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[1725] Sharon Wrong Transmission Fluid Voided Warranty

We brought our 2007 Nissan-Maxima  to Jiffy Lube for a Transmission fluid change in August 2010.  In April 27, 2011 we brought  our car into Nissan and found out our trans went....  Nissan, voided our warranty do to the fact that Jifffy Lube put wrong fluid in it...  Called Jiffy Lube and they said its a Cvt fluid, not a Nissan CVT Fluid. Nissan calls for a Nissan CVT.... Putting anything other than Nissan fluid voids out his warranty..  Nissan states it was not  the right fluid.... Jiffy lube has not done anything to even check to see what fluid is in our car?  Don't understand why Jiffy lube is paaing the buck along with Nissan......

[1724] Unapproved Coolant Used

i specifically asked do you all use the dex coolant for my radiator flush they said yes, that is the only thing i trust in my car because that is what it says in the manual , and yet I received my car and the coolant looked clear so i called them and they then tell me it is not the dex coolant it is a universal approved coolant which is chicken s***, I don't care if you think your coolant is approved  for my car my manual says dex coolant is the only thing i should put in my system and not no bogus clear universal coolant

[1723] Tom in Franklin, TN  Oil Filter Failure

I have gone to Jiffy Lube since the early 1990s and never had a problem until now. In April they changed the oil in my Mazda 3. After several days I noticed a oily puddle on the floor of my garage. I had to go to the dealer anyway for an unrelated problem, so they looked at the engine and told me that the aftermarket oil filter that Jiffy Lube installed was leaking. The dealership replaced it and charged me $24.95 for their standard oil change. I went down to the Jiffy Lube with their oil filter in a plastic zip bag and demanded my money back. At first, the manager insisted that nothing could be wrong with the oil filter and that he would have to call corporate to get permission for a refund. To his credit, he reassured me that he would take care of the problem; he just needed permission. After waiting about half an hour, he issued a credit for about $45 to my Discover Card. In exchange for the refund, he took my oil filter so corporate could examine it. The manager also told me that they went to a new brand of oil filter recently. I have no idea whether they are using a cheaper oil filter that fails, but it was very embarrassing to have the dealership tell me that my Jiffy Lube oil change was causing my oil leak. I am not sure whether I will be going back to Jiffy Lube again.

[1722] Rene in Kenmore, WA Stop SPAMMING!

Jiffy Lube SPAMS their customers.  Jiffy Lube requires my phone number as part of the business transaction.  My cell number is provided to Jiffy Lube for communications directly related to my service "Is my car ready" and not for marketing or 3rd party distribution.

I received the following text cell SPAM:

"Jiffy Lube customers 1 time offer: Rply Y to join our eClub for 45% 0ff a Signature Service Oil change! Stop to unsub Msg&data rates may apply T&C jiffytos.com 2:27pm Fri Apr 22 From:72345"


Jiffy Lube used my private phone information, without authorization, for mass robot telemarketing.  My number is on the national "do not call" list. The marketing solicitation was sent via text messaging. My issues with Jiffy Lube are:

1) I have the phone for my convenience, business reasons and not for SPAM.

2) Robot telemarketing, cell text marketing are illegal per FCC.

3) Text message data is billed to telephone owner, not the advertiser.  Jiffy Lube is marketing on the cheep billing the cost to their aggravated customer.

4) I work nights, sleep days and the alarm of the message disturbed me.

5) My text reply to be removed was filtered to keywords and not received by Jiffy Lube according to their auto-text reply message. Cost is 3 text messages no resolution.

6) The National Customer Service number is not adequately staffed and has a 20 minute wait time adding more phone time charges.  Jiffy Lube makes getting off the telemarketing list too cumbersome.

7) Jiffy Lube violated my trust with personal information and provided to 3rd party telemarketer TextMarks of California.

A quick Google search found dozens of angry complaints about current Jiffy Lube SPAM from number 72345 a California SPAM company just in the last week.  Jiffy Lube will SPAM you and violate your private information.  They seem very desperate for business and I doubt their future business longevity.

[1721] Randy in Corvallis, OR  Multiple Bad Experiences

I have three Jiffy Lube experiences in Corvallis, Oreogn that I recall. 

These are several years old as I try to avoid Jiffy Lubes now.

1.  I was told I had a tail light out.  I told the guy I'd fix it myself.  At home, not suspecting the guy could be wrong, I removed the lens.  The filaments looked intact, so I checked and all tail lights were working fine.

2.  Wife had a problem with her '99 Beetle engine problem light coming on intermittently for a few weeks.  A few days after having a full service oil change, she took the car to the dealer to check on the light.  Turns out the coolant level was low.  Jiffy Lube was supposed to top off fluids.  It cost us the dealer's service charge.

3.  More amusing than a real problem, but I got a new car but kept the old tags.  The Jiffy Lube attendant had a hard time reconciling that I no longer had a Subaru.  He believe their paperwork more than his eyes.  I stopped giving them any personal info after that.

[1720] Fred in Wichita, KS Employee

Jiffy lube of wichita ksDont hire blacks and treat customers and lubbers like dogshit , im lubber /human not a person to be treated like shit just to get me to quit ,

[1719] Edward Fuel Cleaning Destroys Engine

It started on April 14, 2012. I had a coupon for a $10 off oil change for Jiffy Lube, and another from Firestone. I decided to go to Jiffy lube because I didn't need an appointment. Now I regret not waiting 30-40 min. more. I asked for the oil change and fuel system cleaning on my 98 Chevy Tahoe. When they finished the oil change, they took the truck to front to finish the fuel cleaning. At that time I notice the guy flooring the gas all the way and a lot of white smoke coming out. The truck had no gas at the time, so I was concerned. Soon after that they took the truck for a car wash. When the truck came back, I noticed it was making a weird noise. My truck has over 165,000 miles on it by the way. I thought maybe it was because it was it need gas. Soon after that I fuelled up and left. 30 min. later the noise is getting louder and louder. I then called Jiffy Lube back and explained the problem, they told me to bring it back and they would check it for me. Once I did that they inspected the truck and could not find anything wrong. The manager said the truck was just old and I needed a new engine. I didn't need a new engine before taking it to them, so why would I need one now. I paid over $90 so they can damage my engine. Should have gone to Firestone were they know my name. Thanks to Jiffy lube I have no truck. I will never go back again, even if it was the last shop in the world. They offered to pay the repairs and take the truck to their shop, but at the end of the day that shop is going to be on their side so they don't have to pay any thing, If that's the case I have to pay out of my pocket.

[1718] Rob in Gainesville, FL Air Filter Scam

On 4-20-11 I went to the jiffy lube on newberry road in Gainesville florida to get an oil change.   Got the normal, you need this you need that routine.  Told the guy, just change the oil.  Definitely got ripped off on the high mileage upgrade but that’s not the part that bothered me.  As usual the tech told me I needed a new air filter and I told him to skip it.  The filter he showed me at his computer of lies was a dirty filter with a blue gasket/frame around it.  Just for giggles after I left I pulled over, popped the hood and looked at my air filter.   What a surprise my filter has a very clean appearance and has a black filter/frame with wire grid.   No way….they showed me a stock dirty air filter.   Scam scam scam. If you do go to any jiffy lube, as you walk in from the bay, check the computer terminal before you go inside.  Odds are there is a dirty air filter sitting there just waiting to be represented as yours.  NEVER AGAIN!

[1717] Rico in Phoenix, AZ  Forgot To Tighten Differential Nut

I took my truck into Jiffy Lube for an oil change, transmission flushed, and replenish my 4-wheel drive fluid.  Over the next 2 months I noticed my 2001 Yukon XL was starting to make this gargling sound until it was every time I pushed the gas.  Yesterday (4-18-11) it would not move when in gear.  When I looked underneath I found the nut to my rear differential fluid was loosened and not tight.  It had a yellow goo (tamper seal) around it.  There were no fluids left and the bearing inside was gone.  

When I spoke to the manager at Jiffy Lube on 32nd St & Thunderbird where I had the work done he admitted to checking it and putting the tamper seal on the nut, without my permission.  He also said that is what sometimes happens and "Oh well".  I now have to replace the rear differential because their policy is even though they admittedly caused the damage "Oh well".  

[1716] Gwen in Philadelphia, PA  Attempted To Replace New Wipers

I was told that I needed windshield wipers and my wipers were new.  I was also told that I needed an air filter, which I paid to have replaced.  There was an air filter sitting there, which may have been there for months.

They also did not vacuum my car, although that was put on my sheet that they had vacuumed.  Will not go back!

[1715] Zac Water in Engine

I am a regular customer at Jiffy Lube they have ALWAYS changed my oil since I have been living here.  Jan 15th they changed my oil as they always do. Same as always. I dont drive very far to work, to my job and back home is literally 2 or 3 miles.

Feb 2nd my oil light came on but then turned off again. I thought it was a strange but it never came back on and I saw no oil leaks under my car.  Feb 3rd I started my car to go to work and the oil light came on again. I checked the manual and the book says when your oil light is on it means your car is below the average oil levels. I drove the car back to Jiffy Lube thinking maybe they forget to put a quart in when they did the oil change. They looked it over and found nothing wrong. They checked the dipstick 3 times, they said the oil filter, oil plug, and everything was fine. They said my sensor was going bad and it was no big deal I had nothing to worry about.

I was already late for work so I thanked him and left. My car didnt even make it 2 blocks. The engine died and would not restart. I called Jiffy Lube and told them what happened and they said they were way too busy to help me even thou I was just there!

I got the car to a local repair shop and they said there was WATER IN THE OIL of my car. So much water that the engine locked up from the lack of lubrication. At first I thought my head gasket blew and radiator fluid got into the oil but the repair station checked that, the gasket was fine and the radiator fluid was all still in the reservoir. I had the oil checked by a lab and confirmed it was not radiator fluid, I called Jiffy Lube back and told them what happened. They still didnt seem to care using the same excuse of "We are too busy to help you". But I explained to them that if they didnt have time today to come look at it now, how would they have time to see me in court when I sue them for a new engine?

They suddenly found time.  They sent out their District Manager to look at my car. The Technician at the repair station has over 25 YEARS of experience, he knows his stuff. After seeing all the damage and talked with the technician at the repair station he calls me and said he is sorry for what happened and "it looks like we are buying you a new engine." Exact words. Feb 7th Jiffy Lube's District Manager calls me and back pedals from his pervious statement, he tells me he doesnt see how this is Jiffy Lube's fault and offers me a 1000 dollars for damages. I told him a 1000 dollars doesnt cover the cost of my engine. He turned me over to his Insurance company to deal with me.

FACT - Jiffy Lube changed the oil on my car Jan 15th. The engine blew from the from the lack of lubrication Feb 2nd. No one worked on the car between these times.
FACT - My car only made it 89 miles from that oil change before the engine died.
FACT - Jiffy Lube's District Manager admitted fault twice by saying it on the phone and by offering me 1000 dollars for repairs.

Today is April 12th. Jiffy Lube's Insurance company has given me the run around for months avoiding my calls and denying my claim. My Small Claims Court date to deal with this disaster is tomorrow. I dont know what Jiffy Lube will say when we get there but I know they will try to use some angle to get out of this. I need my car to get to work, but I am not rich and can't afford to buy a new engine to fix Jiffy Lube's mistake.  What a disaster.

[1714] Ari  Can't Stop Email Promotions

I get a lot of Jiffy Lube email promotions although I have never been in a Jiffy Lube place of business.  When I tried to email them through the "contact us" function on their website, the email simply did not fly.  They claim "We'd love to hear from you" but it seems they would not!  Any idea why they do this and how to stop them?

[1712] Dawn in Chicago, IL  Management is Pot User

I can't believe that your company hires admitted pot users for management.

[1711] Bob in Lacy WA  Broke Promise to Repair

On April 09, 2010, I had my oil changed and transmission fluid changed.  The next day I noticed that the service person on the transmission fluid did not replace the dipstick in it's proper place and left it on the front left side.  When he closed the hood, he broke the tab on the grill.  I spoke to the manager at the time and he said he would order the grill and remedy the situation.  It did not happen.  A couple months later, the managers position changed to another person ( Bob ).  I spoke to him about it and he said he remembered seeing something about the incident and would take care of it.  That did not happen either.  I spoke to him again 2 months ago.  He said he tried to call me to let me know that it was in several months ago, and he even left me a message on my phone stating that.  I never recieved any message stating that.  On that day he said he would reorder the grill.  That was 2 months ago.  It has been almost a year since that happened and I am not exactly happy with the situation and wish someone would take care of this.

I live in Lacey, Washington.  I had my services done at the Jiffy Lube on the corner of Pacifc Ave. and Sleater-Kinney Rd. in Lacey.  Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing back from you.

[1710] Gerald in West Valley City, UT  Unfinished Work Causes Problems

I went to jiffy lube on 4/3/11 at 10:21 AM for a Signature Oil Change. When the car was finished I went home, and, then made an errand with my wife. Coming back I noticed my “Check Gages Light” came on, and then a little later my Coolant light came on. All of a sudden then afterwards my temperature gage was pegged out to the right and overheating.

Luckily I was close to home. When I got home I started to open the hood of my car, and, noticed that if wasn’t fully closed, but, just latched.  Then, I notice coolant fluid was all over the side where the coolant tank was, and, also the cap on the coolant tank wasn’t even tight, but, just very loose. I then had called the Jiffy Lube and told him about the problem. When I got it there, they had checked all the fluids, and, couldn’t find anything wrong. They had said that my thermostat went bad.  They said that it was just a coincidence that it happened after the service.

I wasn’t very happy when they said that, so I just left. The reason that my thermostat went bad was because they had neglected to make sure that the cap on the coolant tank was tight, causing the thermostat to blow out due to overheating ,but, they didn’t, also not only closing the hood on my car completely. It costed me $22.41 to repair my car. I strongly feel that I should be reimbursed for that since it was cause by these careless people. I will never never go to Jiffy Lube again. .

[1709] Lane No Oil Destroys Engine

I had an oil change on March 6, 2011 and on May 28, 2011 with just over 5,000 miles the oil plug fell out and my engine seized. I use full synthetic oil so I go 7,500 miles between changes. Has anyone else had this problem?

[1708] Andi in Absecon, NJ  Unfinished Work Causes Problems

I took my high mileage car in for an oil change at the end of february 2011. I told them that was all i needed to be done after they showed me the list of recommended services from the manufacture. I also told them i was taking a long trip and needed to make sure my car was in good shape.. guess good shape for them means leaving a trail of oil from NJ all the way to TX.. When i got to tx, my fiancee noticed the car was smoking and smelled oil.. He asked where i had the oil changed and i said jiffy lube.. first thing he did was tighten the oil filter, which had not been tightened and the oil drain plug, which had also not been tightened. The car is still leaking oil, i have had to put more oil in it twice... its april 3rd... My car ran just fine before i took it there.. they wont fix it, nor will they admit they even admit they messed up. I wonder how much its going to cost me to fix their mess up.

[1707] Judy in Guelph, ON  False & Dishonest

I have used Jiffy lube several times and have come to like the the location I use. This past saturday I went for a oil change and was told that I needed my serpantine belt changed. ( I believe that's what his belt is called) I was told it was cracked in four places and should have it replaced soon,it could go any time.  To my disappointment these guys were not telling the truth. I had my father come over that same day to look at it, he removed it and there was not a crack to be found and it was like new. The guys told me they would put on the receipt what needed to be changed. After I told them my father would do that work for me I noticed when I got home they did not put the details of what needed to be changed on the receipt.

I'm very disappointed that the information given to me was false and dishonest. I will not be returning to this Jiffy Lube or any other one for that matter. I will make sure I tell all my friends that use Jiffy lube not to go there. Taking advantage of customers is not acceptable.

[1706] Doug in Kingston, NY  Oil Upgrade Scam

Had my oil changed today at JiffyLube. They always call you in to try to sell you more services. This time they told me that the last time I was there I had them put in a synthetic oil blend (an upgrade) and that I should stick with the same oil this time. It got me to thinking about the last time I brought my wife's car in for an oil change a few months ago when I was told the same story! At no time have I put in an oil upgrade for either vehicle. I told them today the same as I told them for my wife's car- NO! Put in the standard oil. They point at their computer and show you what you did last time. This is a scam! The public needs to be made aware of this latest trick they use to get you to spend more money.

[1705] Hayden in Queensbury, NY  Forgot To Tighten Lug Nuts

My wife brought our 2007 Mazda CX-7 to Jiffy lube against my better wishes but, out of convenience because, it's close to where she works. After a few days she complained about a weird noise in the back of the car. I drove it and heard and felt nothing and sent her on her way. This happened a few more times with the same results. Then, she complained that the noise was getting louder and shaking worse but, I needed to drive the vehicle for a bit and it will make the noise and shake. I drove the car for about 5 miles and noticed the problem myself. It was horrible. I checked under the car for loose anything and found nothing.

Finally, I saw the guy who usually does the work on our vehicles and he agreed there was a nasty issue. The next day I brought it to him(my mechanic) and went to school. My wife got a ride to work with her dad(yay Dad!!!). Long story short, I went to check on the vehicle and my mechanic told me that whomever was the last person to take my wheels off never tightened them and they had worked themselves lose. I asked my wife and she said Jiffylube on 265 Quaker Rd. in Queensbury NY.

My mechanic said that he would sign a letter with himself and two other witnesses of the wheel.  He said I need a new wheel because the wheels holes were oblong from the abuse and ill tightening of the lugs. The wheels will do this again. So far, I have contacted Jiffy lube and have no answers back yet. THEY ARE LUCKY NOTHING BAD HAPPENED TO MY WIFE OR MYSELF OR ANYONE ELSE. I WANT A NEW WHEEL JIFFY LUBE......................................

[1704] Offline in Oshawa, ON  Policy Mistakes

On my recent visit (March 25, 2011) to the Jiffy Lube service centre located at 23 Taunton Road West in Oshawa I was less than pleased with the service in fact I was very disappointed.  Not only have I made regular visits to this location for my oil changes over several years, I have also had various fluid flushes and several air filter replacements.

My recent visit was a routine oil change with high mileage oil. As the service attendant pulled out my air filter it was obvious that it needed to be replaced. Then I remembered that several months back I had purchased an air filter when on sale. I retrieved the air filter and handed it to the service attendant working on my vehicle. When I handed him the filter out of the box, I was told by another service attendant that he was going to charge me a labor fee for changing the filter. The old filter was already out sitting on top of the engine as I handed him the new one. Just what labor is necessary! The service attendant didn't merely inform me of the charge he told me he was going to charge me. Although the other service attendant was going to change the filter, this supervising service attendant informed him not to and told him that the labor fee is POLICY. Obviously, I did not have the filter changed and despite my displeasure he repeatedly insisted it was POLICY. POLICY must be your company motto because following the oil change, which at this point I was forced to get because the oil had already been drained, I asked to talk to the manager.  Every question I asked was answered with "it's company POLICY". He must have said it three, four possibly five times during our conversation. It was obvious he didn't care.

I would like to think because of my loyalty and regular attendance that I was a VALUED customer but today it became quite apparent that I am not. Simply put, if your service attendant would have quite frankly informed me about your POLICY rather than tell me or even replaced the air filter and then provided me with a warning I would have been satisfied.  But to be told I will be charged and that it is your company POLICY....... you just lost a regular customer. 

Obviously, going that extra mile for your customers is not company POLICY. 

[1702] Gin in Marion, OH  Flush Destroys Transmission

We took are daughters new to her used 2001 ford escort into the Marion Oh store for a transmission flush, for preventative maintenance. There were no problems with it. After the flush they informed us that it would now not move! They flushed it again with no success. The "mechanic" then said they would send it to a certified transmission mechanic to see what was wrong as he did not see a reason this was happening. This was on a saturday. On Monday they called and said that we could pick up the car- they put it on a machine and got a code and they had it fixed but they said it was now "slipping" and we had 3 stripped bolts. We said it did not do this before and we were not picking it up they need to figure it out. They took it to another mechanic and by the time they got it there it would only drive in reverse- so obviously they had not fixed it. At this time they went into damage control and said it happened because our fluid was so dirty that it clogged their machine and they couldn't use it. I said really? Because I watched you pull it to another vehicle right after mine and use it! At this point I am going to have to pay to fix it and sue them.

[1701] Cris in Perris, CA Trans & Oil Drained Without Replacement

Recently, I went to this location to have an oil change and have my fluids topped off. I had a promotional coupon that came in the local savings ads. Worth the cost and time, I decided to give it a go. Before heading over to have the service taken care of, I checked my own fluids to be sure it was still worth the advertised coupon price of $19.99. This coupon price for  $10 less than the location's  price of $29.99 was a great deal!

When I came in to get the service done, the store manager seemed annoyed with the coupon price I had. He asked me first if the coupon was for their $29.99 promotion and I showed him the coupon. Reluctantly, he directed me to their waiting area. I thought he would have been pleased to have the business. To my knowledge, it appeared as if there were only 2 customers ahead of me in the middle of the day.

After waiting for about 20 minutes one of the technicians came over and told me the oil plug wasn't backing out. He advised me to take my vehicle back to the mechanic who took care of it before. Obviously I work on it myself, for I had an oil filter from the local automotive store on the engine. He said the manager did not want to be responsible for a damaged oil plug.

Jiffy Lube, had drained my truck of the transmission fluid and oil, allowing me to drive off without any lubricants!  When I got home, some 3 miles down the freeway, I checked the problem myself finding what they had done. My plug was fine. My engine and transmission were dry!

It only made me wonder how the chain of Jiffy Lube's do their accounting. I wondered about their own rebates and discounts on the fluids they receive to be recycled. Do they estimate business on the amount of fluids received? Do they get a discount on the fluids they sell, by the amount of what they recycle? How is the calculation done? There was no sale.

Beware, if there isn't major work to be done on your vehicle, this location has no time for you other than to fill their own recycle tanks, for what ever reason, for what ever scam, they have going on pertaining to sales and their accounting!


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