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Personal Experiences

[1575] Danna in Bozeman, MT  Excessive Oil Leak

I only took my car to the Bozeman, Montana Jiffy Lube twice.  The first time I was told that I had an excessive oil leak.  Odd, I thought, I didn't ever see any oil under my car.  This resulted in an (expensive) trip to the mechanic, who assured me he didn't see any problems.  I returned a second time, and was again told that my oil upon arrival was extremely low (ironic, cause I checked it five minutes before reaching there.)  I've since heard stories about the same shop forgetting to put oil in cars, and so using this "excuse" to cover themselves.  I will never return.  Go to Speedy Lube!

[1574] Danesha in Wakefield, NC  Car Dies Unexpectedly

On 7/31/10 I went to the Jiffy Lube in Wakefield, NC to get my oil change. What turn out to be a simple process turn into mayhem. The total cost for a oil change was around $44. One of the employees kept walking around like he was lost. So I drive off in my kar and it sounds normal. 3 hours later as im driving to work my car stalls at a stop light(my car use to stall a month prior but I fix it) so I drive my car off the road in the nick of time because it shut offs completly(thats never happen before). So I kept my car of for about 10 minutes and I attempt to drive it to work. Fortunately I make it to work but 20 mins late(seeing I had to take a route where i didnt have to make a turn in fearing my car would die again). So I get off work 7 hours later praying my car would start and go and my car sputters VERY badly something it has NEVER done before and then it dies AGAIN. I have to sit in an empty parking lot(i work nights) for another 10 mins before my car works again(but still a little shaky) and I haul ass home before I get stranded in the middle of the road. My car work perfectly fine before I went to Jiffy Lube and I will nver go there again!

[1573] Laura in Perris, CA  Additional Products Scam

I recently went to a Jiffy Lube in Perris, CA located on Ramona Parkway. The reason I stopped was because I was driving through Perris and saw your oil change special and decided to stop. I had to wait almost before they looked at my car, but it was busy so I went to grab some lunch. When I got back, I heard owners of 2 cars ahead of me who were told they needed radiator caps. When I went to talk to your service writer, low and behold - I was told a story about needing a radiator cap. I was told I needed windshield wipers, because mine were torn. Seems odd, since just that morning I used the wipers and they were fine. When I left Jiffy Lube, the passenger side was torn half off. Yeah, now I need blades, but after going to your shop I will go anywhere BUT Jiffy Lube to get them. Was it because I was a lone woman, or because I just wanted the oil changed. I am going to one of those investigative news reporters and ask them!

[1572] Bob Serpentine Belt Scam

At my last visit to Jiffy Lube, I was told my serpentine belt was cracked and needed to be replaced right away.  I did not replace it there but went to my mechanic who could not find anything wrong with the belt but the oil stick was broken so badly that he could not do an accurate reading of the oil level.  Needless to say I will never go to Jiffy lube again and am very happy to tell everyone about my experience.

[1571] Luis in Austin, TX  Transmission Problems

On 7-16-2010 I took my car to Jiffy Lube in Ohlen rd and 183 in Austin Texas for a oil change. While there the store manager talked me into a air filter change and a transmission oil change. 2 and 1/2 hours later the manager apologizes and tells me that they had made a mistake and added the wrong additive to my transmission and they had to do it over. I asked if everything was ok now and he said most definitely.

Left there to drive to my job. 20 minute drive straight shot on the highway. I noticed from time to time a skip on the transmission and the RPMs sometimes would get really high. Something was wrong. I was planing to call them as soon as I got to work but I was almost late to work I couldn't turn around. I get to work, have to stop at the gate and when I went to take off my car barely moved. I was really worry by now. I parked and heard a "clank, clank, clank". Tried to reverse and the car wouldn't move.

 Called the manager (Tyler) who did not act surprised at all and asked me to call AMMCO. Have them look at it and call him and let him know what is wrong. AMMCO closes at 6 so i knew nothing would be done that day and I was going to be stuck without a way to get home or get to work. I do not have a credit card to rent a vehicle so I called Tyler again and explained. Had to ask a coworker for a ride to Enterprise, take a few hours off at work and after a few hours was able to arrange a rental vehicle which was directly billed to Jiffy Lube.

Saturday spoke with Jose at AMMCO who explained to me that the transmission was dry and because of it it heated up and welded itself together. He had faxed a quote to Tyler and was waiting on response to get working on the car.

Next week went by and I never heard from anyone. Friday I called AMMCO and asked Jose if he had heard from Jiffylube and he said that Thur afternoon he got the ok from them to fix the transmission. So far no one from Jiffylube had called me. Very stressful week not knowing what is going to happen.  I was upset and sent an email to corporate jiffylube.

Sat 7-24, Mark (regional manager for Jiffylube) calls me and apologizes for the lack of communication and tells me they will reimburse my $158.00

Tue 7-27 Tyler calls me and leaves me a message to call him. I tried calling him twice and was not able to speak to him,

Today is 7-29. They still have not refunded my $158.00 I am still driving a rental. I am worry about the transmission. I am also worry what any other damages could have happened from driving the car like that. I know it was getting hot that day while I was getting to work and it had never gotten hot before. I mean, the car was great. i never had a problem. I just went in for a oil change, that was it. This has been a horrible and stressful experience. Since this happened my stress level has my stomach turning and throwing up worrying. Without a car I could not keep my job I need help.

[1570] Harold  Bully Sales People

The last two times I went to Jiffy Lube at two different locations I had the same experience. Young guys who have become  "bully sales people" come from an inspection of the car with a list of things that MUST be done. In one case the recommendation amounted to $ 640,00 dollars. I said, no, no, no... just change the oil and filter and went to the window to watch them do it because I did not trust them. The second time was the same bully approach. NOT GOING THERE ANY LONGER!!! I hope they go down!

[1569] Liette in Ottawa, ON  Better to Laugh Than to Cry

On Sunday, June 27, 2010, I got a flat tire - on Monday, June 28, 2010, I called CAA, Canadian Automobile Association. A man named Jos came to help me. As he left, he noticed my veterans' licence plate and said:"Thank you for defending our country." What a sweet, patriotic man!  I drove to Jiffy Auto Service #126, 52 McArthur Ave., Ottawa, ON K1L 6P9. - My Visa bill amounted to  $671.54 with all the recommended add-ons. My car is a 1999 Ford Escort but has less than 15,000 kms.  Today, Tuesday, June 29, 2010, I got another flat tire  - same left front tire - called CAA again and asked for Jos, the same man who had come yesterday; he removed the flat tire and replaced it with the small temporary one as he had done yesterday and I returned to Jiffy and had the flat tire repaired again.  Jiffy's manager said the mechanic had made a mistake yesterday  and had worked on the right front tire instead of the flat left front tire.

My father always said,"it's better to laugh than to cry".

[1568] James in Sarasota, FL  Forgot to Replace Cap

At the Jiffy Lube in Sarasota on 41, my Mom was charged 125.00 for a new belt and oil change. 5 minutes after she left, the temp light came on, a first. The temp had reached 280! Luckily she pulled over, and took it back the next day. This is when I saw the most unbelievable thing ever. I saw that the radiator cap was off when they opened the hood. Both men quietly glanced at each other and tried to distract me from the car. The poured a gallon of fluid in both the coolant tank and radiator and the managers quote was, "Wow, this is bone dry!"

No kidding! That's what happens when you don't put caps on major engine parts...

[1567] Lisa in Santa Clara, CA Oil Leak

I arrived at the store today and the place was pretty busy at 11AM.    I was asked if I needed an oil change by another worker and told him I need to speak to D. Jackson.   I was approached by D. Jackson and told him how upset I was that this was my 3rd visit back to his location since July 16th.  My truck has been leaking oil every since this oil change took place, and did not leak any oil before hand.  A few days ago I went back after the original oil change on 7/16, and was told that oil collected in my oil pan and it was squirted down with water, and I was sent on  my way.    There was no ammendement made to the original work order(943073) documenting this incident, and that water was sprayed to clean it up.    The same assistant who did the squirt down was working today as well.  

After receiving the call from D.Jackson from the the call I placed to the customer service line. He said to meet him at 11AM Saturday.  I spoke to my husband in Idaho and we decided it best for  my son and I to climb under the truck, and place a thick manila folder under the oil pan/washer area to collect any leaking oil, and to be able to bring this to D. Jackson's attention. 

This morning (Saturday) I checked the folder and found something to bring to D. Jackson (see attached manila folder picture)  Before my appointment at 11am  my father and I decided to go under the truck ourselves,  and take a look at the washer/oil pan.  From the first set of pictures sent in the first email you will see a tattered rubber washer that has an "M" not a new washer, and worn on the sides.   I have several shots of this included from various angles/closeness.   I showed D. Jackson these pictures immediately, and included printed copies to him to see of the washer problem.  Based on the tattered washer and only 84 miles from the original oil change it seems to me that this was caused by over tightinging of the drain plug. 

He then took the truck to in BAY13 for inspection.   I could not enter since I had unsafe footwear.  D. Jackson allowed my father to go under neath. M father said that the area in which these men work was very sloppy.   

During this inspection with  my father present D. Jackson stated that there was a "rear main seal leaking" and that was the reason for my oil leaking.   My oil was not leaking before 7/16/10.   The oil that is leaking is brand new oil/clean and not contaminated in any way. 

D. Jackson came back from the under the bay and reported this as a problem and this was the reason for my oil leaking.      During this discussion he also volunteered to tell me that if I were to go to court to "sue" them I would more than likely lose, since changing oil from his standpoint does not cause that kind of problem (rear oil leak).  D. Jackson was inappropriate brining up court/suing when no one even brought this up.  I told him that he was in appropriate and should not say things like this in front of onlooking customers and to me directly.  I was told that he did not care what he said and  he was "confident" about what he has his customers hearing.  I was appalled at his comments/demeanor. He told me that he had plenty of business and did over 1,000 oil changes......I suppose I am just a number between 1- 1000. 

I was told they changed the washer/plug and I suppose topped of the oil.  I asked him for the old washer he went back into the bay, and brought up one of them which was not mine shown in first photos. dark one no markings) I told him that is not the original since I had the pictures with me of the first one.   Then he went back into the bay and brought another one up that also was not the one he took off see  photograph of (M12) My original washer did not have M12 and was scuffed up.  He said it was the right one.    He is not correct based on my photographs.  

After this the workers also brought my truck around as though the process was finished to side the of the building with my keys in the truck ready for me to drive off.  Suddenly one of the workers came back and moved my truck back into the bay.  I could see from where I was standing that the skid plate was not placed back on my truck. I confronted D. Jackson, and asked why they drove my truck out ready to send me on my way again,  and why the pulled back real fast to put the skid plate back on.  I observed this D. Jackson was the one putting it back on.  In other words he forgot to put the skid plate back on and almost sent me on my way without it. This is unbelieveable......

The truck was driven back around with keys in ignition after the forgotten skid plate was put back on.   I had to ask D. Jackson for an ammendment to the work being done for my records, and  this was not offered by him .  He then called me inside the cashiers area and showed me the computer screen and asked if everything was documented.   It was not documented that parts were given back to me, that a sealant was used, and no report of the plug shown  in pictures was tattered.  He asked me if there something I wanted him to add, and there were several customers in the waiting area.  I said to him " Yes, put in the comments about going to court" He said, I will not do that.  I said to him, "You need to correct how you deal with customers, and how you talk". He told me that he had over 10 yrs. experience. I left it at that..........

[1566] Betty in Middletown, OH  Bait & Switch

Upon taking my car to Jiffy lube in MIDDLETOWN, OHIO I was  told the oil change would be $21.95.  After the car was pulled into the garage and the oil dripping out I was then told the price more than doubled.  It was only after I insisted and practically had to argue w/the manager in front of other customers that the Jiffy Lube manager finally backed down and handed me coupons and I left after paying the quoted price of $21.95.....What a headache that I didn’t need and I too WILL NEVER GO BACK TO A JIFFY LUBE. COUPONS OR NO COUPONS! WHAT JERKS! Aren’t there any HONEST companies out there anymore?

[1565] Raymond in Warminster, PA Forgot to Replace Oil Cap

On July 21, 2010 went to Jiffy Lube in Warminster, PA.  Later that afternoon I saw steam coming from under the hood of my KIA Optima.  The temperature gauge on the dashboard was normal and the antifreeze coolant under the hood was full.  A brown liquid was all over the right front of my car.

Pulled into a KIA dealership and an after hours mechanic popped the hood and noticed right away they'd left the oil cap off,  Took it to Jiffy lube and the Asst. Manager on duty knew exactly where to look and found the cap inside the engine compartment.  Still, three days later, attempting to get the cover under the hood back on and there is still some squeaking when I start up.

They said they put 1 1/2 quarts in and I had bought one quart on the way to Jiffy Lube.  Ninety degree plus day driving around town and to a night job total 10 hours without a cap.

[1564] Mamie in CT  Engine Flush Destroys Engine

On 5/11/10 my son brought our car (a 2005 jaguar w/65,000 miles) to jiffy lube for an oil change. He was told the car needed an engine flush. He said okay. The car was driven home (about 15 miles) to work the next and home again (10 miles) and that night my daughter drove the car to visit a friend ( 5 miles) On her way home  @ 11:00 pm ,on a very rural back road, the engine seized. We are very fortunate that she had cell phone service where she was. My husband picked her up. He called jiffy lube in the morning, as is was obvious that something had gone wrong with the oil change. Someone came out from J.L. They said it wasn't their fault.

My husband found this website and knew it was the flush that had caused the problem. My son called the owner of the franchise and was told to "GET OVER IT!"  He was not about to give up..........He called our ct state attorney general's office, The dept of motor vehicles complaints dept, every news channel and newspaper. He gathered info on small claims court. He called Shell oil and the makers of gum out (the chemical used in the flushing). Then he called the owner again and told him what he had done & that he had 2 days to get back to us with a plan to fix our car or we would move forward with our plan. Two days later he said  his insurance company would be in touch.
    An agent from Chubb insurance did contact us the following week. The long and the short of it is  we were without a car for 5 weeks. After 5 weeks and several experts looking at the car Chubb finally said we could have a rental and the engine replaced. We got our car back on 7/13/10. This was such a stressful experience. If this happens to you stand up to them with everything you can think to threaten them with and maybe your outcome will be like ours.

[1563] Chris  Help Needed

i would appreciate any help you can give to get this problem resolved. We have contacted Shell Oil via your site and would like to go to court if we get no response.

[1562] Jo Ann in Stone Mountain, GA  Forgot to Replace Oil

One June 27th 2010, I took my car to Jiffy Lube in Stone Mountain, GA for a regular oil change as I have done many times before. I was planning on going away the next weekend so I wanted to make sure my car was serviced before I hit the road. Okay so I leave on July 2nd, come back on the 5th and everything seemed fine.

On July 9, 2010 while driving to work, I hear a knocking in my engine. I took it to a JL closest to my job and they told me that I had absolutely no oil in my car. I was in shock. They were helpful in telling me that I need to file a claim and that JL (they're own company) needs to replace my engine. So, they topped it off so I could take it back to the original JL in Stone Mtn.

When I got to the JL in Stone Mtn, they checked it again, drained out the oil that the other JL put in and added new oil. Still,  there was a knocking in the engine. So I filed a claim, had my car towed to Mazda. Mazda says it was due to no oil in the vehicle. So JL cust svce sent an inspector to confirm this. Cust. Svce called me and said Mazda did not tear the engine down enough (a lie) and the inspector wasnt satisfied enough and would have to come back. Mazda told me that they showed the inspector what they found. The inspector then asked them for the repair order and left. So now JL is stauling and I have a 2006 Mazda 5 that drove like a dream before all this...mind you I've only had this car for a year...sitting in a repair shop.

I have no rental, getting rides to work from family members everyday. This is totally unfair! Why can't they just own up to their responsibility and fix my car!? I will sue them to the full extent if this is not rectified.

[1561] Marie in Randolph, MA  Forgot to Replace Oil

Oil leak following an oil change two weeks ago.   Because the schedule is convenient, I went for an oil change at the Jiffy Lube in Randolph, MA.   There was nothing wrong with my Ford Taurus until after the oil change.   I thought the oil in my driveway was from my son's car because he and I don't always park in the same spots.  Then my son told me that it's not his car.  So I went back to the Jiffy Lube this morning to have them check and make sure that the oil cap was tightened.  (They had in the past cracked the oil cover but didn't fix the problem until my son went back for me. I'm a female customer.)   So I was told this morning by the person I assume is the manager that there was no engine oil in the Ford and that "the oil pan gasket" and "valve cover gasket" were leaking.  I asked him why they weren't leaking before the oil change two weeks ago and he said that I needed to take the car to a mechanic.  I asked him whether these parts were handled during the oil change and he said "no".  I can't believe he said that the car had no oil in it.   And if...  The guy was pretty courteous, but I don't trust Jiffy Lube and will never go back for an oil change.  If my mechanic says that "yes" Jiffy Lube had to handle the oil pan gasket and valve cover gasket when they did the oil change two weeks ago, I will hold them responsible for any damage.   Convenient hours of operation but lousy service.  Thanks for exposing them for what they are. 

[1560] Rex in Franklin, TN  Need the Right Tools

My Lexus RX 350 is ready for an oil change.  The last time I had it done at Lexus since I had a recall notice.  The prior time I used Jiffy Lube.  When I had it done at Lexus, they told me there was damage done with the prior filter change which required them to replace an element and gasket because it was leaking.  Lexus told me that this happens frequently because oil change places don't have the proper equipment to work on these type vehicles.  They didn't charge me for the repair since the car is so new, but I hesitate to have my oil change done at Jiffy.  The question---Can your company handle my car, or all cars for that matter, and have the proper tools to do so.  I had this done at the Jiffy Lube on Hwy 96 (Murphreesboro Rd.) in Franklin, Tn.   I know of one on Carruthers Rd in Brentwood which is in the area.  But, I have to feel good about the technical skills of the employees and the adequate availability of tools to complete the task.  Do I need to go to Lexus to have this done right?  Or, can Jiffy do it jiffy for me?

[1559] Joseph in York, PA  Drained Wrong Oil

A buddy of mine recently purchased a slightly used 2007 Subaru Tribeca from a reputable new/used car dealer (http://www.applesubaru.com/) with only a few dozen miles until the warranty expired.  Clean title and the thing looks mint. 

He took it to Jiffy Lube to get the oil changed every 3k miles and was pleased with the service, speed and pricing. 

Now just prior to the warranty expiring, the car started to have a very quiet ticking sound when accelerating.  Thirty hours later a front drive shaft broke.  Dealer said there was no fluid in the front differential (also broken).  Two technicians at the dealer said they see this thing all the time.  Apparently ‘quicky’ oil change shops accidently drain the front diff instead of the engine because the plugs are so close and similar.  Normally they notice the engine is overfilled and the problem is corrected… normally.  Because there was no oil in the diff his damages are not covered by the warranty though. 

He explained the situation to Jiffy Lube and was met with resistance.  “No way it could have traveled that far without fluid in the front diff”.  The dealer said it’s very possible so Jiffy Lube brought in a 3rd party investigator which resulted in the same conclusion.  Unfortunately WHO/WHAT drained the front diff is impossible to know so Jiffy Lube refused to pay for the repair.  After much harassment the owner offered to purchase him a used front diff from a junk yard or $600 toward the repair.  The repair estimate was over $3000.

Although it was something, Jiffy Lube caused the problem and he rightly felt they should pay for the entire repair.  He contacted two attorneys, the BBB and the Attorney General.  Unfortunately the dealer changed their original statement and said they never seen this type of failure before and the car couldn’t have driven that many miles without oil.  The attorneys said there was no case unless he could prove Jiffy Lube drained the oil.  When the dealer’s technicians were confronted they said it is company policy and although sorry for changing their story there was nothing they could do.

The final bill was $3600.

[1558] Mark in Longview, WA Work Not Done

I took my 1997 chevy suburban to the Longview WA. Jiffy lube for my first time, after going thru a series of questions, they put in their computer, I ended up with a signature oil and lube job, when all I really wanted was my air conditioner fixed. They removed all my freon and or evacuated the system before pressure checking the system, they filled my air conditioner with freon charged me over 300. This was on May 7, 2010, June 5th for the first time I used my air conditioner, the freon was gone, this would not have happened if they were professional and pressure checked my system.  Jiffy lube is charging around $44 a pound for freon (which they purchase, for what, a buck a pound).  When i took my suburban back to complain, they would not except responsibility for what they have done. Then I replaced my front brake pads and noticed that none of my grease zirts on the front end had been greased, I paid good money and brought my truck to what I thought was a reputable trustworthy professional business, to pay them for a job done right and all i got was screwed and lied to .

[1557] Bob Discount Rip Off

We brought our cars into the buy three oil changes and get 50% off the last one program.   After getting 3 cars on the program we went in to get our 3rd change and was told the program had been cancelled.  So we ended up paying full price for 2 changes and didn't get any discount.  Rip off.

[1556] Alexander in Independence, MO  Bait & Switch

July 5, 2010 had oil change performed by Jiffy Lube at 14231 E 40 Hwy, Independence, Mo 64136. They have a bad habit of advertising $24.00 and charging another price. That day they charged me $37.00. Also the personnel stinks.

[1555] Joan in Los Angeles, CA  Afraid of Employee

I do have a serious problem with one of the workers there, and I am actually afraid to ever go back there. He scared me today, and I did not do anything to him, in fact one of the other workers was helping me, and then this other worker came over and started trouble. He should not be working there, and I told him that I would be reporting him. I am a professional adult, and I have never felt so threatened by any employee anywhere that I have been. This same man did a similar thing to me about a year ago, and I had to request the manager at the Jiffy Lube to help me. The manager was not there today, and this worker was way out of line. He gave me his name, so I will reveal his name and what happened when someone contacts me. I am really afraid of this guy, but did not show my fear. I have a very excellent sense for people, so please trust that I am telling you the facts accurately, and take this complaint seriously.

[1554] Bennie in Phoenix, AZ  Stole Gun

 I keep a gun under the driver's seat of my vehicle at all times.  Immediately after service, prior to leaving I noticed my gun missing. I informed the Manager who relayed to me that he himself was the only one inside my vehicle, as he vacuumed it. Therefor, in my opinion he stole my gun!

I would also like to complain about the managers demeanor. He has an "in your face" attitude, coupled with his size, he is very intimidating. EX: After I told him not to try and sell me service beyond what I asked for he snapped back "HERE AT JIFFY LUBE WE DON'T SELL OUR CUSTOMERS ANYTHING!". And when I started talking with him about my missing gun, I felt very intimidated and was slightly afraid to speak. I thought the guy wanted to hit me!

They also put the wrong oil in my vehicle, My vehicle calls for 5w-30 they used 10w-30

A police report has been filed with Phoenix PD.

[1553] Marcella Broke Door Handle

When I was growing up, my mom always took the cars to Jiffy Lube for oil changes.  Because of this, I never knew of any other place to go for oil changes.  When I was in college, I took my car to Jiffy Lube every time I needed my oil changed, but the last time I went I swore I would never return.  I was getting ready to move across the country and wanted to make sure my car was in proper working order, so I took it in for my routine oil change.  When my car was done, I was sent outside, and the mechanic was nice enough to hold the door open for me.  Here I was thinking he was being a gentleman, when in reality he was hiding the fact that they had broken my door handle! 

I drove off the lot without thinking anything was wrong.  When I arrived at my destination, I got out of the car and closed the door.  Then I realized I had left something in the car, so I went to reach for the handle and missed!  When I looked down, I saw that only about 1” of my door handle was still there.  The rest was broken off.  I was mortified!  I was to be leaving the state in just a few short days, and I could not deal with this right now.  Well, I immediately called the Jiffy Lube I had just left, and they tried to tell me that it must have happened elsewhere: did I go to the store and notice it when I came out?  Etc.  Well, I let them know that I noticed it as soon as I got out of the car and the only reason I hadn’t noticed it when I left was that their mechanic held the door open for me. 

They did end up paying to get it fixed, but I had to take my car in, pay for the repair, and hope that Jiffy Lube didn’t break our verbal agreement to reimburse me for the costs.  When I came in with the receipt, it was a huge ordeal to get someone to even take a copy to the manager.

On a side note, while I was waiting to get paid back, there was another customer who was in the process of arguing unexpected charges after her service had been completed.  Go figure.

[1552] Ann  Headlight Error

I went for an oil change and ended up having a headlight replaced I did not know was out. Subsequently I was pulled over by a police officer for the light being out. Went back to JL who said it was just "loose". Advised again, an hour later light was out. Went to my regular mechanic who could not believe they had changed the light but not put the boot back on that insulates the wires from water.  Shorted the whole thing out. $300 to replace boot + parts it comes with from Honda and labor. What a mess. These people are idiots. After being a customer for 10 years, I will never ever go there again.

[1551] Marc  Thanks

I was searching online for the Jiffy Lube early bird hours and came across your site.  I'm glad I did as I will not go there anymore and thank you for getting the word out.  Do you have a recommendation on any trustworthy businesses?


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