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Personal Experiences


[1850] Nick Pushed Back Odometer

My husband and went to jiffy lube for an oil change. I declined any other recommendations for my truck as iam riding down the street my mileage was pushed back 3000 miles it was on 67,000 miles. I had just look at my mileage was 70,000 I  called jiffy lube asked why, the person that answered the phone said this is illegal and what do u want me to do, I told him I will never go there again. As I look  back my  husband and I  was wondering why the so call technician was sitting in the driver seat so long. Well now we know. Don't never go to jiffy lube. This was done out of spite because I refused to purchase service I didn't need. Wow really sad I recommend all tune and lube also this was jiffy lube is located in silver spring Md off Briggs chaney rd.

[1848] Christian in Edgewood, MD Tech Lies

Took my car to store #993 in edgewood, md for oil change, told to give me the blend , employee said hell give the synthetic which was what the car had for the blend price. I said fine as im watching the tech fill my car with neither synthetic or blend oil, yet when i asked him , the tech lies to me and says "no that was synthetic oil" even though it is clearly label a non synthetic brand, yet he tells me its the same with a straight face. And yes i was charged the synthetic price, bs, never again.

[1847] Harry in Jacksonville, IL  Improper Install Destroys Sensor

I live in jacksonville, Illinois, where I had my Lexus at the local Jiffy Lube. Not too long after the service I had the service engine light appear on my dash. I took the car to Green Toyota in Springfield to discover the problem. They told me that my oxygen sensor had been compromised/spoiled by an improperly installed oil filter leaking onto the sensor(they stated this on my receipt from the dealership) . I verified this with a local mechanic. I then went to the Jacksonville Jiffy lube to request replacement or payment for the sensor. The manager was very pleasant(Jared) but indicated he would have to talk with the owner (Jack). The owner refused to do ANYTHING relating to my problem ! I WILL AVOID JIFFY LUBE AT ALL COST ! MANY OTHERS IN JACKSONVILLE HAVE HAD PROBLEMS AT JIFFY LUBE !  AVOID !

[1846] Sonny in Pacific Beach, CA  Purposeful Damage to Car

I recently went to jiffy lube in Pacific Beach Ca off Garnett Ave. The gentleman was very rude he said he was the new manager trying to give thay particular jiffy lube a good name. I overheard him telling an old man that he must be rich since he got a oil that wasn't recommended. This old man was obviously on a budget cause he said he wanted cheap stuff. Then the manager said well don't come crying to me when you engine fails. I found this very rude then he became aggressive on me about a transmission flush that someone from this shop said he had performed. Well I guess the person that suppossedly flush my transmission fluid did not. Because the manager called me a liar. I told Jim to please get out of my face. He said "its like that"! And walked away with something on his hand. 10 days later my car completely shut down. Transmission is going out . Going to cost 3gs. My mechanic told me my dipstick was missing. This manager assisted in damaging ny car. I want something done ASAP.

[1844] Steve in Gresham, OR  Disconnected Computer Causes Problems

Horrible experience at the Jiffy Lube in Gresham, Oregon. I took my car in during my lunchbreak before a long weekend. My car was running fine, but I was planning on a trip with my wife out of town and was due for an oil change. Of course they disconnected a some things (like one of the small computer units) in order to try to sell me a bunch of additional services I did not need or want. Long story short they forgot to reconnect what they had disassembled at it caused the mast air flow to no longer work. The guy initially could not even get the car out of the stall. He finally figured out it would drive if he revved the engine while applying the brake to control the speed. I had to get back to work and they agreed to fix it. When I returned after work, they told me who to contact but then eventually denied it was their fault. They gave me the runaround for several months. One time while there at the facility, a guy took me aside and said this happened often because technicians get minimal training and our told to work fast. He told me I could get it taken care of, but to expect it to take several months of perseverance. I eventually decided it was just not worth my time. It cost $700-900 to fix and I never went back there again. Needless to say, my weekend plans with my wife were ruined and the time I spent trying to get them to rectify the situation were hours I'll never get back. Horrible experience. It may not be right to generalize, but I've never again had my car serviced at a Jiffy Lube and never again intend to.

[1843] Stephen in Gid Harbor, WA  Theft

On 10/22/2011 I went to the Gig Harbor Jiffy Lube for an oil change. I went next door to the Taco time to grab something to eat, they had my car done in 7 minutes - seemed very fast, but I was only one of two customers. Went across the street to the store and I noticed that one of my floor mats was missing - I figured they accidently took it out and then forgot to put it back in - I called and asked very politely thyey said they did not have it and I must be mistaken or a liar. I told them I was going to talk to their manager Monday and they laughed. Concerned, I looked over the car (at check out one of the young men had commented that he used to get in trouble a lot and didn't like authorities - my car has Law Enforcement Memorial plates); The same filter was on my car from a different business from the last oil change.

[1842] Rose in Los Angeles, CA  Never Again

Took my car to the jiffy lube on W. Pico Blvd. in Los Angeles zip code 90019.  I took my car to get an oil change.  Always trying to up-sell, very annoying.  Typical, making up stories of things I need only to ask a real mechanic later to find out I don't need to waste my money.  These guys do not know anything about cars.  I can tell just by asking them simple questions I already know the answers to.  A few days after the oil change my starter goes bad.  My girlfriend ended up going here as well later on with her new car.  Two days later her transmission starts slipping.  I do not believe this is a coincidence. Never had any major problems with either cars before our visit. I was very suspicious after it happened to me and then when my gf had same problem, it confirmed everything. Especially after reading everyone's problems on here I now know to stay away from Jiffy Lube.  DONE With Jiffy Lube.  They also advised both of us our cars were in great condition and that they looked over everything.  Maybe they were mocking us.  Horrible people with less than a GED education.  Jiffy Lube hires scum, especially in Los Angeles.

[1841] Luis in Pleasant Grove, UT  Incorrect Air Filter Replacement

I decided to go to jiffy lube after a friend gave me a coupon, there service was not that bad everyone trying to be polite, thanking you for coming. but after I got home I decided to pop up the hood and check some things out because I was curious how they took my engine air filter out to show me it was still okay, sense I have done it myself and I know it’s not easy to put it back in without disassembling the entire thing (Infiniti G35) . So I notice that my engine air filter was missed place, not straight like it suppose to be, It was force in so it was kind of bend, popping out. I went back to jiffy lube to complain about it and they told me like another person says “sorry about that”. Just careless people that reminded me why I haven't been to jiffy lube in a while and after this I will definitely won’t go back ever again.

[1840] Dave in Mission Viejo, CA  Overtighened Oil Drain Plug

I have used lots of Jiffy Lubes over the years. I am used to the incessant up sell (new air filter! new cabin filter! etc.) but have generally found them to be competent and quick.

My daughter took our Honda Civic there for service on September 11, 2011. No problems were reported by this Mission Viejo Jiffy Lube.

Just recently she was starting to hear a squeaky sound from the car (I suspected brakes). So, she took it to Fladeboe Honda in Irvine for service, who had done the last major service to the car about 9,000 miles ago. The only other mechanics who touched the car since were the ones at the Mission Viejo Jiffy Lube.

Well, Fladaboe confirmed it was the brakes alright. But they also told me the oil drain plug was stripped and sealed with silicon! It's not leaking, but the crankcase pan needs to be replaced, to the tune of $650 plus labor.

Jiffy Lube may be fast, but not so cheap, particularly if they ruin an expensive part of your car.

I have emailed their corporate address, posted an entry on the Mission Viejo blog page and am one of three Yelp reviews for this particular Jiffy Lube store. I will pursue legal action against them, if needed.

[1839] Kathleen in Puyallup, WA  File A Damage Report with Police

I am writing about the extremely dishonest and negligent behavior of Jiffy Lube Store #2630 at 3912 S Meridian in Puyallup, WA on Sunday October 9 2011 that resulted in my husband and I being saddled with what is so far an estimate in 461 in car repairs, 211 in car rental and 90 in towing plus the 120 we paid Jiffy Lube for what was supposed to be just a routine oil change.

We went into the Jiffy Lube that morning wanting just an oil change but were informed we needed our serpentine belt replaced and our engine flushed. We had not had an oil change in a year and were over due and we thought that Jiffy Lube was an honest and trustworthy business to have it done at. We agreed to the repairs and were told 45 minutes by assistant manager Britney. We had our 19 month old with us and he could not sit still so long so we took him for a walk to do some shopping.

While at the store we get a call from Britney saying something is wrong with our car and we need to go back. We come back and Britney says our car has an oil leak.  I asked how as our car was not leaking oil when we came in. Britney and the employee with her, a blond woman both said that 'sludge' was plugging the leak and we must have somehow damaged our car.  They advised us to take the car up to pep boys because Britney claimed they could fix our oil pan for maybe 100 dollars. We went to pep boys up the street who said an oil pan leak would need repaired at the dealership. They offered to take a look at the car for us anyway.

My husband and the mechanic took a look at the car together. Imagine our shock when we were told that the oil pan damage was due to Jiffy Lube's oil change.  The mechanic told us that Jiffy Lube had overtightened a bolt and that the crack in our oil pan was a direct result of the bolt being tightened. He said there was no way that it could have happened at our last oil change or our engine would have died long before now. He also stated there was no undercarriage damage to our car and that the leak could not have been caused by anything else other than the bolt being over tightened by Jiffy Lube. He stated that Jiffy Lube is responsible for the repairs as the damage could not have happened any other way.

My husband called the Jiffy Lube store assuming that they would be honest and want to fix their mistake. Unfortunately this is when the nightmare began and the lies from Britney at the Jiffy Lube store began to multiply.  Apparently Britney called her district manager who without even looking at the vehicle or the evidence decided immediately that this was not their fault and that he agreed that the vehicle was damaged when we came in.  This man had never seen our vehicle, not spoke to the mechanic at Pep Boys or even spoke to us but instead took Britney and the other dishonest store staff members at their word. You would think that we would have been offered an investigation of some sort because logically the store staff will want to cover their mistakes and of course they are going to tell the district manager that the vehicle was damaged when we came in. Why in the world would they want to admit they made a mistake when damaging a customer's vehicle could mean disciplinary action or losing their job?

We were stranded with a miserable and unhappy toddler at Pep Boys until my husband's mother was able to come pick us up.  The mechanics at Pep Boys told us they would document everything with the damage on our behalf.

On our way home we went to the dealer to make arrangements for the car to be brought to the mechanics there. We were told we would have to wait until tomorrow because the service department was not open. The sales man we spoke to asked if Jiffy Lube would be paying for the repairs. We advised him that unfortunately they were doing everything they could to lie their way out of it. He was just as amazed as we were.

On Monday we had to miss work because we were unable to get a rental car until that afternoon. We made arrangements for the vehicle to be towed to the dealer and set to work attempting to get some type of resolution for the nightmare that Jiffy Lube had called.

That morning we called Jiffy Lube customer service and dealt with a very rude woman who told us 'there's nothing we can do, you need to go to the police and file a damaged property report.'  When I asked to speak with her supervisor due to her extreme rudeness I was told 'thank you for calling Jiffy Lube have a nice day'. I asked once again to speak to her supervisor and she continued to repeat her message.  I work at a call center and this has to be the poorest customer service I have every seen.  Finally I got angry and hung up the phone.

I called back and got a marginally more polite man name Jeff who claimed that the last representative had filed a complaint for us. He gave us a claim number 600248 and said that the district manager would get back to us and help us resolve the issue.

Monday afternoon we got a rental car and our dealer gave us a repair estimate of 461.00. I spoke with Jason at Titus Will Chevrolet in Parkland, WA and asked him to get a statement from the technician there working on my car to verify the cause of the damage. He stated he would do so.

After no response from Jiffy Lube, I contacted the store and spoke with Britney.  Britney continued to repeat there was nothing she could do for us. She was very vague and kept stating our vehicle was damaged when we came in and we did not notice the leak due to 'sludge'.  She stated she would contact the district manager and see if he had 'changed his mind'.  She refused to provide a name or contact information.

My next call was to the police department to find out if we could file a damaged property report.  We spoke to a very nice officer named Officer Berg. He said this would be a small claims court issue. He said Jiffy Lube has damaged the vehicle of someone he knew and that person was able to win in small claims court. He told us to document everything and get written statements from all mechanics. He said keep copies of receipts for the repairs, the towing and the rental plus any legal fees for our case.  He gave a reference number of 112830244 for our conversation.

Tuesday morning I got a voice mail from Jeff Brown from Jiffy Lube while I was at work.  Jeff Brown who I assume is the district manager gave the same vague story as Britney about why they would not be reimbursing us for the damage.  Without even looking at my car or speaking to a mechanic who had looked at the car he had made up his mind. His story was even more convoluted than Britney's.  He claimed that my dealer had over tightened a bolt a year ago and that 'vibration' from driving the car had caused the crack and so therefore it somehow wasn't their fault and he was sorry but they were not going to do anything for me.  I was unable to call him back due to my break being over. I do plan to call again Wednesday because I am not going to take no for an answer. He needs to look at the evidence and the facts and not just go based off of the store staff statements.

I called back my dealership on my next break and was told by Jason he had not been able to speak to the technician yet but that he would speak to him and call me back. I asked him to call my husband's phone as he was at home if I did not answer because my break would end soon. Jason called my husband and told him that the damage could only have occurred at Jiffy Lube.  The damage had occurred as soon as a bolt was tightened and cracked. It could not have happened a year ago or even a month ago. Our car would have been dead and the engine ruined if that was the case. We could not have driven the car for a year with the damage that occurred. It was not caused by vibration over time but immediately after a bolt had been overtightened. He told my husband that they would document everything including statements detailing why this was fresh damage caused by Jiffy Lube.  Jason said the dealership would even provide the damaged oil pan as evidence for us to use in small claims court against Jiffy Lube.

I need a resolution other than a district manager taking the store employees word of mouth and brushing us off without even looking at the statements from mechanics or the vehicle itself.  We have plenty of evidence and support at this point that Jiffy Lube damaged our oil pan.  We can provide physical and written evidence as well as verbal testimony from mechanics at two different locations that the damage was caused by Jiffy Lube.  Jiffy Lube has not offered one shred of concrete evidence that our vehicle was damaged a year ago.  No one at Jiffy Lube has offered to investigate what happened.  I would gladly let them send a third mechanic to look at the evidence but they have not offered this.  Instead they are continuing to deny responsibility. I would prefer to settle this out of court due to the overwhelming evidence that they made a mistake and damaged our car but if we have to take this to court we will.

Any type of real answer or assistance we can be given would be appreciated.  We will escalate this as high up at Jiffy Lube as needed.  I would think any company that values itself on customer service would want to investigate a complaint from a customer thoroughly rather than just saying it's not their fault and brushing it off.

[1838] AD in Kansas City, KS  Feedback Form Broken

Editor's Note:  Exhibits were attached to show that the Feedback Form was broken.

I came in for an oil change. I am well aware and willing to pay for the high mileage oil, and did.  I also listened when the service rep showed me my transmission fluid dip stick and advised a service be done on that too...  He also showed me my coolant and washer levels were fine, but that he would top them off at no charge.    HERE IS WHERE IT GETS CRAPPY.

ONLY 45MILES AFTER LEAVING THE STORE, THE LOW COOLANT LIGHT CAME ON... I DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO LET IT COOL DOWN, AND TAKE IT BACK TO STORE THAT DAY...   BUT WHEN I DID THE MANAGER ON DUTY (NOT THE GUY WHO HELPED ME BTW)  TOLD ME THAT I HAD A BLOWN HEAD GASKET (WHICH PROVED TO BE A LIE, AND BUICK DEALERSHIP AS WELL AS FIRESTONE SERVICE CENTER BOTH DISAGREED)  HE TOLD ME MY OIL WAS LOW LAST TIME, SO THAT IS WHY THEY COULDN'T TELL THAT I HAD AN ALLEGED HEAD GASKET LEAK.  I have every invoice for the last 8 years indicating that in fact my oil has never been low, and is indicated as "full" by jiffy lube invoice... The invoice also states that all fluids were topped off...  but Rod tried to tell me that my coolant was mostly water and then tried to SELL ME ON A RADIATOR SERVICING...  THE BALLS ON THAT GUY ...  HE LIED AND THEN LIED SOME MORE... upon direct yes or no questioning he answered the same question differently twice...   While I was asking him these questions I had called my work voicemail and forgotten, so the entire conversation is recorded...lucky me that I did too...  IF ALL FLUIDS ARE TOPPED OFF AND FLUSHED IN THE LAST 10 DAYS...THEN WHY IS ONE OF SAID FLUIDS 'MOSTLY WATER'  ....  and the 'high mileage oil' I paid for (and have paid for since 2008) ....well it turns out it wasn't high mileage oil at all....    it was the basic 19.95 oil that is offered on coupons....  i know this because of 2 inspections by both the dealership and firestone service center...





[1837] Keith in Qccoquan, VA  Overcharged

Had the oil changed in my son's 6 cyl Jeep ...Mobil 1 synthetic 5w/30.......Charge was $89.00 ....are you kidding me.   The oil & filter at WalMart  are $30 and I know you're gettin it way cheaper than that.     You're chargin me 50 bucks labor.....for an oil change ?   Never again for me or my family.  We are done with Jiffy Lube.  Have no problem with a fair price for work done but this is just of the chart. 

[1836] Cay in Marina Del Ray, CA  Insufficient Oil Refill

I recently had the 'check oil' light come on in a vehicle I own ( my daughter usually drives it) when I did check the oil, I had to add THREE quarts..... Afterwards, noticed she just had an oil change at a Jiffy Lube in her area, marina del ray, FOUR MONTHS AGO!!!! This is a well maintained ,2008 jeep wrangler. No oil leaks or other problems. I am so grateful the light came on (I had thought it was just some factory setting to get me to take it to the dealer ), I could have burnt up my engine.

Earlier in the year I had the same experience in another auto I own. The gas shop mechanic had stressed how lucky it was I hadn't ruined my engine!!  A few months prior I had had an oil change at a jiffy lube in san Diego. I will NEVER take an automobile to Jiffy Lube!

[1835] Nguyen in Ontario, CA  Overcharged

I had my oil change today 10/3/2011 at Jiffy Lube #1936 in Ontario Ca. The employee quote me $50.48 for basic oil change and they has promotion of $10 off which cost me about $40. 2 minutes later I changed my mind and ask for high mileage oil; the employee told me that it would be $15 more and he will add to my bill later. When it all done, they charged me $69.15. I don't know how $40 + $15 come out to $69.15. This is roughly $15 overcharge. I told them that I never come back again.  DO NOT USE Jiffy Lube.

[1834] Ada  Oil Cap Not Replaced

did not return oil cap. drove almost 2800 miles before the problem was noticed. 1 qt. oil low. they want to give me 2 free oil changes, repay me for the new cap.     what the best thing to do?      

[1833] Gary in Glendale, AZ  Spilled Oil Stains Concrete Floor

I was in a bind, so I sent my wife to this store to get oil changed on a Honda CRV:  Jiffy Lube Service Center #1949, 6841 W BELL RD, GLENDALE , AZ 85308, 623-334-8221.  The next day, the garage floor had old drain oil on the floor where we park the car.  I have changed my own oil on this car so I knew exactly what the Jiffy Lube Tech did.  When removing the oil filter, he spilled the contents of the oil filter down the side of my engine and chassis.  So that old drain oil just slowly ran off the car and onto the floor in my garage.  I sent an email to Jiffy Lube corporate, and got no response.  I called the store manager, did not return my call.  I got a hold of an assistant manager who said bring car back in.  They cleaned up the engine and chassis.  Ok, waited my time and did not offer a refund.  Then, the manager said they would come to my house and clean up the drain oil on the floor which left permanent stains on my clean concrete. They never called or followed up on this.  My experience with Jiffy Lube has always been strained.  The techs are sloppy and non-attentive.  My engines are always perfectly detailed.  Jiffy Lube always spills fluids on my clean engine as I am watching over them. I have to correct them and say, hey you just spilled fluid on my clean engine.  I used to only go to Jiffy Lube in a bind, but now, never again.  I can get a complete oil change at my Honda dealer for $21.00 and they pay attention to details.

[1832] Tamika in Jacksonville, FL  Destroyed Transmission

I received service at Jiffy Lube at 1441 Dunn Ave Jacksonville, FL. After receiving a transmission service that I did not need, my transmission went out. Before the service was performed the employee said that I needed to have the transmission drained/flushed. I expressed that I was not sure about draining the transmission because I did not know the history of the car. She assured me that everything would be fine and I would only have to be concerned if it was the oil. After she told me the price of $285 I told her I could not afford it so she told me that she would run a few different things to make it more affordable. They performed the service and now my transmission has gone out. The District manager said that the lady should not have done the service and to have the car looked at to let them know what kind of damage was caused. After getting the information that the transmission had went out because of the fluid exchange they say that they are not responsible for the damage and as long as the fluid was full that was all they were accountable for. Now I am stuck with a repair bill of $1700 to rebuild my transmission. Allot of people that I have talked to have said that after receiving service at jiffy lube their vehicles have required an expensive repair afterwards. They always try to sell things that you don't need and try to make it seem like if you don't have the service done something horrible will happen to your car. I have had nothing but a big run around with them and very nasty attitudes when I try to talk to anyone at Jiffy Lube about the problem. I am a military spouse with 3 small children and this situation is not one that I really need. I have been a Jiffy Lube customer for years and I have never been treated with such disrespect and willingness to say that it is my entire fault.

[1831] Mukhlis in Beaverton, OR  Flush Destroys Transmission

I have 2003 chevrolet I did transmission flash at jiffy lube store #2809  20745 sw tualatin vally Hway  Beaverton Oregon and know my cars transmission is leaking even I went for second time and they looked at lt and they said it shuld not leak any more but it still does leak .I called back know I have to take time of to take it back so they look at it again its look like they secrwed it up and they are not able to fix it .and know im pissed and thinking to take them to court if they are fail to make it right I have all my passed recitpt that naver had any leak until the day I did the transmission flash at that store.

[1830] Jeff in Ft. Lauderdale, FL  Buyer Beware

I just visited a Jiffy Lube store located in Ft. Lauderdale Fla (2411 Stirling Road).  I handed The lady Manager a Coupon which read $21.99 on it. I told her that's all I want.  My Explorer has 170000 miles on it-Cheap maintenance is what I was there for--$21.99.

Let me explain this better--You solicited me for a $21.99 oil change and the girl said you used Synthetic Blend in the past "so that's what we put in instead of telling me "this couppon is useless". She then handed me a bill for 52.99 and said "I took of 20 dollars"?  I am a customer that is very disturbed by this practice and though such a small amount of money it's just "NOT RIGHT AND PRICE GOUGING". I never thought of oil changes as buyer beware.

Whomever the lady was that gave me all the info and what to do with the car was beyond unyielding though she saw the coupon and knew what the story was. I did not get any "extra's" so I am assuming that did not give me entitlement to the $21.99 oil. I showed some of the people the coupon I received $21.99 not $21.99 off. That was what I wanted.

JIffy Lube is in the wrong or the lady at this location is in the wrong.

[1829] Chris in Kensington, MD  Stripped Oil Plug

I had my car serviced at the Jiffy Lube in Kensington MD, 27FEB2011. ON 9JUL2011 I had another service station attempt to change my oil. The service technician, after removing the drain plug, called me to show me the threads had been stripped out of my oil pan, and still had the shaved threads to show me. He also stated they couldn't remove my oil filter because it had been attached too tightly.

I contacted Jiffy Lube (3825 C Dupont Ave; Kensington, MD 20895), and the manager Mark was initially reasonable stating I should have the repairs made and send him the bill for reimbursement, but suggested it would be easier if I used his mechanic. So on 16JUL2011 I arrive at his shop and take my vehicle to the mechanic he recommends. During this process Mark contacts his general manager, who makes the observation that my bill shows pre-existing damage to the oil filter housing, and somehow this means they aren't responsible for damage to the oil plug? Mark also admits that he has no idea how much pressure can be applied to an aluminum oil pan without damaging it, and doesn't have the tools to measure applied force anyway.

Overall, I don't see a more reasonable explanation than Jiffy Lube damaging my oil pan; particularly because they weren't even aware of the force tolerances that could be applied. Further, I don't see how my oil filter and oil pan are related but I do know if my the housing for my oil filter was damaged they have a responsibility to inform me. Simply forcing another filter on and making vague statements on my receipt is not acceptable.

[1828] Ron in Bethel Park, PA  Leak From Drain Plug

I had my oil changed at Jiffy Lube Store #1448 in Bethel Park, Pa on 8/31/11.  They did not properly replace the drain plug which left me with an oil leak. Very serious. Fortunately i caught it in time and had the drain plug properly replaced. I am traveling and am not near this Jiffy Lube location.   I have called them several times asking them to simply credit my credit card for the amount of the oil change which is 36.37 since the work was not done properly. They insist that I must return to their location to receive a credit which I cannot do since I am traveling.  They told me four times that they would send me a form to get the credit of 36.37 to my credit card.  They have never sent it.  How shall I get this credit?  I am sick of calling them and getting the run around. When you go to the Jiffy Lube website and fill out their "Contact us" form and then click submit you get an error screen that the server is busy.  When you call the 800 number you get put on hold.  When you get tired of holding and choose the option to leave a message, you get a recording that says the mailbox is full.  What a way to run a business.

[1827] Debbye in Stockton, CA Jiffy Lube Gets Revenge

My experience is with the Jiffy Lube at 4715 West Ln. Stockton California.  I was in for an oil change on Saturday, September 17, 2011.  I was immediately uncomfortable with the fact that no listing of prices and services was visible.  Next I told one of the workers that came up to my car that my car has a remote start, I was told by the company to always notify whoever is working on my car about this as it can be hazardous.  The person looked at me with a completely blank look.  My car is a 2001 Buick with less than 70000 miles on it.  This is a recession in case Jiffy Lube hadn’t noticed.  When they brought me into the shop to “pay” I was asked what type of oil would I like to have put in my car and basically the person behind the register tried to scare me by telling me my car was so old and had such high mileage that I should use some really expensive oil, the oil change alone was going to be $59.99 with this oil.  I have never in over thirty years had someone tell me something like this, much less try and scare me.  But the fear factor gets even better.  Next the person tried to tell me all kinds of things that I needed done, including a third brake light (the one inside in the back window) and that if they didn’t correct this I would get a ticket, which is a blatant lie!  Finally after trying to get me to agree to a bill that was over $80, I told them just give me my car back and that I would go somewhere else.  I told them they were basically ripping me off as I could have gone back to Midas and gotten a whole lot more done and nicer much more helpful people for less.  OOPS, they told me the oil was already out of my car forcing me to complete the oil change.  I told them to finish it for the advertised 26.99 and RAN as fast as I could out of that place.  I did have my son look at my oil later to make sure that they had indeed put oil in my car.  He happened to be driving my car the next day and imagine, suddenly I had a slow leak in one of my new tires, hum, how do you figure that happened?  I will always be convinced this was done deliberately because I would not let them do anything to my car except change the oil, but try and prove it.  Seems though others have had similar experiences.  I do not know if this will help or not, but I will NEVER go back to Jiffy Lube and I have told all of my co-workers, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances to never use this company either.

[1826] Ruben Refused Repair Because of Biased Test

On August 12, 2011 My 2003 Saturn Ion was taken into Jiffy Lube by my sister in-law for an oil change. On her way home, and less than 50 miles after the oil change, the oil cap that screws onto the oil filter housing somehow flew off and all of my engine oil drained out. The service tech mentioned to the asst. manager that it felt to him that the oil cap was not screwing on tightly, but he was told to take it off and tighten it as much as he could and leave it like that. That issue was never once mentioned to my sister in-law while she was in the store. That was mentioned to me by the asst. manager who came out to my house the following day to look at my car and see what might be the issue. The manager brought a new oil cap to my house and put it on. Once the new oil cap was placed on, it never flew off like the old one did. until this day, the old oil cap still blows off and the new cap will not. I have reason to believe that the service tech somehow placed the old cap on incorrectly the first time and when he was told to take it off and retighten by his manager, the cap was already damaged and was just an accident waiting to happen. After the manager came to my house to look at my car, he recommended to me not to drive the vehicle because the engine was making knocking noises and to tow my car into the jiffy lube store. After towing my car into jiffy lube, they conducted an oil test where they discovered a high content of aluminum in the oil. They then had my car towed to Advance Auto Tech which is an automotive repair shop.

On August 18, 2011 my car was taken to Advance Auto Tech. Between the dates of 8/18/2011 and 8/27/2011 my car was approved by the district manager of jiffy lube for repairs then for some reason was denied by the district manager for repairs. The district manager after approving the repair, called to advance auto tech to tell them to check if the oil pressure release valve was stuck because this could have caused excess oil pressure to blow the oil cap off. So advance auto tech conducted an oil pressure test and Steve, the manager there, told me they had a reading of about 60lbs. Steve told me that was low oil pressure and that meant that the oil pressure release valve was stuck. So because of that, jiffy lube's district manager cancelled the repair and said that it was caused to internal mechanical failure and that jiffy lube was not at fault.

On 9/8/2011 I picked up my car from advance auto tech and had it towed to Old Town Automotive. Old Town Automotive conducted their diagnostic and oil pressure test and determined that the oil pressure release valve was NOT stuck and was opperating normally. The tech at old town automotive, told me their oil pressure readings were 67lbs at idle and 80lbs at 1000rpm's. Alex said that this is normal operating pressure for this car and engine. So with that being said, advance auto tech gave myself and the district manager an incorrect diagnostic when he said the oil pressure was low. The district manager still does not want to repair my car because he wants to believe that the oil pressure release valve got stuck, gained excess oil pressure in the oil pump, and then blew my oil filter cap off, then came unstuck. The district manager who does not want to take blame for what his service shop did during the oil change. I have been waiting well over 1 month and this is causing me a lot of heart aches not having my vehicle. I believe that advance auto tech would have never "discovered" or said that the oil pressure release valve was stuck if the management from jiffy lube would not have contacted them to check it. The fact is that the oil pressure release valve was never stuck, advance auto tech gave an incorrect diagnostic by saying the 60lbs of pressure was to low, and shortly after jiffy lube conducting my oil change the oil filter cap blew/flew off do to the acts of the service technician and the jiffy lube shop. Ans by the way, if my oil pressure was low for some odd reason, this wouldn't cause my oil filter cap to blow off. High oil pressure would have to be the issue and clearly it wasn't. The district manager was trying to say that my oil pressure relief valve was stuck in the closed position which caused excess oil pressure. While the so called experts at advance auto tech said my oil pressure was low, this would mean that my oil pressure relief valve would have to be stuck (if it was stuck) in the open position. Advance auton tech was the shop of jiffy lube's choice, not mine. This shop was completely biast and tried taking jiffy lube's side for every possibilities I mentioned to them.


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