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[625] Jim in Crestwood, IL Wrong Type of Oil

I stopped in to get a oil top off and was told my trans oil was bad and had to be changed immediately. I informed them the dealer had just taken care of it and they still insisted it was bad oil. I told then I would take it up with the dealer.  Now comes the final blow. JiffyLube had been using bottled 10-30, 76 synthetic blend. The employee reached for the bulk dispenser and I stopped him saying that is not the correct oil. He argued with me saying this is what I always use not the synthetic blend and said the bulk will not blend with the synthetic. He insisted that is what he is going to use.  Another words, I am a lying to him. I told him to stop immediately, cap me up and let me out of here. The manager came over and made the lame excuse they were out of the bottled oil. I said they were going to add a different oil that is not comparable with the oil in my car. Another employee said I needed an oil change anyway and that would solve everything. I checked mileage and found I still had 765 miles to go before a change was due. They insisted the hot weather shortens the oil life and 3000 miles is too long.I once again politely said "let me out of here"

Never again!!!

[624] Vicki in Irmo, SC  Blown Engine

I am out $2438 due to Jiffy Lubes negligence and inexperienced workers.  After a routine oil change (which I never have used JL for this service before) my engine blew up and I had to have a rebuilt engine put in my 1998 Nissan Altima.  On March 15, 2007 I went to the Jiffy Lube in West Columbia SC #1204 to have my oil change before heading to Charlotte NC the next morning.  One of the workers said I needed to add a cleaner to my engine since I had over 100, 00 miles.  I told him I had never had to use such a product before because I have always had my oil changed as recommended.  He said now is the time to start using it.  I told him to go ahead as I was in a hurry.   They finish my car and the next day about 15 miles outside of Charlotte my engine light comes on and the loudest racket was coming from under the hood. I pulled off the interstate; luckily a Tires store/garage was just around the bend.  I pull in, one of the mechanics comes over, looks under my hood and said, “Turn your car off immediately, your engine is blown.   He asked if anyone had worked on my car and I told him of the events of yesterday at the Jiffy Lube in SC.  He laughs and said, they ruined your engine by adding this cleaner, in other words, your engine had a heart attack because the normal sludge in your engine has broke loose and clogged up and blown the engine.

Well after having to rent a vehicle, pay my mechanic for installing a rebuilt engine, and missing work I am out almost $2500, and what has Jiffy Lube done. NOTHING, they won’t even call me back at the corporate office. And the DM for this Jiffy Lube was very rude to me and hung up on me.  I have a small claims suit against JL.  All I want is to be reimbursing for what I spent to solve my problem and here is a multi – million Dollar Company that won’t even hear me.

I have statements from mechanics all over the state saying this cleaner should not have been put in my car, I have receipts from all the oils changes I have had thru my regular mechanic since I purchased m y car in 2001,  I even have a bottle of the cleaner they put in my car.

[623] Paul in Herndon, VA  Untrained Immigrants

I just finished my first , ( and likely last) visit to a Jiffylube.  It was big on “Jiffy” and short on “lube.” It was in Herndon Va.

The store was well staffed with many employees waiting to work. I bought over $200 of services from you today, when I had planned on a $20 oil change. I paid $99 to change the antifreeze, $45 for an AC filter, $20 for an air filter, $35 for an oil change.  For all of this I was given a free $3 carwash.

The carwash is a joke and your employees admit this.  It does not wash off ANY spots of stuff.  After it was all over I decided to check my fluid levels to be sure they were all full. The Power Steering container was too low. Apparently your well-meaning immigrants are not well trained. I pointed this out and they put some in. They did not bother to tell me I was low on brake fluid and did not even try to sell me any, so I guess you don’t sell that.

However, given that I had to get dirty and double check your fluid change work( and that is the only business you are in there). I think I should get at least a $100 credit on my VISA card. If I don’t get this by July 1, this missive will appear on some blogs. I am sure you know blogs sit on the internet forever.  I also suggest you dismantle your horrid “carwash”. It is a joke and sending people in there thinking they will get a carwash like others they have gotten in life, just makes your customers angry and not want to return.

I have no idea if changing an AC filter should cost $45 or antifreezne change should cost $100 , but I am going to investigate this.

[622] Brad  Employee

I hope there are some owners and district managers from jiffy lube reading this. I am a manager at jiffy lube and I take a lot of pride running a good honest shop but however that starts at the top. Our franchise owner is an honest man and does not stand for anybody selling unnecessary services or employees just not doing what the customer pays for. Instead we train our employees very well so they know how to inspect a car thoroughly and know what it actually needs. There are to many used and abusded cars out there to have to rip people off. jiffy lube has a great training program however its a lot of work and a lazy manager will never get an employee through it. Don't just promote the guy with the highest T/a promote the guy with a good work ethic so he can provide good traing to his employees. To you owners and Dm's who only care about the T/A you are whats wrong with this company your giving us all a bad name.

[621] Noah in Alexandria, VA  Broke Wheel Lugs

I took my 2000 Mitsubishi Montero in for an oil change and to plug a slow leak in one of the tires. They recommended a bunch of other stuff, as they always do, all of which I declined except for tire rotation, which they said would only take an additional “seven to eight minutes” and I knew needed to be done.

While I was waiting, the manager mentioned that they don’t normally do tire rotation on this model of vehicle because they are a “pain in the butt.” (Which raises the question of why they offered to do it in the first place.)

An hour later, I was still waiting. The manager apologized for the wait, and reiterated that this was why they don’t usually rotate tires on Monteros. The car was ready 20 minutes later, but as I drove it off the lot, the right rear tire made a horrible noise. I backed it up to the garage and demonstrated this to the mechanics. They took it back inside and put it on the lift.

A little later, the manager informed me that some of the lug posts had broken when it came off the lift. They had ordered the parts from Fairfax and they were supposed to arrive in “a few minutes.” Again, he told me this is why they don’t work on Monteros. He said they would fix it “free of charge.” (What great service—they’ll fix something they broke!)

Then the manager disappeared. And two and a half more hours passed.

I read four issues of Sports Illustrated, and one issue of People before the car was ready. Mine was the last car left in the garage, and there was just one employee left, an assistant manager who looked about 19 years old and was obviously powerless to do anything. He demonstrated that both rear tires wobbled because they had bent rims—not a big surprise because I’d been driving on at least one of them under-inflated—and recommended that I take them someplace else for new rims. He also said that three of the lug posts had been replaced, but that three were still broken, so I needed to get those fixed too. (What!?!)

By this point, I was too exhausted to put up a fight. I took his business card and his manager’s, and figured I’d deal with it later. (Maybe a mistake, but I really didn’t think I’d get anywhere with this kid.) Now the brakes vibrate and one of the wheels makes a horrible whistling noise.

I’ve visited Jiffy Lube on and off over the years, with mixed results, but now I’ve finally learned my lesson. I’m never going back.

UPDATE:  After this experience, I filed a compliant through the Jiffy Lube website. I expected to hear nothing back, but late that day a Jiffy Lube regional manager called. He told me to take the vehicle to the Sears at Landmark Mall (a couple of miles from the Jiffy Lube where I had problems) and they would take care of me. As instructed, I took my car in Saturday at 7:30 a.m.

It didn’t go as smoothly as I would have liked (the Sears manager I was supposed to see hadn’t shown up to work when I arrived, so no one knew who I was), but by the end of the day my car was repaired, at no cost to me (except my time, of course). They didn’t even try to up-sell me on anything. Additionally, the Jiffy Lube regional manager called to say they were reimbursing all my charges from the previous weekend, about $120.

I’ll never get back the two Saturdays I wasted dealing with this mess. And I don’t think I’ll be going to Jiffy Lube again. If I do go, it won’t be for anything more than an oil change. But I think in this case they did the right thing, once pushed a little. It seems like they’re trying to improve at the corporate level, probably in response to websites like this one.

[620] Heidi  Insufficient Oil Fill

I took my car in to Jiffy Lube in May of 2007.  I had only owned the car for 3 months.  I had them change my oil.  When they were done "changing" my oil, they drove it around to the front of the store for me.  When I turned on the engine there was a strange noise and the car was shimmying and the oil light came on.  I immediately turned off the engine and went back into the store.  They came and looked at it.  Turns out the didn't put nearly enough oil in it.  This means that they did not check the dipstick when they were done with the oil change and it also means that when they drove it around to the front of the store they ignored the noise and the shimmying and the oil light.  I asked for a letter to document what happened so that if some damage occured due to this I would have it documented that it happended so it wouln't be my word against theirs.  I did get the letter, but after many phone calls and a complain to their website.  I never received any type of appology, they made me feel like it was my fault, and the tone of the letter is negative, not appologetic at all.  The only mistake I made was taking it there.  I tell everyone I know not to go to Jiffy Lube.  I am better off changing my own oil, which I have done in the past and will resume in the future.  I cannot believe that a national company such as this has such poor integrity to do the horrible things they do.

[619] Arjun in Medford, MA  Learning To Drive

I visited Jiffy Lube store #1883 in Medford, MA on June 12th, 2007.  I parked my car in front of the garage bay as instructed, and went to go wait in the waiting room.  I then observed one employee teaching another employee how to drive a manual transmission car, with my car!  He used his hands to demonstrate to the other employee the correct method of releasing the clutch and pressing the gas at the same time.  I then observed the second employee attempting to drive my car, and failing miserably.  He revved the engine very high, and I could hear the engine from within the closed doors of the waiting room.  I then watched as my car jerked back and forth, and then stalled.  He then proceeded to start up the car and try again.  At this point I exited the waiting room and rudely asked them if they needed help pulling my car into the garage.  The employee who knew how to drive stick then drove my car into the bay.  The lady who was in charge apologized to me and half-heartedly reprimanded the kids/employees.  She also let me drive my car out of the garage bay.  I've been a loyal Jiffy Lube customer for many years, but this was my last visit to them.

[618] John in West Springfield, MA  No Differential Check

On June 11th, 2007, I took my 1994 Chevy Blazer to Jiffy Lube on Memorial Drive in West Springfield, MA, for the Signature Service. The oil was overdue for a change, but the main reason I went was to get the rear differential topped off, as I had become aware of a leak there a day earlier, and wanted to insure I had gear lube in it until I could effect repairs. After the service, I drove home, and checked the rear differential filler plug. it had not been removed for quite some time, in fact road dirt etc. completely sealed the plug and the 3/8 detent used for removal. I called the store, spoke with someone named Mike, who insured me that if his guys said they checked it, they did. in fact, the receipt said that the differential was checked and found to be fine, which is impossible first due to the leak, and second due to the fact tha6t the filler plug must be removed to check the level. I went back to the store and requested that they check again, and was told that the service tech had 19 years experience, therefore my claim was impossible. another tech did check, and found 1. that the front differential hadn't been checked either, and the oil there was dirty (should I have paid them to service it?), and 2. that the rear differential had not in fact been checked and needed gear lube. the manager, Mike, had disappeared by that time, the tech offered an apology for the mix up, and that was it, no offer of a future discount or anything. Thanks for listening!

[617] Victim in San Antonio, TX  No Tools?

three months ago i had an oil change at jiffy lube on austin hwy, in san antonio. tx. today i came back for another oil change, and they told me that they could not do it because they dont have the right tools for the job.  i drive a 2003 saturn wagon did someone walked off with the tools ??     halloooo,  anybody home,  the lights are on , but nobody home.  the shop 2 blocks down the street did it right away.  no problem.  never again to jiffy lube. 

[616] Brian in DC  Harassment

I am seperated from the mother of my three children. While she was at a DC location the manger of the store harrassed her in front of my kids. She told him in a very polite way that she was not interested in him. The fool gets her phone number off of the computer data base and calls her cell phone with more advances. She was disturbed to say the least. My kids were very uncomfortable. How can I get my information erased from Jiffy Lube's computer? I advice single, seperated or divorced women to be very careful about providing this company with any personal information. It is not gaurded properly at all.

[615]  Victim  Air Cleaner

In 2003 i had an oil change done on my 2000 Ranger. They asked to change the Air Filter. I said ok.  They charged me for it.  I was disabled in 2003 and did not drive my truck much unitl late 2006.  Just this past month I was having an Oil change at my Local Walmart store(they do a good job for much less) and they noticed that my Air Cleaner was never closed correctly.  I had noticed on the few times I had driven my truck over the past few years that the Check engine light was on.  Now I know why.  Jiffy Lube OVER PRICED BS

[614] Carless in Burien, WA  Oil Filter Leak

We took our beloved 2000 4Runner to Jiffy Lube in Burien, WA for an oil change on 5/27/07 and on 6/4/07, about 20 miles of driving later the car died on my girlfriend and newborn.  I came down and found ALL the oil was missing and had blown out from around the oil filter.  The kid from Jiffy Lube came down several hours later and was honest enough to pose for my camera as he removed the already loose oil filter.  His DM told him to dump oil in and send us on our way!  Can you believe that?!  NO WAY.  Only reason I even let him touch the filter was because I wanted him in the camera shots.  Without any further disturbance I had it towed straight to the dealer where it will be inspected today.  Wondering if I need an engine...and if Jiffy Lube is gonna pay for it.  I'm trying not to be mad about it at this point because I'm all about fairness and hope, as the kid assured me, they will remedy this.

[613] Melissa in Charlottesville, VA   Oil Filter Leak

My husband took our Honda Pilot to a Jiffy Lube in Charlottesville, VA for a simple oil change. He left and made it about 6 miles before the engine seized and oil sprayed all over the passenger side of the car.  Apparently the oil filter wasn't installed properly.  Honda says it will cost about $8K to rebuild the engine. Jiffy Lube got us a rental car, but has now stopped communicating, stating that they had to get their insurance company involved. Meanwhile, our car is sitting at the dealership waiting for someone to give Honda the okay to start the repairs. Fortunately I'm an attorney and fully intend on suing if Jiffy Lube doesn't step up and take care of this. My advice - STAY AWAY FROM JIFFY LUBE!!

[612] Anne  No Transmission Fluid

Car that had 140,000 miles had oil change with transmission check. Two days later no transmission fluid, no obvious leak, and a locked up transmission.   Jiffy lube fails to assume responsibility in any way.

[611] Shannon in Oak Lawn, IL  Oil Not Changed

I went in to have my oil changed on 5/22 @ 3:50pm (CST). Per the techs, everything was done. I was charged a total of $33.30 for services rendered. My car has a mechanism that tells me how much oil life I have left (2006 Pontiac G6). Yesterday I happened to be checking something else & saw that the oil life is only at 12%. OBVIOUSLY my oil was never changed. I went in at 15,309 miles and have only driven approx 300 miles since then.

I expect someone to call me ASAP regarding this matter. I have tried NUMEROUS times to call the store that I had the work "done" at to discuss the matter, but the number they have listed on the receipt is a fax number. I expect a full refund. I have a copy of the bill they provide, which I can fax over to someone, if interested.

I now need to go to another location to have my oil changed AGAIN, and pay AGAIN. I am also concerned about the rest of the work that the store claimed they did...fill the break fluid, fill the power steering fluid, etc. They also checked that they washed my exterior window...that did not happen.

[610] Dennis In Manteca, CA  Cut Transmission Line

I got my oil changed at the Jiffy Lube facility in Manteca California….I drove my car around for 2 days before I noticed that my transmission line had been cut…I checked my fluid and none was showing on the dip stick…I called Jiffy Lube to inform them what had happened….They picked my car up and towed it to their store on Hammer lane in Stockton…I was told by the person at Jiffy Lube that they had screwed up and, by accident, cut my transmission line…..The person told me that hardly any fluid had ran out…I found this hard to believe right from the start, because I had checked the fluid before calling them, and nothing was showing on my dip stick….I picked up my car later that afternoon around 5 pm….I felt something wasn’t right, but I drove my car home which is about 40 miles from the store…The next day I was scheduled to go to Merced and on the way back from Merced my transmission went completely out…I called the District manager John who is in Lodi and he told me to work with the store manager Manny….I called Manny and he told me to tow the truck to any transmission shop I wanted, but they recommended Browers….I was in Lodi at the time and I had the truck towed to the Lodi Aamco Transmission….The manager of the Aamco Store told John and me both that this could have happened because it ran out of fluid…That is not what John of Jiffy Lube wanted to hear..He called me and chastised me for going to Aamco, after I was told that I could go anywhere…He told me that he would only recommend Browers…As of this writing I still don’t have a truck and no resolution to this problem…I believe that Jiffy Lube is going out of their way to make sure they get a favorable conclusion to this…I’m very disappointed in how I have been talked to on the phone by John, and I think it is sad that he is trying to side step this issue…………He offered me 400.00 dollars and he refused to discuss this any further…I do know this I will never go to Jiffy Lube again, nor will any of the trucks in my company…

[609] DH in Citrus Heights, CA  Broke Radiator

I brought my Jeep in to Jiffy Lube to get a transmission fluid exchange and a transfer case fluid exchange. When I came back out, the manager said that he thinks he broke my overflow spout from my radiator, but that the inside of the tube was disintegrated. For the trouble of breaking my radiator, he gave me a discount of $20.  Wow, now that was a nice guy!  He breaks my radiator, I get a new $525 bill from the shop to put in a new radiator that Jiffy Lube broke, and I got $20 off my Jiffy Lube service.  What nice people!  I should invite them over for dinner so they can burn my house down.

[608] Amit in Chantilly, VA  Horrible Experience

I went to Jiffy Lube #1250 in Chantilly VA. I walked in to get the Buy One Get One free promotion. I showed the paper to the guy in the front. He did not read it and said we will take care of it later.  After the car is done, I ask them for the rebate coupon for the 2nd free oil change. They tell me that this is for Penzoil oil and not for Oil change. i start reading it to them that this is a oil change promotion and the guy tells me to stop. he says we dont participate. I had checked online before I went on the jiffy lube website that they were participants.

I tell the Assistant Manager Dean that this is ridiculus. I want to speak to a manager. He says he is the manager and that I should leave. I pick the Manager's card from the desk and ask Dean if I can call him now. When I call the number a guy standing behind Dean picks up the phone and starts pretending that he is the manager and they all start laughing and making fun of me. I keep repeating that this is ridiculus service. My wife is standing next to me.

This guy Dean then says who am I calling stupid (though I did not use that word). He asks me to walk out to the parking lot and he will see me there one on one. He starts to act to go out of the door and the other 2 are trying to stop him.

This is the most Horrible experience I have ever received from a Franchise.  I want to take this to a lawyer. Can someone please suggest what I should do? I have filed a complain with Jiffy Lube HQ but they said that the owner will call me. That's it.

[607] Jay Dee in Apple Valley, MN  Missing Air Filter

Jiffy Lube, Apple Valley, MN. 3/28/07. Service my car before our vacation trip. They asked me if I wanted my air filter changed and I agreed. The paid invoice included air filter CA9481 for 24.99. After our trip, the engine light came on. I took the car to the automotive service shop and they told me that there was no air filter in the air filter compartment. I had been running the car without an air filter and the dirt had been going through the engine and the IAC solenoid and throttle body was dirty. So far unknown damage may have been caused. I submitted my repair bill to Jiffy Lube mgr. Jeremy, who in turn submitted to his district supervisor, Mick Frederickson who was supposed to call me the next day. I have contacted Jeremy 6 times because Mick Frederickson has never called me after promising he will call the next hour, or the next morning etc. I am really surprised to learn that Jiffy Lube has so little respect for their own reputation! I will proceed with further actions to collect the damages.

[606] Walt In Folsom, CA  Employee

Hi, my names Walt and I work for store #1142 in Folsom, Ca.  Reading all the horror stories on here makes me sick to my stomach!

Our store is ran by an outstanding store manager that tries to make friends with as many customers as possible and strives for excellence at all times.  Myself and a couple other employees are prior millitary service and we keep the quality of our work and the other employees work at a high level.  Integrity first is the only way we roll at our shop!

[605] Helen in Lincolnshire, IL  No Coupon

I have not received a certificate for the free oil change.  I sent in my receipt from a full priced oil change with the appropriate form attached.  If I thought I was not going to receive the certificate for the free oil change, I would have used a coupon for a discount on my last oil change.

[604] Rick in Maple Shade, NJ  Bait & Switch

I went to Jiffy Lube @ 508 S. Lenola Road in Maple Shade, New Jersey on May 30, 2007@ 5:19 pm.  The manager (RICK) asked if I was taking advantage of the "Buy 1 get 1 free offer" to which I said yes because I had an online coupon. 

After completing the oil change, the manager rings my bill up to the tune of $39.44.  I asked him what this was about since their Signature oil change usually only costs $31.99 plus tax.  He said that the coupon was only valid using Penzoil oil (not the usual Valvoline) and that I would have to pay the higher amount.  While I was arguing with the manager about not informing the customers about this unheard of or unadvertised bait and switch tactic, the service technician walks by and says that he did not use Penzoil and that he used Valvoline instead.  The manager then says that he has to charge me the full price of $31.99 + tax because the coupon was only good for the Penzoil oil change.

I told him that this is absurd.  You are not supposed to jack up the price of a regular priced oil change when a coupon offer is made by Jiffy Lube just because you are using Penzoil motor oil.  I made him take out the Valvoline motor oil out of my car and replace it with the Penzoil so that I could use my "buy 1 get 1 free" coupon.  He added insult to injury by adding a "bottle oil surcharge" of $3.00 and charging for a coupon book $2.00- both of which I did not ask for nor was previously informed about.

This franchise location is fraudulent and deceptive in their practices.  They attempt to lure you in with the promise of a buy 1/get 1 free offer and then jack up the price of the original Signature oil change by $5.00 without advance notice.  I will be contacting Jiffy Lube's corporate office for some resolution and will be contacting New Jersey's attorney general's office.  BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!! 

[603] Don  No "Shame"

It’s not to Jiffy Lube’s benefit to comment on NBC 4’s story on your rip-offs, so it’s not to my benefit to use any of your services or products.  But it is to my benefit to forward the story to all my email contacts, which I have already done. Obviously the word “shame” isn’t in your corporate mission statement.

[602] Jim in Oak Forest, IL  Wind Damage

While in the first stall, a heavy gust of wind blew through the facility. On the wall next to my car several hard hats hanging on the wall blew off the wall and crashed hard on my hood and left fender.   The extent of damage was just over a $1000.00. .I was told I would have to hear from Corporate for repair. Never heard a word even after turning in two body shop estimates.

[601] Janet   Unwanted Sales Pressure

I sent my 18 yr old son to Jiffy Lube for an oil change.  They put major pressure on him to have the transmission flushed.  He did it and the car started leaking transmission fluid.  My husband returned with my son and found out that they tightened bolts too tight and cracked something.  They put supposedly put some gunk in it to keep it from leaking.  I am sick of the place and have since heard nothing but horror stories from everyone I talk to.  Why are they still in business?

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