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[725] Carolyn in Medina,OH  Broken Dip Stick

On July 23,2007, I took my grand Caravan to the Jiffy Lube on North Court Street in Medina, Ohio for a "simple"  oil change.  Thirty minutes later when they still were not finished, I went to the end of the garage to ask if everything was alright.  Four men were standing in front of my van, looking at something in my engine.
They said everything was fine.  Unfortunately, I believed them.  Three weeks later, I asked my husband to check the oil level in my van and we found out the dip stick had broken off and we couldn't check it.  We took it back to jiffy lube the next morning where "there's not much we can do and we have no dip sticks here."  My husband ended up getting one but now he has to struggle to get it out!  They also changed to oil on my son's car two weeks ago and said he had a slight leak.  The car never leaked before; now it does.
This also happened to my first van in 1997; Quaker State in Medina, Ohio said my 1992 Plymouth Voyageur had a slight leak.  This was news to me.  Sure enough, a week later my car started leaking oil and never stopped.  I didn't go back there again until it became a Jiffy Lube.
I believe ALL things SHELL should be boycotted.

[724] Leon in Spokane, WA  Overcharging

I had my oil changed at a Spokane Wa. Division St. location.  When I went to the counter to pay, a young girl was at the counter.  She said "that will be $46.00. I said "are you serious, $46.00 for an oil change"?  She said "oh,I can make that $35.00 if you would like".  As far as I'm concerned, this is criminal and I will never return to Jiffy Lube.

[723] Patricia Overcharging

I came out of there paying an 86 dollar bill which I had only gone in for a oil change. The tech told me I needed a new air filter and a cabin air filter, I said okay thinking oh the filters will not be to much. They charged me 50 dollars for the two cabin air filters and the regular air filter. I was very heated when I walked out of there and so my husband called a local parts store and got prices and then he called Jiffy Lube and they said oh we mark them up due to convience and that this tech does this to customers alot and they have had several complaints but nothing has ever been done. Not ever going back to Jiffy Lube again.

[722] Joe in Itasca, IL  Building Disrepair

I'm a general contractor and remodeled approx. 34 jiffy lube's back in 2003,2004. Since then i see a lot of the stores i did are now in sad shape. I would like to know who is in charge of building up keep,so i could tell them what a bad job there doing. I only wish i had a job with your company to maintain the stores,I could show them a thing or two. I really liked what i was doing making the 3 bays into 2 bays,resurfaceing the lots painting interior and mostly the exterior. The person i recieved all the work from  JERRY EATON  I heard died. He was the nicest but strickest supervisor i ever worked for . If your company needs a man or a remodeling contractor to up keep the jiffy lubes in IL. I would love the job or oppertunity to work on the stores and make you proud of  those that are in really need of a face lifting.

[721] Julie  No Air Conditioning

first I have no more air conditioning in my car right after my oil change and on top of this they did not add oil after my oil change!!!!!!!!!!   I have to go back to my dealer and fix these issues that they caused!!!!!!!!!!

[720] Yoshiro in Chapel Hill, NC  No Options

This morning [14 August] I took my 1999 Jeep Wrangler to the Jiffy Lube location mentioned above for an oil change and state inspection. Pulling up on a Tuesday morning, not another customer in sight, I told the group that came out to greet my Jeep that I would like an inspection and synthetic motor oil change.

One asked for my registration, and with it got right to work, gesturing to the lobby area that I might prefer to wait inside. I took his offer and relaxed in the lobby, until someone drove my Jeep into the bays for the fluid changes.  Seeing this I stepped outside, since nobody had collected any information from me and I (as my service record would show) insist on synthetic fluids.

It was a nice morning so I stood in the exit driveway area, my shoulder against the brick work leading to the lobby area. There was a computer terminal near this area.  At 10:10am a person I later found to be named 'Alicia' came to the terminal and matter of factly said "We don't have any synthetic motor oil". No greeting, no suggestion of a possible solution, no nothing. Just "We don't have any synthetic motor oil". Well, ok I thought, and replied "Its fine, just skip the oil change part". To this she flatly said "We already 'dropped' the oil". And that's all she said, and then stared at me like it was my problem. No inkling of any solution from her, not a peep from her lips. Just a cold stare and silence. I responded in the calm voice which best suits a charge of incompetence "Why didn't you guys check your oil supplies before dumping out mine?" To this she responded "You swore at me". I replied "You immobilized my vehicle. I don't use anything by synthetic." She said "No, you swore at me." And went over to another person who's name I did not find out.

That other person appeared to me the manager. Like 'Alicia', he was also black but much taller, perhaps 6 feet, wearing white pants and a blue shirt. The rest of the crew, including 'Alicia', wore all black and shorts instead of pants. I could hear 'Alicia' tell him that I swore at her, and that's all she said to him. They both came back to me, he not looking entirely friendly, and said "What's going on here?" I replied that 'Alicia' told me that there is no synthetic oil available and that they had already 'dropped' mine. I then told him that I had asked 'Alicia' why you guys didn't check your supplies before dumping mine, and now my vehicle was immobilized as a result. I said "this is exactly what I said. I did not call her or anyone else any names nor did I even raise my voice. She is standing here right next to you so ask her yourself if this is true." He took one look at 'Alicia', who was silently looking off to the side at nothing in particular, and said "Sir, I am sure there is one last case down below and we will get it for you."

And he did just that, and even held my door for me as I got in my Jeep to depart. "Have a blessed day" he said as he closed my door. I wished him the same and drove off, with the notion to write about this incident as soon as I got home, which I did. It's incredulous to me that your employee 'Alicia' considered her situation to be the most important, most overriding concern of the moment and not that of a paying customer who was up a creek without a paddle due to no fault of his own. That one of your employees would neither offer nor seek out solutions to a customer problem, yet jump immediately to action and involve on-site management when the issue is suddenly about her, at least in her mind, is extremely poor customer service and reveals an intrinsic self-centeredness perhaps not best suited for customer-facing employment.

There were a host of options available to resolve that issue this morning, not one was visited upon by 'Alicia'. Is this the face of your company? I would suggest remedial training be given to her regarding customer service, problem resolution, and team communication.

[719] Henry in Kenosha, WI  Didn't Change Oil


[718] Danny  Stripped Nut

This is my story sad but true:  I took my Nissan truck (manual Shift) for an Oil change and differential fluid check. They did the oil change just fine but said they were unable to check the differential fluid because they couldn't get the nut off. While the work was under way I noticed a man in the bay under the truck with vise grips in his hand. I should have got under the truck when they gave it back to me to check but I didn't think about it at the time. I had no reason to think there was a problem. I left thinking I'd have it done somewhere else. Two days later I took it to AAMCO to have the fluid checked. They told me the nut was completely stripped off and they were unable to get a tork wrench on it to remove it. They said apparently someone at Jiffy Lube couldn't get enough tork on th nut or didn't have the right size socket so they tried using vise grips on it. I took it back to the manager and told him about it but he said there was no way I could prove his man did it. I was upset but I decided to chalk it up to experience and move on with my life. And to never go back to Jiffy Lube ever again.

[717] Johnnie in Lansing, MI  Stripped Oil Plug

I were at Jiffy Lube in Lansing on 178 Street on Saturday, August 11, 2007 to have my oil change. I own a 2005 Volk Wagon Jetta. Jiffy Lube were not able to change my oil,  but did not tell me that until they cause damaged to my car. My oil pan were damaged and the screw that remove the oil pan were strips and that cause me to loose oil until I got it back to the dealership for repairs. I had to take time of work to take my car in for repairs because of damage done to it by Jiffy Lube. I feel that, if they were unable to change the oil I should have been told that and they should not have touch the car at all.  That will be my last time ever going to Jiffy Lube and I will tell everybody I know who has a German car not to have their oil change at Jiffy Lube.

[716] Tony in Kenosha, WI  Broke Guard Plate

I went to Jiffy lube in Kenosha, Wisconsin for a routine oil change. It all went fine until I left. On the highway the oil guard underneath my VW Passat came loose and flew off, breaking into two pieces. Upon going back to Jiffy Lube with the problem they swore up and down that they would handle the situation and replace the guard. After several calls I have recieved nothing and have not heard from them at all. They've lost my business forever. 

[715] Fred in UT  Wrong Oil Changed

On Sunday August 12, 2007 I brought my 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Sport in for Serving ( a full oil change & service to Jiffy Lube Utah Lube Store #2007). Once the service was completed my son drove the car over to his friends house which was about 6 miles away. On the drive over the car started acting up and he pulled over to the curb not far from his friends and left it. I was called and told there was a problem with the car. Upon examination of the car I realized once I pull out the dip stick for the oil there was twice as much oil on the stick and it was dirty as if it had not been changed. I then pull out the dip stick for the transmission fluid and found it to be empty. I then surmised that what had happened was that they had drained my transmission fluid and poured new motor oil into the engine without draining the old.
I contacted the manager Jeremy Laybe and explained to him the problem. He then proceeded to follow me over to examine the car. Once he saw what had happen he say that he acknowledge that they were at fault and would take care of it. Jeremy first suggested  running back to the store and picking up a few quarts of transmission fluid and seeing if we could get it to run, upon which I said no way. Then he suggested .taking it to their place were they have their transmission work done.  I said I would like the dealership to check it out. He was reluctant to accommodate my request but finally gave in said he would have it towed to the dealership.
I called Jeremy once I got home and he informed me he had talked to his district manager Robert Musselman and he was told that if I took it to the dealership and not to their place that they use that if there was a problem I could be liable for $1000's of dollars in uncovered expenses. I then asked for Mr. Musselman's phone number and called him and he was not in so I left him a message on his voice mail. Finally after calling his supervisor Justin Soha and leaving him a message I received a return call from Mr. Musselma he seemed quite agitated during the conversation and was quick to explain to me that they were at fault but if I didn't want to proceed with using there people that I could be out $1000's of dollars it there was a serious problem. I find it really strange that I go and pay $30.00 to have my oil changed and they make a serious mistake and now if I want it fixed by some other than some they suggest it could cost me $1000.00's

I am very appalled with the way in which this has been handled. I am also very disappointed to see a company as big as Jiffy lube so lacking in customer service. I would like to able to have my SUV checked out by the local dealership without any out of pocket expenses instead of having  the store manager wanting to just pour a few quarts of transmission fluid in into it and see if it runs.  I don' think that is an unreasonable request.

[714] Diane in Port Townsend, WA  Oil Plug Problems

How many complaints DOES it take to remedy your services? I was  horrified to look at a state by state complaints page to see how many  complaints had been collected!

 I too, was a victim of a 'technician' forgetting to plug the oil plug after changing my oil. I was 'lucky' to only be a half hour away when the engine completely overheated and sprayed oil everywhere. When I finally got back to Jiffy Lube, I actually had a 'technician' LAUGH and says OOOOpppps. ! I assure you I wasn't laughing. I was close to contacting you at that point, but NOW I AM. Yesterday I learned that a thick plastic hose connected to the AIR filter was cracked and I had to order a new one for $85.00!!!! I assumed it was from the engine overheating, but no, the auto mechanic who I completely trust said it would not crack unless PULLED ON while checking the air filter! Well, guess who last checked my air filter? You got it, Jiffy Lube. Not only did they nearly destroy my engine I am now paying for another mistake!

[713] Lee in Houston, TX  Slow, Rude, Incompetent

Told the service tech that I wanted an oil change. More than an hour later I was billed for a "Signature Service" that included checking other fluid levels, vacuming my vehicle etc., I was told that I was charged extra because my trailblazer holds 7 quarts of oil. I just bought the vehicle a few months ago and had no clue that a 6cyl engine would even hold that much oil. I was not asked if I knew the vehicle held more than the usual amount of oil and I usually get my oil changed at the place across the street but wanted better grade of oil this time. I never asked for anything but fresh oil and filter but was charged for things like checking tire pressure, adding windshield washer fluid, etc., I am furious about this. I will change my own damned oil before I'll pay $41 to have it changed. The people were slow, rude and incompetent. One tech even took his shirt off and applied deoderant in full view of the customers. Although watching through the glass I never was able to see them actually drain the oil or add new. This was my first visit to Jiffy Lube and I and will NEVER return. I will also inform family, friends and co-workers what a rip off Jiffy Lube is and urge them to stay away.

[712] Nick In Tehachapi, CA  Made A Mess

I had my 2005 Ford Focus serviced at Tehachapi, CA  Jiffy Lube on 6/14/07.  Just a regular oil change.
   A few days later I noticed oil drips on the driveway.  Just thought it was residue from the oil change.
  We came back from vacation and a big puddle of oil was under the car.  I looked under the car and noticed oil leaking from the oil drain plug.   I brought it back to Jiffy lube and they tightned the plug. Technician Isahah said" the plug was only hand tightned, and the tech that worked on my Focus has been fired a while back.   I asked Isahah what will be done for me because of the mess on my driveway.  He wrote down 1-800-831-1757 and said corporate will help me.  I asked for the owner of Jiffy Lube, Manny he said. I then asked for the phone number for this place, and he states, " Use the phone book, look it up.
     I talked to Deneen at the 1-800#, she said to talk to Manny the owner.
  Today August 11, 2007 I drove in to talk to Manny.
       He would not talk in front of other customers, he had me go outside.   I told him the problem as stated above.   No apologies,  he said drive the Focus in so I can Look at it.
    He checked the plug and stated it's tight.   I told him they tightned it yesterday on Friday, guess he forgot already.  Then he checked the oil level, said it was at the correct level.   I told Manny that I had checked the oil level this morning before I started the Focus and it was below the min level 1/4 inch below the hole in the dipstick.   He said that is normal because the oil is at the bottom.  So we argue about checking proper oil level checks.  Manny finally said , " What are you looking for a free oil change."
    Yes, but never here again!   He then offered to come out to my house to clean the oil mess.  I took him up on his offer.    He took pictures and did a little cleaning.  For some reason the chemical made the driveway look worse.   He then said corporate will send me a coupon for a free oil change. 
    From now on I will change my own oil. 

[711] Russell in Sacramento, CA  Catastrophic Engine Problems

I am writing this to hopefully get some help rectifying a problem I have encountered after going to the 30th and Capitol Jiffy Lube in Sacramento, CA.

I took a car I just purchased the day before (6/6/07) to Jiffy Lube to have the fluids checked and changed, also known as the "Signature Service".  Before I bought the car I took it to a mechanic for pre- purchase inspection and got a clean bill of health. So I went ahead with the purchase. A few days after I took the Saab to Jiffy Lube the Check Engine Light came on and I drove it to the nearest Jiffy Lube out in natomas and found out the car was overheating.

Apparently there was no coolant in the radiator. We filled it up and I drove it home immediately. Took it to my mechanic and he said the CEL code was for a blown Oxygen sensor that would cost around $300 to fix. No problem. Apparently that was just the tip of the iceberg.  A few days later the engine started to make a diesel sounding noise so I took it to the mechanic again and found out it may be a blown water pump (a result of not having coolant in the engine). When they replaced the water pump they had to do the timing belt and other things to the cost of $1600. Once that repair was done the exhaust started smoking a white smoke and I took it back to the mechanic again to hear that I may have blown a head gasket, which may cost around $4000 or a new engine to the tune of $7500. I have called around to many mechanics in my area and they all say the same thing-  Jiffy Lube most likely did not close or inadvertently opened the radiator stopcock on the bottom which caused the engine to lose coolant, thus causing all these other troubles.

Now my questions are:  Why did Jiffy Lube say that all my fluids are fine, when in fact the coolant was not ok? Surely the mechanic I took the car to on the prepurchase inspection would have noticed a problem with the radiator/ cooling system if there was one. He said that all fluid levels were fine.

Jiffy Lube notes in their receipt that all levels were fine when in fact they were not. Does this indicate that Jiffy Lube was negligent in performing their duties as stated on the receipt?  How is it possible that a car that had a clean bill of health one day prior to going to Jiffy Lube suddenly suffer catastrophic engine problems 2 days after a Jiffy Lube visit?  Are the mechanics trained to perform thorough diagnostics or even do the proper job as why would the stopcock on the radiator be opened after an oil change?

This is the first and last time I will take any car of mine to Jiffy Lube. I have heard horror stories like mine all over the internet and am hoping for a swift resolution from the company to rectify this situation. Any pointers that you may know to expedite and resolve this situation will be appreciated. I will keep the progress of my claim posted on your site.

[710] Florina in Newark, CA  Not Safe From Theft

I brought my car in yesterday for an oil change at the Newark, CA branch. I went to lunch and came back to get it, only to find my car parked in a busy area with the windows open and the key in the ignition! Knowing that my car will not be safe from theft or robbery, I will never bring my car to any other Jiffy Lube station.

[709] Rich  Unneeded Services

I am writing to inform you that I feel your business is absolutely despicable.  I've attempted to have my oil changed 3 separate times at several of your locations.  Each time I try, I get bombarded with a bunch of other "problems" that need to be fixed immediately.  "Engine sludge", "dirty transmission fluid", and "tires need rotated" are all things I've heard.  I can't believe your technicians have the audacity to recommend these undeeded services.  Take, for instance, that when I was told my tires needed rotating they all had less than 3k miles on them.  To further illustrate my point, my alignment had just been done too, so there's no way they could need rotating.  Needless to say, I will never be visiting your facilities again, and I will do my best to never let anyone I care about get taken advantage of by your scheister technicians or managers.

[708] Jason in Albuquerque, NM  Blown Engine

I just recently about 2 weeks ago went to get a oil change at jiffy lube. They did something wrong and now my motor is blown. it will be a couple thousand dollars to replace it. i have called jiffy lube and talked to a manager and they just keep avoiding the issue. they say they will call me back and then they dont. they tell me someone will be calling me soon and i dont get a phone call. they are avoiding it and i need my car to drive to work because i work all the way across town. Even if they pitched in half or so, i just need to fix my car soon as possilbe

[707] Jason in Crystal Lake, IL  Drained Wrong Oil

We took our brand new Subaru (23,000 miles) 1.5 years old to the Jiffy Lube listed above for an oil change. Upon leaving and depressing the accelerator the transmission dropped and jumped by 1000-2000 rpms. We knew immediately that Jiffy Lube had done something terribly wrong. We turned around as soon as possible (about 4 blocks) and returned. Jiffy Lube added multiple quarts of transmission fluid and suggested that we then see if it was OK. I demanded to see underneath and upon seeing tampering with the transmission drain plug told the manager I knew that they had drained it. They denied this but I did make them sign a personal account that I wrote citing them for the problem and that they must take full responsibility for any repair necessary. IF THEY DON'T DO THIS CALL THE POLICE OR HAVE IT TOWED FROM THERE TO A DEALER TO VERIFY THEIR MISTAKE.

We ended up driving the car a few miles to where we were staying (with the now full transmission) and got it towed to a Subaru dealer the next day (we didn't want to drive it further in case there were metal fragments from running the transmission dry). We explained the situation to the mechanics and they suggested a full transmission flush and new oil change (in order to diagnose any permanent transmission damage).

It turned out that luckily we had turned around in time and there was no permanent damage found. However, the transmission drain plug gasket was missing (proving Jiffy Lube had drained it since the car had never had any transmission service since its purchase brand new). In addition the engine was more than a quart overfilled, which could have caused permanent damage to engine seals if it was driven further.

We are currently in the process of claiming our losses from Jiffy Lube customer service. Fortunately losses only consist of the service at Subaru and a refund of Jiffy Lubes costs for an oil change. If we do not receive this we will sue and win because we have written statements and signatures form both Jiffy Lube and Subaru indicating that it was Jiffy Lubes gross incompetence that caused our problems. JUST DON'T GO TO JIFFY LUBE! SAVE YOURSELF TIME, MONEY, AND STRESS. TAKE IT TO THE DEALER OR DO IT YOURSELF!

[706] Anne in Austin, TX  Button Says "Girl"

My husband just reprimanded me for my Jiffy Lube receipt, which had a $24.99 "oil upgrade" and $1.99 "shop charge" added onto the $29.99 signature service oil change. Yes, I paid over $60 for an oil change on my new VW Rabbit, b/c I just thought that's how much it must cost now. My husband told me they probably have a button on the cash register that says "girl." Shame on them (and me for not being a more aware car owner.)

[705] Connie Drained Wrong Oil

Jiffy lube store #879 caused a chain of events that ruined my transmission costing me in total over $2,000.
On 7/18/07 my 18 year old daughter took my car to jiffy lube for a simple oil chg,  they wound up talking her into a Transmission svc.  They used the wrong Transmission fluid and did not fill it back up causing my transmission to rattle and scream and not let me drive over 40mph.
Steve Tynan of jiffy lube international was assigned to my case.  He talked such a sweet game plan and sent letters of intent with apologies for all that we have been through.  Now that the  Transmission is out of my car and awaiting an Independant Technician to confirm "at fault" responsibility no one will return calls.Steve Tynan provided his private number that all of a sudden, he does not pick up. The Corp office 800 number is amasingly busy 24/7.  Even after leaving message after message no one calls back.I believe it is time for a law suit.  I will not give up.

[704] Betty in Raleigh, NC  Blown Engine

My son drove into Jiffy Lube to have his Toyota Camry inspected (NC State law). The car passed inspection and he drove approx 10 miles home.  Next morning on his way to the airport the engine started shaking & knocking.  20 miles after leaving Jiffy Lube the engine was destroyed.  The car was towed to an experienced Toyota mechanic and there was absolutely no oil in the car.  My son’s work schedule did not allow him to pursue the car repair so I became involved.  My first stop was the Jiffy Lube where the care was inspected.  The manager went with me to see my car.  He could find no evidence of a sudden loss of oil.  He finally mentioned that he would have to look at the “film” to determine what happened to my car as it was serviced.  The “film” turned out to be the security tape.  As the car was in for an inspection no one should have gone underneath the car at any time.  The film would show us if anyone did go underneath the car.  Jiffy Lube stalled and said everyone was on vacation who could show me the tape.  The following week I went into the office without an appointment and talked to John Shaw, the claims manager.  John said the film would only be released as police evidence and I could not see it. Shaw said I would be required to have a mechanical inspector tear down my engine at my expense to determine if it was burning oil. I would not be allowed to see the report but he would read it to me.  The inspection would determine if the engine showed signs of burning oil, John Shaw’s theory being that the car burned oil and had consumed the last drop of oil in the engine and shut down.  Blue rings in the engine would show a history of burning oil.  I have not complied with this inspection as John estimates a cost up to $500. I do not believe that the report would be conclusive and I will still be left debating with Jiffy Lube. My contention is that a mechanic went underneath my car thinking the car was in for an oil change and drained the oil.  The employee responsible for refilling the oil did not perform his duty as the car was not in for an oil change. The manager told me they a team changes the oil.  One employee drains the oil, another refills it from the top.  This car had been serviced routinely for oil changes by Jiffy Lube and no one ever reported that oil was low during routine oil changes.  This has now been one year of extreme frustration.  Yes, Jiffy Lube is owned by Shell Oil and although I was a huge fan of Shell gasoline, I am my own personal Shell gas boycott.

[703] Betsy in St. Charles, MO  Three Years - Three Problems

I have had several bad experiences with a Jiffy Lube store in St. Charles, MO.
First, about 3 years ago, I took my car in & asked them to replace the air filter along with the regular service.  They charged me $24.99 for the air filter.  3000 miles later I was at a different Jiffy Lube & they told me that there was no air filter in my car.  I told them that was impossible because I had it replaced the last time.  The manager at the second Jiffy Lube was wonderful.  He put in a new air filter (showed me that it was there) & said he would get the money from the first Jiffy Lube.
Second, about 2 years ago, I took my minivan in to the same St. Charles location.  When I got back in my car, the console between the front seats had been broken & pieces of it were missing.  It was a console that my husband had built to fit exactly into the space.  I went back into the store & was told that it had been broken when I came in.  I told them it certainly had not been broken & I wanted the pieces so I could repair it.  Finally, one of the workers went through the trash & (surprise!) there were the missing pieces!  We were never compensated for the damage & I was treated very rudely.
Third, this past week, my daughter took her car into the same Jiffy Lube & when she was leaving, the guy who worked on her car held her door open for her to get in the car.  She discovered why at her next stop.  The door handle was broken!  She went back & they tried to tell her it was broken when she arrived, but she stuck to her guns & they agreed to pay for the repair.  The Toyota dealer says it will cost nearly $200 to replace the handle & paint it to match the car.  The dealer says he wishes her good luck getting paid by Jiffy Lube, & he will help her any way he can.  Whether she is reimbursed is yet to be seen.

[702] Sidhe in Lincoln, NE  Wrong Oil Filter

On June 11, 2007 at approx 8AM I took my 1997 Nissan 200sx to Jiffy Lube #1976 at 2402 S 48th St. in Lincoln NE. for a regular oil change. While there, the manager suggested that I also change out my windshield wipers and that my car would be ready in a few minutes. As I was leaving the store area via the drive at its rear I heard a loud bang. I immediately stopped and backed my car up a few feet. I stopped the car and shut down the engine and stepped out and to the front. I saw a long puddle/trail of oil and an oil filter laying on the ground in front of my vehicle.

I immediately went back into the store and told the manager what had occured. He and two other servicemen then pushed my car back into the service bay and began working on it again. While this was being done I snapped a few pictures of the oil trail and the car being worked on with my cell phone camera. A few moments later the manager came in and apologized, saying that they'd put in the wrong sized oil filter. He advised me that for my trouble I would be receiving coupons for some free oil changes within the next couple of weeks. I've received no coupons, nor have I heard anything from the manager.

[701] David Forgot Transmission Oil

August 1, 2007.  Took Subaru Outback 2000 for oil change. Jiffy Lube claimed to drain and replace the oil filter and oil. They did neither. What they did was add too much transmission fluid to the differential and overfilled it. They charged us $38 to claim they changed the oil and filter and instead merely added and overfilled the differential with the wrong fluid. Meanwhile our transmission is empty because of a leak they did not see nor check and our differential needs to be flushed and re-filled with the correct fluid. If you care for your car, don’t take it to Jiffy Lube because they don’t.

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