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Personal Experiences


[1200] Nate in Riverdale, CA  Ripped Off

When I went to the Jiffy Lube on Hwy 85 in Riverdale, I was surprised to hear that the price was going to be almost double what other major oil change places charge. The employees seemed really shifty and suspicious. I sat down to read and relax for a few minutes, thinking that it was going to take as long as it usually takes at other places. It was less than 5 minutes that they were handing my keys and asking me to pay. The employee behind the counter did something to the computer at which the other employee said "I hadn't seen you do that before. You'll have to show me how to do that." I was suspicious but thought maybe just a bit paranoid. After doing the research I should have done first afterwards, I now know that I was likely ripped off for $40 and the work probably wasn't even done. They've lost me as a customer and I am going to tell others of my experience so they don't get taken for their hard earned money.

[1199] Concerned in Houston, TX  Disavow Legal Liability

I went visited the Jiffy Lube located near River Oaks on Shepherd Drive in Houston, Texas over the weekend.  A few days later while driving, the entire skid plate that covers the underneath of the engine compartment fell off.  Fortunately, my passenger and I were not on a freeway driving 65 mph or greater as something much more detrimental would have occurred that day to us or someone else.  I called the Jiffy Lube Claims Office at 800-344-6933 only to learn this particular store was franchise-owned and supposedly not covered under Jiffy Lube International policy.  I assure anyone reading this post, though, that had something more unfortunate happened all parties would be liable, including River Oaks Lube Center, LLC and Jiffy Lube International.  Parent companies cannot legally release themselves from liabilities due to absolute negligence or omissions, willful or not, through carve outs or pass throughs under the guise of franchised businesses.  Apparently, this was not the first time this sort of thing had happened at this particular location or at other Jiffy Lubes for that matter.  The GM who paid for the damage was quite rude, condescending, and completely unapologetic.  I do not recommend this Jiffy Lube or any others anywhere to anyone who cares about the personal well being of others pr themselves.  Jiffy Lube is playing dangerous games here in Texas, and this is “no rodeo” to quote the unprofessional individual described above.

[1198] Fred in Palmdale, CA  Forgot To Replace Engine Cover

On 10/13/2008 I took my 1994 Lexus in to Jiffy Lube of Palmdale CA 93550 located at 37140 25th St East  for an oil change which was the first time for this vehicle, prior my Nissan was there no problem. On 11/07/2008 my car was towed to another shop because of a Flat Tire was replaced. I was getting ready to leave the shop and I heard a slight high pitched engine belt noise. I opened my hood and that’s when it was noticed my engine cover (guard) was missing from the bottom of my car. I keep my car's engine compartment clean and had just opened the hood a few days before the oil change to spray WD40 on my engine hoses and I know my guard was attached prior to the oil change. The following business day Monday 11/10/2008 I drove to Jiffy Lube to report my missing engine cover to the on duty Tech. who had another Tech search for the cover in there basement bays below. After about 15 minuets I was told that it may have been thrown out. The Tech. made a phone call to the service Tech who worked on my car to find out if he could remember the details about my car. I was then given a hand written form for my name, address, make of car and nature of the problem.

The Tech. stated that this would be turned over to the store manager and he would call me. I waited a week till Saturday 11/15/2008 to go back and talk to the Manager who stated that I could be mistaken about the guard ever being on my car or it may have fallen off somehow with out my knowledge and his Tech who worked on my car also present stated that he wasn’t sure about it ever being attached to my car the day of service. At this point I started to get very upset and decided it was best to end the conversation and leave. I have since called my Lawyer to have a complaint letter written to the owner. 

[1197] David  Forgot To Replace Oil

after 45 min trying to remove oil filter they it was stuck take somewhere else then charged me $58 for changing oil. I left noticed oil light on stopped checked dip stick NO OIL went back they said they put oil in it must have disappeared? they finally put 4.5 gts in and I left but had to complain to even get oil I paid for...

[1196] Mark in Marion, IN  $5.00 For Internal Oil Filter

I took my 2005 Saturn Ion to a Jiffy Lube in Marion Indiana.  I have had the oil changed every 3000 miles at other Jiffy Lubes for 3 years.  At this service I was informed after the fact that there was a $4.95 additional charge because my car had an “internal” oil filter that cost them an additional $5.00 to buy.  I told him that I had never been charged this before.  He told me all Jiffy Lubes stores charged this.  I pulled out receipts from prior oil changes documenting that he was wrong … no other store had every charged this additional fee.  He refused to remove it. 

Needless to say, I will not return.  Not because of the $5, but because of the deception practice and refusal to come clean when he was proven to be falsifying the facts.

[1195]  Lyn in La Quinta, CA  Wrong Filter Almost Destroyed Engine

The Jiffy Lube in La Quinta, CA put the wrong filter on my Toyota Sienna and I almost burned up my engine.  It lost 2 quarts of oil all over my driveway and down the streets and Jiffy Lube said they would take care of me (after seeing the invoices) and I have heard from nobody. 

[1194] Nelson in Houston, TX  Not Concerned About Theft

Last Friday November 28, 2008 I went to your Jiffy Lube store located at the River Oaks Lube Center on 2001 S. Shepperd Houston, TX 77019 to do my usual oil change and tire rotation according to my company's car policy.  Once the job was done I got in my car I noticed that my digital camera case was in the wrong position that I usually keep in the side compartment of the door and when I reposition it I noticed that the case was empty and I then checked my glove compartment for any other missing items, but everything seemed to be there although it appeared that someone had gone through it leaving a complete mess. I reported the incident to whom appeared to be the manager of the store, which he appeared to be concerned by looking through fully into my car and surrounding areas, he went inside and came back shortly saying that he checked the back pack of the guy who drove the car to the back of the store and had found nothing. Bottom line is that I had a brand new digital camera (birthday gift) used for work when I went in for an oil change and came out with out it. I understand that probably the manager had nothing to do with it, but he didn't try hard enough to look for the camera in the back of the store or outside where the tire rotation was done, which gave me the feeling that he didn't care one way or another. He didn't even apologize or offer any kind of regret for my loss, all he kept saying was that I probably had left it at home. Since my car is a fleet car and my company has an account with Jiffy Lube, I will totally stop getting my oil change or any other service from this company and I will tell all my friends, co-workers and every one in general of this incident.

[1193] Randy in Lakewood, WA  What Else Did They Forget?

I knew I had a brake light out and a low tire (3 pounds low) when I went into Jiffy Lube #2049 in Lakewood Washington. I didn't mention this wondering what would happen.  According to my invoice (#08113003979780) My tires were checked for proper pressure and all lights worked.  Makes me wonder if they didn't check these things if they even changed the oil.

[1192] Brad in Barrington, IL  Flush Destroyed Engine

I recently received services at your store at 563 North Hough St, in Barrington Illinois 60010.  On November 25,2008 on my 2001 Ford Taurus.  The mileage recorded was 62,029.  The invoice number is 18112787299 Bay 2.  I had your Signature service, Fuel filter replacement and Radiator service.  On my way home from your store my car over heated, so I had to stop to let it cool down then continue.  On Wednesday 11/26 I called at 8am and talked to Joe and told him that the coolant was still dirty and the car was over heating.  I took it in, at 8:30 am and they re flushed it by cutting my main hose and attaching a different machine to the hose because they stripped out the coolant reservoir the previous day. The process took two hours when they pulled my car out and told me it was done.  I went out to it and it was overheating and steaming. Fisk came out and told me that the thermostat was shot.  And I was told to take it across the street to Midas.  John the store manager of Midas 110 Northwest Highway in Barrington said that the head gasket was shot and antifreeze was leaking out of the exhaust pipe.  He told me that I would make it home just to watch my levels, and that the cap on the reservoir stripped and leaking.  Then I took the car home to later have it towed to Discount Muffler, Brake and Auto 620 West Colfax Rd. in Palatine Illinois.  I am awaiting for the diagnostics and cost regarding the 2001 Ford Taurus.  I am very unhappy with the current situations that have been through with your company.  I will be seeking restitution regarding this situation with Jiffy Lube. 

[1191] Brian in La Mesa, CA  Forgot To Replace Radiator Cap

I had a radiator flush and oil change at Jiffy Lube in La Mesa, CA and 2 days later, my truck exploded on the freeway in a somewhat remote location.  In 100-degree heat, I sat in the shade under a tree and I called Jiffy Lube to demand they send a tow truck to the location where the work was performed.  When I opened the hood, the radiator cap had never been reinstalled after the maintenence.  The manager, himself, drove to my broken down location with a container of coolant.  I asked him if the tow truck was coming and he said he had not called them yet.  It was his expectation that he would fill the car with coolant and I would drive away.  It was too badly damaged, barely running and there was no way I was just going to drive away in an obviously damaged car.  He then called his district manager who wanted the car brought to their select mechanic.  The district manager didn't seem to want to have it towed at all.  But I insisted on a Jeep dealership because I trust them and there was no reason to trust Jiffy Lube after this.  The manager - onsite - arranged for my towing AND called in to Enterprise Rental for a rental vehicle for me.  The next day, the district manager called me and said Jiffy Lube claims no responsibility for what had happened. 

My Jeep had blown a head gasket and warped cylinders with coolant in to engine.  The total amount with rental car came to about $1200.  I still need the inside of my hood replaced from the explosion of coolant on it.  I spoke with the district manager again and told him I had photos from my phone of the cap laying right next to the radiator and also a witness who saw it that way when the hood was first opened.  The manager who came to the scene totally took responsibility and was like "wow, we must have left the cap off" and "yeah, that's our fault" and I have a witness that he said these things.  The district manager then said he could authorize paying for half the amount but could not take full responsibility.  I told him to please show up in court when he was served.  That day, I filed a complaint with the BBB and went to the courthouse to file a small claims suit against them for the full amount.  The court hearing is still 1.5 months away.  We'll see what happens.  If anyone has specialized advice for my situation in a court setting, please email me at brian278@hotmail.com with "Jiffy Lube" in the subject.  I will NEVER have work performed at any Jiffy Lube ever again.  It's a shame because I have taken my cars there for years.  When you treat customers like garbage, you can't expect them to come back.

[1190] Ian in Shawnee, KS Don't Get Unneeded Services

At the Jiffy Lube in Shawnee, Kansas (a suburb of Kansas City), I went in for an oil change for my 03 Ranger with 75,000 miles. They talked me into a more expensive oil (for older vehicles, they said). The total was $53.00 – way too high for a basic oil change. In addition they tried to talk me into a new battery – they showed me some reading on their computer that said the truck battery wasn’t charging adequately – and a complete flush and fill for the coolant system. For that, they showed me some murky, unreadable meter that they claimed showed my coolant was “breaking down.” I wish I’d taped this entire performance. The total would have been around $200.00.

I have all my work done at a local auto shop, Lindan Auto Mechanical, so I took the truck to them the next day for a look. Their report? Battery and coolant systems are fine for the winter. The charge? $0.00.

So: if you want a fast lube job, maybe Jiffy Lube is OK, but don’t fall for their pitch about better quality oil. For anything else, find an honest auto mechanic. And if you’re in the Shawnee area, take it to Lindan.

[1189] Roseann  No Oil Blows Engine

I am very displeased with your services at this store. Now I do not know if this will be sent to corporate or not but if not I will also need to speak with them. Sadly my boyfriend Niki had brought my car there for the first time to get an oil change. Only 6 days later he heard a noise coming from the front of the car he quickly pulled over to a mechanic and the mechanic stated that the engine was blown because there was no oil. When it finally got towed to the springfield jiffy lube niki was told to that they were real busy and had to move some cars around in order to get my car in there. Finally they came out and said that the car had oil in it and showed it to him. Clearly they had filled it up and the man stated as for the noise it must be something else. The next day it was towed again to chester pike to confirm that indeed my engine was blown and they stated for my amount of mileage roughly 74,000 and my year 2001 they was no way that this could have happened unless it did not have oil. I am going to make sure people are aware of their services. I have contacted a lawyer to pursue getting help with this situation. I would like you to forward this to corporate headquarters.

[1188] Bernie in Delray Beach, FL  More Oil Than Required

I patronized the JIFFY LUBE (#1753) located at: 5136 W. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, FL, on November 23, 2008.  Much to my dismay (I did not ask first), the cost for "signature service" on my 2008 Mercury Grand Marquis totaled $43.66.

The Lincoln/Mercury dealer, in Delray Beach only charges $29.95!!!  TIREKINGDOM, LESS THAN A MILE AWAY, CHARGES $16.99 PLUS TAX!!

I was charged for 6 quarts of oil, when the owners manual only calls for 5 (including filter change).  The attendant was using a 'compressed air' hose to check my tire inflation, when my valve stems clearly show the GREEN of nitrogen!  I had to ask him to stop.  Needless to say, I have "learned my lesson" and will NOT return to any JIFFY LUBE, ever again!

[1187] Ramon in Chantilly, VA  Wrong Oil Replacement

I went to Jiffy Lube in  Lee Highway, Chantilly VA. for a change oil for a recently bought used Jeep. While I was waiting, the “ Man in Charge” went inside the waiting room and told me that my Jeep needed the Fluid service since its way pass its 125,000 mile service. So I agreed to it thinking that since it’s a high mileage car might as well get all the fluid service done. Jiffy Lube changed my Motor Oil, Transmission fluid, Front and rear differentials fluids.

Cost me about $390.00, which was all good to me for I now have the peace of mind that its taken care off. WRONG!

2 days after I took it off their lot, I heard this grinding noise whenever I try to turn either left or right, since it was recently serviced by a company that I trusted, I thought that something else was wrong with it. I had to change the front axle shaft,  the hub and bearing and four new brakes and rotors. Now I have a new front end that I know works since I did the job myself. Still no luck, the grinding noise persisted. I learned to live with. 3000 miles later I was due for another oil change. Went to Advanced Auto to get new motor oil and filter, and from the corner of my eye I saw a GEAR LUBE oil sitting on the shelf, so I said why not, it’s worth a try.  Changed my motor oil with no problem, when it came to changing my REAR DIFFERENTIAL, I found out that a different oil was used which caused the grinding of the gears. Metal shavings were inside the differential housing. Drained the stupid fluid out, cleaned the housing with brake cleaner and replaced it with the gear lube oil and since then……

My Jeep was noise free. I recently sent an email to JIFFY lube’s HQ to tell them my story, in which I know will fall on deaf ears.  I am not looking for any reimbursement, I am not looking for any discounts. I just wanted to let them know that I WILL NEVER EVER LET JIFFY LUBE TOUCH MY CAR OR ANY OF MY FAMILIES AND FRIENDS CAR!

[1186] Holly  Cheap $15/Quart Oil

In early November, my wife & I took her Neon in for a simple oil change; in fact, I explicitly requested the least expensive oil change. The attendant comes in, showing us a 'dangerously dirty air cleaner', and stated the replacement was only $29.99...I refused; then he returns with the claim that the radiator fluid was so bad it was going to cause a major cooling system repair...but, for only $129, they could save us hundreds later on; then he returned to ask if we wanted the 'high mileage synthetic oil, for only a few dollars more'...after refusing the air filter, radiator flush, and again asking for the cheap oil change, imagine my shock at the bill:
$84.99!!!!!  When pressed, they claimed incidentals, small parts needing replacement, and the 'cheap synthetic oil' at $15 per quart!!!

[1185] Bernie in Tucson, AZ  Failed To Tighten Oil Filter

 Less than 3000 miles ago I took my wife’s 2006 Ford Taurus in for an oil change. We began noticing the smell of hot oil when we would pull into the carport and noticed oil spots on the Driveway. 

I made an appointment with Jim Click Ford, the local Ford dealer to see what the problem was and to replace the motor in the car’s right hand mirror.  Turns out the so-called technicians failed to tighten the oil filter and it was leaking all over the engine.

It cost me $95.00 for the dealer to tighten the oil filter and power wash the engine.  In addition, it cost me another $36.00 for the car rental.  I sent a letter to the manager of the store on Broadway Blvd. in Tucson, AZ about a week ago.  I enclosed the receipt for the work, explaining the oil filter hadn’t been tightened and a copy of the receipt from when we had the oil change.  The mileage was shown at time of oil change and the dealer showed the mileage at time work was done.

[1184] Jason in Boston, MA  Engine Flush Problems

...  Attached is my receipt for Casey's Garage and the news report and official statement from Jiffy Lube regarding the issue.  As per our phone call, I'm not requesting compensation for damages but simply a refund for the service.  I've agreed not to pursue further legal action or request an acknowledgement of guilt.  Upon receiving a refund, this issue will be closed.  ...

... The receipt that was provided did not clarify what was done to your car and what damage was done. The receipt has to provide how getting a engine flush damage your motor and what work was done, the receipt provided does not provide evidence that a engine flush damaged your motor. if you could please send me a certified copy from a mechanic what work was done and how a engine flush damaged the motor we can go from there. ...

...  I just got off the phone with the Jiffy Lube national office.  I am not required to produce a receipt unless I'm requesting compensation for damages.  The investigation was done after I had engine work (thus, there was no reason to ask at the time for a detailed receipt) and it would be difficult for me to get back to the Garage to ask for a new receipt. ...

[1183] Bee  MIsleading Advertising

I take my vehicle to the local Jiffy Lube near my house.  I don't put on a lot of miles, work from home, so usually it's every four thousand miles or so. 

They have a huge banner outside that has been there for years that says signature oil change, $24.99.  It does not say this is a "special price" or discounted price.  Again, it has been there for years.  So I get a $10 off coupon in the mail, take my vehicle in...expecting to pay $14.99.  Well, no.  Come to find out, the price they have in their computer system is $33.99, and that is what they discount the coupon from.  So I saved a whopping one dollar.  When I told the guy this was very misleading, he said, "Well, at least you saved a dollar.  In this economic time, any little bit helps."  I just laughed.

[1182] Ruby in Palmdale, CA Dishonesty & Robbery

My husband and I took our 2004 Saturn to Jiffy Lube located at 1040 W Avenue P, Palmdale, California. They took about six minutes and then came to us and gave us the key saying it was done. The charge was $48 dollars for a simple oil change. They said Saurns are harder to change the oil.

My husband checked the oil in the car the following and it was the same dirty oil before the so call oil change.  We went back to their office and they insisted that they had changed the oil and had done other things to the car without charge.  (ALL IN SIX MINUTES).  

We had to go to a Jiffy Lube in another city to get the oil changed with real oil.  My husband watched them put the oil in the car, check filters, check the battery, watch the windows and vacuum the car and more. They charged much less and gave us a $10 discount. This Jiffy Lube is in Quartz Hill, California. 

I hope this Palmdale Juffy Lube looses their license for acts of dishonesty and robbery.

[1181] Stoney In Atlanta, GA  Given The Run-Around

On April 9, 2008 at store # 892  the Atlanta Lubes 4620 Jonesboro Rd.  Zip code 30291 My 2000 Ford Escort was service. After Two weeks the engine locked up. On July 2 2008  a quality control incident report was filed at store # 892 at which time it was learn that the manager and all service personal were removed and replace with new management . It was at this time that contact with Georgia Customer Service Agent Mike at Extension 278 to be advised what to do about the engine, this is one of the reason for this email. He was mean and hostile . After being abused verblely even to to point of being call dumb and child like. The next step was given. Mid October Mike was call and was told that The car was located at 4191 West St. Covington Ga. and was on a rack for investigation and I was told that the investigator would respond within 24 to 48 hours. The investigation was done without me being advised, The shop owner advised me two days later that it was done. I waited for the results from Nov 1, 2008 until today Nov. 12 2008, when I called Mike to ask about the status of the investigation. He advised me that it was no way that jiffy lube could have caused this damange. and that I did not agree I would to need to prove it.

I understand this but I was told that I needed to drop the oil pan put the car on a rack at a certified shop get it check by Jiffy Lube investigator. I did that and I was no notified when it was looked at, I was not notified what the results was, I was told that a phone call to me to a number that was checked and no such call was made. I was told by Mike that he had made the call and that he had other claims and did not have time to run me down . And he did have two other numbers he could have call and did not.

I would like someone to know I understand the customer service concept But in my opinon Mike and his supervisor Ryan do not undestand this concept. This claim has cost me time, money, and confidence in your service. It only takes a little care to make it a good encounter.

[1180] Michael in Fayetteville, NC  Forgot To Replace Oil

hi my name is michael approxiametly about 5 days ago i went and got a oil change at a local jiffy lube in fayetteville nc and about a few days ago my engine started really knocking i called jiffy lube management  and they told me they were going to come out and check on my car for three straight days no body ever came out this is really getting ridiculous im in the united states army and i really rely on my car for everything now i cant drive it cause its really knocking hard they actually in reality didnt put in oil in it cause i checked it and ended up putting more oil in it they lie about the service they do to your car while you there and im hoping i dont need a new engine but it sounds that way

[1179] LC in W. Columbia, SC  Called Police

In October 2008 I had my oil changed at jiffy lube #1204 in W. Columbia, South Carolina.  About 2 weeks later my car started chimming and lights flashing had oil checked again oil was bearly on the tip.  Called the store #1204 they wanted to added couple quarts of oil change filter again and send me on my way. When I would not let them do it without putting it on a machine as usually they be came agitated.  They called the police made a false report that I had a gun tried to have me arrested. Police came found no gun and I had my car towed to local dealership cost nearly $700.00 . My reputation priceless.

[1178] Christiane  Wrong Type of Fluids


[1177] Elzard in Salt Lake City, UT   Overfilled Oil Destroys Engine

On 9/30/2008 I brought my Mercedes SLK230 into Jiffy Lube store #2038 on 677 East 400 South in Salt Lake City for an oil change. They noticed my check engine light was on and noted it on the receipt. There are many reasons for it to come on. After the oil change they started the engine and it wouldn’t start for 10 or 20 seconds. I thought that is real odd, because it always starts on the first turn of the key. I drove out of JL for a 120 mile road trip. After 25 miles I started losing power and couldn’t get it over 50mph. I took a 15 minute break and I did get it going again. The engine hesitated a lot during the rest of the trip. At home the garage had puddles of oil on the floor. I took it to the dealer and he pointed out that the oil seal on the filter wasn’t on right and the oil tank was overfilled. It had destroyed the Air mass sensor. It was covered with oil. My owner’s manual warns to not overfill the oil tank. 2.1 Qt only in a 5.9 Qt capacity tank. I did check my old JL receipts and they have overfilled it all the time there are 5.9 to 6 QT on every bill. This is why my car ran bad for the last 3 years. I already replaced, alternators, batteries several modules (module means $$$). I did replace the air mass sensor in 2/2007 too. These sensors are $440. I’m sure it was ruined by oil too. JL manager Tyler Madsen called and decided not to pay the $440, because my check engine light was already on. Not happy in SLC.

[1176] Michael in Wichita, KS  Cabin Filter Overcharge

On Saturday, November 1, in Wichita, Ks,  I went to get an oil change but found my usual shop closed.  I decided to try Jiffy Lube on West Central instead.  Their price for an oil change was about $35... which is higher than my normal place.. and even my dealer, but since they had no wait I thought it was worth the extra few dollars.

After a few minutes the tech shows me my air filters and tells me my cabin filter needs replacing.  It looked fairly dirty to me so I agreed.  He then tried to sell me a transmission fluid change for $169.  I declined.  He then offered it for $130.  I declined again and told him I just wanted the oil changed and the cabin filter replaced.

As I'm checking, out the tech tells me my bill is $112.  A quick look at the bill shows they charged me $69 for the cabin filter that I could have gotten at the auto parts store for $12.  Not sure how they think this is good business since I will never go back.

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