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[200] Suzanne in Seabrook, NH  Attitude

I have been having my oil changed on my 2001 Grand Cherokee at various Jiffy lubes from Florida to New Hampshire for the last 3 years and have had good service. The other day I drove in to a Jiffy lube In Seabrook New Hamphire on Rt, I. I pulled in behind two other cars in line in bay no. 3. There were a also two more cars waiting in front of bays  1 and 2. A young man came out and told me that it would be 20 to 30 minute wait and I agreed to wait. They found me on their computer and told me to wait. After 30 min. wait the car in the bay in front of me was done and drove away. What happened next was not to be believed. The young came out and told me that I had to move my car back so they can drive the car waiting from bay no 1 in the bay in front of me. I told him: "I donít think so". I told him that I was next in line to go in the bay and I was not moving back. I asked to speak to the supervisor. The young man told this to the supervisor and he refused to come out to see me.  The next thing I see is the car waiting in bay no. 1 is driven by one of the workers around the building and backed into the bay in front of me to get service done. I was appalled by what I was seeing. By now I had someone else behind me waiting. I got out of my car and told them to move back so I can back out.  As I was backing out I said to the young man, " You just lost a customer and I will never drive into another Jiffy lube station ever again and I will be taking my business elsewhere."

[199] Franchisee in Salt Lake City, UT

I am a manager at a jiffy lube in salt lake city and just read a problem about my store. it is regarding the cabin air filter replacement at the store on 800 e 400 s.  I have a problem with this statement and some of the other statements from this website.  [ See [125] Gregg in Salt Lake City, UT:  Pricing ]

First why didn't that customer ask us about the problem with the price? I would have gladly discounted the price or explained in more detail why those cabin air filters are more expensive (HEPA filters, not cotton)

I agree that many of the problems that are listed on this web site are bad, but like i said before, we are a franchise, some owners have different requirements that others.

My franchise owns most of the jiffy lubes in the greater salt lake valley, north salt lake, bountiful, layton and tooele. and if you look at the first page on this website, there are 2 utah complaints, one that shoul d have been able to be handled in the store (cabin air filter) and the one in riverton, (we don't even deal/change/work on thermostats)

Our franchise is rated as one of the best in customer service in the entire country and we are one of the largest. My main issue is the fact that people hate an entire company for its bad practices due to ONE employee or ONE store.

If you don't believe me, come to a jiffy lube in salt lake, how about the one on 1735 W Redwood Rd. This is the store where i work now. I will show you the difference.

I hope that the operator of this web site has let you read this message. Like i said before, I am not mad that people have had problems, I just don't want you to hate a great overall company for the mistakes of one store.

[198] Marie in Levittown, NY  Mischief

My experience there was a little different from the stories that I read but I figured I would send mine anyway.  I have always used Jiffy Lube in Levittown NY since the early 90's.  One day I went to a party at a bar across the street and decided to ask the gas station attendant if I could leave my car in the lot (I knew him from repeatedly going to that station) so he said sure, and directed me to where I should park my car so I parked it and thought nothing of it.  After the party I was honestly to intoxicated to drive and simply assumed that I would pick my car up in the morning ( No big deal.. or so I thought!!!) I went back to the Jiffy Lube station at around 9:30 am the very next day and my car wasn't where I parked it, so I went in to ask where it was and the clerk pointed to the road (hempstead tpke) I was a bit confused at his answer but I listened to him and proceeded to look out at the turnpike still in disbelief that my car would be there, I thought they were just messing with me, but wouldn't you know my car had been physically moved by Jiffy Lube staff members, they actually broke into my car, popped my ignition  starter lock (not sure what its called but it's where you put your key to start the car) and rolled my car out into the right lane of Hempstead Tpke.  I could not believe that I was looking at my car sitting on a main road in the right lane.  If you are familiar with the road you will know how shocked I was to see my car there.  Needless to say I was extremely aggitated at this whole situation, considering that I had permission to park there.  I went into Jiffy Lube only to be spoken down to and blown off by there staff (remember I was a regular there for years!!) I made some phone calls but had no luck.. they generally said it's not our responsibility!! you left your car!! etc!!!

That just tells me what type of people they employ.. Criminalistic thieves!!! What gave them the right to do such a thing.. What they should have done was have my car towed if it was such a problem that it was parked there.  I still to this day cannot believe that they did the damage that they did..

Just my 2 cents on that crappy Jiffy Lube station!!!

[197]  Ex-employee in California

Hi, I am a previous employee of a Jiffy Lube, Im going to keep my identity a secret because of what I am about to tell you.  I was a cashier at a jiffy lube for 9 months.  And in that 9 months I witnessed some outrageous things.  From employees getting high on the job and driving your vehicles, to employees taking out your air filters which had nothing wrong with them and going out back and rubbing them in the dirt so they could show you how "dirty" they were and convince you to buy a new one.  Ive also witnessed people tell someone they needed something done to their car on a specific part of there car, and that particular car didn't even have that part, and could in no possible way get that service done! people have left the job ( a manager and 2 employees) to go pick up girls, bring them back to the job and have sex with them in the back room!  I would be stuck at the job having to lie to customers and tell them that one of the drums was leaking oil so we were temporarily closed!  You could have a brand new car and they will tell you something needs to be done, when more than 85% of the time it dosen't.  They will do anything for that extra sale.  I am having a problem with the Corporate office myself.  I had moved and needed my W2s sent to a different location, and I had called them in December and they assured me I would be getting them in a week, and now it is March I still havent gotten them, The nuber I had for the Corporate office is no longer in service, and I cannot find out the new one!  I know they are or used to be located in Laguna Beach, and they were Eureka Petroleum, but now I have no idea and I cant get or find any answers as to where or who they are now, so if any knows this Houston number can you please email it to me @ --- Thanks and watch your back if you get your oil changed there( they sometimes forget to put filters back in or sometimes even oil back in!)

[196] Michael in Elgin, IL  Head Gasket

Interesting website. -Guess it's sort of comforting to know that I'm not the only one with a Jiffy Lube complaint!   Here is my story.

On February 18, 2006, I took my car, a 1995 Saturn, to the Jiffy Lube on McLean Blvd. in Elgin, Illinois. I went with the sole purpose of getting a simple oil change.

In the course of doing the regular oil change, the store manager, Jeff, informed me that my antifreeze was frozen and that my car needed a radiator flush as soon as possible. Normally I decline the extra services that Jiffy Lube offers, however, Jeff put on this whole sales pitch making it out that this work was absolutely necessary and needed to be done ASAP. Once the work was complete, I drove home and the car sat in my garage until the following Monday morning. It was on Monday, February 20th, that I noticed the heat would not come on when I drove to work. My wife noticed, after I left, that oil/antifreeze had leaked all over my garage floor.

Once I got to work, I called Jeff at Jiffy Lube to tell him this. He told me to bring the car back in and he would look at it. After he looked at it, he determined that a head gasket had cracked and that he would not be able to fix it. He said to take the car to a mechanic and have the mechanic send Jiffy Lube an estimate of the damage and cost of repairing the problem. The next day, I took the car to J. Martin Auto Repair in Elgin, IL. Mr. Martin looked at the car and confirmed the head gasket had indeed cracked and that it would cost approximately $1,500 to $2,000 to repair. The mechanic said that it was a definite possibility that Jiffy Lube's equipment could have caused this problem, and certainly the radiator flush accelerated any pre-existing problem that might have already been present. Mr. Martin communicated this information to Jeff at Jiffy Lube.

It was at this point that Jeff at Jiffy Lube claimed that since my car was old with almost 100,000 miles on it, and since the chances being remote that his equipment was the cause of 100% of the problem, Jiffy Lube would not assume any responsibility here and not pay for any of the repair work.

Unsatisfied with this, I asked for and was given the name of the District/Regional Manager, Chris. Both my wife and myself have each had conversations with Chris in which we have stated that we believe that Jiffy Lube should have some, if not all, the responsibility of covering the cost to repair the damage done to our car. Our dealings with Chris have been very frustrating. After not returning many of our calls, my wife was finally able to reach him yesterday. He said that it can not be proven that Jiffy Lube is 100% responsible for the damage and that Jiffy Lube will not pay for any portion of the repair work. He insulted my wife by saying that us asking Jiffy Lube to this bill is the equivalent of a cancer patient suing an insurance company because he has cancer. We're not even sure what he was trying to say with this analogy. My wife asked for the name of his supervisor. He said he did not have one and then he rudely hung up on her.

This situation has now entered its third week and I am extremely frustrated. My car had no apparent problems prior to my visit to Jiffy Lube. I contend that the work performed, especially the radiator flush that I was convinced to buy, was a main factor in causing the damage to my car. I am fully aware that my car is old. It does have a lot of miles on it. However, it is plainly obvious to me that the service performed at Jiffy Lube, if not being the direct cause of the problem, certainly accelerated any problem my car may have had.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. I hope that this story and the many others like it will eventually have a positive impact on the business conducted at Jiffy Lube stores throughout the country.

[195] Employee In New York City, NY

As a former manager for Jiffy Lube, what I can say is that they are a numbers driven company, but what company is not...that said, I was trained to sell, sell, sell or in Jiffy Lube lingo is DOB or Dollars over Base, base being Base price of an oil change whatever that may be in your local area. The more over base the happier they were!!! I won a contest for having the best DOB over the previous period in a Sears Location to Yankee Stadium in a Luxury Box, again incentive or pressure to sell. My Area Manager was always asking why we were not up....again pressure. I could go on all day...

[194] Edyta in Arlington Heights, IL  Transmission

My name is Edyta and I want to share my experience with Jiffy Lube.  On February 15, 2006, I took my Toyota Tercel to Jiffy Lube #2501 at 215 West Rand Road, Arlington Heights, IL 60004 to have my engine and transmission oil changed.  The employees there, teenagers, were goofing around, pushing each other, screaming and acting very unprofessional.  The entire service took over 1.5 hour even though there was no line of cars waiting.  Two days later I was driving my car with my husband and a two year old son and on the straight road the car suddenly locked on us and stopped in place.  The cars behind us hardly avoided hitting us.  One turn on the grass and the other to the middle of the road.  We towed the car to the Toyota dealership and after their inspection we find out that the fluid from the differential was completely drained and not replaced.  It caused our transmission to brake.   I contacted Jiffy Lube but they denied any wrong doing.  Simply stop returning my phone calls.   I have a $2,000 damage on the car and they do not want to pay for it.  I have a written report form Toyota dealership stating that there was no oil leak on my car and that the oil was drained and not replaced.  Independed car specialist was also hired by Jiffy Lube and conformed that it was Jiffy Lube's fault but still they denied responsibility.

[193] Employee in Yucca Valley, CA

I only worked there for a couple of pay checks as a Lower Bay/Curt./under the hood/whatever tech.

I left a good well managed lube shop owned and operated by Ez-Lube in Cathedral City for the same pay in Yucca Valley where I live. No long commute or traffic to deal with any more. except at Ez-Lube you were a hood tech or a curt tech or lower bay tech a cashier or a greeter you were not any of the two combined you hired in where you felt comfortable and if you wanted to move up or change positions you could. Very happy at Ez-Lube. I still for the life of me don't know why I quit there to go to work where the lower bay was impossible to keep clean and the unsafe conditions, oh yeah no long drive and was getting more hours and at the same pay rate. But it was not worth it. How they would rape the customers to keep the TA and treat the employees there was sad. I was treated pretty good can tell you almost what oil filter goes on which car can cross reference oil filters on the fly can do most oil changes within 3 minutes or less filter off drain plug out new filter on, drain plug in and lube the chassis.    But it was the condition of the catwalks and drain sumps along with other out dated and unsafe equipment that I decided to go back to work for the Texaco Express down the street I worked there for almost 4 years and left when I found out the owner was going to close it because the lease was up and to renew was going to be expensive. So now I am working for Texaco Express down the street which is clean safe and friendly by the way maybe it is because the new owner only owns two other shops besides this one. I have taken with me the do's and don'ts from Jiffy Lube and Easy Lube and hope to help my new boss make his business the best around. My thing about cooperates is they are all run on the same thing as small shops as well it all depends on that TA. But if your employees are not happy how can your customers be happy. If you offer bonuses make good on them and don't degrade your employees by taking away on bad thing about EZ-Lube was non of the employees received any of there commissions or bonuses in four months prior to my hire this was bad for them because this was another reason I had for leaving. But Jiffy lube does the same thing it is common practice among quick lube shops to forfeit the bonuses but never the commissions not all of them any way and it happens. The guy that ran the Texaco Express did the same thing to his employees and he had only 16 shops so if the small guy is going to do it so is the big guy because the little guy sees and does as the big guy (monkey see monkey do)  it is just business.

[192] R. M. in Kansas City, MO  Theft

My wife took our Chrysler Town & Country van to Jiffy Lube this past Monday for an oil and filter change (as usual). We have been regular customers for about the past six to twelve months since the new location opened near our home. We quickly became familiar with their sales techniques to recommend "additional" work at every visit, but continued using Jiffy Lube for convenience sake. At Jiffy Lube, my wife left her school bag in the van which contained $53.00 in cash. Yeah, that was dumb, however you really don't think that you are going to get ripped off when you leave your car with people you do regular business. She noticed that her bag had been moved, however vacuuming the interior was part of the service. After leaving Jiffy Lube she drove directly to a car wash. She opened her bag to find an empty money bag and envelope. We contacted the Jiffy Lube manager who bluntly stated that the person who had vacuumed our van denied taking any money, and that he trusted his employees. Jiffy Lube would not consider any type of compensation, and added that people try to scam them all the time. I honestly didn't think they would give me $53.00, but thought they might offer me a couple of free oil changes to try to salvage a customer. I didn't think I would be called a cheat and a fraud. I can tell you this, we don't need Jiffy Lube. As far as I am concerned, they are the scam artists.... from corporate all the way to their dirty, thieving, little pit monkeys.

[191] Guy in Levittown, NY  Promotions

I have been having my oil changes done at Jiffy Lube every three (3) months for years. A few times, they tried to do unessessary work, which I told them not to do. The Jiffy Lube I am referring to is on Hempstead Tpke in Bethpage, NY. They give a free car wash coupon with every oil change. Nice gift...valued at $9.95. Being that we had snow my car needed to be washed, so I went to the carwash and after having my car washed (as I always do) the car wash said they dont honor the coupon anymore. So I paid the $9.95 and went back to Jiffy Lube for reimburstment. The manager of this Jiffy Lube told me the coupon is no longer a gift. The coupon expired on Feb 22, the same day as I had my car washed. I asked for him to reimburst me a second time and he said "its a gift and no longer valid". I called the customer service line for Jiffy Lube in Texas. They said...oh you must be from New York. And went on to say Jif fy Lubes are independently owned and nothing can be done. The Corporate headquarters wont back their name?? Im just happy that I didnt have a problem with something going wrong with my car. I guess it would never be corrected?? I wont use the for my car ever again if this is how they treat their customers!!

[190] Adrienne in Ferndale, WA  Promotions

Whoa, I certainly don't feel like a victim, but was wondering why you don't
do the VIP cards anymore. I appreciated the savings - but have used the last
of my card and apparently they aren't giving them out anymore. Why is
that? I'll probably use a competitor in the future, as there is no
motivation for savings.


[189] Dennis in Raleigh, NC  Dip Stick

In visiting one of my local Jiffy Lube's this morning (on the north side of Glenwood Avenue a few blocks south of the Walmart), one of your so-called mechanics broke off the top of my dipstick. No apology, no recognition that they did it, nothing. (I guess the tops of dipsticks just break off all the time by magic!). Not only did I not get an oil change, now I have to spend time and expense fixing the problem. Thanks much. You just lost another customer and anyone else who will listen to me.

[188] Daphna  Oil Plug

Jiffy lube did not close the oil pan drain screw as a result we had an oil leak until we figured out what was wrong and then tried to cover their asses by stating that we had an engine leak.There is no engine leak ,it was simply their neglegance.

[187] Gerard in Freeport, NY  Transmission

I took my 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan for an oil and filter change. The tech. took my van in and after a little while came out and told me the transmission fluid needed to changed. I agreed, thinking he must know what he is doing. After a short time my tranny started acting strange so I took it to the dealer and he told me the guy changed the fluid never replaced the seal and it had been leaking fluid. Also the transmission fluid DID NOT need to be replaced for another 20,000 miles. I went back to them and they couldn't have cared less! I won't go to another Jiffy Lube again and I recommend that to everyone I talk to.

[186] Evan in Santa Clara, CA  Oil Plug & Cap

I have always been a trusting person, within reason of course, But it seems that all of the personnel at this company, I do not even want to meantion their name has been a continous sore point with me. Being a patient person, of course on the inverse, a sucker by the valueless workers at te above company. I have tried more than 5. (five ), different locations f the for mentioned company, thinking that an ab-normal number of problems can't be a normal thing.

    The first tIme I remember having an "issue", with them, was after I had a company rebuild my motor on my 1990 Buick Regal.I went to them to have my oil & filter changed at the first 500 miles ater the re-build. I had departed from a Jiffy Lube, in the city of Santa Clara, Ca.,of off Bowers next to Hywy.101. I had an appointment with a lock smith in Palo Alto, Ca., to fix a broken trunk lid lock. As I had driven north on Hywy 101, I had noticed a quanity of smoke coming from MY car! As soon as I had safely arrived at the lock smith, I  immediately opened the hood on my car, and found the oil filler cap, undamaged, lodged  in a place on top of the radiator. I then made sure the the engine oil level was at the proper point,and continued my appointment wth the lock smith.

        The next time I had been in the vacinity of that station, I went in and caimly told the store manager what had happened, concerning the oil cap. Of course the given response was that, we ALWAYS return the oil cap to its proper place prior to a hood closure. I told them in this case that was not true. There wasn't a return comment,in like. So, I went to another company location, of those people.

    I ask them to change the oil and filter on the same auto at a location close to Whichester & Bascom Ave. in Santa Clara, Ca. I had discovered, from an independant mechanic, that the workers at Jiffy Lube had stripped the threads on the oil pan,without telling me.

    I guess I'm stubborn, or just plain stupid, so I went to a third you know who place and told them of my problem. Of course the said they understood, changed my oil and filter.  They also had added some new dents and scratches on my autos body panels, as well! How nice. The oil leak still had occurred. This place was in San Jose on Capitol Expressway, north of Hostedder Ave.

    Of course I had broght up this subject to whom I told was their store manager, with an unresponding comment.  Needless to say, I am never going to that group of callous, lying, thieves ever again. Buyer be aware, golf reps. do anything to make a buck too!

[185]  Charles in VA:  Oil Amount

I take all my viechles there for basic service. My 1988 f350 7.3 diesel takes 10 qt, I check my oil every couple days, and top it off myself. To be consistant, I asked them to fill alittle jug I keep in the back, I like to run the same oil. Well it turns out, the xtra amount I asked for became the amount to put in my engine. On the first realized occasion, I had 5 xtra quarts in my engine. I didnt realize until a few days later as it became increasingly clearer that something was wrong. I contacted the store manager after draining it out, he apologised, said he would make the corrections. So I bring my truck in for the next sch app, only to find that as the sales mechanic was giving me his piece, he realized it said 15 qt instead of 10. I thought to myself, wow he found a problem and fixed it. I couldnt of been happier, and went on about my day. I soon noticed the truck ran differently, I chalked it up to the need of a fuel filter, it was its time anyway. Changed it, it got worse. I was mortified, but im a problem solver, so I went to work. After all the reading, probing, and questions I decided to check my oil level, sure enough, an extra 5 quarts. Im really not sure whats wrong with it now, after I drained the excess, it ran alittle better, but something is still wrong. This is my work truck, the way in which I make my living. Im a single dad and am worried that I will get the typical responce when any big company screws up, and that would be sorry, theirs nothing I can do for you. Im going in tomorrow, expecting to get crapped on, judging from how the first time went. Ya know, it seems all the companies that arent owned by actual owners you can see and talk too, are just out to, you finish. Its a shame there isnt a real group of people looking out with power to combat these types, if only we had the ability to crush them and make them pay for their mistakes. These days its like beating a dead horse.  Preparing to go over the barrel.

[184] Dennis:  Transmission

I have a 2003 Subaru which my daughter drives and recently had serviced for oil, lube & filter at Jiffy Lube.  Now the transmission has failed and will cost $3,400 to repair.  The problem with the transmission started just after Jiffy Lube serviced the vehicle.  My daughter said the service man told her he needed to drain some transmission fluid from the car and she was to take it easy while driving it.  I have contacted the local Jiffy Lube about the situation and waiting for a response.  I will contact a lawyer if need be.  This type of actions by service companies cannot go on without some accountability.

[183] David:  Fuel Filter

On January 27th I visited Jiffy lube and was told the specs called for a fuel filter change on my 2001 Ford focus. On driving away I smelled gas but assumed it was from the filter change. On arrival home I saw gas literally pouring from beneath the car. I chanced driving back and was told by a employee who was obviously a border line retarted person that "we put on the wrong filter." My car could have caught fire with bodily injury to myself. I asked the manager how could an employee let a customer drive away with gas pouring from the car!!! I was given $5.00 off my oil change despite my demands fo a full refund due to my near car damage and injury.

[182]  Bob in Port Orchard, WA:  Oil Plug

Hi, I'm Bob in Port Orchard and posted a blog to this website about Jiffy Lube stipping my oil pan threads which the factory authorized mechanics for VW verified were damaged by them - the car had always gone to VW with this one exception. I've written countless letters to Alan Handy - the Jiffy Lube manager for the Puyallup area Jiffy Lube where the over-torquing and stripping of the plug occurred. The store manager even was so stupid as to admit that they kept spare oversized plugs on hand when they do this sort of damage! How many customers out there are driving around with replacement plugs and don't even realize the damage that has occurred??? After questioning him of this practice and once he realized how dumb he was to admit that to me - he'd not speak to me again and referred me to the francise manager - no luck with him! I even went so far as to write the Texas owner of Jiffy Lube and - you know what - if you don't sue them, you won't get a dime! All the certified letters and phone calls go unanswered and they wait to see if you'll sue or not. Now a stripped oil pan isn't worth my time to sue despite the $440 replacement cost - they know that. But know this Jiffy Lube - me and my buddies and anyone reading this will NOT ever patronize Jiffy Lube EVER - for what it's worth.......!!!

[181] Alec in Roanoke, VA:  Pricing

I asked for a regular oil change today at Juffy Lube,  3559 Franklin Rd, Roanoke, Va 24014 and was surprised at the bill of $53.94.  Invoice # 1785 737804 BAY4.

When I questioned the clerk she told me that was the regular price for cars of high milage.  Because of an immenent appointment, I didn't have time to argue with the clerk. I told her I'd asked for a only regular oil change and I would be sure to be very clear to ask for that if I were to have my car serviced there again.

Reviewing my receipt, I see  was charged $49.99 for an 4X4 service and $4.25 for a PZL HI MILE. The clerk's explanation of my bill was incorrect and I was charged for services for which I had not asked.  Up till now I've chosen this location Jiffy Lube becuase of their professional service.  I hope this isn't a new sales technique new employees are trained to use.

[180] Adam in Charlotte, NC:  Transmission

This is my story about my wonderful time at Jiffy Lube...and how they ruined my 1990 Ford SHO 

On 1-09-06 I went to Jiffy Lube at 6941 Lawyers rd. Charlotte NC. To have my cars transmission serviced. When I arrived the two men took a look at my car and refered me to a transmission specialist. The gentleman's name working on my car was Jaysen Foreman I belive that he is the GM. at the time that he began to pull me car out of the garage the other gentelman (name unknown) answered the phone and called to Jaysen to come take a call at which time Jaysen. Stepped out of my car and said nothing to me he just walked over to the phone and took the call. At this time I said to the other gentelman " Is that it? can I go now?" He said yes and have a good day.
    At this point I begin to drive to work down lawyers rd, it is now approximatly 9am, I exited off of Lawerys Rd. and onto Hwy. 485 west while talking to my boss on the cell phone, approximatly 1/2 - 1 mile after getting on the hwy my speed reached about 55-60mph at which time my hood flew up and smashed off of my windshield, tearing all the wiring, lighting, hinges and panneling from the underside of my hood, it also wrapped the hood over the roof of my car damaging the sun roof, the roof itself, and it hit with enough impact to break the interior lights out of my ceiling inside my car. And it also completly ruined the hood.
   At this time I was fortunite enough to be able to react quickly and calmly enough to pull my car off the side of the road with out endangering myself or other drivers. I was on crutches at this time due to me being 1 1/2 months out of knee surgery. I got out of my car survyed the damage got a rope out of my trunk and tied the hood shut since it would not close on its on. I than drove back to the Jiffy Lube where I had been at 10 min. prior to show them the damage that had occured to my vehicle. The gentelman I spoke with was Jaysen Foreman, when I showed him the damge to my car he said nothing he just went and made a phone call and began to work on the car he was working on again. about 10 min later Jaysen had still not said anything to me and he was still working on this car and I finally approached him to see what was going on, if someone was going to help me or if I was going to need to fill out an accident report or what. He said "Im busy right now working on this car by myself but someone will be here soon." And in a very un-timely fashion ( about 30 min. later) David ( unsure of what his title is) showed up and looked at my car and had me fill out a Quality control Accident report # 282938 involving store # 2193. After filling out the form they told me that they would be in touch with me. About 3 days later they called me to come up and have pictures takin of my car, so I had to get back in my unsafe broken car and drive it back up to Jiffy Lube so that they could take pictures of it. 5 days later they called me back and said that they had lost the pictures and needed me to drive back up there to get more pictures takin. We set several different times for me to go up there but is was always very inconvenient for me so finally about 5 more  days later David came to my home to take the pictures, at which time I was not home and he didnt even re tie my hood shut. After this I heard nothing for 2 days and I finally called David to find out what was going on he said that he couldnt get the pictures e-mailed threw to his boss but he would call me the next day. the following day I still heard nothing so I called and left a message 1/25/06. And the day after that I still heard nothing so I called and left another message 1/26/06. Shortly after I left the message I recieved a call from David at my work # and he procedded to tell me that after further review of the pictures of my car Jiffy Lube and the distrect manager decided that they were not at fault for the damage done to my 1990 Ford Taurus SHO 103,000 Miles because they felt that there was a faulty hood latch because of rust which in the pictures that I took you can clearly see that the only rust near the latch is surface rust from paint scratching off over the times when the hood has been opened and closed.

Today is 1/27/06 I have joined 5 different groups against Jiffy Lube And reported my incident with the Better Buisness Bureau and I have also contacted an attorney, if you have any other advice please let me know.

[179] JP In Middletown, RI:  Tires

Not long ago, I had an oil change at my local Jiffy Lube in Middletown, Rhode Island. While I was there, I had my Honda Civicís tires rotated. Not long after, I began to hear strange brakes noises, so I took the car to my dealer this morning. The dealerís mechanic found that the wheel lugs had been so over-torqued that serious damage was done to the rear brakes. I now face a $500+ bill for repairs caused by the incompetence of a Jiffy Lube staff member.

I want to continue to use Jiffy Lube, but Iíll wait to see what action, if any, your company takes in my case. I have little confidence that anything will be done to compensate for my loss. If nothing is done, you can rest assured that, not only will I not use your service again, I will spread the word among my friends and acquaintances.

[178] David:  Air Cleaner

my dad gave me a 1990 corvette with 76,000 miles. It had been well maintained.  Within one week of receiving the car, I thought it would be a good idea to have the oil changed since it had sat in his gararge for over three months without being started. So, I took it to Jiffy Lube just as I had taken my Toyota Pick up and Toyota Camery for years without any problems.

Within three weeks after having the oil changed at Jiffy lube, the service engine light came on and the car began to stall when I stopped at red lights. When I took the car into the dealer, they told me that the air cleaner housing had been taken apart and had not been reinstalled properly. My engine had been sucking in dirt which fouled my intake system, spark plugs, oxegen sensor and catalytic converters.

I continue to take my truck into Jiffy Lube, but will never take my Corvette there ever again. The ONLY reason I never filed suit for damages is because an old friend of mine was employed there at the time and I didn't want to do anything to cast a dark cloud over his head.

[177] Paul in Chicago, IL:  Qualifications

On Friday, January 13, 2006, I took my car into the Jiffy Lube station located at 1049 West North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60622. I authorized them to do a complete oil and filter change and also replace the air filter and windshield wiper blades. As I watched my car being serviced I noticed that the mechanic was taking a water hose and spraying the front of the engine, I thought that odd but also thought that he was a professional and knew what he was doing.

Later on that day, my car started acting up! By this I mean the radio was going off and on and the lights were dimming, then it finally just died in the middle of an intersection. I was able to push the car to the corner and tried to figure out what had happened. My first thought was the battery was dead, I had just put a new battery in on December 9th so I called a friend, he and I took the battery back to the store where it was purchased and they put it on a tester and it read fully charged. We replaced the battery and the car started and I was able to make it to my home three blocks away.

The next morning, I drove the car approx, 10 miles and as I returned home, I turned the car off and was not able to restart it; I was only getting some clicking sounds from the engine, although the headlights were very bright.

On Monday, January 16, 2006, I was able to start the car and I took it to a certified mechanic to have them look at it to see what the problem was. In their expert opinion, when the mechanic sprayed water on the engine, he sprayed the alternator, causing a short, this then affected the starter because the alternator was not able to produce enough power to power the vehicle and made the starter heat up and cause the car to die. When the starter cooled down then the car started normally again.

The alternator was replaced at a cost of $265.00. Although it is hard to prove at 100% certainty, in the mechanics expert opinion, the probability is very high (95%) that the water sprayed on the alternator and starter, caused this problem resulting in a new alternator.  I am asking to be reimbursed for the cost of the alternator and labor, attached is the receipt for such work performed.

On Monday, January 23, 2006 I spoke to Don Tanner of Jiffy Lube, he said he was an adjuster and that he read my complaint and he said that spraying the water on the engine was standard procatice, he said that it was just like going through a puddle on the street for the alternator. I said that when you go through a puddle you get a splash, not a soaking and stream of water for minutes at a time directly onto the alternator, he also said he spoke to the mechanic and he stated that there was low output on the alternator, well I might not know much about cars but I do know that when you short out an alternator thenn you are going to hjave low output. He said Jiffy Lube would not pay and that was final.

[176] Jim in Smokey Point, WA:  Attitude

I was on my way to sending a nasty message to Jiffy Lube Corporate when I found your web site.

After taking my brand new Ford F250 into the Jiffy Lube in Smokey Point, Washington, I found myself upset at and embarrassed for the people at this location.

It all started when I drove up and the whole crew of five were cussing like sailors and playing grab ass in front of me. I can deal with that but when we were at the computer and the leadman, dressed in sweats and flip flops, said to another to get a spoon and you can eat my ass I was embarrassed for them and the business owner.

Well the grab assing continued during the service and I made sure to keep and eye on this crew as I didn't have much confidence in them. I paid the bill and went home to find oil and grease all over my steering wheel, seats, and my center console. This is when I got really pissed off.

I have never had such poor service in any business in my entire 42 years. Unfortunately for Jiffy Lube, I have a fleet account with over 1000 vehicles and will not be using them ever again in any of my stores.

As a businessman, I could not believe how unprofessional this location was.

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