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Personal Experiences


[2251] Andrew Metal Baffle Broke

I been having a problem with my Lexus. Well the mechanic at my local dealer finally found the problem. There is a metal baffle that sits at the bottom of the neck where oil is put in to the car be careful when you put oil in and do not bend this down. I used Jiffy Lube and they obviously pushed this down they used a metal nozzle to put the oil in. This in turn broke off and went thru the engine.

We are still not sure on the extent of the damage. So I have faith in Scion but either I will change my own oil after this or the dealer will change it.

[2250] Jill in Raleigh, NC No Oil Refill Destroys Engine

I would like to document that I have my serviced regularly and got my oil changed on 11/14/2016 at the Jiffy Lube that my family has used for years and 13 miles later, my car died.  I had it towed to our family garage/mechanic that services all 4 of our vehicles and who had just replaced the spark plugs a month earlier and my car was running beautifully.  They informed me that Jiffy Lube had not refilled my tank with oil and that my engine was fried!  A used replacement engine would be $4500!

I went back to the Jiffy Lube location and filled out a claim form which they sent to corporate.  It has been a week and I have not heard anything.  The Jiffy Lube manager made a trip to my mechanic to find out about the condition of my car and of course they told him I get it serviced regularly and it was in good condition!  

I sent a letter to Jiffy Lube Corporate Office and have attached it.  I have also attached the Registration for the Jiffy Lube location.  I am planning to go to small claims court this week.

A friend of mine works at the FBI and said that there is a class action lawsuit against Jiffy Lube and I would like to join it!!

[2249] Phil in Addison, TX  Leave If You Want To

A year ago, went to the place for servicing of oil change and a few other thing, service was great, appears like a change of Management has taken place, as I went back and noticed all people were rude indeed, as the final statement by the female Register person was ďif you want to leave feel free to do soĒ   Left in a Heat, and will not go back

[2248] Valmeka in Sunrise, FL  Flush Destroys Transmission

My car has been sitting at jiffy lube for 3 days now. I took it in a wk ago to get an transmission flush. A few days after my gears were slipping and pausing.  I spoke with the zone manager Erir Japanowski and one of the workers there Samuel (University Dr and 44th, Sunrise,Fl) Brought my car in Monday, they did another transmission flush, now my car is just sitting there and I left a msg with the zone manager to call me back with the issues, no response, Samiuel also left a msg for me to get a refund, and still I haven't heard anything.

[2247] Spencer in Salt Lake City, UT  Unsatisfactory Service

Your location at 2102 S Main needs some attention.

  • Took vehicle in last week for safety and emission inspection. I arrived at 7:40 AM. No other customer vehicles in sight. I was happy to wait until opening at 8:00 AM in order to be first in / first out.
    • Multiple vehicles arrived after me; I was last in, last out
  • Everything passed but for one brake light. I authorized replacement and after 10 minutes technician told me they couldn't fix it for fear of breaking part. 
    • Technician advised I have Toyota dealer replace light and return within 15 days for passed inspection at no additional cost
    • I was told that a visual inspection of the functioning break light would be enough to pass the inspection. 

My experience was decent, a 6 or 7 out of 10 overall. 

  • My wife took vehicle this morning to Toyota dealership and they replaced the light, free of charge which was pleasantly unexpected and put my wife in a great mood, she then drove directly to #2026.
  • My wife, who is expecting and with two children in the vehicle, was treated poorly form the start. A short, overweight, dark-haired attendant (she didn't get his name; Jim, perhaps) was curt and impatient- sour attitude. 
    • A female attendant worked with my wife for part of the transaction and was pleasant.

Her experience was poor, a 2 or 3 out of 10 (and only because of the nicer female attendant)

  • We live close to this location and support local businesses whenever possible
  • We will not soon forget this poor experience. 
  • "Jim": treat all customers with 10 of 10 service and treat expectant mothers even better. If you're unclear on how to give a woman 10 of 10 service then I invite you to speak with your female team member, or your mother.

[2246] Daphne in Baltimore, MD Drained Transmission Oil, Not Engine Oil

Let's start by saying I have had multiple cars serviced at the Harford Road location and to date no problems (Honda Accord, Maximum, Mazda, and Toyota).  But today I am very disturbed that on 07/11/2016 my son had my Toyota Highlander serviced at the Jiffy Lube, Harford Road location.  The manager (Yukon) and I both can attest that the Toyota drove into the Jiffy Lube with no problems and upon completion of an alleged oil changed the truck is now destroyed.  My son drove down the street less than a 1/4 of a mile away and the truck started making noises.  My son described the noise as the truck sounded like a roller-coaster.  He pulled the truck over two traffic lights away from the Jiffy Lube and the truck would not drive forward.  I had the truck towed to Clarks Auto on Harford Road (410-254-7777).  Clark Auto determined that the transmission was broken with metal in the transmission fluid.  It is appalling to me that I can drive a truck into have it serviced and the truck is destroyed 5 minutes after the truck is serviced by your shop.  I now have to replace the entire transmission.  Of course Jiffy Lube is saying we did not service the transmission, of course because that was not we requested.  But it is alarming that my son has the car serviced a car running perfectly fine and the transmission is destroyed immediately after you serve the car.  I mean immediately after your work my truck is destroyed.  My goal is to resolve this matter with Jiffy Lube directly or I will be forced to contact the better business bureau.  I have done my research and I am now aware that Jiffy Lube has multiple complaints of this magnitude of destroying transmissions after servicing vehicles.  Please advise how Jiffy Lube can assist me with my truck.  

I have spoken with many mechanics and it was determined that yes a mechanic could have inadvertently drained my transmission fluid and tried to cover it up.

[2245] Rose in Lake Worth, FL  No Oil Destroys Engine

I'm not sure who exactly to reach out to, to get my story out...  On Thursday August 18th, 2016 I went to Jiffy Lube to get an oil change (located at: 4601 Hypoluxo Rd, Lake Worth, FL 33463  Phone: (561) 432-1529).

I arrived around 6:35pm & they close at 7pm. I had been to this location several times before. This day my oil change was done really fast & I even commented to Julio R. the supervisor that it was the fastest oil change I'd ever had. Julio commented that he works fast and expects those who work for him to also work fast. I paid for the services and left. i even returned 20 minutes later because I forgot my laptop bag. The next day I was heading to work around 9:40am (less than 24-hours) and heard a loud explosion under my car. I was heading South bound on the I-95 and could hear something break off and hit the road. Luckily I was in the far left lane & pulled off to the shoulder. My car immediately died & never started again. I could have been killed had I been in the middle lane, or had a car been close behind me. I called triple AAA and a tow truck towed my car to an auto repair shop. It was there that they determined Jiffy Lube left the oil filter on the suspension and no oil was found in my engine. The loud sound I heard was a hole being blown in my engine due to the oil leaking out.

I was contact 8/19 by a VP Will Boyd (parent company Atlantic Coast Enterprises (https://www.jiffylube.com/contact), after dozens of calls by myself and the auto repair owner Will Boyd decided to finally call me today to tell me that Jiffy Lube did nothing wrong. He was rude today - the same as he was on 8/19. He informed me that someone had to have gone under my car and unscrewed the cap. He also added that maybe the tow truck did it. He told me to go ahead and sue them and do whatever I wanted and he would send me a letter. He said surveillance video showed that they did everything right.

Right now, I have no car, it's parked the same place since 8/19. I am renting cars every week. I have a seven year old and no means of transportation. I'm writing this and still in shock at what he said and the way I've been treated. I want justice - I want a car - and want Jiffy Lube AKA Atlantic Coast Enterprises to pay for what they did. I have taken Will Boyds advice and have acquired a lawyer. I will be creating a social media campaign to bring "more" awareness to the bad practices of Jiffy Lube franchisees and Jiffy Lube.

[2244] Rick in Magna, UT  Backfiring 

Look this guy , not joking and probably going to under exaggerate ! Totally screwed my vehicle to the point I don't no if I can drive it ! I'm not lying ! I'm 54 disabled female and I had services done w receipts dated for May 18, 2016 by BBB certified mechanics . Have receipts and their written statements ! Also new tires on  June 4,2016! I have never had any problems at all whatsoever ever and I keep grandkids drive daily w them and family and friends ! THIS IS CRAZY ! This guy screwed my car , don't pass something ok fine I'll fix it ! But I couldn't get home ! Backfiring ! Dying at every intersection , seriously ! Never ever ! I just telling u now I took pics time and dated iPhone don't lie ! He took messed w my gear shift , stupid yes left off the fuse panel and my battery was discounted and not put connects properly ! I just got new battery dine around 6-7 months ... (I will find receipt) but yes just got out of shop ! And all good ! I mean ... Backfiring , battery I pulled over several times ON HWY! And cried w panic . Not kidding .. U need fire him .. He screwed me ! I'm disabled w low income . Single and barely barely surviving and he screwed me ! Every penny for matters ! I'm scared worried fretting and very angry ! And got lots people recent mechanics family friends , vouching . Never backfire never battery just die at lights etc .. Till today that boy didn't even .. Put back what he took off .. I'm sorry this is serious ! I could have had major probs on highway getting home , and sitting in over 90 % on hwy tonight waiting for help ! I am a heart patient CAD, stents , Harding arteries as well as other complications cirrhosis , kidney disease ..! This guy FIRE. He purposely left my car disabled ! I'm not joking kidding and like said I took pics have statements .. No no no , leave my car in that shape . No problems none . Like said have serve mechanics records and they're disbelief! My god ! How can I go in and come out like that ! ???? Really? Really ,  don't care fix probs ! No prob but to screw it up and never have a prob before ! This is going elsewhere! Magna Utah station 6199 ! Inspector 31101. I'm not playing . Thank u ! Hope to hear back ! Cuz I'm not going to be screwed! I can't afford it and he did mess up my car period!

[2243] Peggy in San Antonio, TX  Grease in Passenger Compartment

I took my car to Jiffy Lube for oil change today. After spending $ 91.00 I noticed grease all over my passenger side& glove compartment & step inside car. This was obvious to anyone with eyes. When I asked for this to be cleaned, they tried with a product that did nothing but smear the grease. They did not even apologize . This was @ jiffy lube 3306 in San Antonio. I'm very disappointed!!!!

[2242] Nick in Wichita, KS  Engine Destroyed From No Oil

My mother took her 2008 Dodge Charger to a local Jiffy Lube on Harry Street in Wichita KS for a routine oil change. After she left the engine blew on the highway. Shortly after a tech came out and inspected the vehicle and said he was unsure of what the noise could be. He suggested it may be a lifter on the vehicle so we had it towed to a mechanic and informed us that the entire engine was shot, and the it seemed highly likely that the vehicle had been ran for a period of time with out oil in the vehicle. After we had mentioned she had taken it to Jiffy lube the mechanic stated that had to be the cause of the engine damagem. It's now a 5,100 fix that I can't afford to repair for her because she is disabled and I have other financial obligations. The district manager called us upon our request and was very rude and dismissive to my mother and would not even entertain the notion that they could be at fault for the issue. The vehicle was in fine running order before the visit. Need any help I can't get for my mother and as I she can't not get to her doctor appointments.

[2241] Minerva in Glendale, CA  Store Will Not Fix Problem

Can someone please contact me? I am having a lot of problems with the jiffy lube in Glendale, CA.  202 S. Glendale, CA

I cannot drive my car.  It is spilling a lot of oil, so much that I cannot drive it anymore. I call and call the manager and he always says he's going to call and he doesn't. Whenever I go to "fix"  the problem, they say it is fixed.  I have gone over 4 times with the same issue and the car is still leaking oil.

[2240] Miquel in Newberg, OR  $60 for Light Bulb

My name is Miguel, I am a student a George FoX university and I went to the jiffy lube you guys have in Newberg, Oregon. I had gone there before and it was a good service. This time, I payed 60 dollars! Because the guys said that my lights were burn because they wouldn't turn on. It took them 1 minute to fix them, I asked if they had switched my light bulbs, they said yes. In one minute? I have the receipt that I payed 60 dollars, and there is no way that they took out my headlights. They are the same headlights. I'm sure they were just not installed good. I am honestly disappointed because I asked them if they had changed them twice, they said yes. It was a lie. I loved Jiffy Lube that's where I get my oil change. I need your help and money back, I am a stifling college student. =

[2239] Losaline Broke Motor Mount

I bought my car in February and everything seemed fine with my car until I took it to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and tire rotation. They broke my engine motor mount and something similar on the bottom of the axle and blamed it on the dealership that sold me the car.  I had the car for almost 2 months and nothing was wrong with it. Now my car is sluggish and have told the dealership about the problem.

What can I do? I was told to get a written statement from the dealership saying that the car was not sold to me like that.  I also was contemplating have the dealership fix my car for the amount they are charging me with which is $326. And then take Jiffy Lube corporate office and have them repay me.  I appreciate any help you can give me.

[2238] KO  "Slick Business" Book

If you want to know what happens to a company, like Jiffy Lube, when just one customer has had enough, watch for a book entitled "Slick Business" on Amazon in about a month!

[2237] Jose in Spring, TX  Stripped Oil Plug

Took car in to JL location 2299/ 4835 Louetta Rd Spring TX 77388 on July 22, 2015 for an oil change. The car was in perfect condition it was returned leaking oil. I went to the JL location on August 7, 2015 to have my car re-checked for oil leak. Mngr at location stated drain plug was stripped and it was noted on my invoice, which I signed. I was never advised or told about this safety issue, instead they noted the info on the invoice without telling me anything and gave me the car back leaking oil. He put the blame on the place that changed oil last. I told him that the car was not leaking oil at all, he proceeded  to tell me that who ever did it last, crosstreaded the plug and made it tight so it wont leak and when his employees took it out they were not able to make it tight again. So I asked him, how come you can show me my air filters and tell me they need replacement, but something so important like this nobody tells me about it, but is included on my invoice that I signed with no problem, because I was not told there was a problem. The manager refused to help, the same day later, I called the Mngr on the phone to talk again and he laughed when I ask him to repair my car and when I ask for his name he hung up on me. I call Teresa at Customer Svc same day, she passed the info to regional manager James Dowdy, he called me and repeated what the store manager told me and also refuse to help with the repair of my car, which I told him that one of his employees over tighten the plug and stripped it and it was not crosstreaded. He did not help. He went on as to say my car had already 50,000 and that VW had a problem with the oil pan plug. I told him, if that was such a big problem they would do a recall and there was no recall on that. He refuse to give me the name of the person he reports to or give me information about someone in Corporate to help me. He just did not want to help and told me that my car was damaged other place. So I paid 63.00 to have my car damaged. I need someone from Jiffy Lube to contact me and approve repairs to my car. I really want to resolve this without going any further like BBB, small claim courts or the Department of Automotive repairs. Please help me.

[2236] JoAnn in Everett, WA  Upsell Didn't Work 

I went in today (9-1-15) to get the basic 29.99 oil change and right when I pulled in was immediately greeted with an eye roll. After he slowly and with such attitude getting my information about my car he said I needed the more expensive oil change that would cost me 69.99. After I told him no, he tells me my oil won't be topped off, none of my fluids would get checked, they wouldn't check my tires out vacuum. I left after telling the manager that was there what just happened. He didn't seem to care. TO ALL CUSTOMERS.... STAY AWAY FROM ALL JIFFY LUBES. This one was in Everett,Washington on Evergreen Way across from Value Village.

[2235] Kelly in Perry Hall, MD  4" Oil Puddle Every Night

I was serviced on 6/30/2016 at the Perry Hall, MD location and noticed the next day our car was leaking.  I called right away but my daughter was at work, I checked the oil and they over filled it at least a quart.  The holiday happened and 6 days later, I took it back for the same 4" puddle every night leak.  They opened 15 minutes late and then 2-3 technicians looked at the dipstick and determined there was no problem because "the oil is not over or under"  however told me that they changed a gasket but my car was done in half the time as the girl who pulled in the same time and they never put oil in, so they never drained it to replace the gasket. 

When I called back, they hung up on me, then I was told one guy was out of the shop for 3 hours and the guy who determined that I am the idiot, he hung up on me over "civility" and him not being able to hear, "you did not do what you said you did." 

They did this to our other car too but its old so I went with it because they told me a seal needed replaced.  This time, denial denial denial.  No response on the feedback from and I've been on hold for over an hour waiting to talk to someone. 

[2234] Haleigh in Spokane, WA  No Steering, No Brakes

Had my oil changed at a very popular company nationwide 4/19/16. After driving 73 miles my car just quit while driving causing me to have no steering and brakes. Took it to the Chevrolet dealer and cost me $132.22 to have it fixed. It was determined a an air duct hose had come off. Well it hadn't been put back together properly as they had to remove it to change the oil and they didn't say it was damaged and recommend it be replaced. On my way home I stopped in and filed a complaint and requested a reimbursement for the repairs and provided documentation. I was told he would send it off to corporate and they would contact me. Well I still haven't heard from them even though I have called 9 times and filled out their form online. They won't give me a number to call the claims department directly. Guess I can kiss that money goodbye. When I'm sure I can't be sued I'll be posting the name of this company.

[2233] Hailey in NV Improper Air Filter Return

Got my oil changed at Jiffy lube a few weeks ago, I immediately noticed that my car had a rough idle, from 200 to 1500 RPMs. I began to worry and I even drove 500 to Vegas and back. I scheduled an appointment at my Ford dealership, cost me $98.00 to have them diagnose that the people at Jiffy lube did not put my air filter back in my car properly. Which caused a bunch of crap to get into my engine causing my car to idle rough. 

I plan to go to Jiffy lube and complain.  You are welcome to use my complaint publicly.

[2232] Eric in Houston, TX  Missing Cabin Filter

Last weekend, I took my 2003 Honda Civic to a Jiffy Lube location to have my oil changed.  Here is a link to the exact location: http://jiffylubehouston.jiffylube.com/location_detail.aspx?s_id=2138

The tech came into the waiting room and tried to sell me new cabin air filter(s) for $50, saying that they were missing from my car.  Knowing that I could pick up a new set from the AutoZone down the street for $20, I politely declined.

A few hours later, I remembered that I had gotten my previous oil change at the same Jiffy Lube location, and they tried to sell me new cabin air filters the last time too -- by showing my my existing ones and saying they were dirty (they had been replaced just months prior, and looked fine to me.)

I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that they just "forgot" to put them back in the first time. I don't want to believe that they deliberately "stole" my cabin air filter so they could sell me a new one next time around, although, that's really what it looks like to me.

Whether it was deliberate or not, as a result of Jiffy Lube's negligence, my blower fan now has a leaf caught in it (makes an annoying clicking noise) and my A/C coils are saturated with dust/dirt. Now I am going to have to break down the entire fan assembly and shop-vac all the crap out.

The most annoying part is: In both instances, I specifically asked for "just an oil change." I never even wanted them to check my air filters.

[2231] Ed in Des Moines, IA  Stripped Oil Plug

I had my oil changed at the Jilly Lube on Merle Hay in Des Moines IA Friday 1/22/16.  Today 1/23/16 all the oil leaked from either the filter or stripped oil pug and caused my 2014 Rav 4 to die in the driveway.  Please help!

[2230] John In Redmond, WA Provided Wrong Oil

I have a 2013 Toyota Prius which I took to the Jiffy Lube at 17015 Avondale Way NE, Redmond, WA.  My Toyota Prius goes 5000 miles between oil changes if done properly.  My regular service facility was not available today, I am leaving town for a long driving trip tomorrow and had limited time,  so I stopped in to Jiffy Lube for my 60,000 mile change.  I asked the technician before the service if I needed a special oil for a Prius  5000 mile oil change and he said no.  After they finished and I was paying, I was told the change was only good for 3000 miles.  I made a complaint on the signed invoice and told the person I paid but he blew it off.  I send this so others will know to avoid this facility if your car requires a special oil for a 5000 mile interval.  I have no doubt the 3000 mile oil is ok for 3000 miles but my car has an automatic reminder for me at 5,000 miles and canít tell the difference.  I intend to have my oil changed by a qualified facility after my trip even though this was a waste as I see it. How else will people know if we donít register complaints.

[2229] Cynthia in St. Cloud, MN  Engine Destroyed From Missing Oil Plug

I had my Honda in your Jiffy Lube, St.Cloud MN for an oil change.  5 weeks later the plug fell out and there was damage to my engine.  This was my regular oil change and had never happened before until I tried your company.  I will get an attorney to get involved if I donít hear back on what you will do to fix the issue.  My engine is toast.

[2228] Clinton in Port Orchard, WA  Stripped Oil Plug

I was there to get a routine oil change in my 2012 Audi A3, it was draining my oil to empty about every 2 weeks I took my car to the dealership, they told me I had a oil stripped plug and told me to bring it to jiffy lube and have them fix it. Jiffy lube said that they would fix it and then scheduled an appointment for them to fix it. The day they took it in, they told me they "chased the threads out, and it doesn't leak anymore" they topped off my oil and told me I had a bad coolant leak. Then gave my keys back. I received no invoice for this visit.

Since that visit it has been a few months. Since that time I have been to oil can Henry's in the car. I do not take my vehicles to jiffy lube anymore. It started dumping oil again to the point my oil light is coming on after about a week on a fresh topoff/oil change the last month or so. My driveway is flooded with oil. I took my vehicle back into jiffy lube they took the car into the bay looked at the sticker on the window and looked at the leak and asked me if I had the invoice at Oil Can Henry's if it stated that the invoice from Oil Can Henry's said it had an existing oil leak they might do something about it. If not they won't help me out and that Oil Can Henry's will be held responsible, and offered to possibly buy me a new oil pan at best but I'd have to pay someone to get it installed. I am not going to hold Oil Can Henry's responsible for this matter because my oil pan was never replaced, this is a pre exsisting issue since they worked on my car. I am very dissatisfied with my experience and time wasted every visit I take time out of my busy day to take care of this unresolved matter just to get run around. I will be bubbling this matter up in some way and won't stop till my oil pan gets replaced and paid for.

[2227] Chung in Orange Park, FL  Destroyed ATF Dipstick

This is complaint is for location #1821 located in Orange Park, FL.  My father brought in his 2011 GMC Sierra truck for a routine oil change on 1/27/2016.

The technician servicing the truck broke/damaged the ATF dipstick tube assembly due to carelessness when it pulled out. My father observed/witnessed it.

The technician feigned ignorance and attempted to blame my father for the damage. The technician told my father to take his truck to the dealership for repair/replacement. The technician refused to take any responsibility for his own carelessness in breaking/damaging the dipstick tube.

My father had the dipstick tube repaired/replaced at the dealership and brought the invoice back to this location. He spoke with another employee. My father presented the employee with the invoice and asked what they will do to compensate the amount for the repair/replacement. The employee became irate and told my father heíll need to call corporate with no additional details or information on how and when the follow up will occur.

My father asked the employee for his name. The employee angrily told my father he is not obligated to provide him with his name and told him to get the hell off the premises or heíll call the police. My father was not being abusive or confrontational in any way during the interaction.

The area district manager Leyon Kerkland became aware of the issue on 1/30/2016, but declined to contact me after a couple of follow up calls from me. I called Jiffy Lube corporate in Texas and was informed they would follow up with Leyon and me. Jiffy Lube corporate told me the very rude customer service by the employee and broken/damaged component will be addressed.

I took the initiative and finally reached Leyon Kerkland on the morning of 2/3/2016. He sounded as if he was not interested in the situation and stated up front that he will not compensate the broken/damaged dipstick tube and claimed they break all the time due a faulty design and quality. He stated heíll deny and refuse any compensation by claiming itís not their fault regardless of the technicianís recklessness.

Furthermore, he claimed the employee in question stated that my father was being abusive and combative and that is why he responded the way he did and the employee was supposedly put on final notice. Leyonís demeanor and voice on the phone clearly indicated he didnít care about any of the issues.

Leyon initially refused to provide me with the contact information for his manager (regional manager) until I had to press the issue.

My father has been a loyal Jiffy Lube customer for more 20 years going through at least three vehicles. My father is 70 years old. The absolute rude and unprofessional treatment by the employee who told him to leave with the threat of calling the policemen is shameful. I asked Leyon if the audio and video recording of the interaction from the security cameras in the office can be pulled. Leyon refused to address that.

Leyonís dismissive attitude and lack of respect towards the issue along with his cavalier responses clearly shows he doesnít give a damn and nor does Jiffy Lube corporate.

[2226] Cassandra in Baltimore, MD Someone Stole My Oil Filter

I am a loyal customer of Jiffy Lube and have been since 2006. I usually go to Jiffy Lube Store #27, 4112 West Northern Parkway, owned and operated by P&P Lube Inc, John Way, Proprietor. The store is located in Baltimore, Maryland 21215.


On Monday, July 13, my son took my Toyota Camry in for a standard oil change, something I have done for years. Everything appeared to be okay. I drove the car in the city (no more than 20-30 miles per hour), and had no problems. On Wednesday evening, when driving to Jessup, MD, we took the beltway, to which we drove 65 MPH. My son parked the car and went into work, 10 pm - 6:00 am. When he returned to the vehicle, it stalled a little before started, so he turned it off, and waited a few minutes, started the car again, let it run for 1 minute and drove off. Only about 3 minutes into the ride, he noticed the car shaking and then the oil light came on and the maintenance light as well as the check engine light. He began looking for a safe place to pull over but hardly made it, leaving the tail end of the car in the middle of the road. He was able to safely move it out of the way by pushing the vehicle.


When he checked the "dip stick" he noticed it was no oil in the car. Now remember, the oil was changed along with the oil filter on Monday late afternoon. Its now Thursday morning and there is no oil in the vehicle. We had the car towed back to the store #27 and the technician Kia told us that there was no oil filter on the car. We were shocked. What happened to the oil filter.


After inspecting the vehicle by a guy name Jesse who did not do the actual work on Monday, he stated that someone must have crawled under our car and taken the filter out in the night. Really? He began questioning my son asking if he had enemies.


I drove immediately to the store, and yes Jesse continued with his story convincing us that we had to physically remove the oil filter or that someone removed it maliciously. At this point, the owner had not arrived to the store.


I arranged to have a towing company tow my vehicle home so we could arrange for a diagnostic by a certified mechanic. Once the tow company arrived the owner, Jack Way came running out the store stating that he wanted to take my vehicle to his diagnostic center. I replied no. He then went on questioning me and my son stating that we drove the car while it was distress stating that it could have been a bad oil pump and caused the filter to blow off. Or, just maybe someone did remove it. At this point, he was just talking nonsense.


Once the vehicle was lifted by the towing company one could easily see the oil all under the vehicle. The engine at this point is totally damaged. And the owner takes absolutely no responsibility for the work done of the filter just a couple days prior.


Jiffy Lube cannot continue to do business in such a manner. At some point, the owner Mr. Way literally laughed not even understanding that damaging someone engine and car is not a laughing matter. He was confident that I had no right to talk about paying for the damages done to my vehicle.


At this point, I have a certified mechanic looking at the vehicle and assessing all the damage. I will forward this report to Mr. Way and his associates and demand payment.


As a corporation I thought you should know that I will work extremely hard to make sure that Jiffy Lubes are closed down permanently. This level of incompetency makes your entire organization look weak and uncaring.


How interesting that Mr. Way has a sign on his building boasting that he is a Veteran Owned Business, yet he is damaging people vehicles.


My suggestion to Mr. Way is to take the care of other vehicles very seriously. This is no laughing matter. Destroying someone's vehicle prohibiting them from going to work, school, and simple things like grocery shopping is no laughing matter.


This business should be closed today.

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