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Personal Experiences


[975] Christopher in San Diego, CA  Scathing My Paint

I recently went to jiffy lube last week on Monday feb 4th 2008. The Mira Mesa location in San Diego Ca. I just left the paint shop where I had my car repainted one hour prior to my oil change. Paid 9K to have it painted. Well after they changed my oil and left oil on my hood and fenders from there hands, the manager of the shop dragged the air hose across the bumper and fender of my car and just said sorry cause I said something to him and other wise he wasn't going to tell me what he did. Well he offered me a free oil change after I asked him what he was going to do about scathing my paint. I said I'll pass. 52.00 won't fix my car. So I filled out a complaint form and he said the HQ with contact me. On the 7th the assistant manager contacted me and said they were working on my claim. Then the following day the manager contacted me and said for me to bring my car into there shop the following week and they were going to have my car fix at there shop by a bumper repair place,, I'll pass on getting my bumper and fender painted in a jiffy lube parking lot. Not a great place to paint. Also I'm going to be unconvinced and get a ride and leave my car all day without a car because of an accident they caused. Not very professional. When I got home I checked under my hood and  my tranny dipstick tube wasn't put back into the tube all of the way it was just hanging there, not properly locked into the correct position. I would like to see what kind of help with this shop I can get. Thanks again for your time.

[974] Ken in Phoenix, AZ  Sand in the Engine

A few years back my wife took a trip to Phoenix (about 800 miles one way),
and while there, needed to get her oil changed. She took it to Jiffy lube where
they recommended air filter change too.
They did put a new air filter in, but failed to re-attach the tube that goes from
the air filter to the intake manifold throttle body. She drove it back to Colorado,
driving through a sand storm, and when I noticed it a few days after she got back,
the whole inside of the throttle body was full of fine sand, which means a bunch
more got into the cylinders.
We called Jiffy lube in Phoenix, and they refunded our money for the service, but
that didn't near cover the cost of damage done by all that sand getting in the engine.

[973] Victim in Cutler Ridge, FL  Disconnected Air Filter

I went to one of your local Jiffy Lube center (Cutler Ridge, FL) to have an oil change.  When I got my car back one of your service reps said they were not able to close my hood.  Upon inspection of my car I noticed that they did know how to put back the air filter system properly; therefore, the reason why my hood wasn't able to close.  There were screws missing and the air filter compartment wasn't even hooked up properly.  After complaining to your manager who contacted the service reps, who by the way were immature and childish 17-19 years old at most), denied doing anything wrong, found my screws and put back my air filter back in place so I could close the hood.  I will never take my car again to Jiffy Lube and I hope this gets posted all over.  This video footage on Youtube.com just closed the deal for me (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiCAJ8ULnaI).

(My car 2006 Infiniti G35 Coupe)  Another dissatisfied customer who will never do business with you again.

[972] Roger in Marietta, GA  Drained Wrong Fluid

I took my 2004 Toyota Tacoma 4 wd with 79,969 miles on it to Jiffy Lube today, February 8, 2008 at about 5:30 pm. I went to store # 231 in Marietta, GA. I got an oil change and lube job which they performed in a reasonable amount of time.

I paid for the service and drove home (less than 2 miles) and as I stopped to turn across traffic to get into my neighborhood I noticed the automatic transmission did not immediately engage and when it did it was like dumping the clutch on a stick shift. Well I limped home and as I pulled in the driveway I noticed a huge cloud of white smoke behind me.

I pulled in the carport, turned off the truck, popped the hood, and found out that they had drained my transmission bone dry and added 4 quarts of oil to my already full oil.

I immediately jumped in my wife’s car and drove back to Jiffy Lube and spoke with the manager. The manager was just locking up for the night so he came by my home with tools etc and drained my oil down to the appropriate level and added about 2 quarts of transmission fluid. It was hard to tell exactly how much transmission fluid he added because he brought 2 plastic antifreeze gallons of transmission fluid from his overhead hose with him.

After he left I drove the truck around the neighborhood to see if the transmission was ok. The transmission is toast.

I have already found the owner of the franchise on the Secretary of State website and will park my truck (which has less than 4 miles on it since it left Jiffy Lube) and not drive it until I have a resolution to this matter.

[971] Jason  A Symphony of Problems

I found a link to your site from another site and thought I'd add my experience with Jiffy Lube.  Since my experience is not first hand, it may not help, but I figured I'd share what I know.  I am a mechanic, and have seen many vehicles that were previously at Jiffy Lube that were either done wrong or not done at all.  The shop I work at is about 1/8 mile from a Jiffy Lube, so we get a lot of cars that were just there.  I have seen dozens of drain plugs left finger-tight, and at least two that were tightened to where the threads stripped and the drain plug was replaced with an expandable rubber stopper.  I have seen many oil filters that were left loose, and even one that had two rubber gaskets on it (which causes a HUGE leak) that ran out of oil by the time they got to our shop.  A lot of our customers will go to Jiffy Lube every-other oil change, simply because they are a few dollars less, but want our thorough inspection every 6,000 miles.  I have seen dozens of cars that have a Jiffy Lube sticker in the window, but still have the filter that we put on 6,000 miles ago.  The manager from Jiffy Lube brought us a newer GM truck with the tire pressure sensor in the rim.  Somehow, somebody there managed to break the stem on the valve and they wanted us to replace it before the customer found out.  It is common on a lot of newer cars for the serpentine belt to be routed around the front engine mount.  Apparently, employees at Jiffy Lube cut the old belt off (most tensioner manufacturers warn not to do this) to save time.  They brought us a car that they cut the belt off of, and couldn't figure out how to get the new one back on because the mount needed to be removed. 

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of our customers use Jiffy Lube for the cheap oil change; but they have most, if not all, repairs done by us.  We have had dozens of customers (that I know of, I don't spend much time in the office with customers) who were told at their Jiffy Lube oil change that "part X" is bad and needs to be replaced immediately because it is a safety hazard.  Often times the part is fine, and sometimes it is bad, but nowhere near what should be considered a safety hazard.  Brakes are very common.  They will tell the customer that the brakes are almost gone and they need to be replaced immediately.  Some of these cars had as much as 80% remaining on the pads/shoes.

[970] John in Hicksville, NY  Forgot To Replace Oil

On October 20, 2007 my vehicle was brought to the Jiffly Lube in Hicksville NY #1536 where they did not add oil to my vehicle causing damage to my engine as well as my wallet.  After contacting Lou Berggren, the District Manager, he basically explained to me that they are not at fault because of many reasons such as 1- He thinks 4 quarts of oil could have been burnt up or leaked out without any signs of residue, smoke, or staining 2- He told me to waste more money in getting my vehicle checked more thoroughly because I guess expert mechanics are not enough to tell him and I that there is no problems with the vehicle other than Jiffy Lube causing cam damage and no spark advance.

Jiffy Lube is a disgrace on how they work and how they handle themselves in a professional manner.  I have contacted Consumer Affairs already and will be contacting better business bureau right after I send this e-mail out.  Small claims court here I come...thanks JIffy Lube for all the inconvenience you have caused me and my family.
[969] Scott  Jippy Lube "Just Make A Buck Baby"

Last year I went in and had an oil change on my truck, which was its first. I watched the two guys change my oil throughout the process, one guy in the pit, one guy filling it with oil. The next day I went to lunch and was sitting in my truck reading my owners manual, and came across the oil changing section. As I read through it I recognized that the oil filter was situated at the top of the engine (in plain view) as it was a turbo-stroke diesel. Reflecting on what I was watching the day before, I recognized that neither of the two guys had changed my oil filter. I went back to the store, made my claim and the “manager” (some knuckle head) claimed that I did not know what I was talking about and that I was a liar. Yes that’s right he called me a liar. Knowing my way around an engine as I do, I explained to him what I was witness to and that in no way shape or form did they change out that oil filter. I would have changed out my oil myself but on this occasion (new truck and all) I thought I would treat myself. My bad. After enduring several minutes of attitude and foul language, the “manager” changed my oil and my oil filter.

Not only was the guy rude, his behavior spilled over into the crowd affecting other customers. Two of which drove off (good for them). In the end I contacted Jiffy Lube made a formal complaint, to which they spilled out your typical corporate speel, stating they would look into the matter. I have never gone back and will never go back. In fact I service my own vehicles as a result of that incident. No one gets my business now.

Unfortunately my daughter went into the same Jiffy Lube today. She was unaware of my previous experience. Guess what happened? She had to endure foul language from the same “manager”! Yep he is still there, 12 months later. She came home today and began telling me her story, and it was then I found out she took her car to the same store and ran into the same guy. He was apparently mad at a previous customer, which spilled over into her service work. Same guy, giving Jiffy Lube the reputation they deserve. I let my daughter know that she is to not go there again, and that I will change her oil too.

So there you go. Bad service. Foul language. Lack of class. You name it Jippy Lube delivers it and more. It appears that Jippy Lube’s mission statement reads “Just make a buck baby”. They won’t off of this family and any of my friends. I saw to that.

[968] Employee  Price Is Too High

As an employee of a *CORPORATE NON-COMMISSION* Jiffy Lube store, I have to get a few things straight. I have dealt with customers who have gotten ripped off at franchise stores.

For one thing, manufacturers do not recommend fuel system cleanings or engine flush. Customers have come in requesting these services, showing me their receipts from those stores and I tell them straight off they are wrong for telling them they are recommended. If they still want them, that is fine, but I will never pressure someone into buying a service like that.

We at my store do NOT get extra money for selling things to you. We get bonuses for getting more cars in, and passing mystery shops, that assure everyone who comes in gets equal treatment. Which includes but is not limited to *no pressure* informative service reviews. Going over manufacturers recommendations for any given car based on their mileage. In the least I would educate the customer, not pressure them into buying services, truthfully, I could care less what you buy because I don't get paid any extra for it. Look in your owners manuals if you don't believe the recommendation.

We won't put the wrong oil in if you asked for something else. If you tell them what you want specifically, you really should tell someone before the car gets pulled in. If we don't have the oil you want, we will tell you right away.

I do agree totally that the price is too high. I think we should have a basic oil change option that is cheaper than Signature Service. Corporate is a scary thing, for "bottom of the barrel" employees like myself, and the customers considering they will be raising the already sky high prices three more dollars at my store in lieu of a TON of price complaints. If your car is about to fall apart and you need an oil change, please, for your own sake go somewhere else cheaper. It's not worth it. Really.

I can't tell you how many times we've had customers come in and are relieved we didn't bull----- them on prices and services. I am completely honest with our customers. You may not believe me, but corporate calls and asks customers in surveys if they were satisfied with their experience and 100% are. We are ranked number 1 right now in our region. Everyone seems to be happy when they leave my store.

On the other hand, we do get some "colorful" characters every now and then. ...

[967]  Rick in Washington, NJ  Filled Radiator With Windshield Fluid

I wanted to inform you of the poor quality of service at your Washington NJ 07882 facility. Two weeks ago I had oil change /service done & the next morning popped the hood & found my anti freeze reservoir filled to the top with windshield washer fluid.  This isn't the first time I have had problems at that location.  Yes they took care of the problem, but this should not happen.

[966] Anthony in Apple Valley, MN  Destroyed Engine

I had an oil change that included replacing oil filter. I also had an air filter replaced. The next day my oil and engine light came on. I returned to Apple Valley Jiffy Lube and they ran a code test but could not resolve issue asking me if I would like them to turn off the light so it doesn’t annoy me. Less than 2 days later, my engine ceased on my car.

[965] Jamie  Gang Members Employees

I am very upset to know that you guys hire bad people my boyfriend was beat up by your employees ( they were in there uniforms suppose to be representing you company) and i think you guys should be held responsible if i cant find some one to help us take care of this i will make it known to the world of what happen to him.  In one way or another something will happen to this matter. its not fair that this happen to him and now we have to live in fear cause of the people you hire. What are you guys going to do to protect my family? NOTHING?

[964] Jason in Reistertown, MD  Disabling Fumes
On January 27 2008 I took my Subaru to Jiffy Lube store 254 in Reistertown Maryland.  I get free oil changes at my Subaru dealer, but I wanted to save time.  Everything was done quite quickly and I was off on my way as a happy customer.  That was until I started smelling something coming from my vents.  When I reached home I was contacted by Jiffy Lube that the dipstick for the differential fluid was not replaced.  I asked if this could be the reason for the smell and the manager at the time stated no that it was due to a cleaning agent sprayed on a filter.  He asked me to come in and get it placed back.  After telling him that his store is about 40 minutes away from my house he agreed to come my place of work. 
The next day I decided to go right to the store instead.  On the way to the store I again smelled the strange odor and became light headed.  When I reached the store, the employees new exactly what the smell was.  It was differential fluid spraying out of the dipstick hole, landing on my engine and becoming aerosolized.  Adam, the store manager apologized for the inconvenience, and agreed that I should not have driven the car to his dealer, and the manager the previous day should have come to my house to put the dipstick back.  I can't imagine breathing in differential fluid is good for someone's health, and requiring the customer to drive 40 minutes with these fumes seems wrong at best.  I was also informed that the manager was supposed to be working on the hood that day, but because he did not like that job, put someone on the hood that either had no experience or very little experience.  The Sunday manager left a voice mail on my office phone, but would not answer his phone when I tried to call him multiple times.  This is where my frustration begins and why I am contacting you.
I sent in a letter to corporate explaining my dissatisfaction.  I was assured someone would get in contact with me in 2-3 business days.  Four days later...no response.  I then sent another letter in...7 days later no response.  I then called in going over how upset I was, and that it appeared I was getting the brush off.  The next day I was called by the store manager (the one who was the most helpful, and the one who had little to do with my dissatisfaction).  He had already done everything he could and my intent was to talk to either a store owner or corporate.  I was told the store owner was now in Atlantic City and told the manager to call me in his place.
Is this a way to handle complaints?  I was originally irritated and wanted to get an explanation on why the mistake was made, and why I was required to drive 40 minutes in a car with differential fumes.  Now, because of the lack of communication, I am frustrated and MAD.
Please let me know how I can address my issues to someone other than the nice store manager the company is continually sending me to.  People go to chains, because it is felt there is culpability of the store to a greater corporation.  In this instance that does not appear to be the case.

[963] Jahmal in San Diego, CA  Tampering & New Oil Leak

I have a 1986 cadillac deville sedan with 110 148 miles on it and I took my car to the same jiffy lube location on 5813  el cajon blvd. San diego ca. 92105 and on the second time I took my car I noticed the my audio/video equipment has been tampered and after parking my car I now have an oil leak which requires me to take the whole engine according to a local shop. This can all been avoided if the proper maintence was done on a oil change. Not to add this is a 22 yr old car and in the entire time I had it there wasn't a oil leak now there is.

[962] Russ in Wilsonville, OR  Bogus Offer

I went to my local Jiffy lube with the coupon I recieved in the mail to bring in my vehicle to my local jiffy lube and present it before jan 31st to receive a free oil change the next time I came in...Well I entered the Jiffy Lube in Wilsonville Oregon and presented the coupon and they said they could not honor it - and really did not have a reason as to why- If their was a valid reason I would have let it go but it was more like it was a hassle to them  or they did not know what to do with it so instead of honoring it they said they couldn't accept it....

Things like this make consumers mad and frustrated when they are promised/offered a special and then don't get it..

I like Jiffy lube b/c they have my records of service but b/c of this and just being upset by the lack of follow through with this offer, when I get my vehicle which will be this spring I am going to try something else..If that little effort is given to the BOGO I present then one has to think what are other items are given such little attention or effort when I bring my vehicle in..

The other odd thing is I was the only customer at that time so there was really no excuse like we are too busy to find out what this is.... that was a Bogus BOGO,

[961] John  Scam Selling Identical Oils 

Here's another scam they've been pulling, selling identical oil as two different tiers, for two different prices. The windshield washer fluid made with Ty-D-Bowl, almost comical, is another scam they run. It's rather apparent now that Jiffy Lube knows about scamming people, they come up with new ways every time they are caught. There is a video link on the page to the WCCO investigative report. The Jiffy Lube corporate response that the franchises buy whatever oil they want is BS. That's like McDonalds letting the franchises buy their meat wherever they feel like.

[960] Sandi in Round Rock, TX  Oil Change Turns into $1600+ Damage

My son took his classic 1978 Mercedes to Jiffy Lube In Round Rock, Texas, last month for a simple car inspection.  When he got home, he was all upset that they had damaged the muffler on the car while pulling it out of the bay.  Now while the car IS old, and probably rusty underneath, the muffler had not been lowered to be "cool" and was not sagging due to age.  I confirmed with our transmission mechanic that all was in tact as of late.  Jiffy Lube is offering to pay for the rubber gasket required in the repair, and that is it.  Obvious repairs come to more than $1600...  AND they charged him for the inspection (that he no longer passes) on top of it!!  He drove there in a gorgeous car that he was proud of, and now must garage it because it is not fit to drive and sounds like a freight train when running.  How can a facility not take responsibility for the care of the cars in their posession.  I am going to go head to head with them now... any advice would be greatly welcomed.

[959] Champ  Greedy Company

I have read almost every post on here and i really have to respond to message 117 by Jody the manager. if you read this post, she (he?) goes on telling you how their managers go through such extensive training and how their customer care is tops in the industry, but sadly in the last paragraph it all comes down to basicly, 'we make so much money, we don't care how often we screw up.' maybe Jody should have just kept mum. good luck to all of you that have problems with this greedy company....

[958] Carol in Portland, OR  An Unauthorized Extra $49 Charge

This is my last time I will ever go to Jiffy Lube to have my oil changed.  I went into the Jiffy Lube at 8655 SW Barbur Blvd in Portland Oregon today.  The tech told me that my Audi recommends synthetic oil in my A4, which is not true.  According to my owner’s manual it says “use any high quality petroleum or synthetic-based oil”.  So, they were obviously trying to up-sell me.  Then when I went to pay, there was an extra $49 charge on my invoice.  Somehow, they had charged me 6 of item #L25401. They took it off the invoice when I let them know that the bill was much higher than I was originally quoted.  I have never left a Jiffy Lube without feeling that I had been ripped off.

[957] Harry in Virginia  Broke Windshield

In addition to the usual oil replacement my windshield wiper blades were to be replaced. When I picked up my vehicle I immediately noticed a large star sharped crack on the passenges side of my front windshield. The crack was exactly where the wiper comes in contact with the windshield. This most likely occured when the employee released the windshield wiper after replacing the blade and allowing it to strike the windshield. I noticed the store manager, Neil Bailey. He filled out an incident report in which I wrote a brief narrative of the event. Mr. Bailey advised that someone would be calling me about repairs in 24-48 hours. Presently, we are beyond that 48 hour window and I have yet to hear from anyone. I have two immediate concerns. One: The crack is getting quite large now, almost extending completely from the bottom on the windshield to the top. I have a safety concern about the integerity of the windshield while driving. Secondly: In virginia this type of safety issue is against the law and I am presently at risk of a criminal citation for an unsafe windshield. I am asking for immediate relief from Jiffy Lube. I have been a good customer and this is my first incident with the company. I hope that I can stay a good customer with good customer service.

[956] Brent in Colorado Sphings, CO  Faulty Oil Filter

Well went to the lube place I always use in Fillmore on my way home on Friday.  Same guys very nice no bull---- you need this or that but just change the oil.  Because as you know my own mechanic does all my other work. By the time I hit Moorpark the oil level sensor goes off and I pull over in a parking lot. A line of rainbow colored oil on the wet asphalt followed the car and a puddle underneath. Called AAA and 30 min later we were heading back to Fillmore after talking to a very nervous Manager at Jiffy lube after I got there we assessed the problem a faulty oil filter leaked right at the seam only under pressure but no damage to the motor still had oil in it but some real nervous guys thanking god a guy was driving rather than a woman who would have drove it until it blew up.

[955] Pam in Memphis, TN  Refused To Pay Bill

On 10/30/07 my company was called to your Jiffy Lube location at 55760 Mt. Moriah Rd in Memphis, TN.  We performed the work that was asked.  The bill came to 174.08.  After many attempts to get this bill paid, on January 9, 2008 I finally received a check for  the invoice.  Two days later I received a letter from my bank that the check was returned due to stop payment.  We contacted the store manager and Ken Weeks the District manager to find out why the check was stopped.  Mr. Weeks told me to call their main office in Omaha, Nebraska.  He gave me a phone # of 402-333-0990 EXT 370.  I have called this number numerous times.  All I get is recording asking me to leave my name and number and someone will call back.  As of today no one has bothered to call back.  We have even gone back to the store manager for payment and told that he could not pay us out of his drawer without being fired. 

Sir we are a small business and expect our customers to be as honest with us as we are with them.  If we allowed all of our customers three months to pay us and then put a stop payment on their check we would soon be out of business.  Why would Jiffy Lube allow us to repair their equipment with no intention of paying for services rendered.  I'm sure that your customers are not allowed this privilege.  So what I'm asking is for Jiffy Lube to do the right thing and pay this bill.  The orginal bill was 174.08 and my bank charged me 3.00 for the stop payment.  If you would like to discuss this matter please feel free to call me.  I will be glad to fax you copies of the invoice and the stop payment from my bank.

[954] Steve in Marietta, GA  Disconnected Air Filter

I had an oil change at the Jiffy Lube on Sandy Plains Road in Marietta GA.  They removed the air filter and told me that it needed to be changed but I refused and said put it back.  A week later three check engine lights come on and I take the car to the dealer.  Jiffy Lube had not reconnected the air filter at all.  Don’t bother worrying about this store.  I plan to fire bomb it and kill all the employees.  Not kidding. 

[953] Ronald  Oil Was Not Changed

I had been using Jiffy Lube on a regular basis. Last year the engine on my pick up truck went bad due to sludge and particles in the oil throughout the engine.  I took it to the dealer and was told that the oil had not been changed in "a long time, probably close to a year".  It had only been a few months since I had the oil changed at Jiffy Lube.  I had driven less than 2k miles since the change.  Bottom line, it cost me $2,000 for the repairs caused by dirty oil that I had paid to be changed but was not.

[952] Debra  Stripped Screws on Skid Plate

I am very upset with jiffy lube. They have recked my car and now will not stand behind what they have done.I will never step inside another jiffy lube again.And I will also tell everyone I know and post on every web site what a horrible company it is.Not to mention being treated like dirt.

I took my car in to have a oil  change at my local mechanic. He   asked me who did my last oil  change and I told him jiffy lube.He told me they stripped the screws on the skid plate and now they couldnt  get it off. So he told me to take it back there and tell them to cut the screws off and put new screws on.

I went back and the manager wouldnt even talk to me.He sent out someone else to do his dirty work,he said to tell me they dont remove the skid plate to change oil and if I want a oill  change to come in other wise goodbye.

I should of never taken it to jiffylube,but It was on my way home and I thought Id save some time. Not only did they charge me 40.00 but now I have to have the screws cut off and different screws put back on. Who knows what time and labor this will cost me.

My questions is how do you do an oil change without removing this skid plate ? I cant believe  you dont stand behind your work.What kind of company is this and what kind of idiots do you employ?

[951] Rudy  Oil Filter Was Not Changed

I recently went for an oil change on my car and found out that your employees were using plain water and not the windshield washer fluid like Jiffy Lube is supposed to use.  Also I just finished inspecting my car and the oil filter was never changed.  The old one was still there I know this because I marked it.  Shame on you Jiffy Lube.

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