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Personal Experiences


[1500] Ron in Hemet, CA  Caused Flat Tires

In March 2010, I went to the Hemet, California store #3187 for the $19.99 oil change. I arrived shortly before the closing time of 1800 hours. Two employees were present. One recommended I change the air filter, plus additional services, like window wiper and anti freeze replacement. I agreed to the air filter and routine oil service. I chose Union 76, the oil associated with the special. My bill was about $45.00. I drove home and noticed my steering seemed to pull to the right and left. After the six mile it was difficult to turn into my driveway. I got out and saw my two front tires were flat. I checked the air cap on the valve stems and they were hanging by a thread. I called the store but no answer, or answering machine. I called the corporate office number on the bill and left a voice message about the two flat tires. I inflated the tires with air from a portable device. I drove to the Walmart store in San Jacinto. I explained about the incident and my concern about the tire side walls and rims being damaged after driving on two flats. An inspection showed no damage to the rims, but a recommendation to replace the front tires.

I agreed and asked that the rear be replaced too.The cost was $405.00. The next morning I called the corporate office and spoke with an operator who told me to contact the store and local corporate office. I went to store #3187 and spoke with the same attendant (manager label on shirt) who was there the evening of service. I filled a complaint form. He completed the form and faxed it to the corporate office. He suggested I bring the tires in for evidence. I went to Walmart and retrieved the two front tires and took them back to store #3187. He made a copy of my Walmart receipt. The manager told me I would get a call from the corporate office within 48 hours. I received that call on my answering machine the first week in April. I called 951-925-0320, identified myself and reason for the call. I was told my claim was denied due to lack of evidence. For example, I did not contact store #3187 day of the incident, and he said loose air caps on my valve covers were not a reason for flat tires. Rather than argue, I asked for the corporate number. He declined, saying they would call me, but I could not call them. The male sounded like he was in a bay working on vehicles, as I could hear background vehicle noise and echo of voices. I asked for an address to write and he again declined. He apologized about the calls to the Jiffy Lube corporate office saying their number is the international number and this was a local corporate issue. He told me there was no appeal. I will write the main office in Houston, Texas, the local chamber of commerce, better business bureau, and the newspaper.

[1499] Cherish in Citrus Heights, CA  Wrong Radiator Fluid

Went in like I always did to get my oil changed on my 2000 Chevy S10. They tried to up sell me on everything they had, including a $20 light bulb that I chose not to have replaced.

Its been a while now, and suddenly out of no where I overheated! Luckily I was down the street from my house, but to my horror when I opened the hood this brown melted chocolate like goop was flowing all over the place. At the parts store they informed my "yup, you went to Jiffy Lube didn't you? They do it all the time, your radiator takes Dextron, they topped off your fluids huh? Yup they topped it off with regular."
Now I am flushing my radiator every weekend... Their response, its been quite a while, there is no way to prove we did it. Unless you have proof we aren't going to do anything about it. So now, I am having to pay out of my pocket to get my radiator professionally flushed. By someone else... I will never go there again.

[1498] Employee in Columbus, OH  Negative Behavior

I worked for the Columbus, Ohio,, Team Lube, Jiffy Lube Franchise. I have recently resigned my position as Asst Manager. I worked at the 1291, Bethel Rd Location. I have a few things to say. These all seem like and may be little things, but itís a continual pattern of negative behavior.

Before JL changed itís operational system in late 2009, the 1291 store was one of the most consistently worst at $$ per car. I wonder why. Conditions and treatment suck, it irritates and angers employees who then do not perform well at work. The sheen is starting to wear off their new system and the store is once again starting to fall into the pit of struggling to meet the ticket goal.

Employee treatment:
--The mop ringer, totally broken and rigged back together. Guys canít even get a working mop bucket? Not to mention a clean mop headÖchanged about 1 time a year.
--I personally was aggressively attacked for giving an employee a hat (which JL gets for free) being told ďHats donít grow on treesĒ and strongly accused of giving all the hats away (which was completely false).

--This franchise FORCES employees buy shoes through THEM.They charge employees $60 for a pair of non-slip sole shoes. The same shoe can be bought at the Wal-Mart in the same shopping center for $25. I wonder how much JL pays for shoes (they buy them in bulk, further reducing the cost) and how much they make taking $20/check for 3 checks/Per Employee to pay for shoes.
--Do you work for this franchise and smoke? You get 2 scheduled smoke breaks a day. Noon and 3. Open from 8-6 (Then their lunch). Being the assistant though and getting no breaks, that policy really sucks. We all find ways around it though. Oh yeah, that reminds me. We smokers are a stain and dreg on society the Manager Chuck saysÖall while shoving wads of DIP into his gums. Then he spits onto the bay nets getting chew spit into the nets people touch.
--The pay obviously sucks. It is minimum wage, nothing higher. Actually get a raise? Hereís a freaking dime.

--There was once an employee who was constantly late and no-called/no-showed more than one time who was allowed to pretty much not held to same standard of timeliness as other employees because this man could sell.
--In the winter time? You better dress real warm. They do not turn the heat on at all at the 1291 store during the winter during the day. They will turn it on at night, but once they get in they shut it off and the shop quickly drops back to outside temp (6 large glass garage doors does not effect the cold much.) 15 degrees outside? Not much warmer inside the shop. Chuck will open the bay doors when itís freezing or a little below and then yell at the guys ďKeep the doors open, youíre moving to slow.Ē Not only freezing employees, but customers as well when they get brought out. Ha Ha. There was one time, guys were there to repair the spring on one of the doors and they had the front door open and Chuck gets an attitude with the guys saying ďIím not trying to freeze my employees.Ē Pure Comedic Gold.
--If you go into Columbus JLs at any time of day donít drink the coffee, seriously. 1 pack per day and the managers who get there in the morning usually drink 1/3 the pot then continually water it down the rest of the day.

--Especially with me, Chuck was a very rude, aggressive, controlling, negative person to work for. I told a story one day at work about helping a woman at a Goodyear on my day off with a light that was on in her vehicle and Chuck turns around and was completely offended and angered that I would dare to help someone. Chuck has dumped out numerous cans of ĺ full, still good drinks of mine.
--Who can forget the day when I wanted to inform a customer about a more serious problem he had with his vehicle (intake manifold gasket cracked, was leaking coolant into the oil) and ripped apart about not diagnosing problems for customers. All fine and dandy whatever, but not when you (Chuck) did the EXACT same thing less than 1 hour ago for another customer. A customer (Mr. Judge) had pulled up out back and talked to Chuck said the MIL was on and the truck was running poorly. Chuck suggested he might try replacing the spark plugs. Hypocrisy is allowed and defended by the GM when youíre a manager simply because youíre a manager (or good buddies with the GM)
--I once gave an employee a hug. I was warned by Chuck not to do such things as it could potentially lead to sexual harassment type issues. Then Chuck would personally rub my shoulders, not once, not twice, but at least on 3 different occasions where I was being touched in a possibly inappropriate manner by the person telling me not to touch other employees is inappropriate ways. One time it even front of the GM. More hypocrisy.

--Chuck will go on and on about the importance of needing to use a lighter tool than the air gun to put back up a transmission pan. Then will go downstairs and use an air gun to put back up a trans pan. Itís called leading by example Chuck, ever heard of it? It really pisses off your employees when you harp on them about something, then do the complete opposite yourself.
--I was on a vacation after working between 2 stores and I get called in to do computer training. I get lied to about when the training has to be completed (not due until the week after I got back). They then want to excuse their behavior saying ďwell you had time before your vacation to get it done and you didnít.Ē I say I got LIED to about the completion date and could have finished training when I returned from vacation. Oh yeah, the GM told me when I was allowed to even take my vacation. The GM was right there with me when we discussed my vacation and never once did he say ďHey, get this done before you go.Ē
--And the 2 stores thing? the GM (ED) recently blew me off for bending over backwards for JL for 2 months. Here is what happened. One of the managers had to take a leave of absence for 2 months. I was currently working at the Bethel Store when I got a call that I needed to go back over the other store (where I had been working for 1 year) and run things over there for a few months. So, I spent 2 days a week at the Bethel Store, 3 days a week at the other store and 2 days off. This topic was touched on right before I left and I was told by Ed, ďYou didnít go between 2 stores in the same day.Ē Oh, so it does not matter because I didnít go between the stores in the same day. Any way to try and justify it I guess. Like I still didnít have to worry about 2 different sets of employees, like I didnít have to worry about which store I needed to be at and when.  No, not at all.

[1497] Elizabeth in Hiram, GA  Employee Misconduct

I came into my local Jiffy Lube in hiram ga, while there i notice multiple problems with the new manager. 1st I heard him tell a very pregnant employee to go down into the pit while a car was in the bay as he proceeded to go out front and clean his own cars windows, (paying no attention to the car that was sitting in bay 1. 2nd When two (obviously unqualified and under dresses) young girls came in to apply for employment his I heard him whisper to them that he planned to find a reason to fire the pregnant employee when she went on maternity leave, so there will be an opening (the girls proceeded to go outside and tell that female employee). 3rd I heard two employees talk about how he spent company money on parts for his personal car. I will never be back to this location or any other Jiffy Lube if this is the kind of people your company puts in charge.

[1496] Nicholas in Kensington, MD  Changed Battery When Alternator Bad

I drive a fleet van and take it to the Kensington, MD jiffy lube when the vans computer starts chiming. 3 times now they've forgotten or neglected to reset the cars computer to silence the oil change warning. They do remember to top off the fluids so it's not as bad as other stories I've read on this site.

My personal vehicle I take to the Germantown, MD store for oil. The car tends to leak coolant and I always check the level after a "signature service"....guess what? No coolant added over multiple visits. They also diagnosed my battery as bad and when I changed it myself it turned out that the alternator is bad. 

[1495] Dave in Van Nuys, CA  Fluid & Credit Card Problems

Had oil and transmission changed on my new truck and had transmission fluid all over drivers door and steering wheel when job was completed.  When I got home I opened the hood and found transmission fluid all over engine and air filter holder above transmission lines was not mounted, transmission line clamps were on top of the filter holder and found the hold down clamps for the transmission lines on top of the radiator.
When I complained the manager said he would send me a gift certificate.  I called several times over the next 3 months and finally threatened a law suit.  I received the certificate 3 days later.

A couple months later, I went to 2304 Foothill Blvd, La Canada Fltrdg Jiffy Lube and had them change my oil.  They said the certificate was not good.  I complained and told the mechanic to call the Van Nuys store and straighten it out.  He did then told me the certificate was good and tried to charge me a higher price!  I didn't have time to play games as I was on my lunch break so I told him just charge me the first price and I'll take it up with your home office.  The next day my bank called me saying someone had tried to purchase food at Jack in The Box (I never eat at Jack in the Box)  across the street from the Jiffy Lube La Canada and they denied the charge since they did not have the PIN number.  My bank told me to stop using my card and destroy it.

[1494] Bart in Salt Lake City, UT Oil Leaked Out of Filter

Recently my wife took our Volvo XC90 to our a Jiffy Lube in Salt Lake City.  She drove around all day doing her normal errands for work and then drove 45 min home .  After she parked the car in the garage she noticed oil streaming out of the car.   She contacted another Jiffy Lube that was closer to our house and drove the car there.  They said that the oil filter had not been put on properly and all the oil had drained out the car.  I will contact the Better Business Bureau to see if this has been a trend for Jiffy Lubes.

[1493] Vinicius in Middletown, RI  Destroyed Evidence

In late May of 2009, I took my car to get an oil change at Jiffy Lube in Middletown, RI. They do the job, I pay them, my girlfriend and I get into the car and drive home. Six days later, I was driving my car when all of a sudden my car makes a strange sound and stops. I try to start it and nothing happens. First thing I do when I pop the hood was check the oil because the last thing I had serviced was the oil change. There was little to no oil on the dipstick. I automatically knew that my engine had just seized because the employees at jiffy lube didnít do theyíre job correctly by not filling my engine with the proper amount of oil. I call my work to have someone pick me up and my co-worker Michael Kelly came to the rescue in the Taylor Rental truck. I showed him the oil dipstick and he couldnít believe it but there it was, the dipstick with little to no oil. I have the car towed to my home where I called Jiffy Lube Middletown to let them know what just happened and to send someone to look at it and get this process rolling because this car is everything to me.  The employee named Chris tells me he has to speak to his manager who isnít working at the time and he will call me back to let me know when they can send someone out to look at it. Its clear as day they didnít put enough oil in the car and thatís why its seized and any engine expert can tell you that. A bit of time goes by and Chris calls me back to tell me that someone will be there in the morning to look at it and  I agreed to that. I knew that the address on the receipt wasnít the right address because I had moved so I informed him of the change and he noted it down. I know he wrote it down because he said he had to fetch a piece of paper. The whole time I was on the phone I was sitting next to my girlfriend whoís heard everything said on the phone and also seen the engine dipstick.

The next morning, I wake up to a phone call from the jiffy Lube guy saying he needed my address because it wasnít at the one on the receipt and I informed him that I gave Chris the address the day before so I was confused as of why he was calling for the address. He shows up and Iím greeted to my car with its passenger window smashed and glass everywhere.  I look at everything and nothing seems to be stolen because my GPS was sitting right there on the seat. Nothing was stolen at all, the only thing that was different was that there was now oil in an engine that seized with no oil the day before. In short, someone came out to my house and broke into my car to cover-up their mistake by adding brand new oil into my engine which also has dirty brown oil that was in the engine when it seized. You can clearly see the two different oils on the dipstick and now the dipstick that showed little to no oil the day before, is now 2 different colors  and full way past the full mark.

There is so much more to my story because they havenít cooperated at all with me when its clear that its their fault. I really need to get this story out there because Iím not the only one this has happened to and this is something that people go to everyday. Everyday people go to these places to get their oil changed and never check their oil after its done and look at what happened to me.

Iíve been without my car for 8months now making payments on it without being able to drive it. Jiffy Lube has not done anything to help me. Iíve been suffering soo much from this ordeal and itís not fair. All theyíve done is give me the run-around and not taking responsibility for their actions. I need help because I canít go without a car much longer and this has whole situation has stressed me out soo much Iím depressed now.

Its now march 21st 2010 and I still don't have my car. This happened at the middletown store in Middletown, RI. Please respond with some sort of answers as to why I am being treated like this? Awaiting court date.

[1492] Tom in Chester, VA  Employee

i am an employee at the jiffy lube on Jefferson Davis hwy in chester va and have been working there for some time now. my boss who has been there since November has ran just about every employee there  away. hes is a hypocrite and an asshole and i believe a little racist. when the old manager was there the customer service scores were 100% and now since hes been there they have dropped. i have had complaints from customers about him saying that he just sits there texting on his phone being very antisocial and even caught him sleeping in the office with customers in there. he treats his white employees differently than his ones of color. the black ones get special treatment, for example if a black employee is lait then its OK but if a white employee is lait then they get bitched at or even written up or sent home for the rest of the day. he gives his employees shit about not doing things that he doesn't do himself,for example he did not change the oil filter on a customers vehical purposely but another employee got bitched at for not making sure one was changed. i would like to make the dso and rso know all of the bullshit that hes pulling there but im not sure if i have any backup on the matter...

[1491] SD in Silverdale, WA  Bait & Switch

Washington State Silverdale, 15% off sign was shown in front of store,  they would not honor said the store manager unless it was slow and one of their employees was holding it up they just lost my business for good.

[1490] Mike in Kent, WA  Missing Oil Plug Washer

My name is Mike. I went to the Kent Jiffy Lube to get a basic oil change. They tried convincing me to do all this unnecessary stuff for my car, but I told them to only change the oil.  A few minutes later, one of the employees comes into the waiting room and tells me I have cracks in my serpentine belt. I go out there, and look at the "cracks" but there was nothing there. He asks me if I want to change it. I just rolled my eyes at him and said NO.

As the guy his finishing up my purchase, he says that the oil plug was sticking out an 1/8 of an inch, and that I might have to change the oil pan eventually. I told him ok, took my invoice and left.

When I was stuck in traffic, I looked at the invoice carefully. It said that there was an oil leak on arrival. IMPOSSIBLE!!!! A few months earlier, I got some oil leaks repaired at the dealership. Right when I got home, I checked my driveway for any oil spots. There were NONE! The next day at work, I checked my designated parking spot for any oil spots. There were NONE! After work, I looked under my car and there was huge puddle of oil. I was furious!

The next day, I had my step-father come with me to the Jiffy Lube, and we both had a talk with the employee who serviced my car. The thing that should be known about my Step-Father is he was a mechanic in the Royal Air Force back in the UK, so he knows what he's talking about. The employee had a tough time explaining what the problem was with my car. And he didn't have an answer as to why there puddles of oil in my drive way all of the sudden.

So we all went under the car to take a look at the leak that was occurring at the oil plug. My step-father requested that they remove the plug so he could look at it. He examined it, and suspected that a piece was missing (I don't know the name of what it was. I don't know A THING about cars. But it was something like a washer... I think). My step-father then began to dig through a box of pieces that they had. He found the piece he was looking for, and requested the employee to put the plug back in. The employees then turned on the engine and we watched for a couple minutes. NO LEAK!!! And it hasn't been leaking ever since.

The employees obviously have no idea what they're doing. Not only that, they are liars. Writing on the comments that "Engine Oil Leaks On Arrival" when it really wasn't. Then  I had to bring my step-father down there just to tell them what they did wrong and how to fix it. I highly advise no one go to Jiffy Lube.

[1489] Maryann  Differential Problem

Went to Jiffy Lube for a oil change.  They recommended rear differential service.  Our truck has 37,000 miles and later found out it isn't recommended till 60,000 miles.  Anyway had it done, after all I'm a woman and they said it needed done!  After leaving Jiffy Lube we HAD problems with the rear differential when turning.  Went back to JL.  They said they weren't machanics.  SO have a appointment with a Toyota service department.  Toyota said sounds like they put in the wrong oil, didn't replace it at all or didn't put in enough.  Depending on the damage done it could cost up to $1000 for repairs.  Will keep you updated.  This Jiffy Lube will see me in court!

[1488] George in Pinebrook, NJ  Brake Light Scam

I occasionally use Jiffy Lube given I enjoyed their fast service, etc. I went to the branch in Pinebrook, NJ, which is nearby work. However, at my recent service, the manager said something that now made me wonder if Jiffy Lube is out to rip off people.

As usual, I had my oil change, etc. He showed me my cabin air filter needed to be change, since it was filthy, so I agreed to change that. Yet when he said my brake lights were not working, I was sceptical. Only two months ago, my car passed state inspection, so I know my brake lights were working. I told him not to touch the lights, yet he tried to convince me otherwise. I still said no.

That evening, since I live alone, I went out when it was dark, started my car's engine, and simply pressed the brake without turning on my headlights. The brake lights work! Even the regular lights and white reverse lights work! I can see easily all three lights were working, so I was upset to why the Jiffy Lube manager said my brake lights weren't working. My car doesn't have parking lights anyway!

Yet what really piss me off was my receipt stated the lights were working okay, so why did he said my brake lights weren't working?!

I really now considering going elsewhere to change my oil from now on. I'm not stupid to fall for such a rip-off scam!

[1487] Donald in Chicago, IL  Always Check Their Work

I used a Jiffy Lube in Chicago Illinois on North Ashland Ave.  I went and got a cooling flush, trans fluid change and oil and filter change on my Nissan X-Terra.

When I got home to my garage I doubled checked the oil levels and found that my cooling system bottle was over flowing as they put too much in my system. The trans level was 2 quarts low and the workers who did the oil change broke the oil plug gasket and it was leaking onto the floor not to mention he did not clean off the excess oil from when he changed the filter. I called up the manager and said the cooling level was wrong. The trans was 2 quarts low  and being this low if not checked would have caused trans damage and the oil changer  broke the pan gasket and did not clean off the old oil from the work he did. The tire caps where never put back on after they check the air and they deflated the tires to the wrong pressure. I told him that it was the worst job I ever had done to my SUV and I would never come back.  The workers where seen by me screwing off and playing all the radios loud from the cars they where working on. He said he was sorry and whats the big deal as no damage was done.  If I did not check the work they did I would have had plenty damage done. He offer me free oil change which I told him where to put it........I would never trust Jeffy Lube again any-where...........

[1486] Diamond  Oil Pan Fell Off

they better hope my girlfriend dont take my advice because I am ready to sue them..she had an oil change tonight and the whole pan fell out from the bottom of the car I will call them in the morning and they had better fix this and compensate her in someway or else

[1485] Charmed in Maynard, MA Fix Their Problems At Your Expense

I recently went to Jiffy Lube in Maynard Ma. while trying to add on sales they checked my air filter,  They broke a wire going to my mass airflow sensor. when I left there my check engine light was on and my transmission wouldn't shift properly. Their scan tool wasn't working so they told me to bring it to another one of their shops 20 miles away. I wasn't driving my car that far in that condition so I took it to the shop behind my house where it cost me 123.22 to fix it. When I wrote to Jiffy Lube on their web site I got a call from the asst. mgr. of the store telling me they were not going to pay for the damage they caused to my car because I didn't take it to another one of their locations.

[1484] Charlotte in Sparks NV  Insubordination

This is to the employee who wrote from the Sparks location. I used your service and I had to bring back my vehicle because the items you checked off that had been done were NOT done. I am appauled that you still work for the company and someone has not fired you. Are you aware of Jiffy Lube's customer service moto?  If I knew your manager, but sorry to say, maybe you are the manager, I would report you for insubordination, and this is why Jiffy Lube leaves a very sour taste in my mouth when someone speaks of this company.  Take a course on Customer Service, and realize that someone smarter than you does not have to know how to spell correctly. They have common sense and this is one thing you have proven you do not have. What the world has become because of individuals like yourself.  

[1483] Christopher in Trevose, PA  Destroyed Transmission

I have been a regular customer at the Jiffy Lube location at 2 West Street Road, Feasterville Trevose, PA 19053 for several years.  I have four cars that are maintained on a regular basis at Jiffy Lube, Glennís Auto, and Saturn of Trevose.  I use your company for oil changes because it is fast and the location is convenient.

On January 23, 2010, I sent my son to Jiffy Lube for an oil change.   He drove the car, a 2001 Saturn L200 sedan with manual transmission, to the location.  He gave the keys to an attendant and went into the reception room to wait.  He noticed the car was not being moved.  He was then asked by an attendant to help move the car because they could not get it into reverse. This particular model car has a reverse gear lockout which is located on the gearshift knob. If it is not pulled up, the car will not go into reverse. This is not unlike many other GM manual transmissions.  My son then went to move the car and found the shift lever broken.  He was not able to engage any gear.  The service manager said it was the throw out bearing.  I had arrived by this time and did not agree it was a throw out bearing because the shift lever itself was no longer attached to anything, and the problem was outside the transmission. The service manager proceeded to remove the shift boot and we could clearly see the gear selector had been broken.  The mechanism was forced by your employee until it broke.  We were told that this was a ďpre-existing conditionĒ.  If it had been a pre-existing condition the vehicle would not have been drivable.  The car was driven to Jiffy Lube, handed over to an attendant, and was rendered inoperative while in possession of Jiffy Lube.  I had the vehicle towed to Saturn of Trevose by Brianís Tow Service. The service manager at Saturn said the vehicle could not have been driven to Jiffy Lube (or anywhere) in that condition.  It was not a pre-existing condition nor was it a condition of normal wear.  It was a matter of undue force that broke the mechanism.

I have included images of the broken shift mechanism.  Images include those of the part both in and out of the car. The reverse selector part of the mechanism still works perfectly. I can engage and disengage that part of the mechanism. If your employee knew how to work the shifter he would not have had to force it causing the break.

[1482] Margaret in Costa Mesa, CA  Theft

This morning [4 March 2010] I discovered more than $200 in pharmacy gift cards had been stolen from my card by an employee(s) at Jiffy Lube when my husband took it there Saturday. I keep a box between the driver and front passenger seat and when I got in the car this morning I noticed something on the floor. It was a Lego Club card that I hadn't seen in years, that had been in the bottom of this box. I looked over and the box had clearly been rearranged, as in rummaged through. That's when I noticed the cards were gone. I will complain to the manager, but expect nothing will come of it.

[1481] Yetta  Stolen Keys Led to Stolen Cars

My husband and I took our vehicles to Jiffy Lube for service, the workers stoles my husbands key from my ring and my car key from his ring (duplicates).  They came to our home (they had the information on our receipt) and stole our cars. 

Needless to say they didnít want to take responsibilities for hiring these thugs, so we are now out of two cars.  We had to purchase two vehicles, because ours were totaled with high speed chases and crashes.

I will never use them again.

[1480]  Tristen in Bountiful, UT  Forgot to Secure Hood

Last winter I went and had my oil changed at Jifyf Lube in Bountiful Ut. I drive a 2007 Toyota.The service people were very kind and got the work done pretty quickly for me. I left the shop and hoped on the freeway to meet y mother in a nearby city. As I was getting on the freeway the hood of my car flew up. Think Ace Ventura here. I could see nothing. Here I am on the freeway going 70+ MPH with no view of what is in front of me at all. I also had my 6 month old son in the backseat with me.

There was a small section (about 2 inches wide) inbetween the dashboard and the hood that I could see out of and was able to safely make it to the side of the road. I immediatly called my husband to see what I should do. He told me to pick him up from home and he was going to Jiffy Lube to talk to the manager.  I got out of the car and with force was able to shut the hood, I practically jumped on the hood to make sure that it stayed down. In order to get off of the interstate I had to drive about 3 miles North in order to turn around and go back to the store. The whole time driving on the interstate I was terrified that the hood would come up again, which it didn't luckily.

My husband and I went back to Jiffy Lube and my husband spoke to the manager who assured us that they would take care of all the damages and appologized repeatedly for the danger that my son and I was placed in. He told us to get 3 different estimates for repair places and they would pay to repair the car. I got my 3 bids and gave them to the manger a few days later who informed me that he would speak to his supervisor and they would let us know which repair place they chose. A few weeks went by and we didn't hear anything from the manager so I decided to call him. When I called I was told that he was no longer the manager at that location and that it was still the Bountiful locations responsibily to take care of the damages. Upon calling the new manager, he had no clue what was going on and gave me the number for his supervisor at the corporate office. When I called corporate office the man informed me that they were not responsible to pay for the damages and that his tech closed the hood tightly and checked it like he was suposed to.

In the end, we ended up paying over $5000 in repairs for the damages on my car. We even tried having our insurance company use their lawyers to try to get the money back, but with no succes..

I will NEVER go to Jiffy Lube again! They not only put my life, but my 6 month old son's life in danger, and wasn't even willing to pay for the repairs that they initially said they would. I just think it's funny that I was able to shut my hood down securly while standing on the side of the Interstate, with cars passing me going 70+ MPH, and a tech at the local Jiffy Lube was unable to secure the hood while standing in their bay.

[1479] Jimmy in Coventry, RI  No Oil Destroys Engine

On February 4th 2010 my car was brought to Jiffy Lube in Coventry RI for an Oil Change.   Upon leaving Jiffy lube, I went to my house which was 2.33 miles away to pickup a friend.  When got on the highway going north on 95 and drove just over 5 miles and the engine started to sound horrible.  We took exit 8B off of 95 and the car totally lost power.. making it hard to steer and the car basically came to a skidding stop on the off Ramp.  The car was then towed to a local Mechanic.  The mechanic called me up and told me there was no oil at all in the car.  I asked if there was a leak and he said it was completely sealed an that JIffy Lube had forgotten to put oil in.  If I had been in the high speed lane when the car had lost power,  I would have most likely gotten in an accident.  It was sheer luck that we managed to lose power on the off Ramp.  Jiffy lube came to the garage and took pictures.  We thought the response from Jiffy Lube would be quick.  It was then like pulling teeth to get help from Jiffy Lube though they recognized that there had been a problem.  NO OIL WAS PUT IN... I thought this is what I had gone to Jiffy Lube for.  My Engine was messed up in a Jiffy that was for sure.  

The Manager at the Coventry Jiffy Lube (Jeff) didn't seem to have all that much sympathy and was supposed to call back.. That took a couple of days actually.  a few days after that, Corporate was supposed to call..  After not hearing anything we called and complained.. Not having a working car or having anyone call back was REALLY Annoying and not Professional.   Finally Jiffy Lube called back .. They agreed to take the car and break down the engine to see if something could be fixed "If it was their fault".. At this point Jiffy Lube didn't admit responsiblity.  They agreed to pay for a rental car if it indeed was their problem and wouldn't front any reimbursement to Enterprise Rental to pay for the car.  Finally on Friday the 19th, the Car could be picked up at Jiffy Lube after being "Fixed".  After waiting awhile.. Jeff (the manager) returned.  There was no apology whatsoever for what happened.  Upon asking what had been done to the car, he couldn't answer that.  He suggested calling corporate.  A call was put in immediately on friday after picking up the car.  Its monday afternoon.. Still no response on the repairs and no word about whether Jiffy Lube will reimburse us for the rental, the tow, the mechanic etc.  This has been such a dissatisfying experience.  I'm surprised Jiffy Lube isn't willing to turn this experience into a good one.  Be assured that if this type of customer service, or lack there of,  continues, many people will hear this story.  Channel 10 seems very interested in hearing the details.. So we'll see what happens with that.  Also I'll be making a video for Youtube.  This will be one of the many videos about Jiffy Lube on there.  You need to check them out.

[1478] Stacie Time to Get Greasy

I was feeling a little lazy this week and WAS going to take my truck to JL to do a trans. fluid replacement.  Ha!!!!!! not now after reading the horror stories.  I am very thankful for this website and I am sorry to all those who had misfortunes. I will never go to JL for any work on my vehicles. Time for me to go get greasy.

[1477] RJ  High School Techs

1999 f-250 super duty 5.4 triton v8 engine jiffy lube did an oil change on this vehicle and failed to put oil in the motor customer left the jiffy lube drove home the engine locked up jiffy lube refused to fix the vehicle or anything else they hire wanna be mechanics and high school students to work on your cars hmmmmmmmmmm not a good idea !!!! go to a reputable mechanic or do it yourself 7 out of 10 times jiffy lube will screw it up by leaving your drain plug loose or leaving the old oil filter gasket and then putting a new one on top of it or not putting oil in your vehicle they are not mechanics ÖÖ

[1476] D in Deer Park, TX  Stripped Oil Pan Bolt

I cannot believe Jiffy Lube is doing this to customers.  As you probably know, they do not RESOLVE ANYTHING.   I was too late and did not research this company until now.  I am a victim that has to pay another mechanic to fix their mistake.

I have filed a claim on BBB to inform them of your wrong doings.  I have attained an attorney to address these opportunities by lawsuit.  I have contacted Channel 11 and 13 to let our community know your perception of Customer Service.  POSTED ON FEEBACK PAGE on www.jiffylube.com

You location #697 stripped the bolt on the oil pan back on 11/26/08.  On Saturday 2/06/10 I go to location #697 to get an oil change and get confronted by a team member that the bolt is stripped.  They asked me who did the oil change last.  Guess what?  IT WAS YOUR LOCATION #697.  The DUMMY STICKER was still in the window for "next service." 

Anyway, I did not get an oil change on 2/6/10 because they told me to contact District Manager Pam Teirney.  I went home and emailed her.  First thing Monday I get an email from Mrs. Teirney stating she was not the DM and the "correct" DM would contact me to discuss the issue at hand.

Later that day, DM "DJ" calls me to explain how it is not under "warranty."  He also states Jiffy Lube is NOT responsible for this.  Can you please explain how this is possible?  My car was PERFECT until an oil change was done at location #697.  And now I have to hire a mechanic to fix your mistake.  Is this how you treat your customers?  Maybe you should look at BBB.  I did, after it was too late.  Your Company is rated "F."  Don't take my word for it, go look yourself @ www.bbb.com and put "jiffy lube" in the search window.

Anyway, I donít expect to hear from you as I have learned from BBB that your company does not attempt resolution.  I hope and pray that you learn to fix the mistakes that were caused by your negligence. 

In a message dated 2/9/2010 4:31:03 P.M. Central Standard Time, jiffy-lube-customer-service@shell.com writes:  Thank you for taking the time and effort to e-mail Jiffy Lube International. We will respond to you within two business days. If you would like to speak with a representative, please call 1-800-344-6933. Jiffy Lube - Customer Service Team

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