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Personal Experiences

[1625] Chad  Forgot Crush Washer

Jiffy Lube failed to use a crush washer on my brother's last oil change. When I changed the oil in my wife's car after Jiffy Lube had been at it, I had to use a breaker bar to get the drain plug loose! Now I have to over-torque the bolt to get it to seal. Nothing too serious, but potentially could have been. I expect more from a business that specializes in oil changes!

[1624] Two Amegos in Tucson, AZ  Expensive Gas Filter

On october 20Th, I had my oil changed at 3896 N. oracle rd here in tucson az. and they suggested I change my gas filter,  thinking "it would be done at a fair price,"  Gas filters sell for $16.00 I was charged $71.99 A way over the top!! that was in addition the charges for the oil change.

[1623] RFC in Maynard, MA  No Radiator Cap

It was interesting, my reading the many complaints about Jiffy Lube. At the time of my past experience I thought it just some kid there that did not know what the heck he was doing. I was correct about that, but the circumstances in my case were not to my liking at all.

On a summer evening several years ago when I was in the National Guard I was to go the the Cape Cod facilities in my Ford Escort. I went to the Maynard Mass. Jiffy Lube for an oil chance and service to the radiator. I paid the man and headed out to the Cape. On route 495 in Marlboro I noticed the warning light going on for over heating engine signals. I pulled over to the side road and opened the hood.

Jiffy Lube's fine crew failed to place the radiator cap back on. In fact there was no radiator cap there at all. It was missing. What to do now? I was five miles away from Maynard and on the highway without being able to drive the car without overheating it. The goodies would just blow out of the radiator and further damage might happen to my car. I got off at the next exit and fortunately just up that road was a service station. The attendant had a Ford there being worked on and he loaned me the cap.

I drove back to Maynard and the kid was there."Oh, sir," he said to me."you left the radiator cap here."
"Where is you boss?" I asked him. "He is in the shop." I walked over to the man and told him my story. He was ready to fire the kid right there on the spot. "Don't fire the kid. Teach him how not to be an idiot." I told him."And by the way, I'll never  go to Jiffy Lube again."

[1622] Tim in La Puenta, CA  Destroyed Bumper & Exhaust

First I have to say this is one of the worst Jiffy Lubes I have ever seen.   When I pulled up I was worried but I figured "What could go wrong?".  No one greeted me when I arrived.  I had to chase down the employees to even see if they were open.  I gave them a OEM oil filter and they argued with me about it.  George who work on the top of the car did not know how to put the car in reverse although he had been working for 15 years I was told in this line of work.  He did not have good control of the car since it appeared he did not know how to drive stick very well.  

When they finished the oil change George, went to take the care out of the service lane and got the exhaust caught on something.  Instead of realizing that the car was not moving well he proceeded to just drive with more force and ripped the exhaust and the bumper off of my 2008 Subaru Legacy!  Luis and George just stood around the car looking at it.

I went inside and called the number on the wall of the location owner and was told that they did not own that store.  The service order and the wall said it was HGH Oil Company butt they said they don't own it.  They gave me a number to a Habib Habib at 909-576-7000.  It appears he owns the location since BAR has him as the owner.

My car is not fixed and Habib Habib only wants to fix the bumper and not replace it. The price for the new bumper is $800 installed.  His buddy wants to fix the existing one for $300 This is a new car and a fixed bumper will not fit well and will rip again.  I want a NEW bumper on this car.  If this was a 94 accord that would be different but it is not.  He did get the exhaust repaired at Valley Muffler down the street. $40... 

I called Jiffy Lube customer support and opened a Case.  I asked where to email this pictures and they told me jiffy@customerservice.com  That does not appear to be correct.  Although Catherine in customer service was helpful the original representative who answered the call was not.  I could not find the address to the location and she told me to call back when I found it. I asked her to help me and she would not. I got mad at her and she put me on hold to punish me.  She has the power over the callers and know it.  When I asked to speak to a Manager I was told none were available. She would not escalate the issue.  She wanted me to know that she was the ONLY recourse I had and I had to do it her way or no way.   These are the types of horror stories that keep people away from Jiffy Lube.

[1621] TM  Engine Flush Problems

They recommended an "engine flush", which I said "yes' to.  Afterward, my pickup's oil gauge goes to the top, beyond high, and stays there whenever the engine is running. Rene, the manager, redid the oil change but the gauge remains at the "beyond high" level.  He did not know why this is occurring and gave me the card of a mechanic he recommends.
Damage Resulting = Don't know yet as I plan to go to the Mazda dealer for a check as soon as possible

[1620] David in San Ramon, CA  Stripped Oil Plug

After several trips to Jiffy Lube over the last 3 years, they not only stripped my oil pan bolt but lied about fixing it.  They did admit that they stripped the pan and put the wrong bolt back in.  However they offer no solutions other than saying "well we can tap it and that will fix it for a couple of oil changes".  No offer to replace the pan and they even wanted me to pay for the re tapping of the pan.

This last time, I replaced my oil on my own, since we moved I have no desire to drive 50 miles to get my oil changed, and upon removing the bolt I noticed how stripped the pan was.  It was not going to go back in.  After calling the Jiffy Lube and asking how they plan on fixing this, they again gave almost no solutions.  The only solution was for me to drive to Dublin (25 or so miles away) and the guy there (his friend) could re tap the pan (again supposedly).  Now at this point my car has no oil and is not drivable.  He had no solutions nor did he offer any compensation for the tow truck that would need to be called to get the car anywhere.

This place should be stripped of its license if they cannot properly change the oil in a car and then choose to lie about it.

[1619] Marion in Grants Pass, OR  Destroyed Transmission

On 10/01/2010 I had my 2001 and had an oil change and trans serviced and the car has never driven the same.  When I took the car in to be serviced it would down shift normally and after the service from Jiffy Lube got done the car would down shift hard.  I went back several days later and to ask why I had the two oil spots on my drive way and why the down shift was hard.  I was told its was because I had the trans serviced and it would work itself out.  The Power steering was over serviced, the exterior windows were not cleaned very well as there was bird poop still there.  Also I ask then if there was a rag or plastic bag hanging under the car.  They said no but when I took the car to Jesse's Auto & Trans for them to look at it they found the plastic bag and it was the first thing that they saw.  Its hard for me to understand how a person can get under a car and never see it.

If the people at Jiffy Lube would have talked to about what might happen to the cars trans I would NEVER had it services.  I had a call from Allan and he gave me a case number 586458 and I haven't heard from him since.  I gave him the information of when, who I saw, and what they found.  The car in now in the shop and that trans is being complete overhauled.and I have to lay out a lot of money for the mistake the Jiffy Lube people caused me.  I live on a fixed income and I am retired.  I trusted them to do me a good job and it back fired on me.

Update: Since your last e-mail my car has been in the shop getting the transmission repaired to a tune of $2000.00 and I have been wondering what is my next move to do about the work that was done.  If it had to be done again I would never have the transmission oil changed and I HOPE that Jiffy lube has instructed the owner and workers to explain what could or will happen if they do get the oil changed.  I am a completely disafited customer and I will never trust my car to be serviced at Jiffy Lub EVER AGAIN.

[1618] Mirna in Sylmar, CA  Incomplete Services

There are several concerns I have encountered at a few locations at Jiffy Lube.  One location is 15000 Olive View DR, Sylmar,CA.  This location the service people were rude,unprofessional , not courtous.  On top of that they were suposed to change oil and rotate tires. When I was given the invoice and my car key that my service was complete, I reviewed the invoice. Noticed "Rotate Tires" said Complete???  I NEVER saw them rotate tires.  Then I mentioned to the cashier and said he would check!! Ends up that it did not get DONE!! 

Another experience at this location,I mentioned my tire seemed flat and needed to be checked. All they did was add air!! . The Next morning my car had that TIRE FLAT!! It was an inconvenience and upsetting. Jiffy Lube person should of inspected it ,then found that there was something in the tire causing it!!! But thye neglected and just added air. More upsetting and disappointed in their "Pledge of Satisfaction Statement", so false. This is a huge inconvenience  more so when I go work and drop my kids off to school that day.

I did call the Corporate office to inform the incidents and was on hold for 15minutes 27 seconds. Then optioned to email/file.   This is the last place I take a car or recommend.

[1617] Scott in Apple Valley, MN  Danger from Loose Lug Nuts

I got a tire rotation done at Jiffy Lube.  The next day, after getting on the freeway for the first time, I noticed the front end starting to shake.  The longer I drove, the worse it got.  I thought it was maybe not balanced properly, and since it was night time and dark, I couldn't really see anything that looked like a problem when I looked.  The next day I realized that four of the five lug nuts on the front passenger side were not tight.  In fact three of them were close to coming off completely.  I took it back to Jiffy Lube, and told them something was wrong, but did not mention that I knew they didn't tighten one tire back on.  The mechanic came back and said it was a tie rod issue, and wasn't caused from anything that they did.  When I then asked him if he was sure everything was done properly, including completely tightening all lug nuts, he lied right to my face and said "yes".  Needless to say, I will never be going back to Jiffy Lube again, ever!

[1616] Brandon in Walnut Creek, CA  No Oil Destroys Engine

this jiffy lube ruined my car!  i just bought my car a 93 infiniti g20 there was no engine problems at all with it, i drove from oakland (30 min drive) and else where. well to tranfer the title i had to get it smogged so befor doing so i decided to have the oil changed it passed smog no problem but i only drove about 10 miles after jiffy lube and smog (they were next to eachother). i decided to cut through a church parking lot as a short cut to get home when all a sudden my check oil light came on and my car almost instantly started making noise. im gona have a mechanic check it out but from what i can tell is my car is screwed. i beleave they barley if did at all put oil in my car. i may have to get a whole new car now.cuz an engine is more then just buying another car. im pissed and my car is in a private parking lot i hope it dont get towed as i write this. waiting for my mechanic friend to get off work. im to broke to afford anything else right now.

[1615] David in Las Vegas, NV  Air Filter Fraud

I brought in my car for a oil change. The mechanic showed me that my air filter was a little dirty so I told him to put a new one in.  I waited for about 20 minutes. I quickly glanced at the receipt and payed for it. When I got home I noticed that there were some small scratches on my back bumper, and one corner of my trunk and that they didn't replace the air filter they cleaned it with compressed air and charged me $18.99 I could of bought a brand new air filter for my car for $8.99.  I was infuriated when I saw all this. I didn't go down in person because I didn't want to get in a fight with them. I called and for 3 days straight their phone was off the hook I called every half hour. I just kept getting beep beep beep.  None of these scratches were there before. I wash and wax my car every week, and use a duster to take the dust off of it every day so I would know if it was there or not.

I would appreciate it if you would post this on your jiffylube website, as to help other people not get robbed by jiffy lube. I will help spread the word of what horrible service jiffy lube is.

[1614] Reginaldo in Dorchester, MA  Wrong Wiper Blades

On September 1st my wife had Jiffy Lube change the oil, oil filter and air filter in her car.  They also changed the wiper blades.

When we used the wipers in the first rain, we noticed that the blades were squeaking excessively and bumping on the base of the windshield.  Clearly the blades were not appropriate for this car.  We had not driven the car in the rain until this week. Once I saw that these blades did not serve, I removed them and replaced them with original blades that I bought.

Today, October 16th I went to the same Jiffy Lube to change the oil in my other car.  I brought the inappropriate blades with me to return and request a refund.  I spoke to the manager, Don Osgood. He refused to refund the price of the wiper blades.

Our conversation was civil, but I am disappointed and frustrated with the outcome. I do not recommend to make wiper changes. Even it works when dry could be an issue when wet....

[1613] Merry in Lakewood, WA  Refused to Replace Wrong Filter

We had our Ford f250 serviced at the Lakewood , Wa store on our way to bakersfield, Ca.  We noticed later that they used the wrong air filter, it didn't fit right.  When we got home we went to the 128th street Everett, wa store.  He said it was our problem, seems to be working.  What?  Then he said maybe WE switched it, but it shows on the receipt the incorrect Part number!

He said to take it back to Lakewood, as he wasn't going to help us.  The lakewood store is a 80 min drive, in good traffic.  I told the representative that I didn't want to drive all the way back there.  And since servicing my diesel is $125 a pop, he should try to assist me.  He refused.

I am so disappointed in Jiffy Lube, we have 3 other cars we service there not to mention our 4 children's cars.

[1612] Verlene in Des Plains, IL  Broke Hood Latch

I took my vehicle for an oil change at your location in Des Plaines, Illinois.  The service person broke my hood lever inside the car and tied down the hood so it that stay down.  That was the only remedy they offered my.  I would like to have Jiffy Lube cover the repair charges.

[1611] Employee in South Bend, IN  Employee

I am feeling compelled to share with you the recently questionable actions of my manger (Danny Dameron). I am sure that you will shortly hear my Managers perspective on my inevitable termination, however, I also wanted  the truth to be told as well.  I was told that drugs tests were going to be taken and so I took it upon myself to let my manager know that I would probably fail due cannabis use in the last month.  Knowing the risks of sharing this information, I chose to do it - to be honest with him.   I shared this with him literally on the way to the testing lab and He asked if could be prepared to test sometime that same week.  After the discussion, there was a clear understanding that I would be tested that week, and that I would have to use a detox to pass the day of the test. He turned the car around and we had an agreement.

11:15am on Friday, The manager told me to "prepare" for the test that would happen within an hour remembering the requirements of the detox.  He had to  take another employee to test. They too returned within 12 minutes and claimed that the lab was closed, ironically the same lie he instructed me to tell others when he turned the car around the day of my trip. The rest of the day I kept reminding my manager of the 4 hour window for the detox to be effective. He kept reassuring me that it was ok, he had things under control. 30 minutes from my day being complete the manager not only chose not to take me to the test, but also let me go home early. With a sense of urgency, I reminded him of the importance of testing that day and the fact that I was counting on him to stick to his word as my manager.

I know that in regards to the cannabis use, it is illegal. I have never used at work, and in the words of my manager, "It has never affected my job performance." I feel that the manger did this to me purposely, setting me up for failure in this situation.  In Hindsight, I knew something like this would happen..simply from the way he performs and 'manages' things at store 834. For example, the way he chooses to drink at work and his double standards on many Jiffy Lube Policies an observation that I have discussed with my District Manager within my first month of employment.

I am sadden that most likely I will be losing my employment with Jiffy Lube, partly because my store manager plays games with peoples lives.  I applied at this store upon moving to Indiana from Florida, after the great experiences with the Jiffy Lube work environment during my time at the Orlando Store.  I would hate to find out that he once again, got away with having no professional integrity.

[1610] Kat in Boulder, CO  No Oil Destroys Engine

2 weeks ago I took my car to Jiffy Lube in Boulder, CO.  Now I am a car savvy woman and I typically do my own oil changes, I was just running out of time trying to get ready for my road trip.  I travel a lot so keeping my car in good condition is top on the list.  I took my car to Jiffy one week before I was to leave for my trip.  That following Friday I drove to Denver and back a 25 mile drive each to discover on parking at home my car was smoking.  I opened my engine to find that it was covered in oil. The next day I took my car to Jiffy and they tightened the oil filter.  The apologized and said they cleaned and took car of it.  Little did I know until Tuesday while cleaning and checking my car that they had not topped off the oil that had leaked out due to the loose oil filter.  I was slightly concerned due to the fact that I use my car quite a bit and it had now been 5 days that I had been driving since they did the oil change and the oil had leaked, but it seemed to be running fine.  Wednesday we left for the road trip.  Typically my car between oil changes will only need a quart added to the reservoir but on the way to Chicago I had to add oil as well as when we got to Chicago and on the way home and yet 45 min outside of Denver my engine seized due to the amount of oil that my engine was now burning due to the damage that was done from driving just around town because Jiffy left my oil filter loose and then didn't add oil. 

I now have to have my long block and manifold replaced and doubt that I will see any compensation from Jiffy when I call them tomorrow because when I stopped in to the Jiffy that I took my car to their only words to me were, "That really sucks."

[1609] Jim in Cranford, NJ  Danger From Loose Lug Nuts

I'm from Westfield, NJ and I took my car to the Cranford, NJ Jiffy Lube on Sat 9/18/2010 for a routine oil change and they also offered to rotate my tires. I initially told the person no, stating I was in kind of a hurry.  But he persisted as they always do, so I paid the additional $24.99 and was on my way.  Well that day me and my Dad made a 100 mile trip down to Delaware and as we arrived I could hear my front wheel squeaking and making a lot of noise. A sick feeling entered my stomach. We checked the wheel and found that all 5 of my lug nuts were loose and one was actually now missing. Even more unsettling was that on the other 3 wheels there were at least 2 or 3 lug nuts that were also loose. Well I went back to Jiffy Lube that Monday morning and spoke to the person I had dealt with, and he just stated that he wasn't the one that performed the service and he would tell his manager, who I could barely see peeking from behind a door nearby.

All they offered was to replace my missing lug nut. I didn't want to push for any other compensation but just told them for training purposes and especially customer safety please tell their people to make sure they're tightening lug nuts!! I'm guessing their pneumatic wrench or whatever it's called wasn't on the right setting and the person was inexperienced. When I look back and realize that Saturday down to Delaware could have been me and my Dad's last day on earth I know I'm never going back to Jiffy Lube for anything.  Thanks for reading. 

[1608] Jim in Nashville, TN What Else Did They Forget?

This is going to sound rather minor but if the simple things are not being performed it makes me wonder if the rest of the services are being performed.  I have had four vehicles serviced for oil changes in the past two months.  Two of those vehicles did not get their windshield wiper fluid reservoirs refilled.  Both were completely empty when I took the vehicles in and both were completely empty when I left.  This was only noticed a day or two later and it just wasn't worth my time to return.  I keep spare gallons of fluid at home and I just went ahead and refilled them.  My wife called about the first vehicle.  Never received a response.  Just tonight I discovered the second vehicle, which was serviced two days ago, had the same issue.  I just refilled it myself.  Store # 1038 in south Nashville Tennessee seems to have trouble performing this simple task.  Makes me wonder what else they are missing/not performing.  Funny how there is no Email contact for Jiffy lube.  Just a phone number to call during the daytime.  I have been utilizing the services of this store for several years but after reading some of the posts on the internet I am not really comfortable doing so in the future.  Just my two cents worth.

[1607] BT  Overcharging for Parts

My experience is they are parts sellers. My car has 140000 miles and they want me to buy a new radiator cap like a fool I bought one for 12.00$. do they get commissions for parts sold? hummmm

[1606] Annamarie in Anaheim, CA  Overcharged From Estimate

I went in to have my fluids checked.  The original estimate was for 43.10. I did not approve tire rotation or anything else. when I went to check out, my bill was $311.79. I did not sign for the estimate and I also did not authorize much of what they did. Admittedly, I know nothing about cars so when they said my transmission fluids needed changing I agreed but was not informed of the costs. I returned home and showed my friend the bill, he told me to talk to the manager "Tony". I called ahead to see when he would be there and went down. He was not there but I was assured of a return call. It never came.

[1605] Troy in New Braunfels, TX  Nitendo Theft

Customers beware. Took my truck to Jiffy Lube New Braunfels, TX for oil change.   My young son's Nintendo DS came up missing after service. Customer service response was unbelievably poor. Would not identify employees that had access to vehicle. Avoid this business like the plague.

[1604] Dan in Arlington, VA  Destroyed Engine

We brought our 2010 Subaru into Jiffy Lube for an oil change before a long trip that coming weekend.  We had right around 7k miles on the car when I rolled in right before closing.  I was in and out in about 20 minutes and everything seemed fine.  About 250 miles later, my wife notices the back window is completely fogged over and I look out the side mirror to see blue and white smoke coming off the back of the car.  I look at the dash and the oil light is on.  We pull over immediately and my wife shuts the car right off. 

Two tow trucks later, the Subaru dealership three states away (where we were when we had the problem) tells us the engine and turbo are done.  At this point, were stranded three states away from home, so I call Enterprise and get a rental car.  Being that the Subaru is our only car, we have nothing else to fall back on.  To make matters worse, we have our first child due in November and, as of October 1st, our car still doesnt have an engine.  We need the car back, so we can get the car seat installed!  Plus, the car is still three states away, so were going to need to drive the 400 mile round-trip route again to eventually get the car back.  The engine, turbo, labor, and tax is coming in a hair under 7k.  That 7k doesnt include the rental car that were going to need for the three week period nor does it include the costs associated with the tow trucks.

The acting store manager at Jiffy Lube (the normal guy was supposedly on vacation) seems to have been really nice so far, but Im already starting to get the run around.  They told me an adjuster was supposed to look at the car on 9/30, but no one ever showed.  Ive put in three calls to corporate with ZERO call backs from a district manager or any other authority.  Im going to be meeting with our lawyer friend on Saturday and giving her the full rundown.  Shes already stated that Small Claims Court will be inevitable and she plans on suing for the fuel consumed for the extra trip to get the car and lost wages due to being stranded in another state for a day and missing work.

[1603] Joshua in Friendswood, TX  Huge Markups

Store in Friendswood TX pressured my wife into buying 2 mini bulbs they "claim" were burnt out. No biggie right? What? $30!!!!

How in the hell does 2 - $0.57 light bulbs end up costing $30? That's a 5163% markup! No really, it is.   If percent increase or decrease is (B - A) / A, then $30 - $0.57 = $29.43   $29.43 / $0.57 is then 51.63 which is in decimal form. To get a percentage, just multiply by 100 to get 5163%.

Just so you know I'm no BSing about the bulb price, take a look for yourself. http://www.autopartsexpress.com/searchitem.epc?lookfor=L194

I just want to say thanks Miguel. Thanks for your dishonesty. It's people like you that are leading our society to the wonderful place where we are at right now. Where would we be without you?

[1602] Victim in Mission, KS  Accustomed To Being Sued

I am disabled and elderly.  I feel I was threatened by manager, told harshly with anger and rudely to "You go sue Jiffy Lube!!!"  ... because they have many lawyers and have won a lot of suites and are used to this!!"    I was so shocked.  I have been going to Jiffy Lube for many years.  I got off phone and cried hysterically at what Jiffy Lube had allowed to be done. 

In looking for number to call for help, there seemed to be MANY class action suits, and pages upon pages of very dissatisfied customers, plus a News Video with hidden cameras of what Jiffy Lube does to people that I couldn't believe.  I feel my problem surfaced by Jiffy Lube employee was potentially actually life threatening, and they seemed to care less???  I tried to print out some of what I found, including what seemed to be many FALSE International numbers they have posted to call, which in reality is Shell.  I have posted example below.  Shell was just as rude, but a young girl doing only what she was told.  I have no complaint over her trying to do her job and probably innocent.


Jiffy Lube International, Inc.
P.O. Box 4427
Houston, TX 77210-4458
(713) 546-4100

Below is more confusing about "Heartland" in my opinion when every site refers one to Dallas, TX.  I don't understand how would one get them to help, since they are the "Heartland" Jiffy Lube I have been left in tears with? 

Heartland Automotive Services, Inc., dba Jiffy Lube, will Relocate

its Corporate Office to Dallas, TX
OMAHA, Neb., July 1, 2010 - Heartland Automotive Services, Inc., the largest
franchisee of Jiffy Lube Stores in the country, has announced a plan to relocate its
corporate office to Dallas, TX."

I do have another case #, they seemed to be kind, asked me to keep tapes, copies, etc., but I'm not a legal person ... I'm stressed to the max, especially with the phone call from the employee!  Who would pay me for all the documentation I need to protect myself and the stress it incurs or try and prove that the manager is the most hateful man I feel I've met in my life?  I think he might have actually caused hostile or defensive dishonest "fear" in his employee, as when he called me with absolutely no accurate information whatsoever, it seemed obvious he was confronted, even if on his side so to speak. He could be a good employee, but with a manager like that, his fears were obvious in his voicemail of literal lies. 

I have a Federal Security Clearance, never have been on drugs or alcohol, and I'm not just a pet peavey, drama person.  I have perfect credit, never been arrested, and even my church is concerned.  This is SERIOUS to my health, life and how Jiffy Lube is getting away with such hostile employees, ethics, no real "Company Policy and Ethics posted" I could find.  How could a manager have enough control to treat ANYONE the way he wants, let alone a customer?  I live in once, perhaps still is, the 3rd wealthiest county in America and they won't put up with this I would think.

I could not get help at the number above and they also seemed rude, but why not ... it's not Jiffy Lube International as it is confirmed on the web?   I think the potential FALSE advertising on site is misleading and is really Shell's number telling you you've called the wrong number.  They do not tell you they are transferring you, all of a sudden no one is there, and it sounds as if they have hung up.  I waited until my battery was dead.  No one was on phone. When I called back she "defensively" said ... I DOCUMENTED THIS!  I then calmed her, told her it was okay, and said thank you for all her efforts and to go home and have a good days rest.  I don't know the exact words of it all, but I did let her know to have a good restful day, as she had to work all night. 

I then called another Jiffy Lube the next morning.  I was told, I understood, it did NO GOOD to call Jiffy Lube for help as another Jiffy Lube employee from a different store said, and I understood his comment to be that Jiffy Lube Corporate/International does not really help customers ... it's just made to look as so.  He said he would call the Director.  However, when I called back, someone I would imagine intervened, and he said he didn't have time and gave me another number to call.

He then suggested I call the Director of the region over the Jiffy Lube that I had the experience and perhaps that would help.  I called and left a message of the man he suggested.  However, in my hurt, I then called again on Saturday, the next day, again crying and so upset that a business could get away with doing this to a customer, and they said to keep all information and would look into it and took a case number.  We will see??? 

I had already called before, and it was evident they called, as I received a voice-mail from the employee that had totally dishonest information quoted in the voice mail with a background woman's prompting him what to say.  I heard her say something about "FREE" ... but I paid this man more than the $50.00 deductible, unfortunately in cash.  I did have witnesses of the apartment maintenance see him working on car, and they in fact came over twice to help me with window after he left.  I ASKED FIRMLY when calling Jiffy Lube customer service to not involve the employee as he seemed very speeded up so to speak, and knows my address and phone number.  I told them to speak to only manager, but it was obvious that the Manager approached him, which is what I EXACTLY asked PLEASE do not contact the employee, as this employee left a very dishonest voice mail. I called the man back and told in similar words that I did not ask that he be involved, actually spoke highly of him initially, (asked customer service to be sure he is not communicated with) and to determine himself what was happening.

When I called the manager before contacting Jiffy Lube Corporate or International Help, he said he would have not even been in the office when I called if it hadn't been for one of the men that helped me being so irresponsible, let alone rude, but the other employee was his best.  I don't feel a manager should speak of employees conduct to customers and demean their character.  That is none of the customer's business, nor is it my concern the man did not come to work and he had to.  Unfortunately he did and it ended up horrific that Jiffy Lube contacted him for my well being.  The "other" employee, while at the Jiffy Lube site inside the garage, told me he had asked for a vacation of 6 weeks in advance, and that Manager was making him work anyway and he seemed angry or disappointed.  He asked for it for I think his son's birthday or his, and his wife's, but the Manager did not honor and had him work many, many hours overtime.  Again, now an employee complaining about his boss at the same Jiffy Lube.  Unfortunately the economy is bad, and people will do or say anything, I feel, to keep their jobs, but this manager wasn't concerned of being hostile whatsoever and said I was???

The hostility, the horrible remarks and threats, ... they were from the Manager that bragged he worked at Toyota formerly, and he more than rudely encouraged me to get a lawyer and file a suit over and over.  He misunderstood when I told him that I was disabled and elderly and could seek legal advice on what to do, as he shouted in almost the same words, perhaps even more hostile ... 'GO AHEAD AND SUE ME ... JIFFY LUBE DOES GET SUED ALL THE TIME, THEY HAVE LOTS OF LAWYERS ... AND I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOU ... etc," .... I then told him I was "recording his verbal anger" to stop him from talking so hatefully, and wasn't really, but it didn't even stop him ... he just kept yelling.  I did call back crying, another took the phone, I think the manager grabbed it and acted friendly in front of that employee saying he had a lot of cars.  I had called very early in the morning before I think his staff was there or was just getting there and perhaps cars were going to be soon serviced.  I was hysterical, and could no longer speak and hung up.

I could not get composure, and after an hour or two that's when I called another Jiffy Lube that had been very professional in the past.  They were helpful, but I was so upset I couldn't quit crying out of fear and what Jiffy Lube allowed to be done to a human being.

Someone, someone out there please help me. 

Jiffy Lube has made it possible in their employee hiring statutes for an employee to fix your car off site and SOLICIT ON THEIR PREMISES WITH BRIBERY!  The excuse, I understand, is that they have no control what someone does on their free time???  It's not whether they are capable or not, and I seems very evident to me they could be encouraged to offer their help or at least their "driveway" to conduct tearing apart a car, as they told me that was okay, as long as they tore it apart in the drive way and not the garage???  That is almost the most trickery way I feel I've ever experienced, as the parking lot is their property, isn't it? 

On the aftermath voice mail, this man claimed I was in "poverty" and did it "out of his heart" after the first contact to get help from Jiffy Lube, but he actually considered me to do their books when their mechanic business was built with customers in March.  He said where it was, somewhere off 75th street in Mission.  How can Jiffy Lube allow this?  Their employee tore apart a car that was fixed by their employee off site with rusty old junk yard parts, put a child in danger, and a life in danger by breaking car door opener with leaving sharp razor almost edges and no one could not exit car o passenger side.  That was damaging my car, not fixing it???  They, knowingly kept the part they broke without telling the me they broke it and admitted it to the other employee ON SITE at Jiffy Lube it was in their car they didn't have at Jiffy Lube.  I was told if my car was torn apart in the parking lot they could do that???  Again, I was told ... the "other" employee knows all about you, so you can come and we will fix your car, but they didn't! 

This happening was AFTER a comprehensive claim that had already been made at insurance company, speaking to my insurance agent I've had for over 25 years and having an appraiser scheduled with $50,00 deductible.  I even had letter.  The Jiffy Lube employee said that he could get the part at an Auto Shop in Kansas for less than $26.00 and "come to my home and fix," yet he broke parts of car, put in a rusty bent part when there was absolutely no rust whatsoever and had really purchased at a junk yard, broke the widow hold, and made many more problems, even of danger.  My insurance agent told me that if I could get it for that kind of price, then it probably would be wise not to claim, as now claims were making premiums go up, although I had none before this one that would affect my payment.  I have excellent insurance history too. 

All of those problems surfaced a non safe vehicle, when what was wrong had nothing to do with not safe.   When I had oil changed, he took duck tape and taped the window shut at Jiffy Lube before his offer, as all it was ... was a broken track that pushes up and down the window.  He broke the door handle spring and door handle and made it impossible to exit car if their were a need to do so after an accident, putting a life in danger ... redundantly mentioned after he so called fixed my car.  I noticed what he did, and he asked to bring it back to Jiffy Lube.  That sounded strange, and I asked him if that was really okay.  He said yes, as the man that was there knew all about me and all the plans (bookkeeper? for new business ... I'm not clear).  He said to bring car up immediately.  I did so. He tore the door apart and at least fixed a spring so I could open it, but it still doesn't work properly.  I must be careful when opening, and avoid using the passenger side, which is difficult when one has a 5 speed shift in the middle! 

He admitted with this Jiffy Lube employee that he put the broke car handle in his car and didn't have with him and would find and super glue???  The other Jiffy Lube employee was not customer service oriented or professional, but did say "that's what you get for buying a part at a cheap junk yard," as he explained the problem and what the other employee had done.  That employee said there was a 90 day guarantee, but the one that fixed the car said "no" ... as he had got the part at a cheaper junk yard and said something about a 30 day guarantee maybe, but never followed up after my call after call.  Not even a, "I am busy and will get to it later" call.  NO RETURN CALLS WHATSOEVER!  The other man at Jiffy Lube that was to go into business with him said that the part was bent too.  That not so friendly employee was trying to set up a mechanic business with the other employee by using Jiffy Lube customers.  I have the piece of paper and phone number I was given to call when I changed oil, one side showing "Mechanic" type business.

I truly feel this is elder abuse and taking advantage of a customer that is disabled, that insurance would have cost less.  I gave the man $54.00 in cash, $10.00 in quarters, as that is all I had at the time.  I therefore have no receipt, but he would have one from the junk yard and there would be several caller-ID numbers on his phone bill to me that day without a doubt as he kept calling.  I don't think so much that the employee be addressed as much as the MANAGER ... as he was the most hateful, inconsiderate human being I have ever met.  He had no consideration whatsoever for his customer, elderly, disabled or not.  He just kept saying "SUE ME!!!" ... almost laughing out loud a bullying and poking at a customer, reversing it and saying I was hostile???  I am far from hostile and love and care deeply, but it is obvious I hurt deeply too when companies are now getting away with this kind of treatment to a long time customer.

Please note this has been going on for several months.  I was told your POLICIES give the ability for someone to do such a thing!!!  No wonder the manager is so confident, rude, hateful, and hostile, telling me I'm hostile.  I have cried for two days over such treatment, as it was on my granddaughter's birthday week .

Now even fear leaving my name if someone could get so hostile over such little resolution ....

[1601] Mark in Cypress, TX  Forgot to Tighten Plug

Service at the Grant and Louetta Cypress location has been getting worse and worse and it's very expensive. When I went last month, the price for oil and filter change plus tire rotation was $75. For that price, you'd expect good service and a quality job.

But the next day I noticed a pool of oil in my garage where my car is and knew they hadn't re-tightened the drain plug after then finished the oil change. I took it back in the next day and they fixed it after a 45-minute wait, and tried to tell me the problem was a poor oil pan seal! The car is only two years old! Give me a break.

To top it all off, a week later I noticed that the 'technician' had really scraped and gouged one of the alloy wheels when rotating them, basically ruining the looks of it.

So to sum it up, avoid this Jiffy Lube location at all costs! They're horrible!


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