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Personal Experiences


[1525] Jason  Employee

I am writing to you as a former j-lube employee to inform you of my experiances. I have whitnessed several several cases of "guests" recieving poor quality work done or getting charged for services that where not performed including but not limited to; fuel filters not being changed, on vehicles where the filter is in or above the fuel tank I was instructed to "just pop the line so the customer smells the gas"and light good bulbs being replaced especially on fleet vehicles (after I filled afadavit the manager was subsiquently terminated). The most recent manager has charged for engine flushes when we where out of fluid and used trans fluid to do the flush (trans fluid is not a lubricant but a hydrolic fluid but does contain a detergent, this is not good for your engine). I refused to help him on a trans service when he cut into the cooling line to hook up the machine becase it was easier, this is not company policy to cut into lines! I have also whitnessed the same manager fix a leaky transmission line (that did not leak prior to service) with silicone gasket sealer. This will not hold pressure and can get into the hydrolic system and could ruin or cause thousans of dollars in repairs (the district manager was present and also whitnessed this geing done and found it acceptable). 

Pressure sales are also VERY common!

I was eventually terminated for "calling my manager out" for not following the process or being a team player and helping out since we where short staffed on a busy day and had an employee who was not trained. He was more interested in pulling parts off the next car so he could get sales. I had four managers in the time of six months.

[1524] Chris in CO  Outrageous Pricing

Today I went to Jiffy Lube because I was in a hurry and needed a faster service not realizing the simple oil change would cost me $58.00 no replacments, levels of fluids fine, floors and windows were already clean nothing but a oil change?????  Will never return to a Jiffy Lube again pricing is outrageous!  How Do you say in business????

[1523] Matthew in Millersville, MD  Overfilled Oil

So I JUST finished breaking in my 2010 G37 sedan and I wanted to get my oil replaced so I took it to the JL in Millersville MD.  The manager was very courteous and seemed very knowledgeable about the different types of synthetic oils.  I opted to go with the Penzoil Ultra rather than the usual Mobil 1 switch, so a few minutes after we finished discussing the oil I went with he called me back over to tell me that the manufacturer recommends 10 quarts of oil!  I was rather shocked to hear that, and I gave him a puzzled look, but he said that's what they called for so I agreed to pay the additional costs for the extra oil.  So the oil change is complete and I get into my car, immediately I feel engine vibrations through the break pedal, steering wheel, the entire dashboard for that matter.  I also noticed that the car has no power whatsoever.  So I limp along to my dealership and tell them the symptoms but of course they are jammed pack and didn't have any rentals so I had to drop it off.  Not being in the position to drop it off just then, I limp back over to JL and speak to the manager.  I explain what's going on and he pulls the car back into the bay to have a look over.  Turns out they jammed WAY too much oil into the car.  I asked how that could happen, and he said that the two employees who did the work "dropped the ball".  So they drained all the oil out again and put in the correct amount of Mobil 1.  I was also refunded the cost of my oil change.  The engine vibrations seems to have gone away, but my lack of engine power still feels like a problem.  I'm dropping the car off at my dealer on Monday and requesting they do a complete inspection of the car and transmission.  If there is any physical damage done to the engine, I'm hoping JL will step up to the plate and pay for any damages.

[1522] Trent in Tacoma, WA  Mysterious Problems

I am a soldier in the U.S Army, I just bought a used car with the oil change light on, my dealer gave me some money out of my down payment to get oil change, So I went to jiffy lube in tacoma WA, (outside of Joint base lewis-mchord where I'm stationed) When I bought the car I went over everything with a flashlight and a fine toothed comb, everything checked out. I went on my lunch break in uniform, was quickly ushered into the waiting area, and not allowed to watch the service on my car due to "Insurance" reasons. I then get almost ran over by the tech who says all my engine gaskets are leaking. Then after they drained all the oil out, and made so I couldn't drive off they inform me all they have is pennzoil, and that it cost 36 bucks, blah blah blah, tried to sell me a cabin air filter for 45 dollars, and then gave me a card for a shop to fix my "Oil leaks", which said it would cost 2500 dollars to do so. I took the leaking car back to dealer, who had service tech look at it, he tightened 6 oil pan bolts and car hasn't leaked since. My oil pan was tampered with mysteryiously and they are the only ones who touched it.Someone wanted to screw over a soldier in uniform with the "Oil leaks" and the other shop, also was told that the transmission and coolant should be changed and that was gonna cost 300 bucks, I declined and left, I'm a former auto collision tech, ASE, and ICAR certified, I WILL NOT BE TOLD WHATS WRONG WITH MY CAR BY A 18 YEAR OLD KID WHO TOOK A TEST TO CHANGE OIL!!!!!!!, nor do I agree with pennzoil being forced in my car when I don't have a choice in oils, this is total bull.  any way my car is fine now and I put castrol GTX in, running great

[1521] Chuy in Dupont, WA  Failed Simplest Checks

My 2008 Honda Civic needed an oil change so i decided to take it to a Jiffy Lube in Dupont, WA.  They charged me $37.00 Dollars including a 15% discount for new customers for the basic oil change they call conventional oil signature service.  When I got my car back, I notice the floors were still dirty with the same trash i left inside before giving them the keys.  Windshield was still dirty, But the mirros looked like they used a dirty web cloth to wipe it with.  They did not reset the service message.  if they failed to do the most simplest and noticeable checks in my car.... how do I know they did actually check all the other fluids they're claiming they checked?  I am so disappointed with their service and I will never use their service again.  

[1520] J in Fontana, CA Picketing Store

I am 67 years old and on may 6  I wentto  jiffey lube on serria ave fontana california  was husseld to the tune of $104 dollers and sold  afilter for$59 dollers ! i went back the nextday with the filter in hand ! the manager would not refund my money so on may 8 I( went picketing the store and cought four customers on the way in and will keep pickiting the store till i getmy money back I think i ding them for s few hundred dollers today! iwill hit them again and again tilli feel like i got my point across  many people were supportive as the talked to me and i hope others will join the effort

[1519]  Ivan in VA  Employee

I been reading all your experiences in this website and i am alarmed of business of this kind still operating and as a customer and ex jiffy lube employee im going to tell u whats wrong. In the first place they run the place like a production line, on top of that, under staffed and many times with underpaid and poorly trained personnel and many times just plain careless, why? to save money and provide a fast service with poor quality. They have plenty also of very unhappy employees that work like slaves for minimun wage and no raises and and are constantly harassed and pressure by the manager that only care for their bonuses. The sales people are required to sell an average of $50.00 to $60.00 for each ticket disregard if the customer needs the service or not. most of the time the person that actually change your oil (yes that poor soul in the lower bay) works alone and is pressured by the other employees and managers to keep the pace no matter the amount of cars in the shop and is overwhelmed during rush hrs. which means big chances for mistakes even if he is good at it cause hes got constant pressure from the people upstairs.  As a result theres a lot of lack of comunication and mistakes are made and sometimes even skip things like checking the gear boxes on purposes just to accelerate the service time frame!. Imaging that... 3 or 4 vehicles at the same time in the summer time with the heat of the exhausts at a pace of 60 to 80 cars per day? But hey all they care is their $60.00 dollar ticket. This  unfortunate cause good mechanics reputation like myself gets damaged and as a customer ur car gets damaged. This was from the state of Virginia, lets all thank the DM, mr. all high and mighty: Mr. Tanner. So please, all of u out there theres plenty of other places to take your vehicle! dont go to jiffy lube!

[1518] Michael in Bonita Springs, FL  Flush Damages Engine

Took my 2006 Mazda RX-8 to Jiffy Lube #1260 in Bonita Springs, Florida to have an Oil Change and a Fuel System Flush since my Gas Mileage was declining. Took them about 10 minutes for the Oil and about 5 for the flush. I took the car back to work after and when I went to get lunch my Check Engine light came on and White plumes of smoke came billowing out of the hood and exhaust. I immediately called and was told it is "normal" after a fuel system flush to have smoke afterwards. Oooook? I have never had it done so I took them for their word on that. They reset the check engine light and I went on my way. 2 days later my Car would not start. After 2 hours I finally got it started but the nasty check engine light was back. I took it back yet again and they told me the codes were triggering from my O2 sensor and Misfired spark plugs. I left it at that with plans to have Tire Kingdom check the plugs and sensor when I planned on taking it to them for my tire (have a nail in it!)

So today, 3 weeks after My oil change and the flush, my engine light was on again. My normal gas mileage on a full tank was between 280 to 320 miles per tank, before the flush it was between 240 to 250 (hence the flush) HOWEVER AFTER the flush, I was only able to get to BARELY over 200 miles off my tank of gas. I informed Tire Kingdom today when I arrived what had gone on with Jiffy Lube, so they did a full system check, and guess what? My Engine is fried! TK Immediately got in touch with the Dealership to verify the cause of the damage. The fuel Flush (which I was informed should take 30 minutes and NOT cause white smoke,) had damaged the Secondary Shutter Valve, Auxiliary Valve, Solenoid and the Intake Manifold Gasket. Grand total in damage? $2200 USD!!! W T F! Angrily I called Jiffy Lube ASAP and informed them they WILL be paying to fix this, they have no option unless they wish me to get my lawyer involved. Wilmer, at JL,

 informed me to have TK send them all the info on what needs to be replaced, etc. so JL's insurance will pay for the damage. Still awaiting contact from TK and JL, but now I am without a vehicle until god knows when. Dear Jiffy Lube, EAT MY A**!!!

[1517] Irena in Temecula, CA  Took Advantage of Woman

I driving Audi A 4/  5 XJP963 / what is requiring synthetic oil.  I was many years customer at Jiffy Lube at Temecula CA on Rancho California Rd. where I went all the time/ years  for oil change with my Toyota Camry and I paid around 30 $ . I have new car Audi A 4.  I take it twice to Audi to shop at Carlsbad for oil change,  where I paid for oil change around 80 $, but I get superb service with all pampering.

I decided to save some $$$ and do this service by my house at my old place - Last Saturday I stopped by my Jiffy Lube and ask them how much will cost change Audi oil there/ what is requiring synthetic oil. They told me about 39 $   I know the oil cost around $ 6…./  and is require maybe 4 quartz ????/ oil filter on my slip indicate $5.99 but I was Ok with 39 $ - 40 $ price of oil change.

So, yesterday I pull my car in just before closing time - and one employee take the car and other was putting enter to computer/ employee entry MTL1  JMC at 30690 Rancho California Rd. Temecula CA 95 591/  tell. 951 694 5460 / Joshua Chanmberland/

I was standing next to him by his work station outside when he put the information to computer. I told him I am a long time customer, with my Toyota Camry / but he do not wanted it bring it up on the computer and he put new info with Audi – what I was OK with that.

Then I ask about the oil change price/ I guess when last Saturday told me 39 $ - it will be same.  This employee – spill out 80 $ or so……………….they see what have to be done…………….I mentioned him I paid this price in expensive Audi and I come here to save and last Saturday they told me $ 39 $ , after this – employee  JMC told me maybe he give me 5 or 10 $ .He told me synthetic oil is very expensive and hard to make it. But I know is cost around 6 $, because I had to buy it previously, then he told me , it is a different synthetic oil………and he told me oil filter cost 20 $...............but on my slip he indicated for oil filter only $ 5.99

Then he told me they also vacuuming the car inside – I told him that is no necessary – if I can save.  It was too late to pull my car back – because other employee take it.  So I do not had other choice – just go with that.  This employee also indicated – they have a lots of new employee and they give me the wrong price…………..

I was charged $ 70.01 for this oil change, ,it was end of the day , no other cars was there , so I get done after 5 minutes .  On my jiffy lube pink working slip is service check list, what is not was done, because I been watching them what they done, they just changed my oil.

I get back the dirty car same way / I found with Jiffy Lube is a not good deal/ with Audi I get at least pampered and washed all my car and is clean. This experience not was pleasant and I feel I was ripped OFF and Jiffy Lube stole my money and take advantage of me because I am a woman.

After this I went to my daughter and son-n law house and they was shocked also how much I paid for oil change with you.  I found very expensive this service compare with luxury Audi service.

[1516] Carlos  In: No Problems  Out: Many Problems

So I normaly change the oil in my car, but being that I had just gotten this one and didn't have any history on the vehiecle I desided it to take it to jiffy lube. I show up with out a problem the changed my oil. As I left the shop I notice that my rpm was shooting up but that the car wouldn't go past first gear or past 20mph. So I turned arround, I had them check the car the gave me some lame excuse that the car was taking in too much cold air. So they told me that I was good to go. As I left a second time the car was the same only that this time arround the car did not make it back it deid on me I manage to takeig back sema story they told me that they didn't do anything to it and that there was nothing they could do but to redo the oil change which I agreed to. Minutes later the manager tells me that they used the wring oil but that they are done as he is telling me that they are trying to start the car but it would not start. I exchanged words with the manager about having my car fix but nothing I had to find my own tow truck to get it to the shop and now the car needs a new fuel pump. I font know what they did to it but I drove the car with out any problems until I took it to get an oil change. Now I have to fight and argue to have them cover the 500. Dollar bill with my mechanic

[1515] Heather in Chicago, IL  Denied Damaging Vehicle

On Saturday, May 1, 2010, I went to store #593 in Chicago, IL.  I was getting the signature service oil change, and also decided to have two light bulbs replaced and the engine flushed.  After leaving the store and driving to the suburbs, I heard a noise coming from outside the car.  When I pulled over to see what it was, I saw that the light cover from the bulb that was changed was just hanging out.  I tried to push it back in place, but it would not stay.  When I resumed driving, I heard another sound from outside of the car.  I pulled over once again to see what the noise was, and saw the shield under my engine dragging on the ground.  It was hanging on by one screw.  The next day, I took it to the Jiffy Lube store in Carol Stream, IL.  There, Dwayne and Steve exhibited exceptional customer service.  They apologized on behalf of store #593 and then proceeded to inspect the problems they caused.  They found that the light cover had been broken and could not be fixed but would need to be replaced.  They also found that the shield could not be fixed because too many screws were missing and one part of it had broken.  Finally, they checked the oil change.  They found that the engine had not been flushed entirely and still contained cleaner.  The oil had been placed on top of the cleaner so that it was overfull.  Dwayne and Steve drained that and then performed a new oil change.  


The next day, I called the manager, Hector, at store #593.  He made excuses about how the shield had already been broken and how they had flushed the engine several times.  I explained that neither of these had been problems upon my arrival at their store and that Dwayne and Steve from the Carol Stream store were able to almost immediately diagnose the problems and suggest solutions.  Hector called Dwayne and Steve to verify these problems and then ordered a new light cover and engine shield.  He made no reference to the unacceptable oil change nor a potential refund of the $150 I paid for these services, not to mention compensation for the time and inconvenience of fixing the problems.

[1514] Cosmo in Flagstaff, AZ  Air Filter Scam

I went to jiffylube to get an oil change. After 20 minuites of refusing the upsells for a dozen things that I knew had already been done the manager brings out an absolutly filthy air filter and says that it will be 15$ to replace it, and that driving with it will damage my engine. The issue is that the air filter he brought out was not from my car. Immediatly  before going to jiffy lube I had replaced my air filter. I tell him that the filter he brought outbwas not from my car and he proceeds to argue that it is. After 10 minuites I tell them to stop trying to sell me things based on lies and the manager just walks away. After I get my oil changed I go to checker to buy new wiper blades and I check my air filter. Not only did they put the filthy air filter in my car, they stole my brand new filter and didn't even close my air intake.

[1513] John in Columbia, MD  Overfilled Oil

I brought my ’03 Toyota Prius to Jiffy Lube #152 in Columbia, Maryland for an oil change.  Upon entering my car after the oil change my check engine light came on, and the engine sounded rough.  I notified the employee, who brought the car around.  The Jiffy Lube employee indicated that the same thing had happened to a Prius a week earlier.  I was assured that only the oil was changed.  I got back in the car to drive home only to have the engine low complete power several miles down the road.  I had the car towed by Brookman Towing (See Brookman Towing Invoice Attached) to the nearest Toyota Dealer - Antwerpen Toyota (See Attached Antwerpen Invoice).  Antewpen inpected the car on 04/14/10 and determined that the car had been over filled with oil.  Attached to the invoice is a picture of oil in the Throttle Body.  There cost to clean all of the extra oil out of the engine - $700, $105 for the diagnosis.  The cost was too much for me – I had the car towed to Discount Auto and Brakes, that has more reasonable rates (See J&J Towing Invoice - $121.00).  In removing the oil from the engine, Discount Brakes & Auto Repair counted 8 (eight) quarts of oil in all.  The cost for labor to undo all of the damage done to the engine was $413.00 (including kindly 10% Discount).

Total Cost for Jiffy Lube Over Filling My ’03 Prius with Oil, excluding all of my hassle:

Jiffy Lube                                               $33.02
Brookman Towing -                                $101.00
Antwerpen Diagnosis -                           $105.00
J&J Towing                                           $121.00
Discount Brakes & Auto Repair              $413.00

Total                                                     $773.02

[1512] Craig PCV Valve Rip Off

First off let me state that I have not had bad experiences at all Jiffy Lubes.  In fact it was the manager at a Jiffy Lube that clued me into the fact that I was being ripped off by a different Jiffy Lube.  Before learning that 1) air filters are good for tens of thousands of miles in most cars and 2) the part takes less than a minute to change and retails for about $7 dollars I used to get hit with the life or death proposition of, "Sir can we speak to you (said in terms normally reserved for the witness of a major crime or when I relative has just been admitted to ICU), look at this filter, it really should be changed, what do you think?"  It was not so much the filter but the fact that they insisted on changing the PCV valve with it.  Long story short when asked about my filter at a different location I said to leave it alone but was curious where the PCV valve on my car was because I could never find it.  The response was there is a very good reason for that, my car does not have a PCV valve.  After informing me that I had been ripped off and asking where I had been going I informed him that it was another Jiffy Lube.  He did not look happy.

[1511] Bob in Wilmington, MA Taking Advantage of a Woman

My wife went into the Jiffy Lube in Wilmington, MA to get a simple oil change and spent over $100.00! They told her she needed three different kinds of filters and a higher grade oil than she needed, they sold her anti-freeze that she did not need and almost, almost convinced her that she needed to flush her radiator and transmission . This is all on a 2001 Honda Civic with 140,000 miles. In very good shape. We will never visit a Jiffy Lube Center again and we will let our friends know to never visit there .

[1510] Ben  Missing Oil Plug

I got an oil change and tire rotation on Saturday, April 24, 2010.  Today I found out that my oil plug was not tightened enough and fell out of my car.  Oil was drained and since I only found out at the end of the day I am not sure if there is any damage to my car.  Here is an account of what happened:

I got my oil changed on Saturday and after getting oil I just drove to get gas and then home.  I then drove my car today car about 20 miles to my destination.  When I came home I normally park on the street but tonight there was no parking.  I took my  wifes spot and parked in the driveway. My driveway is sloped and when my wife parked her car she noticed that there was a big oil leak coming from my car. The leak was heavy on my driveway but there was a trail of oil going down the street in the same path I took.  I checked underneath my car and saw oil leaking from the engine.  As soon as I found out I called and left a message at the jiffy lube store but got no response.  I then drove my other car to the store, found out it was closed so I went to a nearby auot parts store, bought oil, oil plug and cleaner. I then went back home, installed the oil plug and oil.  I started my car and noticed it made a strange sound when started.  I then spent a couple hours cleaning my driveway and will need to spend many more finishing cleaning it. 

Update: I emailed corporate that same night and it has almost been a week and they have not called me back.  I also called the store that same night.  The manager of the store called me back the next day.  He said that something like that never happened at that location before and he was going to reprimand the tech who was working on my car.  He said to bring it in and he would check the car himself and if I ever wanted to come back he would give me a couple free oil changes and he would work on my car himself.  I explained I was just worried about my car’s engine.  He said he would run diagnostics on my car and check if there were any problems.  I then brought the car in and the manager ran diagnostics and said there were no problems.  He also checked the car for any problems.  He then said he would reimburse me for my expenses the day when I had to buy the plug/oil/cleaner which was around $40+.  The weird thing was that he then went to the ATM across the street and got cash.  He came back and gave me $60.  This felt kind of strange and I was worried about documenting problems, etc.  so he told me that Jiffy Lube has a warranty on the back of the receipt if there was a problem within 3000 miles.  It felt like he just wanted me to go away.  I am now going to follow up with the corporate office to see if they could do anything.

[1509] Janice Manager Still in Bathroom

i had my oil changed today. i paid for the works. they said they would vacumn everything and clean all the windows and check if anything else needed to be done. i did this since i was nearly 100,000 miles on the car. i waited 5 minutes and everything was done. they even replaced 2 rear lights. they wanted to charge me 95.00 to replace the transmission fluid. i said no. i am very glad i said no.

when i went to my car the trash on the floor was on my seat. they said they do not vacumn seats so i did. the windows were half done, in that one could easily see where the dirt was missed. the carpet on the passengers side was as it was when i left the car - pushed to the front with the same folds in place. the cup holders had not been polished. where the polish was done, it was obvious what had been missed.

my son checked the rear lights and one of the lights is still out. But, I paid to have them replaced and working. I did after all get pulled over on Sunday and received a ticket for the lights being out, a whopping $94.00 ticket.

i called to speak to the manager and was told he was in the bathroom. i waited 5 minutes. no one answered. i called back and asked if he was finished in the bathroom and held on for another 5 minutes - when the phone was picked up and disconnected. 

i shall never go back here.   it was not even busy. they were sitting around talking.

[1508] Nancy Not Money's Worth

I went to Jiffy Lube for the first time on 4-8-10 for the signature service oil change. The services included in the service is supposed to be: change oil, replace oil filter, visually inspect: antifreeze levels, engine air filtration, serpentine belts, brake fluid level, wiper blades, exterior lights, vacuum interior floors, clean exterior windows, lubricate the chasis, check air pressure, check and top off the following fluids: transmission fluids, differential/transfer case fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, & battery water.

I ask the worker when I arrived to make sure my light on the dash saying service required be turned off after the service. He forgot and I had to return to the jiffy lube location for this to be preformed. Also I noticed my floor was not vaccumed and I called to complain. They ask me to return again but I decided not to go back. I wonder what other services they failed to preform and I will never know. I paid $51.87 and I DO NOT FEEL I GOT MY MONEYS WORTH!!!

[1507] Keith  New Transmission Leak

I have owned my used car for 15-months and purchased it fully serviced and inspected. I park my car in my garage and have never had any problems with leaks of any sort. At work, I have a parking space that I regularly use and have never noticed leaks there either. I took my car into have an oil change and the service person told me that I needed an engine flush, which I declined and just asked for an oil change. After receiving service, my invoice indicated a transmission fluid leak, which I thought was strange. Before returning my car to my garage, I got out of my car and looked at the floor - dry as a bone. All of the sudden, I am noticing a small amount of fluid that looks like a light oil on my garage floor. Coincidence? By the way, the service person had an attitude and told me that Jiffy Lube (JL) does engine flushes all of the time and is cheaper than an auto mechanic, and when I declined she appeared to be upset with me. Her demeanor went from friendly and cheerful to stoic and flat. Needless to say, my faith in JL has vastly decreased and now I have an appointment to take my car into my mechanic for a thorough check to see if any signs of sabotage are evident. I have a copy of this letter and let us hope that the new leaks are just a coincidence.

[1506] Dick in Tucson, AZ  Sold Unneeded Parts
When I took my car to Jiffy Lube in Tucson, AZ, (04/15/10) they tried to sell my a replacement serpentine belt. My current serpentine belt was good and I confirmed it at another non-chain auto service location in Tucson where the belt and related  parts had recently been worked on.
Today I picketed the Tucson Jiffy Lube with my sign:

Jiffy Lube 

The manager, Adrian, came out to the sidewalk where I was parading my sign to ask what he could do.  I told him he had already done it.  And after hesitation he did remember me and knew it was "the serpentine belt"....he apologized and I  told him that would not be sufficient.  What did I want.  I said nothing less than a public confession of the infractions, not just mine, but to lengthy list on the web....."plus a action plan to correct the fraud at all Jiffy Lube location.   He indicated that ...."that wont happen".  I said that we'd continue to picket.

[1505] Debby  Wrong Coolant

theym put the wrong coolant in my 97 tyota avolan.Toyota confirmed.So had to goback and get right coolant.It took me 2 hours I think I should be cominsated for this.

[1504] Christopher Radiator Flush Destroys Engine

On Sunday  May 18, I took my 2006 Hyundai Elantra to Jiffy lube for an oil change. While I was there I was told that I needed my radiator flushed and my transmission flushed.

After waiting 1 hour, I was told that my thermostat needed to be replaced because they were unable to flush my radiator.  30 minutes later I was driving on the Expressway and MY engine over heated and my car stalled.

I had my car towed to the Hyundai Delership. Today I was told that my radiator hose was not Placed back on properly and that caused my engine to burn up and my radiator burnt up as well.  I've had my Hyundai for over 4 years and i've never had any problems with my car.  Please contact me with as soon as you can. I paid 138 dollars to Jiffy lube and now i'm out of money and my car. I was told that replacing my enginee would cost me 3200$.

[1503] Arden in Leawood, KS  Coin Holder Theft

I went in to have my oil changed at the Jiffy lube at 10300, State Line Rd., Leawood, KS, 66206.  I had approximately $25.00 in a flip down coin holder in the car.  They stole it.  The next morning when I reached in to get money to pay for a coffee I discovered it was gone.  I went back to the Jiffy lube and confronted the “manager” who said he had never had such a problem before.  I paid nearly $100 dollars for the work done on my car and they stole what I guess they considered a $25. tip.  I was told by the Leawood police I could file charges—that Jiffy Lube saying they were not responsible for anything left in the car is a lie.  The police explained that something stolen from the car while it is under their control is a crime.  Ultimately, I decided not to bother the police with a $25 theft.  I warn anyone and everyone to not go near this store.  I also think a newscast sting operation could do wonders exposing these creeps.  Thank you.

[1502] Francisco  No Fuel Service

i could not satisfy jiffy lube service. they push me do  fuel clean service , but they did not do anything.

[1501] Leapy  Incomplete Service


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