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Personal Experiences


[1750] Tom in Lawrenceville, NJ  Damaged Engine Shield

On Tuesday, May 31 I took my vehicle to the Jiffy Lube location in Lawrenceville, NJ to have the oil changed.  After the oil change the mechanic informed me that he could not attach the engine under shield because the bolts were damaged.  He claimed that the last person to change the oil damaged the bolts and would not accept any responsibility for causing the damage.

So I took my vehicle to the Acura dealership to have the damage repaired.  The Acura mechanic said that if the bolts were damaged during the previous oil change the engine shield could not have been attached.  Since it was attached it is apparent that the damage was caused by the Jiffy Lube mechanic. 

In addition, the Acura mechanic told me that the engine under shield does not have to be removed to change the oil.  I assume Jiffy Lube removed the engine shield in an effort to find a partially worn part that could be replaced.  I wrote Jiffy Lube telling them that the damage was their responsibility and asking for reimbursement.  The store manager called me but again would not take responsibility for the damage.

[1749] Eric in Kansas City, MO  Employee

As a recent employee of your company of almost 2 yrs as a CSA. I have never worked for a company that treats their employee's or customer so bad. In the 2 yrs i have worked for you company I have gone through 7 MGR's in 2 different locations. There are 2 of the MGR's that I wouldn't ever work for in any postion at any other job. And there is 1 that is a great leader for your company. Heath at 3089 is just 1 that does NOT need to be in a management position. For him to get so angry from a phone call from the DM that he yells at the employees in front of other employees and in front of customers is just not right. Then he hires people such as Nate as a asst mgr that didnt even know where a oil dipstick is or even send a car out with no oil in it. Regean on the other hand was a great MGR. but your company burned him out.

There's no incentive to work for your company at all. There's no compassion for any of the customers at all. I carried a avg. ticket of $72 even in this economy, so when i have a MGR that wants to scream and hollar like an idiot(no reason for). Then there is a problem that needs attention. The owners and the people in the back office need to go out and experince what is going on in the real world and quit worring so much about the final numbers. So inclosing, Thanks for nothing.

[1748] Wayne Overcharged

I had a 3000 mile oil change today.  I have been using your service for several years now but this may be my last.

I have two cars and been using jiffy lube for my oil changes.  Today my service was above average.  Attend ends were very nice and greased me well.  My problem is what I was charged.  Th sale rang up at $43.99 which was clearly higher than I ever paid.  Signs in showroom clearly stated $34.99   . When I questioned the price raise, I was told my Vue was a four wheel drive which cost more for the service.

I have never had to pay a higher price in years past for my AWD  Saturn Vue.  This may be my last visit to your company  Please review your pricing and contact me if your standard oil change is now $43.99

I did supply a coupon in which I received from your company. I expected to pay $10.00 off the normal $34.99.. I had a coupon from firestone for $19.99 with a tire rotation but choose to go to jiffy lube.  I feel you need to refund me the difference if you want to keep me as your customer.

[1747] Marlon in Miami, FL  Destroyed Air Conditioner

I had a horrendous experience at Jiffy Lube located in Miami Gardens Dr. in Miami. I took my truck for a regular oil and filter change. I was waiting for my truck to be serviced when I was called to the shop, a young man who was not much older than 20 showed me a gauge that was attached to the intake valve of the A/C; he told me that the gauge showed that the Freon was contaminated and recommended an A/C flush. I approved the job after I got a $20 discount leaving the A/C flush an even $100. A week after the “flush” my A/C compressor started making a grinding noise that continued to increase; a week later the A/C stopped working. I took it to my mechanic and told him the story; he was appalled and told me that Freon does not get contaminated like break fluid, and that in all his twenty years as a mechanic he has never heard of an A/C flush. He inspected the A/C system and told me that the compressor needed to be replaced; that was yesterday, today I took my truck back to him, I noticed this morning the rear gear box plug was not tighten correctly spilling oil on my driveway and rear gear box. My mechanic tightened and checked the oil plug just in case they screwed it correctly. LESSON LEARNED NEVER AGAIN WILL I TAKE A VEHICLE TO JIFFY LUBE.

[1746] Kayla in Wichita, KS  Ruined Clothes

I have had many issues with Jiffy Lube this last year. The South Broadway/55th Street store in Wichita, KS Charged me for having a new tail light put in and then they forgot to do it. The manager went on about how good a job they did and wanted a 5 star rating. HA!!!  The next problems were at the 21st/Woodlawn store in Wichita, KS. The first visit this year they forgot to put air in the tires, we knew it because we had a low tire and the notice light was on the dash. Today I went to the same location and had the worst experience. While I was waiting in the waiting room the air condition vent dripped oil all over my shirt and shorts. The guys said it would come out. I just washed both and it did not, they are ruined.I still left with a $45 bill for an oil change and a destroyed outfit. It was a good thing I did not have to be anywhere special as I left. The worst was that the customer did not come first, they did not make it right and did not seem to think it was a big deal. My husband and I have a business of our own and know how important customer service is, especially word of mouth, What is coming from my mouth about Jiffy Lube is not positive!!! 

[1745] Linda  False Maintenance Information

Hi - I took my 2009 Subaru in to JL May 26 to do the 'signature service'.   I've been a customer of theirs for quite a while and I know they 'push' services.  However, my previous car was over 20 years old and I knew the service schedule pretty well.  It didn't occur to me to look at my new car's manual beforehand.  Big DUH.

My car has 37,915 miles on it.  The guy took me out to his computer and showed me the red exclamation points that said I needed to have both the front and rear differentials serviced AND my auto transmission fluid changed.  He said that all these should be changed every 15000 miles or 15 months and asked if I'd had them done.  I said no, it was a new car.  He pointed to the computer and said, well see, it says every 15000 and we get our information direct from Subaru and - I THOUGHT he said, 'their satellite' or maybe a satellite.  The impression was they get a direct feed from all the manufacturers for their maintenance recs.  Something felt wrong but it didn't poke me enough to protest.  I should have looked at my booklet right then but... i didn't.

He then showed me 'an' air filter and I said 'no, it doesn't look that dirty'.  He said 'well, if you're sure' like I was making a mistake.  Then he told me it was time to rotate my tires.  I said no.  I JUST BOUGHT NEW TIRES 2 months ago - that told me right there he didn't even look at the tires.  I didn't say they were new.  The 'tech' came in later to tell me the transmission service was going to be less than $149.99 - I think he said it was on special, or something to that effect.  I said ok.

So, after $69.99 x 2 for the differentials, and $69.99 for trans drain and fill, and $24 for the ATF and $60 for a "SPECIAL FLUID CHARGE" - which I forgot to ask what the HELL that is - and $43.99 for the 'signature service' --  my total bill was $344.  I went home later and looked at my maintenance booklet.  THOSE THREE SERVICES ARE LISTED AS INSPECT - NOT REPLACE.  Yes, the I also says 'correct or replace AS NECESSARY'.

I was so very angry, I chose to wait a few days before I went back there.  Yesterday, I spoke to both managers.  I said why were these done when my book says only to inspect not replace?  One manager turned me over to the other one and left.  I told him that, according to the printout that was the screen shot of the recs, the services are required only for police, taxis, limos, trailer towing and service trucks, none of which are my car.

He said  well NM is extreme driving due to the heat and dust.  I told him the tech never said ANYTHING about extreme driving conditions - and heat and dust are present here for only 3 -4 months of the year.  He picked up my book and said (of the page where the maintenance schedule is) - what is 2009 my federal specifications vehicles mean?  (this is the title of that page).  I said it's the maintenance schedule.  He flipped through the book randomly then started reading the 'examples of severe driving conditions'.

Of the 7 given, only 1 (driving in dusty conditions) applied to me.  I pointed to where I had marked in ink the services they did and it says INSPECT.  He closed the book and said well, we get our information direct from Subaru - in a tone that implied my book was wrong or out of date.  I said THIS is the book that came with my car.  He asked if i wanted to call Subaru.  I said no, i'd go out there and talk to them.  he wanted the subaru guy to call him afterward.

The head surbaru service guy wasn't there - I talked to Jay.  He said no, they have nothing to do with Jiffy lube and they don't 'send' their information to anyone.  He said anybody could look up maintenance schedules on the internet.  He said they should have looked at the fluids first (WHICH THEY DID NOT) and IF they needed replacing then they should have shown them to me (WHICH THEY DID NOT).  He agreed that NM has severe driving conditions but they aren't THAT severe.  He said Subaru doesn't do business like Jiffy Lube.

I have not gone back to Jiffy Lube.  I don't want to deal with them anymore.  My next step is talking to my credit card company.

[1744] James in Springfield, MO  Forgot to Replace Oil

Some body need to get this to the store in question Kearney Street Loc. Springfield, Mo.

First complaint watered down Windshield wiper Fliud Caused my tank on my 2005 Mustang New at the time to freeze over and crack.  Second complait same store had my oil Changed in my 2008 Jeep Wrangler 4 door this vehicle cost me alot of money $35,000 checked oil lev 1,000 miles after sevice the oil dip stick showed no oil in the engine Jeep is parked on Concrete no oil leaks on the Vehicle who forgets to put the oil in and check it after they fill it?? JIFFY LUBE u idiots this is going to cost you my ten years of being a customer of yours. I am taking the Jeep to the Dealership to find out if there is any damage if there is you will be hering from me soon.  just incase you want to head off any Legal case give me a letter saying how this is going to be taken care of.

[1743] Elizabeth in Lawrenceville, GA  Accelerator Stuck Wide Open

The problem I encountered the day after a Jiffy Lube oil change in Lawrenceville, GA,  is as follows:  My son was driving my car and the accelerator stuck wide open which almost caused my son to be killed.  If he would not have been level headed and put the car in neutral to slow down the car, he could have been in an accident or worse killed himself or someone else.  After having my car towed to the dealership, here are the results of their investigation:

“The clamp under the silencer was not properly secured and was sucked down into the throttle body.  The throttle plate was stuck fully open causing the accelerator to stick.”  Since this incident, I have heard other individuals report they also had issues after an oil change.


[1742] Allisyn in Simi Valley, CA  Backpack Theft

Here is my problem I forgot my back pack at your Simi Valley location.  The backpack contained my medication. Your employees stole by backpack then lied to me when I tried to recover it!!! It was worth approx $200. I know there is little I can do to recover it, but I want to let you know that your employees at your 4426 East Los Angeles Avenue in Simi Valley, Ca  store are thieves and stole from a sick man!!!

I will not be a customer at any Jiffy Lube in the future if this situation is not remedied! The incident occurred the week of May 20th, I do not know the exact date. I was obtaining the oil change so I could leave town to visit family for the week and just arrived back into town.

[1741] Rob in Newton, MA  Forgot to Replace Oil Cap

I had been a customer for a couple years at this location given that it was the closest place to my work.  I had often noticed that Jiffy Lube employees would push unnecessary products, services, and upgrades on me, but I was able to look past that for the most part and enjoyed the convenience of getting my oil changed at a nearby location (usually brought my car into Jiffy Lube during my lunch hour). 

However, I just had to bring my Toyota in to a mechanic to be serviced because the check engine light came on and when I opened the hood, I could tell oil had been leaking all over the engine.  It turns out that the Jiffy Lube mechanics who had changed my oil several weeks earlier had failed to put the oil cap back on and oil had been splashing out over the course of several weeks.  No other work had been done on the car (in fact, the hood had not been opened) since the Jiffy Lube oil change so it was obvious who had made the blunder.   The mechanic who examined my car had noted that it wasn’t the first time he had seen something like this result from negligence at a  Jiffy Lube.   Although running my car on very low oil could have destroyed the engine, it was determined after some testing that the engine would most likely be ok, but several oil soaked components had to be replaced including the belt and gaskets, and the engine had to be cleaned.  The cost was about $1,000 to me.

The worst part about this is that I was treated with total disrespect and disregard by the Manager of this location, Michael Graham, who not only refused to accept any responsibility, but did not even care to finish hearing me out.   I acted calmly and rationally when I contacted him to make him aware of the issue as soon as I learned about it and before any repair or oil replacement was done to my car.  After an initial phone call when I informed him of my problem, he refused to return any of my other calls and only ended up sending me a brief email to offer to refund the last oil change charge (which should have been the first thing he did without condition).   He also blamed me for not noticing the problem sooner.  I received this treatment despite the fact that I was a long time customer and it was very obvious negligence on the part of his staff. 

I am exploring all my options to recoup my out-of-pocket expenses and make others aware of the horrible service and treatment I received from this Jiffy Lube location.  The franchisee name is listed as M.C. LLC.

[1740] Jeannette Incorrect Grammar

As I relax at home on this lovely night, I am stunned and upset by the wording i hear in the Jiffy Lube commercial that just ran on the YES network.  The dialog of the commercial includes the word "funner," which is not a word in the english language.  How are we to teach our children the proper English usage when they are hearing the incorrect forms of the language on television. I for one will not be associated with a company that does not proofread its commercials.  If this is aired on National television, how are customers of Jiffy Lube to know that their cars are not being overlooked like the grammer in the commercial.  

[1739] Jake Improper State Inspection

So I went to jiffy lube to get my state inspection and emissions done to get my renewal for my plates. And they just did this two years ago and it went well so I went back. And I sat there for almost an hour and had them tell me my stock window tint from does was too dark and that the sun makes it darker and that's why I passed two years ago. And they said pull it off yourself and come back in. Or go to the highway patrol and have them test it and come back. Ya and it was the same tech who passed me before. Total bull

[1738] Frank in NM  Dust in Engine

Had my oil changed and asked them to not check my tires (can't accurately check hot tires) or check my air filter. They noted no check on both items in their service invoice but still did the air filter. I know because I watched through the window and thought what the hey, it couldn't hurt. So I checked my AF today and discovered they hadn't tightened it down. So now my engine is full of NM dust.

[1737] Andrew in Puyallup, WA  Incorrect Oil Filter Installation

I recently took TWO cars in the same week to the Jiffy Lube store in Puyallup Wa.  Upon returning home…we saw oil leaking on the gargage floor.  Took the first car to my mechanic who told me that the oil filter wasn’t installed correctly and then found out that the second car had the same problem.  To add a side note…the Oil Filter on the first car had the date scribbled on and whoever wrote that also wrote the word F*CK on the oil filter to try and be cute or something.  If they spent more time paying attention to detail and less time writing expletives on the oil filter…maybe I wouldn’t be cleaning oil off my garage floor.  Im lucky my daughter noticed the leak in her BRAND NEW CAR.  Could have destroyed the engine.

[1736] Sharon in Denver, CO  Air Filter Theft

I took my vehicle in to store 0781, Iliff Ave, Denver, CO in March, 2011 for an oil change.  I was told I also needed a new air filter, which I agreed to as I knew that I needed one and they showed me the old one – which was NOT my old one as it was completely the wrong shape, although I didn’t know that at the time.  Last Friday (May 27th) I had to take my car in for new brakes to a different shop, where I had a vehicle inspection done at the same time.  Low and behold, I need a new air filter, after just 2 months – that’s because it was never changed but I was charged for it.  When I look on the internet for my air filter, it looks nothing like the one they showed me.  These people are nothing but THIEVES!  Avoid at all cost unless you like throwing money away.

[1735] Richard in Seminole, FL  Overcharged

On March 7, 2011 had oil changed at Jiffy Lube # 74 Atlantic Coast Enterprises LLC, 7025 Seminole Blvd. Seminole, FL. 34642. They charged me $69.99 for the oil change. I also had 2 new windsheld wipers installed. Grand total $108.58.

On May 5, 2011 I had my next oil changed in my home town Lowell MI. $38.07.   I feel I was over charged $31.92. I will never go to another Jiffy Lube Store.

[1734] Lorina in Bothell, WA  Overcharged

I just [May 21, 2011] had my oil changed at Jiffy Lube #2054.  First of all I want  to say that the employees were friendly and the facility was clean.   I am writing because I am disappointed that it took almost an hour for my oil change to be completed and that I was overcharged for changing my cabin air filter.  I agreed to changing my cabin air filter because I figured that it would be a reasonable cost and it was dirty and damaged.  I am surprised and disappointed that I was charged $44.99 for a cabin air filter that costs ~10-16 dollars.  I don't think that one should mark up their prices 300% for a service and your company probably gets the air filters at a bulk price.  The oil change for synthetic oil was $60 which is more than a standard oil change at a mechanic's shop.  I had a $12 coupon that allowed me to get my oil change for $48 but that is close to what other shops are charging.

I feel that you are overcharging your customers for products/services.  The only convenience I had today was that I could get my oil changed on a Saturday and I thought I was saving money with the coupon to realize that I really didn't save much at all.  I feel that I should be refunded for the overcharge on the air filter.  I also don't think I will bring my car into Jiffy Lube with the overcharging on product/services and the long wait time.

[1733] Otto in Durham, NC  Shell is

I suggest avoiding Jiffy Lube on Rt. 55 near Rt. 54. They’re not what they used to be.

I brought a new truck there. The manager was a tallish with a goatee with some gray hair. I asked if they would be careful to leave the interior clean. He indignantly said, “We’ll do our best.” He wasn’t reassuring of that one thing--it should’ve been my cue to leave but I needed the service.

My “finished” truck had oil everywhere. I called him over, showed him oil spots and he wiped them down, saying it was fine (rudely) and left. I called him back 5 times! He was unapologetic about messing up my truck, acted like oil was nothing “I don’t know what—as if it was on me to clean up after a $60 oil change, and got nastier each time I called him back. He made comments like condition it was in when it got here”, trying to blame the filth on me and said something similar when I pointed out motor oil on my steering wheel;“Yeah, ok I oiled up my wheel just before coming here.” Give me a break!

The clincher, when it looked cleaned up after 10 minutes of this, because the boss had no iniative, I got in, grabbed my gearshift and got oil all over my palm. They should get rid of that guy—at $60 a pop, I’ll use the dealership instead and get a free car wash in the deal!

PS:  I complained about my situation and ill treatment to Jiffy Lube corporate, the regional office, and the mother company--Shell Oil. They are completely apathetic. Basically I was told to deal with the owners of the specific shop, Lucor Corp? Luxor Corp? Something like that. A week after my initial call all I got was "We're sorry about how you were treated; want some coupons?" The franchise doesn't really care what their franchisees do and in this case the franchise owner was worthless. With their "we don't care" attitude it's no surprise the shop manager at the Durham Rt. 55 shop didn't care that his people left oil all over the interior of my truck. If you luck out with a good shop, fine, if not, no one cares.  

[1732] Patrick in Greenville, NC  Great Treatment

Yesterday [May 16, 2011] I went to the Jiffy Lube (store number 2722) and took my baby (the trolley) to this store to get an oil change and to have the transmission fluid checked.

I have to let your company know that Bobby (I believe he is the GM) and a serviceman by the nickname of “RED” were the most outstanding people I have ever dealt with while getting my trolley serviced. Not only did they make me feel like family while dealing with the madness of trying to figure out a machine that caused them to look up various new information but they treated me with a kindness that will cause me to always go back for service at this one location. My trolley is my business and I felt like they had a vested interest in making sure that she runs well and doesn’t leave me stranded due to a failure in the mechanics.

Not only have I told everyone about my experience but I have sent a mass email (over 500 people in the company that I work for during the day) letting everyone know about how great of a service I had gotten yesterday. This location and particularly these two people are a true asset to your company and they will always be welcome to work and ride on the trolley any time they please. In fact everyone at that location were very cordial and knew exactly how to treat a customer in order to make them feel at home and want to come back for service in the future.

Once again, if everyone in your company treats people like this then you should have nothing to worry about in the future. Kudos to Bobby and “Red” for being such great employees and I will defiantly be going back to this location to take care of my trolley.

[1731] Woods in Fort Worth, TX  Improper Service

Bad oil change service. I brought my car in to get an old change on 5/14/2011. When I left the service station 30 mintunes later my coolant light came back on in my car which is why i pulled in initally. I also asked teh techncians if they topped off all my fluids and specifically the radiator coolant. He called the technicians that  worked on my car in and they stated yes.  I would like to have my car service again as it wasn't properly serviced. My car is not leaking radiator fluid as they would have told me or did the techs miss that as well. I would like to have my car service at another Jiffy Lube as I don't feel confidently that they are competent to service my car properly. My coolant level wasn't just low but also empty.  I was charge 45 dollars for a service that wasn't completed. I would like to have this issue rectified as soon as possible.

[1730] Pat in McMinnville, OR  Sabotage

I was in a hurry and since my car is less than 3 yrs old, and has very low miles, I asked the greeter to just change the oil and filter.  He came and rudely summoned me to his computer and started in on their patented 'upsell' routine of everything that has to be done etc. (I've been going there for some time and they have records that indicate what has/not been done).  I held up my hands and asked "Please just change my oil and filter, that's all I want!"   

The guy was visibly annoyed. I went in and sat down in the lounge. Within a matter of about 5-7 minutes he came and called me back out. I read the service receipt and it said all the way down "customer refused safety check" refused refused  and at the bottom said there is no warranty on any work done at this service.  I said "thank you for getting me out quickly" paid  and left. They'd not bothered to pull the car out of the bay as usual, which I thought odd. The greeter/cashier was blatantly rude and hostile the whole time.

It soon became apparent that they'd deliberately spilled oil on the engine manifold (which never happens there in my experience), the engine began making a knocking sound (which eventually went away). I don't drive this car often, but when I did my wife asked about why the OFF light was showing on the Rear Sonar system button. The system will not activate now.  

I will take it to the dealer and have them check it for sabotage and then contact my attorney if any evidence is found. Joke is on them, I have an extended warranty and legal insurance both. 

If you live anywhere in/around McMinnville Oregon, I'd recommend you not patronize these people.

[1729] Mike in Danville, CA  Damaged Oil Pan

On Sat 4/9/11 at 3pm, I took my 2005 Land Rover Range Rover to this Jiffy Lube for a routine oil change.  The vehicle operated perfectly with ZERO issues and there were NO leaks beforehand.   I was provided an estimate for approx $100 as I preferred the more expensive synthetic oil vs. std 10-30 oil.  The service seemed to be performed routinely, the manager on duty (Michael Huerta) claimed the vehicle was done and I paid and left.   As I was driving the vehicle during errands about 5pm, I noticed it was noticeably leaking from the oil pan area under the vehicle (from what I could tell). 

While at Jiffy Lube, I was not told of problems or issues at checkout by ANYONE.  I returned to the  same Jiffy Lube at 6pm to inform them of the issues but they were closed.  The vehicle continued to leak all evening in my driveway, and I returned promptly at 9am Sunday 4/10/11 (when it opened) because of this issue.  The manager (Michael Huerta) took the car in and began to look at the vehicle. 15 minutes later he comes back and says "it looks like someone stripped the bolt to the oil pan" and the threads were damaged and that is why it was leaking so much.  He stated that Jiffy didn't do it and that I need to go somewhere and get an "oil pan retap"??  I asked him how that could have happened, why it happened, what was a "retap" and that it was fine until they worked on it.  He did not know at all or anything about it, but he then combed through the files and pulled the receipt for any notes.  Apparently someone wrote it was stripped and damaged on the invoice, but NO ONE EVER even mentioned it to me or that it could even be an issue.  As such, he refused to repair the vehicle, refilled it with cheaper 10-30 oil (to my objection) as it need to be replaced, and sent me on my way.  I was very concerned about the leak as I am employed in Santa Barbara during the week, and had to drive 320 miles that evening.  He said not to worry, it will leak, but carry some oil and get it fixed ASAP. 

As planned I drove to Santa Barbara that evening, and the car continued leaking with large puddles of oil under it wherever I parked or stopped.  Very concerned, I went to a respected local mechanic in Santa Barbara the next morning. 

Below is the mechanic's statement to me about this issue: 4/20/11: To Whom it May Concern:

My name is Lang Dren and I am the owner/operator/lead mechanic of Lang Motors in Santa Barbara, CA.   On Monday April 11 at 10am, Michael Howl came to my shop and asked me to examine and offer repair suggestions for an ongoing oil leak from his 2005 Range Rover (Vin# SALME11425A191778).  He informed me that he had been to Jiffy Lube in Danville, CA on Saturday and Sunday (April 9 and 10) and that they had said he needed and “oil pan retap” to fix the leak Mr. Howl claimed started after his oil change there.   After my examination of the vehicle, I noticed it was leaking very badly from the oil filter and pipe return drain, not the oil pan plug (where the oil is usually removed and replaced by those who understand how to repair this vehicle) and that whoever had worked on it, had tried to seal it with some sealant around the edge of the bolt and did not replace the oil return pipe (see estimate).

I informed Mr. Howl that he needed to remove the bolt, drain the oil and see if I could stop the leak with a banjo bolt replacement as a temporary measure to allow him to drive the vehicle and stop the leak.  For a proper repair, I would need to remove and replace the damaged oil pan as the threads, etc were damaged by the removal and improper reinsertion of this incorrect drain bolt), replace the gasket and bolts and install a new oil filter and synthetic oil (which is used for the vehicle).   I told him I would need  a full day 8 hours labor for repair $135/hr x 8 hrs  = $1,080), plus a complete oil change, filter and synthetic oil, and various parts, etc ($600) for a total of approx $2200.

Mr. Howl told me to order the temporary repair parts and I repaired the vehicle with a banjo bolt on Wednesday April 13 for $235.24 (see invoice).

I did file a complaint with JIffy Lube corporate office also on Monday April 11, 2011.  They informed me that that Danville location is a franchisee operated by M.C. LLC out of Tustin, CA (per Calif Secretary of State).  I was finally contacted by the Danville manager (Michael Huerta) on Friday afternoon that the facility and owner received my complaint but were not going to address it.   


The Bureau of Automotive Repair did their one month full investigation (filed at same time as small claims court case) and found Jiffy Lube to be completely negligent and at fault, and recommended full repair as stated.  Jiffy Lube, only then, agreed to be cooperative and “settle” the matter at $2700 provided I dismiss small claims matter.  Receipt of check is pending

[1728] Rocky in Hays County, TX  Failed Inspection Unwarranted

I took my truck in to have it inspected..The emergency brake did not hold, so the attendant said...That was the first thing checked....He also failed the truck because of a faulty gas cap...I took my truck to my mechanic, ASE certified, where the brakes checked good and was told my county (Hays County, Texas) does not check gas caps...I was failed on the first inspection and had to return a week later when two other people had also been failed for similiar reasons...This time it passed and I did not replace the cap or do any work on the brakes...I set the brake before the attendant got in and double checked it would hold....I'll never set foot in Jiffy Lube again...They seem to have they're own set of rules and I don't feel they are competent to work on a motor vechile..

[1727] Rylee in Gainesville, FL  New Battery Scam

I went yesterday [May 6] to get an oil change at the Jiffy Lube on SW Archer Road in Gainesville,Fl. They tried to upsell me on everything. I said just an oil change. Then they come in and say you need a new battery. The old one has a bad cell and we had to jump start your vehicle to get it in the shop. I said no battery I'll take it to Advanced Auto Parts to be checked. Pay for oil change. Go out vehicle won't start.key was left on in the ignition. They said I needed a new battery but also would try to jumpstart me. One of the guys comes out holding a battery and hooks cables to it. When I tried to start it..nothing even the dash lights were out. I went on line (thankyou verizon air card) and called a tow truck to jump start me. The man from the tow company told me that my battery cables had been loosened. He tightened them and my vehicle started with no problems. Went to Advanced Auto Parts and found my battery was fine. Also if Jiffy Lube tries to sell you air filters go somewhere else. They are a rip off. The incabin filters for my vehicle are located under the dash behind a plastic cover. Jiffy Lube wanted $60 for the 2 filters. Advanced Auto Parts... $17.49

[1726] Rich in Sacramento, CA  Stripped Drain Plug

I had my 2003 BMW 325ci serviced at Jiffy Lube @ 3424 Northgate Blvd.  Sacramento, CA 95834 on 5/4/2011.  The Jiffy Lube employees were told, by me, that I was taking a trip to Eureka, CA the coming Friday 5/6/2011.  I mentioned it because I wanted to ensure everything was good.  Not one employee told me there was anything wrong with the services they performed that day.  They let me pay and drive away. 

The next day, 5/5/2011, I arrived back to my house and noticed a large oil puddle in my garage.  My car has never leaked oil, or any other fluids.  I jacked up the vehicle and found that the oil was leaking from the oil drain plug on the oil pan.  Since I was leaving at 3:30AM the next morning for above mentioned Eureka, CA trip, I tried to see if the plug was just loose, thinking perhaps Jiffy Lube forgot to torque it to the BMW standard setting, and it was.  I started to turn it clockwise to tighten.  I had no resistance at all on the plug and then realized the Jiffy Lube employee had stripped my oil drain plug, and possibly the pan itself where the plug threads in.

Since I, again, had to leave at 3:30 AM the next morning, I instructed my son to take the car back to Jiffy Lube to admit in writing that they had caused, and therefore would compensate for repair and original service amount, the problem.  As a result I had to drive my company 2005 Ford F-150 all the way to Eureka, CA causing my fuel bill to be twice what my BMW would have been.

I, the son, took the BMW back to the Jiffy Lube location mentioned above, where my father had the original oil service performed.

When I arrived, I respectfully explained the situation, requesting that Jiffy Lube refund the paid amount for their service, and pick up the repair bill to come from BMW dealer fixing their mistake.  The employee, who said he was the manager: Joe, and his assistant manager Ernel, expressed their apologies and requested I let them repair it.  I told them that there was a trust issue now, and refused to let them fix it, having read on numerous posts on the site www.jiffylubeproblems.com of other consumer’s allowing this only to find later that a plastic plug had been used or in extreme cases lock-tight and sealant without the owners knowledge.  Making it a new problem during the next oil change.  I told them since they had not been honest and lacked the integrity to notify my Father of the stripped oil drain plug when it occurred, I again did not trust them to fix the problem correctly.

The above named employees then said it would be no problem, they would honor their mistakes financial burden to have it repaired.  I asked them to put this in writing to guarantee there would be no issues with getting BMW dealer service center paid.  They said they could not do that.  I insisted further.  They said they would need to inspect the problem before putting in writing that it was their fault, and they would pay the bills for repairs. 

I told them the only way I would allow them to inspect is if I was present below their ground level and watched everything they’d do.  Again there was a trust issue, and I felt they would try to quickly rig the repairs, and try to assume no liability.  They agreed to let me watch them as they inspected.  Once below, the employee confirmed the drain plug was the leaking point.  We then went back above. 

I asked them to now put in writing their admitted fault and authorization to have the work repaired at BMW on their company letterhead, signed and dated.  They insisted then they could not do this.  I again insisted saying I was just told after inspection they would do so.  The manager explained they only could fix it there.  I again told them this was not an option since I was not comfortable with their work ethics.  They replied the only way they could fulfill my demand for written admittance of liability, would be to take the drain plug out and inspect if it was the plug or the oil pan.  I told them I didn’t see how it would matter, as I would be bringing the old parts back with the invoice from BMW to be paid.  They insisted they could only do so if they inspected.  I told them then, I will have no more of these games.  You told me 2 times you would do this, then refused 5 minutes later.  If we took the plug out for inspection they would be allowed to inspect it, replace it, and the oil (since it would drain out if plug was removed) so I could still drive the vehicle to the closest BMW dealer with a service center.  They agreed promising there would be no further “games” and that once completed they would put in writing as I requested their admittance of fault and authorization to have repaired by BMW on their dime. 

I agreed, with the same stipulations of overseeing anything done to it.  We went back below the car.  The two above mentioned employees and myself all were under the car.  They could not remove the plug since it was stripped out.  I told them to quit messing with it or I would not be able to get to the BMW dealership service center.  They agreed.

Once back above again, they again said they were unable to put in writing as I requested their admittance of fault and authorization to have repaired at the BMW dealer.  At this point I was admit ably extremely displeased, but remained composed professionally, and told them if I did not have that signed in writing document, and was forced to go to small claims court I would be suing for the repairs, the original amount paid for the service, the difference in fuel consumption cost for my father’s trip, my time I was away from work dealing with them (since I am supposed to be making money for my company) and all legal fees and time wasted on court preceding and costs of said proceedings.  

The manager, hearing my seriousness, and perhaps noticing I would not be an easy “mark”, decided it was time he tried calling corporate to gain permission as he was insisting he could not put in writing the things I requested per his companies policies.  I told him as human beings with brains he should have no problem, and should have been morally compelled, to admit, as he admitted verbally many times during our conversation, their fault in the matter in writing, and their guarantee they’d pay the bills for repair in writing.  He insisted he needed his corporate permission.  I told him to continue then and to call them and have this finalized quickly.

He got off the phone and said that he was informed that the back of the receipt was their warranty “pledge of satisfaction” and that would suffice for my requested in writing documentations.  I read and told him it would not.  I asked him to put in writing on the back of the receipt that he inspected, admitted fault, and agreed to pay the repair bills at BMW.  After another phone call, he said ok. 

He wrote:  “5/6/11 inspected by Joe (last name) (ASM), and Ernel (last Name) (ASMZ) drain plug is stripped.  It has been confirmed that the plug is stripped during our SSOC.” And signed his name.

I read the writing, and asked him (Joe) to add that he authorized me to have the repairs done at the BMW location since his receipt said warranty services should only be completed at the Jiffy Lube station originally serviced at, or another Jiffy Lube if more convenient.  He stated that that was their policy, but since this was a special trust issue it would be honored, but he could not write it.  I told him again that that was unacceptable.  He stated he could not write anything further on the receipt, except that they would refund their services another date, as their till was not full enough to refund the total receipt amount.  At this point I was becoming very irritated, requested he do so, and explained again the problem with having them repair the damages.  I professionally shook his hand as I walked out the BMW and proceeded to leave the location.  I feel I should have remained until he had done as I requested, but felt I would be unable to remain composed with their “games” much further.  Since he had admitted fault in writing, and verbally confirmed his understanding of my intentions to take to BMW for repairs, and the writing above stated “should” that I would have cause for law suite in the case that later refusal to pay the bill occurred.

I then left Jiffy Lube and took the car to the closest BMW dealership with a service center I was aware of, Niello BMW 2020 Fulton Ave. Sac, CA 95825

I instructed BMW to please get started with the process of repairing, beginning with estimate etc.  I told them the issue, the at fault party, and my determination to have the car repaired correctly without limitations, while also re-inspecting everything that Jiffy Lube had done, and left the BMW in their possession.  I am now awaiting their call.

I feel that Jiffy Lube’s inability to first notify my Father, before such a long trip, of their mistake, was a huge safety risk as the oil could have all leaked out and left him stranded on the road with a blown engine, and causing him to miss the professional meetings for a project our company is doing there, and in addition not up to the standards of good business practice.  I also felt that the long process all above was a deliberate attempt to cheat my Father out of the compensation he deserves.  I tried diligently to avoid any “loop holes” or possible means for Jiffy Lube to not compensate him fully for this monstrosity of a service center’s service.

Thank you www.jiffylubeproblems.com for bringing these incidents into the light...

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