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Personal Experiences

[850] David in San Leandro, CA  Transmission Woes

On Saturday 10-27-07 at 12 noon I stopped by the Jiffy Lube in San Leandro, ca to have my transmission serviced on my wife's 2000 Ford Windstar. I decided on the $109.00 dollar plan In which I was told it cleans out the filter and fluid in the transmission. Fifty minutes have now gone by ….as I am watching the Tech he is trying different wrenches because he can't seem to get one to fit correctly, he then try's to use a crescent wrench and then vise-grips none seem to loosen the nut on the radiator (Come to find out the Castro Valley Tech who was servicing my van informed me that if they took this nut off it would have destroyed the radiator. He said the nut has a washer over it which is meant to stay on and the nut is to NOT to be removed) The San Leandro Manager says he can't do the job because he doesn't have the right tools. I asked him to drive the van forward and where is another Jiffy Lube he says, "Castro Valley" He then proceeded to tell me the directions.It's now 1:00pm and I am on my way to Jiffy Lube in Castro Valley. I arrive at the Castro Valley store around 1:30pm and ask for the same service and to let them know I recently stopped by the San Leandro store in which they didn't have the proper tools to do the Transmission service. The Tech quickly notified the Manager at the Castro Valley store and she recommended the Tech to use the other machine which was blue and black in color and NOT the "T- Tech" machine which San Leandro tried to use. The tech started the procedure and the machine beeped loudly and constant….a second Tech came by hit a button and started the van….the original Tech came over with a yell in his voice to the other Tech that he shouldn't have started the van and the second Tech disagreed with him but the original Tech was shaking his head. The Tech completed the service and I paid for it. I left the Castro Valley store on my way to stop by BestBuy in Emeryville for a possible purchase of goods. I left BestBuy and drove towards 880 south bound to HagenBerger Blvd to stop by a local car audio store where I noticed they were closed so I proceeded home. I arrived home and started walking behind the van towards our mail boxes to check the mail. I see this drip drip in a consent of 1 inch apart….I thought to myself, "Is this leaking out of the van?" Sure enough a puddle is leaking under the van I quickly called the Manager at Jiffy Lube in Castro Valley and she asked for me to bring the van back soon. I arrived at the store around 20 minutes later and she said park it inside the shop. The leak was enormous and coming from the rear end of the Transmission a Tech said.The Manager was surprised to see this problem and informed me that the black and blue machine was meant to prevent this from happening. I'm guessing this is common due to the pressure being used through the machine. The manager tried along with the customer service to get me a rental car from Enterprise but was unsuccessful in which I was told by the Castro Valley Manager to find my own rental car and Jiffy Lube would reimburse me. I was told that insurance and gas was not reimbursed which was fine by me and I understood that. I was never told about pricing of what rental car should be purchased so I rented a vehicle that would be comparable to the Windstar van for all the kids my wife has to pick up daily along with my 9 month baby. I had a friend pick me up and we went to the Oakland airport to get a rental car. I rented a Chevy Eqinox at 76.00 dollars per day. I called the Manager at the Castro Valley store at 4:00pm on 10-29-07 to let her know I have this vehicle and the rate its costing per day. She was very surprised and now informed me that Jiffy Lube may not reimburse me for that much on the rental car. She called me back after speaking with her regional Manager and they said that’s too much per day and that Enterprise is cheaper. Its now 5pm and Enterprise is no closed along with AAMCO. The Manager said she will call me tomorrow 10-30-07 and let me know whats going on with both the rental car situation and our van because she has a meeting with her Manager about this issue. She also stated that she hasn't accepted responsibility yet for my vehicles problem which they caused on Saturday.Issue is still pending....I sure hope this gets resolved ASAP and without any more loss of my time and money.

[849] Victim in Wichita, KS  Classic Bait & Switch

I went to jiffy lube for what seemed like a great deal buy 1 oil change and get one free, cool I paid the regular price and 6 weeks later got an oil change through the mail. I went to the Jiffy lube in Wichita KS and they told me I need a transmission flush as I had never had one and held a clip board with $25.00 or so written on it showing it to me. I am not a mechanic and looked at the price and thought sure I will get it done its only $25.00. When I went back they charged me $128.00 I asked why they showed me the clipboard with $25.00 they said that it was for a different customer and laughed at me saying "you think that its only $25.00 for a transmission flush??" It was classic bait and switch. My wife later that day went to another Jiffy lube in Wichita and guess what they told her that she needed the same thing but this time I had already talked to her about this scam. The best thing is that she had had her transmission flushed the month before!! THEY HAVE NO SCRUPLES DO NOT USE THEM LET THEM ROT!!! TELL ALL YOU KNOW


[848] Aron in Burnsville, MN  Encourages Bad Behavior

I just got back from an oil change at your Jiffy Lube #108    550 County Road 42 W Burnsville MN 55337 location and I am extremely unhappy with every party of my experience.  I usually do not take my car to Jiffy Lube (even though it's within walking distance from my work) because they always seem to sell me on services and products that I do not need.  I thought I would give them another try today and boy what a mistake that was.  When I pulled in the female employee asked me what type of oil I wanted.  I told her whatever the factory recommends.  I then told her that I only wanted an oil change today and nothing more.  I told her I would be back in a few hours to pick up my Jeep.  I guess another employee tried to call my cell phone to tell me all of the things that needed to be done but I did not get the call.  When I went back to pick up my Jeep it was sitting in the garage without oil in it.  The guy tried to sell me on a coolant flush and a couple of other things but I told him no.  He then asked me what type of oil I wanted.  I was annoyed that my Jeep was not ready (they had it for 2 hours) and I told him to put in what is recommended for the Jeep.  I had to pick up my kids and now I was going to be late.  When the other employee rang up my ticket the total came to $52.85.  I asked if that was the price for a normal oil change and they said, "no, but you got the upgraded oil"  They told me that is what is recommended for my Jeep.  I was angry and both employees knew it.   They shoved the invoice in my face to sign so I did.  One of the guys then said, "It's 5000 mile oil so you won't need to take it in for a long time".  When I was driving home I noticed that the sticker they put on my car and the invoice both said that I would need service in 3000 miles.  What kind of place are you running?  How do you stay in business?  Are you proud of what you do and stand for as a company?  This is not an isolated incident so that leads me to believe that this type of behavior is encouraged.  My ticket # is 8325613.  I am only giving that to you so you know I am not a liar.  I do not want anything for free because I will NEVER go to a Jiffy Lube again.  It's sad to see a business that has such low morals and shady business practices survive for so long in Burnsville. 

[847] Jtemi in Franklin, MA Unneeded Wiper Blades

I have a company van, which we service our fleet with Jiffy Lube or companies that take fleet cards, which are numorous.  Yesterday 10/27/7, I went to Jiffy Lube #1313, to get an oil change on van.  The day before, I purchased two new Michelin wipers from Wal-Mart, which I have receipts for, I put new wipers on van in a.m., before going to Jiffy Lube.  The tech told me, I needed new wiper blades, I advised him that I just put new ones on about 1 hour ago, he just shrugged his shoulders and walked away from me.  I think this guy was some kind of boss (Don?) the way he was telling employees what to do.  I don't think this practice is fair, I guess it comes down to corporate bottom lines.
Just would like to say, #1313 (Jiffy Lube) lost my business and I'm going to pass this email off to our fleet manager, we have over 100 vans in fleet.

[846] Billy in Pineville, NC  Unneeded Products @ 3,000 Miles

My wife took her car to the local Jiffy Lube here in Pineville, NC. All she wanted was an oil change. When they were finished, they proceeded to tell her the air filter was filthy and should be changed and also produced a list of other items she should have done now, or as soon as possible. These suggestions included: radiator flush and fill, transmission flush and fill with new filter, and a fuel filter.
My wife called me on the cell phone and asked me if we should go ahead and get it all done. NO WAY! I said, just come home. This all happened in June of 2006. The car was brand new, with only 3000 miles. It was in for it's very first oil change. She got home, I checked the air filter, not even so much as dust on it as I knew it would be.
We haven't been back, and after seeing the undercover story they did in California, I know now this was no isolated incident.

[845] Jessica  Henderson, NV  Unnecessary Test

I got a regular oil change yesterday, October 25, 2007 at the Stephanie St. location in Henerson, NV. While I was checking out, Nick, the assistant manager, told me that I had a "small" oil leak. I found this to be very strange, considering my car is an 06 Ford Fusion. (under 2 years old). So I take it to my dealership (where I bought the car) only to be told a few hours later, that there is NO oil leak. I ended up dishing out an additional $100.00 for a diognostics test that didn't need to be done in the first place. Of course when I call Nick, he tells me that is strange... why would he tell me there is a leak if there is NOT one. I will be calling his GM on Monday and corporate today.

[844] Sadiq in Shrewsberry, MA  Sunglasses Gone

1) I went to jiffy lube on rte 9 in shrewsbury for an oil change.......My sunglasses GONE......When I asked them they denied the fact that they were their.....
2) I went in on a differential service in one on rte 3A billerica....they did not put  a friction modifier in it. My Jeep started making grinding noise while backing up finally took it to a dealer spend $150.00 to just add a friction modifier noise gone that instance. Went back to Jiffy and Mr Jiffy says that they use some spacial oil which has the modifier in it.....

[843] Art in Chino Hills, CA  Can't Be Trusted

I like Jiffy Lube.  It's convenient.  I've been going to the one in Chino Hills CA since it opened.  I did have one bad experience a while back but I let it go.

Today (Oct 25 2007) was different.  I just got a Saleen Mustang and took it in for it's first oil change.  Saleen puts grease fittings on the sway bar.  All other areas are sealed according to your personnel.  I told three people including the manager to be sure to grease the sway bar fittings as it could be a warranty issue.  I was assured even by the guy who was underneath the car that he had done it.  I then questioned them further on sway bar configuration and the first guy whom I had ask to make sure this was accomplished double checked with the underside tech and found out that it was not only not done but the guy had lied about it.

I told the manager and she was apologetic.  The tech who greeted me when I arrived got right on it once he found out that it had not been performed. 

I saw the 2 separate newscasts on TV that were very critical of you company.  The other bad experience I had was over flushing of my transmission.  I chose not to have it done, just the oil changed, as the reporter said he paid for it and the machine was never hooked up to the vehicle.  The girl charged me for it and when I told her I didn't order it she argued with me and to dispell that I told her OK, put it on my bill.

I want to continue to use your company but I don't know you can be trusted to do what you are paid to do.

[842] Bill  What A RIp Off

Wow! What a rip off group. I really felt I have been taken but never more. Screw me once that is their fault. Screw me twice, that's my fault. Too many places to go, so who needs Jiffy Lub! Funny part is I was warned, "Stay away from Jiffy Lub." I guess it was my fault after all, I went regardless of advise, that makes me the dummy. But not again. Never more!

[841] Charles in Gastonia, NC  Oil Filter Not Changed

I recently had my wife's 2002 Saturn VUE AWD oil changed at the Union Road location of Jiffy Lube (#3150) on 10/13/07. The service was great, however, the oil change was AWFUL. The oil canister oil filter was NOT changed and the seal inside was broken---proof it was not changed. I am writing to let you know that I'm not happy with the poor service and would like a full refund...especially since the car went to another oil change place(not Jiffy Lube)and thwe broken seal, which resulted in the entire crankcase being drained along with the extra 4 quarts I had added to keep from destroying the engine after I found out the oil had drained out(and I was forced to add oil on the side of Highway 74 West).

[840] Eileen in Branford, CT  Overfilled Oil

This happened years ago- maybe 10 years? I brought my car there for an oil change. This was in Branford, Ct. I had never been there before, but my husband brought his company car there because they had some sort of account with them. The next day I noticed oil leaking under my car. When I checked the oil level, I noticed oil all over the engine, and the oil  from the dipstick was dark brown and dirty. (I didn't know much, but I knew enough to know that clean oil should be lighter) For reasons I still can't remember, I took it to my regular mechanic. Between the 2 of us we figured out that instead of changing the oil they just added oil to the previous oil, and in doing so overfilled it so it leaked out all over the engine. I had to pay my mechanic to clean off the whole engine and re do the oil change. Why didn't I go right back to Jiffy Lube and demand they fix what they did? I can only guess I was young and wimpy and was afraid to confront them. If it happened today, I'd be in their face in a flash. I did write an complaint letter and send it to them. I never heard anything. I am sure they just threw it away. This shows you that they were doing this dishonest stuff way back then also!

[839] John Overfilled Oil

I took my Nissan Maxima into a JL on a Sat. afternoon.... by Sat. evening my car had quit in the middle road while I was driving. The car would not turn over and had to be towed. When I got it to the dealer they said that the car had been over filled with oil and stopped work on the car. JL then towed the car to "their mechanic" who then drained the oil and could not get the car to start. The car was then taken to the dealer to get and ECM put on the car... JL has had control of my car for over 7 days now.... no repair and I am still with out a car.   What can I ask for in compensation for being without a car for 9 days....

[838] Bill in Baltimore, MD  Broke Switch

The Jiffy Lube at Reisterstown Road and Slade Ave in Baltimore MD serviced my 2001 Buick Le Sabre.
They broke the headlight switch. Then they denied breaking it, even though they admitteed "testing" the switch. The franchise owner said that because the car was almost st seven years old, the switch is subject to wear and tear and therefore they are not responsible.  And now I am out $253.00 to have the switch replaced with no recourse ftom Jiffy Lube.

Update: 4 April 2008: I took the advice suggested in one of the postings and filed in small claims court. I won the case and JL was forced to reimburse me. It took a few months for the court date and then they finally sent me a check a the full 30 days after the court award.  Needless to emphasize that I will relate my experience with many friends and relatives. If they had acted promptly and honorably it would have had a different result.

[837] George  Unneeded Labor Charge


[836] Victim  Worthless Coupons

After hearing radio advertisements for the Pennzoil promotion, one free oil change with one paid, I took 2 cars in for an oil change and submitted all paperwork.  At no time was I advised that the coupons I would receive in the mail would expire soon.  I now have 2 worthless coupons for free oil changes from Jiffylube and they are not responding to my complaint. 

[835] Laurie in Arlington, WA  Engine Seized

I've been trying to get ahold of someone that can help me. Three years ago I went to the location in Arlington Wa., they over filled and my engine seized, I went back with my Lawyer and a copy of 3 different estimates showing what exactly was the matter with my car, the manager at the time said he'd take care of it so I put a stop payment on my check and thought everything was over. I didn't ask for money I didn't try and get them to help pay the now $1000 to fix my car-even though I very well could have, I just told them I didn't feel like I should have to pay the $100 something that had ruined my car and he agreed, moral of the story is now I'm getting calls from collection agency on my bounced check, I've been trying to get ahold of corporate again and again and no answers no one returns my calls and I"m about ready to take to court again since no one has the courtesy to contact me back! I'd really appreciate someone to do something SOON or I will continue the legal part that was started three years ago...

[834] Tim in Conyers, GA  Wrong Paperwork

I am writing you this e-mail after leaving a message at the number on the back of my receipt. at noon today (19 Oct) and not receiving a return phone call. Let me start by saying that I am a small business owner just east of Atlanta Georgia, and I have used Jiffy Lube for a number of years with no problem at all. That all changed today when I made the mistake of going to your location # 477 in Conyers Georgia off of highway 138. I did not realize anything until I went to pay for my service. When I was checking out the female attendant asked me for my name and I told her that I wanted the receipt in my companies name, which is Kelly Green Pest Solutions. She did not say anything and when I looked at my receipt it reflected Kelly Green 1234 Conyers GA. I then noticed that my receipt reflected that I have 84,926 miles on my vehicle. When in reality I have just over 16,000 miles, this may not seem like much but it means a lot to someone like me that works in a service based industry. When I brought this to the attention of the manager he asked for my credit card to redo the transaction and never offered even an apology. What made me mad was when I went to my truck and there was no sticker in the window telling me when to get my next oil change. The technician did put one in that reflected I needed an oil change in 1000 miles. In addition my windows were not touched nor was my floor vacuumed. Again the manager looked at me like I was crazy. I do not mind paying $ 44.21 for an oil change, which seems high for the most basic oil change but when I do not get even get what I call ok service than I am forced to air my dis-satisfaction.

[833] Donald in Bel Air, MD  Charge What Ever He Felt Like

I have been using Jiffy Lube for many years, but the experience I had yesterday set me against your company. I went to the Jiffy Lube in BelAir Maryland with my Camper as I have many times and was told that they could no longer do campers there due to lift changes. At this time was told that Edgewood could do it. I asked if the Aberdeen store could do it, that it was closer to home. The tenant called the Aberdeen store and was advised that they could. Arriving at the store was told to pull to a specific lane, exit the vehicle and wait in the waiting room. On completion of the oil change was told that the charge was 74.74. I asked why they were twice the price of all other Jiffy Lube's and was advised that was the charge. At no time was I told the price of the change or was any signs as to the price. I asked to speak to the manager and he advised that I needed to talk to the owner, Jeffery D. LaCroix of store #641. When I called back to talk to Mr. LaCroix and asked if he had made a mistake in the coding and he said that he had not and that was the price for a camper. In trying to explain that all other Jiffy Lube's never charged over 44.00$ and he said that they did not like to do Campers and he could charge what ever he felt like charging. Then he said that I should have asked the price and I explained that I have never been charged that much at any Jiffy Lube across the US, he then said thank you and hung the phone up. Not only is compensation due me but so is an apology. If I get no results I will continue through Maryland agencies, Good Sam Campers and AARP.

[832] Derek in Mechanicsville, VA  Transmission Woes

Jiffy Lube #1146
7002 Mechanicsville Turnpike
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
(804)730-0999 District Manager Brian

I created a timeline [omitted here because of lack of space] to show you the amount of time I have spent working on getting my car fixed and the amount of time that I have been without a car.  They are still reviewing the video of the service.  Please keep in mind that the dealership states “When the technician looked at the vehicle he pulled the transmission fluid and there wasn’t any fluid on the dip stick.  He went to check the transmission fluid and there wasn’t any fluid in the pan and less than half a quart in the transmission.  The technician then checked the differential fluid and there was not quite one quart of fluid in the differential and it was burnt, black and had a very strong burnt smell.  The plug to the transmission was covered in metal flakes from the transmission.”

I spoke with the technicians at the Toyota dealership and they said there were no leaks and the cap was on the transmission. 

If Jiffy Lube drained and filled the transmission fluid correctly?  Where would the fluid go in 6 days?  There was no fluid in my drive way and I only drove the car 3 days of the 6 days after the “Auto Transmission Drain Fill Service”.  I took the car in for a simple oil change and they told me that I needed this “Auto Transmission Drain Fill Service”.  Common sense tells me that having this service done caused the damage to the transmission.  The service either was not done correctly or the transmission was only drained and not completely refilled causing the transmission to be destroyed.  I have done some research and have found similar stories on the internet and complaints to the BBB. 

[831] Employee in VT  Extremely Dishonest Corp.

As a former employee of jiffy lube i have seen a lot of horrible things happen to peoples vehicles as a result of jiffy lube. not only is the management completely inexperienced along with the technicians, but jiffy lube is a extremely dishonest corporation, they feed off of you the consumer by tricking you into buying there services. you cant sit there and blame the tech. reason being they are being threatened there jobs and bonuses if the do not follow these sales criteria. Almost all of the stories i read on this web site i witnessed over and over, im not saying that i was the perfect employee but i did my best to preform these so called manufacturer recommendations to the best of my knowledge. i serviced vehicles a jiffy lube in 2 different locations in Vermont for 9 month and in those 9 month i was never trained properly and never certified in any category, and i was not the only one. over all i learned a lot of valuable trades working at jiffy lube but i also learned that they are a bunch of heart less corporate slime balls and they dont care if your vehicle is damaged you are replaceable to them, like my manager told me you are just another three eighth ratchet Brennan you are replaceable.

[830] Duke in Tucson, AZ  What Else Not Done?

Had my oil changed at Store #2447 this morning, and noticed a major decline:  The 'next change due' sticker was not put on - it was never taken off the printer - nor was the windshield washer fluid checked, nor the windows cleaned - all of which have been done regularly in the eight years I've been using the same shop.  These were only items that I'd noticed - it makes me wonder what else hasn't been done.

[829] Jenifer in Miami, FL Coupon Expired

I received my oil change coupon in time but was told by the representative at Jiffy Lube 391 8787 Biscayne Blvd. Miami, FL 33138 that I could use my coupon when I next needed an oil change. I drive my car infrequently and have not needed an oil change until now 10/2007. But the coupon expired Sept. 30, 2007. I had no reason to look at the coupon any sooner as I did not need an oil change until now. I was under the impression that the coupon was for my "next" oil change, not for an oil change in a certain time frame. Please let me know what I need to do.

[828] Tommy in Fredericksburg, VA 4 x 2 = 4 x 4

I visited the Jiffy Lube in Fredericksburg VA, for an oil change.  I have a Nissan Frontier 4x2 that sets high like a 4x4.   I noticed on my receipt that the cost was quite a bit more than what I was told, so I looked at the receipt and seen that I was charged extra for the truck being a 4x4 because they had to check the tranfer case etc.   When I asked for the manager, he came and laughed and said you did not know you had a 4 wheel drive?  I told him I had a two wheel drive and he said that was impossible that they checked the gear box and transfer case.   I continued to argue and he went out, crawled under my truck and when he crawled out, he did not say a word, just gave my money back.   No apology, no explanation......I am afraid now that I did not even get my oil changed or filter changed.

[827] Corey In Waynesboro, PA Broken Skid Plate

My wife took my 2000 Toyota Tacoma to Jiffy Lube store #1483 in Waynesboro Pennsylvania for an oil change on Saturday October 13 2007.  When she returned, I had a removed and broken skid plate.  I usually change my own oil and NEVER have to take the skid plate off because it is NOT NECESSARY as it is approximately 1 foot away from the oil pan.  I've also taken it to another Jiffy Lube in a neighboring town and they have never removed the skid plate, as well as my local garage tech.  It is being repaired by my local garage tech. and they just laugh at the thought of removing it.

Contacting this store to remedy the problem proved futile as the manager would not admit fault, stating it is "NECESSARY" to remove, and my rusted bolts were the cause!  However as I stated above, it IS NOT "NECESSARY" and was NOT AUTHORIZED to be removed!  Even if it were necessary and authorized.....the FACT remains....they broke it and flat out refuse to pay to repair it!  The reason the bolts are rusted is because it has NEVER been removed.  "APPARENTLY," the Jiffy Lube manager blasts!  But then begins his next sentence with "but it's necessary!"  How can it be "necessary" when all previous oil changes were made without problems from NOT removing it?  Regardless.....It was broken on your watch!

Attempts to file a case with corporate go unanswered!  So much for your "Pledge of Satisfaction!"  Trust me.....Word of mouth travels FAST!  Disgusted:

[826] Bob in Somerset, NJ  Coupon Run Around

I was told they (Jiffy Lube) were running a 2 for 1 special.  Pay for your oil change and get the next one free.  After the work was done and I paid, I was expecting a coupon for my next oil change.  What I got was a form telling me to fill it out, mail it and then wait for my coupon in the mail.  That was in May 2007.  Its now October 2007.  When I called all I got was a run around. Jiffy Lube on Route 27 in Somerset, NJ   

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