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Personal Experiences


[1650] Dani in Sherman Oaks, CA  Demand Resolution

A JiffyLube employee jacks up my car's engine because they forgot to fill my radiator back up after flushing it. My car overheated and I went back looking for them to fix the hot engine. It was the biggest hassle because no one would admit fault, so I sued in small claims court. A JL rep shows up late to the hearing (on purpose). His planned tardiness meant that our case went to the back of the judge's daily planner and I was not happy with his canned BS excuse about my car being old anyway so nothing could be worth as much as my claim for $3028 – replacement of engine, cost of bus fare for so many days, loss of wages, and duress for being stranded on the freeway and bullied at the JL into leaving without resolution. I think they were going to ignore my lawsuit except that I called the California Dept of Automotive Repair and filed a complaint in addition to filing a lawsuit in small claims court. The are scared of the DAR and will do anything to keep their business license.

Through a calm discussion I was able to explain what happened to my car (using the correct mechanic terminology) and explained why employee negligence was at fault for the early demise of my car’s engine. I had a solid case but would have to wait eight hours for a judge to the case because this dummie was purposely late. The JL rep hemmed and hawed for a while trying to blame me, the victim, for having an old car that probably had a pre-existing condition (that was not noted in my customer file). But you know what? They were willing to pay up to avoid getting dinged for a court case against them and after an hour of negogiation through a mediator I was able to recover the cost on the engine. I had the paperwork to show a trail of what happened and provided a witness statement from my mechanic. The JL rep showed up with a cocky attitude but I got $$$ settled to cover the engine they destroyed and an off-the-record apology for all my trouble (part of the bargain). In addition to that apology and money, we both signed a contract of settlement where they promised to send a check within 7 days.

If JiffyLube does something wrong to your car - call them on it. Demand that they provide a resolution within a certain time frame or you will call the Dept of Automotive Repair – know which department in your state has the power to pull their license and contact them quickly. JL will do anything to avoid being closed down but it starts with you, the customer, standing up for yourself. Morei mportantly, keep a record of contact (phone records and emails, etc.), keep all copies of job done, and most important of all - know your rights as a consumer.

[1649] Naomi in Santa Monica, CA  Unneeded Battery

Jiffy Lube in Santa Monica are scam artists, thieves. Today, my fiancé took our car in for an oil change and while he was waiting, they said that the car wouldn't start and convinced him that he needed a new battery, which cost us $110! So I researched online and found out that other customers have experienced the same thing. Now I want to get the car rechecked in case they scammed us in other ways, such as not replacing the old oil, not screwing the cap on tight, etc. Jiffy Lube should be shut down nationwide.

[1648] Robert in Quakertown, PA  Forgot Antifreeze

I have never been more disappointed with Jiffy Lube then I am right now. I have never been so irritated at the lack of service I recently have gotten.  I took my work van in on 12/2/10 and it was practically empty on antifreeze.  I know this for a fact because I work two mins away from the Jiffy Lube in Quakertown Pa and I took it back to my office.  There was no sign of any fluid on the ground at work and two hours after being at the office I left to drive 15mins to my family mechanic because the van was still blowing cold air.  Being a Jiffy Lube expert as I'm sure you are, it blows cold air when there is a lack of fluid hence cold air and no heat. 

I'm sure you understand the value of a family mechanic someone that you have been taking your vehicle to for 30 plus years.  That person builds some sort of credibility.  He put in a gallon of antifreeze.  That means it was practically dry.  It is not leaking there was just all but nothing in it.  Apparently someone was absent on antifreeze day.  My mechanic who said he would love to talk to you is Stan Moyer from Moyers Auto in Souderton Pa located at 30 W. Chestnut St 215-723-7002, assured me they didn't even look at it because if they did they would have noticed that there was nothing in the overflow whats so ever.  You could have cost my company a vehicle and in this economy we cannot afford to buy a new one. I can imagine all the higher ups at Jiffy Lube asked the manager if his employees checked the over flow and SHOCKING they said yes.  I am going to do everything in my power to ensure people in the Quakertown pa area know what happened and I will never go back to any of your locations ever again. 

[1647] CS  Stranded Twice

My wife took our car to a jiffy lube and they took the air box apart to try to sell her a air filter,she
declined and only had the oil changed. The next day my wife and kids were left stranded in early morning traffic. My wife called Jiffy lube and explained to them the situation she was in. Chris the Manager was VERY defensive and even doubted that we took our vehicle to his shop. My wife was persistent with Chris that she indeed was at his shop, he then looked in the computer system and found my wife's information. He them asked my wife to drive her vehicle to his shop. At this point the car was not starting,she explained to him that she would need to get the car towed to his shop and he immediately offered to go to the site. When Chris arrived he discovered his shop left the air filter box duct work loose and it caused the car to stall. He was quick to fix the problem and the car started up right away. I suggested the we take the car back to Jiffy lube to go over the car to ensure that the car was indeed "O.K."

Chris offered us to take the car to a closer Jiffy lube shop so they can inspect the car. My wife and I were there less them 10 minutes, and they assured us that the was car indeed drivable and "everything is good to go." They apologized and sent us on our way.
Three weeks later the car left my wife and kids stranded in the car again for the second time. She called our neighbor for help, they lifted the hood to discover that the air filter box duct work was falling apart again. My neighbor reattached the air box filter duct work and the car started up right away. When my wife got home she called Chris and explained to him that the car failed on her yet again for the same reason as above. Chris again was very defensive and said that there was nothing that he could do. My wife was upset and told Chris that this situation will be rectified and that she does not feel safe in her own car. He then told her that he would make a couple of calls to his administrator to see what he could do to help her. He then called my wife back to let her know that he wants to keep her as a customer and he would come out to our home to inspect the car. Chris arrived at our home with another man. They inspected the car and it looked as though he had tighten the clamps to the air duct system. He pulled and tugged on it very hard and said that it was not going to come loose again. He them said, "How do I know that it's our fault, your does have 75,000 mile and it could have come loose due to vibration of the car.

My wife and kids were left stranded twice, because Jiff lube was negligent in there workmanship.

[1646] Angelle  Unwanted Services

I visited a Liffy Lube close to my house because I'm going away for the holidays and they didn't look very busy. Needless to say, I felt I was wronged, manipulated, and taken advantage of. I went in for a routine oil change and the guy there started to tell me I needed an engine flush because otherwise if I changed my oil but didn't do the flush that my oil would be black the next week. Then showed me two air filters and said if I don't change those that the passenger would be burned with 225 degree antifreeze. I opted for the change. As I sat there in the waiting area, the guy periodically came in and showed me different fluids allegedly from my car: transmission, coolant, and proceeded to try and manipulate me into purchasing a flush for these areas on my car. I told him no, that I couldn't afford it. Then he comes back with "You're traveling for the holidays, correct?" I answered yes, and that was the reason for my visit. He then told me that I needed a new serpentine belt for my car. My bill was 128 plus tax. He charged me $70 for the two air filters, at Auto Zone cost $20! Once I got home, and told my husband, he was furious because GM doesn't recommend AT ALL an engine flush for their vehicles. We've contacted the BBB, the district manager, and attempted to contact corporate. Hopefully, this doesn't damage my vehicle and if it does, I'm calling my lawyer! Word of warning: DO NOT EVER EVER EVER GO TO JUFFY LUBE!

[1645] Pat in Maple Valley, WA  Broke Lug Nut

I went to the Jiffy Lube in Maple Valley Washington in Dec. 9th.  They broke off the drain plug and could not remove the remaining part of the plug that was still stuck in the drain hole of the pan.  I had to have the car towed to a repair shop to get it fixed and eventually the oil changed.  The total cost of the repair with two was $463.25.  I wanted a simple 39.99 oil change. The manager of the station claims no responsibility of the damages and will not reimburse me for any part of the bill.  Is there someone else I could talk to that might be able to help?     

[1644] Herbert in Florence, SC  Couldn't Remove Oil Filter

I recently took a saturn suv to one of your locations in Florence SC for an oil change. They told me they could not get the oil filter off. So I called my brother and he took the saturn to his home town and had the oil changed with no problem. What I am saying is the dealer must need to be better trained. Not a happy customer

[1643] Dough in Bethesda, MD  Forgot to Tighten Lug Nuts

Took my 99 Audi A4 to the Rockville Jiffy Lube, and the next day headed out of state.  We were outside of Binghamton, New York when the car started to shimmy and shake.  Thought maybe I had a grabbing brake problem, but turned out that at least one of the lug nuts on the front left tire was not properly tightened and I lost a bolt.  Three others had stripping damage due to the vibration, suggesting they were not tightened all the way either.  Cost me another $90 to have the bolts replaced and tires re-balanced.  Call me an ex-Jiffy Lube customer. 

[1642] David in Thousand Oaks, CA  Oil Filter Fell Out

Three weeks ago I had an oil change at Jiffy Lube in Thousand Oaks, Ca.  On Friday when I left for work I pulled out of my driveway to notice that oil was all over my driveway as well as the street in front of the driveway.  The oil filter was not properly installed and fell out. I was irate and called Jiffy Lube at 8:00am and told the person who answered the phone the problem.  I waited for a call back and at 9:00 I still didn't receive the call.  I called again and they said to bring the car in.  How did they expect me to bring the car in.  The car had to be towed which became my responsibility.  When I got to Jiffy Lube they did correct the problem and offered to apologies. 

I lost a day's work because of their negligence, had the car towed, bought many bags of kitty litter and degreaser trying to get the oil off the driveway, and spent countless hours working on the driveway and street trying to remove the oil which is a nightmare.  All of this because of Jiffy Lube's negligence.

How do you expect to keep customers.  I would at the least expect the first job that was done incorrectly to be reimbursed as well as some compensation for  the immensed frustration this problem has caused me. 

[1641] Ansarul in Boise, ID  Bait & Switch

I went to the Jiffy Lube on Broadway e Ave 12/13/10, Boise ID today to get my oil change around 3:30 pm. One of the employees (10121300932371 SB JA SB) asked me what I wanted and I said oil change. I asked him how much would it cost me he said $36, and then I asked him what all includes in that, among many other things he said vacuuming which was not done at the end of the oil change. The most annoying thing was that when it was time to pay he told me it would be $50, and I asked me why? He said I have high mileage (124,000) and that my history of oil change shows that I did that before( not true), I should have disputed the charges but I just paid and asked him in the future to inform me before hand. This is not right, is this how they conduct their business. Well I will write and post to consumer report.com and let the consumers know what Jiffy lube does. 

[1640] Scott in Henderson, NV  No Oil Destroys Engine

On Wednesday November 3, 2010 I took my work van into Jiffy Lube at 130 S. Stephanie St, Henderson, Nevada, for an oil change and a smog test. The Assistant Manager, Neil checked me in and the work began. While sitting in the waiting room, I heard an engine being revved-up and then a loud explosion-type noise. Standing up and looking through the window of the waiting room I could see heavy smoke pouring from the front of the van and into the cabin. I entered the service bay and the technician stated “I had the truck at 2500 RPM’s, just like it said to do.” Neil joined us and I asked to see the oil dip stick. The technician removed the dip stick and held it out for Neil and I to examine. It indicated that there was not a drop of oil in the motor. Neil immediately went and phoned for a tow truck while I began removing my work tools from my truck, as I had an appointment I needed to get to. Neil returned and said that he knew what had to be done, that the motor would need to be replaced and he had made arrangements to get the truck to a repair shop.

On the afternoon of Thursday, November 4, I received a phone call from Neil. He informed me that the motor was damaged and that it would need to be replaced with a new motor. Neil asked me if I was in need of a rental vehicle. I told him yes, that I would need a work truck, as my wife and daughter were taking our only other vehicle out of town. Neil said he would make arrangements for a rental and call me back.

On the afternoon of Friday, November 5, I had not heard back from Neil. I called for Neil and the Manager, Ryan was put on the phone. Ryan said he had discussed the situation with the District Manager, Anthony Belcher, and that Anthony was only going to approve a $1,600.00 settlement for my van and the phone call ended. I immediately traveled, with my wife Jennifer, to the Jiffy Lube service station where we were met by Neil and Ryan. Jennifer and I stated that the $1600.00 offer to settle this issue was unacceptable and that we wanted the van to be repaired. Neil phoned Mr. Belcher, Jennifer had a conversation with him and he finally agreed to replace the motor, using the repair shop Newby’s Auto Care, located at 1241 American Pacific #151 Henderson, NV 89052. Though, he would not agree to provide a rental vehicle until the repairs were completed. We left and about an hour later, Neil called and said that arrangements had been made with Enterprise for a rental and we could pick-it-up that evening before 7:00 pm. When we arrived at Enterprise, the car that had been reserved for me was an economy car and Enterprise wanted my credit card on file. I declined the car, as my business requires that I have a large ladder and tools and an economy car does me no good, whatsoever.

Jennifer and I the visited Newby’s to determine exactly what repairs were going to be completed. The receptionist showed me back to an office and introduced a gentleman as her father, though I did not get his name. The gentleman stated that he intended to replace only the lower portion of the motor with a used one and that the upper portion of my old motor would be re-used. A 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty would be provided on the used, lower portion only. However, none of the parts used from my vehicle would be covered.

I explained to him that this was unacceptable and he proceeded to explain to me what I was entitled to according to “Nevada State Law.” I listened to his explanation and he stated that in his opinion, “Jiffy Lube was already doing more than they were required to do.” I did not attempt to discuss this issue any further with someone who was obviously a mechanic and not an attorney. On the morning of Saturday November 6, I returned to the Jiffy Lube station where I talked with Neil. I informed Neil of my experience with Newby’s Auto Care and what their recommended repairs were. Neil indicated that it was not correct, that the complete motor would have to be replaced and that the upper portion of the motor should not be used in the repairs, as it would obviously have been damaged. Neil indicated that he would attempt to contact Newby’s Auto Care and have the issue resolved. He also said that a rental truck had been approved for me and was waiting at Enterprise if I needed it.

On the morning of Monday, November 8, I visited Boulder City Auto Service where I consulted with the owner, Richard Neidlinger, who has done much of the work in the last few years on my van. Richard has over 40 years of experience in automotive repairs. Richard made it clear to me that the proposed repairs by Newby’s were unacceptable and that portions of the upper motor would have been damaged during this event and should be replaced. I left Richard and made my way to Newby’s Auto Care, where I once again met with the same gentleman that I spoke with on Friday. I made it clear to him that according to Neil at Jiffy Lube, that the complete motor was to be replaced and not just the lower portion. The gentleman began to argue with me about the fact that Jiffy Lube is not legally responsible for replacing the engine. Once again, he began providing me with legal advice and told me what my rights were according to “Nevada State Law.” I ended my conversation with him and advised him that I would have a tow truck pick up my van.

I waited while a tow truck picked-up my van and I had it towed to Boulder City where it now sits at Boulder City Auto Service. I have since obtained three different estimates for the repairs on my van, which I have included with this letter. I am requesting

Jiffy Lube will pay for a complete replacement motor, which includes a 3-year, 100,000 mile warranty. The work must be completed by one of the service providers that I obtained estimates from. I will forego the rental truck offered by Jiffy Lube while my van is being repaired, as an effort of good faith. You must respond to this demand letter in writing, by 5:00 PM, Monday, November 15. Otherwise, I will pursue remedy to this matter through legal action, as I have already consulted with my attorney.

[1639] Tyler False Oil Change

I thought it would be a good choice to use Jiffy Lube since quick lube services are fast and cheap. They have messed up my old car and I was scammed on my most recent service.

Vacuum Leak
Jiffy lube knocked an air hose out of the way during an oil change (Which makes no sense). This caused my engine to have vacuum leak and all kinds of stuttering the moment I drove off their lot. I took the car to my normal mechanic who refused to attribute jiffy lube since he had no evidence (he's an honest guy), but did say it looked like the engine had been knocked around.

Overtightened lugs.
Jiffy lube has always overtightened wheel lugs with their power tools. They need to set the proper torque so people can remove tires in an emergency! I spent an hour beating on my lugs to get them free with a tire iron; and am fortunate the studs did not break. Thank god I wasn't stranded with a flat tire!

False oil change.
My new car had 5,000 miles on it and jiffy lube charged me for an oil change they never performed. When I removed the oil at 10,000 I noticed that it was not the semi-synthetic that I purchased, but was the original dirty oil from the manufacturer, now 5000 miles overdue and brand new! (I drive in a harsh climate and do 5k oil changes). Also, the oil filter was the manufacturer's stock oil filter! I paid over 70 dollars for an oil change that never happened. They also forgot about the complimentary tire rotation they had offered.

I'm going to do myself a favor and ditch jiffy lube for good. I have learned the hard way that Jiffy lube can easily cause more damage than good to your car. I will be doing the services myself for now on - and taking the car to a dealer or mechanic for larger services.

[1638] Kelly  Broke Dipstick

I just went to get my oil changed, they broke the dipstick and blamed me. They hadn't printed out any documentation so I guess there is nothing I can do unless they had cameras to show I was there.

[1637] Shawn in Ft. Lauderdale, FL  Forgot to Tighten Lug Nuts

On 11/18/2010 Jiffy Lube store #751 located at 901 E Cypress Creek Rd., Ft Lauderdale, FL 33334 (954)-492-8273 rotated the tires on my pickup truck (invoice # 751 186802) and neglected to tighten the lug nuts on the rear passenger side tire.  The wheel shattered the next day and required 4 days at a local Ford dealer to repair.  Jiffy Lube paid for the new wheel and repair, but is refusing to cover the rental car cost incurred.  I would not have needed a rental car to begin with, had this Jiffy Lube location not been negligent.  The location manager is no help at all, and will not provide any information as to who I can speak to as far as his management for an explanation.  Because of this Jiffy Lube’s negligence, I now have a $307.87 charge for a rental car on my credit card that I would not have, had I never stepped foot in this Jiffy Lube.  Compounding the problem, no one in Jiffy Lube management will speak to, or explain how they came to the conclusion that these are good business practices, the proper way to address problems in the normal course of business, or just generally how to treat people.

[1636] Ben in Staunton, VA  Hitting on Girlfriend

My girlfriend and I have both been to our local Jiffy Lube a few times but the last time my girlfriend went she had a problem. The employee that was taking her info was also hitting on her and asking her out. She told him that she had a boyfriend and wasn't interested, but apparently that wasn't good enough for him. He took her phone number off of the computer at Jiffy Lube and began sending her text messages asking her out. This is an incredible abuse of privacy that an employee as shady as this has access to personal information. I was planning to contact Jiffy Lube Human Resources through an email, but since they seem to have no email it seems that I will have to try and settle this with the local Jiffy Lube myself.

[1635] Greg in Portland, OR  Defective $110 Radiator Cap

I have a 1998 Buick Regal that had a “Low Coolant Level” light come on. It would go off and come back on again. I went to Jiffy Lube on NE 32nd and Sandy Blvd. in Portland, Or and they convinced me that it was a radiator cap and to flush the coolant system at a cost of $110. The coolant light was off when I left the store (like I stated earlier, it intermittently came on and went off). When I finally had time to take it back to them, their response was, “We can’t do anything about that, you must have a leak” Duh!! Why they didn’t tell me that the first time, that you/they wouldn’t stand behind your work. Why they put a $110 cap on the radiator is beyond me. When I questioned them further, they stated “Our workers aren’t mechanics. They are trained to work the equipment.” It looks like they are also trained to talk you into getting services that aren’t necessary or that they know nothing about.

I have taken my cars, my six kids cars and my parents cars there in the past for oil changes but it will be a cold day in hell before they get another dime out of my pocket.

[1634] Akeem in Henderson, NV  Skid Plate Problems

Hey I just arrived in Henderson, NV and went to Jiffy Lube for my oil change. They did my car said nothing at all to me about any problems so I left. Later on that night, I went to go see my brother in Las Vegas. While driving there I heard something dragging under the car, I paid it no mind cause I thought it was a bad. I got tired of hearing it pulled over to a gas station and looked under the car, my skid plate was not on. So I went back the very next day to get it back on. The said that ok well a screw was not on there and that they fixed it. I was like sweet ok thanks. I went to Sun Auto to get a new belt on car while looking at problems with me at front I seen that my skid plate was zipped tied down. I called back up and the Manager stated to his boss and customer servise that I was informed of the problem and that I was told that it looked like I ran over a brick lol.. Yea sure my skid plate was messed up cause I drove it like that all that day and night now knowing the problem now they don’t want to pay for it. I will not use them again cause I do not like dishonest people.

[1633] Mitchell in Miami, FL  Turned Car into a Bomb

Had an oil change and new gas filter installed.  Drove 2 miles and parked car in lot at Gulfstream.  Returned to car and tried to start it up.  Would not start and I smelled gas.  Got out of car and stepped into a puddle of gas.  Filter was not properly clipped into system causing gas to run out on to the ground.  In effect changing my car from a motor vehicle to a bomb.  Had AAA tow the car to Jiffy Lube on Hallandale Boulevard (Jerry the owner) and they properly completed the filter installation the next day.  I called the Jiffy Lube store and told the manager (Sonel) about this problem he took my information and advised me that he would be getting back to me.  I believe that I should be compensated for the problems that this has caused me.  How about a credit on this defective job in the amount of $166.87 or perhaps a gift card for some oil changes.  Be smart and keep a customer. 

[1632] J in Bonney Lake, WA  Rude, Obnoxious -- and Wrong

I asked for a 10-40 w oil change @ jiffy lube in Bonney lake Washington.  The kid at the counter insisted on selling a more expensive synthetic oil. My dealer recomends the 10-40 oil because of the mileage on the vehicle. The kid was rude and obnoxious insisting that convention oil breaks down after 500 miles. After telling the kid that I WANT 10-40 or else he finally gave in. Avoid this Jiffy Lube at all costs

[1631] Norm in North Little Rock, AR  Cracked Differential

I took my 2001 Expedition to Jiffy Lube in North Little Rock, Ar. for an oil change.  I agreed to pay for manufacturer suggested changes in the amount of $322.  I had $3000 in my pocket to take of some important things such as keeping my truck in good working order.  So immediately after I left Jiffy Lube, I went less than a mile up the road to get the brakes done at another shop.  When the gentleman there put the truck on the lift, and only after a minute or two, I was informed that my differential had a crack in it and was leaking oil.  I called Jiffy Lube and told them of the problem and they said that it was cracked before they did the work.  I spoke to the general manager at the corporate headquarters here in Little Rock and I was told by him that my repairs would not be covered.  I am going to call a local news station for the story, as well as an attorney.

[1629] Kevin in Oxon Hill, MD Oil All Over Engine

I have a used ’05 Audi allroad quattro with approx. 77K miles.  On 6 Nov ’10, I made my first visit with this particular vehicle (I used to have a ’99 Nissan Pathfinder).  I got their signature service, they changed the cabin air filter, replaced fluids which did not need to be replaced, and then placed the oil in (from what I could witness – I’m in the customer lounge while this is taking place).  After everything was completed, I got in the car, made a right-hand turn and the door flung open, and hit the curb.  The JL techs did not close the door.  Next, after driving only 5 miles, I noticed a burning smell coming from the cabin vents.  When I reached my destination, I opened the hood, and these Yahoos at JL spilled oil all over the engine.  My engine was spotless before they touched it.  In addition, the engine covers which shield tubing for the two filters were loose and not securely fastened.  I attempted to fasten them back, and the screws are stripped and now broken.  Parts are expensive for Audi’s and I don’t have extra $$$ to pay JL to break what isn’t broke!  Since this JL has sloppy workmanship, and shoddy service, in addition to a high price ($155) for the signature service, and a $35 synthetic oil “upcharge,” I will not be taking my car to them ever again, and have spread the word to friends and associates to stay away from them

[1628] Marisol in Indianapolis, IN  No Oil in Engine

To whom it may concern:  My name is Marisol Robles and I took my car (2006 Dodge Magnum) to jiffylube to get my oil changed on October15, 2010. About 2 weeks later I heard a loud ticking sound coming from under my hood. I checked the oil and noticed that there was NO OIL in my car. I contacted jiffylube and told them what the problem was. A manager by the name of Elvis at the 38th Street and Moller location in Indianapolis, came to my house and checked my oil and also checked under the car to see if the oil pan screw was tight under the car. He confirmed that it was. He also stated that he couldn't see the filter on my car so he would take it to the nearest shop which is on 10th street and Girl School Road. When he returned my car the knocking noise had ceased. I asked him what the Final Repair was and he said that he only changed the filter, but that was all. I asked him what the problem was but he did not say anything. I also told him that I was going to have my car checked out at the dealership to make sure that there was no further damage, but he acted as if he didn't care. He did not offer me any discounts in the future or anything. I hope that somehow I could be compensated for the possible damage to my engine, due to it did not have any oil in it for about 2 weeks.

[1627] Ronny Employee

I would like to describe my extremely short and extremely stressful experience at Heartland Automotive Services (Jiffy Lube DBA.)

I was hired at a Jiffy Lube location in the northeast as a fast track manager. I would like to keep its exact location private so not to put any extra stress on the already over worked and over stressed store manager. I was under the assumption that i would be working an average of about 45 to 50 hours a week on a $36000 a year salary. 

I started working for them and was put on the schedule my first week at 56 hours. Upon working there and not completing most of my computer based training i was put on the floor my second day. Now i have plenty of experience in this field of work and i understand that one has to work their way up and learn all the positions before becoming manager. So i basically only needed to learn their very strict and very stressful procedures. They want things done their way and in a certain order which is understandable, but they expect you to do the impossible and meet their 8 minutes from hood up to hood down guidelines. Which with a full 5-6 man crew it is possible on some brand new cars, but anyone who has worked on a vehicle that is not brand new can understand that some things can get rusted and be difficult to disassemble. Jiffy Lube does not accept that.

So my first day on the floor they had me vacuuming and washing windows for 10 hours straight with not so much as a 10 minute break. My second day on the floor they had me working the under hood position once again for 11 straight hours without a lunch break until 8 hours into my shift because 3 people called out sick that day. So my third and final day on the floor the district manager was there criticizing every move i made literally hoovering over my shoulder with a stop watch telling me to go faster and expecting me to have already mastered the job in one day.

But the few things that really made me quit was what the store manager told me to expect in the upcoming months. He told me once i mastered all the positions i would be promoted to assistant manager and eventually be put in a low volume store, and would be expected to turn the low numbers around. If i did not bring the numbers up within 90 days then i would be demoted back to assistant manager. If i did turn the store around then i would most likely be transferred to another low volume store to do it all over again, it was a vicious cycle.

He also told me to expect to work an average of 65-75 hours a week if i was a store manager. Based on the fact that they originally told me $36000 a year salary but only gave me $35000 a year upon hire. So if you break that down to an hourly rate that's $10.50 an hour to deal with a ton of stress and demanding physical labor. Another factor was the store manager telling me that the day we were short staffed by 3 employees they wanted us to reach the 55 cars serviced quota and the district manager called the store demanding that they stay open until the quota was met.

Granted the poor unfortunate store manager had already been there since 6:30 am and was scheduled until close which was 7:30pm. He refused and was told to stay for at least 3 more vehicles. He did not leave the store until past 8pm. That's a 13 and a half hour shift. So based on my experience, seeing what a store manager goes through, hearing from the entire staff how much they hate Jiffy Lube and watching first hand an employee selling a customer an air filter that by no means needed to be replaced and not even replacing it, I would strongly recommend NOT working for Jiffy Lube and do not get your vehicle serviced there. Sure they are fast but in no way are they looking out for your best interests. Everyone is just trying to do whatever they can to bring the numbers up.

[1626] Gaby  Employee

I am an employee of Heartland Automotive and have to say that every claim that has come across to me. I have honored.

One thing I do have to say, is that management instructs each one of the "csa" or customer service advisors to sell, sell and sell, then; when a customer feels that they are being pressured into buying a service they were not prepared to get done and informs Jiffy Lube (Heartland) they put a red flag on the employee for pressuring; thus putting the blame on the employee.

The other things that are unfair about this corporation is that the district managers are constantly advising us to sell the services, even if they are not needed....The ones that get targeted are the women and the elderly, intimidating them by saying that it is recommended by the manufacturer to lead them to believe they need the service.

I work here because the economy is so bad that, I can't get a job in any other customer service position without being told I am over qualified, so I took this position, but the guilt has me having nightmares. 

The company is not at fault, but the managers who run it......  Fed up with Jiffy Lube's BS about integrity, when they are nothing but crooks

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