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Personal Experiences


[1000] David in Paramus, NJ  Repeatedly Used Wrong Grade of Oil

I have been bringing my wife's and my car to Jiffy Lube in Paramus for a number of years now.  I have not had any reason to complain about your service, until now.  Yesterday, I brought our family's Ford Focus to Jiffy Lube in Paramus for its regular oil change.  When the service advisor handed me the service order to sign, I noticed that it said to use "5w-30" oil.  I was surprised by this, since Ford mandates using 5w-20 oil in this vehicle.

I asked the service advisor about this, since it looked like a mistake.  He said that there isn't any real difference between 5w-20 and 5w-30 oil (which isn't true).  I asked him to use 5w-20 oil anyway since that is what Ford requires.  He said okay.

When I returned to pick up my car an hour later, I noticed on the receipt that it still said 5w-30 oil.  I didn't say anything since I did not want to make a scene, but I was not happy with this.  It clearly says on the oil cap to use 5w-20 oil, so there is no excuse to make this type of mistake.

I went back through my past receipts, and I noticed that 5w-30 oil was used ON ALL MY PAST OIL CHANGES at Jiffy Lube.  In addition, I went back and looked at the past receipts for my other car, which requires 5w-30 oil, and I see that 10w-30 oil was used on all past oil changes!!

It would be one thing if this were a one-time mistake, since we are all human and we all make mistakes.  However, given the fact that they have been doing this multiple times on both of my vehicles, this is more than just an honest mistake.  It is a clear pattern of incompetence.

Another thing that irks me is that one of the vehicles is still under an extended warranty.  If I were to have a big warranty claim and had to present receipts to show that the vehicle had been maintained, I would guess that using the wrong type of oil would be grounds to deny the warranty claim.

Obviously, the technicians at this Jiffy Lube don't care about manufacturer's recommendations, or what it is written on the oil cap.  Until now, I have spent hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on services at Jiffy Lube.  I had always stuck up for Jiffy Lube when people talked negatively about them, since I have always had a good experience there.

I say that in the past tense, since I feel that I can no longer trust Jiffy Lube with my vehicles.  If the technicians there can't be trusted to use the manufacturer's recommended oil type which is such a basic thing that even a non-automotive person should be able to get right, then how can I trust them with anything technical that they do to my vehicles.  The truth is that I can't.

[999] Richard in Cary, NC  Ripping People Off

Went to Jiffy Lube/cary nc for oil change. First mistake. I was told they would use the high mileageoil because my vehicle had over 75,000 miles.  Never discussed an additional fee for that. Got invoice and they charged me additional $20.50 for it.! Did not get anywhere with manager. Will NEVER use Jiffy Lube again. They are always trying to RIP people off.

Do not go without a lawyer to cut thru the B.S.

[998] JD  Would Not Honor Guarantee

I've gone to Jiffy Lube for years for the convenience but I hate their sales tactics.  They're always trying to get me to buy something extra.  I hate when they pull out my barely-dirty air filter and say that I need a new one.  Or when they showed me that my wiper blade had a very slight 1/4 inch tear on the end (it still worked fine) and the guy actually tugged on in right in front of me to tear it even more!  Then I really did need a new wiper blade!!  That angered me enough to say no and then I got one later at an auto parts store.

My recent frustration involved their recommendation to get a $70 serpentine belt.  They said my belt was worn and although I wasn't certain about their recommendation, I agreed to have it done.  Later that day I heard a slight squealing from the new belt.  My receipt said that their work was guaranteed for 3000 miles or 3 months.  About a month later the squeal was downright embarrassing so I returned to the shop w/ my receipt.  The technicians looked at it and said that it was a spring loaded tensioner and not their belt, therefore it wasn't their problem. 

I then took it to an auto shop and they said that it was indeed the belt and definitely not the spring loaded tensioner.  They said the jiffy lube belt was of poor quality and they showed me wear marks and glazing (after only 1 month of use!).   They cleaned the glaze off so that it wouldn't squeal as bad. This cost me nearly $50. 

I returned to the jiffy lube with my auto shop receipt showing that it had been inspected and it was their recommendation that the belt was of poor quality and that the spring loaded tensioner was fine.  The assistant mangager said that because I had the glaze brushed off, this was considered an alteration to their equipment and it therefore nulled the warranty! 

The belt began to squeal so badly that I was embarrassed to pull into the parking lot at my kids' school.  I got the belt fixed at the auto shop for $103 and they used a premium belt.  I haven't had any problems since!  Total cost of their mistake and unwillingness to take ownership of their poor work: $223

[997] Alan in Delray Beach, FL  Caused Battery to Die

On Feb 15th an caretaker that works for my mother took her car to the Delray Beach, Florida location and received what they call the Signature Service. After being pitched an air filter and two new windshield wipers the poor lady leaves behind a $100 for a simple oil change.

Fast forward four days and the car is stranded on I95 and has to be towed to the auto service shop. Unfortunately,  no one at Jiffy Lube checked the battery water level. The evaluation by the mechanic was the battery burnt out because the water level in the battery was too low. After spending additional $225.00 Jiffy Lube’s warranty service department offers us a $15.00 gift certificate. Wow! You can imagine how excited I must have felt.


[996] Jaime Would Not Honor Coupon

I visited jiffy lube # 592 back on May 20, 2007.  They were running a promotional of buy one get one free oil change at there store so naturally i signed the back of the coupon and had them forward it on by behalf.  Didnt see anything in the mail so i wasnt sure if they followed through on the promise to send it out.  So i went onto the website and tried a search myself with no luck.  A message did prompt me to call a Cust svc rep for assistance at 1-866-707-6737 and i spoke to Kim.  She told me that because the address did not have a apt# and is why it was sent back.  Im not accepting this as a acceptable reason only because ive received other promotional offers from jiffy lube without any discrepancy on apt #.  On top of that I wasnt contacted when it was returned although an email address was provided on the rebate coupon.  I would think that either another attempt would be made to issue the rebate or a follow either by mail or email would be conducted.   Kim put me on hold and returned telling me that since it was returned that there was nothing they could do for me. I dont believe she tried her best to find a resolution.  I still have a copy of the rebate coupon and no where on the coupon does it state that a coupon would be returned if apartment numbers are missing.
I feel i am still entitled to this promotion or something equal to it.  Again I have a copy of my original receipt and rebate coupon if needed. 

[995] Sherrell  Engine Destroyed by Wrong Oil Filter

I recently took my 2001 Mitsubishi Montero to Jiffy lube for an oil change and a radiator flush (2-08-08). On Sunday (2-10-08) evening I started to hear knocking sound coming from underneath my hood. I took my vehicle back to Jiffy Lube on Wednesday (2-13-08) to let me know that my truck has been making a knocking sound, and I was concerned because my vehicle wasn’t making this sound before I brought it to them. The manger Chris, brushed me off by saying it sounds like something with your motor, but he never took the time to find out what the problem was. By Friday (2-15-08) I really got concerned because my vehicle was still making the same noise and getting louder, I took off work to take it to Midland Automotive. During the diagnostic they found that the oil filter on my vehicle was the wrong size for my truck, it was too small. This caused serve engine damage to my vehicle due to lack of oil reaching my motor. They replaced the Jiffy Lube oil filter with the correct oil filter for my vehicle, but it was too late. The damaged has already been done. My motor is ruined. I have documentation of there diagnostic. I then went back to Jiffy Lube to see if they were going to rectify the problem. I spoke to the Manger Chris again, He remembered me from my previous visit on Wednesday. I let him know was the problem was. He immediately took defense and said that this was the right filter for my car. I asked to see his book he would not show me his book that gave the correct oil filter number for my vehicle I also took it took my Mitsubishi dealership (2-19-08), they also verified that the oil filter that was put on by Jiffy Lube was not correct and has cause serve damaged to my motor. I need a new motor for my vehicle, and Jiffy Lube is not willing to rectify this issue that originated because one of their technicians put the wrong oil filter on my vehicle. I am out of a car right now, and having a hard time getting back and forth to work, school and getting my children to school. My vehicle is damaged because I took it to Jiffy Lube to have an oil change, something they are supposed to specialize in. I have now had to get an attorney and we just filed a law suit against Jiffy Lube for replacement of my motor.

[994] Employee in Burke, VA 

I work at a jiffy lude store out in Burke, Va.  First off I was promised a raise to 8.00 an hour. That never happened I worked for 2 months vaccuming, putting air in tires all 3 bays never got a raise. I also was being make fun of because i am slower then everyone that i work with. which i told my mangers when i first got hired. the names i was being call was  a Retard, Wenesdays Child on NBC, also a Stupid Retard and after the employee called me that the mangers saw/heard all of it. i asked them what are they going to do about it they said nothing.. and in the employee handbook its states any employee that has been discriminated by his/her race, age, disablity, etc., will be terminated.. That never happen but what happened is that quit recently. But IM still having problems because I cant but wiper blades on I get made fun of by the mangers because of that also. and I was called stupid because I couldn't but an air filter box back on. Os my manger came over to me and did it and he got it the first try and he walked away and looked at me and said stupid. and last Sunday i went in on my day off to see how busy they were and as soon as i parked my main manger opened the side door to see who it was then close it and locked it. when i went to open the side door it was locked then he unlocked it and laughed about it. I find it very disrespectful for me to have to go through that. at this point I do not know what to do.  Do you have any ideas because IM not making any threats but IM close to calling an attorney to handle this in court.

[993] Francis in Oxnard, CA  Failed To Tighten Oil Filter

In March of 2007 my wife took her 2003 Ford Taurus to the Jiffy Lube at 611 S Rose Avenue in Oxnard California.  The car ran perfectly and had only 65K on it.  Jiffy Lube failed to tighten the oil filter and all the oil drained out.  Needless to say the engine seized in short order.  A rebuilt engine cost $5,300.  Jiffy Lube has not responded to a demand letter so litigation is imminent.  

[992] Mike in Arkansas City, KS  Broke Mirror

In November I sent the daughter to the Jiffy lube in Arkansas City, Ks to service my 1996 Chevy Blazer, in the process the drivers side mirror was torn off.

The manager at the time advised "get it fixed, and it would be taken care of"

Since we have bought a new mirror, paid to have it replaced,forwarded the receipts to the present manager in Arkansas city, Ks for reimbursement.

The receipts were forwarded Jan.21,2008, and at this time we are unable to ascertain the status of the situation,

[991] Tom in San Jose, CA  Hid Broken Hose

On 2/22/08 I took my mothers Ford Taurus to Jiffy Lube at 3606 Hillsdale Ave in San Jose, CA for an oil and oil filter change.  I had also authorized them to add or top off other fluids; antifreeze, transmission and power steering. 

At the time my car was the only one being serviced and noticed that all of the workers seemed to be helping out on my vehicle and the store manager and supervisor were also working on it.  Unfortunately I thought this was a good sign and not a bad sign.  When my vehicle was done, it was pulled out of the garage and parked.  After paying I the manager escorted me to the vehicle and made a point of opening the hood and pointing out that the coolant level was full since they topped it off.  I’ve been to JL many times and never once had the manager visibly open the hood when leaving to point something like this out.  Nor did I see him do this to any other customer. 

After leaving I drove for about five miles and noticed the “low coolant level” light went on.  I checked under the hood and a small hose that connect to a larger house that transports the coolant had broken off and was spraying the coolant all over the engine.  I immediately took it back to Jiffy Lube and the manager informed me that they didn’t do it and said it was a coincidence and blamed it on being a Ford.  He said even after the service he let the car run while it was parked while I paid and that there were no leaks.  This was not true as the car was not running when he had me open the hood.  He emphatically said that there is no proof they could have inadvertently snapped off this small hose and said I couldn’t prove it and I needed to call their 800 number to resolve the issue.

My wife always has warned me never to use Jiffy Lube or any of the other quick oil change companies but I always felt it could never happen to me.  We’ll, now it has and I will never, ever use Jiffy Lube again and hopefully all of us consumers out there will get the message and do likewise.

[990] Lutz in Ames, IA  Engine Seized

Jan-24, 2008: Oil change at Jiffy Lube, Ames, IA.
Jan-31: Engine seized up. Diagnosis by Audi of Des Moines: A faulty oil filter (Fram brand) collapsed and debris was washed into the engine. Estimated repair cost using a remade engine block: $11,300.
Repeated calls to Jiffy Lube in Ames and to headquarters. Headquarters never returned my calls. Jiffy Lube in Ames promised remedy, but stopped returning my calls 3 weeks after the incident.
At this point, my car has been waiting in the shop for 4 weeks. No reply from Jiffy Lube on who will cover the repair costs. No rental car was provided.

[989] Employee in Austin, TX 

 I work at a Jiffy Lube in Austin, TX . Jiffy Lube is like all other companys only as good as the employees working there. All of you im sure at your job havent performed to the best of your abilities at one time or another. I see it at all other companys everywhere I go. And I also dont notice you posting the stories people have like the lady I have came in for an oil change new in town. Three days later she was stuck on the side of the road with a flat. She not knowing anyone else called me. I drove 35 min to change her tire. She was so elated it was incrdible. But instead of posting that youd wrather post the person that would clame somehow it was our fault. There may be some truth to some of these claims but I think you are a little ridiculous. I also know David Black and Mike the guys you are bashing and they are two of the nicest people ive ever met.

[988] Paula in Clayton, NC  No Tire Rotation

The last time I had my car serviced at the Jiffy Lube on W 70 hiway in Clayton, NC, I paid for a tire rotation. I had a slow leak in my right rear tire but I didn’t think Jiffy Lube fixed leaks so I didn’t mention it. I just had them rotate my tires, knowing that I could figure out on my own which location the slow leaking tire had been moved to.

To my disappointment, the slow leaking tire was still located as the right rear tire.

I had done some grocery shopping while my vehicle was serviced so I didn’t witness the servicing. I guess the guys working there realized that and decided to charge me for the work and then not bother to do it.

Too bad. I won’t be back to any Jiffy Lube.

[987] Mike in Wichita, KS  No Service

Concerning the  location at 5201 E Central in Wichita, Ks. I had my oil change a few days ago & they didn't top off my washer fluid or brake fluid. Also they did vacuum my car but the paper cup that was in the cad was put under my drivers seat. I'll be going else where to get my car serviced.

[986] Employee in Whitman, MA  Fired via Text Message

Ever been fired with a text message??  I am, was a part time employee for JLube in Whitman, working several days a week for 3-4 hours a day.  I have another full time job that pays the bills and so I have an obligation 1st to the other job. This is well known.

Anyway I neglected to show for work on Friday and was subsequently written up. I returned to work Saturday as scheduled. The write up was a form letter with the managers comments written above. A performance evaluation was on top. I could not help but notice the inept spelling in the managers comments portion and proceeded to highlight and correct the errors. I then noticed the performance evaluation portion above. It indicated all Below Target, and Unacceptable, odd since I was a stellar employee and never received any review indicating poor performance before.

You might say I took offense to this, so I circled it and wrote "Kiss My Ass" on the sheet. On returning to work Monday things were very quite. The manager would not speak to me. Being a holiday, I left work early to report to my other job, as I did on all holidays. (this was also well known practice) On my exit from Jlube that day the manager asked where I was going. I told him, and he said he did not authorize it. I told him I always left early on the holidays because of the other job, he knew that.

Later that day I received a text message that I was suspended.  The following day I received a text message that I was no longer employed by Jiffy Lube, and that he hoped there was no hard feeling. Never a phone call or any personal interaction about the write up and what I had written on it. I assume this is what caused my termination.

[985] Victim in Baltimore, MD  No Air Filter

During my last oil change at Jiffy Lube #936, I needed a new air filter. I was told they would replace it, I was even billed for one. Today, I had my oil changed at another facility. The first thing they noticed was that there was no air filter. I have been driving around for 3 months with no air filter. No one else has worked on my vehicle between then and now. Who is going to reimburse me for not only the cost of the air filter I was charged for, but also to have the dirt flushed out of the engine?

[984] Larry in Redwood City, CA  Watch Everything They Do

After seeing the L.A. television investigation I didn't want to believe ALL JLs are corrupt so I went to my local Northern California Jiffy Lube on Veterans Blvd in Redwood City today city and sure enough... Scammed.  They tried to shuffle me off without changing my filter.

If you choose a PREMIUM SYNTHETIC oil change remember to ask for oil that comes out of a 1 quart container so you can see what your getting. Otherwise it comes from a 50Gal drum in the basement.

It’s bad enough they are charging you $7 a quart for the extra oil (anything over 5 qts) but then the further insult you by telling you that is what it costs at the auto parts store when we know they are owned by Shell oil and the oil in bulk would be about $3 a quart at best.

Walk out to your car and watch everything they do.  Don’t sign anything until your windshield is clean, the car is vacuumed and your battery checked for water. Their attitude when a consumer asks legitimate questions about their service stinks too. They make you feel like you should not dare to question their integrity and insist you take your car to a dealer next time. They don't want well informed intelligent customers that assert their consumer rights. They want air heads they can scam over and over again.

I say continue to use Jiffy Lube, bring your own "extra" oil, insist on 5-50 synthetic oil that comes from a 1qt container and don't sign the work order until you SEE them do all the things they commit to.. like washing the windows, checking air pressure, checking battery water (don't fall for the excuse you have a maintenance free battery) and vacuuming the floor mats.  The best vengeance is to make them do a an honest job and not steal your hard earned cash by "forgetting" to do a service item.

[983] SRB in Arnold, MO  Overcharged For Fuel Filter

On 2/18/2008 I took my car to the jiffy lube on jeffco blvd. in Arnold Mo. 63010. I was over charged for changing a fuel filter. The part was 8.00 and I was charged $51.00 for installation. This install should have taken 5 to 10 min. but the person doing the install didn't know how so another person helped. Overall I was charged $99.00 for changing the oil and oil filter and fuel filter. That was a rip off  . In the past I have payed $46.00 for similar service. that should be plenty since the parts don't cost much and the labor was less than 20 min

[982] Eva  Stupid Employee

Jiffy Lube closes at 4:00 on Sundays.  I went to get an oil change today (17 Feb 2008) only to practically get into a fist fight with one of its silly employees and this was in front of the manager.  This stupid employee tried to deny service because it was 15 minutes before closing and I already waited 15 minutes prior.  Thus, he placed me in a different lane, leaving the previous lane I was in completely empty, causing me to wait an additional 15 minutes.  By now, it's after 4:00.  Now, was that illogical or what?  Not only that, I had to insure that my floors were vaccumed, winshield washer fluid replenished windows cleaned because they were going to try to get away with not doin' it.  I would have seen if they changed my oil and oil filter if I could see underneath that manhole they work in to change the oil.  It probably wasn't changed.  At any rate, that employee should be fired for trying to turn me away.   I know Jiffy Lube can't afford to turn away any customers because its competition is fierce were I live.

[981] Chris in Wilmington, DE  Lost Lawsuit

 I had an oil change and lube and after a few hundred miles the oil filter came off, all the oil drained and the engine seized.  I took the car to the dealer and they noted that Jiffy Lube did not properly tighten the oil filter, the same dealer told me they had three such instances in a month.

We Sued and Lost!  Here is why.  The Judge would not accept the invoice that stated Jiffy Lube did not install the filter properly, the judge said we had to subpeona the mechanic and bring him in.

Here is the Kicker -  As part of the discovery in the lawsuit Jiffy Lube sent us records showing DOZENS of such suits and complaits against them.  You would think this shows a pattern of negligence, wouldn't you?  NO!  Jiffy Lube argued that the suit had to focus on this one incident and that evidence of prior bad acts was inadmissible.  All of the discovery evidence was thrown out.  The lawyer for Jiffy Lube argued that we should only get one months car rental and only the blue book value of the car, the Judge dismissed our witness and all evidence and found in favor of Jiffy Lube. (Owned by Shell Oil)

Also this case was in Delaware where the individual has no protection against Corporations.  Be careful, the deck is stacked against you.  When dealing with a suit against Jiffy Lube in small claims court you absolutely need a lawyer!  In some cases just as the trial is beginning they will offer you $1,500.00, they will also drown you in paperwork and legal stuff to make you just "go away." When you ask for data in discovery in most cases they will not provide it stating it is "burdensome."  Another tactic is to send you a letter to inspect the vehicle. Make sure YOU pick the person doing the inspection and they agree to pay for the tear down and putting the car back together.  In my case Jiffy Lube spent more than the cost of a rebuilt engine in Lawyers Fees. Instead of taking care of their customers they are shafting them.

This is a totally disreputable company.

[980] Harold in Austin, TX   Over Torqued Drain Plug

I have been working on cars since I was 12 years old. I have paid for an oil change once in my life. It was at the Jiffy Lube in Austin TX, and the price was unbelievably inflated, but I did agree.

The next time I went to change my oil (in my garage at home), I spent 4 hours trying to get the drain plug off of the darn pan. Couldn't do it, they overtorqued it like crazy, which is apparently a common problem with Jiffy Lube, probably causing leaks. I had to buy new wrenches after the attempt because they were ruined. Called Jiffy Lube up, spoke to Phillip. I told him the situation and that I had all the parts for an oil change including a new pan plug and he said to bring my car in and that they'd take care of the oil change for me for free.

So I went in. Phillip wasn't there. I explained the situation to 3 different mechanics as they all dodged the situation. Eventually they refused to do the work for me and treated me like I didn't know what an oil change was. I called the district manager, Mike...(512)659-6929...he was the biggest a-hole I've ever spoken to in my life. Kept asking me "why should my men work for free?" (They aren't, they're paid by the hour, right?) Not to mention, the way I see it, I already paid them for the labor the first time when they f'd up my car for $70. Long story short, they tried to make me pay for another oil change and now I'm stuck up a creek and will have to do some oil plug surgery just to get the thing out. Boycott them please! Don't make the same mistake I did!

While I was there trying to right the situation, a young girl came in saying that she needed an oil change and that the last time she came into the shop she left with her skid plate hanging off the bottom of her car. They said they'd fix it for her after the change. While they pulled her car in, the plate caught on something and ripped right off her car. She had no idea, but I saw the whole thing, including the "I'm gonna ignore that" look on the manager's face. God only knows how much they f'd her over today too, not to mention the other millions of patrons to their corrupt racket.

Boycott them please! Don't make the same mistake I did!

[979] Kathryn in Euless, TX  Electrical Destruction

I am completely disgusted with the lack of service I recently received at the Jiffy Lube location in Euless, Texas.  Not only did the employees kill my battery (in an attempt to clear the oil light), they ruined the driver's side window motor AND blew up my brand new ipod when they jumped my battery with one of their cars.  As I drove away, I also noticed the entire inside of my front driver's seat was covered in oily handprints (including the sides of the doors and mats.)  Customer Service gave me no help, whatsoever.  They had a divisional manager call me and the rudeness and sarcasm from that man was so appalling, I still can't believe Jiffy Lube would employ him in a "Customer Service" position.  Not only did he tell me that my problems were not Jiffy Lube's responsibility, he also told me I was a liar.


I will NEVER return to any Jiffy Lube location and will tell everyone I know to do the same.  I have been mistreated for the last time by your unprofessional and incompetent franchises. 

[978] Jennifer  Radiator Flush Scam

In January, 2007 I had my radiator flushed at Jiffy Lube.  6 weeks later the "check coolant" light came on and as it turns out, water hadn't been added to the reservoir!!  Fortunately, my husband caught it and took care of the problem.  So, no more radiator flushes at Jiffy Lube!!  Our regular mechanic now takes care of them and did so most recently on November 15, 2007 in anticipation of the bad winter that was foreecasted and since I figured I couldn't trust Jiffy Lube's work.

On January 4, 2008 my husband took my car in for a routine OIL CHANGE since we both figures that they couldn't screw that up.  When he got home, the bill was for $80+ dollars.  It turns out that they told my husband that they had "tested" my antifreeze and that I needed a radiator flush or my car wouldn't survive the next very cold night.  He said okay since he didn't remember that I had taken it in to have it done the previous November.  Oddly, it had already survived plenty of very cold days and nights without a single problem.  I was furious because the receipt for the flush done on November 15, 2007 was still in my car!!  I called the area manager (whose name and number were on the receipt) and told him that his Jiffy Lube had scammed me for a radiator flush.  His excuse was that perhaps the test used was bad!!  My husband had to take the receipt from our mechanic showing the original radiator flush back to the Jiffy Lube the ne xt day for a refund!!  TODAY (about six weeks later) my "check coolant" light came on again and after checking--no water was added to the reservoir again.  So, not only did Jiffy Lube try to rip me off--they screwed up the procedure ONE MORE TIME!!!!  I WILL NEVER USE JIFFY LUBE FOR ANYTHING AND I WILL TELL EVERYONE I KNOW TO STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE SHODDY WORK, RIP-OFF ARTISTS!!!!

[977] Mike Did Not Change Oil

I have been using your services for years.  ****Never again will I ever use it.****  I will go to my dealer and use their services.  They are just $4 more than yours anyway.  You guys are going out of business soon because the whole world knows about your cheating.  I saw others who had the same experience that I had.  I took my daughter's van for oil changes every 3k miles.  Her engine seized up with only 77K miles.  

When the valve cover gasket was removed, the paraffin was so thick that the holes were plugged in the top of the head so much so that the oil couldn't  return to the pan to be pumped up  again.  Your scum actually just topped off the engine instead of CHANGING the oil.  My daughters van required $6600 of work to make it run again.  Money that she didn't have to waste. 

She is an Army widow trying to raise three kids.  You just killed her 7 year old van.  Her family transportation.  Shame on you!  You helped Bush and his friends al Qaeda.  You are nothing but scum.  You and your friend Bush can now go and buy all the cocaine you can do in probably 3 days in the white house.  You cheating scum bags.  I am sure you gave him big contributions to help you out.  You bastards are whores!!!!  Just like your god Bush.

[976] Beth in Spokane, WA  Contaminated Brake Line

I had to take my 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan to the mechanic on Friday  (2/8/08) because I had no brake pressure. I took it to my trusted mechanic. At first he thought I'd blown a hydraulic. When he drained the brake fluid to work on the hydraulic he noticed that the brake fluid was no longer either clear or the amber color when it brakes down. It was the same red color as transmission fluid. Neither my husband, nor I have put any fluids into the car since our last oil change in September at Jiffy Lube in Spokane, WA. Only reason we went there instead of regular mechanic was we were heading out of town and realized we were way overdue.

The contamination caused every rubber part in my brake line AND my ABS pump to need to be replaced. Transmission fluid eats rubber. Mechanic said that the amount of time to get from the fluid box through the brake system and to kill the ABS pump fit perfectly in the window when the lube and oil change was done at Jiffy Lube. It cost us $2000 to fix!

I am now in the process of getting the oil analyzed, statements from my mechanic, etc. so I can then go to the manager and find out how to proceed. I am totally prepared to take them to small claims court if necessary.

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