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[600] Jack in Atwater, CA  Poor Help

Im a busy business owner have to be open by 9 AM (  I pull into the Jiffy Lube talk to the Guy he says hey your the first coustomer of the day pull around the back.) I get back into my car.The screaching of tires takes me by surprise  Im second in line but what really gets me pissed is this moron says its first comes first served. Of course I left this Jiffy Lube it is in Atwater California and I recommend no one use it!!! The help under the influence and hung over and totally rude!!!Renember this is the station on five corners in Atwater Ca advoid it if you dont want your day ruined.

[599]  Victim  Do Not Call

the store where i got my oil  changed was fine .but if they keep calling me vafter ill go some place elsae

[598] John  Bad Disclaimer

Last fall I went to Jiffy Lube because they were running a promotion where I was promised to receive a coupon for a free Signature Service oil change with my purchase of the same.  I had my oil changed, then followed the directions sending the documentation in to Jiffy Lube.  To date I have not received a coupon.  Earlier this month I saw lots of advertising for the same promotion and contacted Jiffy Lube about the status of my coupon from 6 months ago.  I was told that they confirmed mailing out the coupon in November, and since their disclaimer states they are not responsible for misdirected mail I am out of luck!  So someone else likely got the coupon I paid for (if it was truly ever sent) and I lose.  I voiced my opinion that this is a poor policy as they could legally hide behind it for most every coupon submitted for.  The representative agreed, but said no matter how many times she expressed her dissatisfaction with the policy she is told by corporate to use the disclaimer.  I was told she would pass on my disappointment, but 10-days later I have no response.  I know I'm only one person, but I've made my last trip to Jiffy Lube.  That's a shame as they offer a lot of needed services that one can have performed quickly.

[597] Sergio  Just Sue

My vehicle did not have the oil filter properly placed after service. The engine seized due to no oil in the engine. After 2 months of negotiations the consumer agrees to allow Jiffy to bring automobile back to its original state. Vehicle specs 2004 with 65000.00 mint miles. Car returned to me with engine smoking at idle and steering wheel sideways. Dealership not allowed to repair auto to manufacturers specs but instead Jiffy lube customer care team specs. Dealer revealed to me they even tried to add oil to engine and start and return with no probelms found. I am actively know seeking Legal counsel to sue. They force repair facilities to adhere to there cutcorners tactics and deliver zero results. Replacement engine defective. Breach of repair settlement waiver by Jiffy lube. Don't settle with them its worthless results. Just sue. 

[596] Fredia in Las Vegas, NV   Leaking Filter

I went to Jiffy Lube here in Las Vegas in 2005.  Shortly after my oil change,  I noticed a build up of heavy oil spots in my garage.  I looked under my car and it was definitely leaking.  Not having this problem before Jiffy lube...I knew the leak was due to their employee negligence, and their absolute dishonesty..and lack of professionalism. Even worse, these employees have no regards to work ethics or moral standards. Making easy money on a customer's hard working expense...makes me so damn mad and  I will never take my car to any Jiffy Lube as long as I own a car. (Nor will any of my family members). I have discussed this with many co-workers, and ironically most of them have had a terrible and dishonest experience with Jiffy Lube.

[595] Carlos in Hazel Dell, WA   Did Not Listen

I was in the Hazel Dell Jiffy Lube and asked them specifically not to pull the air filter. They did and I blew it off. I left the shop and realized that my car was idling rough and running poorly. I pulled over and saw that the Jiffy Lube had broken the hose that attaches to air filter housing. I immediately took it back to them and spoke to the manager, Ken. He told he would fix it. I said that I specifically asked him not to pull the air filter and he said, "There, I fixed it, now get the @#$% out of my shop."  I was hurt and appalled by the lack of professionalism. I am going to Oil Can Henry's from now on. And so are my friends.
C. (A member of the City Council)

[594] Randy in Ottawa, IL   False Advertising

2006 Hyundai Sonata.  I was overcharged at the Ottawa, IL Jiffy Lube.   They had a sign outside for Managers Special of $19.99 plus tax.  I asked the guys as they pulled my car in if the special applied today towards my car.  Yes they said.   When I went to pay it was $39.90.   I said what about the managers special, and they said I forgot to apply the discount.  This brought the bill to $33.50.   I said this is still not the $19.99 special as advertised.     They said I used 6.2 Quarts of oil and limit is 6 quarts.  I also have a top paper oil filter which is $7 more.  This is FALSE advertising.   I will never go back their again.

[593] Dawn in Flagstaff, AZ  Bad Treatment

i have been going to jiffy lube for the past 8 years....for the past two times i have been not treated fairly....each visit comes with many services you pay for....which include washing windows and vaccum and checking tires....well....these were not done 3, ooo miles ago...who knows what else was forgotten....but i was thinking well maybe they forgot....this is not the case....it fact these kids working on the cars don't care....i went in another 3k later....same thing ...i go into pay and the guy behind the counter says all these things were done and you owe us this amount...?...i tell him i saw my van and the windows and vaccum is not done and maybe the tires too....so he brought it back in....i had to check to see if anythng was going to happen and no body cared....i had to get a guy to check the tires and went to each one and they were fine except one was flat with the steel wires coming out...dangerously poking out....so i had them pump up the tire and i went directly to the tire store...i still didn't get a vaccum?...what is the matter with this picture....bad employees and management....please fix this business at 2740

[592] Frankie in Reno, NV  Wrong Oil

I was in Sparks or Reno, NV.  Went to a Jiffy Lube and I told them up front, that I did not want PENNZOIL.  While their service writer tried to distract me, I heard the pressure gun going for Pennzoil.  They only had QS in cans.  I was so angry, I just left.  I would NEVER go back.  Sorry scumsuckers.

[591] Tami in Longview, WA   Ripped Off

My boyfriend has worked at Jiffy Lube for about a year and a half, and recently, a new general manager was moved in from Longview, his name is Ken Miles, and he leaves his Shop Supervisor alone a lot, which is against company policy, and he's only been in the shop for about 6 days total. To boot, he threw away my boyfriends nitroglycerin pills, which were clearly marked with his name. I am so unhappy, that I'm ready to literally tell him off. I am sure there are people who think I should give him a break, but the guy has stated that he's going to "bring his crew in" and get rid of people already there. That's crap, and he can be sued, and believe me, I am interviewing attorneys. I think I will call the head office, bypass the regional manager, who seems to think he doesnt have to give people their contracted 6 month evaluation plus pay raises, and talk to someone who might get things put together the way it's supposed to be. Maybe, one day, these people will learn to pay their employees and give their clients their moneys worth.I'm probably an idealist, but it never hurts to hope. If I were the CEO of Jiffy Lube, I would definitely be all about making some power moves to get things straightened out. Jiffy Lube is a rip off, they don't care about their employees, or their clients, and frankly, when it hits bottom, I'm just going to sit and smile.The ONLY People I care for at Jiffy Lube are people that my boyfriend works with from before this new General Manager came, and those of you reading this know who you are!

[590] Joshua  Employee

I am a store manager to a jiffy lube i have been there for while. Sure you will find a place that lazy and slacks off but you cant place one bad thing on all the Jiffy Lube i make sure all my tech do all the stuff right and i will not sell anything that is not recommended or will benefit the customer. So to all the customers that had BAD experiences at Jiffy Lube all i can say is find anthor Jiff Lube location and give second chance cause we are the best trained and the best qualified and have the best products for you and you car. So Please dont judge us all at being bad.

[589] Rachell in Forest Lake, MN   Bad Treatment

I am writing this to show my total dissatisfaction with the service (or lack thereof) I recieved on May 1, 2007. from The Jiffy Lube #3080, in Forest Lake, Minnesota. I had brought my 1997 Mazda MPV in the previous day (4-30-07) for a simple oil change, and the nightmare began. When I was on my way home, I noticed a burning oil smell and thought I would check the oil level. The first thing I noticed was that the dipstick was not pushed all the way in and the oil level was high. My husband checked it when he got home and also saw that it was about a half an inch above the full mark. He looked at the invoice and noticed that the staff had put in 5.3 quarts.

In the manual for the 3.0 liter engine it specifies 4.8 quarts. I called the next morning, after having to cancel a trip, which was the reason for the oil change in the first place, and was told that I was probably wrong (and in a rather rude manner at that) but that I could bring it in.

I drove 50 miles (round trip) and when I arrived I showed the attendant my receipt which stated that they had put in 5.3 Quarts, he informed me that they "don't make mistakes." He began to imply that I was lying and had put more oil in myself, to get the high reading, to which I said, "so you're saying I put extra oil in?" He responded "I am not SAYING anything", as if to say I was lying. I asked if I could see the manager, to which he said with a grin, "You're looking at him". So then I proceeded to tell him about what happened the day before with having the oil smell, and the dipstick not being all the way in, and he just walked away shaking his head in disgust, and not even giving me the chance to finish, as if I wasn't worth his time, and that I was wrong to question his "Superior Intelligence", as he put it. Then he came back, and I started telling him how the day before I was so impressed with the efficiency with which they completed the oil change.  He then stated "Well it doesn't seem like your very happy now!"  I said "I'm not now, because I am not being listened to and I am being accused of doing something I would not do", to which he walked away again, stating to the other staff how I was a bitch, and telling his coworkers that he was through with me, and they would have to take care of me.

But, he came back several seconds later and yelled in my face " What do you want me to do... What do you want me to DO!"  I told him I could not believe he was treating me this way, and talking this way to me in front of my three children. At this point I said I was going to call the police, and he was scaring me. To which he Yelled "Go ahead call the cops!"  I called my husband, as he began to loudly knock things around under the hood all the while saying numerous profanities to his co-workers about me. My husband said he would call, and as I watched him take the phone call, he became the most agreeable person, and admitted to my husband that they had in fact put in too much oil and would fix the problem, and give us a free oil change for the trouble. (which he did not do) He also stated to my husband that him bringing me to tears by his threatening behavior and rude remarks was "up for interpretation". When he was finished  I asked his name, to which he pointed to his shirt and said "My name is Jiffy Lube"  (with a big smirk) and would not tell me his name. He then told me to "roll up my window and get my butt out of there"

I was completely rattled, numb, and in disbelief as to what had just occurred. I have never in MY LIFE been treated in such a horrible way! This should never have to happen to anyone! This should've been a routine procedure, by a supposed professional "MANAGER" at a what is also supposed to be a reputable business, but was anything but!

Upon returning home that day I had my husband check to make sure nothing had been sabotaged, and he found that the Skid plate was missing from underneath the vehicle, Funny it was there before we brought it in. So My husband called and found out that the "Manager" I encountered is named Steve and said they would be open until 7:00 p.m. and to come in. After driving 50 miles again round trip, he arrived at 6:45 and the building was dark and locked up! Now we will have to again drive 50 miles and hope they will give us our skid plate back. This has been a complete nightmare and has left me very shaken.

[588] Barry in NJ  No Oil Cap

I went to Jiffy lube for a standard oil change.  Couldn't get much simpler than that.  The only problem was they forgot to put the oil filler cap back on my car. God only knows how long I was driving around without any oil in my car before I noticed it one day - about a month later when I went to replenish my windshield washer fuild.  Needless to say I don't patronize Jiffy Lube any longer.

[587] Justin in Pembroke Pines, FL  Engine Damage

April 30, 2007 REF: JIFFY LUBE Damaged to my car at Jiffy Lube International 12055 Pines Blvd, PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA 33026 Store # 1519

I have made several attempts to try to correct this matter in the most reasonable matter but my efforts have been ignored. I took my car on March 04, 2007 to get a simple oil change and due to the responsibility of the employees my oil change was not done properly and all the oil leaked out and my engine of my new 2006 Honda Civic was damaged and no longer operates since on March 09, 2007. On March 09/07 I and my wife almost had an accident driving the car in the I-75 North, she was terrified at the moment the car did not respond but I could handle the situation.I had to pay for a rental car for a month but right now I do not have more money, all has been gone. My car is still in the Honda dealer waiting to be fixed while I am paying for it because I got my car on December last year. I just enjoyed it for three months. It has been a month already since this problem happen and JIFFY LUBE has ignored my calls. I am frustrated and stressful with this situation.

[586] Dave in Tampa, FL  Fire!

You'll love this one.  I took my car to Jiffy Lube for their signature service.  One of the "technicians" left an oily rag on my exhaust manifold.  The car caught fire causing $4000.00  worth of damage.   Jiffy Lube refused at first to have the car fixed at the dealer, stating that they would pay $1500, the rest would have to come from me.  After numerous shouting matches, they agreed, and once the dealer looked closely, they needed to replace the entire wiring harness.  Jiffy Lube's service center wanted to solder a connector on and give me a 90 day warranty.

[585] Matt in OH  Plug Missing

I had my oil changed today. The staff were very friendly and we were engaged in some spirited political discussion, which was a welcome change to the poor customer service I am accustomed to. A long story short, I was so impressed that I was going to write a letter of thanks. On the way home, my oil plug fell out and I can't find the oil filter either. After sitting on the side of the highway for an hour waiting for the AAA tow, I finally got home. Now my car is at my mechanic's garage as I await the verdict. I cannot find out if my state (ohio) is one where they are liable for a rental or what the deal will be. I should have known better. I stopped patronizing lube stop after they replaced my uncle's oil with transmission fluid, killing his truck.I am missing work tomorrow as I can't magically get 38 miles on my own. I need my car and Jiffy Lube screwed me.

[584] Patsy  Extra Damage

My husband went for an oil change today and ended up with an extra $30.00 charge for a filter that when it was installed left the glove compartment of the car broken he had to fix it. They also told him we had a rear brake light out that needed replacing he refused to allow them to replace the light.  The total cost was $66.63 for an oil and filter change!!  I was livid, I would not have paid the price....plus he had to repair the damage to our glove compartment and we had to drive to an auto supply store and buy a bulb for our tail light and replace it...they would have charged even more to have done that...who knows how much, this is crazy!!!!  the tail light was not out before going to Jiffy Lube...."go figure"  this is the last time for us.......

[583] Victim in Omaha, NE  Big Bill

Hello, today I took my 2005 Chevy Malibu into my local Jiffy Lube for a basic 29.95 oil change. The manager had me join him at the computer terminal where he explained to me what they were doing. After showing me various other options such as Windshield wiper blade replacements and air filter replacement he showed me his placard that showed good, better , best. He than went on to explain the difference in good better best showing that a better oil filter (competition grade) was included with not only the better and the best grade but also with the good as well as a sign of customer appreciation. I could of cared less as all I wanted was the basic 29.99 oil change along with the air filter I agreed needed replacing. After all was said and done the manager came in with the bill of the following, 29.99 for basic oil change: 12.99 for the oil upgrade with completion filter   (which I did not request)  1.99 shop charge 9.99 air filter (I did request) 57.13 after all was said and done  

I have reported this to the Houston office and will wait and see if there is any follow up but this is why I am likely in the future to stay at the dealerships. this is an Omaha , NE  location # 2889   beware

[582] Gail in MD  Wrong Oil Filter

Recently had my oil changed at Jiffy Lube, drove about 1,000 miles and got the check oil light.  Before I could pull over the engine seized on me and I had it towed to the Toyota dealership.

There they found that the oil filter had blown out releasing all the fluid , now I'm trying to get Jiffy Lube to replace the engine and pay for a rental car.  I was able to find the filter on the side of the road and lo and behold it was the wrong size for my Camry, Jiffy Lube has admitted their negilgance, but have already told me that their plan is to replace the engine with a used one.  I do not want this as Toyota will not stand behind this, I will have 60 days guarantee against any engine failures and my car was in perfect running condition before  I took it to Jiffy Lube. They are telling me I will have to pay to get a refurbished engine(pay the difference)  my car has 68K miles on it if I get the refurbished engine it will be a Toyota engine and they will guarantee it for 1 year or 12,000.  I'm thinking I may have to get an attorney.  This happened in the State of Maryland.

[581] Thomas  Rip Off

Of course I've stopped using Jiffy Lube.  I have told numerous people of my bad experience.  There are nurmerous blogs on the net about your rip-offs.  I will continue to tell even more people.  Please go out of business and stop the rip-offs.

[580] Julie in Guilderland, NY  No Rotation

I was seething in anger leaving the Guilderland, NY shop (#308), vowing to write though unlikely ever to return. After making special arrangements with a work colleague to drop off and pick up my car needing an oil change and a tire rotation, I was told the “Signature Service” – costing more than twice oil changes have cost me in recent years – was my only option, including a car wash I neither needed nor wanted.  A vacuuming barely removed dirt off the floor.  Arriving after work to pick up my car, I learned that the tire rotation – the main reason for choosing this store – wasn’t done.  I proposed to the employee to make a follow-on arrangement to get the simple task done for free, given my inconvenience; he demurred looking like a sheepish con artist -- and charged me full price.   “Trusted Name in Car Care” my foot!

[579] Owen in Long Beach, CA Fraud

I went to Jiffy Lube # 1741 at: 5630 East 7th Street. Long Beach, C.A. 90804.  phone number (562) 494-7076 Work order # 294 396 1798. I feel Jiffy Lube committed fraud against me because:  They charge me for a oil change and oil filter change, but this negligent worker (s) of yours there at that location, did not changed the filter, they only changed the oil, inteadth they let the old filter the car came in with at the shop, and did not put the brand new filter , they charged me for.  My car engine is not sounding the way is suppose to, is noisy, after I got out of there!  They should be sue and investigated for fraud against a California consumer such as Myself.  I do not not what to do? Or what lawyer to go to about this

[578]  Employee in Concord, NH

I was an employee at Jiffy Lube in Concord NH, My name is to be left anonymous, During my duration at jiffy lube I saw more then my far share of "customer abuse", I have seen everything from purposly spilling fluid on a hot engine for the effect of smoke, to placing cups of urine under a CUSTOMERS DRIVER SEAT because the employee did not like the customer. There has been an endless number of "accidents" as a result of our service. The managers them selfs are a part of this reckless behavior, I think that  the main office located out of Houston Texas needs to fire the whole East Coast Manager population and hire professional, trusting people to run a store like Jiffy Lube. Even the employees that work there have no respect for eachother, or the work place. Countless fires are set "behind the dumpster", the desiganated smoking area for employees. THIS PLACE IS RECKLESS AND NEEDS TO BE SHUT DOWN!!!!

[577] Jack in Costa Mesa, CA  Oil Filter

I went to jiffy lube at newport & victoria in costa mesa calif yesterday where I always go and they came to the waiting room and told me that they didn't have a oil filter for my 2005 toyota corolla!! one of the most numerous cars on the road!! like you say, I am done with jiffy lube.

[576] Victim in Wilsonville, OR  Tires Unchecked

I took our 2001 motor home to the Wilsonville, OR store as they said they serviced motorhomes. On the wall outside is a list of their services and prices. While there I told them I wanted all tires checked for pressure, 85 lbs. When I got the bill, it was $18 more than the $49.99 service for blended oil. I asked why the increase and he said there was a fee for a motor home (not listed) and since the engine took 7 quarts of oil instead of the usual 5, there was a fee of $5 per quart extra. This was out of a barrel of bulk oil. But the real problem was when we arrived in Yuma, AZ and I discovered a flat tire on the rear caused by two nails. The mobile tire man asked if I would like all the tires checked and I replied "yes". He found the right outside dual 30 lbs low! He filled it to 85 lbs and it is still 80 lbs after 3 months. An underinflated tire can fail due to high heat buildup!

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