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[450]  Michelle in Addison, IL  Broken O-Ring

On 11/26/06, at 11:12am, I got my first oil change on my brand new Honda Odyssey at Jiffy Lube. Two days later, on 11/28/06, I pulled my car out of the garage and noticed a large oil puddle on the garage floor where the car had been kept.  I immediately called Jiffy Lube and told them that I got an oil leak from the oil change on Sunday and I took a picture of the oil spill, so they told me to stop in.  At 2:45pm on 11/28/06, I returned to Jiffy Lube to have them take a look at my car for the oil leak.  After five minutes, the General Manager, Brian Yarbrough, came into the waiting room to say that this car does not have any leaks.  I then said that this was impossible.  We just bought a brand new house and a brand new car and I just got my first oil change two days ago, I have a large amount of oil in the garage exactly where this car is kept, where did this oil come from?  Brian then said and I quote “I do not deny that you have oil in your garage, I saw the picture you took, but I checked the filter, plugs and oil level and your car is not leaking.  I was dumbfounded.  I then said, are you sure you didn’t just wipe up the leak and tighten the bolts and come out here to tell me that this car is not leaking oil? Brian then said and I quote “this car is not leaking any oil”.  So I said fine, please give me your name and I will write in down on my receipt.  He said that he would print out a new receipt and document in the service comments section that I stopped in to check a possible oil leak and no leaks were found and he put down his name for the record. This receipt was time stamped at 3:00pm.  I felt that he was lying to me, maybe because I was a woman with a six month old child in tow. I left Jiffy Lube and traveled one mile to a Midas.  I explained to Midas what just happened and asked them to look under the hood to see if Jiffy Lube cleaned up an oil leak or if my car is still leaking oil.  About a ½ hour later, John, the trained technician at Midas, came out to the waiting room to say that this car is leaking oil.  The o-ring is broke on the oil filter and there is oil everywhere. Maybe they tightened the oil filter too tight. I took more pictures and then I immediately called back Jiffy Lube and gave to phone to John to explain this to Brian at Jiffy Lube.  John then gives the phone back to me and Brian said and I quote “well I guess you do have a leak, why don’t you just come back and we will put a new oil filter on for you”.  I said and I quote “No, I will have Midas put the new oil filter on and I want a store credit from the Sunday’s oil change and I want someone to come to my house and clean up this oil spill.”  He said that he has to call his boss and he will call me back in five minutes.  Brain does call back and said he is stopping by Midas to pick up the “bad” oil filter.  When Brian arrived at Midas, Brian comes to the waiting room and gives me the credit memo (time stamped 3:47pm) and said that some will come to my house tomorrow to degrease my garage floor.  Brian then went into the shop where my car was and took the oil filter from John. When he came back, I said and I quote “are you going to pay this bill too”? He then said “oh, you didn’t mention that before on the phone but I will pay for the oil filter and the oil they had to replace”.  Brian NEVER apologized about the inconvenience or the fact that he lied to my face.  Because of Brian Yarbrough, I will never use Jiffy Lube again. 

[449] Becky in Beaverton, OR  Headlight

I went to the Jiffy Lube on Canyon Road in Beaverton. My headlight bulb was out and I thought they could replace it for me. They seemed kind of lazy and told me that they put in a new bulb but it was not the bulb's fault, it was my wiring! They said I should go into a mechanic to get it fixed. Then they asked me to pay $20 for a new bulb just in case, and I said... "why should I pay for something that might not even be a problem?" So listening to Jiffy Lube, I go to my Honda dealership to see a mechanic. Turns out it really was the bulb that burnt out, not a wiring problem! Plus they think that they broke my wiring during the process. They wasted my time, asked me for money I shouldn't pay for, gave me wrong advice. I'll never go back there again. Plus, Honda told me that three people already came in this week (It has only been two days) from Jiffy Lube saying that they told them that they had a problem with their car when they didn't.

[448] Gary In New York  Fuel Filter
I just want to let everyone out there who should read this, is that "JIFFY LUBE" is a rip off!!!

I recently went there for an oil change on 11/18/06, as I was taking my Ford Explorer SUV on a trip for the Thanksgiving Holiday. I was told at the time of the oil change that I needed to replace my fuel filter and the rear differential oil needed to be changed as per the mfg's. recommendation. So I believed them,  and had them perform the mentioned services. The oil change, new fuel filter, and rear differential service came to a total of $193.00. I remember standing in the garage doorway while they were working on my vehicle. The technician down in the pit,  working on the fuel filter appeared to be having some trouble getting the old fuel filter off. I know he at least got one side of the gas line off, as I witnessed and smelled gasoline as it poured out onto the floor in the pit by the technicians feet. He asked repeatedly for a pair of pliers so he could get the existing fuel filter off of the fuel line. Finally after a few minutes, the manager came over to him and handed him a pair of channel lock pliers, lord knows what he was using before that. At that point the manager came over to me and said he would "ring me up" while the technician finished with the fuel filter. I went inside to get "rung up" and it was about another 5-10 minutes after that when I was informed the vehicle  was finally done.

We left for our Thanksgiving Holiday on Thursday 11/23/06 and returned home on Saturday 11/25/06. Upon our trip home, when I started the car to begin our journey home, my wife and I noticed a strong smell of gasoline. I figured it would just go away over time once we started driving. Needless to say, the gas odor did not go away, and I burned an unusually large amount of fuel. I burned about 12 gallons in around 120 miles of driving. I pulled into a gas station and filled up again, as I had about another 120 miles to go to get home. The odor was still there just as strong as before. We finally made it home that evening. I parked in my driveway that night. The next morning, Sunday 11/26/06, I backed the car out of the driveway, the gas odor still present, I also noticed a large puddle of what turned out to be gasoline under the vehicle where it was parked. I didn't drive it that day any more.

On Monday morning 11/27/06, I took the car to a "real service station". It was about a 3 mile drive  to get there. I left the car idling outside the service station garage door. I wanted to let the mechanic there see for himself exactly where it was coming from. When we returned outside to take a look, it was like a garden hose underneath my vehicle, only pouring out gas instead of water. I immediately shut off the vehicle.

The mechanic called me a couple of hours later only to tell me my fuel line was "chewed up" in what looked like an attempt to remove the fuel filter. Fuel was pouring out of the busted fuel line. I told him I just had the fuel filter changed the previous week. He told me there was no way the filter was changed within the last week, as the filter that was on there was all rusted on the outside housing. I told him to save it for me. I went there after work to get the fuel filter that was removed from my vehicle. I couldn't believe my eyes. The filter that I was holding in my hand had to be at least 1-2 years old. It was covered with surface rust. It was my existing fuel filter, never having been changed. I thought back to the day the guy was trying to get the old filter off. I put two and two together, the guy couldn't get the old filter off, but in trying to do so, "chewed up my gas line" and put the one side he did get off back on, apparently not correctly and charged me as if he put a new one on.

I don't relish the thought of being ripped off for $59.99, but more importantly, BURNING to DEATH with my wife, my 5 yr. old son, and two dogs, because some schmuck wanted to make a few extra bucks so he'd fill his quota for the day or week or whatever. If that's not a bunch of bull crap, I don't know what is. What's wrong with these people. Oh yeah, the manager refunded me the $59.99 with no questions asked, and offered an apology and a 15% VIP card toward future oil changes, like I'm going to go back there for more. He must be kidding!  I'll change my own oil from now on, thank you very much!

[447] Heather in Kent, WA  Drinking

My husband has been a dedicated loyal employee of Jiffy Lube for over 1 year. On Saturday November 18th 2006 he had an altercation with his manager “Teresa”. (Located on 104th ST in Kent WA) It was her birthday, and she had an employee go to the liquor store while on shift. The employees went down to the “pit” and proceeded to drink while on the job. My husband had an obvious issue with the actions of his manager. That night the manager called him and there was a mysteriously “voided” ticket under his login. He was then suspended, with no specified date to return to work. After a week he was notified that he was terminated. He was informed that no other employee validated his complaint. (Obviously they were all drinking)

I would be careful when taking your car there; the tech may or may not be sober.

[446] Steven in San Jose, CA  Employee Pay

Hi I as former jiffy lube employee did some investagating of my own about being exempt from overtime if your salaried and the california labor law states in that industry wheter your salaried or not if you work 51% of your time changing oil and doing services out on the floor you are eligable for overtime and jiffy lube was hit with a class action lawsuit and are trying to keep it from the employees when in fact by law they have to tell them all about it and Bill Oreo market operations manager for the san jose/ bay area market told me i was not eligable when in fact by state law i am so i think the media should be aware of this and make it known to employess there and future employess what they are owed i was also informed by patty lynam that the lawsuit is settling in the favor of employess but yet other management at the main office in san jose seem to say no one is eligable for overtime if salaried but when in fact law states you are but they are trying to hide the class action from employees. please feel free to email me back thanks for other info on jiffy lube

[445] Maile in Coronado, CA  Engine Light

I went to Jiffy Lube a month or more ago and got an oil and a bunch of other stuff I'm sure they sold me on.  Funny thing of course - two weeks ago my engine light on my Saturn Vue came on.  The manual says that's to indicate that I need to change the oil.  Saturn also says to change it every 5,000 miles (originally three, but they found it to last longer than originally expected) and it was SUPPOSED to be changed at the Jiffy Lube, but this light going on tells me that maybe they didn't change my oil at all....

Did I get ripped off? 

[444] Shulz  Fixing Problems

i stopped in for nys inspection with my 2000 neon. the car has new tires and a recent brake job. they inspected it and failed it because of  ; wiper blade, lite bulb, and they said the parking brake was'nt holding. i said fix them and they said we do not do the repairs here. i saw a sign that said nys inspection and nys repair shop. it cost me 21.00 dollars. I left and took it to a local repair shop to get the repairs done. they pasted the car. The parking brake was fine and the wiper blades were old but not frayed or torn. they changed the bulb. They charged me for the inspection. 21.00dollars. why could; NT jiffy lube just take care of these miner problems?

[443] Duaine  Employee

I just would like to comment on a lot of the service problems associated with jiffy lube.  I had managed Jiffy Lube for 5 years and notice that with all the problems we had the most was on training.  We would hire 17 to 19 year old kids fresh from high school and expect them to be trained within 1 week.  There is another problem with timing, Jiffy Lube International expects vehicles to be completed within 7 minutes average.  This becomes a problem when there is a rear differential that has a problem check plug, or the drain plug is stripped.  The vehicle ends up staying in the bay for an extended time.  All the times gets relayed to Jiffy Lube International and they in turn sends it to the district manager.  He will then make a visit and complain to the managers (like myself), " your time average is at 11 minutes per vehicle and you need to bring it down or we will get you replaced."  There is a heavy burden on the managers of the stores.  Also with the training aspect, these kids will be trained on how to drain the oil and check the gear boxes and how to look up proper fluid for the vehicles, but on the other hand they are not trained on how to spot problems before they become a major problem.  Another problem I had was with stocking of products, we would stock a majority of things for the vehicles and those we did not stock we made due with what we had if it meant cutting it out and reshaping for proper fit.  I myself ( I know this is going to sound like a lie) but I would rather tell a customer that I cannot service the vehicle due to not having proper products, having them get mad at me for it, and never return, then to service it wrong and have to pay the cost.  Our owner would also inform the managers that the first response with things are that we cannot do anything for the customer and hope they accept the answer and leave than to admit guild right away and pay for the problems.  So next time your in Jiffy lube look around, if you see a lot of new faces there a lot, it might be worth your wile to take your vehicle to a dealer or a mechanic shop.  Also remember by going to a mechanic shop may take a little longer and may cost a few dollars more but they are well trained, know what they are doing, and are able to handle the problems there instead of having the vehicle towed away.  Sorry for the long letter but I wanted to share my experience from the other side.  Thank you for listening.

[442] Terry in Foster City, CA   Drain Plug

On November 1, 2006 I had some minor warantee problems with my 2003 Honda Accord.  I stopped by the deal, ordered the parts and made arrangements to bring the car in for repairs.  All covered under my extended warantee I'm happy to say.

On November 4th I got a call from the dealer who had the parts and I took the car in on November 5th.  They called me 2 hours later in my office to inform the the oil pan was leaking and the drain plug was stripped.  I keep all receipts for everything that's ever been done on the car.  The last 6 oil changes had been done at Jiffy Lube Store # 608 in San Mateo, CA.  I called the Manager, Luis, who immediately sent a "technician" to the Honda dealership and had them inspect the car.  The technician agreed that the drain pan was stripped.  It is aluminum and the plug is steel.  It was cross threaded and the aluminum pan was damaged and leaking.  He reported back to the manager, Luis, who called me back and agreed the damage was their fault and that he had already filed a claim with their corporate offices who should be calling me shortly.  They never called.  The next day, November 6th, I called them.  I spoke with a pleasant young lady who knew of the claim, gave me a fax number to fax the invoice to and told me "Willie" will be handling your case.  I faxed the invoice and waited.  Willie never called.  I called on November 7 and left a message.  No call back.  I called again November 10th and was told "Willie is on the phone with another customer, he will call you back when his call is finished".  I heard nothing.  Again on November 17th, again nothing.  Again on November 20, 21 and 22.  Same story, Willie is always "on the phone with another customer.  He will call you back".  I don't think Willie is ever going to call me.

[441] Jesse in Fort Meyers, FL  No Follow-Up

I took my car into the local Jiffy Lube where I have been a regular customer for nearly 10 years! (That's approximately 36 - 40 times!) My car is a 2002 Volvo R80. About 4 days later, I notice my car is spewing oil all over my garage and entrance. I called Jiffy Lube(Fort Myers, Florida) and they took my number and said that the owner, a chap by the name of Manny Suret would call me. Well I wait and I wait and he never calls. After a few more calls into Jiffy Lube, I called Volvo and had my car towed in! $$$$$

Volvo informed me that Jiffy Lube had stripped the Drain Bolt and neglected to put a washer on! I had to pay Volvo for another service, the tow, and lose my car for three days! And you should see the oil slicks outside my new home! And that is after I paid Jiffy Lube for a full service only days before! I have called Jiffy Lube headquarters 3 times and the store 5 times. After 2 weeks, not one person has called me from Jiffy Lube! I am quite disgusted!

Iffy Lube's customer service told me that they had no power on whether the owner would call me! In fact he told me to contact the Better Business Bureau! What an idiot! Doesn't he know that it is his job to avoid complaints!..........you have to laugh! I am not after a huge compensation here! I just want someone from Jiffy Lube to call me, apologize for the shoddy work and ask me what it takes to turn me back into the regular customer I was!

[440] Brent in Layton, UT  Coupon Book

Yesterday [22 Nov 2006] I took my truck into the Jiffy Lube in Layton, store 2015.  I had my oil changed.  Upon payment, the service clerk handed me a coupon book and stated, "This is yours."  I started to think about how much I paid for the oil change and it seemed to be more than normal, so I looked at the summary of service.  There included in the normal description of service was a charge for the BEF Coupon Book, $5.00.  I didn't ask for the coupon book, nor did I want the book, I was told to take it.  I'm not sure if the employee gets a bonus for every coupon book sold, but I feel robbed.

[439] Thomas in Charolette, NC  Oil Plug

i took our car to jeffy lube for oil change (4 cylinder car) Oct./06 at a charge of $51.99 high mileage oil. My son drove the car to college and back over the weekend and drove into our garage ,the next morning sunday i went to gargage to find oil all over the floor -i contacted jiffy lube corp office immediately by pc-email.monday a regional mgr called me and came by to look at the mess,looked at my oilpan and saw the screw hanging out by a thread. he then went to a local store to purchased cat litter came back spread it on the floor ,said he was sorry and cleaned it up .a hugh stain remained on floor -i was not happy with it -he said he would contact corp heardquarters -he later call back and said they would do nothing else -iam suiting jiffy lube now for $1500. for a floor covering (end of Oct. )

[438] Zak in Merced, CA  Padded Bill

i think i have already complained to the correct people/places. and even found http://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/ripoff176258.htm  so this jiffy lube location is no stranger to complaints. when i contacted the franchise owner, they admitted to me they thought some retraining was in order, but did not offer me any kind of refund. long story short, the oil change and additional service, fuel and air filter/ fuel injection, i ordered came to $205.74. when i went to pay my bill (actually it was my wife who first tried to pay, which is what i think first caused the problem) the total was $283 and change. when i asked what the additional 40% was for i was told tax and labor. when i asked "isnt labor included in the price for each service" i was told it was not. apparently the store tried to get over on my wife and when i started to complain, they got very angry at me, finally when i said i refused to pay for the additional $80 they responded by removing $70 (their charge) worth of air filters from my car and replaced my old air filters, which while sitting in the trash smelled of some chemical solvent that nearly caused me to passout while driving to kragen where i replaced the cabin air filters that they charged me $49.99 for a pair of filters i got at kragen for $15.16. when i told them they were still $10 off, they very nicely took $10 off my bill. two other women in the store at that time told me they had been forced to buy the more expensive synthetic oil as they were told the store was out of the regular oil. i am disputing the charge with my credit card company and have reported to the BBB

[437] Sandra in Oak Lawn, IL   No Air Filters

I have been getting my oil changed at a Jiffy Lube in Oak Lawn, IL.  I have gotten the feeling that they do NOT know what the heck they are doing.  The second to last time I went there, I told them I wanted an oil change and don't take out any air filters or any other parts from the engine.  They said o.k.  A couple of minutes later they walk over with my air filter with balls of fuzz and who knows what on my air filter.  I asked them who's air filter that was, because I just changed mine!  He then showed me the cabin filter (filter that is for the inside of the car).  The filter was fine (which I already knew), but the guy cracked the cover when trying to jam the filter back into place.  After I went home, I checked the cover for the cabin filter and it had a BIG crack in it.  I saw the guy fumbling with it, so I thought I'd better check it out when I went home.  Needless to say, they cracked the cover.

The LAST time I went to a Jiffy Lube, I told them I wanted an oil change and to NOT mess with the air filters.  Two minutes later, some idiot is trying to get the cover off of the cabin filter again!  I walked over there and told the guy that I specifically told them I didn't want them to mess with anything else on the car.  And that last time I was here you cracked the cover for that air filter.  He put the nuts back onto the bolts and didn't mess with anything else.

Needless to say I have not gone back to a Jiffy Lube again!  My husband and I have found a much better, family owned place that is recommended by friends of ours, and is a little less expensive.

[436] Virginia in Vancouver, WA  Radiator

Hi, well Where do I start?  I took my Truck into Jiffy Lube near the Walmart Store and left it thinking how could I go wrong with their service they are a National chain right?  Stop me if you have heard this before,  The Truck was suppost have an Oil change and a Radiator flush, the fluids were are supposta be filled and the truck cleaned on the inside.  I went off to shop, thinking I was in good hands...after about an hour of so I walked back to the Lube place and paid for the service, the bill came to around $90.00, and I didn't get a receipt printed before I handed over the $90.00!

Well, the Radiator Cap failed, and they filled the truck with the wrong oil, my husband had a fit and made me take the truck back!  We sat there and talked to the "Manager," who told us it was just a typo, and that he personally put the right oil in the truck, when I asked him about the Blades that needed to be replaced, he said they passed, but he recommended a fuel injector cleaner soon...we don't have a fuel injector!  So my husband and I took the "Manager's" word that the correct oil was used in our Truck, and we left for home...as we pulled out of the parking lot, I noticed a funny smell and saw something on the windshield...yes it was antifreeze, our Radiator blew...it is now costing us $330.00 for a new one.  When I called the "Manager" all he said was bring it back in and he'd give me a free oil change and another flush...so he in fact admitted Liability...now I want my money back and the Truck repaired!  I will call the AG in WA. State and I fortunately have a Paralegal buddy, how will draft a demand letter to Jiffy Lube, wish me luck....There's the real problem we are a one vehicle family....my husband lost a days work ($160.00), Plus we didn't have the full price for the new repairs, so we are taking out a Payday Loan at a high interest rate, because we have no choice, the next time Jiffy Lube tried to screw someone, I hope they have the decency to turn the lights off and the sheets down!  I Live in Vancouver Washington and believe me I will have my day in court if necessary!

[435] Don in Bonita Springs, FL  Water Freezes

I took my 2005 Dodge Grand Caravan to Jiffy Lube store #1260 (in Bonita Springs Fl.) today 11/14/06. No other customers were in the store and I was in a hurry. (I guess that should have told me something was wrong) I observed them filling the Windshield fluid and radiator with water from the hose. I asked about it and was told by the manager that they always do that. I explained that we would be driving to Minnesota and that water freezes and that we had the system freeze in the past and now I knew why. I was treated rudely and basically told that that was not his problem. He refused to tell me how to register my concern by any means other then calling the store number. He attempted to refuse to give me my keys when I asked for a system to express my concern. By searching the internet I found the web site for Jiffy Lube. I have tried to contact the corporate office using their email link. After completing their form and sending the email a popup tells me that they are having technical problem and to try some other day! I guess I'll be using other services in the future!

[434] Steve in Sandy, UT  Snapped Nut

I went to Jiffy Lube, Store #2007, located at 106th South and 7th East. in Sandy, Utah this morning November 10, 2006. I instructed them to perform a routine oil service along with tire rotation on a 2004 Taurus with 26,000 miles. When both services were complete they brought me back a snapped off lug nut and informed me that who ever performed the prior tire rotation over torqued the lug nut and caused the stud to fail upon tightening. The store mgr. (Jeremy ) informed me that Jiffy Lube was not responsible and that I would need to pursue the prior vendor who rotated the tires. I'm sorry folks but this just doesn't fly in my book. If Jiffy Lube snapped it off then they should repair it. I'll go have it repaired else where for a few bucks but guess what.......Jiffy Lube will never have my services or the services of anyone I know ever again and that I'm sure will be 10 times more than what I have to pay to have a lug nut replaced.

[433] Ken in Lakewood, CA  Hard Sell

A total lack of competent employees, a hard sell to try to get people to do un-necessary repairs,  A terrible attitude upon trying to get problems solved, Greasy paw prints on the interior of my new  car,  all this has convinced me to tell everyone I know to STAY AWAY from Jiffylube,  On one occasion my oil drain plug was left loose causing oil to drip all over my driveway, I went back to the shop and got a runaround, and a total lack of concern, ((even to the point they said maybe I had loosened the drainplug in AN ATTEMPT TO GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING!,))    WHAT NERVE THESE PEOPLE HAVE --on another occasion my oil fill cap was left off and lost on the drive home, same runaround when I went back and complained about it, they refused to replace the cap too.  --On still another occasion I was charged for an oil filter that NEVER got replaced!  I am fortunate that I am a retired auto mechanic and checked the car after leaving the premises just to make sure things were done properly,Otherwise severe damage could have taken place to my car had I not caught it, I feel sorry for anyone who trusts these people with their car.  If you want to ruin your car and get ripped off in the process, then by all means go see these CROOKS!    

[432] Jim in Folsom, CA  Hood

Took my 85 Corvette to Jiffy Lube in Folsom Ca 11/07/06. The attendent lifted the heavy hood and did not make sure it latched. The hood fell from the up position cracking the fiberglass and the paint. I've got 3 estimates so far for $1600. This week i'll take them to the manager.

[431] Scott in Corvallis, OR  No Filter

I visited a Jiffy Lube in Corvallis, Oregon today. I had the oil changed, radiator drained and a new fuel filter installed (so I thought.) When I got home I was suspicous that it only took a half an hour to complete the service. I decided to take a look at my "new" fuel filter to make sure it isn't the old one. Sure enough it was the old muddy/dusty one that was on there when I brought it in. I went back and told them they didn't change it, they brought out what was supposed to be my "old filter" and showed it to me. When I showed them the dusty filter in my truck, they bacame very cooperative, and refunded my money. Not sure if it was intentional or an accident, but I am never going back.

[430] Kim in Chamblee, GA  Taking Advantage

I went to the Jiffy Lube, Store #2106, located at 5017 Buford Hwy. in Chamblee, GA this morning [6 Nov 06].  I pull up to a rag tag looking bunch of men.  I knew then I should have turned around and left, but unfortunately I didn't.  They changed my oil, topped off my fluids and filled my tires with air.  One of the guys (black man) tried to sell me oil for $40.00!!  I told him just because I am a woman does not mean I'm stupid.  THEN, the "manager," fool that he was, tried to tell me that tax on a $19.99 oil change was $6.00.  I told him no way.  I went off on them about trying to rip me off.  The hispanic man was the only one that seemed to know what was going on.  I'm scared to death of what these idiots may have done to my car.  I'm taking my car to my automotive place I usually deal with to have it checked out.  If they find ANYTHING, and I mean ONE LITTLE THING wrong I'm suing Jiffy Lube.  Jiffy Lube will NEVER touch my car again.  I'm lodging a complaint with the Attorney General's Office as well.  Good riddens!

[429] Paul in Madison, WI  Transmission

One of Jiffy Lube #1288's employees (Josh) came to my workplace in the evening and said that they were only a few cars away from a record day and did anyone want an oil change for 19.99?  He would drive the car to Jiffy Lube (across the street), do the work and then return it.  I thought about it and decided to go ahead with it. I told Josh that sounded good, and asked him if he knew how to drive stick shift. He assured me he did. I gave him the keys to my car and told him where my car was parked.

About 30 minutes later the Asst. Manager brought the car back. parked it, and came in to get me to sign the paperwork. I did, and he told me he parked the car in the back.

I left work about 10:45 pm that night and when I got in the car and started it up, I could not "find" reverse.  The gear stick went into reverse (or where it should be) but the car went forward. So, after trying every gear position and just going forward, I proceeded to push the car back out of the parking spot. I started to drive home.  The car seemed sluggish and like it was in too high a gear when I took off from a dead stop. When I got onto the highway, I realized I only had 2 gears. (it seemed like 2nd and 3rd) and could only go 45 mph with out over revving the engine. 

  • So the next day Saturday, October 7th, I opened my hood and looked and saw that a gear lever pivot was SHEERED IN HALF. So, I returned to Jiffy Lube #1288 and asked to talk to the manager Joe.  I walked him out to the car and told him that I think they had broken my car last night. Josh also came out to look. They both said, we could not have, we only put oil in the car.  I said but Josh drove the car to Jiffy Lube and had to back out of the parking spot.  I said it seems that he could not get it in to gear (probably reverse) and forced it, thus sheering the part.  They swore they did not do it, and then Josh said, "I couldn't get it into reverse, so I just pushed the car back".  So after some heated discussion, Joe the manager decided he would have someone look at it and decide what to do Monday.  I demanded that they fix the car.  That obviously the part did not just wear out and break, IT WAS FORCED AND SHEERED IN HALF.

  • Monday afternoon, I went in and asked what was going on with my car.  I was told very rudely that they were waiting for the dealer to call them back.  So, I left. 

  • Tuesday afternoon October 10, I went in, and was told they still have not heard from the dealer.  I then told them to get on the phone and call the dealer. That the dealer was not going to be calling them.  I told them that enough is enough and that this needs to be taken care of, I told them they were jerking me around.  Joe then got very rude and told me to leave that they were waiting on that call.  I then told him NO, you need to call the dealer and get the info.  He said he would.  So, I left.  I walked back across the street to work, and called the closest Volkswagen dealer. I explained the problem and described the part. The dealer said we have it and its $33. So I called Jiffy Lube back and told Jen (the girl that answered the phone), that I called the dealer and they have the part, just waiting for them. She thanked me. 

  • About 20 minutes later, a worker from Jiffy Lube came over and said that they want me back over there, that the part we thought was broke was not it.  So I went over there (on my work time) and the rude manager told me that he had a mechanic look at the car and that the broken piece is not the problem, it needs a whole cable assembly, and they would not be able to fix it until Thursday, October 12th.  He also told me that the mechanic told them there is no way they could have broken the part, but they were going to fix it for me anyway to make me happy.  I am sorry, but the way I was treated and how rude the manager was, I find it hard to believe they would do that.  If it were not Jiffy Lube's fault, why would he get it fixed and pay for it?  I feel he just does not want me to take legal action.  I told him that I then need a car, my wife is leaving town Wednesday and I need a car to drive.  So he huffed and puffed a while and said he would have to call his boss, Bill (Buchanan).  I said I do not care just get it done.  So he did, and then gave me a piece of paper with a phone number saying, this is Bill's number call him, he will arrange it.  Therefore, I left.  Not very happy that I would have to try during work to call Bill and get a car.  Since I am supposed to be working at work.  Therefore, I called my wife, and asked her to call Bill.  She did.  I later received a call from Bill telling me to call Enterprise in the morning and they have all the info.  In addition, will pick me up and give me a car.

  • Wednesday morning, October 11, I called Enterprise (the number Bill gave me) and they had no idea what I was talking about.  However, they would take care of me.  So I got it all arranged and they said they would call me when they got to my place to pick me up. I then called Bill, and told him what was up. He said NO WAY, I set it up last night. I told him it doesn't matter, they are coming to pick me up.  I got the car and all is fine that way.

  • Thursday, October 12th - I was off of work and did not receive any info about my car.

  • Friday, October 13th,  I finally decided I should call Jiffy Lube to see what the status of my car was, since they weren't calling me. I called and Jen answered the phone, she said she had no idea what was going on with my car, but they were extremely busy. So I told her to have them call me back with the info.  About 30 minutes later Craig called and said that the dealership had forgot to order the part (yeah, right) and they now have put it on rush and it will be in Monday, October 16th. Then Perez  (the repair shop?) is going to have to fix the car and they hope it will be done by Tuesday, October 17th. This will be almost 2 weeks from when this all started.

  • Monday, October 16th, No word from anyone, car still sitting at Jiffy Lube.

  • Tuesday, October 17th,   Car moved to Perez shop, hopefully for repair.

  • Wednesday, October 18th,  No word.

  • Thursday, October 19th, the car is supposed to be done today.  However, no word from anyone about it.  I am tired of calling and being told lies, I am going to wait to see what happens.

  • Friday, October 20th, Finally Joe (the manager) came over to my work late in the evening and told them the car was finished.

  • Saturday, October 21st, I went over to Jiffy Lube #1288 and picked up my keys.  Joe just said that the car was repaired.  No one apologized for the delay or for my troubles.

  • Now it is Wednesday, October 25, 2006 and I still have heard nothing from anyone.  I called and talked to Jiffy Lube Corporate Customer Service on the phone Monday October 23 and it seems like they really were not too concerned about it.

  • Well it is now November 4, and I still have heard nothing from Corporate or the District Manager, as they promised. 

For a company that says the customer comes first, I sure must not be a customer.  I have had poor communication, or no communication the entire way.  I have consistently had to go out of my way to find out what is going on.  They will not admit a mistake and do what they can to fix it.  They are consistently putting up roadblocks and making it my job to make sure the problem gets resolved.  If Jiffy Lube is where the customer comes first, then they should be calling me and talking to me and keeping me informed.  It seems the only thing that gets through to this rude manager is when I get angry.  Then he will take action, but make me seek him out to find out what is happening.  He certainly has very poor people skills; he is rude to his employees, and the customer.  He demanded that Jen come over to where we were talking so I could apologize for swearing in front of her.  If he was so concerned about her, why does he treat her like that?

What a horrible experience I had, with Joe, a rude, lying, people skill lacking manager, and his lying employees.  I certainly hope you send somebody to that store to work with him or her and possibly improve that.  They all need some customer service training.

What is even crazier about this whole mess is that I still paid for that oil change.

[428] Lou in Stratford, CT  Light Bulbs

A relative of mine recently had an issue with services rendered at the JL in Stratford, CT, and since I still hold a grudge on them from the summer I decided to The problem started at the JL in Stratford, CT with a simple mistake and ended with a vow to never use Jiffy Lube again.

While I bring my 2004 Hyundai Accent to my dealer every 12-15 thousand miles for service, it is impractical to make an appointment and bring it in for every oil change, so I used Jiffy Lube. For the first few changes, they were fine. Always pushing services I don't really need (or could have my dealer do much better for comparable price), but that's sales. They also even refunded part of my cost one time because they were out of stock on my air filter, and said they would install it if I went up to the nearby Auto Zone a mile up the street and bought one. I thought that was weird, but it was a Sunday and they did offset the cost, so I thought less of it. I also knew they offer bulb replacement, which I knew because they had replace my tag light one time. So when a headlight blew in early June 2006, I was near due for an oil change and decided to wait until I got to Jiffy Lube to let them fix it.

The prior visit, I was given a keytag that offered $4 off an oil change because I was a "VIP" member. Also, the mileage sticker on my car said that if I came back in within 500 miles of my target 3,000 mileage, I would get $3 off.  I brought my car to the Jiffy Lube in Stratford on 6/17/06 for the change and to get the bulb fixed. I told them about it, yet never heard more from them and found later that night that the bulb was indeed still blown out, so they must have never even checked it. They also recommended cleaning my battery terminal, which I refused knowing it would have been done just a couple months prior by my dealer if really needed. I also did not receive my $7 off, which was made more noticeable because the cost of the Signature Service had magically gone up $5 since my last visit.

After sending an email complaint about all that, I got a call from the manager that said my next oil change would be free.  I drive alot, so it was about a month and 1700 miles later that I went in to claim it. I wasn't due for an oil change, but figured I'd sneak one in since I was going on a long trip. I also once again told them about the bulb, which I still had not replaced. They recommended the battery terminal again, and again I refused. I was told the light was a relay issue they couldn't fix, so I figured I'd wait and have my dealer do it. However, when it came time to pay, the "manager" (who was the other manager) had no knowledge of the free service, even after I told him that I was specifically told to ask for him or the other manager by name. He seemed bothered, as at 4 PM on a Saturday he was using the company tools to detail his own car in the parking lot. Regardless, it was done.

One month later, after my trip, I was nearly due for another change, this time a dealer service. Two days before, my other headlight blew out, so I asked them to check that and the battery terminal.  Come to find out, it was simply two blown headlights and the battery terminal was basically surface dirt that was quickly cleaned for no extra cost by my dealer.

Either Jiffy Lube lied to me about the headlight or didn't have techs qualified enough to understand a blown headlight. Add that in with the apparent lack of communication between two managers, and I could tell something was fishy. So, because of all this, the $7 off that seems to be a scam to allow them to raise their price, the constant now hiring sign in the window for almost 6 months now and my relatives' experience, I have not gone back to JL since July and will never go back to that location (and most likely the entire chain) again.

[427] Dan in Tracy, CA  Drained Fluids

I took my '94 Honda Accord in to have a simple oil change done while I did some grocery shopping.  The car worked perfectly well when I drove it in. 

Upon returning and paying for the service, I went to the end of the bay to retrieve my car and my clutch went straight to the floor.  The brakes didn't feel right either.  I was able to pump the clutch enough to get it home.  Once there I looked under the hood and noticed that both my clutch and brake fluid levels were both drained, my fluids weren't topped off and I was still down a quart of oil.  I luckily keep brake fluid and oil in my truck for emergencies and once I filled both resevoirs back up, everything was good again.

I usually pop the hood once a week to check things out when I wash my car so I knew something was amiss with their service.  Fluids just don't drain themselves within a weeks time and I believe they went out of their way to conjure up some additional service.  Rather than confront a bunch of idiots, I decided it was best to take my car to a respectable business...a lesson learned!

I have never gone back and will NEVER go to another Jiffy Lube.  If your smart, you will avoid them as well.

[426] Melissa  Similar Issues

We're going through a similar issue with Candrell Car Care and I'm looking at putting up a similar website to your jiffylubeproblems.com for dissatisfied Candrell customers.

I haven't completed a full mockup to tweak and test before going live, but I would like to emulate your site's structure and credit you for the concept. Would that be okay with you?

Editor: OK.  Businesses underestimate the power of consumers at their own peril.

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