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Personal Experiences

[775] John in Ontario, CA  Over Charging

Visited Jiffy Lube in Ontario CA 9/11/2007.  Banner on roof said "$19.99 Oil Change:  so I went in.  They charged me $22.99 plus tax for a total of $24.72.  When I questioned them on the 19.99 price they said they take $10 off the regular price of $32.99. When I pointed out this gives me 22.99 and not the 19.99 on the banner they kept telling me the computer was right and I had to pay tax and a shop/environmental fee.
But isn't this fee already included in the regular signature service price??   I asked what the fee was and they said 1.94.  So I asked them to add the 19.99 + 1.94 + 1.73 tax and the guy in charge refused to do it.  I got one of the workers to add it for me and he got 23.66, still less than the 24.72 they charged me.
Jiffy Lube is at it again - over charging unsuspecting patrons.

[774] Nicole in Tacoma Park, MD  More Jeapordy

I am a loyal Jiffy Lube patron, most recently I had my car serviced there on 7/21/07 at the Tacoma Park location, 6510 New Hampshire Avenue in Washington DC. Services included a tire rotation. Last night, on the night of 9/10/17, I was driving in downtown Washington DC and my left rear tire fell off my car. The tire went across the street and almost hit a pedestrian walking by. My car swerved uncontrollably across the road and when I slammed on the brakes, my car came to a complete stop. Luckily there was no damage to my person, any passengers or any bystanders.  When AAA came to assist and put the tires back on my car, they checked my tires and all three of the other tires had loose bolts, not just the tire that came off my car. On the tire that came off, only 4 of the 5 bolts were found and put back on my car, even though 1 of the 4 bolts was stripped and essentially useless. However it was sufficient enough for me to drive the car to the shop the next morning.

I returned to the Tacoma Park Jiffy Lube this morning, 9/11/07 at 7:30am. The manager was helpful, and I made sure to informed him of the problems with the bolts (one missing, one stripped). He said that they would check the bolts and replace the faulty ones. When my car was returned to me at 9:30am (two hours later) I inspected the tires and there was still a bolt missing.  There was no mention of the stripped bolt, it was only after I pointed this out to the manager did he say that he would fix the problem if I came back at the end of the day. In addition to this I noticed additional damage to my car on my side bumper. Not only was the problem not fixed, but I now have additional damage to my car. This is ludicrous, I don't even know what to say about this. I am taking time off of work unpaid this afternoon AGAIN to have the missing bolt added to my tire.  

The Jiffy Lube mission statement claims that the company is dedicated to quality, however based on my experiences this could not be further from the truth. I am extremely disappointed in the sub-par services rendered that not only compromised my safety and well being, but has also wasted a great deal of my time. 

There are some serious flaws with this Tacoma Park establishment that must be dealt with immediately. In addition to my own negligent service, I also found the following information online regarding the Tacoma Park Jiffy Lube establishment on the website http://www.jiffylubeproblems.com/   Clearly there is a reckless lack of diligence and blatant disregard for the well being of their customers extends to unfortunate situations beyond that of my own.  Quoted from the website:  [767] Maya in Takoma Park, MD  Double Jeopardy  ...

[773] Kristine in Burnsville, MN  Leaking Gas

My father took my car to Jiffy Lube #108 in Burnsville, MN Sunday to get my oil changed. According to the bill they also did a radiator flush.  When I was going to leave work on Monday (yesterday), my car stalled.  So I tried again.  Stalled.  I waited a couple of seconds and it started.  As I was about to pull out of the parking space my co-worker yelled at me to get out of my car and that it was raining gas.  I looked at him funny but did as he asked.  As I did I could smell gas and noticed a huge puddle underneath coming from the front, NOT the back near my gas tank.  We waited a little bit and then he popped the hood.  He found the fuel pump cap was off.  I called my Dad and asked my friend to explain the issue. My Dad said Jiffy Lube was going to replace the fuel pump but they didn't have the right part so they just kept it as it was and "replaced" the cap.  I am so thankful this happened at work. Had I driven off, many bad things would have happened.  There would have been a trail of gas to wherever my car ended up dying. There could have been a spark and then a fire.  I am very disappointed with this and will be taking my car anywhere else.

[772] Joseph  Charge Without Service

i was asst manager  at jiffy lube only was ther four a mounth when my ac went out well my manager told me a could get a employe discount for a ac recharge they did a pressure sheck on my car and said the it just ran out so i payed $65 to have it refilled  after working there for  a week or two i started notice diffrent things like we had a coustomer have a power tranmission flush my lower bay technision accidentiley did a power sterion flush i call my manager right away and he told me to just  add the power tranmision flude back and then still charge him with a tranmishion flush even if it was not done , so i quite  because i move to ky and started to notice that my ac stop working tuck it in to a pennzoil and they told my i had a small leak do to  to much freaon being added so me being a asst manger got rip t along with a -lot of coustomer i was new and was hired to take the falt  that the way i see it.

[771] Cameron in Arlington, VA  Condescending Attitude

Problem with condescending employee and attitude.  Tried to up sell me, I refused, asked for Mobil One.  Doubted that I was a long-term customer (11 years and no more) - was called an asshole when I turned my back to return to the waiting area.  Have written president of Jiffy Lube, cc'd it to VP at Shell (parent Company) and emailed complaint via complaint form.  Spoke with Assistant manager.  Was happy before.  Unless they remedy this situation and attitude, they loose me as a customer.

[770] Michael in Joliet, IL  Service Never Done

TO: President of Jiffy Lube - Luis Scoffone:


I was able to get your e-mail address from several news articles that I have researched since my experience at your Jiffy Lube International Store (#233) in Joliet, IL.  I am e-mailing you, along with many other consumer groups and media personnel who may be interested in what I went through since my 08/27/07 visit to the store.  Like I have been reading in numerous consumer complaints and media stories, I was charged for a service never completed to my 2001 Chevy Impala.  I was charged $104.42 for a transmission flush which never occurred.  On 08/27/07, I pulled up to your Jiffy Lube at 2:35PM.  The technician greeted me at my window and when I asked him how long it would be for a transmission flush he told me about an hour (25 min wait to get in, then a 35 min process).  I had the time so I said that would be fine.


My car was parked outside of the garage and I was escorted into the waiting room while still holding my vehicle’s key.  Roughly 10 minutes later a gentleman came to the door and asked for keys to begin work on my car (at this time the car still was parked outside of the garage never being touched by a service technician).  At 2:53 the technician returned my keys to the sales desk and a gentleman called my name.  Still, at this time no machine had been used on my vehicle and my vehicle was still parked outside.  The technician than said my service was complete.  When I questioned the work being done he said as I was sitting down all the work was complete.  For the record, I never sat down and I never left the little window in the waiting room.  I asked for my vehicles keys so I can go look at my car and I was instructed to pay $104.42 before I could get them back.  I gave the clerk my credit card and hurried to my car which was still parked in outside in the same spot I left it.


I am not a car expect, like the majority of your customers, so I took the car to three separate mechanic shops.  All of which said not only was the transmission fluid never flushed, but I was still low.  I first contacted the store.  The store manager wouldn’t give me his name and only said I was to contact his district/regional manager Adrian.  The number he gave me was disconnected.  I called three other Jiffy lube stores in my area and all said they couldn’t give me the name and number of their regional manager without “corporate” approval.  Each Jiffy Lube store I called said a transmission flush for a 2001 Chevy Impala should take about 30 minutes.  I wasn’t even at the store for that long (and they only had my keys for 8 minutes). 


After realizing the stores were trying to take advantage of me I called the 800 number on the back of my receipt on 08/29/07.  They told at most it would take 48 hours for someone to get back to me and they opened up case #523504.  I waited until 09/04 (6 days after my call) and went to get my transmission flushed at one of your competitors.  That same evening at around 5:00PM I received a voicemail from a gentleman named Jeff.  He said he was calling from Jiffy Lube International.  I called back and left messages for Jeff and on the general 800 mailbox that evening as well as for the next two days.  I called each morning and each evening for those two days leaving messages on two separate voicemail systems.  On the second day it was saying both the general and Jeff’s mailbox was full.  On 09/07 I called and this time it didn’t go to voicemail but I actually got a hold of Jeff.  He explained “no refund is due because this is your work against the store managers word.”  I kindly explained that I was not happy with that decision and I would like to talk to the manager and the regional over the phone or in person.  He stated that we can only take complains via US Mail and he gave me a P.O Box number.  He wouldn’t let me speak to anyone else and laughed when I said I would contact the president of his company.


According to your pledge on the back of my invoice, I have read that I can’t be refunded for lost time, but I am expecting a check for $104.42 to be mailed to my home address.  I don’t want store credit, I don’t want a credit card reversal, I just want a full refund for the services I was billed for but were never completed.  Along with this I would like an explanation for why the work wasn’t done and how much work in the past that I have paid for was not done.  From all the research I did, and all the news stories that popped up, it seems this is a huge problem in your organization.  I have been using various Jiffy Lube stores since I purchased my vehicle in 2004 and will never go back if this issue is not resolved immediately.  I am just hoping that the hundreds or even thousands of dollars that I have spent over the three years was for work that was actually done to my vehicle.  Unfortunately, like many other consumers, we often times can’t tell until something breaks.

[769] George  Always Leaking

I will never take my cars to ANY of your shops again.  I will stop and let people who are waiting in line at your stores so that they can decide to leave your shops or go ahead and stay…..  1 simple oil change and now my car LEAKS ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

[768] Randy in Kaysville, UT  Wiper Blade Scam

The Jiffy Lube here does state emission and safety inspections. I figured I would avoid the line at the county emission/safety inspection and do it here. I arrive at 3:35 p.m. and there were no other customers there. They took the care and had me sit in the waiting area. Within a couple of minutes the mechanic appears and said the car failed the safety inspection because the wiper blades were tearing and cracked (yes, wiper blades are listed on the state’s safety inspection). He offered to replace them, and I said, no I’ll take care of it. (They charge $8 per wiper.) He says “ if you don’t have us do it, then you’ll have to come back and have it re-inspected.” I said, “I’ll do it.”

45 minutes later they finally finish the inspections. (At the county it takes 10 minutes max after they get it in the inspection bay). The receipt he gave me said the inspection took only six minutes! After leaving the Jiffy Lube, I pulled into a parking lot and checked the wiper blades. They were smooth with no signs of being cracked or weather worn. I did notice a very small tear on the end of the wiper blade that did not affect performance of the wiper at all (as I tested them with wiper fluid there).

I called the Utah Highway Patrol (which administers the safety inspection process). The woman on the phone listed to my complaint and ask, “Who did the inspection?” I told her it was Jiffy Lube and she said, “I was afraid that you would say that.” She referred me to a state trooper who would review the inspection forms and my car. After the looked at the condition of the wiper blades, he said that failing the inspection “was really pushing it.” He called Jiffy Lube to find out more about why they failed the inspection, but “they person who did the inspection wasn’t there.” The officer issued me a new inspection certificate that passed. He said he would have a talk with Jiffy Lube.

[767] Maya in Takoma Park, MD  Double Jeapordy

I went to the Jiffy Lube located at 6510 New Hampshire Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912 to get an oil change and tire rotation on August 25, 2007. The day after my service I was driving on the Baltimore Washington Parkway and the shield used to protect my car's undercarriage fell off almost causing an accident and causing me great inconvenience and distress. It turns out that the Jiffy Lube had failed to properly replace the screws that hold the shield in place. A bystander who saw me in distress placed a temporary screw in the shield so that I could drive it back to my house. I took the car back to the Jiffy Lube on September 6 to have them properly fix the shield which they did. As I drove off the lot, a knocking noise that I had previously assumed to be associated with the shield persisted. I brought the car back to the Jiffy Lube and told the manager that there was a knocking noise that persisted. When he looked at the undercarriage of the car again and said that the shield was on correctly, I suggested that he look at whether they had properly replaced the tires as a part of the tire rotation service they performed. He refused to do so saying that the tire bolts are put on by an air gun that tightens them. Not trusting his word, I took my car to the Volkswagen of Alexandria dealership the next morning (September 7) and told them the problem. They contacted me within two hours of my dropping the car off to say that the nuts holding the two front tires were not tighted and the knocking noise was because the tires were loose. The dealership representative said that they put the car on the lift and the tires were visibly wobbling. Essentially, the negligence of the Jiffy Lube repairmen almost placed me in harms way twice. Once as a result of not replacing the undercarriage protective shield correctly and once as a result of not properly tightening the screws that hold my tires in place. This morning I have called Paul Woodard, the manager of the Jiffy Lube who placed me in contact with Denny Shay and Gene Clement in the corporate office (703) 222-8705. I also called a Michael Day in the corporate office. I left messages for Shay, Clement, and Day. As a result of my calls, I spoke to a Bill Mitchell, Operations Manager for CBI Jiffy Lube, who suggested that they may pay for my repairs. In the end, the dealership did not charge to tighten the screws and the CBI Jiffy Lube Operations Manager promised to refund the amount of my service. I will never patronize Jiffy Lube again.

[766] Michael  Theft

When I went to Jiffy Lube, I had 3 quarters layed out in my cup holder. This is because this is number of quarters I needed for the parking meter I would go to immediately after Jiffy Lube. After my oil change, I arrived at my destination and, alas, only 2 quarters were left. The quarter isn't the big deal, but what kind of a company would allow this sort of thievery? And if a quarter is snitched from every car, how much can that add up to?

[765] Ron in Lawrenceville, GA  No Free Oil Change Coupon

Early in the summer, I stopped in a local Jiffy lube (Riverside Parkway, Lawrenceville, Ga 30045) that was running a buy one get one free oil change promotion. I used the synthetic oil in my 2003 Jaguar. So the oil change, instead of being 29.95, was almost $90.00. I was told my info would be entered into their computer and I would receive in the mail a coupon for my next free oil change. I still have not received a coupon, 3 months or so, later. As my luck runs, I can not find my receipt for the oil change. So when I stopped by the local Jiffy lube on Riverside PKWY, the manager on duty was new. The former manager was no longer with them. He apologized but could not help me. He said to go to the Pennzoil website and see if the info was there. I don’t see it, so I just basically spent $90.00 on an oil change. I must say, I should have trusted my instincts on the offer and decline to accept it. I never ever get rebates on anything in the mail, when I send in the rebate forms and again I don’t get what I paid for. This is extremely frustrating, and I just wanted someone to know that apparently Jiffy lube is not the type of service station you should sell your products at. They quickly make a sales pitch, take your money, and then apologize when to you when in the first place it appears they hope you forget about the coupon they promised you through the mail. I am not a cheap skate, I just, and as you can see below by my signature, am in customer service myself. If I treated my customers this way I’d be out of a job. Be careful where you post your name, as it very well could become damaged by an unworthy service station. To document for your records, I am including my contact and automobile info below.

[764] Jen Overfilled Oil

My husband took our 94 Toyota Camry in for an oil change on Aug 11.  That same day we noticed smoke coming from the exhaust.  We took it to our mechanic who said that they had overfilled the oil and it needed to be re-done.  We took it back to Jiffy Lube, they re-did it (only with my husband standing there watching them) and the next morning, the car was still smoking.  Back to the mechanic, they cleaned the the engine for $190.  We spoke with someone from the corporate office, he said they would pay the $190 we had to spend on their mistake.  We should expect a check in the mail.  A couple of weeks later, car is still smoking. Took it back to mechanic, seals on the valves are now bad because oil leaked into them.  Need to be replaced to the tune of $2000.  Called the corporate office of Jiffy Lube (Shell in Houston T) and they called back saying that they were denying our claim.  On both counts, the earlier one they said they would pay, and the larger one.

[763] Jim in San Marcos, TX  Surly Help

I’ve just left the Jiffy Lube in San Marcos TX. What a ROTTEN experience, not only do they have unmotivated, surly help; but the employees working there today truly DO NOT CARE IF THEY LOSE A SALE!

Four weeks ago I had the oil changed in my 1996 Dodge pickup for $25.88. Today I was told it would cost $36+ to have the oil changed in my Chrysler 300. When I asked about the difference I was  told either I had a coupon or they must have had a sign out front advertising a special on my previous visit. I replied that neither was the case. So instead of trying to salvage a sale the young idiot waiting on me lost the sale completely, what customer service.

Word of mouth advertising works better than anything and believe me, I will spread how I feel about Jiffy Lube to everyone I know.

[762] David in Gilbert, AZ  No Free Oil Change Coupon

I went to jiffy Lube because of their buy 1 get 1 free promo and after 3 months have not received a coupon yet. I contacted the HQ complaint number and was told they are no longer going to be handing out these coupons and if you had not received yours by now too bad. They will take your name and number and may decide later on if they want to do something with those of us who did not get our coupon in the mail. You can call their number about this promo at 866-707-6737 if you did not get your free oil change coupon. I went to the Jiffy Lube #1662 in Gilbert, Az.

[761] WT in Miami, FL  Rude & Obnoxious

I took my 1987 Oldsmobile to a Jiffy Lube shop here in Miami, Florida.  After the service was completed and  I was trying to start my car I noticed that my ingnition lock was broken. Some of the employees tried to help me with not luck, when I asked to see the store manager and complained to him that my car ignition lock was broken and that I couln;t move the car he was very rude and obnoxious.  He told me to go and get a mechanic to get my car lock fix and get my car out of their shop, then I became very angy and started to yell at him, it was about 120 degrees hot outside and I even got a blister in my finger trying to start the car.
I went to a nearby mechanic and he came to the Jiffy Lube shop and charged me $200.00 dollars to fix my ignition lock.  Now I am planning to sue them for my $200.00 dollars and everything else they put me through!!!

[760] Gage in Tigard, OR  No Free Oil Change

On June 3, 2007 I had my oil changed at store #1016 in Tigard. OR.  I filled out a buy one get one free form at that time. The store manager said he would submit the form for me to be processed. I  was to receive a coupon in the mail in about 8 weeks for a free oil change. I have not received it as of this date. WHAT GIVES !!!!!!

[759] MJ in Chandler, AZ  Inadequate Service

On 08/24/2007, I purchased an oil change for my 2001 Toyota Tacoma at Jiffy Lube #2099, 9950 Rural Rd, Chandler, AZ.
Unfortunately, the service was inadequate for multiple reasons. I am disappointed because dirty oil was spilled all over my truck, the mud boot inside the wheel well was not properly replaced, your staff almost let me leave without replacing the engine skid plate, the engine oil level is not acceptable according to the dip stick (which I was never shown prior to leaving), and the service section of my invoice is illegible due to a printer malfunction.
Oil spilled:  small amount on the (white) radiator support bracket and the radiator, large amount on the vehicle frame, large amount in or on the skid plate area, which dripped on to my driveway to create approximately a 2 inch diameter stain.
Mud Boot:  protects the engine header from water and debris was pushed aside to replace the oil filter and never snapped back in place.
Skid Plate:  I was given the keys and was inside my truck before someone came running out that they forgot to attach the skid plate.
Engine Oil Level: When vehicle was hot, oil was checked and was at the lowest level on the dip stick.
Invoice:  A printer malfunction renders the service section of my invoice illegible and useless.
Sent e-mails and no response.

[758] Stephen in Falls Church, VA  A Valuable Resource

After reading so many embarrassing, humiliating and disgusting experiences that former Jiffy Lube customers have had, I can honestly say I will NEVER take my car there. What a pity that in the extremely competitive world of auto care, a company could be so anti-consumer.  Thank you to Jiffy Lube Problems for this very valuable resource. You saved me a lot of potential headaches and needless expenses.

[757] Jason  A Seinfeld Episode

To keep my story brief, I waited 45 minutes for the jiffy tech to tell me she had stripped the oil drain bolt and could not change my oil. It was like I was in a Seinfeld episode. I watched THREE jiffy employees stand around my car, mine was the only one in the garage, for half of the 45 minutes and talk about who knows what. The employees all appeared completely incompetent. What was I thinking. Now I know!

[756] Genty in WA  Rear End Bone Dry

My husband & I were going camping over the mountain pass in Washington a couple weeks ago. I took our car in to Jiffy Lube for an oil change before we left and told them we were going over the mountain pass. They suggested I have the serpentine belt replaced, which I did, and then told me that everything was good to go. It seemed like everything was done too quickly, but the receipt said everything was checked, so I left. Shortly after we left we started hearing this high pitch whine when we gave the car gas and it worried us. We cut our vacation a day short in case anything happened on the way home. Sure enough, about half way over the pass the car started billowing smoke, the rear end went out! Here we were stranded in the middle of the I-90 with two dead cell phones and a smoking car. Luckily some one helped us and gave us a ride in to the tiny town of Cle Ellum where we waited for 6 hours for our friends to come get us. The mechanic said the rear end was bone dry and completely burnt up. I'm taking all my bills to Jiffy Lube, we'll see what happens.....

[755] Rachel in Bellevue, WA  Totally Manipulated

I'm writing about Jiffy Lube #2069 in Bellevue, WA. First off, I was told the entire oil change would take no more than 30 minutes - it took an hour. When I was quoted the cost for the oils and all the other hard pitch add ons I decided to replace two of my air filters (at 50,000 miles I was more than due). The amount they pulled up on screen was for $9.99 and $19.99 for the air filters. After the work was completed, I noticed that my total was for much more than that -- $19.99 for the first and $39.99 for the second. Hello! That is more than twice the quote! At that point I didn't have a choice but to pay, the air filters were already installed. I felt like a sucker and was totally manipulated.

[754] Gene in Oceanside, CA  Shabby Work & Advice

On Tuesday, August 28, 2007; After first being reassured that I could trust this new Jiffy Lube to NOT take advantage of my wife when she brought her car in for service; I took her car in for the 2nd time since this jiffy lube opened at 4106 Oceanside Blvd. In Oceanside Calif.

After she made a 200 plus round trip drive, she said the car sounded like a Truck". It had little power and would not shift down when pressure was applied to the throttle. I thought little of it at the time, however she had a long trip planned for Saturday Sept 1st of over 200 miles for a special meeting. When we came home from a meeting at 10:00 PM Friday the 31st, I took the car out for a check. Sure enough, what she said was true.

I did not know what was wrong so after making my car ready for her, she took it instead. Saturday morning Sept 1st @ 9:30 AM I took the car down to the jiffy lube and they had no idea how changing the oil could cause that problem and refused to take a ride with me to demonstrate the complaint.   Advise was to take it to the dealer. RIGHT!

Back home I lifted the hood and did a lot of looking and poking. What I found was that jiffy lube did not put the cover on the air filter on correctly. They did not hook the plastic tab opposite the hold downs in the loop. Thus keeping the cover up in the air. I loosened one bolt, unsnapped the two snaps put the cover on as it was supposed to be. Then I said to myself, " what else did they forget to do?" the repair charge sheet list all the things they claim they did. One of which was proper coolant level.

When I checked the radiator overflow, it was dry. No overflow what so-ever. The little girl that washed the windows just smeared the dirt around. As soon as I got into the sun light, I could not see well out of the windshield and had to clean it. She also told the computer operator that the mileage was 71,313. It was 70,313.

I took the car back to jiffy lube 45 mins. Later and confronted the manager and showed him what was wrong and how I corrected the problems myself. Of course he apologized and noted he would make a report. Had this happened to some women drivers (or men for that matter) who don't care to learn any more about a car than to go from here to there, this is not the place to take a car. A trip to the dealer would have cost $50 to $100. Not only was the work shabby but so was the advice.

Needless to say, in our opinion, jiffy lube has joined with econo lube, neither of which will ever see our cars again.

[753] Juliann in Las Vegas, NV  Advanced Notice

I’ve been a Jiffy Lube customer for three years, first in NJ, and as of this coming Monday, in Las Vegas, Nevada, and I am disgusted to learn of the deceptive practices at franchises around the country—including a shop I went to!  Lord knows what was done to my Accent in the Wall, NJ, shop!

However, I plan on taking my 2007 Hyundai Tucson to the Jiffy Lube at 4881 E. Flamingo (store # 12) in Vegas on September 3, so I’m writing in advance of that trip to prevent being a victim. Let me say that I’ll be bringing a copy of this e-mail to the store. I’ll also be marking my oil filter, etc., and watching the mechanics like a hawk. In fact, I might even bring a mechanically inclined friend with me to watch over your mechanics.

If there’s even a hint of deceptive practices or negligence, I assure you you’ll wish you never had a greedy bone in your body, as I’ll stop at nothing to close your franchises in Las Vegas…and then some!

[752] Denny in IN   Employee

I actually work at a jiffy lube in Indiana and wanted to let you know that the stories I have read are true and they still go on at jiffy lube and I recommend that no one go to jiffy lube for any service. You will get ripped off.

[751] Raymond in IA  Broke Splash Pan

In short my son has my 2007 Jetta in Iowa while in college. He went to the local Jiffy Lube to have the oil changed. First of all they charged him extra because they had to drop the splash pan to get to the drain plug. Then it took almost 2 hours because they did not have the proper filter. Then to top it all the splash pan came loose and dragged on the ground while he was driving on the interstate. So he had to remove part of it to get to where he was going. Then he went back to the station to get the shield replaced. Its been almost 2 months and still have not been reinburst for the replacement of this part which I had to get done at my dealership in vermont.

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