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Personal Experiences

[1600] Spencer in Port Jefferson, NY  Refused Use Oil

Ive been to jiffy lube in the rockypoint area of long island, i like them theyre nice, but definitly cant say that about the guys in Port Jefferson, on our way to an aunts house to do there roof, we stoped by to drop off alot of oil.... about 15 gallons in assorted containers. Now we wouldve had no problem if the guy said he couldnt take that much right away, when asked about the fact that new york state law says they have to take upto 5 gallons per person per day he scoffed and said "by law really?, ill call my manager (eric mentnich the owner of all long island jiffys)" we left but found later in the day by calling the Rocky Point store that the people in this store are particularly known for lazyness, and a few friends of mine, one who even trained the manager in question that this guy has no car, and no business being around cars let alone telling a store of people what todo around them...

[1599] Melvin in Charlotte, NC  Destroyed Oil Filter Housing

My wife took her 2000 Saturn to get the oil changed on 9-25-10. During the oil change they managed to break what they call the oil filter housing which they claim they are not responsible for.   Now a question that eludes and answer for me. Why would they change the filter and the oil and then report the problem?  If the technician noticed an issue he should have stopped the process at that moment and not after all is installed.

I find that disturbing since the car was fine when it got there. They blamed the previous oil changer for the issue and said they over torqued the filter It's an  oil change. What torque? It's hand tightened? Were the threads cross threaded?  They refused to let me see the damage in question citing insurance liabilities. OK. Then how am I supposed to access the damage?

I discussed the issue with the local manager of the shop who is Dennis McDonald and the district manager who is Robert Gayle over the phone. Neither provided me with an acceptable answer of how this happened and why they are not responsible for the issue.

I ordered the part in question from the dealer for a cost of $73.00 and the ETA is about 9-29-10. Dennis and Robert said they were not a mechanic shop but would attempt to install the part. Should I allow that? They couldn't change the oil correctly. What other damage would they do?

I think this issue stinks and frankly needs an investigation to the process. Meanwhile I am out $73.00 and a car for a week plus I am irate at this issue.  I can't drive the car as is so that means it will have to be towed to a garage. That could be several hundred more dollars.  Jiffy Lube must be responsible for this issue. Please advise me or my wife the direction you wish to go.  Once I see the original part I will know what happened.

[1598] Emerald in Spokane, WA Flush Destroys Engine 

On Friday July 16th, 2010, I took my vehicle, A 2001 Chevrolet Malibu to Jiffy Lube store number 2323 located at 6309 N Wall street in Spokane, Washington to get a radiator flush. The service was completed by the employee Zach, he told me that most normal cars took two times of pushing fluid through to get it cleaned, he had to do mine 6 times. We paid for the service and went home. I parked the car and went out of town  for the weekend. Upon returning Sunday night, July 18th I drove to the grocery store and my engine coolant warning light came on in my dash, I drove by the location to have it looked at but they were closed. The next afternoon, Monday July 19, my fiancee and I drove the car back to the store, the entire way the temperature gauge was way above normal, just about to the red part. We pulled in and the store manager Steve came out and asked what we needed to get done, we told him and he had us pull the car to the east side of the building. Steve informed me that there was probably a huge air bubble that was stopping coolant from being moved throughout the car. Steve checked the coolant level and said we were about a quart low, we had looked just prior to bringing it into the shop and did not see anything  in the reservoir. He took the red hose and put it in the reservoir and started adding coolant, he told us to keep the car running to let the fluid make its way throughout the car. While this was going on the coolant light would come on for a couple of minutes then shut off, then come back on again, this happened several times. After about 45 minutes they noticed that there was fluid coming out of the overflow tube and the ground under the engine was soaked. Steve pulled it into their garage to get a better look at what was wrong. They left the car running while him and a couple other guys looked at it, the entire time they were looking they had the red coolant hose in the car, adding more. The guys said it might have been a water pump, then they said it was a hose to a water pump, one of them said something happened with them using too much pressure when doing the original service. My fiancee and I were standing in the garage with them the entire time, we heard a couple of the guys tell Steve that he needs to drain the car because there was too much coolant in there and he told each of them no. After about another 40 minutes of having the car running in the garage, they decided to check the oil and when they did they found the dip stick was full all the way to the top of coolant. at that point they said I blew a head gasket and they couldn't work on the car anymore. They drove the car out of the garage and parked it, and told me I should not attempt to drive it home because having the car on would make the engine seize up. Steve informed me that I must have blown the gasket in the time that I had it after the original service, my car was running completely normal, besides running hot. Nothing out of the ordinary happened while driving it at all. Between Friday the 16th and Monday the 19th i had only driven a total of 17 miles. We got a ride home and couldn't get the car towed until my day off from work which was Wednesday. While at the store picking up the car we talked to an employee, who asked us what happened, we told him the story and he told us to have the car towed to Louie's automotive and they would pay for the repairs. We went to Louie's, the tow truck had beaten us there by about ten minutes, when we pulled up Louie came out and asked me what they did to my car, the entire engine was flooded with coolant, he said the entire engine was toast. We took pictures and went back to Jiffy Lube and talked to Zach again, we showed Zach the pictures and he told us with the engine being ruined there was no doubt that they would pay for it. Zach then informed me that in the two days my car had been sitting in their parking lot before I could get it towed, that Steve had gone out to my car to try and drain the fluids out of engine so it looked like he didn't do anything wrong. The employees said they were going to have the district manager John give us a call to figure out what to next. we waited for 2 day, never heard a word from him. We called the store and they asked us to come in to sign some papers, when we got there nobody knew anything about any papers. we talked to Steve about what happened and he said he only let the car run for 30 minutes, when actually it was more like 1 hour and 30 minutes. Steve told us the were going to have to talk to a guy named Scott who is a manager at another store take charge of the case. Monday July 26th Scott Olsher called me, I explained the story and he said it sounded like there was a problem before I even took it in to them but the only way to tell would be to take the engine apart, he asked if that was something I wanted done and I said yes. Two days later he called me back and said the engine had been taken apart and there was already a problem with oil and coolant leaking throughout the car, he offered to split the cost of the engine replacement with me, I declined and said i needed to talk to family first, I said I would call him with my answer in the next  couple of days. My mom went in and talked to Louie of Louie's automotive and he said that nobody ever touched my car, no body had taken apart the engine at at all. I then went into the store again to try and get the district managers number to try and get a hold of him, while I was there all of the employees knew what had happened to my car and every single one of them said it was their fault and they should fix my car. One employee told me that Steve tried to get rid of my paper work in the computer so it looked like he did nothing wrong. They still never gave me Johns number. On Tuesday, August 3rd my mom and I met with Scott at his home store, Scott said that they could pay for 50 percent of the repairs and my mom and i said that was not good enough because my car was running just fine until i took it into their business and it had to be towed away.Scott told me that if I had pulled my car into his store and he saw what the coolant reservoir looked like that he would not have touched it, and he said that Zach should not have done the service at all. My mom inf0ormed him that they should be responsible for the entire repair because he did complete the service. Scott said he could pay up to 70 percent, I told him that was not going to work,I  didn't feel like I was responsible for paying for their mistake, Then I mentioned about paying the remainder of the loan I still have on the vehicle and I would just buy a new car. Scott said that was an option we could both agree on, he asked me to call him with the exact payoff amount of the loan, he would submit it to corporate and get me a check. I called Scott Thursday August 5th and told him the exact payoff amount out to August 11th was $2035.05, he said that was perfect and he would keep me updated. The following Monday I still had not heard from him, I called and left a voice mail, never got a phone call returned. Wednesday the 11th we called the store and somebody there told us that Scott was on vacation and would be back the following Monday. When Scott returned from vacation he told us that somebody else was put in charge of  my case and they had not done a single thing. Scott said he had gotten the amount approved from one person he needed too and just needed the approval from the owner to cut me a check. On Thursday August 19th we got a phone call saying that we were only approved for $1400, after i was already told by Scott that my car would be payed off. We declined the offer and told them we were going to take other routes. As of today, Sunday, August 22, I have been without a car for 34 days, I have already made one car payment and one insurance payment totaling $330 and i have another car payment due in 8 days of $170, all for a car I cannot drive. My fiancee had been stationed out of town on military duty, taking his vehicle with him. I do not have a car to get to and from work. I just need my car fixed or payed off so I an move forward.

[1597] Milan in Winchester, VA  Lousy Service

I have a problem with Jiffylube #84 1517 S Pleasant Valley RD, Winchester, Val 22601. On 09/21/2010.  I went there to get an oil change because the service was great. Yesterday, it was a totally different story. Service was lousy. The mechanic was very arrogant and disrespectful. The manager had no customer skills what so ever. I paid for a service that I never received.

[1596] Erin in Falls Church, VA  Wrong Tire Pressure

I took my car into the Jiffy Lube in Falls Church, VA immediately after having new tires put on my car. My mechanic set the pressure to 40 psi (max psi on tire says 44). Jiffy Lube reset my pressure to 29 in the front and 26 in the back, which is way too low. Even if you go by what the car manufacturer suggests, as opposed to the tire maker, (32 front, 29 back) it was still too low. They had no reason to adjust the tire pressure unless they wanted my tire to go bad sooner or had NO CLUE what they were doing. Who knows if the other things they suggested I do were even necessary.

[1595] Joe in Corona, CA  Coolant Scam

I had my wife's car, a 2004 Honda Civic, serviced yesterday at your west 6th st. location in Corona, Ca.    I check my wife's car myself on a regular basis.   Early that morning I checked the following on the car.   Tire pressure, coolant level, and oil level. The coolant overflow bottle was about one third full, about where it should be .  I removed the radiator cap and the coolant came to the very top. The oil level was at the full mark but the oil was getting dark so I decided to have it changed later that day.

I was looking over my receipt today and noticed I was charged $8.00 for two quarts of coolant.  This car has never leaked coolant before and I drove directly to Jiffy Lube from my home a distance of three miles.  No way did they add any coolant.

I have a feeling I wasn't the only one scammed that day.   The customer before me was told his vehicle need a lot of coolant and he questioned if they saw any leaks.  The J. L. employee said they did not see any but it possibly could be coming from the water pump.
Eight dollars is not a lot a money but now I question even the quality of oil used.  Once I company chooses to cheat its customers where do they draw the line.  By the way, they tried to sell me a transmission oil change.   The car has only 40,000 miles on it.   Honda recommends changing the fluid at 100,000 plus miles.

[1594] Paula in Newton, MA  Stole GPS

On September 3, 2010, I had my car serviced.  My GPS was placed in the glove compartment that morning, and my car is always locked.  I had the car serviced by Jiffy Lube later in the afternoon. One half hour later, I recalled that the Jiffy Lube staff went through the glove to "change" the air filters, and checked the glove for the GPS, which was gone.  

I spoke with the manager, James, and went to see him the next day, he suggested I file a police report with the Newton Police, which I did on September fourth. 

In addition, the "check list" of Jiffy Lube is bogus: not sure if they changed my air filters, they messed up my tire pressure, by putting in 40 lbs, which was excessive (verified by Direct Tire) did not vacuum the mats, nor did they check the fluid levels.  The air filter did not need to be changed as they were only a few months old and they did not complete the oil change on my car (filter was not in stock) 

Most interestingly, I had requested the mats be vacuumed, and was told by one of the technicians that it was done.  Lying to a customers face should not be tolerated by the manager or Franchise owner. 

[1593] Marco in San Jose, CA  Differential Failure

A rear differential fill plug was left out after a basic oil change on my 2007 Toyota Tacoma. A very un-professional "district manager" has asked me to take my truck to a smaller garage to save money, which was out of the question since I have extended warranty with Toyota. I've been told "I need to work with him" or  "we need to work together" as if I need to compormise to save him money. He's attempted to pass blame even after hes agreed to pay for damages with a "I dont think we did it but Im going to pay for it as a favor" tone. This district manager has no office and is unreachable to meet in person. I cant afford to pay for damages and look to get reimbursement later. This has been one of the most frustrating moments of my life.

[1592] Amy in Northridge, CA  Stole GPS

My GPS was taken out of my vehicle without consent and is no longer  in my procession.  I went to the Northridge Jiffy Lube #3243 (9500 Reseda Blvd. Northridge,CA 91324) on Saturday 9/18/10 at 3:50pm.  My BAR # is ARD247444.  I have contacted the regional manager and will be filing a claim.

[1591] Justin Radiator Flush Causes Problems

I took my girlfriends car in for a routine coolant flush. I am myself a licensed aircraft mechanic, but have no intrerest in doing routine maintenence in my garage. So to Jiffy Lube I go. All went well and surprisingly I was only waiting for 15 minutes. Drove the car .73 miles back home. no radiator fluid on the driveway all must be well.

Later that night my girlfriend took her car to a job interview and I recieved a phone call. Her car was over heating. I told her to pull over and shut off the engine. Going to save the day I opened the hood and quickly found the problem. There was a hole where the radiator cap used to be. No problem! We went to the auto store, bought a new cap and coolant. ate dinner (We had to wait for the engine to cool) about 2 hours later, now almost 10pm. I filled the coolant system with the engine running. Guages looked good all was well. But looked below and water was spewing from down below. Blown water pump gasket. We eneded up getting the car towed 17 miles. (The distance we drove it leaving Jiffy Lube, Minus the 3/4 mile.)

As a mechanic I have made many mistakes. And knowing what sounds fair, after all the water pump and timing belt (Needs changed after being soaked in glycol.) are far from new. I got a quote from a mechanic for $647.00. I presented that to to Jiffy Lube manager and told him I would like half parts and labor. Absolutely not. They offered a refund for the coolant service claiming that by removing the old dirty fluid "Knocked something loose" in the gasket and that is what caused it to fail. Now I'm not the greatest mechanic to walk Earth, but that's the silliest thing I have ever heard.

Needless to say, I have called the franchise in hopes to talk to the owner because the district manager won't talk to me... Now I think I'm going to small claims court.

[1590] Jonathan in Gainesville, FL  Camera Theft

I went in for a oil change at the Jiffy Lube on Archer Road, Gainesville, FL.  I have several items in my car, including a $1000 Nikon D80.  The interior is sorta messy with clothes and junk everywhere, and my camera is in the front passenger well; no one else besides me has sat in the car since the camera was in there. I took the car for a Lube and a couple weeks later I noticed after searching through my car that the camera is gone. I did not remove the camera from the car, and no one else has been in the car; there is no break-in to my car.  The only point of contact was from the Jiffy Lube Personnel.

[1589] Mark Differential Failure

I paid Jiffy Lube to do some regular maintenance on my truck, including replacing the differential fluid. They did not do so. The following week I went on a trip to Colorado with my son and the differential burned up in the middle of Iowa. We were delayed 5 days for the $2,100 repair. It cost me $4,000 by the end of it for hotels and car rental and our vacation was ruined. My 8 year old son was crest fallen by this turn of events to say the least. We had been talking about this trip for a year. The fact that Jiffy lube did not service the differential was clear when the mechanic opened the back of the differential up and water came pouring out.

My warranty was void because of the lack of service so I ended up footing the bill. Jiffy Lube refuses to pay for the repair or even to refund the cost of the service they did not provide.

Since this circumstance I have connected with lots of other people who have had similar experiences with Jiffy Lube.

Lesson learned: DO NOT GO TO JIFFY LUBE!

[1588] Helen in Redding, CA  Forgot to Tighten Filter

After having my oil changed at the jiffylube in redding ca on hartnell ave. I noticed smoking from the engine and seen oil had pooled under where the oil filter is so I reached in and it was barely on I got 3 good twists in.  My car is filthy with oil now.it is a 2004 ford taurus .  I am not happy..

[1587] Isaac in Rockaway, NJ  Cracked Oil Pan

I brought my 1994 Saturn SL1 to the Jiffy Lube in Rockaway, NJ on Rt. 46.  I requested an oil change an it took about 15 minutes.  I left and went about my day.  After spending a few minutes at a friend's house, I went home, only to recieve a phone call from that friend informing me of the pool of oil in his driveway.  My car was leaking oil at an alarming rate.  This was on a Friday.  Over the weekend, I lifted the car and checked the oil pan.  They had removed a specialized plug I had purchased along with a gasket and washer to seal the oil pan.  They threw these items away.  They then replaced them with a normal plug.  I brought this to their attention on Monday monring (I had to be at work on the first day of my new job in an hour and a half).  They assured me they would fix the problem.  2 hours later, they couldn't stop the leak and then told me they could NOT fix the leak. Furthermore, they took me down under my car and pointed to a spot where I had scratched the pan with a pair of pliers and told me, "You must have hit something and cracked your pan after you left our shop!"  I explained to them that I had caused these marks over a year ago and that the car worked fine with the scratches there.  They basically told me they couldn't fix it and that I could not get a refund because the manager that had been present for the initial change was not there.  They told me he would be there Tuesday.

I returned on Tuesday after work, only to find that the manager had suddenly decided to take 2 days off.  At the same time, my parents (we live in the same house) recieved a very rude call from Jiffy Lube Corporate asking if they had been present for the oil change.  They answered that they had not been present, and were immediately hung up on.  This happened again the following day when I went to find the manager.

I finally found the manager that Friday.  He was completely dismissing and extremely rude.  He told me there would be no refund because there was no reason the car should be leaking (besides them throwing away my expensive parts).  He then hopped in a customer's car and closed the door, ending the converstion.

This is how they operate.  I got their attention when I asked for the refund and they did a little investigating to see if there were any witnesses.  When the knew there weren't any, they simply lied, telling us that they had shown me the leak when I left the initial oil change.

I now have a cracked oil pan due to there using the wrong plug and I am down 400 dollars, but I simply don't have the time or energy to go after these goons.  If they do this to you, and you have the time, please fill out a complaint form.  Get Names, Dates, and Receipts.  Bring a witness with you when you go to talk to them or request the refund.  If all else fails, you can fill out a complaint form with the NJ Attorney Generals office online.  Let Jiffy Lube know that you are willing to do what you have to to get your money back and they will surrender. 

I will never use them again, and furthermore, I will not use any Shell product or service or a subsidiary there of.

[1586] Liz in Longview, WA  Air Filter Scam

I had an oil change done at the Longview,WA 15th ave location in July. While I was waiting there one of the men who works there called me over and showed me my air filter out of my car.  It was black, dirty and broken in half on the side.  He said he had one in stock for $39.95 but would drop the price for me today to $29.95.  I knew that was a rip off because I always buy them at walmart for around $12.  I told him to that same dirty one back into my car and I would buy one elsewhere.  He said no problem.  Right after they were done I went to walmart and bought the $12 air filter and brought it home for my husband to replace.  My husband showed me the air filter out of my car and asked me where it was broken at?  I said that is NOT the one that they showed me at jiffy lube and it was a different color on the outside.  The one I always buy is Tram and it's orange and the one they showed me was black.  Also when the guy at Jiffy Lube was showing me my nasty air filter he said, "well this is what you are breathing on the inside of your car when you have the air on".  I told my husband this and he explained to me otherwise.  I'm so mad at Jiffy Lube.  I will never return there or to any other location again.

[1585] Kyle in Fruitland, ID  Stranded by Jiffy Lube

We departed for Toronto on June 16, 2010.  From Toronto we drove to Seattle, WA. On our return to the South we stopped at Jiffy Lube #2660 in Fruitland, Idaho. We requested to have the oil changed, coolant added, and power steering fluid added. When we pulled out, we noticed that it didnít sound like any power steering fluid had been added. 266 miles later, the van overheated and we pulled to the side of the road. After the van cooled down, we checked it out and noticed that the radiator was empty. We had the van towed about 50 miles to Tremonton, UT. There, we filled the radiator up with water. We got back on the interstate and made it about 20 miles when the engine stopped while in transit. We coasted off an exit in Willard, UT. We checked the oil dipstick and there was only one quart of oil. We added a quart that we had purchased earlier. The van cranked and we made a short drive to a truck stop. There we added 2 more quarts of oil. We departed and noticed that the motor was shaking in an unusual way. The van started to smoke as we made our way to Ogden, UT to get a room for the night. The next morning, afraid to drive the van anymore, we called a tow truck to take the van to Ogden Autobody. The mechanic, Marc VanHuizen, didnít want to touch the van after we told him what had happened, because he didnít want to be liable. He looked under the van and noticed that there was fresh oil all over the bottom of the engine and that it was coming from the plug. He recommended we tow it to the nearest Jiffy Lube. We did so, and asked for a manager that could help us get in touch with someone corporate at Jiffy Lube. We received a case number, and then were asked to leave the Jiffy Lube premises, because our van on a tow truck was ďmaking the business look badĒ. We had the van towed back to Ogden Autobody and taken off the truck. It is currently in their yard.

The van had a full tune-up on June 12, 2010. We added a quart of oil about every 1500 miles. Power steering fluid was added in Ontario. We added coolant once, in Macedonia, OH, about 1700 miles into the trip. The van was showing no signs of any major problems. We had no problem with the temperature of the motor or radiator until after our visit to Jiffy Lube #2660 in Fruitland, Idaho. 

[1584] Moriah  Loose Coolant Cap Was Expensive

Jiffy Lube.. Where do I start? I have been a loyal customer of Jiffy lube for more years than I want to recall. I did the recommended engine flush and it took awhile but about 2 months later I had to replace my transmission. The owner of Oceanside transmission said that you should never flush your system. Lesson learned. $3,500 later.

Well just recently I serviced my car again at Jiffy Lube. They had my car out before everyone that had been waiting before me. Which alarmed me that they did it so rushed, but then again I was happy because I have waited up to 45 minutes when they only had one other car. Besides the point. So I left and the next day I was coming home from work a max 35 minute drive. I pulled into my garage and sat with the car on to finish listening to a song. When I turned off my car i heard the sound of a fountain flowing. I popped my hood and there was my coolant boiling up and out of the top. I had it towed (this was at 10:00pm) and the next day my mechanic called. They could not find anything wrong. They said that the cap was loose but everything was working fine. They refilled the coolant and tried to get it to duplicate the problem but my car was running perfectly. I told him that I had just gotten an oil change where they check all fluid levels.

He said when they got the car in that was the first thing they noted was the stem is a pressurized system not an overflow coolant system. So when I was parked and I did not have the outside air helping cool my car down it built up in pressure and since the lid was not on right it found its way out. This cost me just over $100 for the tow and the labor for them checking and double checking my car because I was convinced that something serious was wrong. I never thought they cold be so careless to not tighten the cap.

I will NEVER go back to Jiffy Lube again...  I and lets not mention the $5 coupons we received for all the months that they put the wrong kind of oil in our cars. They sent me a $20 check for the 5 oil changes that they put a different brand of oil than advertised.

[1583] Patty in Dunwoody, GA  Scamming A Teenager

My son took his car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change on 8/4/10.  The attendant asked him if he wanted the same oil as was put in the car last time and he said yes.  When he went to pay the bill it was 73.53.  Since this was the first time he had taken the car for the oil change he had no idea why this was such an outlandish charge.  When he brought the invoice to me I saw that they had charged him for the Signature service oil change.  Not only did my son not agree to this the service itself was not done.  The only thing the attendant did was change the oil.  No components were checked and the windows were definitely not cleaned nor was the car vacuumed.  My son returned to the Jiffy Lube the following day and the owner was very indignant and they got into a shouting match and she threatened to call the police. 

This was clearly a case of my son being scammed by Jiffy Lube.  I have written to the Better Business Bureau of Georgia and reported this incident.  I was totally disgusted that a national company like Jiffy Lube would take advantage of a teenager.  It is a sad day when a teenager leaning to be responsible for taking care of a car learns the hardest way of all about how companies will take advantage of you.  We will never go to Jiffy Lube again and I am going to send out an email and put a piece in the Dunwoody Crier about the horrific treatment we received at the Jiffy Lube.

[1582] Darla in Kenmore, WA  Fuel System Cleaning Destroys Engine

I had my car serviced at your Kenmore, Wa location on Saturday, July 31, 2010 before driving to Eugene, Or. On my way home from Eugene, Or to Bothell, Wa I noticed a knocking noise in my engine. My car is currently at an auto repair shop, Lioe's in Seattle, Wa, who have diagnosed the problem as a loose rod bearing which will require the engine to be replaced in my vehicle. They said this is that can be caused by sub-grade oil and parts. A new oil filter was not recommended. The fuel system cleaning service was done before they told me they weren't able to locate the correct fuel filter for my vehicle which makes me question the value of that service.

[1581] Rob  Employee

Jiffy Lube's steps for an oil change: 1. Remove old filter (if you feel like it) 2. Remove drain plug 3. Scratch vehicle with a wrench 4. Smoke a joint by the dumpster 5. Install new filter (if applicable) 6. Reinstall drain plug (hand tighten 1/4 turn) 7. Take a massive bong load in the bathroom (straight to the dome) 8. Check your MySpace 9. Add new oil (time permitting) ** 10. Try to sell services that will void their warranty ** If you do add oil make sure to spill it all over the engine

this is what goes on and worse...I needed a job pretty bad to provide for my family...but I never wanted to rip people off...they sacrifice a dead baby when
they make you sell your soul to the district manager. you may think I am some deranged pissed off customer...no I am a current asst manager at jiffy lube.
they need to be brought down, and I am with you. Never bring your car to us, or any jiffy lube, I wont be there much longer my self.

pick up a manual at a auto parts store and learn to work on your own fucking car. Believe me you will save money and time and trouble.  you can take better care of your car even if you know nothing about cars or oil changes.

[1580] Tom in Schaumburg, IL  Hiding Damage to Vehicles

I have been using store #2510 for over 10 years for my business and personal cars.

Complaint 1. While replacing tires on my Kia Spectra V at the Firestone dealer, I ask for an oil change. The tech at Firestone would not change the oil due to the fact that there was a temporary plug in the oil pan. Jiffy Lube store Store # 2510 last serviced this vehicle. No one told me that they had stripped the plug and replaced it with a temporary pan saver.

Complaint 2. My company vehicle is a 2009 Chevy Equinox, I have this car serviced at Store #2510 every eight weeks due to the high mileage driven. While on a business trip I had the oil changed at an out of town service center. The told me they could not service one tire due to the fact that the electronic valve stem was broken. Store #2510 provided the previous service. I took the vehicle back to Store #2510 for the next oil change. After the oil change I asked the tech if the tires were serviced. He said yes. I questioned how he could have serviced the tire with the broken valve stem. The problem was then revealed.

Store #2510 apparently has a history of damaging customer's vehicles and hiding the fact. This practice must stop. Hiding damage to tire valves and oil pans will result in additional customer cost, inconvenience and safety. This facility must be put on notice that this practice is not acceptable.

I will never again visit a Jiffy Lube and I will speak out against the Brand. There are many internet sites available to expose these kinds of dangerous business practices.

[1579] Batman  Employee

What a Joke this place is, I was Hired as a Manager in training at 9 dollars an hour! I worked hard for the next few months to prove I was good enough for a raise. I traveled, I hide things for Jiffy Lube, I press other employees as I was told to by DM Michael Beverly. I used my own money to buy things for the store. I work over 120 hours for a few pay periods then was told I was made salary behind my back so I didn't get paid all that over time. Then a few months later they hired new Managers in Training!!! FOR 13 an hour!!! WHAT? I couldn't believe it!! I was so mad.. My wife and My child gave up a lot for me to take that job and they treat me like that. Later after I voiced my concern and complaints I was let go, and I was told it was for reason I couldn't know, by people I couldn't know who they were, but it had to do with my managent skills. They made me a manager and didn't even have me complete there training!!!! So how can I break a rule I didn't know they had and are required by the state to provide me and they didn't!! Wow, what a joke that place is!

[1578] Lisa in Reno, NV  No Oil in Engine

We took are car (2002 Ford Escape) into Jiffy Lube on 7/14 for an oil change and fluids.   The next time we drove our car coming up on a freeway the car died on the freeway, we had to get a tow truck to a mechanic who advised us we had no oil in the car and verified there was no oil leak.    I called Jiffy Lube and they confirmed with me they had placed 5 quarts of oil in the car (had it on camera, had them showing me on camera how much oil was in there), I can assure you nobody showed me anything when I went to pick up the car as it was parked outside in their lot.   Next time we go to Reno we are going to request they show us the video.    Since then our car needs a complete new engine over $5000.00 with labor!!!!!!   I am going to contact our attorney and proceed from there.

[1577] Sam Transmission Problems

My recent experiance at Jiffy Lube ;

 1) Oil Change - A+ Rating

2) Replace a burnt out bulb - A+ Rating

3) Tire Rotation - F Rating   (Due to the fact that cord was showing thru on 2 of the tires, and did not point it out)

4) Transmittion Oil Change - F (Due to the fact that they had to drop the pan to change the oil, and the Transmittion oil was 3 quarts low on completion)

5) Employee's -  A+ Rating (Very friendly)

 I ended up with a Transmittion that started slipping.I took the car in to my machanic who point out the tires, and 3 quarts low on the Transmittion fluid.

I do not expect any monetary reimbursement for my troubles. I just wanted to point out my inconvenience, this could have caused some serious damage or even life threatening!

I called the Jiffy Lube  Manager and point out what happened. I feel that it fell on def ears.  This will be my last experience at Jiffy Lube. As far as I am concerned your work cannot be trusted!

[1576] Jim  Incorrect Amount of Oil

Check your oil level before you leave the parking lot.  I had my oil changed and drove the car about four hundred miles before I checked the oil level.  It was down Ĺ a quart.  This is in a Buick V6 that has NEVER used oil.  Talking to others, they seem to have suffered the same experience, not really having the correct amount of oil put in the vehicle.  When you multiply the number of oil changes per day times Ĺ quart per change, thatís a lot of oil and pure profit.  Never again will my car see the inside of a Jiffy Lube.


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