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Personal Experiences

[800] Tom in Jacksonville, IL  Sue Us!...

Within two miles after a Jiffy Lube (#2677) tire rotation the left front wheel fell off vehicle. (Found all lug nuts scattered along curbside.) Car safely skidded to a stop and we had vehicle towed to Jiffy Lube. Mike, Jiffy Lube mgr., apologizes and confirms responsibility for damage after speaking to the owner, Jack. Weeks later when final repairs were completed by approved body shop owner/Jack now refuses to pay final $68 to the body shop. His final words are “sue us, I’ve already paid enough”.

Our daughter could have been killed and this**SOB/owner (Jack) today shoots his mouth off to her mother when simply trying to help the body shop collect. This all over a small pittance compared to the possible $$ exposure had a catastrophic accident occurred. As our other daughter coincidently happens to be an attorney we are in good shape.

[799] Edward  $30/Quart

I had been taking my tow trucks to Jiffy Lube for years. Suddenly, the price was doubled for an oil change from about $30 to $60. I was told that their regular change included 6 quarts of oil but since my truck used 7 quarts, they had to consider it as a commercial truck and that was why there was an added price. I paid the price (which came to $30 for a quart of oil) and left. I wrote to Jiffy Lube and they told me the policy was correct and that I was charged the correct price. Now I take my tow truck, pickup truck, and both of my personal cars to the local Chevrolet dealer who does them for less than $30 per vehicle – a fair price. 

Then one day, a nearby Jiffy Lube called me to remove a Range Rover that an unlicensed employee had driven into the lube pit. I got a good price for my work, Jiffy Lube got to pay for a totaled vehicle.  What goes around, comes around!

[798] Blake in Mill Creek, WA  Fraud

I had my fuel filter "changed" at Jiffy Lube #2598 in Mill Creek Wa.  It had never been changed before and I'd had other Jiffy Lube techs tell me that the didn't change them if they were in the fuel tank.  Well they claimed to have changed it without moving the tank an inch (even though they said they took the tank out).  I verified this by looking at the screws that you have to remove (per the manual) on the fuel filler neck.  Those screws have never been touched and that doesn't include that fact that the bolts holding the bands that hold the fuel tank have never been touched either.  It must have been some sort of special tool that only Jiffy Lube has and knows about that they used to change the filter.  They did manage to spill a little gas on the top of my tank to give the impression that it has been changed though, I'd give them an A+ for fraud.

[797] Jennifer in Everett, WA  Forgot To Replace Oil

I went into Jiffy Lube [store number #2598 in Mill Creek]  to get my transmission fluid changed, and agreed to get my oil changed as well on our 1997 Chevy Blazer.  Not only did I have to wait 2 hours for the service but once I left the station my nightmare began.  I pulled out of the shop and did not make it more than half a block and the car DIED in the middle of a busy road.  I was at the intersection to make a right hand turn and stranded.  I can't even begin to explain the emotional distress of being almost 6 months pregnant, alone and dealing with extremely angry drivers wanting to make a turn at the intersection. After calling the tow truck, getting help from several family members and others we finally got the car out of the road, however the car would still not start!  After several hours of messing with the car and even buying a new battery, we started checking other things.  THERE WAS NO OIL in my car.  I was left with a useless motor.  After towing the car to the mechanic it took less than 10 minutes for them to verify that it was FROZEN because of lack of OIL!  The Jiffy Lube manager was really nice and helpful, but his company is not backing him up.  We were able to get them to agree to replace the motor, however they are getting the replacement from a JUNK YARD.  Our engine has never had problems in the past year and 1/2, and obviously it was really clean inside if it didn't even have enough sludge to make it an entire block, and now we are getting a motor that could be garbage.  This all happened on Wednesday, it's now Saturday and even after requests we still have no rental car, and have yet to be refunded for the Oil change.  And we still have another week before they expect our car to be done.  There are lots of other issues I haven't even mentioned with missing work and everything else and I am just appauled by the Jiffy Lube Corporation. 

UPDATE 15 Oct 07: We got the motor changed however there were 2 oil leaks, and neither Jiffy Lube or their Mechanic will fix them.  Also the motor was not installed well and vibrates excessively and again no one will fix it.  We were supposed to get a 6 month warranty on the engine, obviously that's a lie just as much as the fact that they said this motor would be "the same, or better" than the exsisting motor.  When I asked for a refund the manager at the Jiffy Lube offered me a free oil change instead.  I won't go back even if it is free!

[796] Bill in NJ  Coupon Problems

Several months ago I purchased a Signature Service oil change at Jiffy Lube #406 in New Jersey. I paid an additional three dollars and entered the Pennzoil "Buy One Get One Free" oil change promotion. I sent my coupon to Pennzoil within the alloted time. I have not yet received the free oil change certificate and the promotion expires on September 30th. The local manager said there is nothing he can do about it and his District Manager will not honor certificates received after the 30th. Even though I am a frequent customer his best response was a shrug of the shoulders and a half-hearted 'Sorry about that'. So, you have my money and you welshed on your commitment. Well, 'Sorry about that', but I will take my business elsewhere and let all my contacts know about it.

[795] Advisor  Advise

I am in no way defending jiffy lube or its employees but I can offer some information to the public that may help. 1 all cars need service weather or not you take it to jiffy lube or the dealer your not going to get a super hero working on your car. 2 are the dealers not aggressive for the work as well? Most of the time at 2 times the cost, 3 lube centers and quick tune facilities can offer the same service at half the time and price as and dealer or private shop with tech’s that are just as well trained if not better in some circumstances . 4 I see complaints about pricing , I can go to Lowe’s and buy a electrical socket for 1.50 but if I call a electrician to come install it its $150 . 5  I see people talking about jiffy tech’s trying to meet there numbers, well , go work for any company in America that serves the public, everyone has to meet their numbers , Mcdonalds wants speed in the drive through , Sears wants you to sell credit cards , circuit city wants to sell service packages when their already covered by man. Warranty , the point of all this is that the corporate money machine know as America is not fair but its our job as consumers to pick someone that we trust and stick with them.

[794] Christine in Chicago, IL  Bait & Switch

This morning (28 Sep 2007) I visited the Jiffy Lube at 5738 W. Irving Park.  When I went to pay for my oil change I presented a $10.00 off coupon.  The coupon states that the regular price for a Signature Service Oil Change would be $31.99 and then the coupon would take $10.00 off.  When my oil change was completed, the Jiffy Lube attendant gave me a total owed of $37.68.  I replied that I thought the price of the oil change was $31.99 less the $10.  He said "Oh, no.  It was $43.99 because we used an upgraded oil."  I told him I never gave him approval to use any upgraded oil.  His response was that because in June of 2006 when my car had been serviced at this location, we used an upgraded oil.  I said, "That was a 1 1/2 years ago. What gave you the right to make that decision for me? "  He then became rude and said that he would then drain the oil and replace it so I could get the $31.99 oil change.  At this point I felt quite uncomfortable allowing this attendant (I cannot call him a gentleman) to touch my vehicle.  I paid the bill and got out of that place remarking that I would not return again.  Jiffy Lube is basically pulling a "bait & switch" on their customers and should be reported to the Better Business Bureau. 
From now on, I will visit my Toyota dealership where I know I can trust the serviceman working on my vehicle and will receive the customer service that I deserve.

[793] Dan in Canon City, CO  Unfulfilled Services

I used your promotion the BOGO with signature service at my local Jiffy Lube.  I paid full price and expected full service.  I did not receive the service I paid for.  Your contract states I will receive service that I pay  for, I did not.  I will not ever.. go back to any of your service stations and will tell everyone my experience.  These times of high gas prices you would think you would focus on customer service...I guess not. 

[792] Victim  in Port Jefferson, NY  Lying & Cheating

I bought a used beautiful 2003 Honda Civic on 8/22/07, I brought it for an oil change on 8/24/07, on 9/25, The car needs a new engine, no oil. The manager and District manager said because it is the drivers responsibility to check the oil when you get gas , this is not their fault. I need a new engine $5K. I am not suing because, the last time I sued Jiffy lube, they broke the key in the ignition and couldn't pull the car out of the bay and then in court was able to convince the arbitrator the key was broken in the ignition when I pull it into the bay. After that experience in small claims court where they lie and cheat and get away with it, why bother. I should have realized it wasn't just the Jiffy Lube in Rocky Point, NY that sucked, the one in Port Jefferson NY suck too. So I sent my comments to Shame on You AND hopefully they will feature Jiffy Lube in a news story and publicly trash them forever.

[791] Nilson in Ventura, CA  Predatory Services

I have a corporate account with my company that pays for services rendered to my car.  I recently received a brand new Chevrolet SUV for business purposes that I drive on the highway only.  After about 4 thousand miles, I took it to the Jiffy Lube in Ventura, CA.  They tried to bill my company for 80 dollars- they wanted to charge me for a new air filter and some other parts that don't need to be replaced after 4K miles.  They figured that I wouldn't really care because it was my company picking up the tab!  When I complained that what they were doing was dishonest, the manager would not come out and deal with me, instead he used the little girl working the front counter to relay messages to me.  I would love to kick his ass.

[790] Bill  Lying

Lying about condition of serpentine belt.  I had just taken my 1997 Jeep to the dealer about 6000 miles prior and had the serpentine belt replaced.  I went to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and during their "inspection" the "mechanic" found a defect in the serpentine belt and said it needed replacing.  He took me out and showed me what was obviously a seam and not a crack on the new belt and said it was a crack and would soon come apart.  I told him to leave it alone and I would take it back to the dealer to get it check since it was a NEW BELT.  He showed obvious surprise and changed the subject.  Hopefully I got the new oil and filter I paid for! 

[789] Robin in Aurora, CO  Voided Check

I must say what I have read and heard the $19.99 issue is causing some major issues.

I would like to join the suit listed on the website regarding Jiffy Lube:  (1) The company pushes "mechanics" to make sales that in turn causes the "mechanics" to place undue pressure on consumers and often causes the "mechanics" to recommend services and products that are unnecessary.

Nature of my complaint in detail:  I went to Jiffy Lube on 9/21/07 Friday around 430ish pm.  I pulled in and requested a Basic Oil change the management special for $19.99 the gentlemen told me okay.  Well at check out time the clerk advised that my total was $37.54.  I said I only requested the $19.99 special and he told me that they no longer have that special.  I asked why didn’t the gentlemen tell me and he said I don’t know I asked him to call the gentlemen in that advised that they can give me that special price, he refused and said that he do not want to embarrass him since he just started 2 days ago.  I advised I don’t want you to embarrass him just confirm that I requested the $19.99 and he told me okay, thinking at least he can give me half off since I was not intending my total to be $37.54.  He refused to so I went ahead and wrote a check for the total of $37.54 on Friday 9/21/07 for Jiffy Lube.  Left and that was that at least I thought.

On Monday 9/24/07 around 6ish pm the police came to my door and advised that Jiffy Lube called them and filed a theft report on me stating I wrote a check for the amount $37.54 and wrote void on it on Monday 9/24/07.  I advised the policeman that I was not there on today (Monday 9/24/07) however; I did go on Friday I have my duplicate check and can show them.  They asked me to go get the check copy; I showed it to them clearly there was no word VOID on it.  Needless to say I contacted the owner Jim the next day at JL and he said he will look into the situation and he or Randy the store manager will call me back. 

In the meantime, I went to the police station to get a copy of the report and they would not give it to me since I was the suspect.  I wanted to see if they had continued to lie on me in the report so I can have that when I go to court but they said it is still open and I cannot purchase a copy of the alleged comments against me from JL. 

The store manager Randy called me back and he was rude and said I need to come in and pay.  Now I have $37.54 to pay and will be paying to 9/25/07 Tuesday when I get off work.  However, I did not write VOID on my check and was not there when they said I was in addition, they charged me something and did work that I did not ask for and the clerk refused to ask the guy who told me that I would get the work requested for $19.99. 

This may not seem big however, I have a little one and she seen how the police were talking and treated me and that they said I stole.  I did file formal complaints on them and I have copies of that and now for JL something does need to be done about how they say you asked for something and you didn’t.  I would like to have a handwriting expert look at the check to see who wrote VOID on my GOOD check so I can press charges against JL for forging and saying I did it and filing a report for theft against me.

What Jiffy has done to me?  Wrote VOID on my check saying I did it, charge me for service that I did not ask for and placing a false police report on me calling it theft.

This is Jiffy Lube in Aurora, Colorado on Havana store # 964.  Jim the owner or at least one of them number is 303-766-4205.

[788] Paul in Wichita, KS  Midnight Call

I am a customer of my local Jiffy Lube here in Wichita.  However, I received one of your automated  telephone calls originating out of Tulsa, Ok. at 12:10 am last night.  What operator in their right mind would send a call at that hour to remind me to take my car in for a lube job?  It was certainly not appreciated.

[787] Dianne in Woodinville, WA  Computer Problems

I went to Jiffy Lube in Woodinville, Washington, three days (20 Sep 2007) ago to change the oil on my Toyota RAV4 which has 22,581 miles on it.  This is the first time I have used Jiffy Lube in Washington.  My neighbors highly recommended Jiffy Lube so I made a special trip there.
Day one:  Car drove fine.
Day two:  Car was not driven.
Day three:  While driving approximately 7 miles to Fred Meyers, I discover speedometer is no longer working.  Also, on the way home, when trying to drive up a hill, engine starts revving as though there is something wrong with my transmission.
Day four:  Engine light comes on.
On day four, after calling Jiffy Lube and complaining, one of Jiffy Lube's representatives drove over to my house to take a look at my car.  He said that the problems with the car were due to a problem with the car's "computer", that they had nothing to do with his servicing my vehicle.  I do greatly appreciate making a trip over to my home, but my car is not usable!
Today is day five.  My car is going nowhere.  On Monday (tomorrow), I am going to be driving my automobile to a Toyota dealership in Lynnwood, and hopefully my car will not break down and need towing.  The trip is at least 10 miles.
My car worked PERFECTLY until I had my "oil changed."
By the way, I was quoted $21 for my oil change because they were having a "special sale."  By the time I left, because I chose their "medium grade" oil, my bill came to $42.27.

[786] Ex-Manager  Rip Off Schemes

I started years ago as a lube technition and worked my way up to manager. I also took the time to instill honesty, quality and a sense of integrity. High turnover was never a problem at my particular store as we could pay accordingly and kept some core employees for quite some time.
As time went on, the franchise owner would notice that the company stores were pulling some huge sales and got on "us" about performing up to these higher expectations. This suddenly went from a great situation (with one of the highest customer return base) to a "sales first" approach. I can understand to some extent, but it was getting out of hand.
The business was sold to a corporate division where man hours are tracked, micro managing was at an all-time high, and being pushed to oversell was the norm. This didn't sit well with me and after all the years, building up a first name basis/trustworthy relationship with literally thousands of customer (with hundreds of written testimonials), the job became a sad state of auto ripoff schemes and overselling. I left almost immediately and heard feedback that the store was now being run by an ex-employee with no automobile skills or customer service abilities. Go figure. I wish them all the luck.
The main problem is the "fast food mentality" mixed with automobile maintenance. Under skilled and often times, untrained workers are allowed to work on your very expensive, often times, very expensive vehicle.
I was read and see the problems and understand from a different point of view. Start by ASE certification, full training, and stricter regulations for these places. It may drive the price up a bit, but the quality will go up as well. Not a bad idea (quick lubes in general), just quality control is an afterthought.
Advice: Stay near or within eyeshot of your vehicle at all times. Have product knowledge and make any requests known before entering service bay with prices quoted in writing. (some states required by law). Request a manager to work on your vehicle, if possible, and do not allow people to linger in your vehicle.
Buyer beware is one thing, but an educated consumer is a step up from that.

[785] Josh in Bellevue, WA  Oil Plug Fell Out

Last November, I took my car to Jiffy Lube #2592 for a routine oil change that resulted in them buying me a new turbo.
Long story short:  Technician didn't tighten drain plug, it fell out the next day, oil drained out while I was driving.  Turbo started screaming after I started it up with new oil in, took it to my mechanic, he certified the issue was a result of the oil drainage, faxed his statement + estimate to manager @ Jiffy Lube, they wrote me a check for the repairs.  The manager (named Daryl - don't know his last name as he no longer works there) then tells me that he wants me to bring my car back in for it's next oil change so he can take an oil sample to determine if any damage was done to the engine.  I thank him, and agree to do so.
THEN, in March, my car begins occasionally spitting white smoke out the tailpipe.  It gradually becomes more frequent and longer lasting.  Hold that thought.
In June, I take my car back for it's next oil change (car wasn't driven for nearly 3 months) and oil sample.  Manager has the nerve to charge me full price for the oil change.  I argue that the only reason I'm there is because of the problem they caused.  He gives me a discount.
Time goes by.  No word about the oil sample and/or resulting information about further damage to my car.  White smoke from the tailpipe increases in frequency and duration.
Last week I took my car to All Wheel Drive Auto (a Subaru specialist shop) for a coolant service + oil change, and asked if they wouldn't mind checking out the white smoke issue.  When I come back to pick up my car and find out some answers, they ask me, "Has your car been run without oil at some point?"  To which I respond, "Gee, yes - just once."
Bottom line, my engine is on the way out - oil is getting into the combustion chamber, head gasket might be shot, etc.  This is a direct result of the friction incurred during the short period my car was running without oil in it.  Time for another chat with Jiffy Lube.
I call them up Friday, the 14th, speak to the new manager, Willy (the previous one I dealt with no longer works there...), and explain the situation.  He tells me he'll call his supervisors.  Yesterday, I call him again (he was supposed to call me back later Friday), he tells me they are DENYING MY CLAIM BECAUSE I DIDN'T GET AN OIL CHANGE WITH THEM FOR 6 MONTHS.
My car was sitting waiting for parts, repairs, etc (plus I was out of town on a business related trip for a while), so I didn't drive my car for nearly 3 months.  Plus, after speaking to two different mechanics, the argument that 6 months without an oil change would damage my fairly low-mileage engine is laughable, ESPECIALLY considering that 3 of those months it wasn't driven.
I am now in the process of communicating to higher-ups at JL Corporate, and looking into small-claims court and other options.

"A person who won't read has no advantage over one who can't read." - Mark Twain

[784] Mary  in Bradenton, FL  Wrong Brake Fluid

A check at Saturn revealed that a petroleum based flid had been mixed in with brake fluid causing rubber seals to expand and crack. They quoted $1,800 to fix the problem.
The only people who changed oil the last two times was JiffyLube on Cortez, Store 912. I imagine someone made a mistake but didn't admit it.
I wrote a letter to Houston on September 5 and anxiously await an answer and some compensation.

[783] Lisa in Wilsonville, OR  Drained Wrong Fluid

Today [15 Sep] I took my car in for a signature service oil change. I also purchased an air filter and windshield wipers.  On my way home from work, as I was merging on the highway, I realized something was very wrong with my car -- it would not accelerate properly, and the engine was revving at 5 - 6 when it never goes past 3.  This was a very scary thing for me, because I was in the middle of rush hour traffic and I had a lot of difficulty getting onto the highway.  I had to drive a few miles before I could get off at the next exit and drive back to the store.  I took my car back to Jiffy Lube, and several people nervously worked on my car.  It turned out that, during my oil change, my transmission fluid had been completely drained by one of the technicians, but never refilled.   I was left with no transmission fluid in my car at all. I did not authorize draining my transmission fluid and that is nowhere on my invoice; in fact, the invoice says it was full.  But either way, my transmission could have been (and may still be) destroyed by this error, and I could have been killed.  The technicians refilled the fluid and apologized, telling me that this happens once in a while when new people are hired on.  No one offered me a refund of my money.  In fact, one technician told me that he was out of VIP cards, and instead wrote "VIP 15% Off" on a crumpled piece of paper and handed it to me as a replacement.  I told him that I would never be coming back to Jiffy Lube and handed it back to him.

[782] Ed  Coupon Run Around

after being a loyal customer of Jiffy Lube in June I was offered a buy one get one free oil change and told I would get the coupon in 4-8 weeks.  9 weeks go by and no coupon so I go talk to the local manager who basicly said " call Shell here's the number "  I asked for the regional managers number he gives it to me and tells me " they are going to tell you the same thing "  I call the parent company explaining to customer service I did not have the time to chase the coupon down and though since they offered it they should find it.
Basicly I was blown off and told how this customer service agent did not like making the calls to find the coupons either and that it was a problem with shell and it was not them, and she would gladly give me the number to Shell so I could find my coupon.
here we are September 14,2007 and no coupon that expires sept 30th anyway.   I filed a complaint with the BBB, and the parent company which I'm sure will be ignored

[781] Den in Orland Park, IL  A $194.89 Oil Change

Debbie, a single mother of three, visited the Jiffy Lube at 9254 West 159th Street in Orland Park, Illinois, on July 21, 2007.  The help was kind enough to guide her through a $194.89 oil change, giving her what they recommended. 

[780] Katja in Folsom, CA  Skidplate

I own a 2003 VW Passat Station Wagon, which due to my occupation am driving a lot.

Last year in July I brought it in for an oil change in the Folsom-Bidwell , CA location. Driving shortly thereafter on the freeway at 65miles the skit plate fell out from underneath my car. As it was attached now only by its hinges it dragged along the ground until I got to halt on the emergency lane. I found myself underneath the car discovering that Jiffy Lube had failed to put the screws back in. I couldn’t get the back undone, so I had to “MacGyver”  it with some wire back to the bumper of my car. Back to Jiffy Lube to get it fixed. The Skit Plate was slightly damaged. The Bidwell Store referred me to the Cameron Park (#2804) location for repair. They did the best they could with the plate. I swore I would never go back to a Jiffy Lube again.

On 9.04.07 I returned to the Jiffy Lube # 2404, as I needed an oil change, and did not have time for an appointment at my local dealership. I should have known better!!!!

The SAME BLOODY SITUATION!! The skit plate was not fastened and fell out as I was driving along Highway 49. I will spare you the ordeal I had to endure to be able to get back on the road and back to the Jiffy Lube store.

Now the skit plate is heavily damaged, and I have been getting the run around in that store as to the repair/replacement of the skit plate.

I am beyond disappointed in the service of Jiffy Lube.  My next step will be the BBB as well as my lawyer.  
[779] Jeff in La Crescenta, CA  No Visible Fluids

My son took his 2000 Honda Accord into your location #1855, Invoice #07091101853239.  He purchased your package for oil/oil filter change and level checks on all fluids.  Subsequent to your service his car overheated with the heat gauge going into the red approximately 10 miles from your location.  He waited for the vehicle to cool down, and then drove it back to your service facility.  The technicians stated that there must have been a bubble in a radiator hose causing the vehicle to overheat.  When he returned home since he experienced this problems I opened his hood to visually verify what could have possibly caused the overheat.  To our dismay, we found that all the visible fluids that were to have been checked were ALL void 20 to 75 percent of fluids.  The coolant reserve and windshield washer fluid were both so empty that any layman would have been able to view this if it had been properly checked.  Both the power steering and brake fluid levels needed to be topped off and were also visibly low on their perspective fluids.

We are now asking for a return of the $31.50 charge from your Company, as it is quite clear that your Companies technicians did NOT service your checklist as listed on our sales receipt.

[778] Jeffrey in Jewell, OR  Stop Ignoring Me

Well it is 6:16 on Wednesday, September 12, 2007.  On Friday, September 7, 2007 I had a problem with my Toyota Tacoma Pickup.  It was about noon and my check engine light came on and there was a clicking sound coming from the front of my vehicle.  I called Beaverton Toyota and then took my vehicle to them.  Later that day they called and told me that someone had stripped out the stock plug in my transfer case and then replaced it with a larger one that had no washer.  This in turn caused a leak which slowly drained the fluid out of my transfer case then causing my transfer cause to fail.  Now with that said I had just had a full service oil change done at Jiffy Lube on August 27,2007.   And now only that but Jiffy Lube has done all my oil changes since I have owned the vehicle.  I bought the vehicle new and there has not been another owner.  So I called Jiffy Lube on Friday and they said someone would be in touch with me.  Then I called again on Monday and they assured me that someone would be in touch with.  So on Tuesday I called again and they said they had the wrong number, which is hard to believe since they had my records and I gave them my number and then confirmed my number twice.  So now it is Wednesday and yes I called again only to be put on hold for about 1 hour and 20 minutes during which time i was cut off several times and could not leave a message because the mail box was full.  So now it is Wednesday night and still no word from you.  My vehicle has been in the shop since Friday I had to rent a car to get home and I am now still renting a car.  My vehicle is not drivable and the cost to repair the damage was estimated at $3,500.00.  Not only that but I live in Seaside and work in Tualatin which is a commute of about 120 miles a day.  the cost are starting to add up and I have had zero response form Jiffy Lube.  My records show that I have been getting my oil changed at Jiffy Lube since 1999.  I am very disappointed and would like to have my vehicle fixed.  It is what I use for work and the impact of this problem is getting bigger everyday.  I have all my call, oil change, & estimate records.  Please stop ignoring me.

[777] Merle in Shelton, WA  Blown Engine

On the working day of August 10, 2007 I went to our local Jiffy Lube for routine service (Invoice #2581 560608).  300 miles later my engine blew.  I called Jiffy Lube and to notify them of the situation.  A Mr. Viela Guay (1-503-626-3003) contacted me to say that the filter failed due to a hole punched in from a bolt.  He stated that Jiffy Lube was not at fault and all repairs would be my responsibility.
Upon my replacing of the engine by my local Pontiac dealership, it was observed that the filter installed on my 1989 Pontiac 6000LE 2.8L was actually for a 3.1L.  The filter installed was 3 inches longer than factory recommended.  The bolt would never have come in contact with the filter if the correct filter had been installed.  The filter also shows signs that it was forced into place around the bolt in question.  The technician should have been aware that the filter was incorrect at that time showing a possible malice intent.
The expenses incurred as a result of the negligence of Jiffy Lube are:
New rebuilt Jasper engine installed by licensed Pontiac dealership  Stirling Pontiac, Longview, WA - $4000.00
Towing from Shelton WA to Longview WA - Jerry's Automotive & Towing $262.00
Future financial loss as a result of lower gas mileage of new engine for the 3 years warranty of engine at today's cost of gas - $1250.00
I would appreciate a resolution to this matter without involving attorneys or courts.  I have the oil filter in my possession along with supporting evidence to substantiate my claim of loss. 

[776] Bryan  Parking Brake

I am writing to you today because of a problem I encountered with the above-mentioned Jiffy Lube location.    I went in for a simple oil change and in regards to that, I have no issues.  However, when I got into my vehicle after the oil change was completed, the parking brake had been set so hard, that I had a difficult time pressing on the button hard enough to release it.  I didn't think any issue would arise from this, but unfortunately my parking brake is now stuck and I cannot drive my car.  When I parked my car upon arriving home after the oil change, it made a weird "click," but again, I did not think it was an issue.  I have not driven it since the oil change earlier today and when I went to my car 5 minutes ago to go pick up my wife, the parking brake would not release--no matter how hard I pressed the release button.

I called and spoke with the manager of the Jiffy Lube I visited today and he informed me that his technicians are not responsible for the damage done to my car.  I beg to differ.  It is not a coincidence that my parking break is stuck after a Jiffy Lube technician yanked on it.

I now have to take my car into a repair shop and pay for any repairs myself.  This will not only take money, it will take time and inconvenience my family greatly, as this is our only car.

I'm very frustrated with your company's unwillingness to assume liability in this issue and I ask for your cooperation in paying for the repairs to my vehicle.

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