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[475] Jim in Lake Jackson, TX  No Lug Nuts

My wife just called. Seems she had the oil & filter changed on her 2000 grand Cherokee and the tire rotated. Left the shop and crossed the main drag here in Lake Jackson, Texas. Turned right into the Wal-Mart parking lot and the left rear wheel came off!!!!!! The employee of Jiffy Lube saw what happened and ran over with a jack. He found 2 of the lug nuts and removed one each from the other three wheels to get her on the way. Told my wife to come back later and he would have some more lug nuts. I find this totally unacceptable on so many levels that I donít know where to start. If she had been at highway speed when this happened with oncoming traffic the results would have been horrendous.

[474] Dale in Glendale, AZ  Transmission

January 6, 2007 9:30AM  Terrible customer service. Took my car there a few months ago and they over-filled the engine oil by over 3/4 of an inch above the dipstick full mark. Brought the car back and they said it was okay that way. Talked to the supervisor on duty at the time. Found out it's NOT okay to over fill the oil!

Today I took the car to the same place and asked the guy who got in the car to drive it up to be sure to check the transmission oil level because there's a leak somewhere that leaves a 10 inch puddle on my driveway overnight. He said they woiuld check for a leak and check the level of the transmission oil. I then asked another person who typed the order into the computer system the same thing. I also asked the gentleman who was doing the work on the car to please check the transmission oil level, and he said they would.

After they were done, I asked about the oil leak and they said there isn't a leak anywhere. I then asked if the transmission level was checked and they all looked at each other and one said, "It's a standard tranny, you can't check the levels on those." I told him there is a plug that lets you check the level. Then the supervisor asked one of them if they checked the level and the guy said, "I think so..." I then told the supervisor that I had asked 3 times to have the level checked. The supervisor then asked me, "What do you want us to do, get on our backs and check it?" (since they already puled it out of the working dock). I then told him I asked 3 times to have the level checked BEFORE they pulled it in and asked what the hell this was all about. The supervisor then said he didn't like me cursing. I replied, I didn't curse and he said he was offended by the word "hell." I then told him I didn't want them touching my car again and left.

The only way to get good service is to supervise the entire operation yourself... you got to stay with your car and tell them what to do and how to do it... otherwise they just railroad you out the door.

[473] Peter in California  Not Worth It

my wife and I took our two vehicles to jiffy lube on a Sunday morning for an oil change, nothing more. around $27-$32 each. told the manager we would send our son in for an oil change with his 94 ford escort. we actually pre discussed this with the manager and advised him our son only needed an oil change. $285 later that a.m., my son said the mgr at jiffy lube said this was needed and that was needed. the car was worth $1200. At an average of $100 per vehicle that mgr. made his boss proud that day I'm sure. that was last year, 4-vehicles times 3 oil changes each and NOT at jiffy lube. Thanks for the lesson, we will not soon forget it.

[472]  Dustin  Price Pressures

I always feel like a sap when I go to Jiffy Lube. I just spent nearly $200 there today [2 Jan 07] for I'm not sure what, just stuff they said I really needed. I just learned from this Web site that Jiffy Lube has a $50-$70 per car average per month policy. That explains the pressure the mechanics put on you whenever you go there. Jiffy Lube says it wouldn't make money if it only did oil changes and that its sales pitches for unnecessary services are no different than advertising or product placement at grocery stores. The difference is that the average person doesn't know the first thing about car maintenance, and if a mechanic tells them that something is wrong, they have no choice but to trust them. It is hard to make an informed decision about something you don't know about. Now that I know about Jiffy Lube's policy, I'll never go back there, because it ruins the trust you would have with the mechanic knowing that they are required to sell you something you don't need.

[471] Stepanie in Dunwoody, GA  Battery

My experience started with an oil change on 12/22/06 at a Jiffy Lube in Dunwoody GA.  While there, I was also advised that I needed an air filter, fluids topped off, and battery cleaning service.  I agreed.  Later that day, traveling from Georgia to Mississippi for the holiday weekend, the battery light came on and then began to shut down entirely (lights dimming, gauges on the dashboard spinning & not working, etc.).  It was 9:30 pm CST and we had to call the MS Highway Patrol for a tow truck.  Car (1998 Ford Explorer) was towed and repaired the next day, while my family spent the night in a hotel and had to pay for dinner on the road (rather than with family as originally planned).  Auto shop told us that the battery terminal was broken and caused the alternator to be shorted out.  Repairs and towing cost $380 and lodging/meal cost $115.

I filed complaint upon return to Atlanta on 12/26/06 by filing incident report at the store.  I've spoken with a "senior claims adjuster" at Jiffy Lube's corporate office yesterday and today.  I've never been spoken to so rudely in my entire life.  He questioned the damages (that's his job, but his attitude was very aggressive) and said that they couldn't verify anything since the repairs were already done (as if I'd spend Christmas in a hotel in a small town in Mississippi with no family or loved ones).  I provided all documentation from the repairs.  He questioned the cost of towing ($150) as too high and the cost of repairs as too low ($150 plus labor).  Wednesday, I asked him to call the shop in Mississippi to get more information and he said "why are you still talking to me then,... get off the phone and let me call them."  (this was after 1:00 pm EST)

He called this morning at 9:42 am and said that he'd left one message for the shop owner and hadn't been called back so he submitted the claim and denied it. When I asked why he submitted the claim without waiting to hear back, he stated that he just had a feeling that they wouldn't call and also that he thought I wanted it submitted expeditiously.  He said they have no proof that the work was even done and that I had a bad attitude.  He told me that I had to get more evidence and call the shop in MS to get it (although I told him repeatedly that I didn't know what questions to ask to get the information he needed).  He said he called and talked to a dispatcher who said she'd have to get her daddy to call him back.  He then said to me in a very snide tone, "is this a family business?"  as if it's not a valid business if it's not a huge corporate chain.   I was on the outskirts of a small town (less than 40,000 people) late at night on a holiday weekend and had a dead car.  I trusted the state highway patrol to assist with the referral to the towing company (which also had an auto repair shop and did the work for us).  He was clearly insinuating some preconceived notions about the services I received in Mississippi and about their credibility and qualifications - all without any verification of his assumptions.

At this point, while I'd like to get some compensation for my troubles, I'm MUCH more concerned and upset by the rude, condescending, horrible treatment by this man at their corporate office.  Both I and my husband are in service oriented businesses and both of us would have already been fired if we talked to customers as he talked to me.  The $$ is no longer the issue.... the complete and utter lack of respect or courtesy toward customers is intolerable. 

[470] Rodney in Pembroke Pines, FL  Didn't Change Oil

I own a 2006 Chevy Impala. I took my car to the Pembroke Pines Jiffy Lube for its 3rd oil change. My car had 8,600 miles on it at the time. Jiffy Lube had 30 minutes before they weíre officially closed. I opted to wait until the next morning, but the manager insisted that they could change it really fast. Well trusting the managerís judgment, I fell for it. I went to the restroom and when I come out, my car is supposedly ready, so they say! That was impossible! There is no way an oil change could take place in 4 or 5 minutes. Well, they said it was done, so I payed and left the facility in doubt that my oil was even changed. MY DOUBTS WEíRE TRUE!!! I pulled up in my driveway, immediately checked the oil dip stick and my oil was still black! Fresh oil is a light amber color. My oil was still the same color it was when I brought it to them. I paid $40.00 for my car to sit at their shop for 5 minutes and nothing was done to it! The next day I took it back to Jiffy Lube to show them that my oil was not changed. The manager told me in a rude tone of voice that my oil was changed and he became aggressive towards me in front of others. I showed him as well as the other technician my oil dipstick and they both concluded my engine valves were dirty. There is no way in godís green earth for a brand new car to have dirty engine valves! So I took my car to Good Year, and yes Good Year did change my oil and had excellent customer service. I will never, ever in a lifetime deal with JIFFY LUBE EVER AGAIN!!!!!! THANKS TO JIFFY LUBE, IN ORDER FOR GOODYEAR TO CHANGE MY OIL, AN ADDITIONAL 20 BUCKS HAD TO COME OUT MY POCKET. THANKS A LOT JIFFY LUBE FOR LYING TO A GOOD, HARD WORKING, HONEST HEARTED, AND LONG TIME CUSTOMER. YOUĒLL NEVER EVER RECEIVE MY BUSINESS EVER AGAIN LIERS!!!! :-(

[469] Robert in Palatine, IL  No Water

I visited the local jiffy lube franchise in palatine illinois in October; I received the usual sale pitches, had my car serviced and received the printout that all was checked and aok

A week later my car wouldnt start. 2 minutes under the hood and I found the battery dry. I filled it up and made it to the store for a new battery

I brought this to the attention of the mgr during a repeat visit and he said they no longer do batteries due to special water needed. I asked why it was checked and he asked me to be quiet as he had customers waiting; what was I. Prior to them working I ascertain that they would be able to do the check engine light in the computer. They replied yes; on leaving it was still on so I returned; they replied they no longer do them because  they no longer have the computer to do the work; I asked why I was not told this and was shooed away; Never again Jiffy Lube

[468] Paul  Oil Plug

My girl friend took my BMW to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and she was -- because she had some place to go and it was taking to long. The oil change took 3 hours, I couldn't believe it and figured something was up ?! After driving the vehicle for a while I noticed some oil spots where I parked it. Well it gets better!! I brought my car to a mechanic to have him install a tie rod end and asked him to check and see if he could find out why it was leaking oil. He called and told me the plug was leaking and he had to put a little gasket sealer on it and tighten it to get it to stop leaking. He installed my tie rod end and screwed it up because I went to Town Fair Tire to get the front end aligned and they couldn't do it because the tie rod was bent. Now that was it for that mechanic and Jiffy Lube and I finally found a good mechanic to put 2 new tie rods on that I purchased myself on the internet and had them installed for less money all together than the Bozo mechanic charged for one he screwed up job and I purchased a new oil drain plug. That's where the Jiffy Lube story comes in again because the plug was way smaller in diameter than the plug that was in my car. So even though you might think the screw up mechanic that bent the tie rod end might have messed up the oil plug too., I doubt it because the car was leaking oil after the Jiffy Lube oil change and because of the 3 hrs it took to do it and then finding out later that the plug was over size.

[467] Brad  Radiator

I saw this site as I was looking online to try and find any information on how to get Jiffy Lube to pay for my repairs. It will cost more then the entire value of my car to fix the damage they caused.

I should have known better as jiffy lube fucked up the camaro in the past, but I had intended to get an oil change before my long trip but ran out of time. I didn't know any mechanics in the area and really felt it would be good for the car to do as soon as possible. I decided Jiffy Lube would be ok just this one time, but of course they fucked my car up royally.

as soon as I had the oil changed I headed over to a friend's house where a party was going on an hour away. Not more then 10 minutes on the road though, and my car was overheating like crazy (the radiator fan never came on). I pulled over as soon as possible and tried to look under the hood, of course getting myself soaked from the crazy rain that night. I spent the next hour and a half freezing and wet waiting for a tow truck to tow me back home. The car had never had any sort of temperature problems before in any way. The only mechanical problem it has ever had was a broken alternator.

The next day Jiffy Lube agreed to look at the car to see if they could identify the problem, but as I was driving over there, the car started to emit grey smoke instead of the white steam of radiator fluid. The car never got to normal operating temperature though, but maybe the radiator was empty and the dashboard lied. I pulled over right away and filled up the radiator and talked to my uncle who was the previous owner of the car. After a while I figured out that a hose from the radiator to the thermostat was unplugged and spilling radiator fluid all over. I was ecstatic that I had fixed the problem without Jiffy Lube, but the smoke kept coming before it got warm enough for me to hear the radiator fan come on. I took it to a German mechanic and then to the Porsche dealership and both places told me that there was oil in the coolant system most likely from a cylinder wall failing, and would require the engine be replaced.

I can't prove that they did anything wrong, but how the hell does this just happen? And why have 2 of the 3 times I've been to Jiffy lube resulted in car tragedy? Even though the people there have always been nice, I can't in good conscience ever let anyone go to a Jiffy Lube again, as these "coincidences" are too common for me. I've never had a real mechanic botch an oil change before.

[466] Ashley in Atascadero, CA  Oil Pan

I had had my oil changed at the same Jiffy Lube for almost three years. I recently went somewhere else to have an oil change, and the mechanics discovered that my oil pan was stripped. Here is a copy of the letter tha I wrote to Jiffy Lube:  Dear Jiffy Lube ,

My name is Ashley Karr. Because you did not respond to my telephone call placed last Friday, December 8th, 2006, I knew I must contact you by certified mail, return receipt requested. As your records show, I have been a loyal customer with your Jiffy Lube for almost three years. In fact, I have only ever been to one other location to have my oil changed, and that was a Jiffy Lube in Atascadero, CA in July of 2003. I routinely have my oil changed and take excellent care of my vehicle. The last time I visited your Jiffy Lube was Monday, November 27th, 2006 sometime between 8 and 9 a.m. I informed you that I was moving to Atlanta and that the following day, Tuesday, November 28th, 2006, driving cross-country from Ventura to Atlanta. You checked my fluids and my tire pressure at no charge and told me that my car was in excellent condition, and that I should have no problems arriving safely on the east coast.

Last Tuesday, December 5th, 2006, I went to a Jiffy Lube in Atlanta to have my oil changed. They informed me that my oil pan was stripped, and someone had tried to seal the drain plug with silicon to prevent a leak to cover up the fact that they had over-tightened and therefore stripped the plug. This problem was clearly due to negligence on the part of the last person, who changed my oil, and not regular wear and tear. I took my car to World Toyota, the Toyota dealership in Atlanta, and they confirmed what the Atlanta Jiffy Lube employees had reported to me. The mechanic at World, Mr. Map Mouth, informed me that it is customary for mechanics to compensate customers for repairs, parts and labor required due to their (the mechanic's) negligence. I called you, the Ventura Jiffy Lube, on Friday, December 8th, 2006 at roughly 8 a.m. PST and left a detailed message with my contact information and all information regarding this situation. The young woman taking the message told me that the owner was with a customer at the moment, but that he would call me back as soon as he finished with that customer. I never received return correspondence.

On Saturday, December 9th, 2006, I had my oil pan and drain plug replaced at World Toyota in Atlanta, GA. The total cost came to $385.27. I expect you, Ventura, Jiffy Lube, to compensate me in full, due to the fact that it was negligence on the part of your mechanics, which caused the need for this repair. The negligence alone warrants compensation, but even more disturbing are the facts that: one, I was not told that this problem occurred as soon as it happened and nothing was done to fix it immediately, and two, I was sent off by your mechanics with a clean bill of automobile health to drive cross-country. We are all very lucky that a more serious problem with my car did not occur during my travels.

I do not wish to send or harbor ill-will or ill-feelings; rather, I give you the opportunity to right a mistake and then two wrongs that you committed against me. If you choose not to compensate me, I will take the matter up with Jiffy Lube Corporate, the Better Business Bureau, report this situation to various online consumer resources, and make sure that I do everything within my power as a responsible citizen and consumer that this type of abuse does not befall others.

If you need further explanation or confirmation of the repairs and the nature of the problem, please contact Mr. Map Mouth, Service Advisor , World Toyota. 

I sent this letter certified mail, return receipt requested. On Monday, Dec. 18th, I received a letter of apology from Jiffy Lube and a check to reimburse me in full for the repairs, and an additional $4 for my costs of sending certified mail. I was so impressed with their promptness and respectfulness. Everyone makes mistakes. Not everyone owns up to them and follows through on making ammends.

[465] Employee in VA  Bad Stores

Not all Jiffy Lubes in northern virginia and beyond  are bad some are very good.  the ones that are not good are:
Fairoaks mall
tacoma park Md

These are run by youg kids no expierance they got rid of everyone that new anything that had years with them to reduce there costs at the exspense of there customers now.  I would not use these location all others in the area are great as far as I know.

I use to use all locations and they have all gone down hill they are run by a ex con that all he cares about is himself.  All management has left this company latley after serving many years but the owner has checked out and left it to this ex con to operate.

[464] Jeff in Wichita, KS  Unpaid Damage

I am in Wichita Ks. I had taken my Jeep Grand Cherokee in to have the transmission serviced. Thay also said I should do the transfer case,& both differential's so I did. When I went back to pick up my Jeep,I work across the street annd left it. They pull up and my front bumper is gone! Apparently the person was backing out of a parking space hit a concrete pole. I had to pay the $200 dollar bill and was told to take it to a Maaco store the owners brother owns. It is where they send all there body work problems. I had just had my wifes car service spending over $100. I manage a retail & service store, I would never charge somone if I had damaged there product! I"ll never go back for sure now.

[463] Peter in Pasadena, CA  Stripped Plug

Against my better judgment, I went into Jiffy Lube in May 2006 for just an oil change. I refused all of the other recommended services.  A few months later, I went to a EZ Lube near my place of employment. They pulled my car into the bay and soon reported that they could not remove the oil drain plug and that it was stripped. They suggested I take the car back to Jiffy Lube.

Upon returning to the same Jiffy Lube that did the work, I explained the problem. It took them three hours of working on removing the drain plug before the manager gave up. He told me that it was stripped, and he did not have the right tools to remove the plug. He asked me to come back the next day. I did and then waited another four hours.

They had to take my car out to a mechanic, who welded a bolt onto the drain plug. Once the car came back to Jiffy Lube, the manager was able to remove the drain plug.

I will never be returning to any Jiffy Lube for service again.

[462] Kevin in West LA, CA  Transmission

I have a 2003 Subaru Outback. I took it to a Jiffy Lube in West Los Angeles Ca.  We had the Signature service Oil change. A few Months Later I was driving an started to smell smoke, I was a few miles from a subaru dealer so i drove straight there. As i got close to the dealership my transmission was slipping. When i talked to the Service Manager, his first question was, "have you ever taken this car to a Jiffy Lube or like place" My answer was yes and He told me his guess was that when we put the car on the rack we would see that the Automatic Transmission Fluid filter had been mistakenly taken off and put back on, the damage to the filter in the process eventually led to the fluid leaking out and ruining my transmission. This is exactly what happened. It cost me a brand new Transmission and rental car fees coming out to over $5,000. I hired an attorney and have been going round and round and it does not look as if they will settle. Jiffy Lube says someone else tampered with the car. The car had only 24,000 miles on it at the time, i bought it brand new and the only place to ever touch the car was the Jiffy Lube on Overland Ave. Los Angeles CA. In the end I am out the $5,500 for the car repairs and money spent to the Attorney a bunch of my time, I feel completely cheated and that there is no recourse for the consumer in these situations, to add injury to insult, their attorney is rude and nasty. What a great business, Cheating Hardworking people out of there money and trying to make them look stupid in the process.

[461] Karen in Newport, KY  Disconnected Sensor

I asked my daughter to have an oil change on my car while she was borrowing it for a week.  (Her grandfather has hers for the week having new tires and other services done on it as a Christmas present for her.)   I got a frantic call from her this afternoon, the car had simply STOPPED MOVING.....4  miles from the Jiffy Lube where she'd had it serviced.  She called Jiffy Lube (Newport Ky)....waited over 1 hr for the manager to call her back.  He said he'd come and take a look.  She waited another hour for him to arrive.  When he did arrive, he stated that he had to wait for "headquarters" to call him back and let him know whether or not they'd authorize a tow truck.  After almost another hour....."headquarters" told the manager to tell my daughter that it was her problem...call her own tow truck and NOT to bring the car back to their shop because it wasn't their problem.

She called a tow truck and had the car towed to a Pontiac dealer.  It appears that Jiffy Lube had failed to securely reconnect a sensor and that that is what cause the transmission to stop working.

It's truly NOT the $150 towing bill, or the $37.50 at Pontiac garage that bothers me in the least.  In fact, I'm more than happy to spend the thousands of dollars that I plan to spend to sue this highly disreputable, neglegent and arrogance bunch of crooks.  What REALLY, I mean, REALLY makes me angry is the way they treated my daughter.  Leaving her stranded on the side of the road in freezing cold temperatures.....because the THINK they can get away with it.

It IS unfortunate that most people simply can't afford to fight crooks like these.  I'm aware that I'll do well if I even recover the attorney costs, but the pleasure of fighting these thieves will be worth!  You are absolutely correct that they DON'T care about customers for that exact reason. 

[460] Kelly in Wharton, NJ  Loose Change

im not a victim but as I read these stories its like hearing same ol same ol. I hear many of the this guy stole this and taht guy stole that. Like the lose change in the ashtray. I hear it so much its expected out of 1 guy. Two ipods have been stolen a GPS broken and $ Bills too. Everyday my friend comes home and tells me of all the things that happen that day. Blown tires. Excessive oil. Charging for work that hadnt been done or even work done that wasnt needed at all. Workers and management dont tighten bolts enough. Dont put enough fluids needed. They dont do full flushes. Basically they only suck out the old fluids and put in new. Not really flushing out anything. So those of you that think you are getting quality work your not at least not in the morris county nj jiffy lubes. They only do have of what is required and charge you for full work.

[459]  Employee  Sex Discrimination

Im not exactly the victim but i know of 2 victims. Both of which work at jiffylube. My friend is the only girl 2 ever work at this jiffylube. She called up asked for an interview regarding an ad in the local newspaper. I heard the conversation and she was told that they would start her at $6.75 and bumped up to $8 and change after completing the required computer training. Only because of her experiance. She went a year at Lincoln Tech but had to stop going due to lack of funds. Worked at a garage in her home town and she had started doing the school at home schooling for automotive repair. She stated and a week or so later she completed that training. She asked about the raise and was told she when she gets put on hoods, she would recieve her raise. Time passes I have her ask again when she has started hoods, her reply from them was when u can handle hoods on your own. Again more time passes and she was doing hoods on her and was still not getting her raise. Weeks later she finally got that raise but it was for only $7.50/hr and not the $8 she was told. In that time waiting for this raise 3 new people had started working their 2 boys from lincoln tech. Both had only school training but yet they were started at $8/hr. Then another boy with no experiance at all and didnt know anything about cars was also started with more, $7.50/hr. Now recently a new guy started and he was started at $8.50/hr and that is, $ .50, more then their longest employee of 1 1/2yrs gets. Rumors were sprending that non of the men wanted her their. This included management. She was told from one source who didnt have a problem with the fact that she was a girl. As told by him to me and her, Management and co-workers were giving her problems on perpuse in hopes she would just quit. Yes they have in some ways been hassling her. She was accused many of times of stealing from customers cars. Even cars she had no contact with. S he was only person on 2 or 3 occassions 2 empty out her pockets but no one else was told to empty their pockets. Co-workers have stolen many things even before she started working there but she is the only one who gets accused. Now the latest one is the hoody. She was told that if her jacket was warm enough that she could where a turtleneck but not a hoody. Again other co-workers where them too from time to time but, and she asked them all, non have been told they could not wear them. Pattern her is bias because she is a girl. We noticed it even before she was told by one co-worker.

The other victim here is another employee of jiffylube same one at that. He had his car done by them. Got a flush and all the works. Next day, on the highway his car caught fire. He couldnt get the fire out and it exploded. Appearently they didnt tighten the bolts on the gasket and the oil leaked badly. Leak started the fire and then his car exploded from the fire. I have to ask him for all the details but basically it was from neglect from the management and co-workers. They had all worked on his car.

[458] Marc in Livingston, NJ  Low Tire Pressure

My wife took our Honda Pilot for an oil change to the Jiffy Lube Service Center #1558, located in the Sears Auto Center at 1 Livingston Mall, Livingston, NJ 07039. We live in the town of Madison, about 5 miles away. On her drive over to Livingston, the low-tire pressure sensor came on. Upon her arrival at this Jiffy Lube, she requested an oil change and told them the low pressure sensor came on and asked they check the tire pressure. There were a couple vehicles being serviced in front of hers, so they told her it will be ready in about an hour. She went into the Mall to shop while they performed the service. About 45 minutes later she returned and the car was ready. She reminded them about the low tire pressure and they said they filled the tires to 32 psi with air, just like they marked on the receipt. She got in the car and the warning light was still on. She again told the technician, who then insisted they had filled the tires and that the low-pressure indicator must be malfunctioning. She came straight home and told me, and I went outside with my tire pressure gauge, and sure enough each tire was down 8 psi (to 24 psi or 30% low) from where it should be (32 psi). I called the Jiffy Lube service center and asked for Frank Huges (listed as the manager), and he was not there. I informed the person that answered the phone about the problem, and he said to bring the vehicle back. I told him I was taking it to the service station around the corner to fill the tires with air (at no charge), and that driving back to Jiffy Lube was a waste of my time and money, and they did not perform the service that they said they did. I took it to the service station around the corner, filled the tires to 32 psi, and the low pressure indicator immediately turned off. I hope Jiffy Lube actually changed the oil and filter, and checked and topped off the fluids, like they also said they did.

[457] Cheryl in Billerica, MA  Oil Filter

I went to the Billerica, MA. Jiffy lube for an oil change on October 2006 for my 1999 Camry and right afterwards the oil indicator light started coming on. I called and they said bring the car in and never told me not to drive it. I told them due to my work schedule would not be able to come in until a few days later and they said to bring it in then. two days later the oil drained out of the oil filter because it was hand tightened. They sent a regional manager to look at the car and he said oil pan was loose and it leaked through that. He denied any oil coming from the filter and said it was not cause by their work.

The car was running fine and never had a problem until they did the oil change. The manger lied to their corporate customer service about sending a person with an offer to visit me at work and check things out.

The regional manager of Jiffy lube came out and hand remove the filter without any tools and then with a wrench tightened the pan screws and said it was the pan that caused the problem. Promised to send a mechanic to review the engine before making any assessment. 8 weeks later that didn't happen and only after calling their customer service was told the claim was denied.

My family and all my friends will never use any jiffy lube for oil changes from now on. They should stand behind their work if they caused damages.

[456] Peter in Stone Mountain, GA  Missing Bolt

It would be hard for me to be more dissappointed in my service experience at Jiffy Lube: 
(#1.) One of the six bolts that holds my front skid-plate (which has to be removed to install the oil filter)  on was missing (I have a digital picture to verify).  I knew that they had been there before that since I had just installed a front bumper guard, and tightened them all down.

(#2.) I also noticed that the splash guards on either end of the front skid-plate were not reattached properly.  I went back to the store, and asked them to look for the missing bolt which they were able to locate.

(#3.) I moved the vehicle last night, and noticed a small puddle of oil where the front of the vehicle had been. I relocated the vehicle so that I could get a lantern underneath it, and noticed oil leaking from around the oil plug (I have digital pictures to verify) which spun freely when I checked it for tightness.  It would have spun free at some point during the next few times that I drove it... Once the oil drained out, my engine would have burned up shortly after that.

I subsequently tightened the oil-plug, and removed the skid-plate to check on the oil filter, and check all of my fluid levels.

* I want full refund for the "Signature Service" fee, and I would like to be compensated for another oil change/vehicle check at an authorized dealer.


[455] PB  Rear End

My last 2 oil changes have been at Jiffy Lube. 2 different stores, at 2 different times. I was wondering why I was hearing a noise in the rear end. Got under the car, and checked the fluid. Removed the plug (a real strain to remove, extreamly tight) just far enough to see if it was full to the mark, oil started to gush out of the opening. Put the plug back in. Went to each of the Jiffy Lube stores, asked if the rear end fluid was checked during service. Was told,( YES), If that is the case, then why was it so hard to open, and WHY was it over full, Answer, Ford did the last real check,  just before I bought the car. I don't mind paying for a service, if I get the service, But to have 2 different stores shaft me, not the sign of a good business.

[454]  Unidentified  Thanks

thanks google.
thanks http://www.jiffylubeproblems.com/.
thanks those whom have shared.

all i want is an oil change...
not a hassel...
it's good to know jiffy lube = not reliable

[453] Thurmon in Alexandria, VA  Concealed Damage

On 10 Nov 2006, I brought my 2004 Infiniti G35 Sports Coupe to the #1104 Jiffy Lube for the Signature Service.  Upon completion, I was advised that the coolant level was low.  I went next door to the gas station to purchase coolant, and then filled the reservoir.  While doing so, the cashier came out to see if there was anything wrong.  I mentioned that I was filling the coolant as advised, and she left.  After I closed the hood, I noticed that the driverís side no longer aligned properly.  After taking the car to the Infiniti dealer, I discovered that the air cleaner restraints were missing, and the bolt was sheared.  I went to the Jiffy Lube duty manager, who claimed that the car came in with the missing parts and the sheared bolt.  I left, recognizing that I was going to get nowhere with my claim.  Included with this complaint and claim, is photographic evidence of the damage, receipts for parts and labor to restore the air handling restraints, and copies of the most recent (and only) service records for my vehicle.  Note that the only servicing has been by that same location.

I have been a patron of that location during my 3 years living in the area, including my prior vehicle, a 1990 Nissan 300ZX.  I am surprised by the apparent attempt on this or prior service visits to conceal the damage to my carís filter assembly.  In my prior experience with my 300ZX and my initial experience with this vehicle, any such discrepancies would have been shown to me either during the service or immediately after it was completed to assure that I could address the problem.

I am extremely disappointed in this change of professional behavior and expect it to be reversed.  That is the first of my expectations.  The second is to be reimbursed for the cost of the damage, which totals $138.20.

[452] Emily in Portland, OR  Patronizing

I went to Jiffy Lube #1004 on Barbur Blvd. to have a routine oil change performed in November, 2006. They had a banner outside of the location advertising a special $22.99 signature oil change, so I wanted to take advantage of that.

When I pulled my car up I was instructed to go and wait inside. After a few minutes they called me back to a computer in the shop next to my car. The attendent was very pushy about me getting synthetic oil put in my 2003 VW Jetta, even though I told him that the dealership had told me numerous times that it wasn't a requirement for my car, my engine is only the 2 Liter, 4 cylinder. He eventually talked me into it, and I felt very pressured and very upset. After he told me that the synthetic oil was an additional $29.00 I was even more annoyed. He then told me how I had a brake light out and I said, "I'll take care of that myself later." I was also taken into the usual speal about how I needed to change my air filter and my cabin air filter. I declined the service since  the VW dealership told me that I only needed to change the air filter at my 40,000 mile service and the attendent made me feel even worse about that.

The oil change took only about 15 minutes, but I was very upset by the end of it. When I got in my car I realized that they had not even vacuumed the car or washed the windows, which is part of the service I paid for. I also checked my brake lights after I left to see if one of them really was out, and surprise, no light was out!

Overall, I was very disgusted and decided that I would call the Jiffy Headquartes and file a complaint. The person I spoke with was very helpful and friendly and started a claim for me and told me that the manager of the Jiffy Lube I had visited would be contacting me shortly.

I received a call from Ash, the Manager at Jiffy Lube the next day. He was very defensive about all my compaints and was very patronizing. When I told him that the majority of the people I had spoken with about their visits to Jiffy Lube felt that they were continually being hassled to buy parts or extra services they don't need besides a regular old oil change, his response was, "I can't feed my family by just doing oil changes all day." Unbelievable!!!! So, basically the only way you can make money is by pushing people to by unnescessary things. He was totally rude and really gave me no apology to the way I felt I had been treated. He offered to have me come back to the shop and have them vacuum my car and clean the windows, but that's not the point. It's the principal of the whole thing. When you tell someone that you are going to do something, you should do it. Why on earth would I want to take my car back to that awful man?

I now have another call into the Jiffy Lube headquarters to file another complaint about the rude manager that spoke to me. I guess we'll have to see how it goes. Needless to say, I will NEVER be taking my car back to another Jiffy Lube again, especially after reading all the horror stories on this website.

[451] Barry in Sandy, UT  Transmission

Thank you for providing the Jiffy Lube web-site. I was able to air my experience last April (Experience 213: Barry in Sandy, UT) and am just now going to court over the matter. I won't put you to sleep with an accounting of the details of my case. The evidence and expert testimony that will be presented is pretty clear cut in regards to JL being at fault. I'm not an attorney but, I work in and around court/legal matters all day long and I'm not too concerned about the outcome.

Although,....in addition to the expert testimony and exhibits, my attorney and I would like to put on some evidence (that the court will allow) about the lack of training provided or expected of the Jiffy Lube youngsters working on cars. I know how much training the average 17 year old JL employee gets before being sent into the pit with a wrench.... and you do too. It's scary to consider this alongside the fact that an engine or transmission replacement can cost many many thousands of dollars.

I think you have made a good decision about confidentiality and your web-site.....the number of current/former JL employee's posting is indicative of how valuable that is to the over-all goals of your project. However, if you know a person having direct knowledge about standards/practices/policies regarding hiring (previous experience with cars) or formal training of the technicians that would be free from any negative consequences associated with providing me with a written statement or affidavit...... it would certainly be helpful.

Keeping in mind that I'm familiar with the rules of civil procedure and have organized/prepared fairly well....... if you have read my experience and have any advice or specific insight to share with me as I prepare for Adams Vs. Lube Management; I would appreciate it. Of the dozen's of professional mechanics I've talked with.....all of them have stated that Jiffy Lube is crazy not to settle and are incredulous that Jiffy Lube would see "blind denial" as a viable and rational strategy in this instance. I feel the same way. Do you have any thoughts about this?

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