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[500] Victim in Phoenix, AZ  Ignored Request

Same situation at both Guadalupe Rd. stores. West Tempe and West Mesa. Asked each manager to only change the oil and not to check any other services.  Both times the instructions were ignored and not relayed to the tech. Was told that the tech's were just doing their job and it was no big deal. Given the temperament of management, now I wonder if the oil and filter were actually changed!

[499] Solange in Medina, OH  Yeoman Work

This is not a victim e mail - I have to date never had a problem at Jiffy Lube - for the past three years I have taken in one of my trucks every month - started doing so after the Chevy dealer failed to grease one of my trucks - all trucks are used in my business and they  all do yeoman work - from a review of complaints I note that a number of them may well be a result of the fact that Jiffy Lube works on all makes, all models and all years of cars as compared to dealer specific service departments - and, for some reason there is very little standardization between car makers even within manufacturers - for example my Chevy 3500 needs a synthetic lube in the differential in lieu of the "standard" lube - using the standard lube would lube - very few people actually own one ton trucks - among my trucks are a 3/4 ton Chevy, 25 ton dump truck and a Ford one ton.  Being in the horse business each breed is different, age makes a difference etc my life would be a piece of cake if I limited myself to a specific breed - I do not, I have all breeds and it does take time to "learn" the differences- dealer specific service should be  a piece of cake I know that mistakes happen there - your people here in Medina Ohio take the time to do the job right

[498] Fred  Pressured

I went to Jiffy lube only a few times, but I have not gone back since because I always felt pressured to buy additional services that I knew I didn’t need. I will never go back now that I know that Jiffy Lube has routinely been charging large sums for work they  haven’t done. You are talking big dollars here…the management of Jiffy Lube should be prosecuted to the fullest extent since!

[497] Jared in Rockville, MD  Oil Gauge

How many jiffy lube employees (rockville, md) does it take to reset an oil gauge on a 2006 honda accord? Answer: 4 -- 5 if you count the original guy who forgot to do it.

[496] PC in Allentown, PA  Transmission

On January 19, 2007 I arrrived at the Jiffy Lube (store #369 at 1934 Catasauqua Rd. Allentown, PA).  I asked for a oil change, 45 minutes later I paid and went to my car which was brought to the front of the store.  I started to pull off in my car only to realize that I was pressing on the gas but was not moving very far.  I backed the car up and went into the shop to tell them that something was wrong with my car.  Something that was not happening before coming to Jiffy Lube.  The tech took the car around and went back into the work bay.  From the waiting room, I could see all the techs standing around my car.  I opened the door and asked what the problem was.  He proceeded to tell me that a worker had "accidentally" removed all of the transmission fluid instead of the oil.  He assured me that this was a simple mistake because the oil and transmission filter are in close proximity to each other.  He would just put transmission fluid back in and everything would be o.k.  Thirty minutes later I ask what is going on now.  Another man (later identified as asst. manager) said "the idiot took off your transmission filter and tried to put on a oil filter since it did not fit he rammed it on.  So they were sending out a worker out to a local auto supply store to get a new filter. He than called the manager "Mark" and he proceeded to say that this was not a big problem and once they got a new filter everything would be o.k. and that the oil change would be on the house.  Whoppee!!  Forty five minutes later the worker comes back and says that since I have a Subaru they could not buy the part it had to be purchased from the dealer the next morning.  I advised them that I was going on vacation and actually was supposed to leave that evening.  That was the whole purpose of getting the oil change to make sure everything was o.k.  He said there was nothing he could do.  He had spoken to the General Manager Michael Phelps and they would take care of everything the next morning Saturday.  I told him that was unacceptable I was not jeopardizing my trip because of Jiffy Lubes mistake.  I told him that since we were near the airport Jiffy Lube should rent me a car.  He called Michael Phelps who told him that Jiffy Lube deals with Enterprise Car Rental and that they were closed for the evening.  I told him that he should use a different car rental company.  Mark stated that he could not because he "does not have a credit card".  I told him I would use my credit card as long as I was reimbursed.  He said no problem when you return from your trip (which was going to be Wednesday January 24, 2007) he would give me cash.  I said that would be fine.  I arrived at the airport first to realize that Michael Phelps lied, (Lie #1)  Enterprise was indeed open.  I proceeded to the first counter Budget and saw a sign that they do not accept debit card (which is what I had).  I went to several counters and finally Hertz said they accept debit cards but I had to go through a credit check.  I had no other choice so proceeded with that and because of having a debit card I had to get full insurance and an additional $200.00 held on my card, almost $800.00 in total.  When I arrived with my children at the hotel to check in I was told my card was declined.  I was a total wreck I had to increase my line of credit because of the car rental.  Thank goodness that turned out o.k.  The money that my children and I had was limited because of this car rental.  I phoned Jiffy Lube on Saturday, January 20, 2007 to ask if the car was fixed.  I was going to have someone pick it up, I did not want it unsecured there for days.  I was told by Mark that the Subaru dealer was closed and they could not fix the car until Monday.  Lie #2, he had assured me that he spoke to Subaru and they would have the part for them on Saturday.  I told him what happen at the car rental place and he said that he was told Enterprise was closed and I told him since I had a debit card I had to get full insurance which cost me a great deal.  He said that he would have cash for me on Wednesday, just bring me the receipt.  When I came home on Wednesday I spoke to a worker Victor and told me that he would bring my car to the car rental and I would give him the receipt at that time.  I asked him about the cash.  He said that Mark was transferred to another store and was on vacation.  He did not know anything about cash. I told him to call Michael Phelps.  When I arrived at the airport Victor said he would take receipt and a check would be mailed.  I told him no way this was not a credit card where I would get a bill at the end of the month.  This came from my checking account, that money is not usable by me.  He called Michael Phelps he handed me the phone and Michael Phelps said that it is not Jiffy Lubes policy to give cash,  I told him that I do not know what Jiffy Lubes policy is but I do know what was promised to me by Mark (his manager).  He said that was not so.  I than told him that I taped the conversation.  He than said well I can have the corporate office FedEx a check by Friday, January 26, 2007 (Lie #3).  I have no choice but to agree.  He is on a phone, this kid is standing in front of me bewildered and I am in a airport with my daughter.  Friday, January 26, 2007 no check arrives.  I call Jiffy Lube and they say the "man" who would process the check is not in and therefore could not send check.  I am ballistic now, I have bills to pay and now it seems it will be 2 weeks before I am reimbursed.  I call the corporate office and they say they will send out the check that day and I would get it on Saturday (Lie #4).  Well Saturday NO CHECK.  It is now Monday, January 29, 2007 and I am still waiting for this reimbursement that was suppose to be handed to me on Wednesday 1/24/07.  I am also schedule a appointment with the dealer who stated that transmission being drained and then the car being driven with transmission oil can indeed damage the vehicle.  I am sure I will add more to this experience.

[495] Dee in Troy, MI  Fuel Filter

I recently had my oil changed while on my lunch break at a jiffy lube location in Troy, MI. and the technician informed me off three separate items I needed service for.  Since I was at lunch I went for having the fuel filter changed since he said it would take 5-10minutes. To make a long story short. The services were completed, I paid went back to work, went to my sister for a couple of hours as she was doing my daughters' hair. Upon time to leave I started my vehicle and I had a noise which I pulled my car out from the curb and notice a puddle of gasoline. I had to have my car towed to a mechanic.  The finders when the tech replaced my fuel filter one of the claps were broken and they tried to replace the clap with a larger one resulting in the fuel filter not being sealed properly.  I drove 20 miles home taking 2 expressways with my life in danger if someone would have through out a cigarette.

[494] Josh in Las Vegas, NV  Store Hours

Your store on Durango & Warm Springs in Las Vegas, NV would not take my car at 3:00pm and their store hours showed they were open until 4:00pm. They did have a couple cars in their garage, but they were getting oil changes. The manager said he wasn't taking any more cars for the day which I can understand if it were 3:45pm. I just thought you should be informed on how this location is being run. I could not find the store # on your location map.

[493] Don in Columbus, OH  Positive Experience

I noticed that you have only negative experiences reported on your web-site.  Have you never received a positive experience related to you?  I have one so I guess we shall see how impartial you are.

I went to Jiffy Lube on Broad Street in Columbus, Ohio.  The associate greeted me in a respectful manner and made me feel welcome.  I drive a four-wheel truck and was not aware as to how often the differential lubricant needed changed so I asked for the fluid to be replaced and was told that according to my mileage; I did not need that.  I had that done at the dealership at 24,000 miles and was charged $80.00 per axle.  The associate explained to me that I should never pay that much and was told how much Jiffy Lube charges; much less.   Later that day my wife and I went to the grocery store and she made a comment, “Did you clean the inside of your truck?”.  I had not noticed until then that they had vacuumed my truck and once noticed; it looked really good.  I am sure there are many neutral stories along with positive ones that do not get reported on your site so I thought I would try sharing one

[492] Mikey  Complaints

I think the way you all treat your employee's is absolutely aweful! No wonder there are so many service complaints.  If you can't keep your employee's happy then how could you be expected to keep customers happy.

[491] Maria in Palo Alto, CA  No Service

Outlet #1283 in Palo Alto, California, did not live up to the advertised “quality service”. I am requesting a full refund due to shoddy service and a suspect oil “change” as outlined below. First, I requested synthetic oil for my VW Golf. According to the invoice, 4.5 qts of Penzoil Synthetic 5W30 were used. Upon checking my oil at home later the same day, I notice that the oil my car was fairly darker than new oil of the same brand. I suspect the oil was improperly drained, if at all. Second, the technicians were hounding me to change my engine filter, which was “dirty” according to them. I agreed, but asked to keep the original filter. (I later showed this to an expert who informed me it was not dirty). The technicians had great difficulty in putting a new filter in, banging on the cover in attempts to jam it in. A third technician finally was satisfied that he had assembled it correctly. Perhaps all this time spent with changing a filter caused them to neglect in actually changing my oil. Finally, I was told that additional antifreeze was needed because the level was low. I said no, I would fill it at home.

Upon paying and leaving, I was told my tire pressures were all 35 psi, the wiper fluid was topped up, the oil had been changed, and other fluids were ok. The technician told me he placed a change schedule sticker in the windshield and I was on my way.

At home I noticed that the schedule sticker was not there. I then checked my antifreeze. The level was still within the VW recommended volume range, but the cap was essentially left off.

The wiper fluid was not topped off and its cap was barely closed. I checked the oil filter, since so far the technicians’ workmanship had left me with little confidence in their ability. It looked like new, but there was oil spilled all over the outside of it. I then checked my tire pressure, which was at 29psi. I cannot be convinced that their gauges were off by that much. The pressure was likely never checked. The front floor of the car had been vacuumed, but the back seat floor had not.

Considering the observations stated above, I wonder if any services in the “Signature Oil Service” were actually completed correctly? Not only is this bad business, it could potentially put customers in a harmful position on the road, thinking their car was properly serviced.

[490] Mark in Altamonte Springs, FL  Transmission

On 01/17/07, I took my 2001 Mazda Miata to the Jiffy Lube in Altamonte Springs, Florida, for an oil change.  They attempted to sell a variety of other unnecessary services and products to me.  When I left the store, I immediately discovered that the engine light was on.  

I returned to Jiffy Lube 6 days later to advise them of the problem and provide them an opportunity to rectify it.  After initially denying any responsibility, they advised me to go to Aamco Transmission (They gave me a "free" coupon) or Discount Auto Parts for a free analysis.  I told them I was taking it to a foreign car repair shop 2 doors away, and they assured me they would "handle it."

After the mechanic analyzed it and found the "intake manifold system wide open," he reset the codes and said the Jiffy Lube employee had to cause the problem.  I paid $39.97 for the service and returned to Jiffy Lube for reimbursement.

An employee said the store manager would contact me.  The manager called 2 days later and said I would not be reimbursed because I did not take my car where Jiffy Lube recommended.  The "area manager/owner" contacted me with the same excuse and exhibited the same ignorant, disinterested attitude as the store manager.

I will NEVER patronize Jiffy Lube again! 

[489] Sherry in Arlington, TX  Replace Engine

I had my oil changed at a Jiffy Lube DBA "Pro Quick Lube" located at 3624 Cooper St., Arlington, Texas 76015.  Telephone #817-465-5600 on September 16, 2006.  On my receipt No. 10765, they show my present mileage: 64,020.  I drove approximately 800 miles from Arlington, Texas back home to Colorado.  I noticed my car started sounding different (much louder) when I started it to warm it up beginning the middle of November.  I assumed it was due to the outside temperature.  The first time it happened, I ha dn't d riven to the end of my block when I turned around, parking it at home and taking my daughter's car. From the day I arrived home (9/17/2006) I had only driven an additional 1586 miles when on 12/14/06, the "low oil pressure" light came on.  The remaining oil dumped onto the ground in my driveway. Current mileage only 66,406 !  Less than 3,000 miles and two days short of three months.


I had it towed and was told by the service manager that my engine is damaged and needs to be replaced.  It is still parked because I don't have $4300 to replace the engine.  My car ran GREAT until this incident transpired after I had an oil change at Pro Quick Lube.  Now I am stranded and unable to work.  I have made numerous calls to the owners without results.  I have spoken to the sellers of the Mighty Auto parts oil filter in Fort Worth, Texas.  At their request and an attorney's OK, I sent  the filter via priority mail on 01/18/2007 received by them in Fort Worth on 1/20/2007. They are or have sent it to a Research Lab in San Antonio Texas for testing.  I have been advised by family and friends to file a lawsuit which means more lost time and without an income still responsible for making auto and insurance payments, I am in a very difficult situation.  Had I known this was previously a Jiffy Lube, I would have NEVER stopped there for any services. The extended warranty on my car with the damaged engine expired October 2006.  I researched Tarrant County property search online which I gathered some data from.  I have spoken to two of the owners and the son of one owner which is the manager of this location.  The se own ers have a total of three Pro Quick Lubes according to "Mo" (which I believe stands for Mohammad) at the Cooper St. location.  The records at Tarrant County Assessor lists JLO JV IV which stands for "Jiffy Lube O? Joint Venture Four"  The address shows: Attn: Jiffy Lube Intercorporated; P.O. Box 905  Add ison, Texas 75001-0905.  The name of one of the owners that I have called whom avoids talking to me and will not return my calls is Khalil Rahman Khalil.  He lives in Dallas.  The number Mo gave me for him is 214-234-6354, he goes by "K K".  The other one I spoke to which assured me he would have Khalil return my call to get this situation resolved, I reached him on a T-mobile cell phone in Grand Prair ie, Te xas.  That number 469.855-3904.  


When I looked on the BBB is how first discovered this location used to be a Jiffy Lube.  They showed one complaint which had been resolved with no details.  The only other thing I found in my research was a labor law - notice of admin lien for Pro Quick Lube Cooper, Inc.  involving a previous employee.

[488] Margaret  Head Light

I went yesterday to Sears and wanted to have a front head light replaced and also an oil change as it was 3000 miles.  I was informed that they no longer replace head light or oil change, but to use Jiffy Lube next door.   I asked the sale person if the head light for my car was in stock as the person before me asked for an oil filter for his car and was told it was not in stock.  I was informed that the head light was in stock so I authorized the oil change and replacement for the light.  I was told to it would take a little over an hour to complete my requested work.  I can back two hours later was the work was done, but to my surprise the replacement light was now out of stock.  I was informed that if I could find the part I could come back they would install it for me.  I went looking for the part and found it at Merchant’s and it cost me $30.00 for the part and $45 .00 in labor.  This is a crime for which I’m paying and not Jiffy lube.  This must stop.  I’ve used Jiffy Lube for years, but not any more.

[487] Gale in Texas City, TX  Lighter Oils

For years I have had my oil changed at the Texas City center. Use Penzoil exclusively. Recently bought a new truck with an overhead cam engine. It is imperative to use light oil for same reason. Visited this week for my first oil schedule and was amazed that you do not carry Penzoil 5W-20. All the new autos are going to the lighter oils. This a problem you need to address.

[486] Jim in Fridley, MN  No Service

I took my car to JIFFY LUBE SERVICE CENTER #1734 7609 UNIVERSITY AVE NE  FRIDLEY , MN.  Had a full-service oil change at full list price (no coupons).  Received the checkout talk about everything they had done, including add washer fluid and add coolant.  The invoice documented that they had done that.  When I got home, I lifted the hood and found that the washer fluid reservoir was nearly empty, and the coolant cap was off and resting on the engine.  (If they can't get the simple stuff done, why would I trust them with changing my oil?)  I filed a complaint on the Jiffylube web site and never received a reply.  I'll never patronize Jiffylube again.

[485] Janet in Chicago, IL  Shorting Service

On 1-20-07 I stopped at the Jiffy Lube at 8137 S South Chicago Ave to have my oil change and to have my fluids checked, after  getting my car and driving off I decided to check my wiper fluid because it was completely dry when I took my car in because of heavy snowing a few days. To my surprise there was still no fluid in the car. I immediately took the car back and was told that fluid was placed in the car but only a little bit. I told the employee that was untrue because no fluid came out when I attempted to clean my window. He then stated the “the owner told us not to fill up the washer because it cost him too much money”. However my invoice states that the windshield washer fluid level was filled.  I asked to speak to the manager and was given phone number 773-731-2500. After speaking to several “managers” who told me the same story, I asked to speak to the owner, who later called me back but still felt it cost too much money to put wiper fluid in the car. This is totally UN acceptable because if you will cheat your customers of a $.99 washer fluid, how do we know they are not shorting on the oil, or any other service that is suppose to be done? Later I called the corporate office and asked for the franchise number and was given the same number of the jiffy lube that I visited. I do not believe the person I talked to was even writing down this information. Jiffy Lube “pledge of satisfaction” Is a joke. Beware of Jiffy lube!!!!!!!!

[484] James  Out of Stock

I was made to feelvery uncomfortable and very insignificant.  While at the store for rutine oil change, I asked the aassistant manager if he would replace a rear signal light.  He gave me a price and told me he would replace the light if they had i in stock.  About 20 minutes later he returned telling me that he had the light and he asked me to remove some of the items in my trunk.  I agreed, there was a lot of stuff in the trunk.  Meanwhile, one of the employes begain to make a big andloud argument about another employee taking an long lunch break.  There was a lot off profane language involved, scaring customers and making me feel very uneasy.  One of the things said by this employee was "why are you taking so much time on this Mother f___ers light for $8.50, I would have told him we didn't have it in stock."  I was standing right there when he made this statement.  There was only 4 other cars there at the time, so there was no rush.  I have to admit the job was a little difficult and a little time consuming. 

I have had a few bad experiences, but this one was by far the worst one ever.  I can not speak for the other customers that witnessed this incident, but it will be a long time before go back to that establishment again...  What ever happen to good customer service. 

[483] Rick in Kansas City, MO  Fuel Filter

When my car wouldn't start yesterday I called a tow truck to tow to my local dealership.  While the tow operator was attaching my car to the truck, he noticed a strong gasoline smell.  As he walked around to the rear of the car he noticed the fuel line hanging down from under the car.  He asked me to come over to look at something.  He asked if I had had my fuel filter replaced recently.  I said not too recently, but I did have it replace in 2006 at Jiffy Lube.  He then showed me that when installing the new fuel filter, the technician had used duct tape to attach the fuel line to the filter instead of the proper hose clip.  I cant believe how irresponsible, negligent and hazardous this was.  I am lucky my car never caught fire.  I will never step foot in a Jiffy Lube again.

[482] Kimi in Alhambra, CA  Duplicate Service

I went in to the store #1722, on Valley and Fremont Ave in Alhambra Calfiornia and only planned to get my oil changed and maybe my fuel injector cleaned.  When the staff said I needed the service, he showed me a computer screen. The staff lied about last service date for my fuel injector cleaning- he showed me on the computer that the last service date was in 2003 and so I thought okay it's been a few years- I will do it.

But when I got my receipt, it showed I had the service in 2006!  I did not remember doing it but there it was on the history. I only got the receipt with the last service dates after I paid. I am angry at myself for forgetting that I just had the service BUT they tricked me by showing me the old service history.

He also ordered an oil system cleaner service that I did not authorize ; it just showed up on my bill. I don't know what an oil system cleaner service is and when I looked it up on Jiffy Lube's own website- it was not even listed as a service. $49.99 down the tubes.

It also said that they checked my lights and everything was fine but my tail light is out.

I knew I shouldn't have gone there but I was in a hurry - never again!!!

[481] Joe  No Lube

I have a 2005 GMC Sierra 1500 pick up truck with 46k miles which I have had serviced at Jiffy Lube 11 times. I started hearing a noise like a loose ball joint, so I went to my mechanic and we put it up in the air and attempted to find out what was loose. He asked me "when was the last time you had this serviced" and I said two weeks ago. How come there is a half inch of dirt build-up on the grease fittings? He greased the truck and he told me, I don't think this truck has ever been greased. So………I wanted to see for myself. 

I just got back from Jiffy Lube and I sat outside to witness what they were doing. And you guessed it, they did not grease the truck. When I confronted the manager and told him what my mechanic and I discovered he went out and talked to the employee working the pit and he said he greased all 11 fittings. I told the manager that he is lying and left and I will never return.

[480] Jeff in Altamonte Springs, FL  Stonewalled

My last visit I noticed one of my chrome valve caps on my rims was exchanged for a black one. I polish the rims daily and I know it was inadvertently exchanged while my air was being checked in the tires. I called right away and talked to someone that assured me they had found it and would send the cap to my mailing address.

A few weeks later I called back as I had not received the cap in the mail. After talking to Joe the manager he explained he knew nothing about it and nobody had sent the part. He put me on hold, when he returned he was so nice and said he had found the chrome cap and would be happy to send it to me.

Now, weeks later, I called back again to follow up and talk to a new manager named Dan. Not a very nice man. He told me Joe didn't work there any more. He was not at all happy to take my call even though I was as nice as could be and explained the problem. He told me Joe had moved to a different store and I would need to call and talk to him, he had nothing he could do to help. He stonewalled from that point on.

Come on folks it’s a chrome valve stem cap. I'm a business owner with a fleet of vehicles. I would love to continue to patronize jiffy lube but under the circumstances I'm a bit peeved. Every time I look at that rim on my Lincoln LS it leaves me with a sour feeling. I was promised it would be made right and then when it came down to it I got the run around. I can not in good faith continue supporting jiffy lube. All over a simple valve stem cap. It’s kind of funny to me at this point but funny or not I’m not going to return to jiffy lube until this matter is resolved to my satisfaction. I didn’t create the problem but I’m stuck with the results. All I ask is to have my chrome valve tem cap sent to me. It’s that simple.

[479] Ed in Brockport NY  Work Not Done

Where to begin
First they did not lube my vehicle. Claimed they did then took it back in and did it. They overfilled my crankcase and charged me extra for it.  Had to take it back to get the extra taken out never refunded the difference. The biggest problem they dislodged the lower fan shroud and it got sucked up into the radiator. It destroyed half of the back side.

They also rounded off the differential plug. Said they checked it but could not get the plug out. I called their district MGR he took pictures of everything and said my tough luck. He said the people at the shop said they didn't do it. It's on the bill everything from the overfill to the differential check they said they did but did not. I am out close to $300.

[478] Robin in Fredericksburg, VA  Blown Motor

I went to Jiffy lube in fredericksburg Virginia on jan 12 07 to get an oil change on my 2004 chrysler sebring. I left there and drove home about 12 miles. My car stayed parked in my driveway all weekend until Sunday afternoon. I left my house and got about 2 miles down the road and my oil light came on I pulled over there was oil all over the passenger side of my car. A mechanic looked at my car and said that they didn't put the filter on right and that the motor in my car was blown. I tried to at least drive my car back to my house after putting 4 quarts of oil in it. Just as i expected it was shot. The manager of jiffy lube said hes coming to my house to see what they can do. Just wanted to write to maybe help another person.

[477]  Victim  Work Not Done

My 1988 van was making a funny noise while turning.  I checked the power steering fluid dip stick, and nothing showed.  I went to Jiffy Lube and asked for an oil change.  About 10 minutes later, my name was called to pay.  I asked if they added power steering fluid.  The check out guy said yes someone did.  I asked if he was sure, and he said he would check the dip stick.  I went with him to the van, and he began looking for the transmission fluid dip stick because he thought that is what I said.  He could not find it.  He then checked the power steering dip stick, and nothing showed.  He then put in power steering fluid.

The transmission fluid dip stick can only be checked by unscrewing the air filter cover.

Bottom:  Jiffy lube did not check the power steering fluid, the transmission fluid, nor the air filter.

[476] Cory in San Diego, CA  Work Not Done

I'd  always gone to Jiffy Lube, but never again. With their snide managers, and substandard service, I'll never patronize their establishment ever again.

The straw that broke the camels back was infuriating. I'd dropped my car off to get the oil changed and the tires rotated. They said it would take at least three hours, and they asked for my cell number so that they could call me when they were finished. So I went next door to a restaurant to get lunch and kill time until my 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee was ready.

Two hours later, I walked over and my Jeep was already in line as was apparently finished. I paid the bill and drove home. When I got home, I notice that my tires looked strangely like they hadn't been rotated, even though I'd been charged. So,  I thought I'd check my oil just to be sure. And of course, my oil hadn't been changed either. Same oil filter, black oil on the dipstick.

When I went back to complain, the manager was not only rude, but confrontational. He was raising his voice, and insinuating that I'd made this all up because apparently there was just a story on a local newstation about the shoddy service at area Jiffy Lubes.

Long story short, a formal letter to corporate was sent months ago, and I still haven't received a response.

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