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Personal Experiences


[1700] Victim  No Oil Destroys Engine

I have three incidents that I now confirmed with Jiffy Lube being responsible for my 3 vehicles engine burning within less than 2 street blocks.  I had my vehicle immediately towed to my mechanic's shop.  He immediately notice no oil, this is after an oil change of course at Jiffy Lube.  The manager view the cameras and accepted at fault and offered to fix the problem and pay for a rental car.  End story short they never paid for my rental car and released my Truck to my separated husband with no signature obtained.  I called them to try to work a warranty on my engine they refused after letting them know my 05 Toyota Tundra warranty is 100k or 7 years certified ownership with my Toyota dealer and had under 50k miles.  They only gave me a 30 day warranty on a used crappy engine.  I will never agreed or sign to accept this.  They altered my engine, my dealership does not warranty an altered engine, besides the fact they don't built them anymore, they  would but it will cost me over 6k and this is without the pistons.  Now my 2nd vehicle was my Honda Accord. Flush Engine performed and oil change, again NO OIL!  Engine made terrible noise the manager noticed no oil, so he just fill it up there and then and apologize he did not charge me, but my engine oil was not drained appropriately, was this acceptable? I don't know! anyhow After I took it to my mechanic, he managed to save my engine but I will still hold Jiffy Lube responsible for it.  

[1699] Linda in Chicago, IL  Put Oil in Brake Line

As a result of having the ultimate oil, filter, and lube service performed on my car in October, 2010 at Jiffe Lube #197, I was placed in a life-threatening event and sustained a very costly car repair.  When I complained to both the manager and a person identified as a district manager, they refused any attempts at resolution.


This is what happened.  I took my car in for an oil, filter and lube service in October, 2010.  My mileage was in the 15,000's.  The service/sales person who spoke with me about my car sold me a premium service with synthetic oils that he said would last from 5,000 to 8,000 miles.  This service was more costly than the regular service - I paid over $99 for the service.


On December 14, 2010, the low oil light came on in my car.  The mileage on my car was now in the 16,000's.  I drove over to the Jiffe Lube to find out what was wrong.  A technician told me it was probably a short in a switch but he and other employees looked at my car then serviced it.  After servicing the car, a technician told me that the oil was dangerously low and that if the light came on again I should bring it in right away.


After leaving the Jiffe Lube that day, I began to notice it was becoming increasingly harder to brake.  Progessively, I had to push down harder on the brake pedal until February 5, 2011 when the brakes went completely out while I was driving.  I had the car towed to a nearby Sears Auto Shop for repair, thinking that I needed new brakes.  When Sears checked the car, they refused to service it.  I was told that there was a foreign substance in the brake fluid line and that they were not equipped to correct the problem.  At that time, one of the service people at Sears asked me if I had had an oil, filter and lube service performed recently.  Answering yes, the service person told me I should talk to someone at the place the car was serviced.  


I went to Jiffe Lube #197 to request my last two receipts.  The person providing them asked me why I needed them and I told him my story.  That person told me that if Jiffe Lube was responsible he was sure that they would pay for the repair.  My car was towed to Castle Buick.  A mechanic named Jason was in charge of the repair.  He stated that a foreign liquid had been placed in the break fluid line and as a result the entire brake system had to be replaced.  The cost of the repair was $2,199.23 which I had to pay for myself.


At Jiffe Lube, I spoke with Rupert the store manager and a Mr. Rodriguez who was identified as a district manager.  Both of them stated that they would not pay for the repair and denied responsibility.  Both said that it was not their policy to check brake fluid.  I suggested the possibility of a mistake or negligence, but neither men would yield.  Castle Buick packed up the old brake system for me, and I have it for review.  Jason at Castle Buick is also keeping a speciman of the brake oil that he removed from the car.  That speciman is also available for inspection.


I would like Jiffe Lube is investigate this case and even inspect the evidence.  In doing so, if you are fair, I'm sure that you will agree that the Jiffe Lube at 2401 North Austin in Chicago is responsible for the damage.  Further, let me state that I live alone and my car is kept in a locked garage.  No one else has access to my car.  During the day while I am working, my car is in a Chicago Public Schools parking lot.

[1698] Mark in Aurora, CO  Forgot to Tighten Lug Nuts

<Store 520>Date 03/20/11 at 14:21 local time.

After getting a signature service with a tire rotation I discovered 5 lug nuts on the left side of my car on both left wheels were not tightened, If I had not check significant damage and injury would have occurred.  I wonder what else was not done right.  Also all attempts to contact the store were unsuccessful, the number on the invoice, found in my navigator and the phone number found on the internet were incorrect.  I will definitely not be doing business WITH YOUR COMPANY AGAIN UNLESS I can see all the work done, wonder if they actually changed the oil.  Service was slow as well took over an hour.

[1697] Victim in Los Angeles, CA  Removed Oil Cap With Pliers

I went to Jiffy Lube for a oil change in Overland Avenue and National Place, CA. in my Infiniti G35. Got out of my car went inside their office but nobody was present. I looked through their window as they drove my car into their shop to change my oil. I see the young man with the technician shirt looking around for guidance, I kept looking to see what he was doing,(thankgoodness I kept looking) he didnt have a clue of what he was doing he looked inexperience. I opened the door from their office and told one of the other technicians if the young man knew what he was doing. The guy told me he was just checking the oil. The young man didnt even know where was the dip stick for the car and didnt even know how to put it back! Then I saw him with a pair of Pliers to remove my oil cap. Thats when I walked towards him and I told what the hell are you doing? He scratched the oil cap im surprised he didnt break it! I told him why he did it but he didnt give me any answer. The other technician came up to me and he told thats what they do. Wow! I was so furious, How can they scratch stuff its not their property! I wanted to speak to a manager but told he wasnt present for the day. I told te guy its wrong on how they let some one who doesnt have any experience to work on peoples car but they look like they didnt care! Thats WRONG! So I left before the did anything else.

[1696] Eric in Sierra Vista, AZ  Disregarded Complaint

This email is notification of my intent to sue Jiffy Lube in small claims court for continued disregard of a previous complaint in which Jiffy Lube of Sierra Vista is liable for damages made to my vehicle.

[1695] Calton  Employee

This is not about me as a victim, it's about employees being treated fairly and not have management cater to their own race. It's about not giving employees their fair share of bonuses when due. Also about providing insurance for the workers. How can Jiffy Lube employ anyone without offering their employees any kind of Health Insurance. What happens when someone gets sick, or need to go to the Dentist? How can this be happening in America?

[1694] James in Wichita, KS  Engine Flush Causes Problems

I am very upset went to store 54 in Wichita KS on 3-12-11 they did all flushes and fuel injection ect when I started the car the engine rev’ed up and went back down. Jiffy lube employee told me it’s the cleaner they use that it would work its way out and stop doing that. Here we are its now the 16th and my car is still doing it and it also is now when I go to stop accelerates and I have almost gone into in traffic and been hit. This is a danger to me and to to others but I have to be able to get to and from work. I have contacted customer service but no action has been taken care of. They stated they are contacting the DM but still nothing…. Strongly considering further action but am willing to give them a chance to correct the error that they caused. Not very happy about this (also have been hung up on by customer service reps)

UPDATE: Status update Jiffy Lube service center couldn’t find a problem I came back home to Oklahoma and they have sent me to ford dealer ship and it’s the Intake valve and PCM that have to be replaced Jiffy lube is paying 1500 for everything plus the price of the rental car and looks like its going to be two weeks till I have my car because Ford has to build a new PCM for the car. They are saying they are going to pay so hopefully all works out

[1693] Alan in Gainesville, FL  No Oil Causes Problems

I bought a Groupon for an oil change at Jiffy Lube in Gainesville, FL. What a terrible mistake.

I just got back from a trip to Boston - I was up there for about a week and a half. I flew through Jacksonville Int'l - about a 70 mile drive from Gainesville. Right before I left, I said hey, why not get an oil change and make sure my car's in top shape for when I get back. I went to Jiffy Lube, used my Groupon, got my oil change. The next day I drove to Jacksonville, parked and left my car there for a week and a half. I get back and my car is fine, untouched, unmoved, exactly as much gas as I left it with (meaning no one tampered with my car).

I start my drive home and about 3/4 of the way back I see a red light briefly appear on my dash. I look down and it's gone so I think that I'm imagining things. I get home, and just as I'm pulling into my parking lot, I see the red light turn on again - it's the low oil pressure light. I get out, pull the dipstick and it seems completely dry. It was about 10 at night on a Saturday so I said leave it for now, check it in the morning. I checked it again this morning and the dipstick is still dry. I call roadside assistance, get it towed to the Toyota dealer and they laugh at me for ever taking my car to Jiffy Lube. The service manager told me he has a car in his shop with 2 blown gaskets from Jiffy Lube's work. I've had to pay for a rental car (so I can get to work tomorrow), a full inspection on my Camry and any repairs that might be necessary from Jiffy Lube's shoddy work.

The worst part about this experience is imaging what last night might have been like if my car broke down on the way back from Jacksonville. There's literally nothing between Jacksonville and Gainesville. If my car broke down on the way back from Jacksonville I could've been stranded, by myself, in the dark, in the middle of nowhere.

I expect to recover from Jiffy Lube every cent that this terrible experience has cost me. I have everything documented - the receipt from Jiffy Lube in Gainesville, the receipt from the parking lot at JAX, and I will have the receipts from all the costs I incur at the Toyota dealership. I look forward to hearing from you very quickly.

[1692] Bill in Oak Park, IL  Costly Air Pressure Check

On March 12, 2011 I took my 2010 Mazda to the Jiffy Lube location on Harlem, in Oak Park, Il.

I have been a regular customer since moving to the area. I asked for an oil change and nothing more, but I went through the normal process of them trying to sell me on things I did not need, which I understand is their job.

My problem came when I left the Jiffy Lube center and in 500 yards my Low tire pressure gauge came on. I pulled the car over and discovered that when the Jiffy Lube tech  checked the tire pressure on my tires they broke one of the valve stems.

I called the store and was told that they have no responsibility for that happening, even though they did it. I proceeded to change the tire myself and returned to the store to speak with the manager who told me the same thing.  They pointed out that they have signs saying they are not responsible for this! I suppose that would be more effective if they made each customer read their signs and sign an affidavit they have read and understand Jiffy Lube policy, you can be assured I now understand the Jiffy Lube process.

The manager was very so so about it like it happens all the time. I asked him if they have had this problem and assume no responsibility why do they even check the time pressure? I certainly would have appreciated them leaving my tires alone if they did not know what they were doing.

It is now going to cost me $85.00 to have this valve stem repaired and I wanted to let someone know and also advise that it will cost Jiffy Lube  far more in my lost business , as well as any friends and family that I may be able to dissuade from using your “service”!

[1691] Victim in Camarillo, CA  Prey on Weak & Innocent

My 17 year old son went to Jiffy Lube in Camarillo, CA store #3264 today March 11, 2011 to get his oil changed. He got stuck with a bill for $341.80 for every service they could bill for!!!!!!!!!

He was ripped off because he has never had any experience with thiefs who pray on the weak and innocent. I will follow up with the BBB and dispute the charge on the credit card!!!!!

[1690] Brian  No Oil Destroys Engine

I too my Durango into Jiffy Lube for an oil change. A hour later my oil pressure dropped to zero and my engine blew. I had the truck towed to Jiffy Lube and they found the oil plug halfway out and there was barely any oil in the truck. they did not know what to do so from there i took it straight to a mechanic. He stated that the engine died because of lack of oil. Jiffy lube does not want to take fault yet everything points at them. The District Manager wants a third part mechanic but i already have two that i have contacted. 

[1689] Dick in Santa Fe, NM Broke Air Cleaner

My 2002 Honda CRV has been serviced (oil changes) only at Jiffy Lube in Santa Fe NM.  On every visit, no matter how frequent, one of the first things done is pull engine & cabin air filters.  This week, my Honda mechanic pointed out that a valve cover vent tube attached to the upper have of the air cleaner was broken off of the upper air cleaner housing.   I had to pay $81.71 for the upper air filter housing. Since no one else besides Jiffy Lube (including me) has accessed the air filter in the past, it is clear that this was caused by the unnecessary & frequent inspection at Jiffy Lube.  Honda recommends the frequency of engine air filter replacement to be around 20,000 to 30,000 miles, therefore pulling the housing for inspection on every visit is excessive and not necessary!

[1688] Jason in Jacksonville, FL Engine Sludge Removal Scam

On 3/7/2011, my daughter took her car for an oil change after school to Jiffy Lube #1823 at 11099 St. Augustine Road, Jacksonville, FL 32257. She’s 17 and knows nothing about cars but she was trying to show me that she was a responsible person. Well, they told her that she had engine sludge and it needed to be flushed or it would damage the engine. Not wanting to have her car break down and trusting the man to be telling her the truth, she had the flush done. One problem. It was a new engine. The odometer shows 116,155 miles but the engine was replaced, not rebuilt, when it had 107,795 miles by a local dealership after the crankshaft broke.

I think it’s safe to say that it takes more than 8000 miles to develop an engine sludge problem. I took my daughter’s car and her back to Jiffy Lube to talk to the manager. He told me there was sludge on the cap and it needed to be flushed. We checked the cap and the “sludge” miraculously disappeared. He said the tech cleaned it off. When I showed him the receipt for the new engine and at what mileage it was replaced, he told me he could not refund my money and all I could do is fill out a complaint form that he would give to his manager. I called the regional manager and got no return call. I also called the corporate office in Texas and got no return call.

Lesson learned for a kid with no car knowledge and a father trying to let his daughter be more responsible. These people are crooks and prey on people’s ignorance. The simple fact is that they saw a 17 year old girl and a car with 116k miles reading on the odometer and decided to make some extra money. If you or anyone takes their car to Jiffy Lube after reading this, then you deserve to be ripped off just like my daughter.

UPDATE:  I eventually filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Two days later, the regional manager called me and refunded my daughter’s money. She received a personal letter of apology (actually hand signed) and the check today. The manager of the store was also demoted and forced to undergo all their training courses again. The regional manager said that the employees are not allowed to show customers problems in order to sell them services. They are only allowed to recommend problems based on manufacturer mileage service recommendations.  The regional manager also said he had this problem with this manager and store before and thanked me for bringing it to his attention. He said most people don’t take these situations this far and he never finds out about issues. Stand up for your rights and take it to the top if you have to. Thanks to the BBB, this was resolved.

[1687] Leticia Never Replaced Oil Filter

I would not recommend this facility. I went for a oil change. The techinicians left oil marks all over my car. I drove my car off and found the engine cover uncovered and haging when I got home. The oil filter was then inspected and found that the filter had rust marks which means it was never replaced. HUGE MISTAKE AND BAD BUSINESS.

[1686] Steve in Columbia, MD  Intentional Flat Tire

My car was operating fine when I went to the Columbia MD Jiffy lube for just an oil change.  They tried to sell me a tire rotation and wanted to top off of my coolant.  I said I just wanted the oil change.  When I drove home, my car was listing to the right side and the steering pulled in that direction as well.  When I arrived home and checked my car out, I found I had less than 10 pounds/square inch of pressure in the right front tire.  I put air in the tire and the pressure has held at 35 pounds per square inch for 2 weeks, so the flat tire was not the result of a air leak. I also inspected my coolant and discovered that the level was not low as they indicated.

I could have had a accident from the flat tire.

[1685] Bryan  Check Your Gas Door

If you get the fuel service, be sure to check your gas door on the way out! I forgot to. The State police man didn’t 3 miles down the road though. Long and behold, the fuel filter cleaner bottle was hanging out the side. Guess there is no reward at Jiffy Lube for having to spend 20 minutes pulled over on the side of the road.

[1684] David Destroyed Engine

I went to jiffy lube on 3/2/11 at 7:15 Am to get my oil changed. I left and continued to work. At 12:15 Pm I left for lunch, as I was leaving the parking lot my car made a ticking sound. Being a former car guy I went to the nearest auto parts store and bought lucas oil. I went back to work and contined my day. Shortly after 5:00Pm I left for home. Less than 6 miles from home (I live less than 15 miles from work) the ticking had increase and the oil light came on, the car shuttered made a loud clang and smoke poured out from under the hood and back of the car. My car is a 92 honda accord with less than 180,000 miles on it I have kept up on regular oil changes and never had a real issue before today. I called for a tow truck and then called the jiffy lube where my oil was changed. The manager rushed out to look at the car. A friend of mine arrived at the same time. The manager got under the car for a moment said everything looks fine, my friend had noticed an oil trail from one of the entersections I went through almost all the way to where my engie blew.

[1683] Barbara in Cape May Courthouse, NJ  Wrong Filter Burns Out Filter

I had an oil change to my Honda Element, last month.  Yesterday on 2-28-11, I was driving to work on the Garden State Parkway, my engine light went on and I broke down.  Was towed to the Honda dealership.  The problems was with Jiffy Lube, they did not use a compatible filter for a Honda, thereby burning out the sensor.  Had to have the sensor replaced and filter.  The total charge for this boondoggle was $379.00 because they can’t give you the proper oil change with the proper materials for your car. 

[1682] Tonya in Raleigh, NC  Sabotage

I went to Jiffy lube to have my car inspected and the only light that was on was the air bag light. They took the keys and told me to have a seat in the waiting area, but I am not the type of person to sit down, so I stood at the window and watched them do inspections. When the guy finished my inspection and came in I asked if everything was okay because i noticed that while he was inspecting my car, he keep looking toward the window where I was standing nervously. He said no and that the check engine light has come was on. He then tried to explain to me what the causes could possibly be, but I told him no thank you, because the light was not on until I went in there. The manager then came in and stated that I had to pay for the inspection and then started telling me that i should know better driving around with the check engine light on. I informed him that the check engine light was not on when I pulled up. this made him angrier and he stated that it was on when he pulled my car in for the inspection.

The  problem with this is that he never got in my car and he didn't realize that I never  went to the waiting room and sat down like he told me to, and I was at the window the whole time watching the inspection being done. I ended up having to get a waiver from my local  DMV until I could get my car fixed, so that the check engine light would go off. The lady at the DMV told me that I needed to go back to the Jiffy lube place to have them enter the information into the computer so I could get my tags renewed. When I got there they told me that they had to pull it into the bay; I became a little upset because every time I take it to that place something on my car stops working correctly. Sure enough they pulled the hood up just to enter some information into the computer, although the DMV stated that it was not needed  since they waived the inspection for me. After 15-20 minutes  of waiting they told me that it was done and when I got into my car to drive off the power steering pump is now illuminated and won't go off and my car  will barely move down the road. I am a single mom and I don't have money to keep fixing stuff on my car that was working before I took it to jiffy lube.this company is a rip off and I wanted to warn people from going to the Jiffy lube on Capital Blvd in Raleigh NC 

[1681] Allie in Marietta, GA  Forgot To Replace Oil Cap

 I went to location Number #2123 In Marietta, ga on 2/13/2011 for signature oil service. Today I noticed oil on the floor of my garage. Imagine my surprise to discover that jiify lube never put my oil cap back on. It was sitting on the supports under my hood. Now engine covered with oil, and I will take care to Ford dealer to check for damage. Very low mileage truck, so you can expect large damage suit when I discover what negligence your people caused.

[1680] Allan in Chicago Oil Plug Missing

I had my Montero Sports 2000 oil changed at Jiffy Lube here in Chicago, IL (31st street & Halsted) last Feb 1, 2011. I was driving back home yesterday, 2/19/2011 and just exited the expressway at 35th street and while cruising 35th street my engine shut down and eventually won't start again. I could only hear clicks when starting the engine. I checked the lights to make sure my battery is not dead and walked around the vehicle and checked underneath. That's when I noticed the oil is leaking on the shroud. Then when started to looked inside the engine, I saw the drain plug lying on the shroud. And thats when I noticed the oil stain all over my vehicle. I called a friend to bring me an engine oil from a store hoping that the engine will start when I topped up the engine oil, to no avail.

I went to the Jiffy Lube shop where I had my oil changed done, and they told me to make arrangement for towing to the mechanics (Bridgeport Transmission, which they recommended) and had it checked. I took their advised and my car is parked there right now (Bridgeport Transmission). Jiffy Lube manager, told me that we'll going to wait what the mechanic's diagnostic (monday, 2/21/2011) and we'll go from there. What would advise for my next step. Please help. Thank you very much in advance.

[1679] Victim in Patchogue, NY  Costly Molly Plug Substitute

I brought my car in for a regular oil change, when my regular oil changer (Goodyear) could not make an appointment for me. After about an hour, the manager came to me and told me that the previous oil changer had stripped my oil pan and that they had to insert a molly plug. He told me that I should get it taken care of as soon as possible and gave me a card for a nearby service station, which made me suspicious. Also, he never showed me the damaged pan--just told me it was damaged and put the molly plug in--and informed me afterwards.

This didn't sit well with me, but I didn't see what alternative I had--what's done is done. I had always brought the car to Goodyear for oil changes, without ever once having a problem. There had been no leaking or low oil level after the last oil change at Goodyear, even though the pan was supposedly stripped at that point. After I spoke to my mechanic, I found out that the molly plug cannot be removed without removing the oil pan as well. It has two flanges that prevent it from being unscrewed once it is in, similar to how a wall anchor works. Once my mechanic removed the oil pan, he was able to determine that indeed the oil pan was stripped. I ended up paying for a new oil pan, and I'm out $500, with only two companies to point the finger at, and with both those companies pointing the finger at each other.

Of course, given the situation, I'm pretty sure I know who is responsible...but will a judge agree with me? After reading the stories on this site, I realize I'm lucky that my engine didn't seize, but I still find a $500 pill a pretty bitter one to swallow. If anyone has any ideas, I'm willing to listen. In the meantime, I will follow the steps on this website, escalating to small claims court if I have to.

[1678] Doug in Altoona, PA Not Jiffy

I arrived at your store in Altoona, PA at 8:02 this morning [Feb 15]. There were already 2 cars parked in one of the bays. The attendent came out and told me to shut the truck off, pop the hood and I could have a seat in the waiting room. I told him I was going to walk to K-mart ( 2 blocks away ) to pick up a few things. I came back at 8:29 and my truck hadn`t been moved. I shut the hood, got in my truck and left. There was no way I could have made it to work by 9:00. My wife and I frequent this store alot. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened, I just hope this isn`t a bad trend.

[1677] Thoggie in Victorville, CA  Unreported Accident

On 2-11-11 victorville ca, I witneseed employees back a customers truck into another customers vehicle, then the employees in both vehicles exited and went about cleaning cars, I stayed their to see. If they told vehicle owners, wich they did not, I was able to let one of the vehicle owners know what occured, he owned the truck wich showed no damage and said he didn't want to deal with it, unfortantly I know the other vehicle had damage I have their license plate # wish I could get a hold of them,  the staff just blew it off like it never happened.  At least three employees and manager are aware of what occured

[1676] Ruby in Forney, TX  Not Jiffy

On  2/11/2011, I went to the Jiffy Lube in Forney, Tx.  Across from the Walmart.  I was the number two car in line. Waited 30min.  to get into the garage. When they finally get to my car, they tell me that their wrench won’t fit the oil pan bolt.  So I waited about 45min. to get my car serviced. And no action.  There is nothing Jiffy about this location.

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