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Personal Experiences


[1900] Elisheia Stripped Drain Plug

On January 5, 2012 I took my car to my regular repair shop, Goodyear, for an oil change.  At that time, I was told by my service advisor the oil pan drain plug was stripped during the previous oil change.  The previous oil change was conducted at Jiffy Lube on October 17, 2011.  On January 5, 2012 at about 1:30 p.m., I spoke with Kevin Ling, who identified himself as the owner of the above named Jiffy Lube.  I requested reimbursement for the cost to repair the damage.  He requested that I bring the car to his Jiffy Lube location for an opportunity to repair the damage.  I told him that the car was at my regular repair shop.  He asked for the amount of the repair.  I informed him I was unsure of the repair costs for the oil pan, oil pan gasket, oil pan tube, oil pan drain plug plus labor and taxes.  I told him I would have the service advisor call him directly. The service advisor called me at 2:50 p.m. to inform me that he had spoken with Mr. Ling, who stated he would come to the repair shop the view the damage.  At 5:05 p.m. my service advisor called to inform me the car had been repaired and was ready for pick up.  He also stated Mr. Ling had not shown up as he had stated he would.  I have yet to hear from Mr. Ling in regards to my request.  The total of the repair costs was $759.79.

[1899] Tiffany in Arnold, MD  Taking Advantage of the Elderly

High Mileage Signature Ser  $54.99

Mileguard Engine Flush      $59.99

Mileguard Engine Treatment  $18.99

My father brought his car to Jiffy Lube in Arnold, Maryland for an oil change that would normally cost $40, but ended up paying $132.80 instead. He has been going to the Jiffy Lube in other locations (Baltimore & Glen Burnie) and had no problems with getting his oil changes.

During his first visit at this Arnold location, he went with his granddaughter to translate for him since he speaks very limited English. The technician told his young granddaughter that if he did not get the Engine Flush and Engine Treatment, the car will break down. My father told the technician twice that he wanted “engine oil change only.” The technician did not listen to him and told the granddaughter that there is a lot wrong with the car. The granddaughter, afraid that the car will breakdown, gave the technician the go-ahead on their recommendation to get the engine flushed. The Arnold location took advantage of two naďve people:  a child who is incapable of making a mechanical decision and an elder that spoke very limited English.

I called the Arnold location Manager Greg Galloway to get refunded. However, he refused – he stated that my father agreed to pay the amount. My father did not agree to additional services but only to get a $40 oil change. My father paid because the technician demanded him to pay the amount. My father did not sign the “Authorized & Received By” line on pink form (I have a copy of the receipt). The Manager said he was not authorized to provide a refund and that I needed to call his General Manager Kirby Carmichael. I asked when the GM is at the location and was told that he does not know his schedule and that I can call and try to reach him.

Overall, I am very dissatisfied with the service at Jiffy Lube. I have always been dissatisfied with the service but continued to get oil changes there for the convenience, and always refuse the “bait and switch” services. I have been going to Jiffy Lube for 20 years. My whole family gets our oil changes at Jiffy Lube, four cars every three months. But I will not step into another Jiffy Lube ever again unless my father gets a refund. He went in for a $40 service, and paid $132.80 instead.

[1898] Victim  Radiator Flush Causes Problem

After doing some running around today I decided to take my husbands car to get an oil change, he had mentioned that a coupon came in the mail and the car needed it so while he was at work I figured I would get that done since his car is the only one we have running right now and we gotta take care of it. So of course they say I need a air filter and 6 light bulbs and of course a radiator flush. I was looking at spending about $25 with coupon but total came to $193 since I want the car to perform great.

30 minutes later I look out at the car and the guy doing the flush has a confused look on his face and starts to wave for another guy to come over. Then the manager ( I'm guessing ) came inside to get me and says a sentence everyone loves to hear while having a car worked on, "I have never seen this happen before" while the flush was being done the water seemed to make a whole in a metal pipe running from radiator to engine. And they weren't sure what to do. There is car repair shop in the same parking lot so I walked over there to see if they could tell me how much it would be but they cant walk over to the lot cause it's not their business, whatever. Walk back to jiffy lube and the only thing they said is I can't drive it and the auto part store the manager called doesn't have part in stock and cant order it. So I asked if the car can be pushed into a spot until my husband can get there, which will be tomorrow, manager said he'll push it into the bay so its safe overnight, not once offering me any money back or to pay for the repair needed to my car that they did in their building on their property while one of their employees was working on it. Now here is the topper to my wonderful experience, I had to walk home cause everyone I know is at work or out of town and no one at jiffy lube offered me a ride. 

[1897] LK  Broke Dipstick Tube

I am sending this email about the problem my son had with Jiffylube,

He went in for an oil change and they broke the dipstick tube.  Cost of the oil change $58.00. It was for a diesel engine- Volkswagon.  By the tiime he got home the oil was leaking and leaked on the driveway.  He went back to JiffyLube the next day,  and they said the dipstick tube was broken when he came in, and they did not  do it.  They said they would not fix it, and for him to go to the Volkswagon dealer, which was then done at a cost of $ 126.00 for the replacement and repair. It certainly was not safe to drive with oil leaking

Jiffyube did do it.  There was no leakage prior to going to Jiffylube.  The service check list on the Jiffylube invoice states the Oil level prior to service was  Full.  Also there is no mention that there is a broken dipstick tube.

I think Jiffylube should reimburse us for the oil change and for the Volkswagon cost. I plan to also send additional emails to hopefully get this resolved.  We had an $8.00 coupon, and I am sorry we ever went there to use it..

[1896] Jill in Catonsville, MD  Forgot to Replace Transmission Fluid

On December 22, 2011, I went to The Jiffy Lube Service Center on Frederick Road in Catonsville, Maryland. I have been to this location several times for oil changes and have been typically pleased with their work.

On this particular day the technician suggested a transmission flush because my car had over 100,000 miles. Assuming the technician would know what is best for my car, I agreed to have this service completed. The service was approximately $100.00.

A few days after having this service performed, my car started running very rough, jumping when I accelerated. I took the car to the dealership, where they discovered I was 10 quarts low of transmission fluid. I told the dealership that I had just had a transmission flush completed at Jiffy Lube.

I will be going back to that particular Jiffy Lube to demand a full refund for the services and I will not be returning to ANY Jiffy Lube locations.

[1895] Robert in Portland, OR  Taking Advantage of a Woman

My wife selected a Jiffy Lube for a basic oil change service today. In addition to the oil change, she was subjected to pressure sales tactics to replace her serpentine belt. The technician told her “Please come out here and see this MAJOR, MAJOR problem with your car” “You won’t make it out of the parking lot with your current belt” and strongly suggested she replace it immediately. Five separate people participated in this pressure tactic by surrounding her while three of the men chimed in with strong suggestions of immediate need and urgency. Though the price was not completely unreasonable ($65), the need was not only not an emergency as it was represented to be, it was not even critical as I had inspected the belt only days prior while performing other services without notifying my wife.

She attempted to contact me at the time of the pressure sales tactics but was not able to reach me. Being completely ignorant of automotive knowledge and very intimidated by the onslaught of men attempting to scare her, she reluctantly agreed due to the directly stated emergency nature of the issue. Several hours later, I was informed of the interaction. This type of practice is not only predatory and unethical, but in this age of widely distributed and easily accessible corporate review information, it can be extremely destructive to a company’s reputation and potential for repeat business. The belt was in fact worn, but was in no way a danger to the operation of the vehicle. The pressure scare tactic of warning her she “wouldn’t make it out of the parking lot” is disgraceful and indicates to myself and the hundreds of employees and friends I am in regular contact with in this area, that you do not run an honest, reputable, or trustworthy business. This is not the first incidence of this shop preying upon young unaccompanied Asian females with this type of high-pressure scare tactic. Others from her university have relayed similar stories after she met with them later in the afternoon. Had she spoken to them earlier, she would never have patronized this establishment, or any other Jiffy Lube. I am well aware of and agree with attempts at “up selling” to increase profits, but not when it is based upon scare tactics and intimidation applied to obviously vulnerable and defenseless targets. I am now respectfully requesting a full refund for this service ($85.98), and formal reprimand for all employees involved with this transaction (i.e. Termination) as a first step in this process.


Jiffy Lube has since refunded the price of the belt service and apologized for any “Pressure sales tactics that MAY have happened.”  I appreciate the refund but we will not patronize any Jiffy Lube in the future. I used the suggestion on your site to send a message to the “Shell” corporate complaint path.

I received a response from them within 24 hours (Friday) with a follow up the next Tuesday. I then received a telephone call from the regional manager of Jiffy Lube who was reasonable and personable. This led to a refund from the specific outlet of Jiffy Lube. Thank you for your help with this.

[1894] Kris in Alpharetta, GA Put Windshield Fluid in Power Steering

I recently took my car to Jiffy Lube #1475 for an oil change.  I ended up purchasing an oil change and a radiator fluid flush.

The service took over an hour and the staff appeared to be confused while working on my car.  My car was returned to me and while driving the car in the Jiffy Lube parking I noticed loud noises and extreme difficulty while turning the car.  I did not leave the lot and I immediately turned the car around and parked n front of Jiffy Lube.  I had the Jiffy Lube technicians and their manager come out and look at the car.  The power steering fluid was pumping out of it's container. The power steering fluid also had an odd color.  The Jiffy Lube technicians, including their manager seemed confused on how to handle the incident. One of the technicians commented that it looked like windshield wiper fluid was put into the power steering. The manager went back inside and seemed more interested in continuing to service the other vehicles at JiffyLube.  

I stayed calm, approached the manager and re-iterated that my car now has a serious problem that it didn't have prior to their servicing of the vehicle.  I also expressed that the car is not safe to drive in it's current condition. I filled out an incident form and then called their customer support.  Customer support wasn't much help either.  Customer service told me that nothing could be done until after I take the car to a mechanic, get a sample of the fluid in the power steering, and submit to their process for handling incidents.    I personally had the car towed to the dealership.   The dealership was kind enough to provide a loner during the repair.  The dealership verified that the power steering fluid looked tainted with another fluid. The power steering pump is also being replaced as the the pump became compromised and is now leaking air into the system.  The dealership should have my car repaired by tomorrow and I requested that they save a sample of the fluid.  I am now looking for a lab to test the fluid to verify what type of fluid JiffyLube added to the power steering of my car.

Incidentally, when I paid the bill at JiffyLube I do remember them stating that they topped off the wiper fluid for free.  I checked the wiper fluid and it was near empty. I am guessing that they did put wiper fluid in the power steering.  A lab test should confirm.

[1893] Jeff in Sarasota, FL  Observation Showed They Lied

Jiffy Lube shop on 301/17th St. in Sarasota Fl.  Mechanic stated that the oil in the differential was black, should be gold/honey colored and needed to be changed for $90. Decided to go with it. Watched the work in the bay as it was drained and it was gold/honey colored. Confronted the manager and he mumbled something again about why it was needed. Very disappointed as I HAD been going there for years. No more.

[1892] Апполон in Richmond, VA  Radiator Problems

My husband has Mazda 6 2007. Car runs great and never needed repair. On December 2, 2011 I went to Jiffy lube located at 1107 Azalea Ave. RICHMOND, VA for oil change.

Then after they examined the car I was told by the manager that my car needs the transmission fluid be changed
and radiator fluid exchanged. And The manager also told me that because I am a regular and valued customer (it is been couple of year that we have taken the car to Jiffy lube for oil change) he will give me big discount of almost a $100.
So, I am being naive and not familiar with the car parts and also blinded by the word DISCOUNT decided to accept his offer. Jiffy lube did the following services to my car: oil change, transmission fluid change and radiator fluid change.
One week later the engine light on the display panel came on. So i had to take the car to the Mechanic at Sunoco. The Sunoco did computer diagnostic which revealed that the reason why the engine light came on is the THERMOSTAT that stopped working and now the engine is not getting worm enough temperature that maintains the proper engine work. Then I was asked if I did any services to my car recently. I told him the whole Jiffy Lube story. Mechanic explained to me that there can be 2 possible risen why the thermostat stopped working:

1. when Jiffy lub flashed the radiator liquid they did it in a wrong direction.
2. the radiator liquid was not filtered well and particle of rust or sediment got in to the thermostat.
And I forgot to mention that the bolts from the thermostat were missing and it was shaking. So they forgot to screw the bolts back. To change the thermostat cost $170.

Right after that I went to Jiffy Lube and Talked to the manager. I told him everything that happened. The manager and the guy who did services to my car denied their fault . They told me that they did not even touched the bolts on thermostat and there is no need for them to unscrew the bolts. That is a lie. To reach for the hoses needed for the radiator liquid flash they would have to take the thermostat out. and to take thermostat out you have to UNSCREW THE BOLTS!!!! And even if they did not unscrew the bolts WHY THEY DID NOT MENTION TO ME THAT MY THERMOSTAT IS WOBBLING AND MISSING 2 BOLTS????

Then about the thermostat not working Jiffy Lube manager told that is not there fault. And if it were the engine light on the display panel of my car would have come on the next day after they did services. That is a lie too. As I found out later it takes at least a week for the badly unfiltered radiator liquid to start circulating in a system and cause the thermostat failure or other damages.

[1891] Mark in Feasterville, PA  The Rumors Are True

I went to the store at 2 W Street Road in Feasterville, PA.  I asked for an oil change, one wiper changed, and one bulb replaced.  When I left the store I noticed that the wiper appeared to be exactly the same as before.  When I tested it with washer fluid it smeared just as before.  The "bulb out" light was still on in the dash board.  I then noticed they had charged me for two bulbs.  I went back  to the store and was treated poorly; they  reluctantly replaced be wiper.  They fiddled with the light problem; the light still does not work.   I gave up and will never go back to Jiffy Lube again.  One hears rumors about Jiffy Loot.  Beware all - they are true!

[1890] Steve in Irvine, CA  Wrong Transmission Fluid

In late October (10/23/2011), I took my 2007 Volvo V70 to the Jiffy Lube #1856 (8777 IRVINE CENTER DR. IRVINE , CA 92618-4205) for an oil change.   When I was there I was upsold an engine flush, as well as a transmission fluid exchange.   The manager showed me the transmission fluid and said it looked bad.  My car had 45K miles on it and was less than 4 years old.    I stupidly allowed them to proceed with these additional services since I wanted to take care of my Volvo since it is an expensive car that my wife drives my kids around in.    

Normally my wife drives the car, so I really didn't spend much time "checking" the car, simply trusting Jiffy Lube did the right thing.   Well last week later we were on a trip to the mountains and I was driving the car when I noticed my transmission  slipping in first gear and wasn't engaging into gear smoothly like I remembered.  I also noticed that my windshield wiper fluid froze, and it was only 25 degrees F so I thought that was odd for my washer fluid to freeze.    I immediately called the dealer to ask them about the slipping and asked if this was "normal" for colder weather.  They said it is NOT normal, and that the car should work properly.    I asked them if it was safe to drive and they said they didn't know.    Luckily we made it back home safely and I began researching the transmission issue. 
So when I started to research the issue I got my owners manual out and saw that my car does NOT recommend transmission exchange unless a leak is detected or if the car is used for towing (which mine is NOT).   The transmission fluid should not be changed at any interval according to the manual, it is a lifetime fluid that comes with the car.   So the recommendation by Jiffy Lube to change it was just plain wrong.   Then to make matters worse I learned that Jiffy Lube put the wrong transmission fluid into the car.   My car requires a fluid with the specification JWS 3309, something that the Pennzoil Multi-Vehicle ATF that Jiffy Lube uses does not meet.    I immediately took the car to my dealer and showed them the Jiffy Lube receipt.   They informed me that slipping and the degradation of performance symptoms that I had is consistent with the usage of incorrect fluid and they recommended I flush the bad stuff out and replace it with genuine Volvo JWS 3309 fluid, which I immediately did, but it cost me about $480 to do it.  $150 for the labor, and $310 for the fluid (it's more expensive because it's special for the car).    As soon as I drove the car away from the dealer I could immediately tell the difference.  The car responded much better than it did when I pulled it in a few hours earlier that day.  

I have since contacted Jiffy Lube and the district manager said that he had to "research" it, but I have since done the research.   The technical document for the Pennzoil Multi-Vehicle ATF does not mention JWS 3309, nor does it mention it can be used for a 2007 Volvo V70 or even Volvo at all for that matter.  http://www.pennzoil.com/documents/Technical_Data_Sheet_PennzoilMulti-vehicle-ATF%204_1_11_FINAL.pdf

I further went to a different Jiffy Lube nearby and asked them if they do transmission fluid changes for a 2007 Volvo V70.   The manager at Jiffy Lube, without looking it up said yeah they do it, and he told me that it takes the Pennzoil Multi-Vehicle ATF.  I then questioned him and asked him if he was sure.   When he looked it up in the computer it the computer told him that my car took Type 4 ATF.... I then showed him my owners manual where it said JWS 3309.  He then looked up in his Pennzoil book that he had which shows the specifications for Pennzoil meeting OEM for each make and model of vehicle... and in the section for 2007 Volvo V70 it says "N/A" (Not Applicable) to meeting the OEM Specification.    In the next column it the book has service interval listed for Volvo V70 with an N/A in that column as well (other columns have the ATF fluid it takes and the mileage interval to exchange the fluids for cars that it does apply to).   He then said that he couldn't do it because they don't have the proper fluid and because it's not recommended.    So basically when I questioned the guy at the second Jiffy Lube, he retracted his original statement that they could do the service.   I just acted dumb because I was trying to see what information they have, and clearly they have a book that they can use to determine the mileage intervalu and which fluid to use for each vehicle.  Had the guy in Irvine looked it up properly, he would have noted that the service is NOT recommended, and then even if he went to perform the service he would have noted that the their fluid is NOT compatible with a 2007 Volvo V70.  

So now I am going to ask for my $120 that they charged me, and the $475 that it cost to correct the problem, plus some sort of promise to work with me should the unthinkable happen, if my transmission fails.   I am hopeful that I caught this early enough that the damage was minimal.     If they don't agree to pay me, I'll take them to small claims court because their negligence is very clear in this case and I've gathered up all of the proof I need.   I mean they shouldn't have even performed the service at all, and then to not look up the correct fluid...both instances are clear cases of negligence.

So now I've learned.... never, ever, ever use any of these quick lube services unless you are going to ONLY do a simple oil change.   Even then, make sure you WATCH every bit of the work yourself, and double and triple check the grade of oil they put in your car.   DO NOT do any of the extra services because these guys don't know what they are doing obviously.  

[1889] Dalton in Arlington Heights, IL Oil Filter Causes Engine Failure

I want to first say that I usually change my own oil. But I really needed to get my oil changed and it was to cold for me to do it my self. About 10 miles after I had gotten my oil changed my car started to act up and the check engine light flipped on. I decided to pull of into a local shopping center to see what was going on. I looked in the engine and didn't see anything that was wrong. I then decided to take a look under my car and that where i found the problem. When i looked underneath the car i saw oil dripping from my oil filter. So i decided to take a look at it and see why it was leaking. Jiffy Lube never tighten my oil filter and i was just hanging there. I took it to my local auto shop and had them check it out. Turns out by them not putting the filter on, i blew my engine out. I blew out all my pistons and had to get my engine replaced. Jiffy lube should buy me a new car...

[1888] Britni Battery Scam

I have a 2007 Honda Accord with 40K on it.  I went in to just get the oil changed.  My car is running fine and I've never had a problem. They said I needed a new battery soon, but I wasn't ready to buy a new one right then and there.  Well after my visit I went to start my car and it died, okay whatever I thought started it again and it was fine. Went to the store and it did it again.  Later that day I was running and errand and every time I came to a stop my car about died as long as I kept at a fast pace I was fine. Eventually I had to stop and it died. So I had to get pushed and then it started up.  I don't see how one day my car is completely fine, then I get my oil changed and its messed up and the alternator is going out! Something is a little fishy. Not to mention the last time I had my oil changed they lost my engine cap, and blamed me. I am so done with Jiffy Lube, I will just do it myself thank you very much.

[1887] Diane in Bonney Lake, WA Wipers Replacement Disaster

I need help to be reimbursed for faulty work done at Jiffy Lube in Bonney Lake WA.  I am a senior citizen and widowed, in order to be ready for the extreme weather over the Thanksgiving Holiday, I went to Jiffy Lube to have an oil change and wipers replaced.

A nightmare follows: Leaving Jiffy Lube on the Highway 410 to 512 the rain started to pour.  I pulled to the side of the freeway and called Jiffy Lube – my wipers didn’t work at all! Seth said go to the nearest Jiffy Lube for a fix, that ended up in Parkland, Wa. I had my Dad (87 yr old) follow me as it was getting too dark to trust the reflection off the black top.  I arrived at Parkland and was told that the was now a piece missing and the cover or cowling had to be removed. Manny the Manager tried to procure the piece at a nearby Auto part store…no luck had to go to a Dealer.  I once again got in the car with my Umbrella as a wiper and arm hung out the window and drove to Puyallup Subaru.  They refused to touch the car and said Jiffy Lube should not have me running all over town in a car that was now unsafe to drive. They told me to go back to Jiffy Lube (closed by then), I returned home.

Paid out $110.00 for the great work they did, $377.00 for replacement of broken wiper sensors and a rental car for $40.  I missed hours of work, borrowed cars for over 7 days from friends and family.  Then when I took the receipts to Jiffy Lube they said it will be a couple of weeks but they’d see what they could do.  I told them with Christmas coming I was desperate for my refund, today I called Jiffy Lube ---now over a month. I was told by Shawn that I needed a final bill from Budget not just my receipt—I’m a month out and still no one cared to help me expedite this.  I was told Jeff Brown is District Manager but couldn’t get them to give me his phone number only a fax 1-877-224-3598.

Christmas is now less than 5 days, I have run up mileage, patience, taken off work, tried to be nice but nothing.  A copy of this will go to Get Jessy at King 5 News.  After reviewing the internet, I see many people have been put through this.  How come this is allowed to continue?

Update: This saga continues, Jeff the District Manager (who won’t provide a phone number) called Jiffy Lube Bonney Lake and said he didn’t get the fax needed to prove I paid $40 to Budget for a car rental.  So, my check is held up.  I called Budget and asked them to send directly to Jiffy Lube. I feel that the $377, $40. And the original cost of the bill for $110.00 should be refunded.

[1886] Ruby Stripped Oil Plug

My normal shop was booked, and I was going on a road trip. So, I went by Jiffy Lube. At the end of my service, they said, “whoever did your last oil change stripped it so we’re not able to seal it to the factor recommendation, and it may leak.”. So, I took it to my regular shop, for the latest oil change. They called to tell me that the last ‘oil changer’ basically rigged my pan so it wouldn’t just dump out all of the oil as soon as I left the lot. Now, I’m being told that the labor alone is almost $400 and ordering the pan, here, will take up to a week.

[1885] Jeffery  Never Again

after reading post on this link  not only will I never visit a jiffy lube but I'm going to warn everybody I can to stay away from these rip off artists  jiffy lube needs to go bankrupt  .....

[1884] Mike in Portland, OR  Feed Back Form Not Working

The Jiffy Lube at 181st and Glisan in Portland Oregon ripped me off.  They charged me $50 for a cabin air filter for my Toyota Tacoma that can be purchased online for less than $10.  That is the end of my business relationship with those robbers.  It takes a minute to remove and another minute to install the filter.  Their website will not accept a contact email.  You fill out the form and try to send it and it rejects with an error message.  I have a message for them, but will not put it in writing. 

[1883] Steve in Tempe, AZ  Worn Out Oil Plug

On 09/15/2011 I went to Jiffy Lube® Service Center #3387 located at 7926 S. PRIEST DRIVE TEMPE , AZ 85284 for an oil change. After completing the oil change went to a nearby store to purchase a soft drink. When departing, I noticed fresh oil on the ground in the parking spot I had just left. I stopped my vehicle and looked underneath to see that the oil pan was dripping oil from the drain plug area. I immediately went back to the Jiffy Lube I had just had the service done at. They apologized, secured the drain plug and sent me on my way. I placed cardboard on the ground in my garage and watched for leaks. None were noted.

On 15 Oct, while traveling, I looked in my rearview mirror and noticed a large volume of smoke coming from my vehicle. I immediately put the car in neutral and shut down the motor, coasting to the shoulder of the road. I got out of the vehicle. looked under and oil was flowing out of the drain pan at a high rate. I had the vehicle towed to Berge Ford in Mesa Az. I was told by the mechanic that "The drain plug hole was destroyed and that a temp plug was installed that fell out, beyond helicoil repair". The estimate for the repair is 800.00, I told them to proceed as I need transportation. I contacted a Jodi Stiles at Jiffy Lube after the store initiated the complaint procedure. I was told that Jiffy Lube was not liable for the damage as they had stated on my receipt "drain plug worn, oil leaks around pan and drain plug. Not our filter". I stated that I had paid for an oil change and there was absolutely no mention of drain damage nor a temp plug being placed in the drain. She stated that the drain could have been repaired (not offered) and that my vehicle had too many miles on it (157,118 at the time of this oil change) and that the drain plug had "worn out". Jiffy Lube refuses to pay for the tow, repair or rental vehicle charge. 

I currently have a local news station attempting to settle this but am afraid that legal action will be the only alternative.  I had a conversation with Jiffy Lube's insurance company.  I was told that they were not going to pay the claim. They stated that he a verbal statement from Jiffy Lube that my vehicle came into the shop with a temporary plug installed already. They also stated that when I took the vehicle back right after the oil change for the dripping issue, that they told me that "we are not a repair shop and we cannot repair your oil pan."  This is simply not true. And as for not being a repair shop, they had told me that the pan could, in fact be repaired (Helicoil, which by the way also wasn't possible) and when I meet her representative he had been instructed to repair the pan. So which is it? Can you repair it or not? They did attempt it. The Oil Filter not being theirs was mentioned. Now a verbal statement overrides the invoice? Where on the invoice is the temporary plug mentioned? No where!

[1882] Big Bear in Rosebug, OR  Wrong Oil Destroys Engine

Hi I took my 95 vw jetta into jiffy lube roseburg oregon they put the wrong oil in my car and denied it then tried to charge me for a new oil change the motor is now shot and the mechanic is swapping the motor now looks to be about 2-3k in cost total.

[1881] Paul  Unprofessional Behavior

I hate to say that I made the mistake of going to Jiffy Lube twice in the same year!  I'm happy to say that I took my car out of there both times prior to services being performed.  My story, while frustrating, seems to be pretty typical.

I went in August of 2011 to have the A/C checked.  JL was offering a "free" A/C check up.  I pulled in and a "woman" came out and told me, and I am quoting verbatim, "we don't know shit about Jaguars".  This is a 2004 Jaguar S-Type R, based on teh Lincoln LS.  I was a bit taken aback by the language, the attitude and the rudeness, but thanked her for the honesty and took it to the dealer.  Turns out it was simply low on refrigerant and a few dollars later, A/C works great.

Because they did tell me they didn't know how to check the A/C, I was tentative about taking it back to them, but thought that it was just an oil change, what could go wrong?  As I pulled up, the "woman" from the A/C fiasco came out and told me that the Jaguar needed to use "specially ordered" motor oil that cost $15 per quart and it used 12 quarts.  I asked her if she was teasing, and she said "No, I am an expert on Jaguars".  I thanked her, told her I had changed my mind and backed out.  She then started yelling at me about being a "fucking ass hole" and a "mother fucking idiot".

I am not a prude, I am a happy and easy going person, and I am not one to shy away from strong language, but I thought this was a bit over the top.  Throwing "F" bombs and "MF" bombs out like that was rude, unprofessional and simply unacceptable.  I did not need to put up with this type of attitude and have contacted the JL Home Office, but have heard nothing.  I doubt I do, from what I have read, they are not a very responsive company when dealing with customer complaints.  I will tell friends, family, customers, co-workers and anyone else that will give me an ear NOT to use JL.  The language alone is enough for me to never go back, but trying to tell me it needed $15/quart "special oil" is a bit over the top.  Where I live, Royal Purple oil isn't even that much.

I would do my own oil changes, but a disability prevents me from climbing around under the vehicle, so I am forced to use services such as JL.  I have found a small "private" shop to do most of the work that I don't take to the dealer.  I show the Jaguar, and generally get a 99.8 or 99.9 out of 100 on the scoring.  It is immaculate, kept in top condition and I do know a bit about motorcars.  I also know a bit about business and know enough not to cuss at customers and to "coach" or terminate any abusive staff I may have.  Screaming at the customers is not a good way to maintain business, telling the customer they are an idiot is also a good way to insult the customer and I have no intention of exposing myself or my family to this kind of treatment.

[1880] Employee in Charlotte, NC  Employee

I’ve worked for two separate companies that are part of the Jiffy lube franchise.  My experience has not been a good one.  From the store managers down to the lube techs are generally good people, but they are constantly are in fear of losing their jobs.  They are under constant threats from their corporate offices and their regional/district managers.  I know this first hand working as a manager and an assistant manager.  I would receive multiple e-mails a day saying if my sales didn’t increase they would replace me with someone who could increase them.  Sales of oil changes wasn’t good enough we had to push services on people to meet daily quotas.  You had to have ticket averages of 60-66$ daily if the oil change only cost 19.99 means you had to sell each customer 40-45$ more in goods on each car. 

Most of these employees work 10-12 hours a day most days without a break, for minimum wage.  The  training they receive is off a computer screen and rarely hands on.  I’m currently working with a man who has been employed with jiffy lube for three years and doesn’t know how to properly do trans/radiator services and just recently learned how to do a proper oil change.  There is no back ground check or drug test required to work as a tech for Jiffy Lube.  

Adding to this growing list of internal problems is that each car should take no longer than eight minutes to perform an oil change on.  In some stores your working on three to four vehicles at one time.   While your being timed and graded.  This just adds extra stress and causes mistakes to happen.  So please be easy on your Jiffy Lube techs.  They are trying to survive on minimum wage.  They are constantly under a lot of stress from management, and having to deal with rude customers.  Take your frustration out on the company that is part of the jiffy lube franchise not on their employees. 

[1879] Matthew Employee Gets Preference

Showed up, my vehicle was next up for service. Directed me inside. While waiting to provide my info, they moved my vehicle out of the stall and put someone else in my spot. Tried to complain but they said "he was next" I pulled into an empty spot, no one else was waiting. The person who owned the car came in after me.  This was not cool. Come to find out, the guy was the employees friend.  They made me late to get my kids from school.

[1878] Venks in Santa Clara, CA  Always A Cheat

I went to Jiffy Lube on the corner of Kiely and El Camino in Santa Clara and the technician told me that they are the cheapest in the bay are for car maintenance service. I admitted to him that I do not know much about cars and would lke him to suggest maintenace service for my 2000 Mistubushi Diamante. He looked at my car and said it definitely needs a "Transmission Flush" and "Feul Injection Cleaning" services. I agreed to it after he said that Jiffy Lube is the cheapest in the Bay area.. After 3 days I went to Sears to just ask about their prices and found that they are $50 less in total than Jiffy Lube. My total was $303.xx and Sears was charging me $252.xx. Jiffy Lube charged me $25 for Air-filter which costs around $16 in stores.

Once a Cheat always a Cheat.. Needless to say I am not going to Jify Lube ever..

[1877] Karensa  Dumb Founded Creatures

This the sorriest company you could work for and get your car serviced at. Most Managers are the most nonprofessional dumb founded creatures I have ever met or dealt with.

[1876] Mark in Cranford, NJ Forgot to Replace Oil Fill Cap

I had my oil changed yesterday at the Cranford, NJ JiffyLube location.  They forgot to replace the oil fill cap.  My engine, hood, fender, lights and windshield are now covered with oil.  Who knows what damage was done to my engine.   I would like to know what you will offer to make this right.  I am looking for several hundred dollars including a complete refund of yesterday's bill, new windshield wipers, reimbursement for a complete oil flush and change (not at JiffyLube) and a complete car wash and detailing.  If this is not resolved to my satisfaction I will use every online media outlet possible (facebook, twitter, BBB, auto websites) to convince as many people as I can not to use Jiffy Lube.  I expect a prompt response.

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