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Personal Experiences


[2000] Christine in Norfolk, VA  Incompetence

Sorry to say but things changed drastically since 2010.  I have several complaints about the service etc., Incompetence of management and staff.  Customer Service for the Virginia Area Ryan very rude, will not return your phone calls refuse to give you any information or allow the customer to express their concerns especially if you are a female!  I was warned about Jiffy Lube by my Dad who has been in the mechanic business since 1964. I would of taken by vehicle to him but I now reside in Norfolk VA.  I had several male friends who had to create a scene in order to get them to correct mistakes this staff has done.  this is the store at 2463 E Little Creek Road Norfolk, VA 23518.  If you have a complaint do not call the number on the back of the receipt 1-800-345-8237 Option 7 Randy.  The manager at this store Pandera, nice but does not have a clue on what he is doing.  Consumers beware!  My air conditioner was serviced after the initial test and the mechanics claimed that it was blowing cold air.  I brought it back the manager remembered me apologized that he was not there to make sure it was fully charged told me to contact customer service, customer service will not return your phone calls you have to call them, rude and will not resolve the issue.    

[1999] David in Richmond, VA  Lug Nut Problem

Today I arrived at Jiffy Lube store #2708 at 4:45. I was pleasantly greeted by a manager. There was one vehicle in the bay in front of me. The car in front of me was getting a standard signature service oil change. At 5:30 they pulled my car in.  There was a car there that had been damaged during their service. I realized why it was taking so long when I watched the individuals performing the work. OBVIOUSLY burning every minute they could between every step in the process. Texting, talking , and standing.... Not much else.

One of the managers commented "I'm outta here !" As people in the lobby had been waiting over an hour.  I realized there were three technicians were staring at my lug nut stuck in their socket.  They spent another 30 minutes looking at each other and trying to use a pair of pliers to remove it??? I got the manager and asked if there was a problem?? Thinking to myself why don't they just thread it back on and let the impact wrench take care of the stuck socket. The manager walked out and did precisely that and solved the problem in less that 2 minutes.  I was finally able to leave at 6:31. There was no sorry for your wait. Just a have a nice day, as if to say this is normal.  UNBELIEVABLE I will NEVER go back to any Jiffy Lube.

[1998] Pamela in Desert Hot Springs, CA  Destroyed Transmission

Went to jiffy lube two days ago [July 30 2012] and now my transmisson is not shifting. I'm located in Desert Hot Springs, CA

[1997] Steve  in Beaverton, OR  Engine Destroyed From Lack of Oil

I previously had an incident with ur company when I took my car to get an oil change. This happened in February of 2012. I took my car in for my service routine of oil change. Two day later, while on my way back from from work I notice a strong smell which was burned oil. I was on the freeway and I merged out to avoid any accidents. I drove.my car for about two miles and suddenly my oil light started flashing. I pulled over to the side of the road and since it was raining, I notice that there was oil spilled on the ground. I check my oil and notice that is was drained. So I called fiffy Lube and I let them know what happened. They send out a guy and he came and saw that the plug underneath my car was not there. He added a new plug and filled my car with oil. I drove back to Jiffy Lube to see if I could speak with the reginal manager. I was afraid something wrong might have happened to my car. The maneger at the store in Beaverton Oregon say that he will have the reginal manager give me a call back. I waited for two Weeks and I still did not get a call back. So I decides to take matters into my own hands. I called customer care and submited my request to speak with a suppervisor. And few day later I received a call back from Viela Guay. The reginal manager for Oregon. He set up an appointment to have my car checked. I took my car to get check to aamco a place were ur reginal manager recommended and the scaned my car. They let me knoe the only problen with my car was the head gasket and that Jiffy Lube had nothing to do with my car ploblem. I when ahead and replaced the head gasket and after a week of replacing it my engine was blown. I spoke with AAMCO and they said I needed to replace the full engine. I went ahead and replace it with my own mechanic and I had to give my old engine to them. They took it to the manufacture and opened it to see if it was rebuildible. They say no beacuse the car was runned withought any oil. Not im stuck with all these nonsence of bills that from the first place, I was not at fault.,I have proof of all my hard work and the time and money I had to spend fixing my car. 

[1996] Buster in Austin, TX  Destroyed Transmission

jiffy lube austin texas 5510 south ih-35 #L  terrible experience. they broke my car ruining my transmission.  yet they make no claim of admitting it was their fault.  i will be foreced to take them to civil court

[1995] Courtney Filters Replaced Backwards

I needed an oil change and when I arrived I was told 10 minutes and my car would be done.  They left me waiting for 30 minutes.

When I finally talked to someone to go over my car the informed me I needed over $200 of work that was crucial I needed done. Which I found out was not the case because when  i was leaving  I asked the manager to be "frank" with me and he said it could damage your car what we wanted to do to it.  I was told I needed new filter and they showed me how dirty they were I asked for them to put them back in my car and I would take car of the filters later.  When I went to replace the filters one hour later, I found the filters were in backwards, which released all the dirt into my car.  When I drove away from the Jiffy Lube store my searing wheel was so badly oiled up to the point that i could not steer I had to put on emergency lights and find something in my car, my shirt, to try to remove some of the oil.

This what the worse Jiffy Lube service I have ever received.

[1994] MP in Chandler, AZ  Complaint Form Does Not Operate

I stopped at Jiffy Lube # 2092538942 399 N Arizona Ave Chandler AZ on 6/1/2012 and requested an oil change, oil filter and lube. The service person suggested an oil upgrade to an oil for high mileage vehicles My car has 77,000 miles and I said yes. The charged me $101.21 and I did not get any lube. (Said with tongue in cheek).  I called their customer service line and the woman was snotty toward me. Their complaint form does not work.

[1993] Richard in Tucson, AZ  Destroyed Skid Plate

When I went to get in my car, the lights were on and it was dead.  I heard them start and stop the car at least 7 times while I waited.  I've never had any problems with my battery until now  Second, the Change Oil light was still on.  The worker said she couldn't figure out how to turn it off.   I've had the oil changed for 70,000 miles by various companies and that's the first time that has happened. That's probably why she spent 20 mins pushing buttons and turning the ignition on and off with the lights on.  I was mad at this point so when I got home to charge my battery I checked other things.  I'd like to send pics.  First, one of the four screws holding the ail filter was not even started into place.  Second, oil was all over the plastic shield on the bottom of the engine.  Third, the shield was bowed down out of place like it had been pried away to get access to the plug.  Last, the receipt says I declined to have my tire pressure checked, vacuum floors or wash windows.  I did not decline anything.   I will never use Jiffy again.  Thanks

[1992] Ed  Wrong Brake Fluid Destroys System

My son took his car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change at 72,000 miles. They topped off the brake fluid with something other than brake fluid (probably power steering fluid). All rubber components of his brake system were eaten away, resulting in gradual but total brake failure and a 2000 dollar repair. of course there is no way to prove this, as they could just deny it and suggest that someone else added the wrong fluid. My son would not even know where to add brake fluid.........NEVER GO TO JIFFY LUBE....safer and less expensive to not have your car serviced at all.=

[1991] Gail in Gresham, OR  Invoice More Than Estimate

I had poor customer service at a Jiffy Lube store yesterday in Gresham Oregon.  I have written 2 complaints to Jiffy Lube as of last night, one being on their customer form and still no one has responded.  I was treated horribly by a Service Tech while trying to resolve a dispute over the cost of the service I received yesterday.  When I complained to the manager he didn't seem concerned enough to help either.  

I was quoted a price of $70.88 for the service and the invoice said $100.88.  The service tech told me he never said $70.88, but he did and was lying.  Then he told me I had no common sense to think that I would receive $60 off a service rather than $30 as the original cost of service was $130.88.  Again, I know what I heard him say and it was the ONLY reason I had authorized the service.   

It was bad enough that he lied his way out of this but then to embarrass me while other customers were sitting in the waiting area was uncalled for.  Additionally, when I went to pay, my card did not go through the machine.  I asked for help and he told me to read the screen and do what it says!  He had the most JERK-ASS attitude I had encountered from any business I have ever entered.  Again, totally uncalled for especially when I announced I was not going to argue and I would just pay.  

I vow NEVER to enter a Jiffy Lube store again.  I feel they do not care about their customers and they do not care about Quality Customer Service.  They only care about selling a product and receiving the money for it.  This is my 3rd email, I do not know what else it will take to receive contact, but I would like to hear from someone.  

[1990] Shawn in Owings Mills, MD  Forgot to Replace Oil

I took my mustang to the Owings Mills, MD JiffyLube for a quick oil change because I was short on time.  Upon leaving I noticed white smoke coming from my engine and exhaust.  Immediately I turned around to return and the manager said "we may have put a little too much oil in, just drive it an d burn off the oil".  That didnt sound right but I followed his instructions.  3 days later my car was still smoking and a transmission failure left me on the side of the road.  Dealer told me there was no transmission fluid and the cylinder heads were gunked up with burnt oil.  I returned to JL to find the shop had already been renamed "Econolube" but the same manager was there, who put me in contact with a regional representative that would take care of the repair bill.  Needless to say this rep never returned my calls and the Corporate office was useless in resolving the problem.  I had to end up scrapping the car.  Through my visits to this JL I met another guy with an Audi A4 that was also having issues after JL used regular oil in his car after he specified synthetic as manufacturer specifies.  His turbo cracked a few weeks later.  Please avoid JL at all costs.

[1989] Emile in Pasadena, MD  Forgot to Replace Oil

I had my oil changed today in the Pasadena store today [June 30, 2012] on my 2011 Tundra.  After driving for a few hours and returning home, the engine started knocking very badly as I approached my home.  When I reached my home, I checked the oil and it was completely empty.  I looked under the truck and it seems as if they either did not tighten the screw on the oil pan or it is missing completely.  I need to understand what to do and what damage there is to my vehicle.  I am also contacting my attorney as there may be serious damage to my engine.

[1988] Trish  Phone Does Not Work

try to call the phone number listed,rings two times and then goes to like a fax machine=

[1987] Ash in Colton, CA  I Know Where You Live...

I am writing to inform you about abusive customer service that I’ve experienced at Jiffy Lube.

On May 7th 2012, my wife (Jen, the owner of the car) & I visited Jiffy Lube (Address: Jiffy Lube #3185, Najjar Lube Centers, Inc. 1701 Washington Ave. Colton. CA 92324) [Referenced as “Jiffy Lube Colton” herein], where we purchased a brand new car battery. The receipt has been attached with this document (Invoice# “31...”).

Yesterday (June 28th, 2012), not more than a month after buying the new battery, our car stopped working while we were driving through the middle of a very bad neighborhood, far away from home. Ultimately, a towing truck was able to take us to a nearby garage that examined the car and reported that it was a “…defective battery…”.  We knew the only way to return home and away from this area was to purchase a new battery.  After they installed the new battery, the Mechanic advised us to return to Jiffy Lube and inform them of the faulty battery and to request a refund.

Today (June 29th, 2012), my wife & I visited Jiffy Lube Colton, to share with them our misfortune of purchasing the faulty battery, and we requested a refund.  One of the Jiffy Lube Colton Mechanics conducted a test of the faulty battery which was in the truck of our car; he confirmed it was “dead”.

The Mechanic then shared this information with someone else (I presume to be the shop manager), his name was “Sergio”.  Sergio took my receipts of the original purchase for the Jiffy Lube battery and attempted to inform me that he could not provide a refund, claiming it was “company policy”.  He did suggest that he could replace it for a new battery.  I attempted to point out the fact we already had a new battery and having a new one would not benefit us.  Sergio stated that he could no longer help me, and told me to call someone called “George” who’s number was on my receipt (that he was still holding).  I inquired if George was the CEO of Jiffy Lube, to which Sergio stated “…no…” and so I asked him to give me the contact information of the CEO.  At this point Sergio completely refused to help.  He claimed he wouldn’t give me that information and there was nothing more he could do.  Then I asked Sergio if he would contact George for me to obtain the information of the CEO.  Sergio refused to call George.  I suggested to Sergio that my rights as a customer were being violated and that he could assist me by providing the contact information of the CEO.  It was at this point he physically turned away, expressing absolutely no desire to help.  As I felt he was leaving with my only proof of purchase, I took it out of his hand without touching him.  To which he exclaimed “…you’ve physically assaulted me…” (which I did not).  Sergio further threatened that he would be calling the police to make a report.  It seemed like he was behaving like this to prompt us to leave.  Sergio's whole team was there and as we were getting worried with the threat of violence, we left.

As we were leaving, it seemed as if Sergio was saying, “…I’ve got your license place and I know where you live…”  Now we are in fear of our lives.  As soon as we arrived home, I called 911 to report the fact Sergio lied to them about the “…physical assault…”.  I also called my Lawyer who advised me I did the right thing by calling the Police and suggested I call the head office as well.  I then looked up the Jiffy Lube head office on 800-344-6933 and reported the terrible experience to someone called “Kelly”.  I assume Kelly informed “George Betancourt”, who then called me from 909-263-7668.

George attempted to get my perspective of events.  I reminded George, that despite not being able to issue me with a refund, Sergio could have attempted to contact you to get the CEO’s information;  Sergio absolutely refused to help, showing no humility or respect for the customer, and then to lied to the police was just beyond unacceptable.  If he wanted me to leave, he should have just asked me.  Now, my wife and I feel abused, upset, humiliated and are in fear of our lives.  I informed George that my lawyer advised me to write this report, addressing it to the CEO and to offer it to the Police.  He claimed Sergio was a “…bit of a hot head…” and that he was “…also a family man…” to which I said I would not press charges but if he insists on telling lies to the Police, the situation is out of my hands.

I am a law abiding and a civilized person; I have never assaulted anyone (verbally or physically) in my life and never had the intention to do so.  I know in an altercation situation, the law is there to assist me and so I have no need or desire for violence.  I am also much smaller than Sergio; I felt like I would be the one that could be assaulted, not the other way around!  Considering all of this it seemed ludicrous and a massive abuse of Police time that Sergio would feel the need to lie to the police in this way.

Bottom line, Jiffy Lube sold me a bad battery and refused to give me a refund and an apology.  I am left distraught at this horrid set of uncouth and unprofessional behavior from a Jiffy Lube employee.  Jiffy Lube has now lost us as customers for life.  We humbly request a refund and an apology from Jiffy Lube.

[1986] Prashubh in Savage, MN Wrong Oil & Destroyed Skid Plate

My daughter took her 2005 Volkswagen Beetle for oil change at Jiffy Lube, Savage, Minnesota. They found air filter to be dirty and changed it by our permission. They also told her that previous oil change company put the wrong oil and tightened the oil plug too tight. They got the work done and she took the car home. After driving for couple miles, she realized that the engine light came on and the car was shaking. She took the car back to Jiffy Lube. They found the air filter hose clamp to be loose. They forgot to tighten it and it came off. They fixed it. A couple days later, we took the car to Volkswagen dealership for some other work. They found skid plate to be bent and tied with zip ties. We took the car back to the Jiffy Lube. The mechanic accepted that he tied the skid plate with zip ties but didn't accept that while getting to the oil plug, he bent the skid plate. Now, they are blaming the previous oil change place. Skid plate is now hanging and hitting the ground on bumpy roads. Store manager Lance Matthews called me yesterday and he was rude on the phone. He told me he will call me back with his District Manager. I haven't heard from him since then.

[1985] Susan in Portland, OR  No Promised Free Oil Change

I'm writing to express my frustration about a problem I experienced at the Jiffy Lube at 9132 SE Powell Blvd. in Portland, Oregon.   I've been a faithful Jiffy Lube customer for years, so I've come to expect good customer service from the employees over the years.

On February 4, 2012 I took my Honda to the Jiffy Lube on Powell for an oil change.  For some reason, the location ran out of oil (nothing special, just the standard motor oil).  They said they had to send an employee out to get more and would only take 10 minutes.  Turns out that it took over 1.5 hours since the employee finally came back but with the wrong oil and had to be sent back out again for the correct oil.  Nothing "Jiffy" about this oil change.  When finished, the manager told us that he felt so bad about our long wait that he said my next oil change would be free as long as I came back to that location.  That, to me was good customer service.

Fast forward to yesterday when I went back for my "free" oil change.  During the oil change I mentioned that there should be something in the computer noting my oil change was complimentary.  Of course, no such thing.  The employee went to ask his manager what could be done about it.  Wouldn't you know it,  I was told that the old manager that had promised me the free oil change had been replaced THE DAY BEFORE.  How convenient!  The new manager said I could not get the free oil change I was promised. 

Needless to say I'm extremely unhappy with this.  I expect Jiffy Lube to be true to their word and honor the free oil change that I was promised.

[1984] Les in Falls Church VA  Forgot to Replace Coolant

Mr. Stuart Crum, President
Jiffy Lube International, Inc.
P.O. Box 4427
Houston, TX 77210-4458

Dear Mr. Crum:

On Saturday, June 16, 2012, I went to the Jiffy Lube location on W. Broad Street, Falls Church, VA and had a full service oil change and an optional "complete antifreeze/coolant replacement service." I paid and left their location as a satisfied customer. Later on Saturday afternoon, I was driving on the highway and noticed that my air conditioner wasn't really cooling the car and a few minutes later saw the temperature gauge indicator shoot to its highest point.

Concerned about overheating, I turned on the heat which reduced the temperature reading and went directly to the location nearest to me at that point. The closest was Jiffy Lube #83 at 10535 Fairfax Blvd., Fairfax VA.

I was informed that, although the two stores were not part of the same franchise group, they would be glad to assist me. I was told that there was NO coolant whatsoever in my vehicle. Pablo, the manager, said that he added 6 units of coolant to the radiator and 2 more to the reservoir. (Corresponding to the 8 units billed on my invoice from the morning which I had apparently not received.)

Pablo called his counterpart, Gary, the manager at the Falls Church store to make him aware of the situation. However, Gary was adamant that no error or problem existed.

I was extremely grateful for the professionalism and courtesy offered at the Fairfax store that got me back on the road. No leak was found so that could not have been the cause of the problem.  Since adding the coolant, there has been no further problem.

On the drive home, I also called Gary the manager of the Falls Church store, who demonstrated a complete lack of concern and adamantly assured me that everything done in his store was as it should have been. Because of his complete disinterest, I asked for a contact at Jiffy Lube’s corporate office who might be able to provide assistance. He told me it would be pointless, as the corporate office would merely forward my complaint back to him. Finally, he relented and gave me the name and number for Doug Barricks, his operations manager. I left a message for Mr. Barricks on June 16, 2012 and have not received a return call.  I tried to complete the customer feedback form on the Jiffy Lube website but received the enclosed error message when I attempted to submit the online form.

I have been a faithful customer for many years and routinely recommend Jiffy Lube to others. While I have heard horror stories from others, I have never experienced a problem until Saturday and have been a steadfast advocate. I am extremely disappointed considering the threat of my car breaking down along the side of the highway, or suffering permanent harm to my engine from operating without coolant.  The response from the store manager was very disappointing as well.  It was as if deflecting blame was far more important than resolving the issues experienced by a loyal customer.

At the very least, I believe Jiffy Lube should refund the $141.48 that I paid for my service on June 16, 2012. I also want a detailed written acknowledgement that this occurred in the event a future engine issue develops. 

[1983] Karen in Charlestown, SC  Invoice More Than Double Estimate

I'm a former network TV producer and if the following story is indeed the policy of Jiffylube, please let me know. I'm sure this would make several great stories across the country and nationwide as well. In these times when money is tight for most, the difference in pricing of an estimate vs final cost, means a lot.

  • On June 15th I went for the first time to Jiffylube. I believe it will be my last.
  • I was told one price (about $62). And I was told to wait to pay, in case there were any difficulties. 
  • There weren't any unexpected difficulties.
  •  When the car was finished I was told that the previous amount, was just an estimate.
  •  Another $45 (est) was added to my final bill of $107.25.  That amount is a good deal more than the estimate but I was stuck with the final price.
  • When I complained, I was told that is just how the system works

Is that how you guys operate? If not, I would like a refund of the estimated $45 extra paid along with an apology.

[1982] Ryan in Valrico, FL  Broken Oil Filter Causes Engine Failure

I brought my Saturn ION in for an oil change and tire rotation on June 16th. While waiting outside I observed a female technician (Stephanie) stop another technician as he was preparing to deliver a vehicle back to a customer. The reason for the urgent stop was negligence on the part of the attending technicians. They had failed to replace both the air and cabin filter in the car. Stephanie admitted to this negligence on June 17 when I returned to address my negligent service and confronted her about the apparent pattern.

My vehicle was returned to me and I was assured everything was in working order and was not notified of any issues either immediate or pending. During the service I was shown my air filter and told it was fine and neither at that time or on my receipt were any future service recommendations made or noted.  The following day while traveling on Interstate 4 my car abruptly lost power, the "check engine" and "oil" light came on and the car stalled. When I popped the hood it was clear that the oil filter cap was not correctly sealed as oil had sprayed all over the engine compartment and when I checked the dip stick is was bone dry.

I had the car towed directly to the Jiffy Lube location that completed the work the day prior. The attending supervisor (Brooke) admitted to breaking to breaking an oil filter cap of a Saturn on June 16th but assured me it wasn't mine. Upon popping the hood and removing the oil filter cap it was clear that the broken oil cap referenced prior was mine and the gasket that failed to seal was the result of the cracked top.

Both Brooke and Stephanie accepted responsibility stating that the vehicle was functioning flawlessly for the last 120,000 miles and the breakdown was a result of negligent work completed in their shop less than 24 hours prior. I was told that Mike Bruce the store manager had been notified and he would contact me Monday. Monday came and went without a call from Mr. Bruce despite two calls and messages from myself.

Sunday afternoon after leaving Jiffy Lube my car was towed to my full service mechanic in Riverview. His diagnosis was engine failure due to lack of oil pressure as a result of the incorrectly sealed oil filter cap. It was also confirmed to be human error on the part of the attending technician at Jiffy Lube.

I spoke with the store manager Mike Bruce today. He stated that Jiffy Lube would not be liable because the oil cap was broken when I came in.  When asked why the engine had never failed previously Mr. Bruce had no answer.  When asked why I was not notified about the broken cap upon discovery, Mr. Bruce stated that it was noted on my receipt. Although it was noted on my receipt, Brooke’s admission on Sunday that the unit was broken in the store by a technician clearly demonstrates an attempt to deflect responsibility.

Furthermore if a broken oil cap can lead to catastrophic engine failure as it has in this case, the cracked oil filter cap should have been brought to my attention immediately which it was not. I find it illogical that technicians show every customer their vehicles air filter but failed to make me aware of a damaged component that could lead to such a catastrophic failure. Instead Mr. Bruce contends they noted the issued but continued to work never advising that I should have this looked at by my full service mechanic. This constitutes professional and commercial negligence on the part of Jiffy Lube.

In addition none on my prior service providers noted the damaged cap.  I have yet to receive a resolution

[1981] Eddie in Fredericksburg, VA  Employee

On 6-11-2012,i attended jiffy lubes training school in fredericksburg,va.from monday to friday and they put me in a motel where roaches were everywhere soon as I open the door to the room.i decided to take the 1hr drive back home because I wasnt happy with the living grounds.the instructor aaron store #273 was unprofessional didnt help me when the computer I was working on got stuck.i had to keep going to get him several times a day,which I was losing time from my test and the first two days he let me leave at 5pm so on the third day the instructor aaron did not show so 5pm I left again like the first two en I came back thursday I was told by aaron that I was terminated for leaving at 5pm instead of 6pm.so I

[1980] Eric  Air Filter Was Not Missing

I take care of everything I own, my car is my job, I take care of it. I was told my air filter was missing and I need to buy a new one, the thing is i checked it moments before going to jiffy lube, so what is the problem here? Jiffy lube are con artists they are nothing more than common thieves, DO NOT TRUST JIFFY LUBE THEY ARE OUT TO RIP YOU OFF

[1979] Ira  Angry Employee's Wife

My husband was a store manager and the pressure from his district manager was ridiculous. So just recently he was told he had to step down cause some of his numbers weren't good enough. But was well over on all the numbers. This was done after he got them numbers up and the bonus up. I feel like that jiffy lube notice he was going to make bonus's and they don't want to have to pay. My husband isn't the first one to be moved from that store. There was other store managers that made bonus and they also got moved.

[1978] Bryan in Duluth, MN  Would Not Return Money

I had my oil changed on Thursday, June 7, 2012 at the local Jiffy Lube (Duluth, MN).  They also sold me an air filter and a cabin air filter and installed only the air filter.  They didn't have the cabin air filter and would call me next week when it came in.

I called back to day to cancel the cabin air filter.  I talked to the manager and he said he personally installed the cabin air filter.  That wasn't true!.  I inspected the cabin air filter last night and today - the old filter is there not a new one.  Since I've already paid them for the filter - I want my money back.  They charged me $39.99 which was at lest double for such a filter.  I have a 2004 Buick LaSabre.  It's hard to read the receipt but it looks like they list my car as 2003 and the first part of the invoice no. is  ------

[1977] Mokhtar in Concord, CA  Forgot to Refill Differential

I would like to add my experience with Jilly Lube in Concord California.  I took my Isuzu Trooper for an oil change, the employee told me I needed to do a differential service at $45 each, which I agreed to.

I left the shop late in the day and did not drive my car very far. The next morning I notice this loud high pitch, whining kind of noise, and a smell of heated oil and metal. So I took my car back to the shop. The supervisor suspecting the differential immediately asked one of the employees to take out the 2 plugs (drain and fill). Not a single drop of fluid came out. So I told the supervisor “looks like you forgot to refill” . They flushed the differential and this time fill it up with fluid.

I drove off, but the noise is still there!…I know my car is not going to last, and they ruined it!!!  Thank you !#@$% Jiffy!

[1976] Apury in Chester, VA  Forgot to Tighten Lug Nuts

I went to Jiffy Lube for a Signature Service using a Groupon my wife had bought. Two things which were to be done during this service were an Oil Change and Tire Rotation. They are supposed to clean the car, but that never happens really.  I had the following problems:

1. The nuts on front left (driver's side) wheel were not tightened at all after the service. The car wobbled and made loud noises as I drove out of the service center. I went around the service center back to entrance area only to see how bad the wheel was! It was crooked and car was tilting. The guys forgot to tighten the nuts after rotating the wheels!! How is that possible and how unsafe is it?! The guys tightened it and no one seemed to care or apologize for seriousness of the matter!!

2. My car has been leaking oil, slow but steadily since the service at Jiffy Lube in March. I finally took it to my Hyundai dealership yesterday (June) and they said that the place which did the last oil change, which would be Jiffy Lube in Chester, VA forgot to change the Crust Gasket during the oil change. It is required to be changed at every oil change on my car. So, to stop the leak Hyundai dealership had to replace the gasket, and to do that they had to perform an oil change which cost me money when I had just got it done at your Jiffy Lube location less than a 1,000 miles ago!

After several failed attempts at using Customer Feedback Form on Jiffy Lube's website, I called and filed the complaint. I got a call from Customer Service Manager who asked for proof that Hyundai had to do an oil change. So, I had to send him a copy of the receipt from Hyundai. He called back and agreed to reimburse the oil change amount I had to spend at Hyundai. I asked him what about the tire rotation which Jiffy Lube messed up and the overall frustration I have had to deal with.

I asked if he could reimburse the Groupon amount and whatever I spent at Jiffy Lube, he refused to do so and I had to argue while he told me that he had better things to do and that he could think of better things I should be doing instead of arguing with him!  A very frustrating experience. Never again to Jiffy Lube!=

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