) after getting my repaired suburban back from Concord Chevrolet, I went back to Jiffy Lube located at 3363 Mt Diablo Blvd in Lafayette California with my receipt and an expectation that I would be covered by the Jiffy Lube Warranty. I spoke with Mr. Richard Hunte who quickly got quite defensive saying that he had a problem with my claim because I had not contacted him earlier. After discussion, he offered to send a copy of the Chevrolet receipt to his boss Mr. Ceasar Escobedo. I was told I would be contacted in a few days.

I waited a week and called Ceasar on Jan. 13th.  He took the same position as Mr. Hunte and told me to read the fine print of the warranty.  I said that I wasn’t trying to scam Jiffy Lube and if he would talk to the service advisor at Concord Chevrolet he could verify that my suburban repair resulted from a missing fill plug.  He said he would and get back to me.

At that point, I finally read the “fine print” of the warranty (the section at the bottom titled Exclusions) wherein it says that I should have put the suburban repair work on hold, contacted Mr. Hunte at Jiffy Lube, waited for Jiffy Lube to come to Concord Chevrolet to inspect the problem, and give written approval to do the repair. In my ignorance I didn’t do that (who reads and remembers the “fine print” of a warranty).  But I would think in the spirit of customer satisfaction, good public relations, and good business practice, Jiffy Lube would try to determine the legitimacy of a claim rather than hide behind a technically buried in the “fine print”.

On Monday, January 18th, after not hearing from Ceasar, I called the Jiffy Lube Customer Service in Houston for help. After reporting all the particulars, I was given the case # 577086 and was told someone would contact me within 24 to 48 hours.

Nobody called. I called Houston again on Jan. 28th and was told Ceasar was my contact person. Now I realized that I was going to get the big run around. I last spoke to Ceasar on Feb. 4th after trying for a week. He told me that Mr. Hunte had contacted Concord Chevrolet and that he was inclined to consider the claim invalid because a Jiffy Lube representative had not been able to determine if the plug had been tampered with. The implication I guess was that I or someone else had caused the plug to fall out. He did however offer to “kick” my claim to “higher management” and get back to me by Feb. 8th.

Ceasar has not called. Surprise! I also called my Service Advisor at Concord Chevrolet and was told that nobody from Jiffy Lube had called. OK so I guess I’m screwed. Incompetence, irresponsibly, and arrogance has won out again! However you should know that I, as a consumer, plan to exercise my right to:

1.      Lodge a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

2.      Seek help from “Seven-On-Your-Side” (Channel Seven Consumer Affairs)

3.      Cease any further service with Jiffy Lube

4.      Offer ongoing advice to my family and friends to avoid Jiffy Lube.

5.      Do what I can to besmirch the Jiffy Lube name.

Jiffy Lube International can take the position that they are not legally responsible for my loss and can back away from applying corporate pressure. But you should know that by selling your franchise to irresponsible owners tarnishes your brand and in the long term you loose. I can only hope that in my small way I can inflict as much damage to the local Jiffy Lube franchise as it has done to me.

[1464] Jose  Employee

Ive worked for jiffy lube for alittle over 3yrs. they make us scam you and i mean literally........here are some examples
1.air filter-we will save old dirty air filters and say its yours to get you to buy a new one take yours which 90 percent of the time it is clean and resell it if not we grab your filter and dirty it as much as possible and then show you to get it
2.engine flush-we sell you a damaging engine flush to get rid of supposed sludge which almost 100 percent of the time its moisture in the engine we grab grease from the grease guns get old deizel oil (which is really black) put it in a cup and stir the 2 together then we place this sludge in your old oil filter and show it to you.....
3.trans flush and or trans filter replacment- we lie and say we did it 75 percent of the time bcuz really doing one can actually damage the tran ...the old dirt in the trans is actually helping it hold together you cant tell if we did or didnt do it but im telling you we didnt...
4.fuel system cleaners..or(fisc)- we put a bottle of power plus connect it to your intake manifold take another bottle and put it into your gas tank and let it  run for 12-15 mins....we back it with 100 percent........it doesnt work plus we wont get your money back you have to send for it and through the manufacture which god knows if they even exist but they wont give it to yo with out proof.....half the time we run out and act like we did it
5.upgraded oils- we for no reason shall never and will never give you the right oil it would cost the company to much if we even thought of it we would get fired......bottled oil we just refill it with conventanel oil.....
Look im not proud of what i do i just cant find another job and they will fire me if i dont sell..... i have to mantain a $70 ticket average on every car and how can i do that the honest way.......they (corprate) call us c.s.a's or (customer service advisors) so they can ge outta calling us sales people so we wont get comped for it.....i have dozen of e-mails telling us to sell our crap to people and that means any means neccassery and this is coming from corprate.............and to get around it we put in the fine print all that will go wrong with the car and you sighn for it and we are out of an obligtion.........
ps...the store would get shut down by osha....the store down stairs is leaking out of the septic tank and also they make us push coolant and antifreeze ,trans fliud, and oild outside....but i dont know if i report them and we get shut down if lose my job

[1463] Noemi in Coachella, CA  Flush Destroys Engine

On November 14, 2009, I took my 1994 Honda Civic to Jiffy Lube located on 84765 Ave. 50 in the city of Coachella, for a simple oil change. I was advised by the shop manager; Rudy that the radiator in my vehicle was extremely dirty and that it needed to be flushed. Being that he was the expert in this field I allowed Jiffy Lube to perform the work that Rudy recommended. I paid Jiffy Lube in full ($115.83) and continued with my day. As I was driving, I noticed that my vehicle was over heating (I saw the gage) and suddenly white smoke started appearing from the back of the vehicle. As soon as it was safe I merged my vehicle to a safe area and immediately turned the vehicle off. I called Jiffy Lube to inform Rudy, but I was informed that he was out to lunch......

As of today February 03, 2010 I have spent

$115.00-oil change and radiator fluid exchange (Jiffy Lube)
$85.00-diagnostic (that Jiffy Lube requested)
$170.00-inspect head gasket (which Jiffy Lube demanded)
$45.00-to have my vehicle towed to my residence (the shop where I had my vehicle from November 09 to January 2010 was nice enough to not charge me a storage fee.


[1462] Rene in Atwater, CA  Will Not Match Coupon

I drove to your Atwater, CA. store today.  I have a coupon for an oil change in Merced, CA. There no customers in your store, there were three employees setting in the customer waiting.  I drove up and asked if they would match another business coupon?  I was told no.  I can see not matching the coupon if your business is busy.  However with the economy the way it is today why would you turn customers away?  The difference was only $7.00 and I was trying to keep my business dollars in town.  Thank You

[1461] Heather  Destroyed Transmission

Not long ago i had my tranny serviced and they put too much fluid in and it blew my seals going down the freeway, then...they took it to good year to fix and they forgot to put tranny fluid in...now i need a new tranny at 3,000 and that comes out of my single parent pocket... i will never go to a jiffy lube again if my life depended on it..do you think they will help pay for my tranny?!!! NO!!!!! i will pass this on to every person i meet in my life time. The employees are rude and dont care what happens to your car as long as you drive off there lot and they get paid. So good luck jiffy lube.

[1460] Frank in Lake Worth, FL  A Greasy Result

I just got my synthetic oil change at your location on 4601 Hypoluxo Rd. Lake Worth,FL. 33463. My interior is a light beige leather that is perfect. It was covered with black grease, the back seats and the front seats, also the headliner had a spot. I noticed the mess while i was driving home. I called the store and spoke to one of the techs and told him. He said to bring it back and that it would be cleaned. I asked him what he would clean it with. The wrong cleaner could do more damage. I am very mad about this.

[1459] Pramod in Beaverton, OR  Irresponsible & Dishonest

I bought a used 04 BMW 325i and took it to JL to replace all the fluids bcoz was not sure how good has the previous owner has maintained it. As soon as I said that I am new to the car the attendant kept on suggesting me for everything possible. Finally, I ended up paying $500 for all the fluids (Transmission fluid not included as it had a life time Transimision fluid). After I got the servicing done, When ever I started my car wierd odour blew from the AC. when I went back for a check up, the A$#%^ there said that " it might be because of the AC maintainance . sometimes we have the risk of the smell when we change the AC fluids." then why did they even change the fluids ?

Never trust these guys ...they are thiefs in blue uniforms..I have never come across such irresponsible and dishonest people..Jifft Lube sucks

[1458] Dan in Chicago, IL  Destroyed Transmission

I recently took may car to Jiffy Lube located at  2801 N Harlem In Chicago Harlem & Diversey  for a transmission Oil Change

I drove the car back  home wich is about 1 mile away with no problems ...Two days later i drove the car to one of the suburbs about 20 miles away the transmission seemed two start slipping in neutral ....on may way home the transmission  started to act really weird going in neutral then back to normal ..I finally made it home. I opened the hood to check the oil level ( with the engine running) and the dip-stick was dry.....Went back to Jiffy-lube and they added more oil.....they said the transmission should be fine now....drove the car a few blocks still the same problem.I took my truck to Aamco for  a check up and they found out the transmission fluid was burned. It costed me $1400 dollars after negotiations to fix the transmission.....I went back to jiffy -lube asking them to pay for the transmission and the manager said he will call the district manager ....I didn't get any answer...after i made a complain to BBB they gave The district mager phone number ..I called him and he  knew abut the problem and then  he started to deny any wrong doing saying  may car had problems before and bla,bla ,bla and the will not pay for the repair.Would never go back to any jiffy lube again and I Told that to all may friends and people i know to Stay away from jiffy lube .

[1457] Micah in Seattle, WA  No Oil Destroys Engine

on jan 18 2010 lake city seattle jiffy lube changed my oil i drove home open the hood oil everywhere i call Dave yawn comes over and finds out he put the wrong gasket on my oil canister their was no oil in my car he fills it back up and we try starting it over and over so he calls a tow truck over and takes it to jeffs on sandpoint way i get a ride there from dave and they start the car its sounds as if it is running on half the cylinders smoking and back firing bad they through me the keys and say by i dont leave and they threaten to call the cops while me and my two year old is standing there no running car dave will not drive me back home i get the gm on the phone and he agrees to do a compresion test and tells dave to give me a ride back i have paper work saying that my cars is running on all cylinders but they havent done the compresion test i pay to have my oil changed and now i have a broken car please help

[1456] Rita in Birmingham, AL  Gift Card Invalid

My 82 year old mother was sent a jiffy lube gift card for Christmas from her Nephew who lives in Missouri. She lives in Alabama.  So we called customer service to see where the nearest location to us would be.  They  told us they had one in Gardendale Al. and one in Birmingham Al.   So I drive my mother to Gardendale which is about 60 miles one way.   We get there and find out there has not been a jiffy lube there in six years and there is not one in Birmingham either.  I call customer support and they say we do not live in a state where you can redeem the card you will just have to send it back where you got it.  Now that would be very nice to send a Christmas gift back to the person who gave it to you. (Which I will not do).  I asked the customer service agent  Ms Victoria  if I could speak to a supervisor who might could help us.  She said no!   They did not seem to care that I was given information that caused me to drive 120 miles round trip for nothing, just that there was nothing they could do about it.

[1455] Tanya in Seattle, WA  Destroyed Engine

I have been trying to reach Rich Estes- (District Manager) 425.398.0107 ext 201, for about 2 months now.

On 11.28.2009 I brought my 2000 VW Turbo Beetle into the Mill Creek Shop.  My invoice number is 25 8 8977586 Bay 3 charges were 67.92.

My car was knocking extremely loud, I new something was terribly wrong- I explained to the gentleman working that I wasn’t sure oil- would help-

(At the point of them starting my car they should have told me to have it towed to a mechanic) Oil would not help at that point, I was told by a certified mechanic~

I explained I only had 70.00 in my bank, and I was a single mom-
The salesman conned me into an oil change told me, the noise it was making was caused by my broken dipstick, once that’s replaced and I have the most expensive oil in my car, it will be better.

I believed him.
I was charged for the signature service, and the store did not even vacuum my car very well., they said to bring it back at another time.

I tried to drive it home and the engine blew about 5 miles down the road-
It will cost me now over 4k for a used engine for my car.
If the sales man would have been honest, (Mechanic said anyone changing oil- would know your engine could not have been saved by oil when I brought it in) and told me to have it towed to a mechanic, my expenses would have been 75% less- because it wouldn’t have thrown the rod and bearings.

I don’t want this to happen to anyone else, especially in my case, where finances are so tight.
I requested to the Shop as well as the District Manager I would like a refund, this will not even come close to the damages caused, however it will make up for the fact that there was no conscious taking my last 70.00, until my next payday- leaving me flat broke.

I truly hope that Jiffy Lube will stand by there customer service and refund my money.

[1453] Farook  Mazda 3 Problems

I m having problem with my Mazda 3. The engine ideal fluctuate at times and while driving I could feel that the car jerk at times too. This happened after the engine was charged. We have done our best yet no sign of improvement.

[1452] Mike in Kansas City, MO  Cracked Windshield

I first started going to Jiffy Lube in the 90s.  It seemed like everytime I went in there was always something that needed to be replaced.  The final straw was when I had replaced my PCV valve just a few days before my oil change.  Imagine my surprise when they came in and told me that the PCV valve was really in bad shape and I needed a new one.  In fact the PCV valve that they showed me was old and dirty so I knew it couldn't be mine.  This was the Jiffy Lube at 7025 N. Oak Trafficway in Gladstone, MO.  I never set foot in a Jiffy Lube again for almost 15 years.  I started going to one which is located at 7100 NW 83rd St in Kansas City, MO after my usual oil change shop was closed one day.  I really didn't have any complaints until I went in and tried to get a windshield repair.  I had a small rock chip that could have been covered with a dime.  After waiting for about an hour I was called out to the garage by a mechanic.  He told me that he was having a lot of trouble gettng the chip repaired.  When I looked at the windshield the small rock chip was now a long crack almost 4" long.  The mechanic told me that Jiffy Lube didn't have "the professional tools" that regular windshield shops have to do an adequate job.  I asked to speak to the manager but was told he was busy with oil changes.  So I took the car and called the next day.  I talked to a assistant manager and explained the problem with the windshield.  He told me he didn't know what he could do but maybe they could give me a couple of free oil changes and that I would have to speak to the manager who was at the bank.  I left my number but never got any calls back.  I called several times but couldn't get a hold of the manager.  I ended up leaving my name and number each time.  Finally got a call from some sort of region manager.  He told me that he felt that Jiffy Lube had tried to do their best in good faith to get the windshield repaired and that they weren't responsible for any damage.  He told me that this particular Jiffy Lube was one of their best with few complaints.  He acted like I was the problem.  He also said that they have "state of the art" tools to repair windshields.  After this experience NEVER AGAIN will I go to Jiffy Lube.  I have to say that I don't have any complaints on their oil changes at this last location.  I was always treated fairly in that aspect.  I think that just their attitude on the windshied experience soured me.  Because of their bungling I had to go and spend $185.00 for a new windshield because of the crack they created.....not because of the rock chip.

[1451] Paul in Florence, SC  Overfill Destroys Engine

I am from Florence South Carolina. I recently had my oil changed at the Jiffy Lube on Irby St. in Florence, S.C., in my 2004 Ford Ranger 4x4 Edge. I change it or have it changed every 2500 miles, I take really good care of it because its the newest automobile I have ever owned and I like to keep it mint and really maintained. Anyways, like I said, I had Jiffy Lube change it and was charged $32.00 for them to overfill it and mess my engine up.  An engine that only has 85000 miles on it, and has never leaked a drop of any fluid, now leaks oil from both sides of the motor, because it was overfilled. It really pisses me off, that you pay good money to have something simple done and it isn't done right and ends up costing you more freaking money.  My engine has never had a problem, has never had a leak, until now. I started noticing the burning oil smell, the day after I had the oil changed at Jiffy Lube.  It's not Jiffy Lube that Im pissed off at, but the employees that can't freaking read, or know how to read an oil stick!!!!  The overfilling of my engine oil has caused damage to my seals and now leaks oil, and it drips onto my exhaust manifolds causing a burnt oil smell.  I try and take care of something, and I paid someone else to screw it up!!!  Anyways, I won't be going back!!!

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