What's Wrong At Jiffy Lube?

 Experiences 151 - 175

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[175] Patrick in Chalmette, LA:  Dip Stick

Not long before hurricane Katrina I brought my 2000 Ford f150 to the Jiffy Lube on Judge Perez in Chalmette Louisiana. After the technician completed my oil change and collected my money they informed my of the bad news that whoever I had do my previous oil change must have broken the metal tube that my dip-stick slides into. Of course I tried to remind that they had done the last oil change on my truck also. At the time their location was near my place of work, and I patronized their shop because I could do so on my lunch break. Ironically I started using Jiffy Lube after a bad experience with a small oil change shop that I used before. The other shop who I had used religiously for years had cross threaded the oil pan drain plug on my wife's car so bad that they stripped the end of the plug on my next visit and could not remove it. Eventually I had to go see a mechanic, who had to weld a socket to the plug to remove it. Predictably this shop also claimed that the damage must have been done in another shop and refused to pay for the repair. I believe now, that I will just go back to doing my own oil changes.  Changing your own oil is inconvenient but I'm starting to think it is the oil way my cars will be treated with any respect.

[174] Ray in Naperville, IL:  Check Engine
Also see [126] for insider story of Chicago area problems

On January 4, 2006 I took my wife’s car into the Jiffy Lube at 922 E. Ogden due to a “Service Engine” light was on in her car. I went into the store to ask them to check the automotive system in the car to see what code was causing the engine light to go on.

After this service was performed for me, I decided to get some simple maintenance done, and asked them to give my car a “Fuel Injector Cleaning along with a Coolant System Flush”. After the two services were performed the attendant went to start my car up. When he turned the ignition key the car would not turn over, he put it back into the initial position, and then turned the key again. When he turned the key this time, he held the key into the on position hoping that it would turn over and start. (When you start a car your supposed to turn the key into the ignition position for a few seconds, and then release the key. This was not the case in this situation. The service person kept holding the key in the ignition position hoping that the car would turn over.)

After trying this few more times the car turned over, and started briefly. When the car died out, the service person performed the same procedure as he did in the previous situation. (Holding the ignition key into the starting position, and not releasing it as the car churned to try and turn over again.) After a few more times of holding the key in the starting position without releasing it, my car finally would not even turn over.

When the crew could not get my car to start, they asked the gentlemen from the Merlin Muffler & Brake at 920 E. Ogden to try and start the car. When the service crew came over from there shop to see if they could get it started they pointed out that the “Starter Motor” was extremely hot and no longer had the ability to turn over and start my car.

My car had to be left at the Jiffy Lube, and then I had to be given a ride back to my home.

The next morning the crew at Merlin had to push my car over to their shop and start repairing my car. The evening before after all of this happened, two of the service people from Jiffy Lube told me “it was there fault, and that they should cover the costs for the starter motor and labor.” Since I was told this the night before, I did not worry about being compensated for this service that was being done at the Merlin’s shop.

After all services were completed, I contacted the Jiffy Lube Shop, and their corporate office to file the complaint for the compensation; I did not here anything from them until two days ago. In fact the manager at the Shop & the customer service person at the corporate office, was shocked to hear that I had not been contacted at all regarding this issue. No one seems to be getting back to me at all regarding this issue, and no one is willing to provide any type of explanation for this situation.

Due to the actions done by the crew at the Jiffy Lube Shop at 922 E. Ogden Ave a simple service call turned into an extra $356.58 coming out of my pocket to get my car repaired.

I have been trying to get someone to respond to my request, but no one seems to be contacting me. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, The Naperville Chamber Of Commerce, & I have also sent my story to the media in hopes that this will expose some of the unethical practices that are being performed at this facility.

[173] Paul in Olympia, WA:  Attitude

I live in Olympia, WA and used to take my car to Jiffy Lube on Marvin Road.  One day I called them up about 15 minutes before closing time and asked them if I could still take my car there.  I live about 5 minutes from the place.  Some establishments accept incoming business until closing time, some will actually try to close when it is closing time.   I was told to bring my car in.  When I showed up, about 6-8 minutes before closing time, I was told I am too late to be serviced.  I explained that I called in advance to be sure and was told IT WILL BE OK TO SHOW UP AS LONG AS IT IS BEFORE THE CLOSING TIME..  I even identified the person who told me to come in (it was a female and there was only one female on staff) but they still would not service my car and told me "they wanted to go home."    Very sorry Customer Service.

Few days ago I took my car to Jiffy Lube on Marvin Road in Lacey, Washington.  I just needed an oil change and I declined all the usual offers.   These offers are TOTALLY MEANINGLESS since most people service their cars at an other place where mechanics work on their cars and so Jiffy HAS NO RECORD when my transmission might have been serviced, or when my air filter was changed, etc.   Their records only show what was done at Jiffy's.   When asked about the air filter, I told them I didn't think I needed a new one but if it was dirty, it could be replaced.   When I came back to pick up my car, I was charged almost 20 bucks for an air filter.  I asked the Manger (who was ringing me up) why did they replace it and he told me "because it was due."  When I challenged him on that statement, he told me that although it looked OK from the outside, when he shook it, "it had some dirt coming out of it."   Basically he sold me an unneeded air filter, a process that is probably being repeated thoroughout the state and the country. 

[172]  Carrie:  Lights

I went in for an oil change, and was told my rear license plate bulb had burned out. Fine, replace it. When I picked up my car, the mechanic told me that they didn't do it because they were afraid of breaking something; the light is difficult to get to. They must give "Cover You Ass" seminars at this company, because when I brought the car home, I noticed wires hanging out of the rear. They did in fact break the fixture, and denied it when confronted. They also tried to tell me that these wires were not for the rear plate, and that they had meant to mention I had hanging wires, but forgot to note it on the invoice. As these things don't break by themselves, I am holding Jiffy Lube responsible for damaging something, and not owning up to being accountable for their error. By the way, I brought the car to be looked at by a local gas station mechanic, and it is his claim that the wires are, in fact, for the license plate, and were broken by Jiffy Lube's monkeying around with it. I am going to send them the invoice when I get it fixed, and expect to be compensated in full.

[171] Phillip in Round Lake, IL:  Radiator
Also see [126] for insider story of Chicago area problems

On a Friday in late October of 2005, I took my wife’s 2001 Durango to the Jiffy Lube in Round Lake IL on Rollins Rd for servicing.  I was leaving the next morning to drive a few hours away to Rockford IL for a motocross race.  While a the Jiffy Lube, I got the typical pushy sales of:

“Your air filter needs to be replaced”
“You’re mileage shows that you need to have your injectors cleaned”
“You have a 4WD, so your front differential needs to be services:
“It’s going on winter so we should replace your wipers”

During the upsell, they brought in a dipstick-like tool that contained some of my radiator’s coolant.  They told me that I needed a radiator flush because the color of the coolant was not green.  I told them that it is OK because the last time it was topped off, I added an environmental and animal safe coolant that is reddish-colored.  The red and green mixed to make a brown color.  They then walked away and finished servicing my vehicle.

The next morning I left bright and early.  About an hour into the trip, I finally got onto the Tollway and was cruising along.  All of the sudden, my “Check Gauges” light came on and I realized that my engine’s temperature needle was buried.  My engine was HOT!  I pulled over and my engine died on me from the excessive heat.  I lifted the hood and instantly noticed that they steam was pouring out of my radiator cap which was not secured.  Jiffy Lube hadn’t put on my radiator cap so I lost all of my coolant.  It was all over the engine, the underbody, and sprayed all over my trailer, motorbike, and equipment.  I was also stranded on a Tollway on a weekend.

I was p#ssed…REALLY p#ssed.  I used Sunday to cool off and I went to the Jiffy Lube to complain on Monday.  They apologized and offered to give me a free radiator flush and servicing.  I told them that I don’t want this and I was just letting them know so that they can pay more attention to their quality assurance.

About six weeks go by and my wife tells me that her heat keeps fading in and out.  I remembered that this happened when the Durango overheated so I checked her coolant level and she was low of radiator fluid.  I filled it up but was curious where it had gone if I saw no deposits in our driveway.  I checked the levels somewhat regularly and saw them getting lower as the days go by.  So, I replace the radiator cap in case the cooling system was losing pressure.  Still, this did not help.

I took my Durango to Gurnee Dodge in Gurnee IL about one week ago.  They told me that both of the engine heads are warped.  They were warped enough where they both need to be replaced.  Also, they were warped enough that they were allowing my coolant to get into the engine and mix in with the oil.  This is where the coolant was going.  They said that only excessive heat can cause the heads to warp.  The engine was subjected to excessive when it overheated.  It overheated when I lost my coolant.  I lost my coolant when my radiator cap was not put on tightly.  The last people to touch the radiator cap was Jiffy Lube the day before.

I called Jiffy Lube and was pushed off all week.  I was promised calls each day but never got a call-back…I always had to call them.  I finally got word today (yes, after calling them) that their claims group will not honor/pay for the damages.  They stated that if the engine heads were truly damaged then I would not be able to drive the vehicle.  They also told me that their records show that they checked the fluid levels and did an oil change only (I have no clue why this helps their argument).  Lastly, they told me that I saw them in late October and it is now early January.  Because of this, my engine must have been damaged after that.

The total bill is a few dollar shy of $3,000.  I learned that I will spend a few dollars more to have my vehicles services at dealerships that keep certified mechanics on staff.  It is not worth this hassle for me to save a few dollars to have a minimum wage person with no automotive repair skills working on my vehicles. 

It’s a shame that people on this site are probably here after-the-fact.  I’m so upset today that if I won the lottery, I’d buy national airtime to tell this story during prime time.  Jiffy Lube obviously had some smart mathematicians do some work for them.  “If one customer out of 1,000 has car problems…and if 1 of out 1,000 people with car problems will be able to prove that Jiffy Lube is liable….then, what the heck, let’s just pay our employees minimum wage to do a horrible job.  It’s a risk we’re willing to take!”  God bless America…the land of opportunity.

[170] Tanya in Amarillo, TX:  Transmission

I took my 94 Jeep in for service before winter weather.  About 4-weeks later my transmission began slipping.   As it was in for different service at another shop, they told me it was low on fluid and topped it off.  About 3-weeks later, transmission slipping again.  I put it up on a rack, my engine compartment was covered in fluid. (I'd never had a leak before, it only has 65K miles on it).  Jiffy Lube documents all leaks at the time of service and no leak was documented.  I engaged the transmission and fluid began spraying everywhere.  That is why the delay in finding the leak...I only drive a couple of miles a day...and it only actively leaked when the trans was in drive.  I could see that the cooling hose connection to the radiator was stripped.  This sparked my memory of the technician having problems with my cooling lines when he service the car.  So I called Jiffy Lube and explained the problem.  The technician, Chris Vasquez, couldn't remember working on my car, told me that he never would touch my cooling lines (but I SAW you).  I took my car by for him to 'look' at it, he never remarked about the huge amounts of trans fluid all over my engine compartment, even though he knew I had no leaks when I brought it in.  He told me there was nothing wrong with my vehicle except that I had a leak and he didn't know where it was coming from.  He never offered to let me talk to someone else, he firmly denied that he had any part in causing the leak.   The mistake didn't bother me, it was the fact that Jiffy Lube denied, accused me, and evaded responsibility for the damage they caused.  He should have come and told me, I'm sorry, I made a mistake and we'll take care of it.  No telling what damage has been done to my car and trans which I take extreme care of.  I had to replace the entire radiator to stop the leak.  Also, due to his messing around under the hood, he also created a leak in my power steering system.  So I came in with an engine compartment clean enough to eat off of, and left with a wrecked radiator and a huge mess under the hood.  Jiffy Lube had been the only mechanic to service my vehicle for years and I had always overlooked it when they didn't fill my washer bottle, or didn't do a requested service. However, we all know Jiffy Lube offers this type of service, we know it's a crap shoot and that eventually it WILL happen to you, so why do we all keep going there?  Of course, after the $350 expense for a new radiator, I have at last learned my lesson and will never frequent their establishment again.  It is my heartfelt belief that Jiffy Lube trains their employees in those evasive tactics, that it is deliberate and premeditated because they know most people will either accept it and go on, or never come back, and what do they care...There's one born every minute so they will always have plenty of "suckers" waiting in line.

[169] Edwin in Orlando, FL:  Oil Type

this is what happens when you send your wife to do the oil change in your car. guys be aware if your wife has a mercedes or bmw chances are they dont have the metric wrenches to take the plug out so what happens? they top new oil on top of old oil and by the way you are paying for synthetic they give u cheap oil.

[168] Sharon in Fourtown, PA:  Attitude

I went in for quick (in a "Jiffy") oil change that took almost an hour - no wait in line - I was one of two cars in the whole shop. When I pulled up, I was told that I could not pull my car in myself, as I am accustomed. They check everything except change my oil, which took approximately 40 minutes. I asked them to please change my oil and no one responded with any words or action whatsoever. Two different technicians checked my air filter twice - no coordination or communication between the two employees. If I had not asked AGAIN to get on with it and change my oil they probably would have made me wait even longer. When I finally went into the office and asked the young woman about the service I was receiving, she responded that she needed to know what kind of oil I wanted. Of course, the higher-grade costs more so there is an incentive to sell this to the customer - I just wanted the regular oil. Finally, they changed my oil.

The invoice (number 269337) indicated that they had vacuumed the floors, which they did not.  Verbally, they recommended a new air filter and a new battery, which was not indicated on the invoice.

Is 60 minutes considered the norm for an oil change at Jiffy Lube? I just would like speedy yet efficient and accurate service. I will probably not go to Jiffy Lube next time I need any kind of service.

[167] Transmission Fluid

Victim 165 had a transmission done. There is a major problem with all quick lube facilities when it comes to preforming certain services. Places like Jiffy Lube use a multi-vehicle fluid while others use Dextron III and then add a magic bottle of additive that converts or causes Dextron III to act the "SAME AS". Again these services should not be done by the Quick Lubes. Unfortunately as with complaint 165, people do not want to wait. This is what they jump on.

[166] Erica in New London, CT:  Brakes

In the summer of 2003 I took my 1985 BMW to a Jiffy Lube in New London, CT.  They overcharged me because they didn't stock my filter, so they had to go buy one at an auto parts store.  Well, ok, I thought.  Three weeks later my car started acting funny and the brakes started locking up.  I took it in to my mechanic and he told me that someone had put transmission fluid into my brakes.  I sent a sample of the fluid off to the lab to be tested and the test came back - 100% transmission fluid!  I took the paperwork to Jiffy Lube and they gave me the runaround at the shop, so I talked to their district headquarters, to no avail.  They said there was no way I could prove it, and Jiffy Lube does not work on brakes or put fluid into the brake fluid reservoir.  I would HIGHLY recommend against going to Jiffy Lube… EVER!

[165] Victim in Bladensburg, MD:  No Oil

I took my 1991 Mazda 626 to the Jiffy Lube shop in Bladensburg, Maryland. I had no problems with this car in my fourteen years of ownership.  About a week after a routine oil change by Jiffy Lube, my "check engine" light came on. I checked the engine oil level.  NO OIL! I purchased a quart from a nearby gas station. Just enough to get me to the nearest Jiffy Lube--not the one that performed the oil change.  I explained the problem and the tech at this shop stated, "That's why you need to take your car back a week after an oil change."  He went on to state that the head caskets had not been replaced; therefore, all the oil leaked out. He refilled my car, at a price, and replaced the head gaskets.  I complained to Jiffy Lube's corporate office.  I received a written apology, only.  I had requested a refund of the cost of the oil change and oil replacement. 

Also, the Bladensburg shop was the filthiest Jiffy Lube shop I have ever visited.  They provided complimentary coffee.  The coffee pot and coffee maker were covered in dark greasy fingerprints.  While seated in the waiting area, I could smell the stench from the restroom. The all-male workers were flirting with girls patronizing a nearby crab house. The tech servicing my car actually walked away from my car and engaged in conversation with a woman.  I waited about ninety minutes for my car. 

[164] Joey:  Transmission

My problem started in August of 2005 i took my 2004 Kia Optima Lx to the dealer for some problems they said the transmission needed to be flushed. I asked when it could be done and they said a month.  I then called Jiffy Lube #2471 to see if the could do it. The guy said yes and said it would be $200 less then dealer. I took it in and the performed the service. (Kia's,Hyundai's and Mitsubishi require a SPIII (SP3) transmission fluid) Jiffy Lube put in Penzoil Multi Vehicle ATF in.  4 months later i had my car towed into the dealer because there was a popping noise in car and their mechanic stated that the bearings in the tranny had worn out completly because the wrong fluid was put in. I went to jiffy lube and at first the guy was very helpful then a week later he is saying their not at fault and that they wont do anything.  OF course the 10 year 100000 mile warrenty is voided for the transmission because i took it some where else. Now im stuck paying for  a car i can't drive because i can't afford the $2000 to fix the transmission if anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated my email is

[163] Barry in Carrollton, TX & Kearney, NE:  Transmission

In the last three years we have had two significant issues in two different states with Jiffy Lube quality of service. In December, 2003 I took my 1996 Audi A4 to a Jiffy Lube on Marsh Lane in Carrollton, Texas. The car was working well in all respects. Shortly after the oil change the transmission began to shift erratically. I took the car to University Park Audi for service. They informed me that my transmission was "burned up" due to no transmission fluid. The oil was overfilled and the area around the oil drain plug did not look like there had been any recent removal. On the other hand, the area around the tranmission drain plug had been carefully cleaned. The obvious conclusion was that the franchise had drained my transmission fluid rather than the oil (I have pictures to substantiate this). Mr. Martin from the local franchise office was initially very cooperative providing a vehicle and moving the car. He claimed to be a transmission expert providing me with his resume. On inspecting the vehicle he claimed that I had preexisting transmission wear and tear and reneged on the offer of a transmission rebuild and a one year guarantee. He offered a three month and guarantee and worked on the transmission himself. After consulting several lawyers and the State Consumer Protection Agency, I concluded that it was futile to proceed with any legal action. I did write a strongly worded letter to Mr. Martin telling him that I did not accept the three month guarantee and expected him to honor the one year guarantee. The repairs that he did on the tranmission made it reasonably drivable with only some intermittent issues. I did only minimal repairs (but did do oil changes with another company every 3000 miles) after that. The car had another major issue after about 18 months and was replaced. I still am upset that Jiffy Lube attempted to get out of liability for damage to my vehicle clearly caused by defective service. As for "preexisting" damage, what did Mr. Martin expect in a car with 120,000 miles and the original transmission? The bottom line was that the tranmission never had any issues before the errors by Jiffy Lube.

In December, 2006 my son who lives in Kearney, Nebraska took his 1994 Honda Prelude into a Jiffy Lube in Kearney for an oil change. About two days later the car stopped working. The mechanic found oil all over the engine compartment and determined that the oil filter had not been properly installed. No other mechanical problems that would explain a sudden engine failure or loss of oil were found. My son has been unable to get any cooperation or admission of liability for his local Jiffy Lube folks.

[162] Victim:  Oil Plug

My experience started with an oil change.  I have had several oil changes done at Jiffy Lube over the years, mainly because it is quick and convenient.  However, the last oil change I had was throught the dealership and it was there that I found out that the oil pan threads had been stripped.  Well since I only have had my oil changed at Jiffy Lube, it was pretty easy to find out who was responsible....The dealership recommended that I have the oil pan replaced which was about $175.  Because I pretty much had no other alternative, I had them do the work. I called Jiffy Lube the same day and explained to them what the dealership had found and they said to bring the oil pan in and they would inspect it to see if they were liable for the damage.  After inspection, they recommended that the oil pan could have been repaired, by re-threading the pan.  However, I had already had the pan replaced....To make a long story short, they would only reimburse me for half the cost.  I am so surprised that in today's competitive world that they would not stand behind their mistake and pay for the repair.  What a disappointment.  I would recommend you stay away from Jiffy Lube. 

[161] Josh:  Employee

I have been working at different jiffy lubes for a little more than a year now and have had different experiences and different shops. My first store I worked at had a good crew and a good manager. We never messed up any cars except for a broken dip stick (old ford truck). We actually cared about most of out costumers there and tried to help them maintain there car and occasionally fix other problems not pertaining to oil.  The store I currently got transferred to is the complete opposite. The manager has no idea what he is doing and most of the crew is either lazy or knows nothing. The only reason I transferred to this store is that I was promised a raise and an assistant manager position, neither or which has happened. This company has no care for its employees and just wants to make as much money as possible. We are pressured to sell, however they dont want us to call it selling....we are "recommending". The new store I work at striped 8 drain pans 2 months ago. Every customer that comes in tells me not to strip the pan and will watch me do it. People at are store are being fired because the hate work so much they stop showing up. We are pressured to sell, pressured to get each car out faster than we can, and pressured to do this with a smile on our face. All this and only getting paid anywhere from 7 to 10 dollars and hour. With my experience, my advice to costumers would be to treat each jiffy lube as a different shop, find the one you trust and stick with them.

[160] Glenn in El Cajon, CA:  Attitude

i went to the location today at store #495 in el cajon, ca.  it started out by the service writer trying to rip me off for an additional $4.00 because he claimed my vehicle used 6 quarts.  i again pointed out to him it was a 4 cylinder jeep and used 4.5 quarts.  he told me i did not know what i was talking about and called me a liar.  i asked to speak to the manager but he was out and i talked to "Jeff" who claimed he was in charge.  he immediately was protective of the first employee and was confrontational.  i asked to speak to the district manager.  he refused to give me the name of anyone who was higher in the chain of command.  he finally called "Tony" who was the real manager who was offsite.  finally Jeff gave me Tony's number and i called him with my complaint.  he said he would take care of it.  then i stood there and watched them go through the motions like they were changing my oil but they did not check the fluids in the drive train or lube the car.  one of the young employees there walked over to me and told me to be careful because he said "they are going to F--- you.  when i left the vehicle was about a quart low just like it was when i arrive.  later in the day i got a call from daniel aytes who said he was the district manager.  he said he was going to look into the situation.  if you take a vehicle to this location beware.  they are theives and totally unprofessional. 

[159] Cassie:  Air Filter

I had brake service done today (not at Jiffy lube).  Brake specialist noticed that I did not have an air filter.  Based on my last visit to Jiffy lube, at minimum I have driven more than 2,000 miles without an air filter.  HOLY CRAP!   The Jiffy Lube in question put in an air filter and cleaned the fuel injectors at no charge today but would not provide me with official paperwork on the work.   No one apologized or expressed any concern about my car.

I sent an email to Jiffy lube requesting that they pay for a full inspection of my car's engine. 

[158] Vincent in Milford, MA:  Pricing

I went to Jiffy Lube in Milford Mass and was shocked to get a bill that was 56.00   and that was with no extras  Only lube oil and filter

[157] Richard in Seattle, WA:  Class Action

The attached Complaint, which was filed in federal court in Seattle, is one of a number of suits involving the so-called "environmental surcharge" imposed by Jiffy Lube and most of its franchisees. Unlike the suit against Jiffy Lube International, settled in an Oklahoma state court for coupons (which settlement we have opposed), we seek money from Jiffy Lube franchisees throughout the country for the members of the Class who either paid the "environmental surcharge."

We will forward a copy of the Complaint to interested Jiffy Lube oil change customers who have paid this charge.

Also see: Class Action and Remedies

For more information, contact: Richard D. Greenfield [whitehatrdg@earthlink.net]

[156] Amy:  Brakes

I have a 2002 Saturn and have been a faithful customer of Jiffy Lube for all of my cars for years.  Recently, out of nowhere, my brakes locked up and then I lost them completely.  I had my dealer's garage look at my car and apparently someone had poured the wrong fluid into my brake lines.  This is not a problem that you may not notice for several months, until your entire brake system becomes contaminated and corroded.  I had to have my entire brake system replaced, which cost me approximately $3500.  Although my invoices from the past year do not list any fluids being added to my brakes or elsewhere, I have not had my car serviced anywhere else for any reason within the time period that this expensive mistake would have had to occur.  I plan on making every effort to prove that Jiffy Lube is at fault in order to recover my expenses.  I am also telling my story to everyone I know.

[155] Redneck in Chandler, AZ:  Pricing

took my new durango into chandler arizona shop for its first change, mail is always full of cheap offers for oil changes so i never thought these creeps would charge three times the street rate ($43.00!) all it needed was a simple oil and filter.... it's a brand new car! but the very pushy new york type manager tried to up sell me all kinds of service, and even a new air filter! I balked at the final bill, and he told me it was for all the special care and inspections preformed on the truck! BS! a new car needs no special inspections... Jiffy Lube is a con job! NEVER AGAIN!

[154] M in Montgomeryville, PA:  Employee

Greetings - Well, if nothing else, this will serve as therapy to get some things off my chest.

After spending 25 years in the automotive aftermarket in retail, wholesale and dealership positions, I decided it was time for a new challenge. A friend of mine worked as a JLI location manager and encouraged me to check it out. I was a little apprehensive because I knew the long hours required as a manager but I perused it anyway. It was surprisingly easy to come to terms on money and I felt very encouraged by JLI to come on board. I wanted to give two weeks notice at my dealership parts position and JLI agreed. After I gave notice and, in effect, burned my bridges, JLI came to me and said they needed me to work immediately. When I brought up the two week notice to my current employer, they were unconcerned and insisted. I needed to follow the money at the time and left my job early(totally unprofessional IMO).

Ok, first day on the job with JLI in Montgomeryville, Pa.   Apparently, JLI has a computer-based training program that is required for completion before any hands on work may take place. Now this is December in PA, the outside temp. is 25 degrees before the wind-chill. I am required to watch and "listen" to this training in the shop area in the middle of all the service work that is being done. The station is located directly beside one of the garage doors that are constantly being opened. I was required to stand on concrete for 8 hours trying to complete the training tests which I needed to pass to progress further in my training. Since the little tinny speaker was barely audible and totally inaudible if there was any work being done in the garage, I was having trouble passing the certification tests because a certain amount of the material was ONLY presented audibly and I couldn't hear it.

At the end of my freezing cold 8 hour shift, I resolved not to go back again. I have too much self-respect as a professional in my field to subject myself to that kind of inept "training". I was treated better by Pep Boys which is one of the biggest loser organizations I ever had the misfortune to work for.

Along with the above mentioned experience, I also couldn't get any info(as a new employee)concerning my healthcare benefits or JLI employee benefits or even how I was being paid. The District Manager told me that since he actually works for Shell(JLI's parent)and has a different benefit package than JLI employees, he couldn't really tell me anything about my benefits...this is the person who hired me and represents JLI and he knows nothing about the JLI benefits!!!

The other underhanded deal I experienced in my short stay is I was told that I could choose which location I wanted to train at. There are numerous to choose from in my greater area and I was glad to be able to stay close to home. AFTER I come aboard I am told that JLI is closing a local location because of a dispute with the landlord and they need to give the placement of those employees first priority. I understand that, no problem. What I have a hard time believing is that JLI had no idea they were going to close that location prior to telling me I could train wherever I chose. Do they really think I am stupid enough to buy their story that this just came up last minute. What a bunch of crap!

In the big picture, this might have been the best thing to happen rather than invest a lot of time and effort just to find out later just how screwed up JLI really is.

[153] Jerrold in Cincinnati, OH:  Attitude

Went to store #1263 on Fields Ertle Rd (Cincinnati, OH) for a regular oil/filter change.  Saw that only  (2) of the  (3) bays had customers so I pulled in  expecting a reasonable time in/out service.  I was directed to bay (1) where the earlier entrant's car had the hood up and technicians moving about it.

After approximately 15 minutes of watching the technicians and "manager" moving from bay (1) to bay (2) and neither car moving  I took a look and my car was still were I left it.  After a while, bay (2) car left and another one moved in and the technicians started doing their thing. Fully expecting bay (1) car to finish up soon I relaxed a bit.  Time went by, no action on bay (1) car, bay (2) car left and I'm still sitting there. Finally, my car was moved and pulled into bay (3) and the hood went up. At this point I figured my wait was soon to be over.  Meanwhile the technicians and "manager" - who was  constantly on the portable phone or shouting at the technicians - were shuttling from bay to bay. Finally, I approached the "manager" and asked how much longer and he said he was just getting ready to call me and enter my info in the computer.

After a few more minutes he called me out and typed in my name and address and started with the air filter sales pitch, which I declined; much cheaper at the local AutoZone or Walmart, anyway.  Then he asked me to go with him to the car where he showed me where the technician had scrapped against a pole when pulling the car into bay (3).  The "manager" expressed his concern but assured  me the damage would be taken care of. 

Bottom line, a simple oil change that normally takes about a half an hour took a good hour, plus  now I have to deal with the inconvenience of scheduling and arranging to get bumper repaired.  This is my daughter's car and she attends college out of town.  What really frosted me is I was charged full price for the oil change and no offer of a reduced price or coupon for a future service visit.  Well, I can assure Jiffy Lube they will never see me again, except in Court if the bumper repair is not to my satisfaction.

[152] Marge in Thousand Oaks, CA:  Pricing

Brought in a 2002 accura RSX. Thousand Oaks, Ca invoice #681 1338551 on Dec 26th. Wanted oil change. Did need 2 new air fltrs. I paid for  both air filter and cabin air filter. each should've price ranged btween  $17.99 to $21.00 and I was charged
$55.99 and $17.99. This is terrible overcharge to customer. Wish to share w/friend I refered there that same day and others.

[151] Harry in Joilet, IL:  Oil Plug

Jiffy lube stripped my drain plug and still did not fix it after two more times. I fixed it myself. The jiffy lube in Joliet il on Larkin ave.

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