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[325]  Charles in Spokane, WA  Beyond Warranty

On 31 July 2006 I went to Jiffy Lube #2323 at 6309 N. Wall Spokane, WA 99208.  As a 74 year old man that is slowing down some I’ve stopped servicing my own cars which I have done most of my life, and drove to a Jiffy Lube  oil changing store for the Job.  My car had 15573 miles on a 2005 Subaru Forester and I expected to pay $35.00 for the service.  In less than 40 minutes my bill was given to me as the minimum service that Subaru recommended at 15000 miles and was $251.90.  $200 0f this charge was for differential and automatic transmission flush and refill.

I questioned this service immediately and was told Subaru recommended this service at 15000 as was shown this on their computer screens.  As I pulled out my Subaru Owner’s manual, the Jiffy Lube servicemen assured me any deviation in their recommended service would jeopardize my warranty as not servicing my Forester properly.  I showed them the owner’s manual recommendations for service at 15000 Miles which only stipulates oil and oil filter replacement.  They put me on a cell phone to a Mr. Eric Paz of Wilsonville OR. Owner of the store and I protested the deceptive manner this service had been sold to me.  He told me the service recommendations are for severe driving conditions and that is what I had bought.

I paid the bill under protest and am at this time writing the Washington State Attorneys General and the Better Business Bureau seeking redress.  It’s my view that Jiffy Lube Stores have a deceptive system of sales practices and are defrauding the public.

[324]  Dave in Murfreesboro, TN  Failed Service

This complaint refers to the failure of Jiffy Lube #3095, 1611 Memorial Blvd in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to provide the signature service promised. Jiffy Lube failed to check fluid levels, replace fluids and perform fluid level inspections. Although the invoice indicated the work had been done, it had not been. In some cases fluid levels were low, in others completely empty, despite the fact Jiffy Lube's Invoice indicated they had been checked, were full or had been filled. The oil dipstick had been left hanging out of it's sleeve creating a hazard for the fan belt.  If I had not heard it rattling around, I probably would not have checked. 

I have absolutely no way of knowing if the other services, for which I paid $142.08 were performed however since the other services were not, I can only condlude the fuels system cleaning, fuel filter replacement and oil/filter replacement were not either.

A complaint has been filed with corporate headquarters, but no response has been received.  I am beginning to understand this is standard procedure Jiffy Lube.   

[323]  Woman Victim  Laziness

I now check all the work that is done to my car after it has been serviced at Jiffy Lube, in the parking lot at Jiffy Lube.  I do not get anything done except oil changes done there because of the untrustworthy experiences I have had.  Here are the things that are not done but said they are done on my receipt:

1. Tires not filled or overfilled (today I specified to have my tires filled at thirty pounds and they were filled to 35 pounds--the last time my tires were filled to 35 pounds by Jiffy Lube, I ended up with a flat tire) so the service guy and myself deflated my tires to 30 pounds
2.  My car rarely gets vacuumed
3.  Windshield washer fluid not filled. 
4.  Frequently services are offered to be done that are not necessary

It is unfortunate that these simple tasks cannot be completed as the service is promised.  I think these mistakes are done out of laziness.  This is such an ideal service and convenient way to get your oil changed and basic car maintenance done, and is so very simple but it has been an incomplete service every time I go in.  I also think you get treated differnently if you are a woman.  They are always surprised when I open my hood and check my tire pressure in the parking lot and get a little nervous when I ask them to correct the problem.  I guess you really cannot trust much these days.  It does not seem like it would be too hard to remedy this problem. 

[322]  Kathleen in Glenwood, IL  No Grease

due to the lack of inexperinced personell and lack of a supervisor checking their work my vehicle had not been greased in over a year. this caused the passanger side tie rod to freeze up and eventually break a portion of the vehicle frame. this eventually cost me 277.00 to have it repaired i have repedately gone to the location at 18229 so9 halsted in glenwood only to be told every time they would let the dist mgr know no results i called what they said was the corp office, also no results.i guess their customer service call back system is no better than their regular service.

[321]  Victor  Bad Service

I to like the ease of taking my vechile to someone for a quick oil change and not have to worry about having to dispose of it my self.  I've been taking my car to Jiffy Lube #360, my car started to leave oil stains on my driveway after I first took it to be serviced.

I went back to the same place mentioned to them the leak and that the windshield fluid was also low.  After having the car looked at, it still continues to leak and no windshield fluid was ever added.  I've ben to the same place three times and will not return a fourth time; they've asked to do the transmission fluid and fuel injector, that the manufacturer recommends it at so & so milage, but I'm afraid they'll do more harm.

The idea behind this type of bussiness is great, only if they can keep the franchises honest and trust worthy.  They have replaced my oil with the high milage, but how do I know the difference also how do I know if the filters they are showing me are in fact the ones out of my car.  Then they say they'll do your windows and vacuum the car, windows are left all smudged and the carpet is not even vacuumed under the floor mats.


[320]  John in Falls Church, VA  Stripped Lug Nut

I took my 2003 Toyota 4 runner in for an oil change, tire rotation and wheel balancing at the Falls Church, VA. Jiffy Lube. After they took the wheels off they said they did not have the wheel weights needed for my vehicle but would rotate the tires. I told them not to do this because I will need to go elsewhere for the balancing; I might as well get it done as a package. The ”technician” got angry at my decision and while putting the wheels back on stripped one lug and nut. The manager called me outside to explain what had happened (he did not want other customers overhearing how they damaged my vehicle). He said it will be safe to drive on a long trip with a lug missing. He also said he would order the parts and install them when they came in. They never called me to say parts were in – I called them after a week. They told me the parts were in and call one hour before I came in. After three calls, they finally said to come in after 2:00 that day. I did. When I got there they said to come back the next day. I stopped the idiocy on the spot. I told them I would take the vehicle in to the dealer and have the repairs done; then send them the bill. The frustrating part is they never acknowledged the mistake, took an attitude that I was now just a thorn in their side, rather than a recipient of their damage. We have three vehicles that all were being serviced by them and now we will never go back. They really should not be in business!

[319]  Tom in Lafayette, IN  Wrong Oil

While in Lafayette, Indiana on July 27, 2006, I noticed it was time to change oil in our family van.  I took it to the Jiffy Lube store at 3115 South St.  When I arrived I was asked the pertinent questions and I asked if I could get Quaker State 10W-30 for the engine.  I was told that would be no problem, but I would incur a $5 up charge, which I agreed to.  I have used Quaker state for the last 120,000 miles.  After the oil had been drained, the manager came and said he only had two quarts of 10W-30 Quaker state.  I then had to choose another oil.  I feel that if there was not enough Quaker State to complete the job, I should have been told upfront, and would have gone somewhere else.  

[318]  Carlos in Rochester, MN  No Oil Plug

I had my oil changed at the Jiffy Lube in north Rochester, MN off highway 52.  About three weeks after doing so, and driving in a heavy snow, I noticed my oil light blinking red and pulled off into the nearest gas station.  I popped the hood and checked the oil, and to my surprise there wasn't any!! Or at least so little that it didn't show up on the stick at all.  I had just bought the car, used, 2 mos ago, and still owed close to 6k on it.  I couldn't believe what was happening, as i've allready had more than my share of car problems.  I looked under the car to see if anything looked bad, and saw why there was no oil on the dipstick.  It was all underneath my car.  I had the car towed to a reputable mechanic who told me the following day that the oil plug had fallen off.  I asked how that could have happened and he said that it was just not properly tightened.  I asked if there was any other possible way this could have happened, and he said that short of someone sabatoging my car, no.  And considering that I drive a volkswagen beetle so low to the ground that you can't get underneath it without raising the car (and have no enemies) that is extremely improbable.

Since I had the car towed using my road service, I didn't have to pay for that, but the mechanics bill to put on a new plug, check the car, and fill up the oil w/ pure synthetic was $103.  I immediately went to the Jiffy Lube that had done my oil change and asked to talk to the manager.  The manager claimed that such
things NEVER happen there, but agreed to reimburse me taking copies of my invoices.  He said that "corporate" would mail me a check and some vouchers for
free service (as if i'd use them..)

it's been 13 months and i've never recieved anything.  I called at around six months and talked to the same manager ( I would have gone in, but I moved to Miami, about
one month after the incident).  He said he didn't understand why I hadn't recieved my check and would call and find out, and took my new address (which the post office
forwarded to anyway).

[317]  Marilyn  Transmission

Took my car to Jiffy Lube June 16, 2006 to have an oil change and transmission fluid changed.  About 10 days later my car, particularly when it had been sitting for about 4 hours, sounded as though it were not in gear when I step on the gas and would reve really high.  I pulled over to make sure I was in gear and I was.  But after about 5 minutes it was ok.  So I said I would listen again next time in the morning.  The next morning it did it again and after about 5 minutes it was ok again.  So I took it to my repair shop July 12, (they had to keep my car over night) and I asked them to check the transmission and they did.  They told me the transmission was going.  Also they informed that I was a quart low, saying as though, we women don't know to put transmission fluid in.  I then informed them that I just had my transmission fluid changed about 2-3 weeks ago.  They just looked at each other and says, "OOOOHHHH".  

Now my transmission is messed up and my objective is to have them pay for my transmission being repaired.

[316]  Daniel  Unfair Advantage

I asked my wife to take our van in to have an oil change. The usual price is $30. I gave her a coupon for $7 off. When she came back they'd charged us nearly $300 for additional services they'd convinced her we needed. It seems obvious that some Jiffy Lube employees deliberately prey on and intimidate the unsuspecting public. That is what I'm convinced happened to my wife.

[315]  District Manager in VA  Mgm't Attitude

I was a district manager for Jiffy Lube in Virginia. After about 3 years I had enough and walked out on them. I was tired of seeing customers ripped off and employees treated badly. Women were especially targeted but the guys were not entirely safe. Thousands of dollars a month in unnecessary sales. The thing is the higher ups dont care how you make the sale. They know whats being said to customers because the joke about it at meetings. If I could go back in time and never work for them I would. I work for a place called express lube now in Texas and I truly am proud to there. The owner of  the shop is an honest man. He treats us all very well.

We do not have a ticket average that we have to make. He believes in going over any recommendations we have in a pleasant and friendly manner. We do not put our customers on the spot. We average around a $43.00 dollar ticket average. Thats a big difference from the $65.00 ticket we were required to have at Jiffy Lube. Thing about Jiffy Lube is they think if you can run a $50.00 dollar ticket then you should be able to run a $60.00 dollar ticket and so on. They keep raising the bar. Eventually the ticket demand becomes so ridiculous that shops will resort to high pressure sales tactics and cheating and lying to make ticket. If you continue to miss ticket average Jiffy Lube will replace you. I have seen Jiffy Lube turn many good people into liars and cheats. Remember these men and women have familles to take care of too and cant afford to loose their jobs. I dont condone their behavior but I understand where it is coming from. Jiffy Lube Corporate are nothing more than thugs.

Also remember that the starting salary for a "technician" Is around six dollars an hour. That doesn't buy a whole lot of talent and experience. So most of the teenagers you see working on your car really dont know dick. The training is a joke and is hands on. Thats why so many mistakes are made. Mistakes are also made because most shops are undermanned. Thats because they have to make labor. Thats also another reason for the high pressure sale tactics. Higher ticket average lowers your labor cost. So imagine when the shop is busy and they dont have the man power available, mistakes are going to happen. There are so many reasons why a site like this exists and it could all be taken away if Jiffy Lube corporate would pay higher wages and keep more employees on the clock. That might get in the way of their ridiculous profits. Send technicians to a minimum of a two week traing course in a training shop and pay them ten dollars an hour to start and you will see fewer mistakes. Low wages also has a way of attracting the dregs in life. In a shop of about 15 people usually around nine or ten had perole officers. Most of them weren't people who wanted a second chance at life but rather worked so they wouldn't have to go back to jail and could satisfy their drug habit. Some truly did try but most did not.

[314]  Catherine in Danville, VA  Costly Service

On July 23, 2006 I went for so-called signature service to the store located in DAnville, VA 24540.

1. They did not let out the old oil, ONLY FILLED UP THE OIL CONTAINER;
2. Did not clean the car (window, inside);
3. Did not put air in the tires.
It cost me $78.00.

[313]  SOJ in Lakewood, WA  Robbed

I took my 1996 Ford Explore to Jiffy Lube # 963, 5310 100 St SW, Lakewood, WA 98499 and I did not receive the service that I paid for.  On May 20, 2006, I arrived at Jiffy Lube for an oil change and ended up spending $210.00 for Signature Service oil change, oil system cleaner service, oil filter, rear differential service, transfer case service, and air filter.  I take pride in maintaining my car.  On July 16, 2006, I went in for a schedule oil change and I paid $99.00 for signature oil change and fuel filter replacement.  When I left my Jiffy Lube, my car started to drive terrible and my boyfriend happened to check the oil and to is surprise, the oil was murky.  Dark smoke came out of my muffler-pipe.  I took my car back to Jiffy Lube the next day and the technician said the tar looking oil was normal and my boyfriend told him that my oil has never been changed.  Jiffy Lube employee and assistant manager finally agreed that the oil has never been changed since my last 2 visits.  I had the employee pour a sample of my old oil for evidence.  They performed the same service as I paid for on May 20 and July 16 and they did not charge me.  I was robbed and the manager offered me 5 free oil change and I declined.  They never offered to refund my money, so I reported them to the 1-800 Jiffy Lube customer service line and I have not heard from the Franchise owner.  I also wrote to the Attorney General and hopefully justice will be served. 

[312]  William in Freehold, NJ  Brake Wear

I recently purchase a new 2006 Chevy Cobalt and have been planning to minimize unnecessary wear and tear on the engine by replacing the oil in the crankcase at 500 miles with natural motor oil (which I've just done) and again at 1,500 miles and all subsequent changes with synthetic oil.

The attendant who drove the car out of the bay did so by accelerating quickly and slamming the breaks to bring the car to a stop. This happened at Jiffy Lube #2912 in Howell, NJ.

Any diligent vehicle owner knows that panic stops during the first 1,000 miles of brake rotor use can cause them to warp and consequently, wear out prematurely.  Also, if this is how they handled the car when I could see it, I shudder at the thought of what they could have done when the car was in the bay.

Clearly, the skid marks on my shorts are capable of a higher level of professionalism than Jiffy Lube.

[311]  Rich  Broken Mirror

I brought my 2001 Ford Taurus in for a routine oil change at the local Jiffy Lube. I drove it into the service bay and went to the waiting room. After they finished and drove it out the front for pickup I went to the cashier (who was also the manager). He asked me if my rear view mirror was damaged before I came in. I said no and went out to my car. I found the driver's side mirror hanging off, attached only by its adjustment cables. I drove home and called up the store, telling them that since I had driven the car into the service area I would have noticed if a part of the car was knocked off and dangling. To me that meant it must have occurred when they drove the car out. The manager told me that he would report it and I would hear from a representative of the national chain by phone. That was months ago and I have not heard yet!

[310]  Victim  No Brakes

I went into to get my brakes checked to see if I needed to get the pads changed.  I was told by a gentleman (who had just been released from prison), that the rear pads could stand to be changed and if I can come back in the morning, he would be more than happy to replace them for me.  So I came back.  And watched him punch a hole in one caliper and then reset the other so bad that my brake line had TONS of air in it.  Needless to say, I had no brakes, couldn't drive my car off their lot, and was told to have it off the property by 8:00pm or they would tow it.  When the first guy was done, another came over to try to help me so it wouldn't be towed.... I said to him "there are NO brakes", so he slammed it into the wall....

They also told me that it was my responsibility.  THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!!!

[309] Upset Employee in Chicago, IL  Extra Charge

Chicago Corporation owned stores have a wonder full trick to over charge customers. An oil change includes 5 quarts of oil for 29.99. Your car may take only 4 quarts. Any part sold is taxed separate because labor is not taxed,therefore if I put 5quarts of oil on your receipt, each individual quart is being taxed. Opposed to the 4 quarts the vehicle takes. Please multiply the extra six cents times 700,000 cars. Now tell me where does the money go and is it a big deal. I will debate anyone on the morals or ethics of Jiffy Lube as a company or franchise.

Some employees praise their jobs without trying to understand the situations of other employees, former employees or customers,but I guarantee the Jiffy Lube will not be thier to have the back of that person when they get in a jam.

[308]  Linda in Warwick, RI  A Jerk

I just came home from a Jiffy Lube establishment here in Warwick, Rhode Island.  I was so happy when I saw their sign outside saying they're open Sundays - I thought "how convenient!".  I pulled in, around the back of the garage.  I could see a shadow of a man inside the garage, but I honestly wasn't sure if he saw me -- I thought MAYBE he had signaled me to pull into the center bay, so I went to do so.

He was 'directing' me as to how to pull in.  The thought crossed my mind that he was having some fun for himself because I'm a woman - 'pull left, pull right, pull straight' .. it seemed overdone, in all honesty.

So he tells me to pull up, which left my car a little bit outside of the garage.  I was getting my paperwork out of my glove box, and I got my debit card out to pay, and I just waited in the car because he never said another word to me -- I've been to other 'oil change' facilities where you just wait in the car, so that's what I assumed this man wanted me to do.

A good 5 to 10 minutes went by, and he came back and said, while laughing "M'aam - I need you to back your car up and get out of the car".  I said "Why didn't you tell me that in the first place???" - he said, again while laughing " I was waiting for you to get out". 

I said "You know what?  I think I'll just go somewhere else.  He - again while laughing ' said "okay -- have a nice day!!!".

This guy was a JERK.  That's the best word to describe him. This guy's name was "Pete".

I can without a doubt say that I'll never go back to another Jiffy Lube establishment after the experience I had today.  No wonder I was the only "customer" there.

[307]  Scott in Cathedral City, CA  No Coupon

I have received a coupon for $10.00 off an oil change at my residence in Cathedral City, CA 3 weeks in a row.  My car needed an oil change and so I took it to Jiffy lube #1669 on the second.  I showed the coupon to the man when I entered and said I needed an oil change.  The oil was changed and someone came into the store and charged me.  When I received the invoice I asked the man did he use the coupon.  He said yes.  Then they asked if I wanted my car washed I said yes.  I looked at the bill but I could not see the $10.00 off.  I asked the first gentleman if the coupon was used he said no.  I think he was the manager but new.  So I asked him to void the transaction and re ring with the discount.  He said he could not because of the computer.  I still stressed that it could not be that hard to charge me the correct price and he again said no the computer did not allow it.  I asked him if they ever made mistakes and he said yes.  So I then asked what do you do if you make a mistake, he said we give them a free oil change.  I said ok I would like a free oil change he said ok, but I got no coupon or anything.  I said to him well can I get it in writing.  He said yes a scribbled on my receipt.  I find this all very bizarre.  The people were all very courteous and did a fine job on the car.  I am just amazed at how untrained they were when it came to that computer. 

[306]  Stacey in Austin, TX  Not Professional

Just over a year ago our family moved to Austin, Texas with our three automobiles. When oil changes were due we took them to our neighborhood Jiffy Lube as we have in the past. Since starting we have visited this one location a dozen times and we have always been satisfied with the service. We felt that we and our cars were handled in a professional manner by professional people. That opinion has changed after seeing those same professionals standing out on the street in the cold and rain begging for business. What kind of business would ask their employees to be professional and knowledgeable on one hand and on the other hand ask these same people to demean themselves by standing outside begging for work like a common bum? What kind of professionals would allow themselves to be subjected to that kind of treatment in the workplace? After discussing this with my husband, who informed me that he has seen the same thing at other local Jiffy Lube locations, we have decided to no longer take our cars to Jiffy Lube. We believe that anyone put in charge of making sure that our vehicles run properly should be a professional and professionals don’t beg on the street like common bums for business.

Now, that I’ve said that, you should know that this also brought up our dislike with being called and surveyed after visiting your shop. It only happened once, but the polling company you used called us several times for days at the worst times before we finally gave in and answered. We should have been notified ahead of time that by giving our number we were authorizing this company to bug us at dinner time. We believe despite our disapproval of this practice, that we gave the shop a favorable review, but you should know that most of the questions were very gray and if you use these to judge a person’s satisfaction with your business than the questions should be clear. For instance, I believe one question asked us if we were immediately greeted upon our arrival. What kind of question is that? Immediately greeted? How would I know? I was talking on the phone, loading my purse and getting a two year old out of the car. Why not ask, “Where you made to feel welcome when you arrived at our shop?” While I am at it here are the ONLY questions you should ask:

1.)    Did our staff make you feel welcome and that your business is appreciated?

2.)    Do you feel the staff was knowledgeable about the product and services offered?

3.)    Was your car serviced in a timely matter?

4.)    Would you return to this or another Jiffy Lube location for service in the future?

5.)    If no, why?

That’s it. No more gray questions especially if you are basing promotions and bonuses on these questions. Whoever came up with your current Customer Service questionnaire should be fired.

I’d sign this, but I don’t want to hear back from you and I know you have my number on file. Make some changes to your company and the way you conduct business soon. You were lucky to hear from me and have this brought to your attention because you can be certain that for every one vocal complaint like mine there are a hundred more unspoken. You would know this too if you or anyone on your management team went to business school, but I have to wonder about that after seeing the practices you use to drum up business. 

Sincerely, a former Jiffy Lube Customer

[305]  DR in Miami, FL  Transmission Oil



[304]  Geralyn  Oil Cap

I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE!  Silly me!  My car started going "beserk" and I returned to Firestone...the Jiffy Lube people had left the cap off and just like others...my car began to stop...smoke,  the whole 9 yrds.  Firestone pointed out that the oil cap had NOT been replaced.

Finally the cost of my oil change seems to somehow morph to MUCH MORE than I expected to pay upon walking through the door, coupon in hand.

[303]  John in Duluth, GA  No Coupon

I have a coupon for a free oil change after the first 8 which would not be accepted at the jiffy lube (3541 Satellite Blvd Duluth Ga 30096). I was told I have to mail it in to get a check mailed back to redeem at the Jiffy Lube while the coupon does not have a mailing address, or even say the word 'mail' anywhere on it. They did not give me an address to mail the coupon to. I had no satisfaction getting the coupon accepted after talking to a number of people at the store and the bill was significantly higher than they had previously told me in their 'cover their rear' practices. 

While calling Jiffy Lube corporate hq and being directed to 'customer service' I was told that the store is a franchise owned by Atlanta Lubes which is the name on the invoice under Jiffy Lube. I asked for contact information to continue the issue with them but they said they do not have that information. I was told someone from Atlanta Lubes will call me within 2 to 3 days after they e-mail this company. 

I cannot find Atlanta Lubes listed online or in the white pages. I cannot get ahold of contact information for this company from Jiffy Lube, and I have had no satisfaction whatsoever dealing with the specific Jiffy Lube store. I just want my money back for this oil change that should have been free in the first place.

This is just ridiculous.  I had to pay $50 for an oil change that should have been free.  

[302]  Dan in Orlando, FL  Rear Diff

This is the problem I have with the shop on N. Orange Blossom Tr. in Orlando. #1831. I took my 06 Rubicon in for regular maint. They had over tightened the fill plug on the rear differential. This forced the magnet on the plug into the actuator ring for the locker. The dealer had to open up the diff. to clean out the parts from the broken magnet. Now Jiffy Lube is giving me the runaround try not to pay for the $160+ I had to pay the dealer for their screw up. I later find out this has happened only at Jiffy Lube shops all over to many Rubicon owners. You would think they would learn to get it right eventualy.

Shop #76 still owes me two windows for my '66 beetle, but thats another story.

[301]  Rainer in Merced, CA  Tire Pressure

Took my Chrysler 300M in for the regular 3000 miles service which included checking tire inflation.  When I left my car computer showed two tires with 46 psi, one w/40 psi, and the other 39 psi.  Spec tire pressure is 30 psi when cold.  Took it back to have them recheck it.  Sure enough it was excessively high (tire placards don't mean a thing to them), but after they were readjusted they still read high (40 psi).  I told them I would check it at home which showed that their tire gauge was reading 9 psi low.  I notified them of the discrepancy, but doubt they won't keep using the faulty gauge.   I usually check my tires when I leave them, because of an earlier bad experience where I had adjusted my tire inflation to specification prior to taking the car in, and they still added air and lost one of the valve caps.

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