What's Wrong At Jiffy Lube?

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  3. Determine whether remedies suggested by others are appropriate for your situation.  People like yourself have offered various remedies. 

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  5. Send an email directly to Jiffy Lube. 

  6. Tell your legislators about Shell Oil.  If they neglect well documented problems here at Jiffy Lube, then how can they be trusted to do the right thing when they want to explore, transport and refine energy.  Shell may pay more attention if the stakes are higher...

State Index of Personal Experiences


ALABAMA AL [886] Dan in Birmingham, AL 
[1456] Rita in Birmingham, AL 
Total Engine Death
Gift Card Invalid
ALASKA AK [23] Neal in Anchorage, AK
[32] David in Fairbanks, AK
[241] Rob in Anchorage, AK 

[875] Allyson in Anchorage, AK 
[1033] Lynn in Anchorage, AK 
Heater Problem

Rude Manager
Mortified Customer
ARIZONA AZ [59] Alex in Tucson, AZ
[79] John in Gilbert, AZ
[132] Ex-Employee in Tucson, AZ
[155] Redneck in Chandler, AZ
[202] Bob in Tucson, AZ
[216] Bryan in Tempe, AZ 
[239] Mike In Gilbert, AZ 
[327] Jennifer in Gilbert, AZ 
[359] Dan in Scottsdale, AZ 
[370] Adrianne in Tempe, AZ 
[387] Manager in Phoenix, AZ  
[474] Dale in Glendale, AZ

[500] Victim in Phoenix, AZ 
[566] Sophorn  in AZ 
[593] Dawn in Flagstaff, AZ 
[633] Keith in Show Low, AZ 
[759] MJ in Chandler, AZ 
[762] David in Gilbert, AZ 
[830] Duke in Tucson, AZ 
[923] Kathy in Tucson, AZ
[974] Ken in Phoenix, AZ 
[1016] David in Surprise, AZ 
[1150] Kent in Mesa, AZ 
[1175] Carrie in Gilbert, AZ 
[1185] Bernie in Tucson, AZ 
[1272] DY in Tucson, AZ 
[1396] Sue in Chandler, AZ 
[1506] Dick in Tucson, AZ 
[1514] Cosmo in Flagstaff, AZ 
[1554] Bennie in Phoenix, AZ 
[1624] Two Amegos in Tucson, AZ 
Air Filter
Oil Plug

Gay Offense
Unwanted Items
Locked Out
Ripped Off

Ignored Request
No Oil
Bad Treatment
Tire Problems
Inadequate Service
No Free Oil Change Coupon
What Else Not Done?
Altered My Check
Sand in the Engine
Price Gouging
Ex-Criminal Does Damage
Small Problem
Failed To Tighten Oil Filter
No Oil in Engine
Windshield Washer Leak
Sold Unneeded Parts
Air Filter Scam
Stole Gun
Expensive Gas Filter
[1696] Eric in Sierra Vista, AZ 
[1717] Rico in Phoenix, AZ 
[1810] Syd in Scottsdale, AZ 
[1833] Gary in Glendale, AZ 
[1883] Steve in Tempe, AZ 
[1955] Kris in Tucson, AZ 
[1993] Richard in Tucson, AZ 
[1994] MP in Chandler, AZ 
[2132] Brynlee in Tucson, AZ 
[2196] Paulette in Phoenix, AZ 
Disregarded Complaint
Forgot To Tighten Differential Nut
Spilled Oil Stains Concrete Floor
Worn Out Oil Plug
Oil Plug Falls Out
Destroyed Skid Plate
Complaint Form Does Not Operate
Lied About Refund
Jiffy Lube Lied
ARKANSAS AR [1631] Norm in North Little Rock, AR  Cracked Differential
[9] Ted in Pasadena, CA
[18] Peter in Long Beach, CA
[22] Rob near Camp Pendleton, CA
[38] Howard in Pasadena, CA
[71] Glenn in Sherman Oaks, CA|
[74] Kelly In Santa Monica, CA
[80] Barrett in Mountain View, CA
[89] In Concord, CA
[102] In Benicia, CA
[104] Erick from Santa Maria, CA
[106] Daniel in San Diego, CA
[115] Mac In Los Angeles, CA
[127] Chrsitina in Sacramento, CA
[135] Victim in San Mateo, CA
[142] Jennifer in Huntington Beach, CA
[146] Stan in Saratoga, CA
[152] Marge in Thousand Oaks, CA
[160] Glenn in El Cajon, CA
[186] Evan in Santa Clara, CA
[193] Employee in Yucca Valley, CA
[197] Ex-employee in California
[212] Customer in San Luis Obispo, CA 
[217] Lori in Canoga Park, CA  
[238] Jim in Palm Desert, CA 
[240] Rich in Saratoga, CA 
[255] Jackie in CA 
[259] Victim in CA
[270] Victim in Carlsbad, CA 
[279] Simon in San Marcos, CA 
[284] Rob in Sacramento, CA 
[286] John in Encino, CA 
[287] Juan in Los Alamitos, CA 
[301] Rainer in Merced, CA 
[307] Scott in Cathedral City, CA 
[330] Julie in Victorville, CA 
[332] Dustin in Redding, CA 
[340] Mark in Glendale, CA
[341] Dale in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 
[347] Mark in Berkeley, CA 
[348] Steve in Riverside, CA 
[349] Denise in San Ramon, CA 
[363] Jim in Simi Valley, CA  
[364] Bruce in La Palm Desert, CA  
[369] Kay in Fountain Valley, CA 
[368] Kenneth in
[383] Carrie in San Mateo, CA 
[385] Joe in Riverside, CA 
[391] Augie in LaQuinta, CA 
[397] Ben in Tehachapi, CA 
[399] Ron in Sacramento, CA 
[401] Aron in Pasadena, CA 
[419] Ron in CA 
[427] Dan in Tracy, CA 
[432] Jim in Folsom, CA 
[433] Ken in Lakewood, CA 
[438] Zak in Merced, CA 
[442] Terry in Foster City, CA  
[445] Maile in Coronado, CA 
[446] Steven in San Jose, CA 
[462] Kevin in West LA, CA 
[463] Peter in Pasadena, CA 
[466] Ashley in Atascadero, CA 
[473] Peter in California
[476] Cory in San Diego, CA 
[482] Kimi in Alhambra, CA 
[491] Maria in Palo Alto, CA 

[503] Sheri in Ventura, CA
[506] Ken in Citrus Heights, CA 
[512] Ken in California 
[524] Eden in Burbank, CA 
[526] Diane in Ventura, CA 
[550] Jackie in San Diego, CA
[559] Robby In Burbank, CA 
[564] Chad in Northridge, CA 
[565] Andy in Cupertino, CA 
[568] RW in Simi Valley, CA
[570] Employee in Sacramento, CA
[577] Jack in Costa Mesa, CA 
[579] Owen in Long Beach, CA
[600] Jack in Atwater, CA 
[606] Walt In Folsom, CA 
[609] DH in Citrus Heights, CA 
[610] Dennis In Manteca, CA 
[630] Brenda in Long Beach, CA 
[648] Michael in Santa Clara, CA 
[649] Bob in Oakland, CA 
[656] Dennis in Stevenson Ranch, CA 
[657] Aurora in Rancho Cucamonga, CA 
[662] Jenne in Victorville, CA 
[672] Dennis in Castro Valley, CA 
[676] Charissa in Sherman Oaks, CA 
[680] Kathleen in Chico, CA 

[681] Lori in Rancho Cordova, CA 
[682] Ben in La Quinta, CA 
[692] Shirley in Ventura, CA 
[693] Julie in San Jose, CA 
[700] Dennis in Stevenson Ranch, CA 
[710] Florina in Newark, CA 
[711] Russell in Sacramento, CA 
[712] Nick In Tehachapi, CA 
[731] Mickey in Long Beach, CA 
[732] Rick in Elk Grove, CA 
[738] Kyle in Redlands, CA 
[746] Todd in Newhall, CA 
[754] Gene in Oceanside, CA 
[775] John in Ontario, CA 
[779] Jeff in La Crescenta, CA 
[780] Katja in Folsom, CA 
[791] Nilson in Ventura, CA 
[809] Donna in Los Angeles, CA 
[817] Pat in Vista, CA 
[843] Art in Chino Hills, CA 
[850] David in San Leandro, CA 
[855] Luis in San Francisco, CA 
[877] Mark in Thousand Oak, CA 
[882] Dan in Santa Maria, CA 
[902] Employee in Chico, CA
[906] Megan in Beverly Hills, CA 
[911] Michael in Los Angeles, CA 
[930] Victim in San Jose, CA 
[938] SMN in Santa Monica, CA 
[963] Jahmal in San Diego, CA 
[975] Christopher in San Diego, CA 
[984] Larry in Redwood City, CA 
[991] Tom in San Jose, CA 
[993] Francis in Oxnard, CA 
[1026] Max in Los Angeles, CA 
[1036] Martha in Atascadero, CA 
[1037] Joe in Yuba City, CA 
[1039] Laura in Santa Cruz, CA 
[1046] Laura in Santa Cruz, CA 
[1053] Sharon in Cypress, CA 
[1056] Jan in Yuba City, CA 
[1060] Jason from Santa Clara, CA 
[1062] Marcus in Los Angeles, CA 
[1079] Jean in Paradise, CA
[1083] Liz in West LA, CA 
[1088] Bob in San Mateo, CA  
[1090] Lily in Sacramento, CA 
[1094] Sunny in Long Beach, CA 
[1102] Nancy in Folsom CA 
[1113] Bob in Irvine, CA 
[1114] Horia in San Leandro, CA 
[1125] Victim in Highland, CA 
[1137] Dave in Victorville, CA  
[1146] Kathy in San Jose, CA 
[1155] Nick in Sunnyvalle, CA 
[1164] Jason in Encinias, CA
[1173] Hallie in Costa Mesa, CA 
[1182] Ruby in Palmdale, CA
[1191] Brian in Ls Mesa, CA 
[1195] Lyn in La Quinta, CA 
[1198] Fred in Palmdale, CA 
[1200] Nate in Riverdale, CA 
[1227] Matthew in Palmdale, CA 
[1230] Lyn in Van Nuys, CA
[1232] Dale in Van Nuys, CA
[1246] Steve in Sun Valley, CA
[1251] Louise in Oxnard, CA 
[1255] Sean in Manhattan Beach, CA 
[1258] Larry in Torrance, CA 
[1259] Tim in Concord, CA 
[1262] James in Upland, CA 
[1266] Nancy in Oxnard, CA 
[1279] Bryan in Thousand Oaks, CA
[1305] Terry in Chino Hills, CA 
[1308] Chuck in Costa Mesa, CA 
[1313] Aki in Cupertino, CA 
[1319] Aki in Cupertino, CA 
[1337] Eli in Indio, CA 
[1356] Bill in San Ramon, CA 
[1358] Chris in Moorpark, CA 
[1363] Rob in Filmore, CA 
[1367] Mark in Los Angeles, CA 
[1378] Vickie in Monterey, CA 
[1384] Tom in Los Angeles, CA 
[1385] Cali in Sacramento, CA 
[1393] Julia in San Jose, CA 
[1404] Jefferson in Arroyo Grande, CA  
[1419] Ed in Torrance, CA 
[1432] Sarah in San Luis Obispo, CA 
[1436] Troy in Anaheim, CA 
[1440] Dimitre in San Jose, CA  
[1444] Chris in Poway, CA 
[1462] Rene in Atwater, CA 
[1463] Noemi in Coachella, CA 
[1465] Frank in Lafayette, CA 
[1466] Walter in Walnut Creek, CA 
[1469] Jenny in Sacramento, CA 
[1475] Pat in Imperial Beach, CA 
[1482] Margaret in Costa Mesa, CA 
[1495] Dave in Van Nuys, CA 
[1499] Cherish in Citrus Heights, CA 
[1500] Ron in Hemet, CA 
[1517] Irena in Temecula, CA 
[1520] J in Fontana, CA
[1527] Kevin in Temecula, CA 
[1528] Chris in Northridge, CA 
[1539] Jim in Rancho Cucamonga, CA 
[1555] Joan in Los Angeles, CA 
[1567] Lisa in Santa Clara, CA
[1573] Laura in Perris, CA 
[1588] Helen in Redding, CA 
[1592] Amy in Northridge, CA 
[1593] Marco in San Jose, CA 
[1595] Joe in Corona, CA 
[1606] Annamarie in Anaheim, CA 
[1616] Brandon in Walnut Creek, CA 
[1618] Mirna in Sylmar, CA 
[1620] David in San Ramon, CA 
[1622] Tim in La Puenta, CA 
[1642] David in Thousand Oaks, CA 
[1649] Naomi in Santa Monica, CA 
[1650] Dani in Sherman Oaks, CA 
Check Engine
Oil Type
No Oil
No Oil
Unneeded Parts
Fuel Filter
No Oil
Oil Plug & Cap

Broken Promise
No Oil Filters
Only A Fool

Duplicate Parts
Work Not Done
Wrong Oil
No Regular Oil
Angry Manager
Tire Pressure
No Coupon
Fluids Check
TV Expo
Frozen Bolt
Skid plate
Don't Work Here
Failed Tests
Cover Up
Unneeded Services
Something Fishy
Air Filter
Wrong Fluid
Bad Estimate
Skid Plate
Oil Plug
Same Mentality
Drained Fluids
Hard Sell
Padded Bill
Drain Plug
Engine Light
Employee Pay
Stripped Plug
Oil Pan
Not Worth It
Work Not Done
Duplicate Service
No Service

No Service
Public Right-of-Way
Macho Attitude
No Oil
Engine Smoke
Too Much Oil
Engine Smoke
Air Filter
Oil Filter
Poor Help
Broke Radiator
Cut Transmission Line
Transmission Errors
Wrong Oil Filter
Destroyed Transmission
No Promised Discount
Pulled Wrong Latch
Missing Skid Plate
News Stories
Air Filter Deception
Lying About Services
Forgot to Replace Oil
Bilking the Public
Evil Company
Service Mistakes Policy
Not Safe From Theft
Catastrophic Engine Problems
Made A Mess
Broke Fan
Late & High Priced
Not Technicians
Shabby Work & Advice
Over Charging
No Visible Fluids
Predatory Services
No Reverse Transmission
Can't Be Trusted
Transmission Woes
Still Waiting...
Stripped Oil Pan
Stripped Plug
Derogatory Comments
IPOD Theft
Refused to Honor Written Quote
Tampering & New Oil Leak
Scathing My Paint
Watch Everything They Do
Hid Broken Hose
Failed To Tighten Oil Filter
Wonder About Their Work
Damaged Transmission
Refused to Acknowledge Problem
Caused Major Oil Leak
Taking Advantage 75 Yr Old Woman
Personal Cell Numbers Posted
Oil Filter Missing
Radiator Error Engine Damage
Jammed Drain Plug
Already Conned Me
Rudeness & Lack of Procedures
Liars, Thieves & Immature Mechanics
Broke House Key
Air Filter Scam
Upsell Lesson Learned
No Oil Plug Blows Engine
Will Not Honor Advertised Price
Incomplete & Unneeded Services
Woman Points Out Mistakes
Overfilled Crankcase
Forgot To Replace Oil
No Oil Destroyed Engine
Dishonesty & Robbery
Forgot To Replace Radiator Cap
Wrong Filter Almost Destroyed Engine
Forgot To Replace Engine Cover
Ripped Off
Stripped Oil Pan Threads
Incompetent and Dishonest
Deliberate Air Filter Tear
Dishonesty Destroys Fleet Sales
Coolant Flush Scam
JL Worker Charged With Rape
Lousy Service
Damaged Transmission
Push You Into Services
No Oil Destroys Engine
Did Not Meet Specifications
No Oil In Transmission
Didn't Replace Filter
Incomplete Work
Destroyed $170 Key
Oil Filter Not Changed
Pliers Destroys Engine
Improper Oil Filter Installation
Oily Footprints
Outrageous Price
Overcharging Pattern
Oil Leak & Mount Problem
Unneeded Services
Forgot To Replace Oil
The Manufacturer is Wrong
Humiliated & Horrified
Another Rip Off
Destroyed Engine
Destroyed Transmission
Will Not Match Coupon
Flush Destroys Engine
Forgot to Replace Differential Plug
Missing Skid Plate Bolts
Blown Engine from No Oil
No Service
Fluid & Credit Card Problems
Wrong Radiator Fluid
Caused Flat Tires
Took Advantage of Woman
Picketing Store
Need to Ask for Discount
Loose Oil Filter Leaks
Hand Controls Damaged
Afraid of Employee
Oil Leak
Additional Products Scam
Forgot to Tighten Filter
Stole GPS
Differential Failure
Coolant Scam
Overcharged From Estimate
No Oil Destroys Engine
Incomplete Services
Stripped Oil Plug
Destroyed Bumper & Exhaust
Oil Filter Fell Out
Unneeded Battery
Demand Resolution

[1664] Jill in Grover Beach, CA 
[1677] Thoggie in Victorville, CA 
[1691] Victim in Camarillo, CA 
[1697] Victim in Los Angeles, CA 
[1701] Cris in Perris, CA
[1726] Rich in Sacramento, CA 
[1729] Mike in Danville, CA 
[1742] Allisyn in Simi Valley, CA 
[1752] Eugene in Concord, CA 
[1756] Georgie in Sacramento, CA 
[1758] Steve in Encinitas, CA 
[1769] Linda in California 
[1775] Rick in Long Beach, CA
[1779] Sandy in El Cajon, CA
[1790] Heather in Hemet, CA 
[1793] Sheree in Long Beach, CA 
[1797] Juanvasquez in Camarillo, CA 
[1802] Damoon in Santa Monica, CA 
[1804] Steve in Encinitas, CA 
[1806] Jon in Los Angeles, CA
[1821] Kristi in Irvine, CA 
[1827] Debbye in Stockton, CA
[1835] Nguyen in Ontario, CA 
[1836] Cay in Marina Del Ray, CA 
[1840] Dave in Mission Viejo, CA 
[1842] Rose in Los Angeles, CA  
[1846] Sonny in Pacific Beach, CA 
[1852] John in San Fernando, CA 
[1855] Aldo in Campbell, CA 
[1859] Samuel in Oakland, CA 
[1878] Venks in Santa Clara, CA 
[1890] Steve in Irvine, CA 
[1908] Victim in Tehachapi, CA 
[1911] Salvador in Los Angeles, CA 
[1915] Tony in Anaheim, CA 
[1921] Manu in San Jose, CA 
[1926] Boris in San Francisco, CA 
[1929] Ernest in Alhambra, CA 
[1944] Doug in Sacramento, CA 
[1948] Mrs. L in Napa, CA 
[1959] Elisha in San Fernado, CA 
[1960] Paul in Hawthorne, CA 
[1963] Narayan in Santa Clara, CA 
[1972] Martinez in Southern CA 
[1977] Mokhtar in Concord, CA 
[1987] Ash in Colton, CA 
[1998] Pamela in Desert Hot Springs, CA 
[2003] Kenton in Redding, CA 
[2018] SS in Los Angeles, CA 
[2042] Robert in Culver City, CA
[2053] Maryann in Carmel, CA 
[2056] Neal in Whittier, CA 
[2058] Angelica in San Jose, CA 
[2086] Stephen in Woodland Hills, CA 
[2090] Theresa in Ranch Cordova, CA
[2106] Papa in Los Alamitos, CA 
[2121] Michael in El Cajon, CA
[2123] Ryan in San Mateo, CA   
[2124] Kelly in Walnut Creek, CA 
[2125] Kelly in CA 
[2126] Gary in Tustin, CA 
[2137] William in Victorville, CA 
[2162] Gerald in San Jose, CA 
[2189] JoAn in Oceanside, CA 
[2216] Laura in Yuba City, CA 
[2220] Andrew in Arcadia, CA
[2241] Minerva in Glendale, CA 

No Competition
Unreported Accident
Prey on Weak & Innocent
Removed Oil Cap With Pliers
Oil Drained Without Replacement
Stripped Drain Plug
Damaged Oil Pan
Backpack Theft
Good Service
Wrong Tire Put On Car
Incomplete Service
Incomplete Service
Coolant System Problems
Concerns About Service
Nicest Techs
Leaking Oil
Oil Not Clean
Destroyed Oil Tank
Falsification of Records
Theft @ $500/hour
Transmission Failure
Jiffy Lube Gets Revenge
Insufficient Oil Refill
Overtighened Oil Drain Plug
Never Again
Purposeful Damage to Car
Destroyed Transmission
Payment Scam
No Oil Destroys Engine
Always A Cheat
Wrong Transmission Fluid
Poor Customer Service
Fries with Your Oil?
$10 Special Better Than $25 Coupon
Don't Stock Honda Oil Filters
Car on Fire
Destroyed Differential
Flush Destroys Transmission
Stole Money & Sunglasses
Taking Advantage of the Elderly
Feedback Form Does Not Work
Forgot to Refill Differential
I Know Where You Live...
Destroyed Transmission
Stripped Oil Pan Threads
Destroyed Transmission
No Oil Filter Destroys Engine
Destroyed Water Pump
Squeaking Serpentine Belt
Lying Corporate Douche Bags
Air Filter Fraud
Oil Plug Leaks
Crushed Oil Filter
Air Filter Scam
Taking Advantage of a Lady
Unbelievable Response
Would Not Honor Coupon
Coupon Rip-off ReTrucks
Tire Rotation
Cracked Oil Pan
Defective Oil Filter Destroys Engine
Overfilled Oil
Store Will Not Fix Problem

COLORADO CO [208] Randy in Thornton, CO
[248] Dorothy In Colorado Springs, CO  
[266] Heather in Colorado Springs, CO 
[406] Tim in Denver, CO 

[530] Mary in Denver, CO 
[669] Dennis in Stevenson Ranch, CO 
[735] Anna in Aurora, CO 
[750] Carmen in Greenwood Village, CO 
[789] Robin in Aurora, CO 
[793] Dan in Canon City, CO 
[866] Jessica in Denver, CO 
[956] Brent in Colorado Springs, CO 
[1005] Tyler in Lakewood, CO 
[1058] Greg in Parker, CO 
[1408] Matt in Northern Colorado 
[1524] Chris in CO 
[1610] Kat in Boulder, CO 
Forgot Refill
Drain Plug

Power Steering/Brakes
Drained Wrong Oil
Broke Air Filter
Very Poor Service
Voided Check
Unfulfilled Services
Forgot To Replace Oil
Faulty Oil Filter
Destroyed Engine
Stripped Transmission Drain Plug
Outrageous Pricing
No Oil Destroys Engine
[1698] Mark in Aurora, CO 
[1736] Sharon in Denver, CO 
[2051] Nelson in Ft. Collins, CO 
[2066] Maria in Colorado Springs, CO 
[2093] NWM in Littleton, CO
[2105] Nanette in Liff, CO 
Forgot to Tighten Lug Nuts
Air Filter Theft
Crossed Threaded Plug
Forgot To Put The Plug Back
The $1,000 Oil Change
CONNECTICUT CT [166] Erica in New London, CT
[338] Hue in Norwalk, CT 
[428] Lou in Stratford, CT 

[840] Eileen in Branford, CT 
[907] Scot in Branford, CT 
[1213] Paul in Rocky Hill, CT  
[1564] Mamie in CT 

Light Bulbs

Overfilled Oil
Squealing Belt
Inferior Air Filter
Engine Flush Destroys Engine
DELAWARE DE [981] Chris in Wilmington, DE  Lost Lawsuit
[1909] Gregory in Claymont, DE 
[2112] Robin in Dover, DE 
Customer Needs to Follow-up
[1423] Jarrod in Washington, DC 
FLORIDA FL [1] Aura in Orlando, FL
[20] In Altamonte Springs, FL
[27] Penelope in Lutz, FL
[37] Mike in Winter Park, FL
[67] Gwen in Gainesville, FL
[169] Edwin in Orlando, FL
[201] Linda in Mulberry, FL
[206] Peg in Jacksonville, FL
[236] Mark in Brandon, FL  
[251] Janet in Florida 
[275] Daughter in Royal Palm Beach, FL
[282] Mindy in Pompano Beach, FL 
[302] Dan in Orlando, FL
[305] DR in Miami, FL 
[343] Keith in Clearwater, FL
[344] Frank in Lake Worth, FL
[365] Jason in Jacksonville, FL
[408] Richard in Tampa, FL 
[410] Heidi in Tampa, FL 
[415] Victim in West Palm Beach, FL
[435] Don in Bonita Springs, FL 
[441] Jesse in Fort Meyers, FL 
[470] Rodney in Pembroke Pines, FL
[480] Jeff in Altamonte Springs, FL   
[490] Mark in Altamonte Springs, FL 

[511] Lionel in Gainesville, FL
[514] Wyatt in Sarasota, FL
[519] Eric in Seminole, FL
[575] Sam in Gainesville, FL
[586] Dave in Tampa, FL 
[587] Justin in Pembroke Pines, FL 
[664] Brad in Boca Raton, FL 
[686] Employee in South FL
[697] Maria in Miami, FL 
[727] Perry in Gainesville, FL 
[733] Karen in Hallandale, FL 
[747] Rick in Winter Springs, FL 
[761] WT in Miami, FL 
[784] Mary  in Bradenton, FL 
[823] Ken in Gainesville, FL 
[829] Jenifer in Miami, FL
[869] Butch in Royal Palm Beach, FL 
[878] James in Aventura, FL 
[901] John in Winter Springs, FL 
[905] Felix in Miami, FL 
[973] Victim in Cutler Ridge, FL 
[997] Alan in Delray Beach, FL 
[1043] Monique in Orange City, FL 
[1061] Daniel in Lutz, FL 
[1188] Bernie in Delray Beach, FL 
[1211] Dave in Bradenton, FL 
[1243] Seniha in Gainesville, FL 
[1271] Darrell in Jacksonville, FL 
[1274] Mark in St. Petersburg, FL 
[1362] Thomas in Gainesville, FL 
[1413] Bill in Sarasota, FL 
[1428] Mike in Largo, FL 
[1443] Samuel in Miami, FL 
[1460] Frank in Lake Worth, FL 
[1518] Michael in Bonita Springs, FL 
[1547] Eugenio in Lakeland, FL 
[1568] James in Sarasota, FL 
[1590] Jonathan in Gainesville, FL 
[1633] Mitchell in Miami, FL 
[1637] Shawn in Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
No Oil
Oil Type
Engine Light
Long Wait

Oil Not Changed
Sales Ritual
Rear Diff
Transmission Oil
No Reply
Used Oil
Undone Services
Oil Plug
Unfinished Work
Engine Sludge
Water Freezes
No Follow-Up
Didn't Change Oil

Radiator Cap
Over Torqued
Air Filter
Engine Damage
Gundeck Everything
Could Have Killed My Kid
Nobody is Working
Extremely Rude
Cost Too Much
Rude & Obnoxious
Wrong Brake Fluid
Forgot To Replace Oil
Coupon Expired
Forgot To Replace Oil
Twisted Transmission Filter
Lost Trust In Store
No Warranty
Disconnected Air Filter
Caused Battery to Die
Minor is Illegally Employed
Persistence Pays Off
More Oil Than Required
Didn't Know About Grease Fittings
Oil Half Full On Purpose
Would Not Honor Coupon
Botched Radiator Flush
Deceitful Manager
$1,095 Oil FIlter Damage
No Oil Destroyed Engine
No Lube, Less Oil
A Greasy Result
Flush Damages Engine
Lost Loyal 20 Year Customer
Forgot to Replace Cap
Camera Theft
Turned Car into a Bomb
Forgot to Tighten Lug Nuts
[1659] Virginia in Orange Park, FL
[1660] Bill in Sarasota, FL  
[1688] Jason in Jacksonville, FL
[1693] Alan in Gainesville, FL 
[1718] Rob in Gainesville, FL
[1727] Rylee in Gainesville, FL 
[1735] Richard in Seminole, FL 
[1747] Marlon in Miami, FL 
[1808] Uncle in Pembroke Pines, FL 
[1811] Heidi in Miami, FL
[1815] Robbie in Lantana, FL
[1830] Jeff in Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
[1832] Tamika in Jacksonville, FL 
[1854] Gerald in Sarasota, FL 
[1865] Carols in Miami,FL
[1869] Ashton in Brandon, FL
[1893] Jeff in Sarasota, FL 
[1928] Bill Delray Beach, FL 
[1931] Lisa in Naples, FL 
[1934] Jeff in Pembroke Pines, FL  
[1982] Ryan in Valrico, FL  
[2017] Lakeish in Lauderdale Lakes, FL 
[2025] Patricia in Miami, FL 
[2028] Rod in Gainesville, FL 
[2036] Kevin in Fort Lauderdale, FL 
[2119] Yulianna in Miami, FL 
[2133] Jeanette in Boynton Beach, FL
[2141] Michelle in Lake City, FL 
[2210] Lady in Davie, FL 
[2214] Peter in Tampa, FL 
[2227] Chung in Orange Park, FL 
[2245] Rose in Lake Worth, FL 
[2248] Valmeka in Sunrise, FL 
Great Service
Rude and Intimidating
Engine Sludge Removal Scam
No Oil Causes Problems
Air Filter Scam
New Battery Scam
Destroyed Air Conditioner
Dishonest Up Selling
Forgot To Replace Radiator Fluid
Destroyed Undercarriage & Trans
Buyer Beware
Destroyed Transmission
Flim - Flam Pricing
Water in Clutch Reservoir
Services Charged but Not Rendered
Observation Showed They Lied
Overfilled Oil Destroys Engine
Synthetic Oil Not Required
Price Quotation Fraud
Broken Oil Filter Causes Engine Failure
Blown Engine
Destroyed AC Unit
Used Wrong Oil Filter
Damaged Part
No Receipt to ID Mistakes
Forgot To Replace Oil Plug
Air Destroys Pump
Pep Boys Alternative
Missing Radiator Cap Destroys Engine
Destroyed ATF Dipstick
No Oil Destroys Engine
Flush Destroys Transmission
GEORGIA GA [222] Christopher in Morrow, GA 
[224] James in Stockbridge, GA 
[252] Helen in Georgia 
[303] John in Duluth, GA
[326] Yoshiharu in Atlanta, GA 
[352] William in Acworth, GA 
[378] James in Atlanta, GA 
[430] Kim in Chamblee, GA 
[456] Peter in Stone Mountain, GA 
[471] Stepanie in Dunwoody, GA 

[683] Robinetta in Riverdale, GA 
[741] Frank in Atlanta, GA 
[743] Kerry in Atlanta, GA 
[765] Ron in Lawrenceville, GA 
[834] Tim in Conyers, GA 
[920] Brian in Lilburn, GA 
[946] John in Augusta, GA
[954] Steve in Marietta, GA   

[972] Roger in Marietta, GA 
[1011] Bonnie in Atlanta, GA 
[1045] Shannon in Atlanta, GA 
[1075] Vanessa in Marietta, GA 
[1076] Pat in Fayetteville, GA 
[1106] Soakie in Acworth, GA  
[1128] Mike in Decatur, GA 
[1139] CLS in Cumming, GA 
[1163] Marianne in Atlanta, GA 
[1181] Stoney In Atlanta, GA 
[1206] Claude in Atlanta, GA  
[1210] Brandon in Stockbridge, GA 
[1229] Tyson in Acworth, GA 
[1336] Dave in Johns Creek, GA 
[1381] Kondra in Stone Mountain, GA 
[1497] Elizabeth in Hiram, GA 
[1536] JoAnn in Marietta, GA 
[1562] Jo Ann in Stone Mountain, GA 
[1583] Patty in Dunwoody, GA 
Bad Tradition
No Coupon
Failed Inspection
Bad Behavior
$35 for $5 Oil
Taking Advantage
Missing Bolt

No Oil Cap
Cross Threaded Plug
Stripped Plug
No Free Oil Change Coupon
Wrong Paperwork
No Radiator Fluid
$20 Tire Rotation Too Much
Disconnected Air Filter
Drained Wrong Fluid
Did Not Change Oil Filter
Damaged Transmission
Forgot Oil Plug Washer
Hate & Racial Discrimination Are Alive
Excess Transmission Fluid
Synthetic Oil Scam
Wrong Oil Filter Came Off
Given The Run-Around
Leaking Oil
Printer Out of Ink
Broke Dipstick
Price Gouging & Rude
Thriving on Women
Employee Misconduct
Bait & Switch
Forgot to Replace Oil
Scamming A Teenager
[1381] Allie in Marietta, GA 
[1743] Elizabeth in Lawrenceville, GA 
[1770] Kay in Conyers, GA
[1819] RP in Savannah, GA 
[1866] Deb in Augusta, GA
[1894] Kris in Alpharetta, GA
[2031] K Rose in GA 
[2089] Myung in Stockbridge, GA 
[2150] Allen in Doraville, GA
[2155] Venkatesh in Alpharetta, GA 
[2250] Jill in Raleigh, GA
Forgot To Replace Oil Cap
Accelerator Stuck Wide Open
Untrained Personnel
Insufficient Oil Destroys Engine
Radiator & Transmission Problems
Windshield Fluid in Power Steering
Caused Oil Leak
Engine Failure From Radiator Flush
Long Time to Change Oil
Destroyed Alternator
No Oil Refill Destroys Engine
HAWAII HI [1392] Jennifer in Honolulu, HI  Screw Missing On Replaced Wiper Blade
IDAHO ID [381] Jeremy in Boise, ID 
[884] Mike in Boise, ID 
[1024] Sandra in Boise, ID 
[1585] Kyle in Fruitland, ID 
[1641] Ansarul in Boise, ID 
Over Torque
Fluid Shower
Ripping Customers Off
Stranded by Jiffy Lube
Bait & Switch
[1670] Brian in Blackfoot, ID 
[1765] Attao in Boise, ID 
Stripped Oil Plug
AC Leak
ILLINOIS IL [31] Gary in IL
[34] Sourav in Lisle, IL
[40] Park Forest, IL
[44] Michelle in Chicago, IL
[97] Howard in Thornton, IL
[109] Janice in Aurora, IL
[126] Tracy in Burbank, IL
[128] Tom in Chicago, IL
[129] Janet in Belleville, IL
[136] Manager in Chicago, IL
[137] Chad in Chicago, IL
[148] Tracy in Chicago, IL
[151] Harry in Joilet, IL
[171] Phillip in Round Lake, IL
[174] Ray in Naperville, IL
[177] Paul in Chicago, IL
[194] Edyta in Arlington Heights, IL 
[196] Michael in Elgin, IL 
[205] Victim in Park Ridge, IL
[209] Employee in Chicago, IL
[221] Helen in Skokie, IL
[230] Tim in Round Lake, IL 
[235] Employee in Chicago, IL  
[237] Linda in Barrington, IL  
[268] Hanna in Naperville, IL 
[274] Demetrius in Chicago, IL 
[292] Hanson in Glenview, IL 
[298] Ann in Crestwood, IL 
[309] Upset Employee in Chicago, IL
[322]  Kathleen in Glenwood, IL   
[336] Jeff in Arlington Heights, IL 
[366] Robert in Lombard, IL  
[374] Ben in Chicago, IL 
[394] Victim in Downers Grove, IL 
[396] Adrian in Niles, IL 
[398] John in Glenwood, IL 
[413] Victim in Westmont, IL 
[421] Tracey in Algonquin, IL 
[437] Sandra in Oak Lawn, IL  
[450]  Michelle in Addison, IL
[469] Robert in Palatine, IL 
[485] Janet in Chicago, IL 

[525] Theodore in Skokie, IL 
[540] Jim in Greenwood, IL 
[594] Randy in Ottawa, IL  
[602] Jim in Oak Forest, IL 
[605] Helen in Lincolnshire, IL 
[611] Shannon in Oak Lawn, IL 
[625] Jim in Crestwood, IL
[629] Max in Chicago, IL 
[631] Vickie in Joilet, IL 
[637] Michael in Joliet, IL 
[644] Garri in Elmhurst, IL 
[652] Scott in Chicago, IL
[653] Akash in Wheeling, IL  
[661] Russ in Barrington, IL 
[707] Jason in Crystal Lake, IL 
[722] Joe in Itasca, IL 
[770] Michael in Joliet, IL 
[781] Den in Orland Park, IL 
[794] Christine in Chicago, IL 
[800] Tom in Jacksonville, IL 
[851] Fred in Aurora, IL 
[863] Dennis in Bloomingdale, IL 
[868] Jun in IL 
[880] Vanessa in Chicago, IL 
[891] Lorraine in Palatine, IL
[914] Bob in McHenry, IL 
[1025] Elizabeth in Chicago, IL 
[1044] Kirsten in Chicago, IL 
[1051] Joe in Park Forest, IL 
[1052] Nina in Chicago, IL 
[1068] Amy in Evanston, IL 
[1082] George in Zion, IL 
[1087] Kevin in Chicago, IL 
[1118] Laura in Downers Grove, IL 
[1156] Employee in Ottawa, IL 
[1192] Brad in Barrington, IL 
[1204] Jennifer in Libertyville, IL  
[1226] Bonnie in Crestwood, IL 
[1234] Sun in Chicago, IL 
[1240] Shakir in Chicago, IL 
[1241] Wilma in Hazel Crest, IL 
[1309] Lester in Naperville, IL 
[1311] Antoine in Chicago, IL
[1338] Chris in Franklin Park, IL 
[1339] Jim in Glenview, IL 
[1351] Tess in Oakbrook Terrace, IL 
[1354] Peter in Chicago, IL 
[1375] Rick in Zion, IL 
[1382] Marilyn in Libertyville, IL 
[1389] Emil in Chicago, IL 
[1447] Tom in Algonquin, IL 
[1448] Trudy in Oak Brook, IL 
[1458] Dan in Chicago, IL 
[1487] Donald in Chicago, IL 
[1515] Heather in Chicago, IL 
[1532] Sam in St. Charles, IL 
[1542] Derrick in Romeoville, IL 
[1580] Tom in Schaumburg, IL 
[1612] Verlene in Des Plains, IL 
Oil Type
Oil Plug
Oil Plug
Check Engine
Head Gasket
Engine Light

Rip Off
Your $ At Work
Bad Attitude
Too Much Oil
No Grease
Scratched Vehicle
Extra Charge
No Grease
Oil Pan
Broken Promise
Stripped Plug
Vacuum Hose
No Check
Stripped Plug
Water Inside
No Air Filters
Broken O-Ring
No Water
Shorting Service

Don't Care
False Advertising
Wind Damage
No Coupon
Oil Not Changed
Wrong Type of Oil
Stripped Drain Plug
Too Many Miles
Transmission Fraud
No Deal
Back-Fire Damages
Charged Twice
Drained Wrong Oil
Building Disrepair
Service Never Done
A $194.89 Oil Change
Bait & Switch 
Sue Us!...
Wiper Blade Scam
Blown Engine
Oil Plug Stripped
Forgot Air Filter Replacement
Loose Radiator Cap
Did Not Change Fluid
Stolen Keys, Stolen Car
Blew Out One Piston
Error Caused Heads To Blow
Single Mom Has Multiple Problems
Forgot To Replace Oil
Public Be Dammed!
Not Receptive to Concerns
Overfilled Transmission Destroyed
Fired For Wrong Pants
Flush Destroyed Engine
Destroyed Engine
Double Dipping
Shocked Over Too Many Problems
Stole GPS From Car
Defective Filter
No Professional Standards
Stripped Plug
GPS Theft
Filthy & Lots of Machismo
Destroyed Engine
Over Inflation Destroys Tires
Would Not Honor Coupon
Taking Advantage of Women
Yikes... What A Bill
Destroyed Engine
A Funny Window Experience
Destroyed Transmission
Always Check Their Work
Denied Damaging Vehicle
False Testimony
Fuel Leak
Hiding Damage to Vehicles
Broke Hood Latch
[1672] Bob in Countryside, IL 
[1680] Allan in Chicago, IL
[1692] Bill in Oak Park, IL 
[1699] Linda in Chicago, IL 
[1712] Dawn in Chicago, IL 
[1764] Debbie in Streamwood, IL 
[1847] Harry in Jacksonville, IL 
[1867] Carol in IL
[1872] Kaitlyn in Chicago, IL 
[1889] Dalton in Arlington Heights, IL
[1961] Inderjit in Barrington, IL 
[1965] Jesse in Montgomery, IL 
[1968] Cale in Matteson, IL 
[2023] Consumer in Chicago, IL
[2026] Virginia in Freeport, IL 
[2048] Mike in McHenry, IL 
[2076] Veronica in Montgomery, IL 
[2083] Kathy in St. Charles, IL  
[2095] Dan in Vernon Hills, IL
[2101] Bob in Chicago, IL
[2208] Thomas in Chicago, IL
[2213] Brad in St. Charles, IL
Trans Fluid Not Checked
Oil Plug Missing
Costly Air Pressure Check
Put Oil in Brake Line
Management is Pot User
Broke Door Handle
Improper Install Destroys Sensor
Wrong Grade of Oil
Over-tightening Filter Cracks Housing
Oil Filter Causes Engine Failure
Feedback Form Does Not Work
Kicked Out of Store
No Oil Destroys Engine
Destroyed Tape Evidence
Dangerous Gas Line Disconnect
Forgot to Replace Oil
Wrong Oil Destroys Engine
Major Tire Problems
Sales Tax Profit
Too Tight Filter Destroys Engine
Defective Oil Filter
Sunglasses Stolen
INDIANA IN [12] Wayne in Indianapolis, IN
[319] Tom in Lafayette, IN 

[659] Linda in South Bend, IN 
[752] Denny in IN  
[862] Erica in Bloomington, IN 
[887] Ed in Schereville, IN 
[1080] Mike in Fort Wayne, IN 
[1093] MG in Castleton, IN  
[1196] Mark in Marion, IN 
[1474] Nicki in Indianapolis, IN 
[1611] Employee in South Bend, IN 
[1628] Marisol in Indianapolis, IN 
Oil Filter
Wrong Oil

Free Change Not Honored
Forgot To Replace Oil Cap
Wrong Oil Filter
Damaged Air Conditioner
Incompetence Leads To New Skills
$5.00 For Internal Oil Filter
Forgot to Tighten Lug Nuts
No Oil in Engine
[1933] Eddie in Indianapolis, IN
[2001] Robert in Fort Wayne, IN 
[2063] Leo in Columbus, IN 
[2129] Ciara in Indianapolis, IN 
[2156] Leean in Selma, IN 
Lied About Transmission Filter
Watch What They Do
Coolant Rip-off
Scamming A Lady
Brake Problem
IOWA IA [299] Victim in Dubuque, IA 
[420] Zach in Des Moines, IA 

[744] George in Cedar Rapids, IA 
[751] Raymond in IA 
[815] Lloyd in Ames, IA 
[913] Percy in Ames, IA 
[990] Lutz in Ames, IA
[1014] Dirk in Sioux City, IA 
[1097] David in Sioux City, IA 
[1214] Steve in Waterloo, IA 
Called Police
Love JL

No Second Chance
Broke Splash Pan
Forgot To Replace Oil
No Value In Coupons
Engine Seized
Repeatedly Do Not Replace Filter
Broke Oil Indicator
Catastrophic Tire Failure
[2221] Ed in Des Moines, IA  Stripped Oil Plug or Filter
KANSAS KS [21] Scott in Overland Park, KS
[36] Topeka, KS
[99] Rich in Lawrence, KS
[108] Stan & Beverly in Wichita, KS
[245] Linda in Mission, KS
[300] Jen in Olathe, KS 
[357] Jose in Overland Park, KS 
[407] Mike in Wichita, KS 
[411] Meredith in Winfield, KS 
[417] Regina in Wichita, KS 
[464] Jeff in Wichita, KS 

[663] Michael in Overland Park, KS  
[678] Bryan in Wichita, KS 
[788] Paul in Wichita, KS 
[849] Victim in Wichita, KS 
[919] Employee in Wichita, KS  
[934] Joni in Olathe, KS 
[987] Mike in Wichita, KS 
[992] Mike in Arkansas City, KS 
[1007] Harley in Wichita, KS 
[1013] Michael in Kansas City, KS 
[1055] Shirley in Wichita, KS
[1084] Steve in Wichita, KS 
[1176] Michael in Wichita, KS 
[1190] Ian in Shawnee, KS
[1223] Sara in Wichita, KS 
[1237] Larry in Wichita, KS 
[1325] Russell in Wichita, KS 
[1345] Keith in Wichita, KS 
[1379] BP in St. Lawrence, KS 
[1471] Lucas in Salina, KS 
[1503] Arden in Leawood, KS 
[1602] Victim in Mission, KS 
Unneeded Parts

Unwanted Services
No Service
Fuel Filter
Holding Signs
Unpaid Damage

Long Time
Alternator Problems
Midnight Call
Classic Bait & Switch
Beware of Black T-Shirts
Paid for Their Mistake
No Service
Broke Mirror
Criminal Destruction of Property
Broke Head Lamp
Lost Longtime 30 Year Customer
Wrong Oil Filter Destroyed Engine
Cabin Filter Overcharge
Don't Get Unneeded Services
Liars & Thieves
They Are Not Honest
Overfilled Transmission
Hurt Employee Gets Fired
Transmission Nightmare
Leave or I Will Call Police
Coin Holder Theft
Accustomed To Being Sued
[1694] James in Wichita, KS 
[1720] Fred in Wichita, KS

[1746] Kayla in Wichita, KS 
[1805] Ron in Wichita, KS 
[1838] AD in Kansas City, KS 
[2039] John in Lawrence, KS 
[2134] Al in Overland Park, KS 
[2145] Todd in Wichita, KS
[2195] Millerk in Stanley, KS
[2222] Andreas from Lenexa, KS 
[2242] Nick in Wichita, KS 
Engine Flush Causes Problems
Ruined Clothes
Engine Flush Rip Off Scam
Feedback Form Broken
Transmission Nightmare
Engine Destroyed From Wrong Oil Filter
Stolen Phone
Incomplete Service
Unfulfilled Services
Engine Destroyed From No Oil
KENTUCKY KY [461] Karen in Newport, KY  Sensor
[1671] Tony in Louisville, KY  Employee
LOUISIANA LA [175] Patrick in Chalmette, LA
[226] Employee in New Orleans, LA 

[691] Rene in Upland, LA 
[1328] Josh in Baton Rouge, LA 
[1914] Mitchell in Alexandria, LA
Dip Stick

High Pressure Sales
Double Gasket Filter Destroys Engine
No Priority
[1923] Cynthia in Alexandria, LA
[1949] Cynthia in Alexandria, LA
Drained Oil Before Price Quote
Promised Refund Unfilled
MARYLAND MD [10] Bill in Rockville, MD
[39] Tim in Elkridge, MD
[55] Kenny & Joanna in Hagerstown, MD
[82] Jacqueline in Baltimore, MD
[165] Victim in Bladensburg, MD
[228] Linda in Clifton, MD 
[329] Bryan in Baltimore, MD
[350] Jim In Annapolis, MD 
[358] Mike in Severna Park, MD
[497] Jared in Rockville, MD 

[518] M in MD
[528] Ashley In Mount Airy, MD 
[529] Dave in Timonium, MD 
[544] Angela in Anne Arundel, MD 
[582] Gail in MD 
[737] Akilah in Tacoma Park, MD 
[767] Maya in Takoma Park, MD 
[774] Nicole in Tacoma Park, MD 
[802] Won in Gaithersburg, MD 
[833] Donald in Bel Air, MD 
[838] Bill in Baltimore, MD 
[856] Andy in MD 
[873] Gan in Gaithersburg, MD 
[895] Christie in Catonsville, MD 
[941] Mark in Parkville, MD 
[964] Jason in Reistertown, MD 
[985] Victim in Baltimore, MD 
[1086] Charlotte in Glen Burnie, MD 
[1104] Eddie in Catonsville, MD 
[1132] Lisa in Cockeysville, MD 
[1276] Jim in Arnold, MD 
[1361] Darren in Baltimore, MD 
[1368] Walter in Crofton, MD 
[1435] Tim in Mount Airy, MD 
[1442] Katharine in Columbia, MD 
[1496] Nicholas in Kensington, MD 
[1513] John in Columbia, MD 
[1523] Matthew in Millersville, MD 
[1629] Kevin in Oxon Hill, MD
[1643] Dough in Bethesda, MD 
Oil Filter
No Oil
No Oil
No Oil
No Radiator

Wrong Fluid
Oil Filter
Filter Fell Off
Oil Gauge

Oil Filter Came Off
Wrong Oil Filter
Transmission Jerk
Double Jeapordy
More Jeapordy
Vouchers Not Honored
Charge What Ever He Felt Like
Broke Switch
10X The Cost
Cracked Fuel Line
Suspicious About Scams
Disabling Fumes
No Air Filter
No Oil Destroyed Engine
Wrong Mileage On Reminder Sticker
Forgot To Replace Air Filter
Missing Hubcap
Wrong Oil Filter Destroys Engine
Did Not Tighten Filter Properly
A Machine Bolt for Plug
Let the Buyer Beware
Changed Battery When Alternator Bad
Overfilled Oil
Overfilled Oil
Oil All Over Engine
Forgot to Tighten Lug Nuts
[1386] Steve in Columbia, MD 
[1751] Richard in Perry Hall, MD 
[1768] Greg in Glen Burnie, MD 
[1789] Nancy in Rockville, MD 
[1829] Chris in Kensington, MD 
[1848] Christian in Edgewood, MD
[1856] Anthony in Takoma Park, MD 
[1896] Jill in Catonsville, MD 
[1899] Tiffany in Arnold, MD 
[1989] Emile in Pasadena, MD 
[1990] Shawn in Owings Mills, MD 
[2021] Virgil in Rockville, MD 
[2054] Rick in California, MD 
[2098] Tonia in MD 
[2182] Cassandra in Baltimore, MD
[2188] Jim in Clarksville, MD
[2193] Mark in Germantown, MD
[2218] Helen in Silver Spring, MD 
[2226] Cassandra in Baltimore, MD
[2235] Kelly in Perry Hall, MD 
[2246] Daphne in Baltimore, MD
Intentional Flat Tire
Coin Theft
Transmission Problems
Destroyed Transmission
Stripped Oil Plug
Tech Lies
Sprayed Oil on Engine
Forgot to Replace Transmission Fluid
Taking Advantage of the Elderly
Forgot to Replace Oil
Forgot to Replace Oil
Police Called
Dealership Looks Better
No Oil, No Filter
Transmission Destroyed
Engine Destroyed
No Oil Destroys Engine
Someone Stole My Oil Filter
4" Oil Puddle Every Night
Drained Transmission Oil, Not Engine Oil
MASSACHUSETTS MA [15] Scott in Worcester, MA
[72] Stephen in West Springfield, MA
[78] Ed in Shrewsbury, MA
[147] Susan in Pittsfield, MA
[158] Vincent in Milford, MA
[277] Ralph in Shrewsbury, MA
[288] Kirian in Bedford, MA 
[291] Joshua in Franklin, MA 
[346] Justin in West Bridgewater, MA
[389] Troy in Beverly, MA   
[393] Tim in Norwell, MA 
[405] Cheryl in Worcester, MA 
[457] Cheryl in Billerica, MA 

[618] John in West Springfield, MA 
[619] Arjun in Medford, MA 
[673] Victim in Randolph, MA
[734] Owen in Norwood, MA 
[749] Ted in Norwood, MA 
[844] Sadiq in Shrewsberry, MA 
[847] Jtemi in Franklin, MA
[896] Michael in Newton, MA 
[924]  Employee in MA 
[944] Adam in Hadley, MA 
[950] Robt in Randolph, MA 
[986] Employee in Whitman, MA 
[1034] Daniel in MA 
[1153] Dave in Worcester, MA 
[1172] Paul in Worcester, MA 
[1184] Jason in Boston, MA 
[1205] Brendan in Braintree, MA 
[1220] Mary in Hadley, MA 
[1233] Matt in Franklin, MA 
[1238] John In Lowell, MA 
[1289] Willie in Westboro, MA 
[1333] Charlie in Billerca MA 
[1359] Trouble in Maynard, MA
[1374] Richard in Woburn,MA 
[1376] Rosey in Lowell, MA 
[1401] Chuck in Westboro, MA 
[1449] Lisa in Leominster, MA 
[1485] Charmed in Maynard, MA
[1511] Bob in Wilmington, MA
[1561] Marie in Randolph, MA 
[1594] Paula in Newton, MA 
[1614] Reginaldo in Dorchester, MA 
[1623] RFC in Maynard, MA 
Dip Stick
Oil Cap

Obnoxious Employees
Check Engine Light
No Oil
Good Service
Oil Plug
Wrong Fluid
Oil Filter
No Differential Check
Learning To Drive
Paid For Old Parts
"You Got Screwed"
Sunglasses Gone
Unneeded Wiper Blades
Air Cleaner Problems
No Training
Loose Oil Filter
Employee Theft
Fired via Text Message
Service Advisor
Not Enough Transmission Fluid
Saves Time But Not Money
Engine Flush Problems
Shoddy & Careless Belly Pan Work
Window Tint Ripoff
Spilled Oil All Over Engine
A Corrupt Business
Multiple Problems
Price Gouging
Differential Plug Leaking Oil
Engine Flush Destroys Engine
Racial Problems
Too Much Oil
More Windshield Wiper Scam 
Fix Their Problems At Your Expense
Taking Advantage of a Woman
Forgot to Replace Oil
Stole GPS
Wrong Wiper Blades
No Radiator Cap
[1653] Gail in Norwell, MA 
[1668] Robert in Andover, MA 
[1741] Rob in Newton, MA 
[1783] Leona in Groveland, MA
[1798] Joseph in Fairhaven, MA
[1812] Frank in Mashpee, MA
[1870] John in Billerica, MA 
[1902] Eric in MA 
[1918] Drew in Beverly, MA 
[1939] Mark in Lowell, MA 
[2020] Brad in Beverly, MA
[2064] Edward in Whitman, MA 
[2146] Steve in Boston, MA 
Bad Service Indeed
Oil Not Changed
Forgot to Replace Oil Cap
Leak from Oil Plug Causes Problems
2 Bolts Same As 4 Bolts
No Oil Destroys Engine
Stripped Oil Plug
Stole $500
Stole Cell Phone
Taking Advantage of a Woman
No Brakes
Loose Plug
MICHIGAN MI [85] Monte in MI
[354] Joe in Lansing, MI 
[495] Dee in Troy, MI 

[563] Scott in Troy, MI 
[717] Johnnie in Lansing, MI 
[1009] Valentina in East Lansing, MI 
[1166]  Employee in MI
Unneeded Parts
Wrong Plug

Fuel Filter

Wrong Plug
Stripped Oil Plug
No Oil In Engine
MINNESOTA MN [19] Kent & Tammy in Eagan, MN
[93] Joel in Roseville, MN
[203] Jim in St. Paul, MN
[278] Tosca in Hopkins, MN 
[318] Carlos in Rochester, MN 
[409] Jon in Blain, MN 
[486] Jim in Fridley, MN 

[541] Victim in West St. Paul, MN 
[553] Brandon in Columbia Heights, MN 
[569] Donna in Minnesota 
[589] Rachell in Forest Lake, MN  
[607] Jay Dee in Apple Valley, MN 
[773] Kristine in Burnsville, MN 
[814] Jason in Minneapolis, MN 
[848] Aron in Burnsville, MN 
[966] Anthony in Apple Valley, MN 
[1041] Employee in Little Falls, MN
[1278] Kate in St. Paul, MN
[1352] Glass Guy in Apple Valley, MN 
[1550] Jay in Rochester, MN 
[1617] Scott in Apple Valley, MN 
Unneeded Parts
Oil Amount
Fuel Filter
Missing Screws

No Oil Plug
No Old Oils
No Service

Not Opened On Time
Too Much Oil
No Oil
Bad Treatment
Missing Air Filter
Leaking Gas
No Caps
Encourages Bad Behavior
Destroyed Engine
No Oil in Engine
Destroyed Transmission
Unnecessary Services
Danger from Loose Lug Nuts

[1673] Justin in Roseville, MN 
[1803] Mary in Mankato, MN 
[1941] Nagesh in Minneapolis, MN 
[1978] Bryan in Duluth, MN 
[1986] Prashubh in Savage, MN
[2011] Drew in Monticello, MN
[2149] Albert in Duluth, MN 
[2160] Amber in Saint Paul, MN 
[2198] Rachel in Blaine, MN 
[2229] Cynthia in St. Cloud, MN 

No Oil Destroys Engine
Unnecessary Check Light
Will Not Fix Problem
Would Not Return Money
Wrong Oil & Destroyed Skid Plate
Unneeded Service Work
Loose Filter Results in Blown Engine
Prove It First!
No Oil Destroys Engine
Engine Destroyed From Missing Oil Plug

MISSISSIPPI MS [122] Becky in Horn Lake, MS
[1133] Susan in Horn Lake, MS 
[1433] Victoria in Greenwood, MS 
Oil Type
Missing Part Is Found

JL Stole Evidence
MISSOURI MO [192] R. M. in Kansas City, MO
[295] Kathy in Gladstone, MO 
[372] Gary in Websters Groves, MO 
[483] Rick in Kansas City, MO 

[504] Trudy in St. Louis, MO
[505] Scott in Olivette, MO
[635] Bret in Jefferson City, MO 
[646] Faye in St. Charles, MO 
[640] Angie in Independence, MO 
[660] Leslie in Kansas City, MO 
[703] Betsy in St. Charles, MO 
[898] Cassidy in St. Louis, MO 
[983] SRB in Arnold, MO 
[1089] Aaron in Earth City, MO 
[1096] Denise in St. Louis, MO 
[1099] Shelia in Warrenton, MO 
[1116] Allen in Kansas City, MO 
[1224] Carl in Lenexa, MO 
[1228] Gary in St. Charles, MO 
[1252] Employee in Kansas City, MO
[1253] James in Summit, MO 
[1269] Jessica in Creve Couer, MO 
[1370] Diana in St. Louis, MO 
[1452] Mike in Kansas City, MO 
[1556] Alexander in Independence, MO 
Transmission Bolts

Bad Behavior
Fuel Filter

Engine Flush
Oil Filter
Drain Plug Failure
No Air Filter
Missing Change
Oil Filter Leaked
Three Years - Three Problems
Transmission Line Hole
Overcharged For Fuel Filter
No Oil Destroyed Engine
Destroyed Radiator
Forgot To Tighten Oil Filter
Oil Plug Stripped
Transmission Fluid Problems
Below Par Sales Practices
No Oil Destroyed Engine
Stripped Oil Plug
Dishonest With Coupon
Cracked Windshield
Bait & Switch

[1744] James in Springfield, MO 
[1749] Eric in Kansas City, MO 
[1794] Donald in Columbia, MO 
[1824] Danny in St. Charles, MO 
[1947] Andrew in St. Charles, MO 
[2029] Joe in Liberty, MO 
[2035] Jean in Fenton, MO
[2097] Michael in Breckenridge Hills, MO
[2015] Randy in St. Louis, MO 
[2127] Jim in Kansas City, MO 
[2165] Vivek in Kansas City, MO
[2175] Peter in Martin City, MO
[2190] John in Moscow Mills, MO

Forgot to Replace Oil
Always Double Check Their Work
Engine Flush Destroyed Engine
Overfill Destroys Components
Oil Selection Fraud
Did Not Change Oil
No Oil Destroys Engine
No Back Flush
Too Busy For His Business
Engine Flush Problems
Drained Transmission in Error
Engine Flush Problems

MONTANA MT [888] Steve in Bozeman, MT 
[1575] Danna in Bozeman, MT 
$120 Oil Change
Excessive Oil Leak
[1762] Vic in Missoula, MT
[2099] Rick in Bozeman, MT
Flush Destroys Transmission
Twice to the Cleaners
NEBRASKA NE [163] Barry in Carrollton, TX & Kearney, NE
[223] Jesse in Omaha, NE 

[583] Victim in Omaha, NE
[702] Sidhe in Lincoln, NE 
[740] Darrell in Lincoln, NE  
[1018] Tim in Omaha, NE  
[1022] Leigh in Omaha, NE 
[1267] Employee in Omaha, NE 

Big Bill
Wrong Oil Filter
A Liar!
Left Lug Nuts Loose
Forgot To Replace Dipstick
[1669] Bryan in Omaha, NE
[1919] Daryl in Lincoln, NE 
[2148] Aaron in Omaha, NE 
Lose Radiator Cap
Would Not Honor Rapid Cash
Forgot to Tighten Filter
NEVADA NV [118] Cavino in Las Vegas, NV
[271] Scott in Las Vegas, NV 
[494] Josh in Las Vegas, NV 

[592] Frankie in Reno, NV 
[596] Fredia in Las Vegas, NV  
[753] Juliann in Las Vegas, NV 
[845] Jessica  Henderson, NV 
[876] Sadie in Reno, NV 
[1067] Dale in Fallon, NV 
[1081] William in Reno, NV 
[1098] Pat in Sparks, NV 
[1140] Nick in Fallon, NV
[1174] Nicholas in Las Vegas, NV 
[1473] Marvin in Las Vegas, NV 
[1484] Charlotte in Sparks NV 
[1541] Joanna in Las Vegas, NV 
[1544] Tony in Las Vegas, NV 
[1578] Lisa in Reno, NV  
[1615] David in Las Vegas, NV 
[1634] Akeem in Henderson, NV 
[1640] Scott in Henderson, NV 
Check Engine

Store Hours

Wrong Oil
Leaking Filter
Advanced Notice
Unnecessary Test
Oil Stains
Work Was Not Performed 
Improper Lube Service
Witnessed Drug Transactions
Forgot to Replace Transmission Fluid
Employee Theft
No Clue About Customers
No Oil in Engine
Air Filter Fraud
Skid Plate Problems
No Oil Destroys Engine
[1873] Garth in Henderson, NV
[1932] Jeffrey in Henderson, NV 
[1946] Robert in Sparks, NV 
[1958] Paul in Las Vegas, NV 
[2057] Martin in Spanish Springs, NV 
[2138] Brett in Las Vegas, NV 
[2142] Elsa in Las Vegas, NV
[2144] Brett in Las Vegas, NV
[2147] Zo in Las Vegas, NV 
[2212] Ana in Reno, NV 
[2233] Hailey in NV
Improper Assembly
Oil Overflowed Filter
Sexual Harassment
No Oil Pressure
Cracked Window
Overfilled Oil
Engine Smoking
Overfilled Oil
Crash Test Dummies
No Resolution
Improper Air Filter Return
NEW HAMPSHIRE NH [200] Suzanne in Seabrook, NH
[578] Employee in Concord, NH
[1066] Patty in Seabrook, NH 
[1537] Moe in Concord, NH 
Forgot To Replace Oil
No Honesty & Integrity
[1777] Hubert in Sea Brook, NH
[1950] Kelly in Plaistow, NH
Loose Hose Clamp
Website Complaint Form Inoperable
NEW JERSEY NJ [16] Lad in Trenton, NJ
[86] Turnersville, NJ
[211] ED in Wall, NJ 
[215] Marc in Pleasantville, NJ 
[273] Victim in Livingston, NJ 
[312] William in Freehold, NJ 
[371] Ali in North Brunswick, NJ  
[377] Janice in Hazlet, NJ 
[388] Gregg in Maple Shade, NJ  
[423] JJ in Maple Shade, NJ  
[458] Marc in Livingston, NJ 
[460] Kelly in Wharton, NJ 

[549] Victim in Pleasantville, NJ 
[557] Hector in Hamilton, NJ 
[588] Barry in NJ 
[604] Rick in Maple Shade, NJ 
[688] Raj in Sayerville, NJ 
[796] Bill in NJ 
[822] Alene in Wall, NJ
[826] Bob in Somerset, NJ 
[967]  Rick in Washington, NJ 
[1000] David in Paramus, NJ 
[1004] Ralph in Cranford, NJ 
[1074] M in NJ 
[1077] Jeanne in West Long Branch, NJ  
[1123] Joanne in Blackwood, NJ 
[1221] William in Mercerville, NJ 
[1400] Barbara in Bridgewater, NJ 
[1405] Jessica in South Amboy, NJ 
[1417] Barbara in Bridgewater, NJ 
[1488] George in Pinebrook, NJ 
[1534] Mr. G in NJ 
[1549] Bob in Howell NJ 
[1587] Isaac in Rockaway, NJ 
[1609] Jim in Cranford, NJ 
[1912] Edwin in Brunswick, NJ 
Unneeded Parts
Oil Plug

Brake Wear
Won't Start
Wiper Blades
Canister Filter
Tire Pressure
Loose Change

No Oil
No Oil Cap
Bait & Switch
Damaged Wiper Blades
Coupon Problems
Destroyed Engine
Coupon Run Around
Filled Radiator With Windshield Fluid
Repeatedly Used Wrong Grade of Oil
Antifreeze Fraud
Many Problems Over The Years
Missing Hub Cap
Improper Tire Rotation
Service Paid But Not Completed
Broke Filter Housing
Oil Plug Put In Crooked
Broke Oil Filter Housing
Brake Light Scam
Ruptured Oil Filter Causes Damage
Ripped Off Twice
Cracked Oil Pan
Danger From Loose Lug Nuts
Oil Shortage

[1658] Chas in Hamilton, NJ 
[1683] Barbara in Cape May, NJ 
[1708] Andi in Absecon, NJ 
[1750] Tom in Lawrenceville, NJ 
[1759] Bob in Rockaway, NJ 
[1825] Bill in NJ 
[1871] Ted in Maple Shade, NJ 
[1876] Mark in Cranford, NJ
[2024] Dawn in Blackwood, NJ
[2044] Gulam in Rockaway, NJ 
[2139] Sam in Lawrenceville, NJ 
[2161] Dom in Morris Plains, NJ 
[2168] Daniel in Howell, NJ
[2179] Nancy in Bridgewater, NJ 

Air Box Dislocated
Wrong Filter Burns Out Filter
Unfinished Work Causes Problems
Damaged Engine Shield
Oil Drain Plug Gasket Missing
Cabin Filter Rip Off
Faulty Oil Filter Destroys Engine
Forgot to Replace Oil Fill Cap
Overfilled Oil
Did Not Replace Oil
Engine Destroyed
Engine Flush Problems
Diluted Washer Fluid

NEW MEXICO NM [52] Patricia in Albuquerque, NM
[111] Loft in Santa Fe, NM
[119] Pat in Albuquerque, NM

[684] Mary in Albuquerque, NM 
[708] Jason in Albuquerque, NM 
[874] Leonard in Las Cruces, NM 
[1020] Amanda in Albuquerque, NM 
[1145] Dennis in Santa Fe, NM 
[1215] Victim in Albuquerque, NM 
[1282] Dwight in Santa Fe, NM 
Credit Report

Blown Engine
Damaged Wires
Stolen Laptop Computer
Improper Radiator Refill
Mistaken Tire Rotation
Violates Pledge

[1689] Dick in Santa Fe, NM
[1738] Frank in NM 
[1970] RLD in Albuquerque, NM 
[2154] Summer in Santa Fe, NM 
[2178] Michelle in Rancho NM

Broke Air Cleaner
Dust in Engine
Common Error Code Problem
Broken Extension Destroys Engine
Crippled My Car

NEW YORK NY [6] David in Wilton, NY
[42] Utica, NY
[98] Scott in Upstate, NY
[100] Mustang in Guiderland, NY
[187] Gerard in Freeport, NY
[191] Guy in Levittown, NY 
[195] Employee In NY City, NY
[198] Marie in Levittown, NY 
[261] Jay in Upstate NY 
[395] Richard in Commack, NY
[448] Gary In New York 
[479] Ed in Brockport NY 

[580] Julie in Guilderland, NY 
[694] Seana in Kingston, NY 
[736] Don in Long Island City, NY 
[792] Victim  in Port Jefferson, NY 
[813] G. in Fairport, NY 
[819] Tracy in Saratoga Springs, NY
[885] Carrie  in Ithaca, NY
[942] ILL in Long Island City, NY  
[970] John in Hicksville, NY
[1002] Employee in Bethpage, NY
[1063] Kim in Elmira Heights, NY 
[1357] Catlyn in New York, NY 
[1412] Unbelieveable in NY 
[1437] Murray in Rocky Point, NY 
[1600] Spencer in Port Jefferson, NY 
Own Work

Skid Plate
Fuel Filter
Work Not Done

No Rotation
Loose Oil Filter
No Skid Plate Wrench
Lying & Cheating
Damaged Plug
Overfilled Transmission
Too Tight Lug Nuts
Forgot To Replace Oil
Station Has No Oil In Stock
Taking Advantage of the Elderly
Faulty Blade Scratches Window
Refused Use Oil
[1667] Emanuel in Huntington, NY 
[1705] Hayden in Queensbury, NY 
[1706] Doug in Kingston, NY 
[1757] Evan in Deer Park, NY 
[1771] Terry in Valley Stream, NY
[1774] Connie in Albany, NY
[1818] Joe in Seaford, NY 
[1974] Greg in Queens, NY 
Air Filter Mistake
Forgot To Tighten Lug Nuts
Oil Upgrade Scam
Broke Car Window
Transmission Hose Disconnected
Engine Burning Oil
Forgot To Replace Oil Filter
Didn't Change Oil Filter
NORTH CAROLINA NC [13] Aaron in Jacksonville, NC
[24] Mike in Raleigh, NC
[112] Chip in Raleigh, NC
[133] Susan in New Bern, NC
[180] Adam in Charlotte, NC
[189] Dennis in Raleigh, NC 
[210] Chris in Mooresville, NC
[250] Linda in Raleigh, NC 
[289] David in Durham, NC 
[294] David in Raleigh, NC 
[360] A in Cary, NC
[416] Sue In North Carolina 
[439] Thomas in Charlotte, NC 

[501] Nathan in Chapel Hill, NC 
[704] Betty in Raleigh, NC 
[720] Yoshiro in Chapel Hill, NC 
[748] Chris in Apex, NC 
[816] Lynn in Raleigh, NC 
[841] Charles in Gastonia, NC 
[846] Billy in Pineville, NC 
[871] Marshall in Gastonia, NC 
[889] Renee in Raleigh, NC 
[945] Samantha in Greenville, NC 
[988] Paula in Clayton, NC 
[999] Richard in Cary, NC  
[1019] Raymond in Cary, NC
[1078] Dwight in Jacksonville, NC 
[1109] Tracey from Charlotte, NC 
[1135] PS in Raleigh, NC 
[1136] Anne in Charlotte, NC 
[1152] Jesse in Chapel Hill, NC 
[1171] Vivian in NC 
[1180] Michael in Fayetteville, NC 
[1249] Bryan in Wilson, NC 
[1300] Patrick in Fayetteville, NC 
[1314] Belinda in Smithfield, NC 
[1344] Jim in Raleigh, NC 
[1446] Gail in Raleigh, NC 
[1472] Mario of Fayetteville, NC
[1538] Jason in Raleigh, NC 
[1574] Danesha in Wakefield, NC 
[1599] Melvin in Charlotte, NC 
Air Filter
Check Engine
Dip Stick
Illegal Inspections

Failed Inspection
Wrong Mileage
No Oil
Lug Nuts
Oil Plug

No Air Filter
Blown Engine
No Options
Rude Employee
Damaged Exhaust
Oil Filter Not Changed
Unneeded Products @ 3,000 Miles
Oil Not Changed
Broke Hood Release
Misplaced Oil Cap
No Tire Rotation
Ripping People Off
Busted Dashboard
Damaged Oil Plug
Headed For Small Claims
Refusal Leads To Sabotage 
Dirty Oil Rag Scam
More Lies
Policy Not In Writing
Forgot To Replace Oil
State Inspection Scam
Blatantly Lying
Didn't Replace Filter
Inadequate Reimbursement
Destroyed Engine
Wrong Oil Destroys Engine
$10 Window Tinting Test Fee
Car Dies Unexpectedly
Destroyed Oil Filter Housing
[1654] Ottis in Wilmington, NC  
[1661] Tracy in Greensboro, NC 
[1663] Michele in Charlotte, NC 
[1382] Tonya in Raleigh, NC 
[1732] Patrick in Greenville, NC 
[1733] Otto in Durham, NC 
[1772] Lee in Durham, NC
[1782] Natalie in Gastonia, NC
[1785] Susan in Raleigh, NC
[1868] Nicole in Raleigh, NC 
[1880] Employee in Charlotte, NC 
[1971] Keith in Charlotte, NC
[2009] Frank in Asheville, NC
[2091] Eddie in Raleigh, NC
[2104] Jeff in Durham, NC  
[2219] Derrick in Spring Lake, NC 
Forgot to Replace Cap
Caused Squealing Belt
Additive Destroys Engine
Great Treatment
Shell is
Wrong Transmission Fluid
Taking Advantage of a Female
Brake Pad Installed Backwards
Didn't Replace Transmission Fluid
Refused to Honor Battery Guarantee
Broke Dipstick
Racial Remark
Air Filter Fraud
Fraudulent Promises
NORTH DAKOTA ND [1403] Jeff in Fargo, ND  Leaking Fuel Upon Departure
[2108] Bob in Fargo, ND
[2199] Shane in Fargo, ND 
Store Ignores Problem
Forgot to Replace Air Filter
OHIO OH [83] Danielle in Columbus, OH
[88] Craig in Dayton, OH
[92] Robert in Columbus, OH
[153] Jerrold in Cincinnati, OH
[296] LW in Middletown, OH 
[392] Jerry in Cincinnati, OH 
[493] Don in Columbus, OH 
[499] Solange in Medina, OH 

[535] Bob in Lancaster, OH 
[585] Matt in OH 
[634] Michael in OH 
[725] Carolyn in Medina,OH 
[903] Saoirse in Columbus, OH 
[1012] David in Ohio
[1101] Eric in Hilliard, OH 
[1422] Rebecca in Ohio 
[1498] Employee in Columbus, OH 
[1566] Betty in Middletown, OH 
Daughter Rip Off

No Refund
Positive Exper.
Yeoman Work

Plug Missing
Transmission Oil
Broken Dip Stick
Corporate Won't Listen to Store Drained Transmission, Added Oil
Car Would Not Start
Negative Behavior
Bait & Switch
[1702] Gin in Marion, OH 
[1817] Jam in Columbus, OH 
[1853] Ed in Kettering, OH 
Flush Destroys Transmission
Peeing in Fuel Tank
Heat Shield Disconnected
OKLAHOMA OK [90] Daniel & Terry in Tulsa, OK
[207] Jackie in Tulsa, OK
[218] Jim in Tulsa, OK
[272] Student in Tulsa, OK 

[531] Emmy in Norman, OK 
[1057] Employee in OK
[1353] Vicky in Oklahoma City, OK 
Oil Plug

Destroyed Transmission
[1753] LaMoyne in Norman, OK 
[1952] Holly in Norman, OK
[2209] Kevin in Tulsa, OK 
Manager Yelling & Pushing
Certificate Fraud
Defective Antifreeze Flush
OREGON OR [14] Aspen in Portland, OR
[25] Corvallis, OR
[57] Tom in Corvallis, OR
[95] Bridget in Albany, OR
[121] L in Portland, OR
[242] Active in Oregon 
[254] Nita in Portland, OR
[335] Shannon in Aloha, OR
[375]  Mike in Salem, OR 
[431] Scott in Corvallis, OR
[449] Becky in Beaverton, OR 
[452] Emily in Portland, OR 

[543] Hailey in Beaverton, OR 
[561] Niki in Gresham, OR
[576] Victim in Wilsonville, OR 
[651] Heather in Portland, OR 
[666] Julian in Wilsonville, OR 
[728] Jim in Corvallis, OR 
[760] Gage in Tigard, OR 
[778] Jeffrey in Jewell, OR 
[783] Lisa in Wilsonville, OR 
[852] Kerry in Portland, OR 
[916] JY in Portland, OR 
[918] Paul in Wilsonville, OR  
[935] Jaye in Portland, OR 
[940] PD in Portland, OR 
[943] Josh in Wilsonville, OR 
[947] Nathan in Beaverton, OR  
[958] Carol in Portland, OR 
[962] Russ in Wilsonville, OR 
[1006] Heidi in Wilsonville, OR 
[1091] Jim in Portland, OR 
[1117] Bruce in Portland, OR 
[1129] Dale in Eugene, OR 
[1218] Kristopher in Hillsboro, OR 
[1231] Robert in Portland, OR 
[1277] Paul in Portland, OR 
[1292] David in Portland, OR
[1294] Elizah in Portland, OR
[1327] Terrie in Tigard, OR 
[1342] Jason in Portland, OR 
[1360] Jim in Oswego, OR 
[1398] Roxanne in Portland, OR 
[1407] Tim in Corvallis, OR 
[1459] Pramod in Beaverton, OR 
[1546] Joe in Portland, OR 
[1619] Marion in Grants Pass, OR 
[1635] Greg in Portland, OR 
Unneeded Parts
Battery / Belts
Into the Bay
Poor Service
No Filter

Drain Plug
Oil Filter
Tires Unchecked
A/C Hot Air
No Promised Service
Bad Diagnosis
No Free Oil Change
Stop Ignoring Me
Drained Wrong Fluid
Slurs & Damage
Wrong Oil
No Deal!
Would Not Fix Bolt They Broke
Bait & Switch
Wrong Air Filter
Incorrect Transmission Plug Loosen
Unauthorized Extra $49 Charge
Bogus Offer
Prey On Women
Service Not Completed
Will Not Honor Battery Warranty
Reek Like Weed
Default Judgment
Deleted Video Proof
Adversarial, Pushy Business Model
Rubber Drain Plug Failed
Called Me A Liar
Long Time Customer
Oil Filter Fell Off
Lost Oil Because of Loose Plug
Windshield Wiper Scam
Fleet Vehicle Transmission Problem
Irresponsible & Dishonest
Oversells Services
Destroyed Transmission
Defective $110 Radiator Cap

[1721] Randy in Corvallis, OR 
[1730] Pat in McMinnville, OR 
[1755] David in Happy Valley, OR 
[1831] Mukhlis in Beaverton, OR 
[1844] Steve in Gresham, OR 
[1882] Big Bear in Rosebug, OR 
[1884] Mike in Portland, OR 
[1895] Robert in Portland, OR 
[1917] Brad in Eugene, OR 
[1937] John in Tigard, OR 
[1985] Susan in Portland, OR 
[1991] Gail in Gresham, OR 
[1997] Steve  in Beaverton, OR 
[2008] Steven in Clackamas, OR  
[2037] Misty in Portland, OR 
[2084] John in Portland, OR 
[2170] Jeri in Portland, OR
[2187] Jason in Grants Pass, OR 
[2240] Miquel in Newberg, OR 

Multiple Bad Experiences
Service Engine Soon Light Problem
Flush Destroys Transmission
Disconnected Computer Problems
Wrong Oil Destroys Engine
Feed Back Form Not Working
Taking Advantage of a Woman
No Oil Destroys Engine
Work Not Done
No Promised Free Oil Change
Invoice More Than Estimate
Engine Destroyed From Lack of Oil
Broken Bolt Delays
Destroyed Radiator
Cracked Gasket Causes Problems
Left Oil Filter Loose
Flagrant Dishonesty
$60 for Light Bulb

PENNSYLVANIA PA [113] Patricia in Lampeter, PA
[154] M in Montgomeryville, PA
[168] Sharon in Fourtown, PA
[225] Jon in Feasterville, PA
[263] Scott in Hanover, PA 
[331] Cynthia in Scranton, PA 
[422] Lynn in Carlisle, PA 
[496] PC in Allentown, PA 

[628] TY from Philadelphia, PA 
[665] Barbara in Bethel Park, PA
[690] Bob in Willow Street, PA 
[726] Lisa in Carlisle, PA 

[827] Corey In Waynesboro, PA
[853] Dennis in Erie, PA 
[890] Sam in Erie, PA 
[894] Chuck in Erie, PA 
[899] Steve in Harrisburg, PA 
[926] David in Mt. Penn, PA 
[1131] Jim in Philadelphia, PA 
[1144] Kevin in King of Prussia, PA 
[1159] Josh in PA 
[1209] Tony in Monroeville, PA 
[1217] Sherron in Flourtown, PA 
[1397] Track in New Castle, PA 
[1483] Christopher in Trevose, PA 
[1559] Joseph in York, PA 
[1565] Raymond in Warminster, PA
[1648] Robert in Quakertown, PA  

Oil Light

No Oil In Engine
Rude Condescending Manager
Wrong Oil
Windshield Scratches
Broken Skid Plate
Theft of Service
No Transmission Fluid
No Fluid Checks
Confused Wife
Chasing Customers Away
Bad Attitude & Arguments
Wrong Oil Filter
Problems with Additional Services
Broke Hood Rod
Destroyed Transmission
Drained Wrong Oil
Forgot to Replace Oil Cap
Forgot Antifreeze

[1678] Doug in Altoona, PA
[1716] Gwen in Philadelphia, PA 
[1828] Ron in Bethel Park, PA 
[1891] Mark in Feasterville, PA 
[1913] Robert in Johnstown, PA 
[1954] Tonya in Havertown, PA
[1973] Larry in Johnstown, PA 
[2055] Ninan in Philadelphia, PA 
[2073] Theresa in Pittsburgh, PA
[2080] Rob in Huntingdon Valley, PA
[2092] Thomas in State College, PA 
[2096] Mallory in Pittsburgh, PA
[2140] Chef in Warminster, PA 
[2173] Jessy in Brookhaven, PA

Not Jiffy
Attempted To Replace New Wipers
Leak From Drain Plug
The Rumors Are True
No Oil Destroys Engine
Fix Destroys Engine
No 0W-20 Oil
Wrong Diagnosis
Forgot to Replace Oil
Missing Gasket
Professor PSU
Wrong Oil Causes Leak
Engine Destroyed From Loose Oil Filter
Stolen IPad

RHODE ISLAND RI [179] JP In Middletown, RI
[308]  Linda in Warwick, RI 

[514] Wyatt in Johnston, RI 
[1364] Jill in Middletown, RI 
[1479] Jimmy in Coventry, RI 
[1493] Vinicius in Middletown, RI 
A Jerk

Over Torqued
No Oil Destroys Engine
No Oil Destroys Engine
Destroyed Evidence
[1930] Michael in Middleton, RI 
[2068] Sandra in Warwick, RI
Fabricated Problems
Did Not Change Oil
SOUTH CAROLINA SC [204] Jessica in Summerville, SC
[412] Shirley in Summerville, SC 

[624] Vicki in Irmo, SC 
[1154] Craig in N. Myrtle Beach, SC 
[1179] LC in W. Columbia, SC 
[1235] Makia in SC 
[1411] Tony in Seneca, SC 
[1451] Paul in Florence, SC 
[1644] Herbert in Florence, SC 
Low on Oil
Blown Engine

Sealer Around Drain Plug
Called Police
Tell Everyone
Damaged Air Sensor
Overfill Destroys Engine
Couldn't Remove Oil Filter
[1935] Tanner in Conway, SC 
[1943] Ashley in Columbia, SC 
[1962] Wes in Columbia, SC 
[1983] Karen in Charlestown, SC 
[2016] Krista in Summerville, SC 
[2118] Amanda in Summerville, SC
Broke Door Handle
Significant Verbal Abuse
Alcohol & Marijuana
Invoice More Than Double Estimate
Taking Advantage of a Woman
No Oil in Engine
TENNESSEE TN [114] Jen in Kingsport, TN
[324] Dave in Murfreesboro, TN 
[355] Reco in Memphis, TN 

[513] Kelly in Cordova, TN 
[742] Vicki in Nashville, TN 
[811] John in Memphis, TN 
[860] Robert in Nashville, TN 
[936] Rob in Bellevue, TN 

[948] Dwayne in Murfreesboro, TN 
[955] Pam in Memphis, TN 
[1031] David  in Memphis, TN 
[1250] John in Memphis, TN 
[1560] Rex in Franklin, TN 
[1608] Jim in Nashville, TN
Car Wash
Failed Service

Loose Plug
Wrong Computer Info
No Banner Pricing
Took Advantage Young Girl
Refused to Clean Up Environmental Spill
No Idea What To Expect
Refused To Pay Bill
Over-Filling via Vending Pump
Antifreeze Scam
Need the Right Tools
What Else Did They Forget?
[1723] Tom in Franklin, TN 
[1862] Scott in Memphis, TN
[2113] Megan in Nashville, TN 
[2143] Christopher in Franklin, TN
[2206] Mark in Nashville, TN
Oil Filter Failure
Denied Promised Service
Metal Tool in Engine
Hubcap Missing
Stripped Oil Plug
TEXAS TX [5] Shelia in Garland, TX
[33] Sarah in Lubbock, TX
[35] Eric in Dallas, TX
[49] Travis in Garland, TX
[68] Leslie in Austin, TX
[69] Armando in Dallas, TX
[75] Stephanie in Humble, TX
[105] Trey in San Antonio, TX
[110] Amy in San Antonio, TX
[116] Michelle in Lake Jackson, TX
[124] Jerry in Deer Park, TX
[163] Barry in Carrollton, TX & Kearney, NE
[170] Tanya in Amarillo, TX
[293] James in Balcones Heights, TX
[306] Stacey in Austin, TX   
[333] Robin in Austin, TX 
[339] Anon in San Antonio, TX 
[353] William in Humble, TX 
[362] Kelly in Dallas, TX
[367] John in Cedar Park, TX 
[475] Jim in Lake Jackson, TX 
[487] Gale in Texas City, TX 
[489] Sherry in Arlington, TX 

[572] Betsy in Houston, TX 
[617] Victim in San Antonio, TX 
[667] Lisa in Humble, TX 
[706] Anne in Austin, TX 
[713] Lee in Houston, TX 
[763] Jim in San Marcos, TX 
[801] Dean in Houston, TX 
[805] Victim in Austin, TX 
[825] Barbara Ann in Houston, TX 
[858] Joe in Houston, TX 
[859] Frank in Austin, TX 
[912] John in Friendswood, TX 
[922] Steve in Austin, TX 
[928] Joseph in Houston, TX 
[960] Sandi in Round Rock, TX 
[979] Kathryn in Euless, TX 
[980] Harold in Austin, TX  
[989] Employee in Austin, TX 
[1028] Nathan in Cedar Park, TX  
[1035] Jeff in San Antonio, TX 
[1040] Holly in San Marcos, TX 
[1047] Holly in San Marcos, TX 
[1194] Nelson in Houston, TX 
[1199] Concerned in Houston, TX 
[1202] Dominique in Spring, TX 
[1212] Nelson in Round Rock, TX 
[1222] Paul in Ft. Worth, TX 
[1248] Employee in Austin, TX 
[1275] Janet in Houston, TX 
[1285] Reporter in Austin, TX 
[1298] MJZ in Huntsville, TX 
[1307] Joyce in Plano, TX 
[1312] Rosa in Fort Hood, TX 
[1318] Robin in Bastrop, TX 
[1321] Lisa in Austin, TX 
[1346] Kenny in Grand Prairie, TX 
[1373] Rene in Pasadena, TX 
[1399] Austin in South Texas 
[1434] Laura in Austin, TX 
[1476] D in Deer Park, TX 
[1543] Jennifer in Austin, TX 
[1545] Greg in Austin, TX 
[1571] Luis in Austin, TX 
[1601] Mark in Cypress, TX 
[1603] Joshua in Friendswood, TX 
[1605] Troy in New Braunfels, TX 
Oil Amount
Air Filter
Oil Plug
Failed Service

Not Professional
Oil Spray
No Service
No Lube
Huffing Freon
Stupid Rules
No Lug Nuts
Lighter Oils
Replace Engine

Radiator Cap
No Tools?
No Coupon
Button Says "Girl"
Slow, Rude, Incompetent
Surly Help
Imaginary Crossmember
Disregard For TxDPS Rules
Cabin Air Filter
Mysterious Check Engine Light
Cheap Trick
Called the Sheriff
Stripped Drain Plug
Oil Change Turns into $1600+ Damage
Electrical Destruction
Over Torqued Drain Plug
Done Twice For Peace of Mind
Employees Taught Fraud
No Customer Service
May Rain -- No Windshield Cleaning
Not Concerned About Theft
Disavow Legal Liability
Car Rolled Into Traffic
Bait & Switch
Work Was Not Checked
Steal From Customers
Unneeded Expense
$300K Environmental Fine
Out Right Theft
Wanted To Replace Phantom Part
Just Suck It Up
Retail Rape
Air Wrench Used On Air Filter
Did Not Replace Marked Filter
Multiple Oil Change Problems
Oil Filter Failure, Rude Treatment
Stripped Oil Pan Bolt
Destroyed Engine
Wrong Fluid Destroys Transmission
Transmission Problems
Forgot to Tighten Plug
Huge Markups
Nitendo Theft

[1676] Ruby in Forney, TX 
[1728] Rocky in Hays County, TX 
[1731] Woods in Fort Worth, TX 
[1761] Connie in Round Rock, TX 
[1776] Janet in Euless, TX
[1778] Barclay in Austin, TX 
[1792] Melissa in Austin, TX 
[1795] Mary in Tomball, TX
[1796] Sylvia in Austin, TX
[1801] Darlene in Gainesville, TX 
[1813] Thomas in New Braunfels, TX
[1901] Emily in Katy, TX 
[1903] Victim in Baytown, TX 

[1904] Rob in Houston, TX 
[1936] Bill in Boerne, TX 
[1996] Buster in Austin, TX 
[2006] Rufat in Austin, TX
[2007] Tim in Austin, TX 
[2019] Rebekah in Austin, TX 
[2043] Bridget in TX
[2059] Ray in Killeen, TX 
[2102] April in Hurst, TX 
[2136] Charles in Arlington, TX 
[2166] Stacey in Houston, TX 
[2169] Joe in Austin, TX
[2180] Eric in Houston, TX 
[2191] John in Austin, TX 
2232] Eric in Houston, TX 
[2237] Jose in Spring, TX 
[2243] Peggy in San Antonio, TX 
[2249] Phil in Addison, TX 

Not Jiffy
Failed Inspection Unwarranted
Improper Service
Windshield Wiper Scam
Horrible Customer Service
Fraudulent Repair
Solicitation Over The Line
Lying Time After Time
2nd Time Problem
$8,000 of Damages
Unwilling To Correct Paperwork Error
Multiple Mistakes
Taking Advantage of a Female
Untimely Delays & Broken Key
Destroyed Transmission
No Oil Destroys Engine
Inspection Problems
Fire Destroys Car
Brake Light Errors
Improper Filter Seating
Wrong Oil Destroys Engine
No "Lube" at Jiffy Lube
Erroneous Incident Report
Oil Plug Gasket Problem
Cabin Air Filter Scam
Theft of Ammo
Missing Cabin Filter
Stripped Oil Plug
Grease in Passenger Compartment
Leave If You Want To

UTAH UT [7] Rhonda in Riverton, UT
[125] Gregg in Salt Lake City, UT
[199] Franchisee in Salt Lake City
[213] Barry in Sandy, UT
[219] Jonathan in Logan, UT 
[356] Joe in Salt Lake City, UT 
[382] Jeff in Sandy, UT 
[434] Steve in Sandy, UT 
[440] Brent in Layton, UT 
[451] Barry in Sandy, UT 

[547] Val in Provo, UT 
[654] TC in Logan, UT 
[715] Fred in UT 
[768] Randy in Kaysville, UT 
[865] Rene in Salt Lake City, UT 
[867] David in Bountiful, UT 
[1072] Julie in Bountiful, UT 
[1143] Heather in Taylorsville, UT 
[1148] Marilyn in Salt Lake City, UT 
[1177] Elzard in Salt Lake City, UT   
[1207] Employee in Salt Lake City, UT 
[1371] Kevin in Ogden, UT 
[1372] Ray in Ogden, UT 
[1386] Amy In Midvale, UT 
[1480]  Tristen in Bountiful, UT 
[1494] Bart in Salt Lake City, UT
[1531] Tammy in salt Lake City, UT 

Air Filter
Plug Install
Snapped Nut
Coupon Book

No Oil
No Coupon Loose Plug
Wrong Oil Changed
Wiper Blade Scam
Non-Existent Filter Was Dirty!
Theft of Services
Difficult To Register
Forgot To Replace Diff Plug
Lying, Face to Face
Overfilled Oil Destroys Engine
Sell, Sell, Sell
Unnecessary Wait
Cracked Oil Sensor
Destroyed Mass Air Flow Sensor
Forgot to Secure Hood
Oil Leaked Out of Filter
Second Time Fraud Problems
[1710] Gerald in West Valley City, UT 
[1841] Luis in Pleasant Grove, UT 
[1922] Stephen in Cedar City, UT 
[2002] Jessica in Sandy, UT
[2030] Mike in Provo, UT 
[2049] Axel in Washington, UT 
[2100] Kenzie in Farmington, UT
[2110] Caitlyn in Orem, UT 
[2194] Matthew in Orem, UT
[2215] Ronald in Salt Lake City, UT 
[2244] Rick in Magna, UT 
[2247] Spencer in Salt Lake City, UT 
Unfinished Work Causes Problems
Incorrect Air Filter Replacement
No Oil Destroys Engine
Differential Destroyed
Guinea Pig
Just Say No
Pricing Scam
Stripped Oil Plug
Problem Switching Accounts
Bike Stolen
Unsatisfactory Service
VERMONT VT [144] Richard in VT
[522] John in S. Burlington, VT 
[824] Sandy in Exxex Junction, VT 
[831] Employee in VT 
[1329] Carol in South Burlington, VT 
Oil Plug
No Oil

Consistent Failures
Extremely Dishonest Corp.
No Oil In Engine
VIRGINIA VA [51] Jamie in Leesburg, VA
[63] June in Virginia Beach, VA
[94] James in Alexandria, VA
[123] John in Ashburn, VA
[138] Anna in Dale City, VA
[150] Anna in Dale City, VA
[181] Alec in Roanoke, VA
[185] Charles in VA
[229] Richard in Richmond, VA 
[262] Anthony in Alexandria, VA 
[314] Catherine in Danville, VA 
[315] District Manager in VA 
[320] John in Falls Church, VA 
[453] Thurmon in Alexandria, VA 
[465] Employee in VA 
[478] Robin in Fredericksburg, VA 

[509] Gloria in Burlington, VT 
[542] Carlos in Woodbridge, VA
[551] Victim in Woodbridge, VA
[608] Amit in Chantilly, VA 
[613] Melissa in Charlottesville, VA  
[621] Noah in Alexandria, VA 
[623] Paul in Herndon, VA 
[636] Barry in Danville, VA
[641] Bill in Hampton, VA 
[647] Employee in VA
[685] Gerard in Richmond, VA 
[739] Connie in Front Royal, VA 
[758] Stephen in Falls Church, VA 
[771] Cameron in Arlington, VA 
[808] Jeb in Norfolk, VA  
[812] Keith in Forest, VA 
[818] Robert in Richmond, VA 
[828] Tommy in Fredericksburg, VA
[832] Derek in Mechanicsville, VA 
[861] Victim in Falls Church, VA 
[864] Dave in Ashburn, VA 
[881] Xi in Charlottesville, VA 
[892] Robert in Virginia Beach, VA 
[897] Howard in Springfield, VA 
[908] Dave in Portsmouth, VA 
[957] Harry in Virginia 
[994] Employee in Burke, VA
[1115] Ian in Glen Allen, VA 
[1122] Barry in Hampton, VA 
[1149] Clancy in VA 
[1187] Ramon in Chantilly, VA  
[1219] Aaron in Richmond, VA 
[1257] Elaine in Front Royal, VA 
[1265] Theresa at Charlottesville, VA 
[1280] Bobby in Fairfax, VA
[1299] Pamela in Arlington, VA 
[1322] Jerry in Fauquier County, VA 
[1348] Michael in Herndon, VA 
[1366] Marcia in Stafford, VA 
[1492] Tom in Chester, VA 
[1519] Ivan in VA 
[1533] Beverly in VA 
[1535] Shana in Tysons Corner, VA 
[1548] Jacob in VA 
[1596] Erin in Falls Church, VA 
[1597] Milan in Winchester, VA 
[1604] Dan in Arlington, VA 
[1636] Ben in Staunton, VA 
Oil Type
Unneeded Parts
Oil Amount

Fluid Mess
Costly Service
Mgm't Attitude
Stripped Lug Nut
Concealed Damage
Bad Stores
Blown Motor

Bait & Switch
Horrible Experience
Oil Filter Leak
Broke Wheel Lugs
Untrained Immigrants
Penalty Charges
Work Not Done
Fooled Daughter
Oil Puddle
A Valuable Resource
Condescending Attitude
Snippy Employees
Transmission Problems
4 x 2 = 4 x 4
Transmission Woes
Dishonest Tactics
Inadequate Tire Rotation
No Rebate
Crankcase Pudding
Don't Take Chances
Broke Windshield
Did Not Replace Oil
Forgot To Replace Oil
Ex-criminals Keep Prices Down
Wrong Oil Replacement
Cabin Filter Errors
Relentless Gauntlet of Services
Stripped Oil Pan Cover
Tire Caps Missing
Wrong Oil Filter Installation
Price Gouging
Price Gouging & Lies
Destroyed Oil Sensor
Forgot to Replace the Oil
Mediocre Work
Wrong Tire Pressure
Lousy Service
Destroyed Engine

Hitting on Girlfriend

[1786] Debra in Richmond, VA 
[1809] Sandy in Richmond, VA
[1837] Keith in Qccoquan, VA 
[1892] Апполон in Richmond, VA 
[1910] Nicholas in VA 
[1920] Vaughn in Centreville, VA 
[1976] Apury in Chester, VA 
[1981] Eddie in Fredericksburg, VA 
[1984] Les in Falls Church VA 
[1999] David in Richmond, VA  
[2000] Christine in Norfolk, VA 
[2034] Victor in Mechanicsville, VA
[2061] David in Danville, VA 
[2082] Jeyben in Arlington, VA 
[2153] Michael in Christiansburg, VA 
[2167] Pam in Burke, VA 
[2174] Beverly in Charlottesville, VA

Stripped Oil Pan Bolt
Taking Advantage of A Female
Radiator Problems
Deceptive Business Practices
Forgot to Tighten Lug Nuts
Forgot to Replace Coolant
Lug Nut Problem
Oil Pan Threads Stripped
Bait & Switch
Inappropriate Telephone Call
Work Not Done
Fraudulent Service
Destroyed Oil Plug

WASHINGTON WA [46] Andrew in Seattle, WA
[47] Jeremy in Kenmore, WA
[149] Lynn in Puyallup, WA
[157] Richard in Seattle, WA
[173] Paul in Olympia, WA
[176] Jim in Smoky Point, WA
[182] Bob in Port Orchard, WA
[190] Adrienne in Ferndale, WA 
[233] Carol in Kirkland, WA 
[243] Craig in Washington 
[297]  Dave in Everett, WA 
[313] SOJ in Lakewood, WA 
[325] Charles in Spokane, WA 
[386] Bob in Kirkland, WA  
[404] Carol in Kirkland, WA 
[414] Tess in Kenmore, WA
[418] Brian in Tacoma, WA 
[424] Elizabeth in Gig Harbor, WA 
[436] Virginia in Vancouver, WA 
[447] Heather in Kent, WA 

[517] JD in Lake Stevens WA 
[591] Tami in Longview, WA  
[595] Carlos in Hazel Dell, WA  
[614] Carless in Burien, WA 
[639] Dennis in Bonney Lake, WA 
[650] Patrick in Seattle, WA 
[677] Amy in Lynwood, WA 
[687] Tom in Bonney Lake, WA 
[714] Diane in Port Townsend, WA 
[724] Leon in Spokane, WA 
[745] Shirley in Vancouver, WA 
[755] Rachel in Bellevue, WA 
[756] Genty in WA 
[777] Merle in Shelton, WA 
[785] Josh in Bellevue, WA 
[787] Dianne in Woodinville, WA 
[797] Jennifer in Everett, WA 
[798] Blake in Mill Creek, WA 
[807] Lissa in Kent, WA 
[835] Laurie in Arlington, WA 
[910] Shane in Vancouver, WA 
[925] Leo in Spokane, WA 
[927] Toby in Tukwila, WA 
[976] Beth in Spokane, WA 
[1027] Sara in Snohomish, WA 
[1030] Adam in Spokane, WA 
[1038] Sandy in Spokane, WA 
[1042] Alvine in St. Pasco, WA 
[1049] Alvine in Pasco, WA 
[1065] Prosperity in Bellingham, WA 
[1105] Dave in Kent, WA 
[1138] Laura in Gig Harbor, WA 
[1165] Larry in Renton, WA 
[1193] Randy in Lakewood, WA 
[1239] Kacy in Everett, WA 
[1281] Joy in Wenatchee, WA 
[1284] Josh in Everett, WA 
[1293] Don in Seattle, WA 
[1297] Jennifer in Lake Stevens, WA 
[1320] Tim in Everett, WA
[1331] Shawn in Lacy, WA 
[1335] Braxton in Snoqualmie, WA 
[1340] James in Kent, WA 
[1355] So in Bellevue, WA
[1388] Dave in Tacoma, WA 
[1415] Adam in Seattle, WA 
[1439] Kelley in Bellevue, WA 
[1441] Peter in West Olympia, WA 
[1455] Tanya in Seattle, WA 
[1457] Micah in Seattle, WA 
[1467] Terry in Gig Harbor, WA  
[1470] Kenneth in Gig Harbor, WA 
[1490] Mike in Kent, WA 
[1491] SD in Silverdale, WA 
[1521] Chuy in Dupont, WA 
[1522] Trent in Tacoma, WA 
[1558] Mark in Longview, WA
[1582] Darla in Kenmore, WA 
[1586] Liz in Longview, WA 
[1598] Emerald in Spokane, WA
[1613] Merry in Lakewood, WA 
[1632] J in Bonney Lake, WA
[1645] Pat in Maple Valley, WA 
No Oil
Class Action
Oil Plug
Shop Charge

Wrong Make Vehicle
Beyond Warranty
Missing Washer
Filter Explosion
Stuck in Park
JL Lying

Ford's Better
Ripped Off
Did Not Listen
Oil Filter Leak
Drain Plug Leak
Lawyers Running Amok
Costly Extras
No Oil Check
Oil Plug Problems
No A/C
Totally Manipulated
Rear End Bone Dry
Blown Engine
Oil Plug Fell Out
Computer Problems
Forgot To Replace Oil
Too Much Oil
Engine Seized
Screwed My Engine
Pinched Oil Gasket
Forgot To Replace Oil
Contaminated Brake Line
“Shut up” or I Will Call the Police
Unprofessional, Rude & Sarcastic
Came to the Wrong Place

Tried to Threaten Me
Cracked Radiator
Overfilled Oil Damaged Engine
Stripped Threads
Forgot To Replace Oil
Forgot To Replace Oil
What Else Did They Forget?
Clogged Radiator
Too Black Oil
No Oil in Engine
Radiator Blew-up
Very Rude Employee
90' of Flames
Check Work Before Leaving
IPOD Theft
Bullying & Lying
Rubber Drain Plug
No Drinking Water
Replaced Wrong Oil
Destroyed Transmission
Overfilling Damages Engine
Destroyed Engine
No Oil Destroys Engine
Incomplete Servicing
Poor Service
Missing Oil Plug Washer
Bait & Switch
Failed Simplest Checks
Mysterious Problems
Work Not Done
Cleaning Destroys Engine
Air Filter Scam
Flush Destroys Engine
Refused to Replace Wrong Filter
Rude, Obnoxious -- and Wrong
Broke Lug Nut

[1656] Regina in Bremerton, WA
[1675] Sandi in Yelm, WA 
[1711] Bob in Lacy WA 
[1722] Rene in Kenmore, WA
[1734] Lorina in Bothell, WA 
[1737] Andrew in Puyallup, WA  
[1760] Jon in Chehalis, WA 
[1763] Ralph in Gig Harbor, WA 
[1787] Eric in Puyallup, WA

[1816] Pat in Gig Harbor, WA 
[1823] Boyd in Yelm, WA
[1839] Kathleen in Puyallup, WA 
[1843] Stephen in Gid Harbor, WA 
[1858] Janet in Kennewick, WA
[1887] Diane in Bonney Lake, WA
[1906] Roy in Auburn, WA 
[1925] Bill in Redmond, WA  
[1927] Mark in Burien, WA
[1938] Lars in Tacoma, WA
[1966] Gregg in Spokane, WA 
[1967] Azam in Seattle, WA 
[2012] Haley in Olympia, WA 
[2015] KC in Gig Harbor, WA 
[2027] Tim in Silverdale, WA 
[2041] Keith in Bonney Lake, WA  
[2062] Matt in Gig Harbor, WA
[2067] Raymond in Renton, WA 
[2069] Ted in Gig Harbor, WA 
[2071] Amy in Shoreline, WA
[2074] Anonymous in Washington State 
[2077] Len in Lake Stevens, WA
[2085] Jirius in Kenmore, WA 
[2094] ACE in Tacoma, WA
{2109] Jason in Kennewick, WA 
[2131] Joe in Wenatchee, WA  
[2158] Karrlee in Kennewick, WA 
[2177] Karlee in Kennewick, WA
[2185] Clinton in Port Orchard, WA 
[2202] John in Redmond, WA 
[2203] Steven in Seattle, WA
[2205] Nicholas in Tacoma, WA
[2207] Matthew in Lakewood, WA
[2228] Clinton in Port Orchard, WA 
[2230] John In Redmond, WA
[2234] Haleigh in Spokane, WA 
[2236] JoAnn in Everett, WA 

Broke Hazard Light Switch
Check Engine Light Scam Foiled
Broke Promise to Repair
Incorrect Oil Filter Installation
Broke Air Flow Sensor
Oil Filter Fell Out
Stripped Oil Plug
Unnecessary Oil Spills
Oil Filter Blew Off
File A Damage Report with Police
Engine Troubles
Wipers Replacement Disaster
Did Not Perform Stated Services
Damaged Transmission
Air Filter Unattached
Forgot To Replace Oil
Car Broke Down
Stripped Drain Plug
Contaminated Fluids
Stripped Oil Plug
Wrong Filter Causes Fire
Incorrect Belt Installation
Broke Dipstick
Broken Mirror
Flush Destroys Engine
Oil Filter Leaked
Stripped Oil Plug Destroys Engine
Wrong Battery Replacement
Replaced Oil With Used Oil
Insufficient Oil Added
Oil Leak Destroys AC
Towed 158 Miles
Stripped Oil Plug
Oil Change Intervals
Headlight Theft
No Transmission Fluid
Stripped Oil Plug
Stripped Oil Plug
Provided Wrong Oil
No Steering, No Brakes
Upsell Didn't Work

WEST VIRGINIA WV [539] James in Martinsburg, WV  Stripped Plug
WISCONSIN WI [214] Customer in Madison, WI 
[227] Employee in Madison, WI 
[351] Melvin in Superior, WI 
[361] Kelly in Madison, WI
[429] Paul in Madison, WI 

[632] Bruce in Middleton, WI  
[716] Tony in Kenosha, WI 
[719] Henry in Kenosha, WI 
[1085] Pam in Sturtevant, WI 
Tightening Filter

Stripped Drain Plug
Broke Guard Plate
Didn't Change Oil
No Oil Filter Destroyed Engine
[1800] Don in Madison, WI
[1860] JAE in Janesville, WI 
[2010] Ashley in WI 
Oil Flush Scam
Special Filters & Extra Oil
Overfilled Oil
[3] TR
[8] Karl
[11] David
[17] Tom
[26] Ron
[28] Bob
[29] Judy
[30] Jer
[41] Linda
[43] Kathy
[45] Larry
[48] Nora
[50] William
[53] Carolina
[54] Yolinda
[56] Steve
[58] Lori
[60] Joe
[61] Duaine
[62] Susan
[64] Frank
[65] Victim
[66] Paula
[70] Joseph
[73] Bill
[76] Ray
[77] Brenda
[81] Renee
[84] From "Dad"
[87] Desiree
[91] Melinda
[96] Charles
[101] Rob
[103] Kartik
[107] A Manager
[117] Manager Jody
[120] Antoinette
[130] Nick
[131] Ex-Manager
[134] Another Victim
[139] Andrew
[140] Sean
[141] Bob
[143] Brett
[145] Bob
[156] Amy
[159] Cassie
[161] Josh
[162] Victim
[164] Joey
[167] Transmission Fluid
[172] Carrie
[178] David
[183] David
[184] Dennis
[188] Daphna
[220] Dissatisfied Customer 
[231] Tabby 
[232] CR 
[234] Glyn
[244] John 
[246] David 
[247] David 
[249] Steven 
[253] Marc 
[256] Amy 
[257] Victim 
[258] Philip
[260] Roy
[264] Victim 
[267] Tim 
[269] Dan 
[276] Russ
[280] Stephanie 
[281] Jennifer 
[283] Competitor
[290] KW 
[304] Geralyn 
[310] Victim 
[311] Rich 
[316] Daniel 
[317] Marilyn 
[321] Victor 
[323] Woman Victim 
[328] Bill 
[334] Joel 
[337] Barbara 
[342] Jerry
[345] Mike
[373] Paul  
[376] Monica 
[379] Mortee
[380] Melania 
[384] Mafia Family 
[390] Thomas 
[400] Shannon 
[402] Nunya 
[403] John
[425] Allison 
[426] Melissa 
[443] Duaine 
[444] Shulz 
[454] Unidentified 
[455] PB 
[459] Employee 
[467] Brad 
[468] Paul 
[472] Dustin 
[477] Victim 
[481] Joe 
[484] James 
[488] Margaret 
[492] Mikey 
[498] Fred 

[502] Linda 
[507] Alexander 
[508] Oona
[510] Bob 
[515] Sara 
[516] Donna 
[520] Ruth
[521] Victim 
[523] KG
[527] Shahatta 
[532] Gary 
[533] Barbara 
[534] Chris
[536] Jeffrey 
[537] Travis 
[538] Jimmy 
[545] Keith
[546] Paul 
[548] Richard 
[552] Scott 
[554] Danielle
[555] TS
[556] Danny
[558] Keith 
[560] William
[562] Brian
[565] Andy 
[567] Darrell 
[571] Kerrylin 
[573] John 
[574] Rich 
[581] Thomas
[584] Patsy 
[590] Joshua 
[597] Sergio 
[598] John 
[599] Victim 
[601] Janet  
[602] Jim 
[603] Don 
[612] Anne 
[615] Victim 
[620] Heidi 
[622] Brad 
[626] Nathan
[627] Steve 
[638] Richard 
[640] Angie 
[642] Robert
[643] Paula 
[645] Adam 
[655] MK
[658] Frankie 
[668] Perry
[670] Scott 
[671] Ramez 
[674] Karman 
[675] Thomas 
[679] Ryan 
[689] John 
[695] Rick 
[696] Jurgen 
[698] Mike 
[699] Brian
[701] David
[705] Connie
[709] Rich 
[718] Danny 
[721] Julie 
[723] Patricia
[729] Elizabeth 
[730] William
[757] Jason 
[764] Jen
[766] Michael 
[769] George 
[772] Joseph 
[776] Bryan 
[782] Ed 
[786] Ex-Manager 
[790] Bill 
[795] Advisor 
[799] Edward 
[803] Steve 
[804] Tom 
[806] Michelle 
[810] Barney 
[820] Victim 
[821] Victim 
[836] Victim 
[837] George 
[839] John
[842] Bill 
[854] Nathan 
[857] Employee 
[870] Tim 
[872] Stephen 
[879] Tom 
[883] Sean 
[893] Matt 
[900] Darren 
[904] Todd 
[909] Jessie 
[915] Steve
[917] SNM  
[921] Christine 
[929] Employee 
[931] Dimitri 
[932] Vinesh 
[933] Susan 
[937] Samuel 
[939] Sandra
[949] Melissa 
[951] Rudy 
[952] Debra 
[953] Ronald 
[959] Champ 
[961] John 
[965] Jamie 
[968] Employee 
[969] Scott 
[971] Jason 
[977] Mike
[978] Jennifer 
[982] Eva 
[995] Sherrell 
[996] Jaime
[998] JD 
[1001] Jack 
[1003] Summer  
[1008] Gordon
[1010] Shay 
[1015] Employee
[1017] Brad 
[1021] Pete 
[1023] Lisa 
[1029] Marci 
[1032] Mark 
[1050] Victim 
[1054] Brian
[1059] Zeine 
[1064] Bill 
[1069] Stacy 
[1070] Lauren
[1071] Mark
[1073] Arlene 
[1092] Employee
[1095] John 
[1100] Sonia 
[1103]  Victim 
[1107] Mike
[1108] Michael 
[1110] Bethany 
[1111] Michael 
[1112] Aaron
[1119] Bassem 
[1120] Chase 
[1121] Michael 
[1124] Mario
[1126] Matthew 
[1127] Kathy 
[1130] RC 
[1134] Zana 
[1141] Craig
[1142] Michael
[1147] Steph 
[1151] Ace 
[1157] Victim 
[1158] Albert 
[1160] Employee 
[1161] Ernest 
[1162] Marc
[1167] Sam  
[1168] Donna 
[1169] Jake
[1170] Joe  
[1178] Christiane 
[1183] Bee 
[1186] Holly  
[1189] Roseann 
[1197] David  
[1201] Ellen
[1203] Amanda 
[1208] Khaled 
[1216] John
[1225] Elizabeth 
[1231] Robert 
[1236] Glenn  
[1242] Calvin 
[1244] Brian 
[1245] James  
[1247]  Employee 
[1254] Cliff 
[1256] Chris 
[1260] Jerry
[1261] Veronica
[1263] Fred 
[1264] Rosesa 
[1268] Nick
[1270] Kutaree
[1273] Ken
[1283] Glen 
[1286] Rick
[1287] Rowan 
[1288] Suuegri 
[1291] Chris
[1295] FT 
[1296] Glen
[1301] Paul
[1302] Ray
[1303] Rick
[1304] Rowan
[1310] Steven
[1315] Mark 
[1316] Kelsey 
[1317] Norst 
[1323] Laura 
[1324] Mike 
[1326] Orges
[1332] Carsten
[1334] Drew
[1341] Janet 
[1343] Jerry  
[1347] Laura 
[1349] Mike 
[1350] Ivan
[1365] Lindsay 
[1369] Pat 
[1377] Thomas 
[1380] Anthony 
[1383] Sarah 
[1390] Anthony
[1391] Juan 
[1394] Sharat 
[1395] Steve
[1402] Gil  
[1406] Kim
[1409] Robert 
[1410] Roland 
[1414] Youssef 
[1420] Gil 
[1421] Mark 
[1426] Marco
[1429] Paul 
[1430] Robert 
[1431] Roland 
[1438] Malachy 
[1445] Stacie 
[1450] Joan 
[1453] Farook 
[1461] Heather 
[1464] Jose 
[1468] Jason
[1477] RJ
[1478] Stacie
[1481] Yetta 
[1486] Diamond 
[1489] Maryann 
[1501] Leapy 
[1502] Francisco  

[1504] Christopher
[1505] Debby 
[1507] Keith 
[1508] Nancy
[1509] Janice
[1510] Ben 
[1512] Craig
[1516] Carlos 
[1525] Jason 
[1526] Julie 
[1529] Judy
[1530] Jason 
[1540] John 
[1551] Marc 
[1552] Ann 
[1553] Marcella
[1557] Bob
[1563] Chris 
[1570] Harold 
[1572] Bob [1576] Jim  
[1576] Jim
[1577] Sam
[1579] Batman 
[1581] Rob 
[1584] Moriah 
[1589] Mark
[1591] Justin
[1607] BT 
[1621] TM 
[1625] Chad 
[1626] Gaby 
[1627] Ronny
[1638] Kelly 
[1639] Tyler
[1646] Angelle 
[1647] CS 
Unneeded Parts
Wiper Blades
Stripped Plug
Oil Type
Oil Filter
Oil Plug
Oil Amount
Oil Filter
Oil Plug
Oil Filter
Oil Amount
Unneeded Parts
Oil Filter
Oil Plug
Unneeded Parts
Oil Plug
Oil Filter
Oil Plug
Oil Plug
Oil Filter
Air Filter
Oil Plug
Air Cleaner
Fuel Filter
Oil Plug
Rear End

NBC Exposure
NBC Exposure
No Service
Oil Light
Tight Air Filter
No Oil Bad Tires
Taking Advantage
Wrong Tools
Air Conditioning
Air Filter
Oil Brand
No Oil
No Service
Loose Lug Nuts
Shop Charge

Bad Smell
Oil Cap
No Brakes
Broken Mirror
Unfair Advantage
Bad Service
Panel Removal
Hood Damage
Wrong Oil
Sloppy Work
AC Scam
No 5W-20
No Air
Check Coupon
Wrong Belt
Organized Crime
Broken Bolt
Insufficient Oil
Filter Seal
Similar Issues
Fixing Problems
Rear End
Sex Discrimination
Oil Plug
Price Pressures
Work Not Done
No Lube
Out of Stock
Head Light

No Permission
No Multiuse Coupon
Stole $25.00
Engine Flush
Wrong Filter
Midas Upgrade
Took Advantage
Wrong Charge
Cabin Filter
Stripped Plug
Desperate Employee
Belt Hustle
No Oil
No Oil
Drain Plug
Oil Filter
Not A Victim
Bad Attitude
Oil Cap
Oil Filter
Engine Smoke
Laughed At
NBC Video
Boycott Shell Oil Brands
Wrong Mileage
Rip Offs
Extra Damage
Just Sue
Bad Disclaimer
Do Not Call
Unwanted Sales Pressure
Wind Damage
No "Shame"
No Transmission Fluid
Air Cleaner
Insufficient Oil Fill
Blown Radiator
Blown Away
Synthetic Oil
Missing Change
Stick With Dealership
Another Contact
Never Again
Bait & Switch
Ink Stains
Expensive Dirty Service
Rate It Incomplete
Improper Tire Rotation
Not Worth It
Engine Damage
Did Not Qualify
Did Not Qualify
No Coupon
Did Not Qualify
Forgot Transmission Oil
Drained Wrong Oil
Unneeded Services
Stripped Nut
No Air Conditioning
Women Discrimination
A Seinfeld Episode
Overfilled Oil
Always Leaking
Charge Without Service
Parking Brake
Coupon Run Around
Rip Off Schemes
Hosed Again
Ripped Off
Wrong Oil
Just Say No
Stripped Drain Plug
No Early Bird Specials
Worthless Coupons
Unneeded Labor Charge
Overfilled Oil
What A RIp Off
Deceit Same As Theft
ROB Customers
More Than A SUV
Bad Management
Filter Not Stocked
Broken Fuel Line
JL Absolutely Disgusting
Insufficient Oil
Broke Lug Nuts
Check Engine Light
Bad Things @ Heartland Auto
Promotion or Scam?
Question the Integrity of All Work
Put in Wrong Oil
They Really are Thieves
Against the Law
Oil Filter Was Not Changed
Stripped Screws on Skid Plate
Oil Was Not Changed
Greedy Company
Scam Selling Identical Oils
Gang Members Employees
Price Is Too High
Jippy Lube "Just Make A Buck Baby"
A Symphony of Problems
Did Not Change Oil
Radiator Flush Scam
Stupid Employee
Engine Destroyed by Wrong Oil Filter
Would Not Honor Coupon
Would Not Honor Guarantee
Actual Work Unknown
We Service Only Nice Cars
Radiator Flush Warped Cylinder
Transmission Fluid Instead of Oil
Work Does Not Need Done
Air Filter Is Missing
Managers Have No Integrity
Another Fuel Filter In 3 Days
News Report Tells All
Good Time Reading Comments
Talking Across The Dinner Table
GPS Theft
JL Just Don't Give A Dam
How Many Taillights?
Forgot To Replace Oil
Damage Without Responsibility
Fraudulent Settlement
Mandatory Services Are Rip Offs
No Clue To What's Wrong
Code P 115
Will Use A Real Mechanic
Don't Make The Same Mistake Twice
Female Bias
Too Light Weight Oil
Stripped Drain Plug
Unneeded Cabin Filter
Tire Rotation Scam
Caused Leak In Cooling System
Damaged Front End On Lift
Fluids Overfilled
Scratched Door
Forgot To Replace Oil
Free Oil Top Off Is Not Free
Jiffy Lube Ruined My Engine
Jiffy Lube Ruined My Engine
Red Lining Destroyed Engine
Their Fault 
Forgot Oil Filter
Costs Too Much
Felons & Poor Workmanship
Do-It-Yourself Saves Headaches
Charges Without Approval
Incomplete Work
Bogus Cabin Filter Charge
Incorrect Filter Installation
Wrong Type of Fluids
MIsleading Advertising
Cheap $15/Quart Oil
No Oil Blows Engine
Forgot To Replace Oil
Destroyed Engine
No Radiator Cap
Cheating Customers
Bait & Switch
Checklist Unfulfilled
Deleted Video Proof
Blog Post About Jiffy Lube
Not Returning
Stupid Wiper Mistake
High Pressure Add On Tactics
Some of the Scams
No Change Oil @ 3,000 Miles
Unanswered Transmission Complaint
Free Oil Change for $40
Lunatics At This Place
Damaged Drain Plug
No Oil Almost Destroyed Engine
No Oil Damages Engine
Jippy Lube
Bait & Switch
Ford Won't Warrant Jiffy Lube Filter
Broken Hood Release Dangerous
Wrong Oil Filter Destroys Engine
Wrong Air Filter
Wrong Air Filter
Ripped Off
Questioned My Believability
Skipped Services
Using JL Cancels Ford Warranty
Caused Potential Accident
Would Not Honor Agreement
Oil Pan Screw Problem
Air Filter Disconnected
Stripped Oil Pan
Stripped Oil Plug
Broken Oil Pan 
Did Not Do The Work
Replaced Trans Filter with Oil Filter
Putting Your Life At Risk
Transmission Damage
Stripped Oil Pan
Price Gouging
Rude, Inconsiderate & Ignorant
Radiator Flush Destroys Water Pump
Price is Price
Replaced Oil with Air
11 Quarts into a 6 Quart Car
Forgot To Replace Drain Plug
Coupon Scam
Transmission Problems
Hummer Seat Damage
A $36.99 Oil Change for $70.00
Over Torqued Oil Filter 
Forgot To Replace Air Filter
Still Waiting for Coupon
Transmission Flush Gone Wrong
Unauthorized Expense
File Criminal Charges
No Filter Destroys Sensor
Forgot To Replace Air Filter
No Coupon
Clink in Engine
Tire Flew Off Car
Destroyed Starter
Mazda 3 Problems
Destroyed Transmission
Our Techs Aren't Mechanics
High School Techs
Time to Get Greasy
Stolen Keys Led to Stolen Cars
Oil Pan Fell Off
Differential Problem
Incomplete Service
No Fuel Service
Radiator Flush Destroys Engine
Wrong Coolant
New Transmission Leak
Not Money's Worth
Manager Still in Bathroom
Missing Oil Plug
PCV Valve Rip Off
In: No Problems  Out: Many Problems
Rewards Program Fraud
Flush Destroys Engine
Headlight Error
Broke Door Handle
Discount Rip Off
Help Needed
Bully Sales People
Serpentine Belt Scam
Incorrect Amount of Oil
Transmission Problems
Loose Coolant Cap Was Expensive
Differential Failure
Radiator Flush Causes Problems
Overcharging for Parts
Engine Flush Problems
Forgot Crush Washer
Broke Dipstick
False Oil Change
Unwanted Services
Stranded Twice

[1651] Rod 
[1652] David 
[1655] Vic 
[1657] Erik
[1665] Chris
[1666] Jeff
[1674] Kim
[1679] Victim 
[1684] David
[1685] Bryan 
[1687] Leticia
[1690] Brian 
[1695] Calton 
[1700] Victim 
[1709] Lane 
[1714] Ari 
[1715] Zac
[1719] Edward
[1725] Sharon
[1739] Jake
[1740] Jeannette
[1745] Linda 
[1748] Wayne
[1754] Marion
[1767] Kathy
[1773] Miss T
[1780] Neal
[1784] Norm
[1788] MJ 
[1791] Marion
[1807] Karen
[1814] Danny
[1820] Mark
[1822] Jenn
[1826] Ruben
[1834] Ada 
[1850] Nick
[1851] Aldo
[1857] Tina
[1861] Marty
[1863] AR
[1864] Joe
[1874] SKZ 
[1875] Lauren
[1877] Karensa 
[1879] Matthew
[1881] Paul 
[1885] Jeffery 
[1886] Ruby
[1888] Britni
[1897] LK 
[1898] Victim 
[1900] Elisheia
[1907] Melinda
[1916] Nina
[1924] Rick
[1940] Wayne
[1942] JH 
[1945] Ramses 
[1956] Marion
[1957] Anni 
[1964] Flora
[1969] Marlena 
[1975] Paul
[1979] Ira 
[1980] Eric 
[1988] Trish 
[1992] Ed 
[1995] Courtney
[2004] Lee 
[2005] Kristen
[2022] Kelli 
[2032] Jive 
[2033] Dan
[2038] Jim
[2040] Tonya 
[2045] Mike 
[2047] James 
[2050] Alexander
[2052] Maureen
[2060] Dwayne 
[2065] Madison 
[2070] Maurice
[2072] Joann 
[2075] Jon 
[2078] Caleb
[2079] Luke
[2087] Paul 
[2088] Michael
[2103] Doug
[2107] Walter
[2120] Christian

[2122] Molly
[2128] Randy
[2135] Priscilla
[2151] Schakra 
[2157] Matthew

[2159] Lisa
[2172] Payrick
[2176] Christopher
[2181] Andrew  
[2183] Christian
[2184] Christopher
[2197] Peter
[2200] Travis 
[2201] Trevor
[2204] Stephanie 
[2211] Cheryl
[2223] Andrew 
[2238] KO
[2239] Losaline
[2251] Andrew

Automotive Aftermarket
Outrageous Cost
Broke Taillight
Weird Sounds
Terrible Customer Service
Too Expensive
Costly Molly Plug Substitute
Destroyed Engine
Check Your Gas Door
Never Replaced Oil Filter
No Oil Destroys Engine
No Oil Destroys Engine
No Oil Destroys Engine
Can't Stop Email Promotions
Water in Engine
Fuel Cleaning Destroys Engine
Unapproved Coolant Used
Wrong Trans Fluid Voided Warranty
Improper State Inspection
Incorrect Grammar
False Maintenance Information
Flush Destroys Transmission
AC Fraud
Destroyed Engine
Coupon Waste of Time
Spilled Oil Causes Problems
New Wipers After Six Weeks
Destroyed Transmission
Re-inspection Failures
Arbitrator Required Unless Rejected
Axle Plug Missing
Broke Tensioner
Refused Repair Because of Test
Oil Cap Not Replaced
Pushed Back Odometer
Taking Advantage of Women
Mismatched Mileage
Broke Sensor
A Buick is a Mercury
Lying or Idiots
Improper Oil
Destroyed Transmission
Dumb Founded Creatures
Employee Gets Preference
Unprofessional Behavior
Never Again
Stripped Oil Plug
Battery Scam
Broke Dipstick Tube
Radiator Flush Causes Problem
Stripped Drain Plug
Unnecessary Charges
Taking Advantage of a Woman
Used Oil
Evil Corporation
Destroyed Transmission
Broke Fuel Line
Blown Engine 
Engine Flush Destroys Engine
Widespread Incompetence
Angry Employee's Wife
Air Filter Was Not Missing
Phone Does Not Work
Wrong Brake Fluid Destroys System
Filters Replaced Backwards
Overcharged Wife
Wrong Brake Oil
Destroyed Engine
No Bulk Oil Available
Air Filter Deception
Engine Damage
Wheel Problems
Unskilled, Incompetent
Another Victim
Destroyed Transmisssion
Improper Gear Oil
Radiator Problems
Replaced Oil With Coolant
They Rip You Off
Stripped Oil Plug
Wrong Oil Filter Destroys Engine
Ridiculous Complaints
Dumbest Rudest Employees
Broke Tire Sensor
Ramps Prohibit Service
Oil Filter Problems Destroys Engine
Two Months to Repair Their Problem
Suffocating Air Filter
Engine Flush Killed Car
Erroneous Information
Forgot to Replace Oil
Overfilled Oil
Ghetto Talk
No Oil
Expose From An Employee
Inadequate Service
No Oil in Engine
Small Claims Court
Cooling Flush Cracked Head Gasket
1 Quart Overfilled
"Slick Business" Book
Broke Motor Mount
Metal Baffle Broke

CANADA   [265] Marc in Canada 
[285] Derek in Kitcherner, ON 

[1569] Liette in Ottawa, ON 
Good Work
Brake Problems

Better to Laugh Than to Cry

[1662] Bryan 
[1704] Offline in Oshawa, ON 
[1707] Judy in Guelph, ON 
[1781] Michael in Woodstock, ON Canada
[1905] JN in Niagara, ON 
[2014] Joan in Ontario, CA 
[2171] Prem Toronto, CA

Dumb Comments
Policy Mistakes
False & Dishonest
Picketing 1 - 3 Times Per Week
Aftermarket Oil Filter Leaked
Broken Dip Stick
Frozen Washer Fluid


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