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Personal Experiences


[1975] Paul Widespread Incompetence

Thank you for hosting this site! I have photos if you wish. Make no mistake, I intend to bast the internet with my issue. I am pleased that you are online as it goes to further state how widespread their incompetence really is.

[1974] Greg in Queens, NY  Didn't Change Oil Filter

Well I took my car to store 1801 queens NY , and I asked for an oil change , when I took the car to the dealer rite after they said they didn't change my oil filter . I'm very Unsatisfied , never again will I go to any jiffy lube.

[1973] Larry in Johnstown, PA  No 0W-20 Oil

Jiffy Lube refused to service my automobile in Johnstown, PA after the owner/manager had a snit fit because I asked for 0W-20 oil for my car and he said there was no such product and he could give me 10W-30 or 10W-40. I left and returned with 10 quarts of 0W-20 and told him here was that oil you said they didn’t make. He claimed he stated no such thing and then said I had an attitude and he had my car hauled out of the bay unserviced. I have coming to this Jiffy Lube for 10 years. Obviously this owner/manager isn’t too keen of a business operator. His snit fit cost him over $20,000 in future business. I drive 45,000 miles a year.

[1972] Martinez in Southern CA  Employee

Jiffy lube management threatens to fire their employees on a consistent basis in southern California.  Why? That does not create bettered employees or make them work hard. Training and showing them what they do wrong makes them better. But managers like Corey or others do not help create a better company. Teaching and actual training does. Especially selling the products.  Most people come for the basic oil change unless they otherwise say so. The older people or elderly are the ones who will spend more money to take care of their cars. Please have management under the owners in southern California stop threatening to fire and offer more training and outstanding customer service.

[1971] Keith in Charlotte, NC Refused to Honor Battery Guarantee

During a routine oil change on 1/30/12 I was told my battery was bad and I should have a new one installed. I paid $89.99 for a new battery. I was told the battery had a 5 year guarantee.  Less than 4 months later I went to my car to drive home from work on 5/22/12 and my car would not start. The gauges were flipping around like they were in a spasm but the car would not even attempt to turn over. Thinking I had a major problem, since I just bought the new battery I called and had my truck towed to East Charlotte Nissan where I bought the car in May 2006.  They ran diagnostics on the vehicle the following day and found the only problem with the car was the battery. Based on their experience, and the tests they ran, they said the battery was performing as if it "had a bad cell".  They said my truck was otherwise in perfect condition and passed all other tests.  I called the Jiffy Lube where I purchased the battery in January and told them of the situation. They told me that I would have to bring them the battery to test.  I drove to the Nissan dealership, picked up the battery and took it to Jiffy Lube. Jiffy Lube tested the battery and said it was fine. 

The Nissan place said that the battery was causing the problem with my car and that was all they charged me for was the diagnostic to find out the problem. Because Jiffy Lube was not willing to give me a new battery, I was forced to buy yet another battery from the Nissan dealership so that my car would run.

So, in short..... I came into Jiffy Lube in January with a working battery.... They took it out and charged me $89.99 for a battery that failed 4 months later and cost me a $109.99 diagonistic fee and $96.00 for a new battery from Nissan...... Plus all of my time and trouble. (Thank God Geico towed my car for free).

The Jiffy Lube location refuses to refund or replace the battery.  They said they can't do anything because their tests show the battery to be good. The test they did was a quick test with a hand held device. The Nissan dealership did an extensive multiple test study with the battery under a load and not under a load. It failed the test. The true test is that the Jiffy Lube battery will not run my car...... Test or no test.

Please look at my service records. Other than times when I had my car in for regular service with Nissan and had them change the oil, I have always used Jiffy Lube since I bought my new car in 2006. I currently have about 128,000 miles on my truck which with an average oil change of 4000 miles, that means I have used Jiffy Lube around 32 times in the past 6 years with my truck. Each visit probably averages over $40.00. I have also used Jiffy Lube for my annual vehicle inspections. I have been a loyal customer, and yet I feel as if my loyalty has done nothing for me and that I am being treated poorly in this situation.

[1970] RLD in Albuquerque, NM  Common Error Code Problem

I was not at all satisfied with the service I paid for (paid for twice)... at the #2951 store.   I requested an emissions test.  I did not have to wait long, but when the manager told me it was completed... He was very careful no to tell me that the test had failed until he had obtained payment from me.  I asked him why it failed. He showed me the error code. I asked him what the error code was. He said that I would have to take the truck to a mechanic and have it repaired.   I when home and did a little research on the error code.  I found out that it is a VERY common error code that is usually due to a loose gas tank cap. or a cap that is worn and needs replaced.   I called a different Jiffy Lube location and asked them about this common error code.  They (store # 3162) said "yes", we are very aware of this code.... They suggested that before I spend $$ for a mechanic that I should check the condition of the gas cap. they suggested that I determine if it needed cleaned or replaced.....they provided some suggestions on how/where I could get the error code cleared for free.  They (store #3162) said to drive the truck around for awhile and see if the error reappeared prior to getting it re-tested.   Store # 3162  (later that day) retested my vehicle and it passed with NO ERRORS.     I had to pay $16.04  at store #2951 and got NO help at all ...   I paid $16.04 again for the same test at store # 3162 (and received PLENTY of help and customer service).   ONE MORE THING: while I was in store #2951, the management allowed "street peddlers" aka sales people to enter the waiting area and pester the customers of Jiffylube.   I was pestered by two guys trying to sell discount tickets to a pizza joint... when I said no to them they continued around the room pestering the other jiffylube patrons..  Is this condoned by Jiffy lube?

[1969] Marlena  Engine Flush Destroys Engine

I'm writing to inform others about my husband's and my terrible mistake of going to Jiffy Lube. We went for a full-service oil change and ended up being sold a lot of extras which we didn't need - including an engine flush - due to our ignorance. The car, an 11-year-old Saturn which had enjoyed a long life of regular oil changes and no mechanical problems, immediately began to make some weird noises after the Jiffy Lube visit. Stupidly, we ignored it because we could only hear it occasionally. However, a couple months later the car broke down. It turns out the timing chain was damaged - most likely during the engine flush - and it completely ruined the engine. I know we bear a lot of responsibility for the death of our car, but I am angry that Jiffy Lube badgered us into getting an engine flush which wrecked the timing chain. They are a terrible company! I have learned my lesson the hard way and I can only hope that everyone will stop patronizing Jiffy Lube so they will go away.

[1968] Cale in Matteson, IL  No Oil Destroys Engine

On 4/25/12 11:15 AM . I went to Jiffy Lube # 2958 in Matteson Illinois to get an oil change on my 2001 Toyota Celica GTS vin .They Charged me $88.49. At the time of oil change the vehicle was in perfect running order. No check engine light or any other lights for that matter, however the following day 4/26/12 while traveling on Interstate 80 west bound the check engine light and oil light came on simultaneously. At that time I pulled over and had the vehicle towed to my local mechanic.He stated that the oil drain plug was missing and it had not been properly tightened during the oil change which caused the motor to release all the oil thus causing catastrophic engine failure .In others words damaging my engine.Also my mechanic replaced the oil drain plug and refilled the engine with oil, but the check engine light remained on. On May 1st my mechanic spoke to Kimberly, an employee at Jiffy Lube at the previously stated location and discussed a time and date to inspect the vehicle. However due to scheduling difficulties a time for inspection was never set in place.

On May 3rd I proceeded to bring the vehicle to Jiffy Lube for inspection where I met Kevin who inspected the car for Jiffy Lube.He proceeded to inspect the car and take pictures to submit to their loss prevention team. I returned the vehicle home where it sat until 5/10/12.There is no other vehicle currently available at my residence and I needed to apply for school so had no other choice but to drive the Celica to Joliet Junior College. On May 10th while driving towards the college , I heard a loud metallic grinding noise and my oil light was now on! I pulled the car over and called AAA to tow my vehicle. While waiting for the tow truck I received a phone call from Kevin , the inspector from Jiffy lube. I stated my current situation and he ensured me "it was not Jiffy's Lubes fault".After that call I then received a call from Ken another employee from Jiffy Lube who instructed me to have the car towed to S & S Auto Center at 11101 South Harlem Worth Illinois 60482.

Here I met the owner Ravi . Ravi stated that the fault was Jiffy Lubes and any cost to repair the vehicle  should be paid by Jiffy Lube. He also stated I was the second vehicle that day to come in for damage done by Jiffy Lube. On 5/11/2012 I received a call from Ken who stated "things don't add up and I cannot process your claim". Now I am left without a vehicle and no means to transport my mother Diane ,who is an MS patient, to her doctors appointments or my girlfriend who depends on me for a ride to work.

[1967] Azam in Seattle, WA  Car Broke Down

I took my wife's car to a Jiffy Lube on Lake City Way in Seattle, WA on 5/12/12. Today is 5/14 and my wife's car broke down on our street.  The car was running perfectly fine before the oil change. I just dropped it off at the mechanic, so we'll see what happened. Any tips of what to look for would be great.

[1966] Gregg in Spokane, WA  Forgot To Replace Oil

On 4 May 2012 I took my 2006 Ford Ranger into a Jiffy Lube in Spokane Wa.  The store was on Francis and Wall.  I requested a lube, oil, filter and fuel injector cleaning.  I left the store with my girlfriend to go get something to drink.  When I came back a technician with sunglasses on his head was attempting to start my engine and was being unsuccessful.  When it did start the engine sounded rough and the technician stated the reason it did was because the fuel injectors were so clogged.  Shortly after that the engine died.  He attempted to restart the vehicle without success to the point of where he almost drained the battery.  The vehicle did turn over but died shortly after that.  He attempted to start it two more times and it DID sound like metal grinding on metal.  He went and got the store manager (John) who came out and started the vehicle.  The tech with the sunglasses on tried pinning the problem on my battery which is only 6 months old.  The manager came back and checked the oil after the engine died again.  He checked the oil dipstick and found that there was not any oil in the engine.  The engine had been drained and NO OIL WAS PUT BACK IN.  I have this documented on a receipt.  The manager confirmed there was no oil in the truck, however the idiot tech loudly stated that it was LOW on oil. 

I was told the district manager was called and I was offered all services for free or they would tow the truck to have it evaluated.  The manager said that since it was after 5 pm on a Friday he could not get anyone to evaluate the damage right then and there, but in his opinion nothing was wrong with the engine.  I informed him that I had already spoken to 2 mechanics over the phone and that I was owed a new engine.  He clearly stated that I was not going to get one.  I told him I would be more than happy to contact an attorney and we could pursue this in court.  I now have a rental car paid for by Jiffy Lube.

Here is the kicker.  I do not live in Washington.  I live in Utah and have to be back at work on Thursday.  The store manager was not solid on his point that I had to be back to work on Thursday and that Jiffy Lube could pay for the rental car until all repairs have been made.  Jiffy Lube does not employ mechanics.  They are only oil jockeys.  Both the manager and the idiot technician tried to pass themselves off as mechanics.  They even wanted me to take my truck and drive it away knowing how unsafe it was. 

Because of Jiffy Lubes incompetence and mistreatment of my Truck my vacation has been ruined.  I am hiring an attorney to sue Jiffy Lube for property damage.

[1965] Jesse in Montgomery, IL  Kicked Out of Store

I've been a JiffyLube customer since the early 1990's and have been getting my cars serviced at the Montgomery, IL JiffyLube for 6 years when I was kicked out this morning and told not to come back.

This morning I went to get my oil changed when I noticed the JiffyLube "Manager" (Sergio) trying to open my air filter the wrong way.  He was in the middle of opening the air filter lid when I noticed that he was just trying to pull up on the lid when the lid has 4 tabs on the back that require the lid to be slid out forward first.  I promptly jumped out to the bay and had to physically stop him by putting my arm out in front of his to stop him from doing any harm.  I told him that it needs to be slid out first.  He told me that he has been doing this for years and that if he broke something then he would pay for it.  He then opened the lid with a loud plastic snap yet fortunately did not break the tabs.  I informed him that he did not know what he was doing because he didnt even look at what he was doing.  He then said that he was not going to service my car and then attempted to clip the air filter lid back on and he forced the tabs back in and almost broke them again. We then got into a conveersation where he said he was the Manager there and I didnt believe him.  I have been going there for 6 years and have never seen him.  He then told me to leave and never come back.  I told him that I've been going to JiffyLube with this particular car for 12 years and still  he didnt care.  He then walked away and wouldnt pull my car out of the bay and made me do it (which I know is against your company policy due to insurnace reasons.)  I didnt look at him or say anything more to him yet when I pulled out of the bay he snarkily remarked "Have a Nice Day!".

At minimum I deserve a response from his Manager and an in person apology from him.  You have lost a long term Jiffy Lube Customer due to his completely unacceptable actions.

[1964] Flora Blown Engine 

I went into Jiffy Lube and asked them if they could just look at my 2006 Toyota Carolla because i noticed the oil leaking and just wanted to know where it was leaking from so i could get a oil change done. Well they pulled my car into look at it and the mechanic came in and showed me that there was a hole in the oil filter I said OK so what they should have done is put it back on there put a little bit of oil in it and sent me on my way until i had the money to fix it. No instead they put there hands on it and told me that they put a new oil filter on it and put oil in it and then sent me on my way. Well the next day I was driving back from the beach with my 3 yr old son in the car with me and my car started ticking really really bad was sitting at a light and it tryed cutting out on me. Well i mad it 2 sec after the light and into advanced auto parts parking lot and the car shut off on me. So I went inside and asked one of the guys to come out and look at it and he came out and told me that there was no oil filter on the car and that there was no oil in it. So i called Jiffy lube that I had gone to and told them what was going on and what had happened and the same guy that did the work came down and put another new oil filter on and oil in it and started it up and it still had a little bit of a tick to it and he told me to drive it around the parking lot to make sure it would be drive able and be able to get it home and it still had the tick to it.

So i went home and it sat over night and the next day I got up and went out to my car and checked the oil to make sure there was still some in it and it still had full oil in it so I took my son to daycare and did a couple other errands and after I had dropped my sister off at work I was driving back home and it started ticking really really really really bad again and tryed cutting out on me again so I drove it from 75th st to 26th st where Jiffy lube was and pulled it in there again and they told me that it had oil in it and that it was a engine rod or something to do with that and told me to take it home and park it and that the district manager would be getting in contact with me. I said ok i will be waiting for the call. Well the next day the manager from the Jiffy Lube called me and told me that they weren't reliable because there was no invoice made up. So i told him well that is not my fault that yall didn't do your job and make one up and that i have gone to a different shops and everyone had made me up a ticket and proof that i was there and that suppose able that my car had a little tick to it when i pulled it in so i searched up on that because my uncle had been a mechanic since he was 16 and he told me that every engine had a tick to it no matter what year. So not my engine is blown still waiting on the call from the district manager because i guess he was going to look at the cameras to see if I was even there. And i told them and they seen that Im 7 and 1/2 months pregnant with a 3 year old and I'm a high risk pregnancy and this is my only form of transportation and my only veichale that cant even drive and that its my only means of transportation to take my son to day care and appointment to work this car is my life and now I have nothing because of Jiffy Lube blowing me engine up. They need to fix it they are 100 percent reliable and if they don't then i will be getting a lawyer. So defiantly no going to recommend jiffy lube to any of my friend or family that is 100 percent for sure.

[1963] Narayan in Santa Clara, CA  Feedback Form Does Not Work

I got my premium oil change done at Jeffy Lube on the 15th of April 2012 in the evening before heading out to Los Angeles from Santa Clara CA.

Due to the negligence of not tightening the bolts of the splash shield, it came partially off that very night a couple of hours into my travel towards Los Angeles. The splash shield was rubbing the highway creating a lot of noise and hence I had to pull over. This incident occurred in the middle of the trip  on Highway 5.  The Oil Change was done on : 3.09 PM, the Splash shield problem occurred at 6:45 PM on the same day.

I had to call AAA, I was advised that I could drive if I get rid of the splash shield, it was there to protect the car engine from water and mud splashes. Since it wasn't raining that night, I decided to get this removed and drove to Los Angeles. The entire wait was around 3 hours waiting for AAA truck and removal of the splash shield.  After returning back to Jeffy Lube, I was told that a district manager would return my call, he never returned my call.  Later, I went back this week again to let the guy at Jeffy Lube know that no body called me. This time another person from Jeffy Lube intervened and mentions I reached out to them too late and they wont be able to help me. I informed him that I was there the last week and he didn't seem to care, he just repeated that he wouldn't be able to help me since it was two weeks since.

I tried to log my compliant last week to let you know about the negligence on part of the service person, and this particular web form was down (a submit resulted in an error). I have attached the error that keeps repeating, the web site hasnt been fixed for the last 2 weeks.  Also, I am attaching the photo of the splash shield when the incident occurred.  I am now reaching out to you so that Jeffy Lube can make good for the damage of the Splash Shield and I hope this compliant gets its due attention.

[1962] Wes in Columbia, SC  Alcohol & Marijuana

I went to Jiffy lube in Columbia sc and it was very unprofessional. they where New faces guys and women. The employees where not dressed proper and smelled like alcohol and marijuana they never talked to me thet just took my money and let me go with no proof of purchase. They cheated me and Jiffy lube cheats lots of people with the highest oil change price in columbia. I will never be back

[1961] Inderjit in Barrington, IL  Feedback Form Does Not Work

1)  The customer feedback form doesn’t work and it hasn’t been fixed despite JiffyLube being aware of the problem!!!  Customer Service rep told me the same when I phoned there… Tried to send the following:

Had the oil changed in two cars last couple of weeks.  Driving the Passat down the highway and hear a sudden noise under the car and pull over about 10 seconds later - the engine shroud has fallen off and is stuck under the car - I spent about an hour trying to loosen the remaining screw so that I could get home all the while traffic zooming by.  Very dangerous situation thanks to one of your "technicians" who failed to re-attach the shroud properly - now I have a mangled cover - damage to my car where the some of the screws tore off...Not a happy customer - I want this fixed immediately as the shroud protects components under the car.

Store 1811 Barrington, IL 60010.  Now, I have to go to the store and show them the part and go through what will probably be “the runaround” in order to try to rectify the situation.

JiffyLube????  One very unhappy customer…

[1960] Paul in Hawthorne, CA  Taking Advantage of the Elderly

My 83 year old mother just told me of a horrifying experience at Jiffy Lube #1418 in Hawthorne, CA.  They kept telling her that she needed all kinds of things such as belts. She said No. They handed her a bill that was nearly $161. I called them up and talked to the manager, but basically he said too bad.  It saddens me that Jiffy Lube takes advantage of the elderly. In my book that's a lifetime ban. I'll tell all of my friends. Post this on every appropriate website possible.

[1959] Elisha in San Fernado, CA  Stole Money & Sunglasses

took my girlfriends car to the location in san fernando on rinaldi and wow these guys working on the car are horrible.....   mainly my girlfriends prada sunglasses GONE ... along with some pocket change  i addressed the managner however he is not aviable  like most places where manangeners need to be on weekends...  the job was fast however when i did a checkup to see if the car had fluids , there was not the proper amount of oil in there which was a reason for car problems im fixing myself  they even charged me to change the car filter . which was a ripoff the same one was there ... if i wanted to waste money i would have bought lottery tickets...

[1958] Paul in Las Vegas, NV  No Oil Pressure

I went to your Jiffy Lube on Tropicana here in Las Vegas. My experience was horrible. The attendant spilled oil all over the engine and didn't put the oil filter on properly. It was leaking , so much the engine would not register any oil pressure. Pretty shoddy workmanship. I can't believe I paid for it too.  Never again,Jiffy Lube..,

[1957] Anni  Broke Fuel Line

Why I will never visit a Jiffy Lube again- they cracked my fuel line and proceeded to lie about why my  "oil change"  was taking so long. After needing to result to a temper tantrum for a two hour oil change, they finally fessed up to what had happened. And then were refusing to let me have my vehicle towed out of there. Honesty up front is the best policy and the children that are working/ running these stores need more management training in how to deal with customers.

[1956] Marion Destroyed Transmission

Let me tell you something, I will NEVER have my car serviced at JIFFY LUBE and I shall spread the word about your company.  I paid over $1,650.00 to have my automatic transmission repaired after the screwed it up.  After the service at Jiffy Lube, the car never would shift properly and when I returned to have them check it out, they had to drain out Power Steering fluid and they said it was over serviced.  

I wish you people would at least answer the email to say something.  I have copies of the email that was answered when it first happened.  I guess one unsatisfied customer doesn't mean hell or beans to a large OIL COMPANY.  

It has been 7 months and you people have not done anything about the half ass job that was done on my car that cost me a transmission to be repaired.  The more I thing back about that day, your manager at Jiffy Lube said that the Power Steering was over serviced and they had to drain some out.  The reservoir  for the Power Steering isn't very large and it should haven't been OVER SERVICED.  One thing for sure I shall NEVER have MY SERVICED at JIFFY LUBE  and I shall pass the work about them.

[1955] Kris in Tucson, AZ  Oil Plug Falls Out

On 3/12/2012 one of my truck's oil was changed at Jiffy Lube location #2443, 5710 E 22nd Street.  This location is owned by Lube Pit, Inc.  The next day, around 11am, the same truck was driving down Ina Road in Tucson in the far left hand lane, when a great deal of smoke came out from the vehicle and the check engine light came on.  The driver pulled over as quickly as he reasonably could, but with traffic it took over a minute and he drove approximately a quarter of a mile.

Suspecting the incident was related to the oil change the day before, the driver called the Jiffy Lube location and spoke to the assistant manager. The assistant manager, contacted the closest Jiffy Lube, store #1601.  That location sent over a technician who confirmed oil drain plug was missing and surmised the drain plug was not properly tightened the day before and eventually vibrated loose and fell out.  The technician replaced the drain plug, added 4 quarts of oil and had my driver go to location #1601 where the oil was changed again. 

Steven Smith, the manager of location #2443, contacted me and told me he was very sorry, these things happen sometimes and I could take the vehicle to a mechanic to have it checked out and a car wash to be cleaned and he would reimburse me. 

[1954] Tonya in Havertown, PA Fix Destroys Engine

I took my volkswagon gti 2006 to jiffy lube havertown, I was told by service provider that my oil screw was broken but not to worry because he would fix it. He used some kind of polymer to fix it. After that I noticed my oil pressure light would come on reading low quite often. So I would take it to havertown jiffy lube and ask, “if my oil level was low” and I was told “no”.   Well ultimately, my oil pan cracked and affected the motor. My car will not run now and will be very expensive to fix. I know that many of the service providers are not mechanics and are not skilled enough to recognize serious issue. At this point I’m at a lost. 

[1952] Holly in Norman, OK Certificate Fraud

Jiffy Lube is a rip off! They are only in business to make money and not to help their customers. I went in there for just an oil change, because I received a $25 gift certificate in the mail. The second I pulled up the man said I needed a synthetic oil change because my vehicle had high mileage (90,000). I asked him how much that would be, he said, "$60." I then presented my coupon and asked if the coupon would apply for that oil change and he said, "yes." After trying to sell me random fixes to my vehicle that I didn't need and saying no, he came back with a price of $85 minus my $25 gift certificate to equal $60 ($63 w/ tax). Basically, he cushioned the price of the oil change so that my gift certificate had no effect on their profit margin. When I asked him about my gift certificate and how he quoted me at $60 from the start, he said he misspoke and the price he quoted the oil change at was the price after the gift certificate. Very unprofessional and very immoral. I will NEVER go to this Jiffy Lube or any other Jiffy Lube's ever again. Not to mention one customer before me and another customer after me, verbally expressed that they didn't know if the guys working at that Jiffy Lube were to be trusted while we were sitting in the waiting area. It is a constant fear that they are trying to rip you off every time you step foot in that place.

[1951] Kelly in Plaistow, NH Forgot to Replace Oil

I got my car serviced on March 5, 2012 at the Jiffy Lube #1491 at 75 Plaistow Rd in Plaistow NH at 6:08pm. They changed my oil and also my rear license plate lights. I since then got gas last night at about 5:45pm and check my oil when I finished. To my surprise my dipstick was reading almost empty. As you can assume I was very angry. I went right down to the Jiffy Lube that did my original service. The gentleman behind the counter was really nice (unfortunately I did not get his name) he really wanted to help me and understood my frustration. He went right over to Rusty (RPR1491 or MJM1491) who did the original job. Rusty came angrily through the door stating I never let a car out until it is filled. I just replied I just checked my oil down the street and it was empty. He refused to check it in front of me or let anyone else near the car as well as pulled it into a bay behind an SUV so I could not see what he was doing. He came back and said I checked it a few times and it is half full.

And then very rudely spoke to me (demeaning me) and said "Do you even know how to check you oil, sweetheart?" Of course I know how to check my oil, yes I was on a flat surface. I said it cannot be half full, it was barely showing on the dipstick only a mile down the street. He then went back put oil in and said it only took a half a quart. I understand it is my word against his, and he is the technician, but I would not be as angry as I am if that was the truth, because you have the policy that if I need a top off before my 4500 miles is up you do it for free. I am angry because something bad could have happened to my car, or even worse to me or my family in the car. I understand mistakes happen, in the business I work in mistakes happen, and same effects bad things can happen when these mistakes happen. I wish he would of just apologized and said it was a busy night I must of overlooked it or something rather than just basically call me a stupid girl, because that is how I felt when I left, even more infuriated for this guy saying I do not know what I am talking about. Needless to say, me, my family or friends will not be going back to any Jiffy Lube in the future.

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