What's Wrong At Jiffy Lube?

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[525] Theodore in Skokie, IL  Antifreeze

On 8/25/05, I had my '98 Buick Regal serviced at Jiffy Lube #190, SKOKIE,IL. They flushed the antifreeze and replaced the Extended Life Dextron Antifreeze. On 3/5/07, I was advised by another mechanic that the antifreeze was sludgy. I called the Jiffy Lube manager, Eric, who said to bring it in and he would check it out and make it right. His employee checked the antifreeze and remarked it needed a flush because the solution was weak ( I noticed the orange ball did not float in his tester, although the other five balls above it did). I mentioned that his manager said he would make it right at no charge. He checked and came back with "the system is providing maximum protection and no service is needed". How do you like that! Somehow the problem just disappeared. Note: the service originally cost me $104.36. I  was able to get the identical service at Merlin Muffler, Morton Grove 847 966-6350 on my other Regal for $71.28.

[524] Eden in Burbank, CA  Public Right-of-Way

I was never a customer and never will be a customer and after reading the NBC investigations, I know I will never get anywhere with the district manager. 

It doesn't concern a car, but now after reading your website, I know why the manager gave me such a hard time. 

Jiffy Lube in Burbank has parked cars dripping with oil on the sidewalk (illegal on both counts).  The City ordered them to clean it up.  They told the City they did.  I don't buy it not after reading the reports on your website. 

They have flags and flag poles on their grass -- several poles are leaning into the public right of way.  The flags are so close to the public right of way (and I should have my photos tomorrow and I hope they come out) that when the wind blows they flap into the public right of way.  I've been hit in the face once by a dirty flag.  The second time, I had to make a sudden move with my left arm (pinched nerve and four sore muscles) to move the flag away from my face again.  A City employee told them to remove or move the flag poles and flags.  They did for about a month, but they've been playing now you see, now you don't see the flags game.  These are safety hazzards. 

The next time the flags appeared  I walked up to the manager and said that (I taught improvement of customer service productivity to companies and I have taught the mantra that everyone is a potential customer) I had been hit in the face by a flag, the City had told them to move or remove them, they were gone for a few weeks and were brought back in the same area.  Unfortunately Jiffy Lube hasn't learned to treat any member of the public as a potential customer.  The manager asked me several times if I was an American.  Eventually after treating me like yesterday's garbage they removed the flags.  A week later they were back blowing in the wind with the poles leaning into the public right of away.  Of course, these would be accidents waiting to happen especially for a visully impaired person or even maybe an Alzheimer's patient who wandered out of the door. 

After reading the NBC report I don't trust the district manager to resolve the problem which is so easy to do.  Just move the poles farther back so the poles don't lean into the public right of way and the flags don't flap.  The manager of this location gave me a hard time and asked me continously if I was an American.  After I yelled (couldn't help it) his workers came over to cheer him on. 

I knew that if he treated potential customers so poorly over a safety issue, he would treat customers poorly.  After reading your website I now know that is true He attacked me as being anti-American to divert from the real issue -- a safety hazzard. 

I will never do business with this company ever.   As a management consultant (employer/employee relations) and customer service trainer, the lack of money and benefits are an excuse.  My first job was in retail when the minimum wage was a lot less than $7.50/hour but it was a different time and there was something called a work ethic that seems to be lacking in a number of companies. 

[523] KG Wrong Filter

they put the wrong oil filter on my car and tried to say it was a defected filter when i asked for managers # they told me that they can't give it out i am getting a lawyer the company sucks.

[522] John in S. Burlington, VT  No Oil

Having never been to Jiffy Lube, I decided to give the store in S. Burlington, Vt.  on Feb. 12.  I was graciously received and was almost immediately dorected to bring my vehicle into the facility.  I requested the conventional oil change with filter.  I was informed that the air filter was in need of replacement and agreed to have it done.  I was confident that being an oil change business they would provide adequate and professional service.  Well, one week later, shortly after I started my car and left my driveway, I noticed the oil indicator light came on. I immediately pulled over and checked the oil.  There was none on the dip stick.  I slowly crept home and investigated.  I found oil sprayed all over the underside of the front right side of the car.  From there I found the filter very loose and attempted to tighten it back into place.  I couldn't because the threads were stripped in the filter.  Evidently, it had been overtightened and threads damaged.  Probably, heat and vibration finally loosened it in only a weeks time.  I have e-mailed the Jiffy Lube company and so far haven't received nothing more than an automated computer response.  Since I work during their business hours, I don't have an opportunity to call them nor have much chance to just run up to speak to the manager.  Obviously, they have an inexperienced musclehead working for them.  The lack of a more experienced mechanic could someday cost them someone's engine job.  I doubt that I'll go back again except to get a refund.  I may do it when they have a few customers in their waiting room.  

[521] Victim  Engine Flush

Well I went into the local Jiffy Lube to get my oil changed and that was it. When pulling me over to their counter, the representative then conned me into having my oil system/engine flushed. One day after they did all of this, when my car is idling, is started to shake and rev pretty bad. When I called Jiffy Lube the representative didn't really seem to care about my problem, to no surprise. He advised me to call the company product they use to flush the engine, when calling Heartland America, the woman really didn't seem to care about my problem either, advised me to take it to a mechanic. Not only did they basically screw up my car, they charged my credit card twice. It took them over a month to credit back my card. And that was only after I had my very forceful soon to be father in law call the District Manager for me. Now finally after saving up money to take my car in to a local shop, I found out that Jiffy Lube did screw up my car. Since they didn't tighten my vacuum tube correctly, my vacuum combusted. And they also left some plastic in the engine. All in all, it cost me an extra $200 to get their mistakes correc ted. I will definitely never ever go to Jiffy Lube again in my life...and I will make sure no friends or family members ever go there too!

[520] Ruth Stole $25.00

I took my car to the Jiffy Lube on NW Maynard and they stole $25 out of my car.  I will NEVER go to Jiffy Lube again.

[519] Eric in Seminole, FL Air Filter

Quite a few years ago I visited the Jiffy Lube in Seminole, FL just south of Park Blvd. in Pinellas County. They did the exact same thing with an “air filter scam” I like to call it, tell you that you need a new air filter, take the old one around the corner, blow it out with compressed air and then put it back. Then they say your air filter was replaced and put it on the bill for $20.00, knowing full well the service was not performed. This is the kind of stuff they obviously do nationwide and since they are “independent” franchisees they can get away with these scams unless you call your State’s attorney general and start filing fraud claims.

Do it-it’s fun to watch them squirm.

These scam artists are years old and experts.

[518] M in MD  Employee

Wow...I can sympathize with most of these stories, and let me add mine. It has been over a year since I left Jiffy Lube, serving in many capacities such as Manager,Assistant Manager and Crew Leader. Let me tell you, I NEVER let any of the drugged up, half drunk incompentents TOUCH my truck. Now I know, you ask WHY were these people here? Well let me tell you. What kind of employee can you find to do a job and only pay 6.00 an hour with no benefits? I worked there for almost 10 years and when I finally left(THANK GOD) I was making 11.00 an hr with no benefits!! Drug use was not exactly "encouraged" by the owner but when I caught someone, fired him, the owner simply rehired him/her at another location. If you people only knew what REALLY happens. From fuel filters to air filters to oil filters. From oil type to proper transmission fluid type to putting BRAKE FLUID in the POWER STEERING FLUID and vise versa. I have a brand new Dodge Ram Hemi and I will tell you....IF THE PRICE FOR FULL SYNTHETIC OIL CHANGE WAS F R E E THERE I WOULD CONTINUE TO GO TO THE DEALER. That is my advice. The dealer. PERIOD. Don't risk it!! Michael in Maryland. 

[517] JB in Lake Stevens WA  Ford's Better

Very interesting web site…Thank you.  I would like to add that when I go to Jiffy Lube I DO NOT wait in the waiting room.  I hang out right outside the bay door and watch them like hawks and always ask a lot of “Un-necessary questions to let them know I am keeping up with what they are doing.  I would do this anywhere though.  I have noticed that when Jiffy Lube goes over what service you need based on your mileage at their computer they always tell you – “The computer says you need this service”.  I have a 2002 Mustang and go to the “My Ford” website regularly, which has all the required mileage service maintenance and when it should be done.  Jiffy Lube always tries to get me to do more than required, which makes me think they are trying to get over on me.  They have been nice about doing small things for me for free if I ask such as cleaning the corrosion off of my battery terminals.  That, coupled with the fact that the particular Jiffy Lube I go to in Lake Stevens, Washington, seems professional about their work and are always very courteous.  I’m going back this morning – after reading this horror stories on this site I almost feel I should go elsewhere – I have a big problem with “big business” getting over on their customers.  Ok – after reading a few more posts – I’m not going back…lol…Thanks everyone for sharing your stories.  Looks like I’ll hold out and go to the Ford Dealer…

[516] Donna  Fire

I had a 1996 Chevy Blazer. Just bought it on 12-23-2006 and had no problems till about I week prior to taking it to service shop. Notice the transmission was slipping. I was going to take it a specialist but an ex-car dealer told me to take it to Jiffy Lube first to flush out the transmission. If that didn't make it better then take it to transmission specialist. So on 02-12-2007 I took it in to Jiffy Lube had a signature service 4 x 4 up,oil filter MT3980, Pennzoil High Mile 10W30 BuI,oil upgrade,Auto Trans Service Fluid Exo, and an Automatic Trans Fluid Bulk done. Of course as If I knew exactly what all that consists of doing and if it was actually done.  Anyway   when it was done  I left the shop 4:20 p.m. and notice the problem didn't change,so I proceeded to go home on the back roads to stay off the highway to go slower than 45mph. Deciding to go home and make a appointment w/ an transmission shop. I got to 175th and Ridgeview at a stop sign and notice smoke. I was deciding where to pullover when I notice it was getting worst. I wound up on the corner of those two streets, I turn off the blazer and jumped out. When I backed up to look where it was coming, I notice a car that pulled up to the stop sign. The man got out of the car to tell me the blazer was on fire. He called the Fire Department around 4:57 p.m. By the time the fire department got there the whole engine  was engulf in fire. Because it was a moving vehicle a fire marshal had to investigate. He stated in an official report that
the fire origin to be or near the rear of the engine. Not enough evidence to support how the fire ignited. But also stated that mechanical deficiency occurred to transmission but also stated that evidence/observation was indicating some fluid possibly transmission fluid have been leaking while blazer was in motion.
Damage Resulting
1st, it made me an emotional wreck for 2 days(and my family because I could have been caught up in the fire).I am still stressing out because Jiffy Lube Won't take responsibility. I only had liability w/ a fixed income. l'm a caregiver who is caring for my mother who is ill w/ numerous health problems including cirrhosis of the liver,who lives like 11 miles away.. My husband is also disabled who has numerous appointments w/ the VA hospitals and the blazer was our only vehicle. All we wanted was to get the blue book value plus tow service,what we paid for the service at JL, storage fee and any other fees. I thought it was no use but after several people told me to pursue this. The manager was not in the day when my husband and I came.. The worker called him and he told us that his boss told him to come in the next  day. We did this without making it a big deal. Call next day to make sure manager was there and was told by manager not to come in to the shop because he did not want to upset his customers. He said he would get an investigator to determine who is at fault. I said Ok but I wanted someone from my side to be present when this was done. He said he would call to tell us when to meet us there. Next day he called and said his supervisor said I had to get my own investigator because they wasn't going to pay it out of their own pocket. I don't have 500 dollars up front fee. Jiffy Lube knew this. He then said not to come in with the prove but to call him. I went on the Internet and a 7 ASE Certifications,Undercar Specialist, an auto technician w/ 20+ exp. said the fire marshal report should have been enough and if they are not the cause then they have spotted a potential problem and notified me. Such as a transmission leak. The manager wouldn't look at the police report or fire marshal report.Or the pictures taking by the police. While I was searching the web to see if I could do anything about this I notice that CBS did a report where a lady's caught fire like mine and their investigator came same conclusion.

[515] Sara  Thanks

Well, I'm not a victim, but just wanted to say thanks for posting this website. It is highly educational (Jiffylube or otherwise) and rather it did insure that I would NOT patronize our local Jiffy Lube.  The true tenet of any successful company should be ethical customer service.

[514] Wyatt in Sarasota, FL & Johnston, RI  Over Torqued

Thanks so much for creating the JiffyLubeProblems site! 

I have been to Jiffy Lube just several times, but EACH TIME they screw up something important.  Last time, they changed an Air Filter. They installed it completely wrong, essentially just pushing it into the space instead of properly seating it.  The result was that for the last 3000 miles, I have essentially had NO AIR CLEANER between the intake and the outside air pickup!  I only found this out because after a Visit to www.jiffylubeproblems.com - I rechecked their work... and found the problem - I even too a picture of it!!

Prior to the above, another visit to another JL resulted in them failing to properly tighten the oil filter causing a leak, and also - just today while changing my own Frigg'in oil noticed that they (JL Sarasota) over-torqued the drain plug bolt, ripping the rubber o-ring on the contact side of the the bolt...  Proper torque rating for drain bolts is 25 to 30 lbs for steel pans. Mine was torqued at 65!!!!! by JiffyLube!

Jiffy Lube just plain SUCKS!  Do yourself a HUGE favor and change your own oil and filter!  Jiffy Lube can seriously damage your vehicle by a single visit!  BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE and read all the interesting terror stories on this fine site!

Air Filter Installed improperly at: Jiffy Lube #2899 Sarasota, FL
Oil Sealing gasket ripped via overtorqing the Drain bolt also at above.
Leaking installed oil Filter at the Jiffy Lube in Johnston, RI

[513] Kelly in Cordova, TN  Loose Plug

I had a recent problem with Jiffy Lube. I took my 1998 Mustang to the Cordova TN location in late Jan 2007. I change my oil on schedule, the car does not have any problems, and I know its history since I bought it new. My car does have high miles on it-but it is in good condition. The man at Jiffy Lube made me feel like my car was going to blow up-if I did not get all the services that he recommended. I would not take my car to a place like that to get fixed-I just wanted my oil changed only. They did not even mention my air filter which was dirty or vacuum the carpets. One of my coworkers noticed oil in the parking lot that had come from my car. We checked the oil and it was about empty. I left work early just in case-I had to take it to the dealer and get a rental car. I went a block down the road and bought some oil at a service station. I went a couple of miles to the nearest oil changing station-a Castrol center on Union Ave in Memphis TN-the gentleman who was the owner-looked at my car. He said the oil plug was not tightened properly. He also said that he sees this about 8 times a week from Jiffy Lube customers. He said he used to manage a Jiffy Lube location. He said no matter where you take your car never take it to a Jiffy Lube-they simply do not care. I could have lost my engine!  Due to someone not doing their job correctly I had to take off work, buy oil, and worry myself to death. I will make sure to tell everyone that I know never to go to a Jiffy Lube.

I hope others will read this and will go somewhere else.

[512] Ken in California  Employee

I have recently been promoted to a Senior District Manager for a Jiffy Lube Franchise.  We service a number of large markets in the U.S. and are continuing to grow.  I ran a store for the past two years and I have to believe that the problems you face are because of poor store management and not following Jiffy Lube Internationals customer service model.  My store averaged one complaint to our customer service department for every 5033 cusotmers.  That is about one every 3 months.  JLI has put into place a number of systems and processes to prevent and solve many of these concerns you make.  From the secret shoppers (I have had 7 in my stores this year) to the operations audits that are performed by people outside your chain of command.  In our California markets we have even implemented a system of sealing up and offering all old parts back to our customers to foster trus t.  We have instituted a program of computer based training for all store level personnel and gained the admiration of ASE to allow us to use their name as recognition for our training programs.  I think in most cases a few bad apples spoil the bag. 

The debacle that happened in California was centered around a small group of people.  They were terminated rather quickly.(including some higher management people)  Our loss prevention department looks at a tremendous amount of data for any signs of breach of our Code of Conduct or defrauding a customer.  Termination or suspension without pay is usually the remedy.  I am an honest and hard working family man.  I know I work for a good company.

[511] Lionel in Gainesville, FL  Radiator Cap

I live in Gainesville, Fl. Me and my father went to a Jiffy Lube for a simple oil change, when the car was done the cap for the coolant was missing. I was 100% sure it was there because I check my oil and car constanlty. I told the employee and they all laught at me. I left angry.

I will never return.

[510] Bob  No Multiuse Coupon

What a bunch of idiots! I had a $10.00 off coupon good for multiple use and they wouldn’t let me keep it. They insisted I had to give it to them and took it out of my hands to put it with their ticket. They offered me a $5,00 off coupon but I told them I wanted the other one back. Then I told them I will save them more money and just won’t ever go back. I just can’t believe they wouldn’t let me keep my coupon and kept arguing with me.

[509] Gloria in Burlington, VT  Transmission

My Husband and i brought my 1996 Mitubushi 3000 Gt to get an oil change .They said it was due to have a Transmission "oil change" as well. We gave them the go ahead , then they came out and said it didn't sound right to bring it back in 3-4 days to check it . I did, It seemed fine , but a day after that my car wouldnt go anywhere, the gears kept slipping, and wouldn't go into any of the gears.( found out they flushed it) with 109,000 miles on the car! I heard thats a Big NO NO.

I called the districk MAnager and complained that now my transmission was'nt working, he said to have it towed to a Transmission shop , that he would pay for me to have a Rental car untill they made a diognostic. Now it seems that they do not want to pay for a new trannie, so they've hired some Professionals from California to fly out here to take a look at it so they can see if its their fault!

We if you ask me , if my Transmission was running fine before and not after its their fault!!!

I think i will have to take them to court when all is said and done.5000 dollars later out of our pocket!!

And their Moto on the back of the sheets they give us on our bills say 100% saitfaction Guarenteed!!! Yeah right....

[508] Oona No Permission

Last spring I visited a Jiffy Lube location over my lunch break to get a quick oil change.  I took my Honda Element there and told the guys working that I wanted a basic oil change with nothing fancy.  In fact I believe I even said "just give me the cheapest oil change service you have".  I was over by 2,000 miles on my oil change and the guy to service my car was very quick to point that out.  He made me feel like my car was going to break down because I had gone over by that many miles (which I do often anyway) and told me that since I went over that many miles I needed to "flush out the system".  I just said "do what you need to do but I don't want any additional services, just the basic oil change" and went into the waiting room. Not much later he came in and told me my car was finished and rang me up.  My total came to $79 and I looked up at him with a shocked look on my face and said "$80 for a basic oil change?!?! That can't be right".  He then went on to tell me that since I drove my car so many miles over for my oil to be changed that they had to flush out my system at $30 and then they had to use the best oil and some other bull s**# reasons and that was $30 and then they noticed my air filter was dirty and replaced it at $19.  He then had 4 other guys in there come in and back him up.  I just stood there dumbfounded and told him that I was upset because they had never asked me my permission to do any of that.  I was in a hurry to be back to work and just paid the bill after rolling my eyes and letting them know I was ticked off.  As I drove back to work I was so mad at myself for not asking to speak to a manager or making sure I got their names and the exact Jiffy Lube location.  I hate the way they made me feel. I am a young woman who knows nothing about cars and they were 5 guys in their 20's or so making me feel intimidated.  I will NEVER go to another Jiffy Lube again, ever. Even if it means driving 30 minutes further to go somewhere else. 

[507] Alexander  Employee


[506] Ken in Citrus Heights, CA  No Service

I suppose that compared to the horror stories chronicled on your site, my problem was quite minor, but if the techs there don't to the obvious stuff, how can I be sure that they did the rest?   Jiffy Lube #1875, 7841 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA  3 - 4 PM, Sunday February 11, 2007.

Dropped my Mitsubishi Galant off for an oil change. Part of the "Signature Service" is washing the exterior windows and vacuuming the interior. Driving home from the shop, I noticed that the windows were filthy, and that the floors hadn't been vacuumed. I called the store, and asked what had happened; the man on the phone answered that it was "shift change", and that they must not have assigned anyone to do it.

Folks, this store was closing in 20 minutes. No competent business does "shift change" when they're about to close. I asked "Did they at least change the oil?" His response was to offer me the address of the Corporate office. This is a clear signal that the man doesn't care at all about the quality of the work he does.

To give the proper credit, they did check the radiator fluid, and offered to top it off for $6, and did bring me the air filer to show me that it was a bit gray; no doubt, in hopes to selling me a new one. And they did refill the windshield washer fluid; I could see the green and blue fluids in the appropriate reservoirs when I popped the hood to check, after I got home.

I usually do my own oil changes, but it's been busy and I need to take a fairly long business trip this week; I didn't want to bother. I guess I've lerarned my lesson; if you want something done right, do it yourself!

[505] Scott in Olivette, MO Oil Filter

I have been a victim of the same franchise in Olivette, Missouri, twice.

I have two vehicles, a ’93 Honda and a ’95 Acura. I have been to Jiffy Lube in the past and never had an issue. Last year I took both vehicles (on two separate days the same week) to the Jiffy Lube near my office. Upon returning home, I noticed some oil on the garage floor (where there had been none before), but I chalked that up to excess or spill during the oil change process. Days later, the oil on the garage floor was increasing from both vehicles. I took the Honda back to the Jiffy Lube and requested they check their work and tighten anything left loose. I waited for my vehicle for nearly 20 minutes, but the result was - the leaking from the Honda stopped.

I then took the Acura to a local repair shop (not wanting to return to Jiffy Lube) and they discovered that the leaking was from a low-quality oil filter that Jiffy Lube had installed which had a split in the seal. That little trip to the repair shop to diagnose an oil leak cost me $100. I vowed not to return to that particular Jiffy Lube.

Many months later, I was in a bind and needed to get an oil change on the Honda before taking a long trip. I thought, perhaps there was a bad run of stock on the oil filters at the Jiffy Lube I patronized, so I would give them another (and a final) chance to redeem themselves. To my amazement, the oil leaking problem was back! Furthermore, nearly a month later, I discovered my clutch going out on the Honda… the repair shop explained to me that there was nothing wrong with the mechanics of the clutch, but that the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinders were both leaking and nearly dry. I had to have both replaced for nearly $500.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but I will never darken the door of this particular Jiffy Lube again, and most likely never take another vehicle to any of their locations. I am going to write a letter of complaint to Jiffy Lube corporate, but regardless of their response, I will not return to this JL facility.

[504] Trudy in St. Louis, MO Engine Flush

I'm not a victim yet, but I just returned from there and they sold me the Engine Flush. He pointed out the dirty cap. I recall someone telling me to not get a transmission flush because the particles could mess up your engine. So, I asked the attendant if this applies to the Engine Flush. Could there be a risk that it could damage my engine? He assured me that It was not the same as a Transmission Flush and it wouldn't damage my engine.

I came right back to the office and looked up "Engine Flush" and found the website that said "if you do get a flush, I recommend you do it when you can afford to replace the engine or transmission". I am sick to my stomach. I CANNOT AFFORD A NEW ENGINE. Can they be held accountable?

[503] Sheri in Ventura, CA Wipers

I read your experience with Jiffy Lube, and I can only imagine your frustration. I am dealing with Jiffy Lube in our, Ventura California as they neglected to replace my son's windshield wipers. On January 19th, 2007 my son took his BMW to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and stated that he needed his windshield wipers replaced as well. The oil change was $110.48 and 2 windshield wipers $15.98. My son was very concerned about his wipers as one of them was in such bad shape it started to look as if it was going to scratch his car. He paid the bill and assumed all the work he paid for had been done. The very next day it rained and he turned his wipers on and he realized they did not replace them. His windshield now has a large deep scratch limiting his visibility. The windshield needs to be completely replaced which is quite costly. He went back to Jiffy Lube and spoke with the manager of the day and explained to him the details. He was quite rude and unprofessional and offered no compensation what so ever. He did however have the new wipers that were already paid for put on his car. I phoned a few days later to speak with the manager who was not there, but spoke with the same person my son spoke to. He said that the manager was not in and would not be in for 2 days, so I phoned 2 days later and he still was not in. I asked him to please make a note for him so he is aware of the situation and he said he would do so. Today I phoned and he was there but in a meeting. I left my phone number and he did not phone me back. I am very disappointed with there service and lack of professionalism. This could have been a lot more serious my son could have gotten into a car accident involving other people and sustained substantial injuries, fortunately he made it to Jiffy Lube safely. I will not tolerate poor service what so ever, and plan on pursuing this until they replace the windshield. Do you know of any other venues that can assist in these kind of complaints? Also, is there a corporate office that I can get in touch with? Any information you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing your experience it really gives people the incentive to pursue in injustice they have endured.

[502] Linda  Employee

I used to work at Jiffy Lube in my teen years. Truth is I had a lot of not so great jobs back then. Including carpet cleaning, the reason I mention that is because of the similarities.

Those being that you make your money off of selling “extras” that quite simply may not at all be needed. Most Jiffy Lube stores have a “seller” who is tasked with going into the customer waiting area and “recommending” that “your differential/s really need servicing”.  Depending on the store, they can use scare tactics in there truest form. The money is made off of selling “extras”, that’s the game. To charge someone $50-100 on a service that wouldn’t cost you more than $20 or less to do on your own. Heck, an oil change if you did it yourself shouldn’t cost more than $10 for most vehicles. Not the $30 plus they charge. Also in doing it yourself you could get a premium oil filter, not the “just ok” filters they provide.

Lastly a bit of advice, have you ever seen those poor kids standing in front of a Jiffy Lube with a sign advertising a $19.99 oil change? The sales only happen when a significant drop in business happens. Take advantage of that, if not by stopping in when you see the sign then by calling and requesting that price even if its not offered anymore. I used to do it all the time; they will never turn your business down if you make sure to ask the manager.

Or better yet, take your car to the neighborhood repair shop, if he/she has the time. It will or rather should be done for much less than a “oil pit” will charge. Also you will be giving your business to a person in your town, with a family and a mortgage, most of all they want your business. In my experience contrary to belief, most are upstanding honest people who are up against the Car-X’s of the world. Who knows, you might start a business relationship that works out for both parties

[501] Nathan in Chapel Hill, NC  No Air Filter

I had no idea such a site as yours existed, but you won't believe what Jiffy Lube did to my fiancee's car.  She went in for a routine oil change and they showed her that her air filter was pretty filthy, so she decided to let them change it.  About two weeks later, her car started experiencing problems accelerating, fuel mileage worsened considerably, and eventually the engine light would come on at certain times.

Four weeks later, she attempted to drive about 250 miles to South Carolina.  After almost arriving at her destination outside of Columbia, the car abruptly shut down and would not move.  It would accelerate briefly to about 2 miles an hour and then stop again.  The mechanic opened the hood and guess what?  Not only had they not tightened any of the bolts holding in the air filter -- THEY HAD NEVER PUT IN A FILTER AT ALL.  I don't even know of any recompense that we could get since they could just say there's no "proof" that we didn't do it ourselves (like I'd want to purposely remove an air filter).  The car was so full of gunk that it to this day does not operate correctly.

Thanks Jiffy Lube!  That's quality work!


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