What's Wrong At Jiffy Lube?

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[425] Allison  Transmission Fluid

I took my 2000 Volvo into Jiffy Lube on Regal Street for a simple oil change. I was told my transmission fluid needed to be flushed and filled. (I was suckered into the upsale.) The mechanic pulled my car out of the bay, I asked him to show me the transmission fluid dip stick. He pulled it out and the fluid was black, not pink like it should be. I questioned him if they actually changed the fluid. He became very diffensive and I dropped the matter. Three month later I took my car to a certified volvo mechanic, they had to change my transmission fluid since according to them.... it had never been changed. Jiffy Lube had charged me over $100 for doing absolutly nothing.

[424] Elizabeth in Gig Harbor, WA  JL Lying

I called the Gig Harbor, WA store #2058 this morning with a $19.99 oil change coupon.  I asked them if I could come in and use the coupon, they said “yes. Come on in.”  I drove right over, showed them the coupon at check in and said, “I just want the coupon service.”  When I returned to pick up my car and pay, the bill was $35.99.  I corrected the manager and referred back to our conversation about my $19.99 coupon.  He claimed that I requested upgraded oil, (a $10 additional charge) and that I just didn’t remember.  This was a complete fabrication of the truth on his part but he refused to remove the charge.  He said, it’s the service you always get.  Well, I went back through my invoices from 2004-2006 and none of them indicated upgraded oil.  Basically, he lied, over charged me and refused to do anything about it. 

[423] JJ in Maple Shade, NJ   Stealing

I have been a regular customer at the Maple Shade NJ Jiffy Lube for a number of years.  As I do a good bit of driving on toll roads and bridges I usually keep my ashtray filled with loose change.  After my previous visit to Jiffy Lube I thought the change in the ashtray looked a bit diminished.  So on this visit I intentionally placed several of the new state quarters on top so I could see if they were still there when my vehicle was complete.  I did not take a Dick Tracy to figure out that the people at jiffy lube are thieves, all the quarters were gone not just the new state versions the only change left was nickels and dimes.  Then I went back into the store and asked for the manager on duty, I took him outside, out of ear shot of the other customers and told him what happened.  He acted like it was no big deal but he stated he would try to determine who was in my car.  Stating that it wasn't the two bucks or so that was the issue as much as the idea that at least one of his employees who I trusted in my car is a thief didn't seem to matter much to him.  I told him to delete my records and mailing address from his computer as I will never be back. So readers beware of what goes on in these places and if you still want to go there don't leave anything more valuable than a dime in your vehicle.

[422] Lynn in Carlisle, PA  Oil Light

In May 2006, I had my oil changed at the Jiffy Lube in Carlisle, PA and I should have known that it was going to be a disaster when they asked what kind of engine was in my car.  It's a Jetta!  Not that uncommon!  Anyway, they changed my oil and ever since then the oil light and annoying buzzer comes on when the engine is running lower than 2200rpms.  The oil level is fine and it has been changed by people who know what they are doing and the problem won't go away.

[421] Tracey in Algonquin, IL  Water Inside

In July of this year (2006), I visited the Jiffy lube car wash in Algonquin IL.  The attendent took my brand new 2006 Impala SS into the wash where I and a witness noticed that the drivers side window was ALL THE WAY DOWN as I ran watching my front dash board fill up with soap and water.  I asked to speak to the manager.  The way I was and have been treated is terrible, and if anyone (media) wants to find out more of this story or someone can help out here so this does not happen again, The insurance company has until the end of this week 10-27-2006 to come up with a replacement vehicle and then some.  I am/will file court action,  At the time of this incident my vehicle had 2,900 miles on it.  I have had the car appraised 3x's,  I have been asked why I havent sued yet, but that is about to change.  Feel free to contact me.  Anyone with similar situation may do so as well.  Trust me there is ALOT MORE to this story. 

[420] Zach in Des Moines, IA  Love JL

I love Jiffy Lube.  The stores in Des Moines, Iowa are fantastic.  These guys really know their stuff.  They are fast, polite and have never told me to do anything to my car that I did not need.  After the news investigation in CA, I took it upon myself to look back through my receipts and took them to my local mechanic and then to my dealer.  Both parties agreed that my maintenance schedule has been followed according to the manufactures recommendations and really all they wanted from me was my future business.  I thought it was really unprofessional how they responded about how in a nutshell... Jiffy Lube sucks.  I feel that in a business environment it is totally unbecoming to talk ill about your competitor.  I refuse to do it in my business, even when the customer has a problem with my competitor.  I think the wise consumer learns a lot from a company when they make a mistake.  You give them the opportunity to fix the problem.  See how they handle it and then have a true way to base your judgment.  I have not spent a great deal of time researching your website.  It may however be more beneficial and give you more credit to be in the neutral perspective.  This day in age everyone loves to focus on the negative.  It sells.  But really... Why be the norm.  Break some cultural failings and be fair. 

[419] Ron in CA  Same Mentality

I can personally vouch for this as they tried to rip me back in the late 80's in California.  Different people, still the same mentality.  After their service (Lube, oil and filter) I pulled my car just off the rack and checked the oil, still dirty.  They just spun on a new filter and added a quart of oil.  The ball joints weren't lubricated as they never even wiped off the road dirt on the fittings.  They assured me prior to service that they had the special adapter to reach the fittings.  It took them 10 minutes to find it when I made them redo the service.  After they redrained the oil and didn't charge me,  I was on my way to call the Calif. Dept of PitchaBitch (can't remember the real name) and reported the incident. Something was actually done and they were investigated.  Jiffy lube offered me another free service but I couldn't imagine what I'd get for free compared to what I'd pay for so I never went back.  Just think if they would do this to a guy what they're doing to little old ladies.  Can't believe after all these years they're still in business.  Only in America.  Maybe this latest News4  sting will bankrupt them.

[418] Brian in Tacoma, WA  Transmission

On 10/05/2006 I took my BMW in for a routine 3,ooo mile oil change at Jiffy Lube.  After waiting approximately an hour, my vehicle was ready.  I paid $70.49 for the service.  There anon, I pulled out of the Jiffy Lube in Tacoma and my car immediately began to jolt from 500 RPMs to 4,ooo RPMs.  I pulled over, and called the manager at the Tacoma Jiffy Lube who worked on my car.  He told me to bring the car back.  I did so.  I thought perhaps they disconnected a wire by accident.  However, the manager and crew said they had not.  The manager told me if it was their fault, I would be repaid for any damages accrued.  That weekend, I was unfortunately forced to cancel my two-day camping plans at Mt. Rainer. 

I made an appointment with my mechanic and missed a day of work during the repair.  I could not rent a car because I needed to pay for the repair.  My mechanic found that the Jiffy Lube crew had drained 3 gallons of transmission fluid from the transmission pan!!  This potentially will cause severe long-term damage to a vehicle's transmission if driven.  Furthermore, my mechanic also informed me that the plug was incorrect, unsealed, stripped, and oil was spilled on the engine manifold (a terrible smell).  It is impossible for transmission fluid in that amount to leave the vehicle unless the fluid is drained from the pan manually.  No leaks were found.  Hence, it was apparent that an employee at Jiffy Lube removed the wrong plug; drained the transmission fluid; and realized what he/she had done (oil is a different colour); did not tell anybody; replaced the plug with another; and then went to change the oil.  I paid $450 on my credit card for my mechanic to correct my vehicle.  I sent an e-mai to the Jiffy Lube website with my complaint.

After the repairs, I went to speak with the Jiffy Lube manager again.  He denied having ever worked on my car; however, I saw him look under the hood.  In addition, he went through the check-list of services on my receipt and cashed me out.  I filled out a quality control incident report at the Tacoma Jiffy Lube.  The manager then gave me the phone number of the local Pierce County District Representative for Jiffy Lube.  Over the next four days, I attempted to call the District Representative.  I left several messages and received no replies.  Again, I sent an e-mail to the Jiffy Lube website.  On the fifth day, I called the head office in Huston, Texas.  I spoke to a representative who gave me a claim number.  He told me to call back if I was not contacted within 24 hours.  As usual, I did not received a phone call, e-mail, or mail.

Yet, another week went by without correspondence.  I called the office in Huston, Texas - and spoke with the same representative.  I told him that I wanted to be reimbursed for the mechanical cost, credit card interest, loss of work, loss of use (camping trip), and the oil-change refund because they did it poorly (split oil on engine).  This time, he told me that I would call me back with the total Jiffy Lube reimbursement.  He did not call back.  I called the office in Huston again and spoke to a different representative.  He told me that I needed to go through the regional franchisee or Tacoma Jiffy Lube management.  Why did not the other Huston representative tell me this, or the Tacoma Jiffy Lube management?  I further asked, who the UCC Jiffy Lube agent is for Washington State.  He did not know - nor did he no the name of the franchisee owner. 

Afterwards, I spoke with the Tacoma Jiffy Lube manager.  He stated he thought the matter was taken care of?!  So far nothing has happened - and I am pursuing legal means.  I plan to sue Jiffy Lube if they do not meet up to their responsibility for approximately $9oo in damages.  I would recommend to others not to go to Jiffy Lube; do not cash their check if it is lower then the amount owed (this demonstrates acceptance of collected amount in most courts); be persistent with complaint; get your complaint documented via e-mail, letters, phone calls; talk to the media.

I strongly believe that Jiffy Lube has abhorrent management in every branch.  Not once during the entire event has Jiffy Lube contacted me.  Jiffy Lube is so dishonest that they admit to error/fault and do not actively try correct the matter.  I am surprised that they even still have franchisees and stock-holders.  Another class-action lawsuit for Jiffy Lube is just waiting to happen.  Hopefully, it will be out of a state that has punitive damages.  I will never let Jiffy Lube touch my car again. 

[417] Regina in Wichita, KS  Antifreeze

I had been going to a Jiffy Lube in Wichita, KS for almost two years.  In March 06, I was told that my radiator needed to be flushed.  I then took my car to an independent mechanic to have the work done.  We inspected his work and was satisfied.  In June 06, I went to Jiffy Lube for another oil change.  I was informed that my radiator looked good, but that it didn't have any antifreeze in it.  My thought at that time was that my independent mechanic had shorted me, and I was glad that Jiffy Lube caught the error.  Jiffy Lube said they added 2 gallons of extended life antifreeze (which I paid for).  Now, in October 06, I needed an oil change again.  They said that I needed a radiator flush and that I didn't have any antifreeze!  I then took my car to another mechanic.  He inspected the hoses and radiator for leaks, of which I did not have any.  He then flushed the system and put in more antifreeze.  The only people to touch my car between the flushes were Jiffy Lube.  I wonder what did they put in my car instead of the antifreeze.

[416] Sue In North Carolina  Lug Nuts

I had my tires rotated at Jiffy Lube.  When it was time to rotate them again, they couldn't get one of the tires off because the lug nuts were too tight.  I was told to return because they were expecting a new air gun.  I'm not sure of all the circumstances, but now the Jiffy Lube where I had my truck serviced is now closed.  I took it to Walmart to be serviced and a couple of the covers on the nuts broke due to them trying to get them off.  I did business with Jiffy Lube quite a few times and expect them to make this right. I'm concerned about this tire becoming quite warn from not being rotated.

[Update] I got a call today from a manager in North Carolina.  He laughed at some of my answers and more or less called me a liar.  So needless to say..they are not going to make this right. They apparently have people working for them that don't know what they are doing.  I will discourage people from ever using a Jiffy Lube.

[415] Victim in West Palm Beach, FL  Engine Sludge

Jiffy Lube in West Palm Beach cost me over $8,000.  My daughter who teaches school had has 6 children from HRS that she takes care of, took her 2002 Lincoln Navigator in for a oil change and lube.  Another teacher had recommended them as being a bargain for the work she wanted done.  When she picked up the vehicle her bill was over $300.  She paid them not knowing much about the work they said they did.  I think that they took advantage of her with some of the things they said was necessary.  I question if they even did the work.  They had her car all day while she was in school.  She paid the bill and drove her vehicle 10 blocks when the car stopped in the middle of an intersection.  She called Jiffy Lube and they came with a can of oil.  The could not get the car started so I had the car towed to a Ford dealer because the Lincoln dealer said they could not handle it because they were in the midst of being sold.  Almost one month later she picked up her car I paid the Ford dealer over $6,000.  With the car rental and other expenses our total out of  pocket was over $8,000.  We were told that there was sludge in the engine that cause it to freeze up.  We gave the order to repair the first day it was in the shop.  Jiffy Lube said they were not responsible for anything.  We were dealing with the Corporate District Manager who said they would not do anything. 

[414] Tess in Kenmore, WA Stuck in Park

Took compact 1995 Toyota car to J.L in Kenmore, WA.  I should have known better, from past experiences - they don't seem on the up and up.  But was with my grandaughter after working all day, so was in a hurry.  They always say something is 'due' to be done, but I stick with just oil and filter if needed.  This time they said all 3 breaklights were out.  After trying new bulbs, they said I must have wiring problem.  They changed oil and when ready to leave, manager said "Mam, have you had trouble with your vehicle being stuck in Park?  I said "no, its never done that."  He shoveded it into drive, but said I would not have the strength to do that and suggested I get to a repair shop.  Luckily, a very nice man at a collision shop next door to J.L. showed me how to use a screwdriver to put it in and out of Park.  Next day after work my granddaughter and I went to a local reputable transmission shop and they charged $20.00 to install new brake lights and get the gears working.  They said much of their work comes from "mopping up" Jiffy Lube jobs.  I am now telling everyone I know, many have had suspicions and horror stories of thier own and will not return to J.L.  Also, my college (WWU) daughter's Nissan has a radiator/hose problem that showed up just after she was serviced at the same J.L. in Kenmore 3 weeks earlier.  She is unable to afford the repair work and has been walking, which will be unsafe in and around campus after it begins to get dark earlier.  Also, wht price is ALWAYS more than advertised and I could not prices posted near the cash register.  Just pay and leave, hoping all was done, but no more.

[413] Victim in Westmont, IL  Stripped Plug

ok,hears an update on my oil pan drain plug being stripped. after about a month of phone calls i finally got some satisfaction.as we go along i will include phone # and names that might be usefull,keep in mind that this only applies to my particular area.

7/17/06 oil changed at 411 W. Ogden ave.,Westmont, il.60559, noticed oil spots on garage floor about 8/11/06, took car back to jiffy lube, explained the problem,an attendant said she would have someone look at it, a few minutes later she told me that the drain plug threads had been stripped and that they had fixed it. a few weeks later i noticed oil spots on the floor again, a few days later i made another trip back to jiffy lube, this time i talked to the manager, explained the problem,he said he would take a look at it, a few minutes later he came back with some kind of temporary plug that had been installed to solve the stripped  threads in the oil pan which had not solved the problem at all, of course i had no knowledge of what they had done to solve the problem.the manager then explained to me that it had to be taken to a garage of my choice to be repaired.took it to a local garage to have someone look at at, they tried to repair it with a self tapping plug, but said it was damaged so badly that it would not work and said i would need a new oil pan.i had that done on 9/19/06.on 9/20/06 i gave the paid bill to the manager at that particular facility, he said someone would be in touch. i waited awhile , i think , 3 or 4 days, no call happened.so now starts a series of calls made by ME, NOT jiffy lube.called the facility where i had the oil changed, talked to an asst.manager,he was very helpful & gave me the ph # of a regional office & to talk to a person by the name of Curt, Curt was not in ,the person that answered the phone said i should the district mgr,,i did that, the manager said he would call me back after he found out what had transpired, waited a few days, no return call, called him back, he could not even remember our initial conversation,.then he said he did remember & that a check was in the mail. ok, i waited a few more days, no check arrived.so on 10/4/06 i called the corporate office in Nebraska & finally got some satisfaction,i could go into more detail but this is already a long read. i will now give all the ph. # i used to resolve this ,i hope they are helpfull.

1st. contact/ ogden facility 630-9635870 (you may want to chk & see if you have one of those temp.plugs,if you go to the same place you will never know unless you look)
2nd. contact/ district mgr.708-2506344
3rd. contact/regional office 630-2958078
4th. contact/ jiffy corporate office ( may be  franchise owner) heartland automotive,omaha, nebraska, ph.# 800-4177308

[412] Shirley in Summerville, SC  Low on Oil

My daughter took her 2006 Jeep Commander in for an oil change at Jiffy Lube in Summerville, SC just yesterday.  They charged her $74.00 for an oil change and an air filter!!!! I asked her if the oil had gold in it????  Anyway, she took it by the Dealership today (10/12/06) to get  it checked out because it was shutting off on her; they did an oil change!! I asked them why?  we just had it changed yesterday.....they said that the car was 2 1/2 quarts low on oil as the plug was improperly put back in and the air filter was improperly installed...they wanted to know what the $74.00 was for also??!!!   Needless to say we won't be using Jiffy Lube again!!

[411] Meredith in Winfield, KS  Holding Signs

...what is the deal with the Jiffy Lube employees standing on the street holding a sign? In my small town, 4-5 of them all go out and stand around while one guy holds the sign, the others smoke and gawk, and whistle. Obviously this is a company wide mandated thing, but what are they thinking?! After seeing those guys on the street corner I'm not going to trust my car to them. How do they really get those guys to do that anyway?! I don't know any self-respecting men who would stand on a street corner holding a sign. Do like I did and learn how to change your own oil, fluids and filters.

[410] Heidi in Tampa, FL  Unfinished Work

Do Not go to Jiffy Lube!   As minor as this may seem, compared to the other responses I have read... I had my oil changed at Jiffy Lube on Dale Mabry in Tampa, FL. I was charged $35 for an oil change (and to top off fluids). My receipt stated they added washer fluid and vacuumed my floors. My floors were not vacuumed and my washer fluid was bone dry. If these two items were not completed (when listed they were completed), how do I know that anything else listed was done?????

[409] Jon in Blain, MN  No Old Oils

I recently bought my s10 truck from my dad and took it into a Jiffy Lube in Blaine, MN and while getting my oil changed I went to the McDonalds across the street. Before I left to get McDonalds they said my diff and tranny fluids were old and should be replaced. I said if they are old, lets replace them.

When I got back they were warming my vehicle up for whatever reason and I asked if I could get some papers out of my truck. They didn't seem to mind. When I opened the drivers door I heard something very strange and looked at my oil pressure which was reading zero. I asked the tech what is up with that. He asked me to turn my truck off and then he checked the level of the oil. Finding nothing, he blamed it on another tech and proceeded to fill my engine with oil.

A few days later while at my parents I let my dad know I got all the fluids changed out. He let me know that just one month prior he just put Amzoil in everything.... need to say the least I am not impressed with my first and last experience at Jiffy Lube and am more than happy at the place I have my oil changed now (independent shop).

[408] Richard in Tampa, FL  Oil Plug

i recently went to jiffy lube on dale mabry ave in tampa fla. to get an oil change .. and there so called profesionals there replace the oil and changed the filter when i arrived home i notce quite a bit of oil on my drive way.?? whats causeing that.. well when  the oil plug was being replaced it was cross threaded. causing a loss of oil. when i approched them about it. they asked me if i had insurance .. dumb question. and they need not know  if i have insurance or not what i needed was for them was to fix the problem.they then clamed that it is not there fault and that they were not responsable .. i let them know that small claims court may look at it diffrently. still no action on there part. after repeated calls to them and to jiffy lube main office. still no reply. i got my son who is a cirtified machanic repair it. simply by drilling out the damaged area and re tapping it out to a slightly larger whole and rethreading it. and placing in it a new plug now no more leaks. no problem and no more returns to jiffy lube ever again. they lost a good customer.. lesson learned jiffy lube .. treat your customers right and get returns and bigger profits ..treat us ad no returns and your profits go down.. duh think about it. its your loss or gain.. 

[407] Mike in Wichita, KS  Fuel Filter

Here is my sorry experience at Jiffy Lube, at the store on 2220 N. Ridge Rd in Wichita KS. Technician  (I use that term loosely) John told me my 02 cavalier needed the fuel filter changed , after being shot a price of $67.00 I said no, he quickly returned and said they would do it for $37.00 I said okay! Within seconds another tech came in and said they refused to do the job because a bracket could break!  I had never heard of a job being refused before ( I guess they have all the business they need) I was told to have a nice day and take my car to the dealer. I send an email to jiffy lube they send me no reply but did send a coupon for $3.00 off my next visit. I took my 05 Caravan in yesterday 10-05-06 to get the oil changed and redeem my $3.00 coupon it is at this point I should mention that I have never paid the same price for an oil change there even though I get the oil change reminder in the mail and it is for $19.99, when they were finished with the car I was told I owed $30.00 when I asked what happened to the $19.99 I was told that if I wanted to take my business else I was certainly welcome too!! in fact tech John recommended it!! What ever happened to customer service?

[406] Tim in Denver, CO  Drain Plug

This is part of a Hyundai forum entry I made concerning an idle problem I had right after a Jiffy Lube oil change - it turns out that they didn't cause the idle problem, but the Hyundai dealer found much to be wrong. He also said that they get lots of former Jiffy Lube customers in for repairs that Jiffy Lube caused:

Follow up and solution: After a trip to my local Hyundai service department, they scanned for error codes and determined that I needed a new battery. Sure enough, the problem went away after a new battery was installed by them. The worn out original battery was causing lower voltage at idle - that caused improper voltage to the sensors, and the sensors gave false readings at idle.

*A coincidence that it started happening after the visit to Jiffy Lube, BUT THEY STILL SUCK BIG TIME - I had to take the car back because there was a puddle of oil under the car the day after they changed the oil. 3 days after that, there was more oil leaking from the car.  I also had Hyundai service do another oil change, because I just didn't trust Jiffy Lube. THEY FOUND: a replacement expansion drain plug WITHOUT A WASHER. Jiffy Lube had stripped the threads and replaced the original drain plug with an expansion one and installed it WITHOUT A WASHER - OF COURSE, THEY DIDN'T BOTHER TELLING ME ABOUT THIS THE SECOND TIME I WAS THERE - THEY ARE NOTHING BUT A JOKE- NEVER TAKE ANY CAR THERE!!*

*Here's a copy of the email I recently wrote to the Denver regional manager:

Hi Dave,

I got your contact info from the Corporate Customer Support number - I had to wait 10 minutes because of heavy call volume - somehow, I'm not surprised at the heavy call volume.  I've about had it with Jiffy Lube.

The last 2 times I've brought my wife's car to you for a simple oil change, ( DIFFERENT LOCATIONS EACH TIME) you've screwed it up - BOTH times I've found a puddle of oil on my garage floor the next day - today is one of those days. I now have to be inconvenienced AGAIN, and spend my valuable time to BRING IT BACK TO YOU so you can DO YOU JOB CORRECTLY, BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T DO IT RIGHT THE 1st TIME. It's no surprise to me that this happened, since your personnel at this location lacked any sense of urgency or displayed little apparent work ethic or any expediency in doing their jobs - ESPECIALLY THE GUY WHO DID THE WINDOWS - IT TOOK HIM 20 TIMES LONGER THAN A NORMAL PERSON WOULD TAKE - NO KIDDING!!!!

Several years ago, you drove my car out of the bay after an oil change, and FORGOT TO SET THE EMERGENCY BRAKE - IT WAS ALSO IN NEUTRAL, and ROLLED OUT OF YOUR LOCATION ONTO A BUSY 4 LANE ROAD.  Luckily, I saw it begin to roll out of the corner of my eye, as I was inside paying for the oil change, I RUSHED OUT THE DOOR, OPENED THE CAR DOOR AS IT WAS MOVING AND HEADED FOR THE ROAD, JUMPED IN AND MANAGED TO STOP IT JUST BEFORE IT HIT A TELEPHONE POLE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE 4 LANE ROAD AND THESE AREN'T THE ONLY BAD EXPERIENCES I'VE HAD WITH JIFFY LUBE!!  YOU FOLKS ARE A COMPLETE AND UTTER JOKE!!!  Quite frankly, I don't expect you to contact me, or even care about my experience with Jiffy Lube. I'm done thinking you could care enough about customer service to do an acceptable job at your trade.

Update: The oil will not stop leaking from my drain plug. My Hyundai service department now tells me that I will need a new oil pan, because the threads are hopelessly stripped. I am having that done on Wed 10-11-06. That will cost me $366. You will be getting documentation for that repair, and for the oil change done on 10-4-06 when the Hyundai service department found the expansion drain plug installed.

Overall, my desire to get a simple oil change will be costing me almost $400.00, AND a good deal of extra time that I don't have, because I chose to trust Jiffy Lube. /_*I will never make the mistake of trusting Jiffy Lube EVER again.
In all my years of driving - an that amounts to almost 1,000,000 miles - I have NEVER had drain plug threads stripped in ANY of my cars.

[405] Cheryl in Worcester, MA  Wrong Fluid

On 12/23/05 I had my 2005 Toyota Matrix serviced at the Worcester, MA Jiffy Lube on Park Avenue #332. I have used this Jiffy Lube for any service recommended on the car since the car was new. I have only used this Jiffy Lube and have receipts that state this. A few days after visiting Jiffy Lube, we went on vacation, and returned to MA on 1/12/06. Upon driving the car, we discovered it was running improperly. The next day we returned to the Park Avenue Jiffy Lube for service, where it was recommended that we change the transmission fluid. We did. The car was still not running properly. Finally we took it to the Toyota dealership in Auburn, MA that we purchased it from. They quickly determined it was the brakes and made the costly repairs. Some was covered under warrenty. we paid 824.37 out of our pocket. The car ran fine for one day. Then on 1/23/06 during a snow storm the car skidded off the road into a ditch. After towing the car back to the Toyota dealership they discovered that the brakes froze up. After further investigating, it was proven that Power Steering Fluid was added to my brake system. Toyota asked who changes my fluids and I responded Jiffy Lube. Toyota gave me a written estimate of 3245.00 to repair the braking system. The parts came to 1387.52 and the balance was for labor.

I notified Jiffy Lube on Park Ave that same day. I also called the Pledge of Warranty number listed on the back of the receipts. A Regional Manager, Robert Nash got back to us, denying any wrong doing on the behalf of his workers. We spoke with him a few different occasions. He stated he would come out and test the fluid in the car's brakes to determine if it was the fluid that Jiffy Lube uses. He said Jiffy Lube adds a special traceable chemical to their fluids. My car sat in our parking lot for months waiting, they never came to examine the car and further contact Mr. Nash went ignored.

I am demanding fair treatment as I was a loyal customer and have used their services for many years. Even if they think they did nothing wrong, we should have been treated better. The car was new and it was only bought to Jiffy Lube, no one else had access to under the hood and I certainly did not add my own fluids when I pay Jiffy Lube to do it.

I no longer have the car as it was used for work, I needed an immediate replacement for transportation. My husband now has a repo and owed money on his credit file.

We lost a lot here and would like Jiffy Lube to be held accountable for their actions. After telling this story to many people. I have heard similiar horror stories about Jiffy Lube's careless service.

We paid for a transmission service that they recommended that wasn't needed.

We paid for a brake job at Toyota, that was unknowingly useless as the new parts just wore out again in a matter of days.

We had an estimate for a complete new brake system that not only could we not afford, but Toyota couldn't be positive that after all the work, the car would be free of brake failure.

I was without a work car for weeks, I had to rent a car. Finally, we had to finance another car.

We had to voluntarily repo the Matrix, ruining my husbands credit. Toyota Credit Corp is asking over $8,000 from us. Not good timing as we are about to purchase a house and now have to use creative financing at a higher rate.

I am determined to seek justice in this matter. They can't just ruin my car and claim no responsibility and hope it goes away!

This is the letter we originally sent to the BBB. Mr. Nash no longer works for Jiffy Lube. After months of slow response and denial, we found out yesterday 10/3/06, that the General Manager, Dan Caisse, has denied our claim.

[404] Carol in Kirkland, WA  Filter Explosion

On June 30th I was going on a trip over the pass with my grand children. I thought before I left I would get my oil changed to be save. I went to the Jiffy lube on 124th in Kirkland WA. I was fortunate that I went home the back way and wasn't going fast. I got about 5 miles ant the filter blew off with intense force and hit the ground and bounced up and landed on the hood of my car. If I had gone on the freeway that filter would have gone threw the windshield. I have witnesses that were the on coming trafic, and several resident who saw it happen, they could have been hurt to if I were going faster, I also have pictures of the oil filter on the ground and the trail of oil all over the road. I had AAA tow the car back to the jiffy lube and I asked to speak to the manager, John Rawson. John wasn't there and would not call me or acknowledge the severity of this, we could have all been killed. I stopped buy again to have him check the car for damage, 3 months later and he hadn't got back to me I stopped again to talk to him and get the results I took my car to Greg's Japanese auto to have it checked out and they said I was very lucky the engine was covered in oil and this was not good for the belts and other parts and they cleaned it for free, they are the best . I blame the manager for his because he is responsible for training, one worker had put the code for the filter wrong and the second guy put wrong filter on. Worst of all people could have been killed and the manager still has no interest in even talking to me.

[403] John Employee

Hello, im hoping this site isn't run by the Jiffy Lube corporation otherwise this message will probably go unposted.  Anyway, I will try to get out what needs to be gotten out about this company.  I am a current employee of one of the Jiffy Lube stores and I have been a mechanic for about 6 years now.  Five and a half of those years were at independently owned businesses.  God how I miss those places.  Lie, cheat and steal seems to be the Jiffy Lube way.  Now im not gonna say that applies as far as the highest ranking "officials" or owners of the whole company, but moreso from at least the district managers.  How many times have I seen people being cheated out of something by either being sold something they didn't need (Supposedly our slogan says we won't do that) or by being sold a wrong part from some extra income.  Seems as though the only people managing shops are the ones who can bullshit the customer into buying the services.  Me, I just do what im told and why do I stay with this company despite my argument (I'll get into more soon).......because it's the only way I get a check; I do it so I can pay my bills and that's it.  So, let's compare companies.  Now, the independently owned companies I worked for?....No complaints really.  Managers were nice, owners were nice.  You really got to stay in contact with the people you were working for, made it nice to keep us happy.  We could get tools we needed, get help with customer complaints.....anything we needed help with really, was right there for us.  Jiffy Lube on the other hand, the only people you get to talk to are the managers and districts managers.  Im not saying I couldn't call up the company, but my expectations on that are very low.  Im just saying you can't actually walk up and talk to the higher "authorities".  I would like to know how all these managers that are coming to my shop have actually become managers.  Just about all of them have asked me to perform services because they didn't know how to do them.  I may be wrong, but I thought in order to become a Manager of an auto shop, you needed to work your way up or have previous training.  Managers should not be some 18-19 year old kid who doesn't know how to work a transmission machine.  And what exactly am I getting out of this?....A lowsy 7.50 an hour for busting my ass because I don't want these customers getting screwed out of services.  Managers and Assistant managers get what....9.00-15.00 an hour for........ah yes, sitting on their asses and ordering you around telling you to do services.  Now, I wouldn't mind this as MUCH if there weren't pits - even though it's still bull - because I constantly have to run up and down stairs doing other people's jobs or I get yelled at or sent home.  It's really hard to stay on top of these things on a Saturday when we are packed and I have to run up and down stairs all day HOPEFULLY remembering everything I did the last few minutes.  Another great invention?....The sign program, what a genius idea.  Take the bottle and wear it, then walk outside in the freezing rain for about 20 minutes peddling off our oil changes to people who don't give a shit.  If somebody wants an oil change, they will come and get an oil change.  This sign might rake in an extra 1-4 people a day and how much profit is that making to actually make a big difference in our sales?  I get sick of being told to go out with a huge overweight uncomfortable sign I have to throw over my shoulders and the managers can just sit inside and watch tv.....or get high, whatever they feel like at that moment.  I would also recommend coming to Jiffy Lube ONLY if you are POSITIVE no mistakes are going to be made to any bolts, plugs or any other safety devices because you know what?....We have no tools or replacements 95% of the time.  If something breaks, try and fix it with what you've got, cause the shop isn't paying for anything to be fixed.  I really don't feel like droning on and on, but I just wanted to get this out there to let people know that at least ONE section of Jiffy Lube is comprised of corporate bullshit.  Thank you for your time.

[402] Nunya  Filter Seal

I regretfully took my 2004 Subaru WRX STI for a synthetic oil change, I've been to Jiffy Lube many times in the past with no problems. The "tech" underneath the car said he spilled a little oil and don't be alarmed if I smell some burning for a few miles. Well, I smelled oil burning and saw smoke for a few days and figured it was the spilled oil burning off. I check my oil every few days anyway, low and behold there's barely a drop on the dipstick. I immediately fill it with oil I thankfully had on hand, then take it back to Jiffy Lube to find out the gasket from the old filter was stuck on so the new filter didn't seal with the double gasket. They offered to use Gumout on my engine, I declined, just had them do another oil change and they gave me like 3 free oil changes. I will add, they overfilled my oil and when attempting to drain some of the oil the "tech" dropped my drain plug and all the fresh oil drained out so they had to fill it again with 5 fresh quarts of synthetic. 

[401] Aron in Pasadena, CA  Oil Plug

I admit it, I have had my oil changes for year at Jiffy Lube and never had a problem, until the Pasadena, CA store on Colorado.They didn't replace the plug in the oil pan correctly so when I was 30 miles away from the nearest telephone, every single drop of oil fell out of the bottom of my car... Leaving me STRANDED and late for many engagements. I solve the problem myself considering that the Jiffy Lubes in Monterey can't help me because they are of a different franchise, I buy oil, save the reciept, return to the Pasadena store to be refunded by another change. This time, they break the latch on my hood, I have it here on the counter in my kitchen, they broke my car. They over filled the tank causing me to over heat my bran new car. SINCE WHEN IS THIS INCOMPETENCE ACCEPTABLE?????? I am not letting this go, they will all soon know me by first name, and they will fix my car.

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