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Personal Experiences


[1551] Marc  Thanks

I was searching online for the Jiffy Lube early bird hours and came across your site.  I'm glad I did as I will not go there anymore and thank you for getting the word out.  Do you have a recommendation on any trustworthy businesses?

[1550] Jay in Rochester, MN  Unnecessary Services

I stopped at a Jiffy Lube in Rochester Minnesota for an oil change.  I was watching two mecanics through the waiting room window.  They kept looking in my direction as if they were waiting for me to look away.

One of the mecahnics came back with two drops of fluid on a piece of cardboard to show what my differential fluid looked like compared to new and recommended I have this changed because it's over due with 100,000 on the odometer. I said no, it's fine.  They pursisted on and on. You'll void your warrently and blah blah. I didn't want to spoil these scam artists plan by letting them know the vehicle was made in Canada and the odometer is in kilometers. And that I checked the fluid one month prior and the fluid was still clear then. Actual miles on the vehicle is 60,000 and well below recommeded maintanance schedule for service.

I wonder how many others are paying for unnecessary services at Jiffy Lube?  You can argue that it was easy for them to make a mistake based on the odometer, but for can't mistake them putting dirty fluid on paper in place of mine.

[1549] Bob in Howell NJ  Ripped Off Twice

Just left Jiffy Lube store #2912 in Howell New Jersey. My last oil change for my car, with synthetic oil, cost 77.99. That was with 8 qts of oil according to the receipt. This time the oil change  was 95.45 and I was charged for 8.5 qts of oil, quite a jump. Since the last oil change there are new owners.

When I questioned why the jump in price of 17.46 the manager said the last time the guy charged me wrong and that's why he is no longer there. I wasn't happy with his answer .  Now I was wondering why the car took 8 qts of oil one time and 8.5 qts the next time.  I looked in the owner's manual and the capacity is 7.4 qts of oil. Obviously you can't put 8.5 qts or 8qts of oil in a car that takes 7.4 qts of oil. Needless to say they charge 6.99 for each qt of synthetic oil over 5 qts

 It is obvious to me that if they ripped me off twice on this vehicle they are doing this to everyone. Had the price not increased so much it would have gone unnoticed. Since I had oil changed in my other 2 vehicles I am now going to pull all my past bills to see how the quantities on those compare.

I am also reporting this to New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, weight and measures

[1548] Jacob in VA  Competitor

There is a Jiffylube and two shell stations just down the road from us, along with a Firestone a few miles away. We get cars everyday that have Jiffylube stickers and Shell stickers on there windshields. Many of these vehicles have tools left under the hoods and even oil caps left off. Every day we find 8mm nut drivers wedged between the radiator and the hood latch, left behind from the hood tech checking the air filter or the intake manifold. Some cars that have had their tires rotated at a JiffyLube have lug nuts that are either loose or missing. Today I found a mini pry bar stuck in the radiator of a car that came from JiffyLube.

About a month ago, a kid from JiffyLube Drove in with a customers car and asked for help replacing a PCP valve on the engine because he didn't know how, the manager told him to go away and the kid started begging for help. We learned that the manager of JiffyLube kicked him out and told him not to come back until the valve was replaced. After a few minutes of pleading, our manager decided to help him out and show him how to do it. (after all it only takes like 30 seconds) That just shows how pathetic these JiffyLube guys are.

People continue to go to JiffyLube stores all over the country and i don't understand why. Yes, they have a cheap oil change, if they can do it right with out breaking anything or snapping any bolt heads off, but it's not worth the trouble of trying to make JiffyLube pay for the mistakes of their employees.

We had a kid apply for a job who came from JiffyLube, we hired him because he seemed like a good kid. He worked in the pit while I worked upstairs. Every once in a while I would have to go down and do a car or two for him because he kept getting backed up. Once while I was down there, I watched as he start checked a car to make sure the car ran like it should. The hood tech yelled, "Clear to start?" The pit guy yelled back that the car was clear to start. The hood tech started the car, and said that the oil light was off (which means that the oil pressure is up like it should be). The former JiffyLube employee yelled that he checked the oil plug and filter was tight when he never checked anything. The problem is that sometimes a plug or a filter can come loose after you start the car if you haven't tightened them enough. Of course after I had to tell the manager, he started watching the pit guy to see if he was always doing it or if it was only that one time. Of course it was EVERY time so he got fired, even after the manager told him not to do it like that. It turns out he was stealing air filters and fuel filters too, along with being an A hole.

If there happens to be any one from JiffyLube reading this, or any other car place for that matter, I have some advice for you that will prevent almost all screw-ups,

1. ALWAYS put the oil cap on  or over the hood latch when you take it off.

2. Before you close the hood, make SURE that you have picked up all of your tools (obviously). and

3.Touch AND turn every cap, dipstick and latch under the hood RIGHT before you close the hood.

4. Don't screw around when there are customers around. (That's the important one.)

I love my job and the people I work with, too bad for the JiffyLube employees.

[1547] Eugenio in Lakeland, FL  Lost Loyal 20 Year Customer

I went to this station to get my oil change, Saturday 19 June 2010. In the morning around 0800AM. The person who you have working there, getting your information has a real problem, he needs to work on his people skills.  I was going to get my oil changed but,  I told him not to bother, and I just drove away, and went to MIDAS across the street and got my oil change. You probably are going to lose a customer , who has been a loyal customer for over 20 years. While I was getting my oil changed, I looked across the street, and Jiffy Lube had no customers, and they had a person, on the side of the street, waving a sign, letting people know that there was no wait.  I wonder why they had no customers. People now a days want to be treated with a little respect. I do not know if I will ever get any of my vehicles service by Jiffy Lube again and I will probably past on my experience to all of my associates.  Thanks for the $8.00 coupon that you sent me.

[1546] Joe in Portland, OR  Oversells Services

There is a big sign out that says 19.99. I pull in and ask if my truck qualifies for the special. They shun me and say it more than likely takes more than 5 quarts, I tell them to only put in 4.75 which fills it perfectly. Then they say its 4 wheel drive and I say it’s a 2 wheel drive prerunner. They try to say it have an under cage and I tell them it doesn’t matter because the filter is high up on top.

I marked my oil filter with car keys prior to test them there as well. They pull out my air filter and in cab filter, and say they need replaced. I tell them I have a new one at home in the garage, but the filter is good for another 10k miles. The in cab filter is very dirty so I ask them how much the replacement is, they say $39. I tell them I’ll search online and I end up getting one for 15 bucks. Now they are also selling rock chip repairs, but my insurance company state farm is the only company that won’t pay them because they are smart. They passed the oil filter test, probably cranked in on so tight, only they can get it off. I need to check my drain plug later since I don’t trust them. This is my typical jiffy lube experience of over selling services. Costs me $14 bucks on average to do it myself. This is 3.99 for the filter and 2 bucks a quart getting it on sale by the case at 24 bucks for 12. Its more worth it this way since I know the work is done right and I don't have the hassle, Portland recycle takes the used oil for free.

[1545] Greg in Austin, TX  Wrong Fluid Destroys Transmission

My 24 year old daughter was talked into having her transmission serviced at your facility at ; 1401 S LAMAR BLVD, AUSTIN , TX 78704-2390 US

She drives a 2001 Honda Civic with only 73,000 miles on it.  Two days after the service the transmission broke.  Up to then there were no problems what so ever with the vehicle.  Jiffy Lube used a Dexron ATF instead of the Honda ATF - ZI which is the manufacturers specified fluid to use.  They claimed to have added an additive to give it similar properties but how would I know if they really did, or forgot, or added too much or too little.  My daughter was never given the option of paying more for the recommended Honda fluid.  My daughter was never told that the fluid exchange could disturb the transmission and cause sediments to move and plug screens.  It takes about two minutes of internet research to find out that this is always a risk.  I believe they should inform customers of the fluid swap and risk of disturbing a transmission if it hasn't been regularly done.  It is also recommended to do a drain and refill versus a flush for higher mileage vehicles.  Jiffy Lube took the vehicle to a trans shop of their choice and had the shop say it was not their fault.  I want that trans rebuilt at JL's expense at a Honda certified shop.

[1544] Tony in Las Vegas, NV  No Clue About Customers

Let me first start of by saying that I have been a Jiffy Lube (and original Q-Lube –Quaker State) in both Arizona and Nevada for 25 years. I was one of the first customers when Store #2938 in Summerlin/Las Vegas opened. I have seen good managers and personnel in the store and at times, incompetent personnel. Having worked retail for the first seven years of my working career, you can spot good customer service and dedicated employees from those that are just buying their time between jobs.

Previously I had sent a compliment in for the Manager, Samantha that worked the store by calling the Heartland customer service phone number. Someone who sounded like they were from back east and was actually rude took my information. He said he would pass that compliment on to her. Samantha was the only employee who showed up on a Saturday morning and had three vehicles in the bay and three waiting. Without breaking a sweat and as professional as possible, she serviced all the vehicles by herself and had me and the others out as usual. A month and a half later, I came by with another family vehicle and mentioned I had called in a compliment for her and she said she never received it. Other Managers such as John, the one that just left before Angelo was hired dealt with the same personnel issue and always provided professional service. He recognized me as a VIP customer and always ensured I got a discount.

On Saturday, June 19, I brought my 2007 Silverado in for service around 8:00 a.m. It is one of three vehicles I bring in each 3-4 months. Angelo/Mgr and two other employees greeted me and serviced my vehicle. When it was ready, I checked it and it wasn’t vacuumed, windows were not cleaned and a new sticker for when my next service is wasn’t even in the window. The old sticker was. I complained to Angelo and told him this was the worst service I had ever gotten. Damon one of the employees gave me a $10 discount that brought the bill down to $34. I left and on the next day I washed the truck. As I opened the hood, and looked at the engine, the cover on the oil input shaft was missing. I went back to Jiffy Lube on Sunday and a whole different crew was there. They said this same thing had happened earlier in the week and apologized. They offered to order me a new one. When they went to close the hood, they found the cap wedged into the lock assembly. I asked them about what is going on around here with the service.

The employees vented their frustration about the manager and district manager and how crappy they are treated and all the good managers leave. To top it all, I went two miles east on the same street Charleston to go to another store, and the Jiffy Lube station on the southwest corner of Charleston and Fort apache had a big banner: “Signature Oil service $24.99”

That was it, I decided to write in and let you know that your management and the way you run your stores and your loyalty to long term customers are terrible. We are still in an economic downturn and recession and you have no clue about customer loyalty and how to maintain good personnel and provide consistent service. 

Now my question to you, if you acre…”Why would I go back to Jiffy Lube?” and you better believe I will let others know about my experiences with this company.

[1543] Jennifer in Austin, TX  Destroyed Engine

I took my car in for a check up and oil change to this Jiffy Lube on June 7th. The mechanics looked at it and told me that I would probably be best if I replaced the fuel filter and serpentine belt so I did that in addition to the oil change. A week later when I was out picking up a check my car stalled out and would not start plus I had a huge puddle of oil underneath my car. I called my mechanic for a tow to have him look at it and he told me that they messed up on the oil change and that the oil filter burst and oil leaked all over my car. I contacted the manager Mike who told me that they were going to tow the vehicle to the their mechanic. Their mechanic kept  it there for 3 days and told us that the engine was blown I contacted their district manager to resolve the issue and he was very obnoxious and said that he had not even looked at it yet and as of yet still hasn't. They refuse to take responsibility for the car and deny any liability.

[1542] Derrick in Romeoville, IL  Fuel Leak

I got my fuel filter changed on Tuesday (Jiffy Lube store 2509, Romeoville, IL) and then on Thursday I had to be towed to the shop because my car wouldn't start and was leaking fuel.  I now have a bill to fix the clip for $116.68 from the shop.

[1541] Joanna in Las Vegas, NV  Employee Theft

Very strange thing just happened at Jiffy Lube. The guy(dark ethnic skin--looks hawaiian with long curly black hair) who did service and rang the register, led me out to the garage and quietly said he'll give me free coolant change(I think he said 80 for coolant change itself) if I paid in cash of $100 but that there will be no receipt and that we have to keep it quiet. Because $80 sounded good at the time, I said fine. When it came time to pay, he said it's 100 total, and he took the folded $100 bill and stuck it in his own pants pocket instead of the register. He gave me a paper receipt that describes, top off fluids. qty=1.00 price=0.00

I saw him put some other customers out to the garage as well, and I'm not sure if he was saying this to everyone there.

I realize this is a franchise, but I don't want to go back and confront him personally. I feel like he may get angry with me and I don't feel safe, especially when he has my information.

Anyway, I don't know exactly if I owe you or you owe me. Please let me know if I owe you as I'd rather keep my conscience clean. For me, the only thing that is truly important though, is that I got a real oil change and that's about it.

[1540] John  Employee

As an ex-manager for JL I can tell you why your experience was so bad.

1) Employee Trainer requirements: Being able to read. No mechanical experience necessary, or even a basic understanding of automobile of how an automobile works.

2) Manager requirements: Sales ability. No mechanical ability necessary, or even a basic understanding of automobile of how an automobile works.

3) Employee requirements: Ability to show up to work & learn on customers cars. No mechanical ability necessary, or even a basic understanding of automobile of how an automobile works.

Combine 1 + 2 + 3 = RFD (Recipe for disaster).

Regional manager requirements: Confrontation avoidance & blaming everyone underneath him, plus the ability to avoid returning phone calls. No mechanical ability or even a basic understanding of automobile of how an automobile works. Corporate customer service requirements: Ability to blame everything on the customer, & make it seem like they're doing you a favor by offering a $10 off coupon after damaging your vehicle. No mechanical ability, or even a basic understanding of automobile of how an automobile works. Corporate manager requirements: Threatening to fire everyone because JL isn't misleading the customers into spending enough money.  No mechanical ability, or even a basic understanding of automobile of how an automobile works. Why would anyone go to these people if they knew the truth? JL puts up a front & acts like they know what they are doing to make money off the deceived customer. That's their business model in a nut shell.

[1539] Jim in Rancho Cucamonga, CA  Hand Controls Damaged

I went to Jiffy Lube for an oil change on 5-30-10. The sign on the front of their building says $24.95. They had a big sign by the entrance $10 OFF TODAY. That's what made me pull in. I drive with hand controls since I'm handicapped. I told the  manager and the technician who was getting in my car NOT to touch my hand controls cause they are the kind that you can still use the pedals normally to drive. They told me "no problem". I saw the technician pull my car out of the garage when he finished. He sat in my car fiddling around for a couple minutes before getting out. I was charged $39.99 minus $10 and had to pay $32.28. Much different from the price on the front of the building. I got in my car and found that the technician pulled my hand controls all the way back and they were locked. Since I never did that before since there was never any reason to, it took me a couple minutes to figure out how to release the hand control. After I got it released, it wasn't the same. It wouldn't stay in the normal position and kept falling against my seat. I got home and thought I'd check it again the next day. But, I had an appointment for outpaitient surgery and was told not to drive for a week after my proceedure. I went back to Jiffy Lube on 6-5-10 and showed the service manager what his technician did after I told both of them not to touch my hand controls. He turned me over to a manager who went and looked at the tapes from when I was there and he told me the technician denied touching my hand controls and he said he didn't see anything on the tapes. I told him I watched the guy sit in my car for a couple minutes before he got out and his cameras can't see the inside of my car. The manager told me he will have the General Manager call me on June 7 or 8. I sat home both days waiting and no call. I called at 4PM June 8 and told the manager that his general manager didn't call. He said he will e-mail him and that will speed up an answer. Today i s day 5 and no response. Look for me on People's Court. I paid $2,000 for my hand controls. They are made in Italy and I am not letting this Jiffy Lube get away with  breaking them !!!

[1538] Jason in Raleigh, NC  $10 Window Tinting Test Fee

I visited the Jiffy Lube (store #1333) for the State Vehicle Inspection.  When I came home from the Jiffy Lube store, I feel really bad because I think the cashier may cheat out of my money.  After inspector, who was very nice and did a good service, finished inspection, the cashier want me to pay $40 and I was surprised because I used to pay $30 for the State inspection.  She said that extra $10 bucks was for window Tinting Fee, but I did the State inspection last year from other Jiffy Lube (#187) and they didn’t request it.   Anyway I paid $40 and then I left the store.  When I came home, Just I checked last year inspection document and I realized last year they didn’t  tested window tinting and didn’t ask pay extra.  When I left the store, I got two documents (Red which is the Jiffy lube receipt and white which is the State of North Carolina Vehicle Inspection Receipt.)  After I checked white document and I was surprised again, inspector didn’t do window tinting test (the document said N/A) and didn’t requeste extra fee.   It said total fee is only $30(window tinting fee is $0.00) but the red document said that total fee is $ 40(include $ 10 window tint test fee).  FYI, even I didn’t receive the Jiffy Lube Coupon Book. ^^
I think it can be a mistake, but the customer always want to more attention for their service.  

[1537] Moe in Concord, NH  No Honesty & Integrity

I brought my Honda CRV into the Jiffy Lube in Concord, NH for an oil change.  I was offered a deal on a transmission fluid change by the store manager and since he seemed to know what he was talking about, I said OK.  The first warning sign was that he indicated that the transmission fluid was low (the car was running seamlessly before we stopped in), and that he had to add some fluid to actually complete the change.  We drove the car for a couple of weeks and noticed that we were experiencing a shudder at around 40 MPH.

We brought the CRV to our local mechanic, thinking that we may have a problem with our tires or something... we did mention that we had the transmission fluid changed recently.  After a test drive, he checked the level of the transmission fluid and found that it was OVERFULL (so he drained it down to the full mark).  Also, he warned me that if Jiffy Lube did not use the correct transmission fluid type for the Honda CRV, we could experience this type of problem, or if (on a vehicle with over 100,000 miles) they did a complete fluid change instead of a partial one, particles could become dislodged and that could also cause problems.  

We drove directly back to the Jiffy Lube in Concord, and on the drive the problem was still happening.  The store manager (the same person that performed the ATF change) read the repair details from my local garage, and indicated that he would give me three free oil changes (the bill from my local mechanic was for about $75.00) to make up for the mistake.  When I indicated to him that the problem was still present, he did not offer to check the fluid himself for volume or type... he simple agreed that we should continue to drive it and see if the problem resolved itself.

After a couple more weeks, with the lack of trust that we had with the Jiffy Lube store manager actually being able to fix the problem, we were forced to bring the CRV to the Honda dealership in Concord. After test driving the CRV, that mechanic suggested a complete flush of the ATF using Honda-approved ATF to resolve the problem (drain, fill, and drive in three successions) for about $175.00.

The problem was resolved.

Since the manager of the establishment was the one who performed the work... and he is apparently penalized in salary when problems like this happen, the following occured...  He would not give me the store owner’s name or contact information,  He told me to pursue the matter with Penzoil,  All customer service calls that I made eventually got me to Chubb Insurance,  Chubb made my a partial offer ($177.00) and then denied the claim entirely after the store manager told them to do so,

I asked the store manager about why he would not just let Chubb pay the measly $177.00 (I did not even go after the original cost of the AFT change) and he told me that “sh** happens” and that it would cost him three months of bonuses if the claim were paid... laughable,  He now denies any responsibility for creating the transmission problem in the first place (so much for the free oil changes he offered),

What ever happened to honesty and integrity?  Why would this man care whether the Jiffy Lube brand is damaged by such behavior?

[1536] JoAnn in Marietta, GA  Bait & Switch

I live in Marietta, GA.  The local Jiffy-Lube has advertised this message "Emissions $14.99 with oil change"  BUYER BEWARE!!!  Since I realize there is so much "bait and switch" I called to ask if their sign meant what it said.  Sadly, it did/does not!  Their premise is that if you buy a "regular oil change" they will allow you to also purchase an Emissions for the state of Georgia at this super duper rate.  DO NOT DO IT!!!  It is cheaper to spend your money wiser.  When I called, they were HIGHLY indignent and quite rude, and refused responsibility for the sign.  This Jiffy Lube has lost any business and future business.  FAIR WARNING!

[1535] Shana in Tysons Corner, VA  Mediocre Work

I went to Jiffy Lube for the first time to do an oil change on my Toyota. When they told that my cabin air filter needed to be replaced, I agreed and they completed the service pretty fast. They also included a free car wash but something was wrong with their system that day and they told me to come back the day after. Later that day, though, when opening my glove box, I noticed that the box would drop down instead of smoothly opening. Though it was screwed back, the bar holding it was loose from behind. Obviously, it had happened when they had installed the new air filter. In addition, something behind the glove box would rattle and squeak every time I drove over 30 mph. So the next day I showed up to have it looked at and they were able to fix the box so it opened properly. I wish I had just left then but I decided to do the car wash. Well, I admit that as a girl I'm not too car-savvy, but their car wash directions were pretty confusing and I almost damaged my car trying to drive up this narrow ramp to get an automatic car wash. Finally this service guy comes running and yelling directions at me. I thought he knew what he was talking about, but when I followed his directions, I got into a bigger mess and pretty much got stuck until the guy behind me was kind enough to offer directions to get me out. Anyway, when I got out of that mess, I noticed I still hear the rattling behind the glove box when driving, a problem I never had before. I think they try to be courteous and fast but the quality of the work is mediocre.

[1534] Mr. G in NJ  Ruptured Oil Filter Causes Damage

I took my relatively new family van with less than 20,000 miles on it to Jiffy Lube. Some time later, I started my engine and noticed my car rumbled like a Harley Davidson motorcycle. I looked under my car and noticed a huge oil puddle under my car. I took my car to my dealer and he explained that when Jiffy Lube did the oil change and installed the new oil filter, one of their apparently poorly trained staff seemingly used a tool to tighten the filter (you are supposed to use your hand). He tightened it so much that he actually put dimple dents in the filter which caused to a hairline fracture in the oil filter casing. Over time from heat and pressure, this fracture ruptured and the oil came gushing out, which explained the oil puddle under my car and the fact that only 1-2 quarts of oil were remaining in my engine when I brought it into my dealer with all the indicators on my dashboard lighting up like a Christmas tree. To make matters worse, the oil had poured out so profusely from the ruptured oil filter, that it flowed down the exhaust pipe and into the catalytic converter, frying it out, which explained why my car sounded like a Harley. The dealer took mercy on me and replaced my catalytic converter under warranty, but the labor to redo the oil change, clean up the oil mess all over the under-carriage of my car, replace the catalytic converter and a related sensor that fried out from the flood of oil cost me just over $600.

[1533] Beverly in VA  Forgot to Replace the Oil

I went to a Jiffy Lube in Virginia on May 22, 2010.  I have a newer model car that after 3000 miles, will give me a warning.  I took the car in, they drained my oil and DID NOT put any oil in my car.  After I left, I noticed the warning light continued to come on.  By this time they were already closed.  I took it back the following Monday and had the attendant pull the oil stick.  THE WAS NO OIL ON THE STICK.  I was furious!!!  The then put oil in the car and said, "You should be ok now."  I will never go there again. 

[1532] Sam in St. Charles, IL  False Testimony

I was getting ready to drive a few hours to visit my girlfriend, so my dad told me to get an oil change first. I took my 1987 Chevy Camaro in to our local Jiffy Lube, where I had always gotten the oil changed, and everything seemed fine. They charged us a ton, but we figured it was alright if they used the nicer oil and stuff, just to insure things wouldn't go wrong on the car (it was old, but it ran fine). As I began driving home, my engine started smoking. I got home as quickly as I could and popped the hood, quickly realizing that coolant was leaking from somewhere. I thought "Maybe something they did is causing some kind of problem?" so I looked at the sheet they handed to me when I left and saw a note on the bottom: "MAJOR COOLANT LEAK".

So they found a "MAJOR" coolant leak in my car, and didn't think it would be a good idea to actually tell me this in person before I drove away? I e-mailed the Jiffy Lube complaint department, telling them the location I went to and the type of car I was driving, but not the date or time, and what had happened. I told them I would never visit another Jiffy Lube location again. They responded by telling me that they looked at the security camera footage (yeah, right) and supposedly my dad told THEM about the leak as soon as I pulled in. This is completely false, because my dad met me at the Jiffy Lube later on, so it was impossible that my dad had told them without me knowing about it (He says he never did it). This is ignoring the fact that apparently Jiffy Lube has very high-tech security cameras, which I highly highly doubt.

I was completely offended that when a customer tells them they will never use their services again, they turn it back and accuse the customer instead of trying to make up for it (Not that they could've).

My Camaro eventually had to be junked, since I couldn't afford to fix what turned out to be a busted water pump, but every time I drive by this Jiffy Lube I greet them with a very special kind of salute.

[1531] Tammy in salt Lake City, UT  Second Time Fraud Problems

I have had two incidents with Jiffy Lube here in Utah recently that resulted in hundreds of dollars of repair bills.  The first incident occurred at the store located at 3796 W 3500 S, Salt Lake City , UT 84120-3304 US.  After getting a "Full Service" oil change I was driving home only to have my car break down on one of the busiest highways in Salt Lake.  I called a tow truck and had it towed to my mechanic. Jiffy Lube technicians failed to connect a hose with a clamp causing the engine to not get enough air.  I called their district office and told them I had a nice $70 tow bill and a $30 bill from my mechanic.  The person I talked with said that they made a note of the situation in their system and asked if I could take my "bills" back to the location that did the service and that I would be reimbursed- HA!! I went there and they said they didn't know anything about being reimbursed for my costs but would be willing to give me a courtesy card for my next oil change.  I should have called it quits then, but I thought I would give them one more chance.  This time I went to a different location hoping that I would have a different experience. 

I went to a newer location at 13318 SOUTH MARKET CENTER DR, RIVERTON , UT 84065-8017 US.
As I was leaving work last night on that very same busy highway my car began having problems. I could not believe it- NOT AGAIN!  But alas I pulled over because the check engine light was flashing and called for a tow truck.  I just received a call from the mechanic and he asked what kind of service did I have on the car.  I told him the full service lube, oil, filter.  He asked if the technician went over what services were performed on the car- which I affirmed.   Here is what the mechanic told me:

There is oil everywhere on the engine.  It looks as if the cap was not tightened and oil spewed into the spark plugs.

The drain plug seal is missing- therefore oil is nearly empty

Antifreeze is low

Power steering fluid is nearly empty

Brake fluid is very low

Window washing fluid is empty.

What did I pay for???  Something must be done.  This is not only bad service it is FRAUD!

[1530] Jason  Employee

 I am writing to you as a former j-lube employee to inform you of my experiances. I have whitnessed several several cases of "guests" recieving poor quality work done or getting charged for services that where not performed including but not limited to; fuel filters not being changed, on vehicles where the filter is in or above the fuel tank I was instructed to "just pop the line so the customer smells the gas"and light good bulbs being replaced especially on fleet vehicles (after I filled afadavit the manager was subsiquently terminated). The most recent manager has charged for engine flushes when we where out of fluid and used trans fluid to do the flush (trans fluid is not a lubricant but a hydrolic fluid but does contain a detergent, this is not good for your engine). I refused to help him on a trans service when he cut into the cooling line to hook up the machine becase it was easier, this is not company policy to cut into lines! I have also whitnessed the same manager fix a leaky transmission line (that did not leak prior to service) with silicone gasket sealer. This will not hold pressure and can get into the hydrolic system and could ruin or cause thousans of dollars in repairs (the district manager was present and also whitnessed this geing done and found it acceptable). 

 Pressure sales are also VERY common!

 I was eventually terminated for "calling my manager out" for not following the process or being a team player and helping out since we where short staffed on a busy day and had an employee who was not trained. He was more interested in pulling parts off the next car so he could get sales. I had four managers in the time of six months.

[1529] Judy Flush Destroys Engine

My daughter, a 21 year old, took my 2002 Saturn L200 for an oil change. She refused 4 extra unnecessary services, but fell for the engine flush. After the oil change and the flush, the car was able to drive for less than 1/4 mile before it died entirely. My daughter called them and they came to check on the car. It did have oil. My husband hauled the car to our mechanic, who said that he couldn't prove that Jiffy Lube's flush had caused the engine to seize, but that most likely that is what had happened. I demanded they give her the money back for their total engine destruction flush, and they did do this--a whopping $108 and some change for their oil change, an air filter, and the flush.

[1528] Chris in Northridge, CA  Loose Oil Filter Leaks

I got an oil change from the Northridge, CA store # 3243 and they left the oil filter loose letting my car’s oil to leak.

When I brought the car back to get fixed, the so called manager named “Robert” was so rude, unprofessional and to top that of he made me feel like it was my fault to begin with.  PLEASE STOP USING JIFFY LUBE…

[1527] Kevin in Temecula, CA  Need to Ask for Discount

I was getting my oil changes at the JL on Rancho Cal in Temecula for months (I need one every month) and thought I was getting their "Early Bird Special" as I always go early in the morning.  The time before last that I was there I looked at my receipt (after leaving) and noticed that they had not given me the "special".  The next time I was there I noticed that they were charging me for 3 light bulbs, so I questioned the bulbs and the fact that I had not been given the discount on my last visit.  They got very excited, took off the three bulbs and said that I did not qualify for the discount because I did not ask.  I called the 800 JL number and complained but no one ever got back to me.  That may have been my last visit ever to a JL.

[1526] Julie  Rewards Program Fraud

BIG Problem #1:  Last Fall I stopped at Jiffy Lube for an oil change and was enrolled in the rewards program where customers get their 3rd oil change for 1/2 off.  I went back to JL for Oil Change #2 and they reminded me that I would get 1/2 off the next one. Today, on time for oil change #3, I went back.  They told me the program ended last month and they could not give me any discount.  No one told me the program would be expiring on a particular date (too soon for my 3rd oil change coming due- or I wouldn't have enrolled).  The manager said it was out of his hands - he couldn't do anything to override the system or generate any discount for me. 

Problem #2:  I had a signature oil change in January and my receipt noted that coolant had been filled.  A week later I found that my coolant reservoir was empty.  There was no issue with the reservoir having a crack, or other explanation as to how it would have emptied so quickly.  At today's 3,000 mile subsequent oil change I was told the coolant looked "old" and the entire system needed to be flushed or I would run the risk of engine shut down.  I told the manager that I just filled the cooland myself since the last oil change.  He insisted it looked old and I was risking engine shut down. Reluctantly I paid for the service- though still wondering how it could look "old" after I had recently refilled it myself due to their own failure to fill it as they said they had at the prior oil change.

Problem #3:  At a Signature Servicing in January I asked if they had checked tire pressure as I was leaving.  The receipt said they had, the manager said they had.  As I was readying to leave one of the guys said he'd double check the tire pressure "just in case".  The tires were all four low on air pressure.  It had not in fact been checked.  Do I need to have all points double checked before leaving, even if they say (and the receipt says) everything was checked?

Problem #4:  I no longer trust JL to service any of the vehicles owned by myself or other family members. 


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