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Personal Experiences


[1800] Don in Madison, WI Oil Flush Scam

My wife went in to a Jiffy Lube today for an oil change.  She was told that she needed to have her oil flushed because it was too thick.  She agreed.  She was charged  an additional $40 for a service she did not need and a service which should not be performed.  She was scammed and ripped off.  The oil change was in Madison WI on Junction Place 53717  I would like a call back to resolve this.  I have already been hung up on by a customer service agent because she didnít like the fact the I used the ďDĒ word. I said damn.  I have been on hold for the last 20 minutes trying to speak with someone else.  My patience has been worn out.  I would like to have my issue resolved and addressed.  You should not ever be offering useless oil flushing service. Jiffy Lube has taken advantage of my wife by telling her that she needed a service that she did not need.  She drives a 2004 Volvo XC90 with 77,000 miles on it. The car has had regular oil changes at 3-5,000 miles  

[1798] Joseph in Fairhaven, MA 2 Bolts Same As 4 Bolts

I have a big problem with Jiffy Lube in  Fairhaven, MA.  Sunday, Aug 21, 2011 at 9:15 am  
You apparently have a manager at JL with a huge attitude problem.  The guy was apparently in charge or was the assistant manager also working on some cars.  I noted the tech had only replaced 3 of the 4 bolts he removed from a plastic wind diffuser cowling on my mountaineer. When I requested that the other bolt be found and replaced,  this gentleman responded  by telling  me it would work fine with 2 bolts and gave me a very scowling look.   He then went and said some words to the oil changer and returned to to the waiting room taking my $59.00 for the oil change.  No smile and just daggers. You dont treat customers like that.    I feel such an attitude will cause that particular store to close down in such a small town within 12 months.  I also own a small business and had I seen an emplioyee treat customer that way, I would cut back their hours until they learned to treat customers with respect and get the Poor attitude monkey off their back.   If the engineers felt that 2 bolts would hold the cowling they designed, it would have been manufactured as such.   I expect when I drive in with 4 bolts I should drive out with 4 bolts.  I was also made to feel that I was lucky they worked on my car.  Sorry, I paid for that service and I have many other choices.
I'm a Valvoline fleet user and I guarantee that Jiffy Lube or at least that particular JL is a minor league player  compared to Valvoline or even Sullivan Automotive.  Poor attitude from the Ass't/manager travels right down to the employees and I do not intend to return.  You never gave me a reason to return and that's the first commandment  of a business.

[1797] Juanvasquez in Camarillo, CA  Oil Not Clean

1On August 20, 2011 I took my truck to the local Jiffy lube Located on las posas rd in Camarillo CA 93010 for oil and filter change.I left my truck and I was told that they'll call me in about 45 min. 2 hrs later I call and they said that they forgot. To call me. I went to pick up my truck and paid for the "service". After that I decided to check my truck to make sure that I got what I paid for. I check the oil and It was not as clean as supposed to be. After that check the oil filter and it was same filter that my truck had when I took it in. I spoke to the manager and he said that did what he was suppose to. He even gave me the oil filter that he supposedly removed. And they also showed me the video where I saw a technician pouring the oil in with out replacing the oil filter. When I left I took with me the filter that they supposed removed from my truck turned out that this filter was for a different vehicle. I'm very upset and disappointed to see that these employees are doing exactly what other franchises did in the past. I left feeling suspicious about the job I paid for was not done.

[1796] Sylvia in Austin, TX 2nd Time Problem

I was at your Austin Location on 12621 Research Blvd. last Saturday. I asked for a basic oil change. What I got was a full service, vacuum, window wash, etc.

When they were done they let my car sit outside of the bay for nearly 10 Minutes. When I finally went to the person who took my car in he told me that the manager had to cash me out. Finally a young man came in to cash me out. Because of the wait he gave me a  $15.00 coupon off. He explained to me the manager was new and not very good at his job. I had to agree. You could see the angry and aggravated faces of the Employees. I did not want to cause more aggravation to the people there, so I paid for the service which came to $32.88. When in fact it should have been a lot less. I am disappointed with that location. This is the 2nd time I did not get what I asked for. They should have all my info for the car on the computer, yet they ask me again and again what oil was being used, etc.

I am seriously considering other companies because of the lack of leadership and wrong service issues.

[1795] Mary in Tomball, TX Lying Time After Time

Jiffy lube is a joke !! I would not recommend jiffy lube to no one .. I have been taking my cars to jiffy lube for a long time .. and the last time I took my car there was bad and its happen once before but I just blow it off hoping they would change but I guess I was wrong .. now I know the truth . I might be a female but I am not stupid when it comes to my car . Jiffy lube are nothing but liers jiffy lube should do what jiffy lube say on the paperwork instead of lieing and not doing the stuff but said yall did cause I am paying for that . Also when I called jiffy lube they said they would fix the problem just bring the car back so I did and they fixed it they also said they would give me a free oil change next time but when I bought my car down there for them to fix it the manager wasn't there so they said I have to come back for the coupon but they would fix what they didn't do so they did and then when I went back they told the manager nothing was wrong I should of took a picture knowing that yall lie but I didn't . ( my bad ) I will make sure my friends know about what jiffy lubes are and recommend them to stop going there and for them to tell everyone they know .. I already posted my experience on Facebook !!! Also everytime I go to a jiffy lube there is never the same people working on your car and that is bad when people usually change there oil ever 3000 miles ..

[1794] Donald in Columbia, MO  Always Double Check Their Work

On Monday 8/15/11 I had an oil change done on my Ford focus (2008) and after sitting in my garage over night I toke a  moment before work and checked the oil level to be sure it was filled properly,  The dip stick showed a reading slightley below the minimum mark on the stick.My garage floor is a level floor, so that can not be the problem. When I stopped by the service facility and complained I was given a full refund by the manager,(without him even checking or showing any regret). I can"t help but wonder how many blown engines there have been from people not checking there services to be sure they are done proper. also makes me wonder how often they change the filter.

[1793] Sheree in Long Beach, CA  Leaking Oil

Went into Jiffy Lube store #2688 in Long Beach Ca. I had been house-sitting for friends so thought Id run over before heading home to have an oil change. Noticed the next morning that the engine oil had leaked all over their very clean driveway. Had to get back home-2hrs away and the store hadnt opened yet for me to go back. Got home and now oil all over my driveway as well. Checked the oil level to find it was over filled and then under car to wipe off. Found one of the red rags they use. WHAT A JOKE THIS COMPANY IS!!! I will never return to any jiffy lube and will advise all that I know the problems I encountered. Even tried to give some feedback on their website which was not working!! Then called with a wait time of 10 minutes...Im sure many are calling to complain which explains the long wait time.


[1792] Melissa in Austin, TX  Solicitation Over The Line

Among its other shortcomings, Jiffy Lube also allows solicitors to approach its customers, with unwanted products and services...
I went into the Jiffy Lube on East Riverside Drive in Austin Texas on August 16,2011 for an oil change. It was expensive ($41 for the basic- they *wanted* me to get the $75 high mileage oil change because my car has 103,000 miles- I told them no).   They told me Honda reccommended various services, and tried to get me to buy new filters, among them the cabin filter for $50! Again, I told them no, and later on came to your site & read the experience of the person who stated they went to Auto Zone and found out that cabin air filters can be purchased for $12. Overpriced!
I was the victim of the bait-and-switch.. on the wall, it stated changing out light bulbs and assemblies was $12.50- when I asked them to include the work, I was told "That'll be $25.00, but I can knock off $5 for you." I didn't confront them- just had the bulb replaced.
The icing on the cake, or the straw that broke the camel's back, came as I stood in the waiting area, waiting for my oil to be changed. A person, shortly identified as a solicitor, walked into the Jiffy Lube, walked up to me, and began pitching his doodad- "Target sells them for $15, but I have them for $5." I had to tell him "no" what felt like 20 times to get him to stop bothering me and leave. I am SO sick of solicitors, as I suspect most people are, and really didn't expect to encounter one in Jiffy Lube. I work for a store on E Riverside as well, and my store as well as most stores I know of have a strict No Solicitation policy- you'll be told no, you cannot solicit & asked to leave if you try.
I asked the employee cashing me out, "Does that happen often?"
His reply was "Yeah- sorry about that. He asked us if he could, and we told him yes."
Jiffy Lube does not value its customers very much if it allows solicitors into its stores to bother them while they are trying to get their oil changed or their cars repaired. I will not do buisness with Jiffy Lube again, and this is a good sized part of the reason. In the future, I'll go to the Honda dealership, even if it's further away and they take longer, and sit in the comfy leather chairs, drink a Coke, and NOT be bothered by solicitors while I wait to have my oil changed.

I called back Jiffy Lube this morning to ask the manager why on Earth they would allow a solicitor into their store- he wasn't rude or ugly, but did deny he knew anything about it (said he was brand new & had just been there 2 days). I told him he had lost my business but maybe could save other customers by addressing this problem- his response was "thanks for bringing it to my attention."
Time will tell if they address it or not- to me it's still unacceptable that this happened in the first place. Charge high prices, I'll say yes or no. I think the level of upsell is unreasonable ( my $4 pan of breadsticks, heck my $15 order of buffalo wings,  and your $50 air cabin filter are not in the same league) but agree that yes, buisnesses do upsell products customers don't necessarily need or want to make money. As my boss says, "We are a buisness, not a charity."  We do, however, have a strict No Solicitation policy as previously mentioned, and would never have a solicitor on the premises to bother our customers. *That* is just over the line.

[1791] Marion Destroyed Transmission

I wrote to you back in 2010 after my experience with Jiffy Lube experience and I was given a case number by Allen and it is 586458 and I haven't  heard a word from you people.  I am getting up-set be cause you people as a Big Oil Company has not answered my request on  Who going to pay for the transmission that need a complete overhaul because on what experience I had with Jiffy Lube.

[1790] Heather in Hemet, CA  Nicest Techs

The  entire service crew over at Jiffy Lube in Hemet, CA has one my vote on best customer service in all of CA. I was camping with my kids, coming down out of the mountains when my coolant light came on. I know nothing about cars and it was a Saturday.  I pulled into the Jiffy Lube in Hemet CA and was greeted right away by the nicest service techs. They pulled my car in took a look and told me I had a cracked radiator. They told me I better get it fixed before I continue my two hour drive back home. The service techs gave me a 101 on radiators and what to do if it overheats on my way to fix it. Then to my surprise they even topped off my coolant and checked and topped off my oil. They never charged me anything and sent me on my way to a radiator mechanic. I was a stranded mom with a car full of kids and we were pretty much helpless. Thanks to the wonderful and caring techs at JIffy Lube I made it home safely. This day and age it is hard to find exceptional customer service like I found in the tiny town of Hemet. I am so grateful to them for  helping me out and educating me on what to do with my car.  I plan on getting my oil changed ever time I go camping now at the JIffy Lube in Hemet store number #3187.

[1789] Nancy in Rockville, MD  Destroyed Transmission

I took my 1997 Mercury Tracer to Jiffy Lube in Rockville Md to do an oil change.  They told me I would need a transmission flush.  The vehicle was only 3 years old and had 30,000 miles on it.   I went ahead and had this done.  30 days later the car just died on me and I had a mechanic look at and he told me that the Transmission was destroyed.  He was able to help me with a used one and I got the car to work again.  But i never took my car to any Jiffy Lube again..  I go to another oil service place in MD and when they say i need this or that done, i simply tell them I will have my mechanic take a look at.  

[1788] MJ  New Wipers After Six Weeks

Just changed my oil.  I recently detailed and did some repair on my engine.  They splattered oil without cleaning it off.  One "technician" said that my wipers need changing.  I recently changed my wipers less than six weeks ago.

[1787] Eric in Puyallup, WA Stripped Oil Plug

I have a 2003 Honda Civic that I took to the Puyallup store for an oil change. During that change they stripped my oil plug, which I didn't discover till I got home and found my car leaking oil. I drove back to the same store and they put a piggy back plug in, telling me after I questioned how well that would hold up, that it was a permanent solution and it was done all the time. I have looked extensively for the letter from the Puyallup Jiffy Lube store giving me the "free oil change" for my time in having to go back and have them replace the plug that was stripped on May 24th of 2008. I have only been able to find the same oil change sheet that you have seen showing the oil change itself. Unfortunately in the last three years I have been through 2 floods at my apartments by the sprinkler system and lost many documents.

All that aside, here is where things stand. If you haven't already, I'm sure that you can look up and see that since I have owned my 2003 civic, all but a handful of times that I went to the dealership, Jiffy Lube has serviced my car. So it's pretty apparent that the chances that someone else damaged the oil plug is pretty slim. You must have an idea by now that if someone else had put that piggyback plug in my car I would certainly be asking them to fix it instead of you. Doesn't it seem odd that I would name a jiffy lube that I went to once 3 years ago as being the one's who did it out of the blue on the spot with Shelly after being told by her that the plug was not supposed to be permanent? If I was trying to bilk Jiffy Lube for someone else's mistake I would have named one that I usually went to and certainly not 3 years later. Remember, I didn't come to you and say you broke my car, YOUR employee told ME that the car was damaged. Not to mention the fact that that plug had been that way for years of servicing at your facilities and not one of your employees before Shelly had mentioned anything about that plug being temporary. As a matter of fact, in my mind Shelly deserves praise for having the integrity to say something when nobody else did.

You have already told me on the phone that you would not fix my car till I came up with some document showing what was done. So here is where I stand, I'm not going to threaten to sue, I know you have deeper pockets and frankly my time is worth more than the $400 or so dollars it's going to take to fix it. However, as stated above my car has been service at your shop at least since 1995, that's the last surviving record of service I have from Jiffy Lube, although I know it's been longer. In that time you have done all but a hand full of the oil changes, all the fluids, lights, transmission, and filters for the first 100,000 miles I have owned that car. If every oil change averaged just $50 and I came to you just 25 times in the last 6 years that's $1250. I know I have spent well over that much over the years, because you have done more than just oil changes, and I use synthetic oil. I expect another 100,000 miles to be put on it, that's more oil, belts, fluids, bulbs, and filters. My girlfriend takes her Saturn to you because of my recommendation, my best friend takes her Chevy Silverado to you for the same reason, and I just bought a brand new Subaru Forester that is coming up on its first non-breakin oil change, which by the way uses ONLY synthetic oil. That is 4 vehicles worth of business that I can guarantee you will never seen again, considerably more that it will cost to fix what I know and guess you probably suspect as well, your company broke. I will also tell everyone I know and everyone I have the opportunity to tell, how your company broke my car, lied to me about it and wouldn't fix it.

The options as I see them are, you can lay out a whopping $400+ to fix the car you damaged now, or you can blow me off, and cost your company several thousand dollars in business in the long run. It's your choice.

[1786] Debra in Richmond, VA  Stripped Oil Pan Bolt

I got my oil changed on Saturday July 9th @ the Pouncey Tract Road location in Richmond, VA.  I was told my oil pan bolt was stripped and that it would cost me a couple hundred dollars to get fix.  This was my first experience with Jiffy Lube and my last experience.  I told the young man I believe he stripped it when he tried to take it off he said he didnít, it had to be from someone else that changed my oil before.  I advise him if it was stripped before then it would not been screwed on.  Common sense tell you if a bolt is stripped then it will not hold up or screw on.  After looking at all the complaints people stated I believe Jiffy Lube have some people working for them that need some major training.  After I paid for the oil change the lady at the registered told me to sign the receipt and circle no# 5 and I did but didnít realize no# 5 was for overall satisfaction and she had everyone circling no#5.   I need an Operation Manager to contact me as soon as possible via email.   I believe Jiffy is responsible for my situation and need to pay to replace the oil pan bolt.

[1785] Susan in Raleigh, NC Brake Pad Installed Backwards

I recently sent my young daughter to a Jiffy Lube at Triangle Town Center in Raleigh NC. 6304 Capital Blvd. She went in to get her tires rotated and the mechanic broke a wheel stud and claimed, he broke it because one was broke on another wheel .He wanted her to buy the parts and bring them in to have it fixed. Seriously???? I called complained and insisted they get the parts and fix it! He told her to come back on the following Monday and he would have the parts. She drove 25 miles one way that Monday only for him to tell he didn't have the parts. He the  told her to come i n the following Saturday. She came in waited a long time only to have him try to have her pay cash for half of it. She told him all she had was a debit card and he said to forget it! She left with her right tire making a very loud noise when she braked. We took it to a local mechanic and found out the brake pad was put on backwards. Ruined the pad and rotor! $163.00 later it was fixed by another mechanic because I refused to let her go back there. After calling the JL manager, he claimed it was impossible to put the pad on backwards and refused to accept any responsibility! After some investigating, I found out that it is possible for an incompetent mechanic! He put my daughters life in danger twice! Her brakes could have easily locked up. I expect to be compensated for the expenses we incurred. After further investigation, apparently this particular location sucks!  I will be contacting the BBB and the local news if this is not resolved to my satisfaction!

[1784] Norm Spilled Oil Causes Problems

Need a longer funnel and instructions on how to use it. When I got home, oil spilled on the engine or frame dripped oil on my concrete drive costing me $75.00 to have it rtemoved. Can't take another chance with Jiffy Lube.

[1783] Leona in Groveland, MA Leak from Oil Plug Causes Problems

I got a routine Oil Change on 11/14/2010.  Everything seemed ok.  A few days after the change we noticed the headlights on the car where dimming and it seemed sluggish.  Since it was the Thanksgiving Holiday week, we did not get a chance to take the car back until 11/28/2010.  At that time the Jiffy lube tech told us we need new headlights.  They where replaced.  Jiffy lube asked us where the oil change was done and we said in this shop.  But by Jiffy Lube could not locate the repair history on the car.   When the receipt was produced for the oil change, they \"found\" the record.

Jiffy Lube sent us on our way.  Over the next two day we noticed the car sluggish and the interior warning lights where coming on.  My husband works for an Oil Delivery Firm so the mechanics there looked at the engine.  His company mechanics told us the alternator and battery where filled with oil and it looks like an oil leak.  They did not have the proper tools to fix our 2006 Hunyadi Sonata.  I called Jiffy Lube and asked if they fixed oil leaks and Adam at Jiffy Lube told me they where not equipped for that repair.  We took the car to the dealership.  The dealership found the oil plug was not replaced properly and the oil overflowed and then drained into the alternator and Battery pan.  They cleaned the battery and alternator, noted on my receipt the problem was due to the faulty install of the plug and sent us on our way stating they would not guarantee this took care of the problem.  I drove the car home and all the interior warning lights came on.  Called the dealership and brought the car in the next day.  We decided to try a new battery.  This worked for one day, then had the car towed back to the dealership fore the new alternator.  

Right now, I have spent $908.00 repairing the Jiffy Lube damage.  I put in claim # 587838 with Jiffy lube.  The assistant manager of the Jiffy Lube called me back and stated since I did not have the repair done at his shop, they will not refund me the price of the oil change nor pay the damages.   I stated I called and was told Jiffy lube did not repair oil leaks and to take it elsewhere.  He said it, since the problem was the plug and not a leak, he would have been able to repair it.  Adam also told me since I had the car towed to the dealership; I could have had it towed to his shop for him to make the determination on the repair.
Damage Resulting = Engine had to be cleaned, new battery and new alternator.

On 12/24/2010 Jiffy Lube told me they would reimburse me half of the repair costs.  On 12/27/2010 I emailed my acceptance of the ďdealĒ.   It is now July and I am still waiting for my payment.

[1782] Natalie in Gastonia, NC Taking Advantage of a Female

I was seen at the Jiffy Lube #3150-Union Rd location in Gastonia, NC on my lunch break.  I received a receipt stating that everything was ok, completed or added & that my wiper blades & tire pressure was good.  I get in my car & notice that the tire pressure icon is still on as it had been for a week.  I went to clean my windshield & I had NO windshield washer fluid, just as I hadnít before going to Jiffy Lube.  I took my car there to have all of these issues corrected so that I didnít have to worry about doing them myself & I suppose since I was a female on her lunch hour they figured Iíd never know so they didnít bother completing the services, but they definitely charged me for them.  I called back up to the Jiffy Lube & they stated ďI must have been there during a busy time & it gotten overlooked & theyíd correct it free of charge & give me coupons for $19.99 oil changeĒÖ.I donít want the stupid coupons because I wonít be coming back & when I was pulling my car out there was not one car being worked on, so they werenít busy they are scammers.  I left corporate a message.

[1781] Michael in Woodstock, ON Canada Picketing 1 - 3 Times Per Week

I have a 2002 Mazda Tribute with 157,000 kms, in perfect working condition. The previous owner was meticulous with oil changes and maintenance of any type.  I pulled into a Jiffy Lube in Woodstock Ontario for an oil change.  There I was shown the color of my oil and told it was dark, and showed signs of sludge build up.  She recommended an engine flush. This is an obvious breach of their own standards.  Jiffy Lube will never base fluid service recommendations on the appearance or smell of your vehicle's fluids.

I now know that this is a horrible idea.  However, I agreed to the service.  30 minutes later on the expressway, my engine started making an awful noise.  I pulled over and called Jiffy Lube.  I was directed to the closest one, about 10km away.  I crawled there at 10-15km/hr, waking the dead the whole way.  There I was told they had no idea what was wrong and recommended I go to a real mechanic.  There was a Midas right down the street.  There I was told that I had thrown a bearing, likely a result of the engine flush not being done properly and stripping the oil from around the bearing, causing it to sieze.  The coincidence of the timing was far too coincidental. 

The original shop agreed that the engine was quiet coming into the service bay (they have audio/video footage of the event).  They also have heard and seen the footage of the vehicle pulling in at the second location.  Unfortunately they are moving at a snails pace, pushing paper around and in essence telling me to prove it. 

I have spoken with the Woodstock Police, and they have informed that the sidewalk is public space, and I will be allowed to picket, with signs, in front of your shop.  I have told them that I will inform them ahead of time, every time that I plan to picket.  They are in expectation of your phone call.  I will be in Woodstock anywhere from 1-3 times every week and will be at your store each of those days until this matter is resolved as it should be.  I will also be calling the Sentinel and informing them of my intentions, in the expectation that there will be press coverage, and will seek out further press outlets should this continue for any length of time.  This claim is below $10,000 for now, though with rental car charges could easily surpass that amount, so a suit will be filed in Small Claims court.  My attorney is currently advising me on which papers to file, though it is clear that Jiffy Lube International, Pennzoil-Quaker State Canada, Complete Lube Supply, and Gold Eagle will be included.  I am looking into whether you and your employee can be added to the suit, as it is quite clear that she lied when mentioning there was sludge in my oil, and you as her manager are responsible for the actions of all your employees.  I will need copies of the video and audio from that day, so please forward these to me as soon as possible.

It is unfortunate that it has come to this, but I promise you, I will not go away quietly.  For all the companies involved here, $4200 is such a small amount.  For me, however, it is a whole lot of money.  I would ask you to put yourself in my shoes.  Before entering your service bay I had a reliable vehicle with no history of problems, that ran smooth and quiet.  30 minutes later I could wake the dead with the racket coming from engine.  A sound that comes from an area in the engine serviced by you and your staff, using chemicals recommended by you and your staff in a procedure recommended by you and your staff.  If you were me, what do you think happened?

[1780] Neal Coupon Waste of Time

I made a copy of my oil change reciept, and mailed it to u for a 15$ rebate or so I thought. I got back a check payable to jiffy lube, not to me. That was a big waste of my time I can get a coupon on the internet easier.  Thanks for wasting my time, I'll look elsewhere for my  car maintenance...

[1779] Sandy in El Cajon, CA Concerns About Service

I went to Jiffy Lube last night 07/20/11 in El Cajon, California.  I know nothing about cars and I wish I had looked at this website before I went.  First I didnít know that Jiffy Lube was owned by Shell that would have stopped me.  I wanted my oil changed and they told me I had waited too long and that that I really needed to use a much more expense oil,  than I needed the engine flushed and the transmission fluid changed and the radiator fluid for a total of 450.00 then while I was waiting they told me that for another 150.00 I needed by A/C done, I said no and he said oh I was going to give you a 50.00 discount I still said no I wasnít having any problem with it.   I knew that I needed some work so I relied on them for the truth now Iím not so sure.  I really hate that I put my hard earned money into the pockets of Shell.    I hope nothing happens to my car it is the only one I have, I guess you live and learn but never again do I go to Jiffy Lube. 

[1778] Barclay in Austin, TX  Fraudulent Repair

I had an oil change for my audi A4 at Thanksgiving time (2010) in Austin, TX. A couple weeks later my oil filter flew off while driving on highway. I heard metal on metal with my engine. I towed it into the jiffy lube location. I heard and saw the manager on staff confront an employee and say that you put on the wrong oil filter. they had their mechanic look at it and gave it back to me the next day. They said there was no problems.  A week later my check engine light came on and I took it back to Jiffy Lube. They looked at it and noticed that they again put the same oil filter on again, which was the wrong size. My car was very sluggish and not running right after that. They kept promising they would open up the engine and look at the bearings to see if the engine was bad. I had to take it to their mechanic for the 5th time before they did that. The other times the mechanic would make me wait for hours and then say he couldnt do it today. I had always called previously and confirmed appointments that the mechanic would work on it. The mechanic had beer bottles, cans, beer making apparatus, and keg all in the waiting room. I have no idea how much alcohol was probably in the warehouse. They installed a used motor (approx April 1st) that had been in a wreck. I got it back and it drove fine. They gave me a 30 day guarantee on the installation of the engine. On day 28 (approx April 28) my engine diagnostics read P1293 (engine temperature high). I took it to them and they looked at it and said it was fine and cleared my code. A few days later, I noticed my engine temp gauge was not working. I didnt put 2 and 2 together. I then finished school in May and drove home to Los Angeles. My mechanic there looked at my car b/c I kept complaining about all the steam coming from under the hood and I placed 3 full anti freeze containers into the antifreeze tank. The mechanic told me I didnt "have an engine temperature gauge nor sensor" at all. Jiffy Lube obviously took it out so my car diagnostics wouldnt alert me to the issue. They wanted to get through their 30 guarantee. Now I have been talking to the regional VP. He keeps leading me on and going no where. Says we can take it to another mechanic to get a recommendation. I reminded him that would be the 8th time with his mechanics and 4 times with my mechanics

[1777] Hubert in Sea Brook, NH Loose Hose Clamp

Problem: One of the three (3) very pleasant service people that worked on my Volkswagen Passat failed to tighten a hose clamp.  They had removed the hose from the manifold in order to replace the oil filter.

About 30 minutes later I was driving in the passing lane of a major highway, doing 65 mph when the hose came off.  The RPM dropped and it soon became a very serious situation. I was finally able to coast to the left shoulder of the road.  I pushed the hose back on and tighten the clamp. With the result that I would never return to this or any other Jiffy Lube.

Please, if you value your life and automobile find another service provider.

[1776] Janet in Euless, TX Horrible Customer Service

Store#734 Horrible horrible customer service. Glad I now know how bad this company is. I will never use them again. I was a trusting person until now. Went in to have oil changed, payed 60.00, air filter changed too. I asked before I got in the car if they filled the windshield washer fluid said (yes) Go to use it a couple days later (EMPTY) I called to talk to manager, He did not care at all!!!!! Told me to come back in like my time is of NO concern to him.Well O.K. and I been a customer of this one for 15 yrs. His attitude was totally unacceptable to me.

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