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[750] Carmen in Greenwood Village, CO  Very Poor Service

I went in for a simple oil change and came out over an hour later very upset.  The person checking in customers was not very knowledgeable, 'forgot' about getting my information before a customer who came in after I did (who by the way got his vehicle services and was out the door before me) staff ignored me and when I asked what the problem was I was simply told that they didn't know'.  I was offered nothing to rectify the situation, very poor service at a store that usually treats customers very well.  This was the Jiffy Lube store in Aurora on South Havana street.

[749] Ted in Norwood, MA  "You Got Screwed"

I took my car to jiffy lube a few weeks ago (maybe two or three). My oil light went on yesterday and I pulled over immediatly to check my car oil and it was bone dry. (no Oil was in my car). I put a quart in and pullled across the street to a gas station. The gas guy checked my oil and said "you got screwed". It looks like the oil had leaked out of the filter, Im not sure if they put the wrong one on or didn't put it on tight enough. I had the gas guy "try" to tighten it and he put in more oil. I called jiffy lube today and they will look at it during lunch, however I am woriied because my gas light is now on. The jiffy Lube is located at 7700 providence highway, norwood Ma

[748] Chris in Apex, NC  Rude Employee

Drove 20 miles to JL to get a oil change and tire rotation on 08/29 @ 12:00 pm.  Was told by a fat, greying, old white guy the lift would not be able to raise my sienna van high enough to rotate tires.  No problems with previous tire rotations with same vehicle at same location.  Employee was rude when I explained it was not a problem in the past.  Drove to Castrol down the street and they were able to service my auto. Will never go to JL again.

[747] Rick in Winter Springs, FL  Cost Too Much

I just got my oil changed at your #1380 location and the cost, with no other services, was 53.48.  That was for a '96 Dodge Dakota p/u with a gas V6.  It seems a bit much to me. I could easily buy the product and do it myself for under $15.00.  He also recommended that I change my air filter.  It's a lifetime warranty K&N filter.

[746] Todd in Newhall, CA  Not Technicians

I had my 2004 Mazda MPV Van serviced at Jiffy Lube, in Newhall, California (Store # 1411) on Lyons Blvd 8-21-07.  Unfortunately, my wife could not get an appointment with the Dealer and I resolved to a busy schedule to take it to Jiffy Lube.

They serviced the Transmission, Radiator and Oil.  The whole process took over 3 hours, as I watched the service attendees using pliers and screwdrivers on my car.  I had to tell them to put a fender cover to protect from the tools they were just throwing around.   I noticed that the tech’s were asking  one Service Manager how to do everything on all the cars they had in the bays, so it was becoming apparent that the tech’s were not technicians at all, and there was only one certified tech there, to improvise on labor costs.  And, I have my doubts about his certification.

The next day, I noticed several drops of transmission fluid in my driveway, and immediately contacted the Jiffy Lube Manager, Juan.  This guy was more difficult to contact than the Governor.  When I finally talked to him, he told me to have the van return to the store for an inspection.  My wife took it to the store, but I instructed her not to let their tech’s touch the car, and take it to the dealer.  When the Jiffy Lube tech’s inspected it, they just argued with my wife saying we didn’t do this kind of work, it was  leaking from the bolts, etc. etc. as part of their routine methodology for handling complaints.  As is they have already been trained in this fashion.

I ended up paying almost $300 for the services at Jiffy Lube, with an additional $123 from the dealer who inspected the car and found it to be just a “sloppy” job, whereby they dripped fluids everywhere and the residue was coming out in the driveway. Never again…  Once bitten, twice shy.

[745] Shirley in Vancouver, WA  No A/C

Moving day - 4:30 PM - 95degrees, my car - a 99 VW Beetle was blowing hot air in my face instead of the air conditioned air; I pulled in to a Jiffy Lube on MillPlain in Vancouver, WA. I asked them to restore the air-conditioning fluid.  They worked me in (I will say that much for them); $500 plus bucks later, I drove away with cold air blowing in my face - for about 5 minutes. I was moving to Portland; I was in no mood to return to Vancouver. Took my car to a nearby foreign car repair shop. I showed him the bill from Jiffy-Lube.  He noted the items which were totally unnecessary, and questioned the cost of the coolant choice. He also advised me to use some other oil - Pennzoil gunks up the car's engine, he told me.  I also heard this from a Volkswagen repair man in Vancouver. My local guy charged me under $200 to get the air conditioning working properly. I recently received an offer for a coupon from Jiffy-Lube.  There is one just a couple of blocks from me, but I certainly will not go there.

[744] George in Cedar Rapids, IA  No Second Chance

please forward this on to someone reasonably intelligent @ Jiffy Lube.

Approximately two years ago, I took my vehicle into the Jiffy Lube on Blairs Ferry Road in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for an oil change. A few weeks later, I popped the hood to check the fluids and discovered a portion of the cap that goes over the hole where you would put oil in. I say a portion because some of the cap had melted on the engine block, where it was left by a Jiffy Lube technician.

About 3-4 months later I purchased a new vehicle after being told by a mechanic that the motor on my vehicle was blown.  So I'm sure you can imagine my unadulterated delight when I popped the hood on the vehicle I bought a little under two years ago yesterday and discovered that the oil cap AND the cap on the radiator reservoir have disappeared.

The common thread? The Jiffy Lube on Blairs Ferry was the last place each vehicle was serviced prior to these delightful discoveries. Thanks a lot.

I was already frustrated when I called the Jiffy Lube franchise yesterday and asked for the manager on duty. He grunted a couple times, looked my vehicle's info up in the computer system, then took my contact info and told me the manager would be in today and that he would call me.  It is now nearly 10:00 p.m. Central. I received no call today.

I have no idea what sort of damage has been done to the oil pump, the water pump, the radiator or any other component under the hood. What little coolant was in the reservoir is black with oil. The motor was over a quart low on oil after just three months. The last time this happened, my vehicle was dead in less than half a year.

Was my mistake giving this Jiffy Lube franchise a second chance? After seeking an email address for Jiffy Lube on the web, and while doing that getting over 674,000 results from googling "Jiffy Lube sucks", I'm thinking it might have be en. I look forward to hearing from someone intelligent enough to understand why I am so angry.

[743] Kerry in Atlanta, GA  Stripped Plug

I am a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, and I have taken my car to have the Signature Oil Service for the majority of my oil changes in the past years. However, due to recent experiences with the company I will not only never bring my car to a Jiffy Lube again, but I will also tell everyone I know never to use their services.

In late November of 2006, I brought my car, a 1998 Chevy Cavalier, to be serviced at the Jiffy Lube located at 2138 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta. My oil was changed and my tires rotated. I noticed the technicians were very unprofessional and seemed distracted the entire time they performed the service, but I assumed they must know what they were doing since they were store employees. However, the next day as I drove my car to work, the check oil light came on and I smelled smoke. I immediately drove my car back to the Jiffy Lube, where it was discovered that there was no oil remaining in my car. The technicians apologized and put in new oil. As I drove home, I could literally see the trail of oil that had run from my car, right out of the Jiffy Lube lot and back to my house from the day before. I was horrified, and hoped that no damage was done to the engine after this incident.

However, the next day I once again discovered an oil leak. A puddle had formed under my car and I once again brought it back to Jiffy Lube. The techs offered hardly any explanation for these two leaks, only that they had definitely fixed it this time. I did not notice leaking oil after that service. I requested a voucher for a free oil change and received one. I promised myself I would not go back to Jiffy Lube after I used that free oil change voucher. In May of 2007, I brought my car to use this oil change voucher to another Jiffy Lube, located on Clairmont Road in Decatur, GA. The change was performed without incident, and nothing related to prior damage to my car was noted on my invoice. However, in August of this year, I again discovered an oil leak. Not knowing what the source of the leak was, I brought it to my local mechanic.

After examining my car, my mechanic told me that the oil pan drain plug had been completely stripped, and that as a result the pan needed to be replaced. He said the damage had to have been done during an oil change. I do not know if the damage was done at the Briarcliff Road location, since I had severe oil leakage after the initial oil change performed there, or if it was done at the Decatur store, since they did not note any damage to my car’s oil pan on the invoice prior to the oil service. Regardless, the damage was done by one of these two stores, and as a result, I had to pay $371.55 in parts and labor to have this fixed.

The treatment I received from Lucor, the franchisee that owns the two Jiffy Lube stores, was just as bad as I had expected after reading the experiences of others on this site. They refused to acknowledge any wrongdoing, and stated that I had no proof that Jiffy Lube was responsible. They refused to send anyone to look at the damaged oil pan, and said if I wanted anyone to do that, I would have to pay to ship the part to their corporate headquarters. They took their service manager’s word about the damage and basically told me my mechanic was a liar. Even when I told them that I had called several mechanics and dealerships in my area, explained the damage to the oil pan, and received the same answer—there was no fixing the damage, the pan had to be replaced or the leak would come back—they would not accept liability. Their tone was very unprofessional and dismissive, and it was only through persistence that I was able to get them to offer me half the cost of the repairs.

I would have loved to have dragged them into court, but like most people, I am a busy person and have limited energy to deal with this kind of situation. So I will take my half of the money owed to me, and make sure that I tell everyone I know—and tell them to tell people they know!—about what a terrible company Jiffy Lube really is.

[742] Vicki in Nashville, TN  Wrong Computer Info

The employees at the Jiffy Lube I use in Nashville, TN are always pleasant and polite. My only complaint is that the person at the counter pulls up the” manufacturer’s recommendations” for service on your particular make and model of car to try to sell you an air filter, tire rotation or whatever. However, the service recommendations Jiffy Lube has in their computer are NOT in the owner’s manual that came with my car. For instance, the man at the counter today typed in something on his keyboard and then showed me the screen and told me that  Saturn recommends I change my air filter about every 12,000 miles or every 4th oil change. However, in my owner’s manual, Saturn says to change the air filter about every 30,000 miles, but that you can clean it periodically between changes by blowing compressed air on it. I don’t blame the counter guy…he’s just putting your make and model info into his computer. The people at corporate headquarters for Jiffy Lube who put this info into the computers used at their franchise locations need to make sure they are entering VALID information that matches the actual owner’s manual instead of making up some numbers to try to sell items and services before they are really needed.

[741] Frank in Atlanta, GA  Cross Threaded Plug

At a station in Atlanta, Ga, a service technician cross-threaded the oil pan drain plug and it developed a leak.  A service tech in Manhattan Beach, Ca. replaced the leaker with what he called a "safety plug".  A visit to GM for a recall repair (tail gate cable) resulted in an inspection, and they found the "safety plug".  The want $700 to $800 to  correct the problem (a new oil pan).  Since then, after another oil change, a large puddle of oil in my garage indicated the filter leaked.   They replaced the filter and "topped off" the oil supply.  It is my opinion Jiffy Lube is responsible for the damage and should be held lilable for the repair - the new oil pan. 

[740] Darrell in Lincoln, NE   A Liar!

I just had the oil changed in one of my classic cars at Lincoln, Nebraskas  84th and highway two Jiffy Lube (1957 Chevy).  When pulling the car into the service bay something under the car caught on the metal ridge that goes around the service pit and stopped the car from moving,  the guys said it was the exhaust pipe.  After getting the car in the service area they changed the oil and filter, their records say they put in 10W-30 conoco oil.  Now the oil light stays on when the car is idling and anytime I take my foot off of the accelerator when traveling at highway speed. The light goes out when the engine is at higher RPM.  This started right after the service was done.  I called the location that did the service and advised them that in the past Jiffy Lube had put straight 30W Penzoil in this car and all was OK.  The employee called me a liar by saying that was impossible as jiffy lube never used 30 W penzoil.  I just checked my old service records and find that in 2005 Jiffy Lube put in 30W Penzoil, in 2006 this jiffy lube put in 10W-30 conoco and all was OK until they just changed the oil.  As I only put on around 500 miles a year on each of the classics cars I only change oil once each year.  I asked them to do something to correct the problem and they advised me that I would have to pay for any additional service.  One of three things must be the problem: #1 the oil filter is defective and blocking oil flow, #2 they did not put in 10W-30 and put in something much thinner (looks clear like water but feels like oil), #3 they damaged something on the engine when it caught on the service bay.  I am a long term jiffy lube customer, I own 9 licensed motor vehicles and feel that jiffy lube should change the oil and filter at no cost as the problem started when they just did the service.  Any help you can give me will be appreciated. 

[739] Connie in Front Royal, VA  Oil Puddle

I would like to report a bad experience at Jiffy Lube.  Unfortunately the extent of the damage is not yet known.  On 9 August 2007 I had the oil in my 2001 Camry changed at the new Jiffy Lube franchise in Front Royal, Virginia.  I have been dealing with the former establishment, at this location, since they opened  for business some 9-10 years ago and I NEVER experienced what I experienced on my first visit with the new Jiffy Lube residents.  I was VERY disappointed that the former owners decided to make this change (as I have told one of them); and equally as disappointed to see that NOT ONE of the former employees had stayed (should have been my first clue); but I decided to give it a try..heck, it’s Jiffy Lube; supposed to be reputable, right?  I am sorry to report that that was my first and last visit, as I now may have engine damage due to their negligence!! 

This vehicle is my primary vehicle; and is used for my daily commute to Northern Virginia..  At a minimum it gets  500 new miles on it a week.

As I said earlier the oil/filter and air filter were changed on 9 August.  The car was driven to work, without issue, on 10 August and was then garaged until 20 August as I was home the week of 13 August, recuperating from surgery.  I drove the car to work on 20 August and 21 August without incident.  I drove the car to work on 22 August without incident; however, when I got off 66 at 9:00 Wednesday night the oil light flashed on.  I drove the remaining 8 miles to my home, making a mental note to check the oil Thursday morning.  Well, at 4:30 a.m. I forgot to check the oil, but as soon as I pulled out of the driveway the light flickered again.  Fortunately my housemate’s vehicle was available for use, so I parked the car in the garage and took the other vehicle to work.   Before leaving though, I checked the oil in the Camry; there was just a hint of oil on the dipstick; then I looked down, and the cardboard we keep under our vehicles (fortunately) had a huge fresh puddle under my car.  Thursday I called an establishment that has done significant top-notch mechanical work for me and arranged to have them look at my car as soon as I could get it towed to them.  When I got home on Thursday evening, I checked the oil again; the dipstick was dry as a bone.  On Friday, 24 August, I had the car towed to my mechanic.  They found the oil filter so loose it almost fell off in their hands; and, although the found no additional damage they advised that until the car had oil in it and was driven for awhile, there was no way to tell what, if any damage had been done.  I asked them to fill it up with oil and put a new oil filter on.  I picked the car up today, Saturday, 25 August and have my fingers crossed that no additional damage will surface. 

Why didn’t I take it back to Jiffy Lube in Front Royal, you ask Why would I want to entertain the thought of giving them an opportunity to do further damage to my car?  ?  Would you? 

[738] Kyle in Redlands, CA  Late & High Priced

Today on 8/20/07 at 2:16pm. I went for a oil change. The guy told me it would be only 30mins. It took 1hr & 25min. They only had 1 other car in front of me & it was all ready being worked on before I got there. They had 8 people that were there suppose to be working all they had was two cars mine & other guys. I saw some of them just smoking right there in the shop next to my truck. One guy was going up & down yalling at his workers about something the hole time. I just think its pretty sad that it took 1hr & 25mins. Just to do a oil change. I say Jiffy Lube is just right up there with Wallmart on  how slow they are. Also on Jiffy Lubes board of prices is all Lies, & very expensive by the way. This is because on there board of prices of $32.00 they tell you just for a oil change goes to $44.37 when there done with your car and that’s just a basic oil change  nothing else add to it. When I found out that I had to wait 1hr. & 25mins. When the guy told me it should only take 30mins. at the most. Then it comes to be $44.37 just for a basic oil change that’s bad. Well I could say I will never go back. Also when I got home 3 of my friends told me they had bad experinces to. If I would of know that & the price I would of never went. Well I guess we always learn when its bad never do it again, cause if you do it twice you’re the idot. To the person or persons that is conserned this Jiffy Lube location is  1667 w REDLANDS BLVD. IN REDLANDS CA. 92373 #(909) 335-9454.

[737] Akilah in Tacoma Park, MD  Transmission Jerk

I went to Jiffy Lube in Takoma Park, Maryland on August 1, 2007 for a routine transmission flush and refill.  My vehicle had about 48k miles on it at the time.  I figured I would have my transmission flushed before the 50k miles manufacturer routine service states.  By Aug. 3, 2007 my vehicle was jerking as you pull off.  Prior to taking my vehicle to Jiffy Lube I was not experiencing this problem.  Aug. 3, 2007 I took my vehicle back to the Jiffy Lube explained the situation to the manager.  The manager had two different technicians check out my car only to tell me they didn't notice any jerking.  I explain to the techs that I drive my car everyday I know if there is a problem with my vehicle.  They told me if I experience the jerking again call them back.  I have called at least 5 times to speak with the manager regarding this matter only to be placed on hold and receive no assistance.  I contact another manager at a different Jiffy Lube explain  problem to them and they stated that I should call Jiffy Lube International and file a complaint (800) 344-6933.  I am very upset, because this is my only means of transportation.  I am on top of all my routine maintenance and never had a problem with my car until I took it to that Jiffy Lube.  I am going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and speak with an attorney.  I work at a law firm, so I can get free advice.  If they do not correct their wrong doings I plan on taking Jiffy Lube to small claims court.

[736] Don in Long Island City, NY  No Skid Plate Wrench

I had the oil on my 2007 Jaguar S-Type changed at the Jiffy Lube in Long Island City, Queens in February of 2007.  I had to return the next day because it was leaking profusely.  The manager told me that they had a hard time getting the skid plate off because they lacked the proper wrench.  This impeded their ability to install the filter, causing the leak.  He assured me that it was now tight.
In July the engine seized.  When I returned the car to Jaguar, they showed me that the oil leaked out of the Penzoil filter, causing the engine to seize.  The repair, not covered by warranty was $12,000.  I contacted Jiffy Lube.  They inspected the filter and said it was not their fault since it was outside the 3 month 3000 mile warranty.  Since I have the dealership documentation and photographs, I will be able to pursue recovery through the courts, but it is a shame that it had to get to this point.  They should have had the proper tools to begin with, and they should have owned up to their own poor workmanship. 

[735] Anna in Aurora, CO  Broke Air Filter

On August 1st, 2007 my husband took our family mini van to get an oil and oil filter change. Nothing further; he even requested through the technician that we did not want our Air Filter changed. In fact, he said “don’t touch it what ever you do.” Moments later, the same tech who took the order came walking out with our air filter in hand notifying him that it was time to change it. My husband asked her if she doesn’t remember him saying not to touch it, she responded it was only an .18 cent part. As he watches from the front waiting room, he could see she was struggling to place the air filter housing back on so she got the manager to help her. Seconds later, my husband hears the awful sound of an over worked screw being forced to go into a spot unevenly. He ran out and asked what they were doing, “the bolts won’t go back on” the manager said. Both the Manager and technician are responsible for stripping the bolts to the air filter housing. I own a 2005 KIA Sedona mini van; we took the van to a KIA dealership the next day and they confirmed our suspicions, the air filter housing was broken. They provided me with an estimate which I in turn gave to the manager at the Jiffy Lube along with an invoice for the lost time my husband and I had accrued for having to correct their mistake. Mind you this is on August 2nd, now – we call and leave countless messages for the Franchise Owner with no success. Go Figure. We don’t hear from the owner until the morning of the 10th, apparently he was on vacation which was something the Manager failed to let us in on. Between the 1st and the 6th I filed a complaint with the BBB.

The owner tried talking me into bringing my van back to his station so that they could replace my housing with after market parts. Like I’m going to trust any of his employees to touch my vehicle again? I refused of course and said that I wanted the KIA dealership to make the repairs, after all the part the broke was not an after market part. My warranty would be in question.

I also told him it was only fair we billed him for our missed hours of work due to his employees’ mistakes. They were on the clock when they damaged my vehicle, why should my wallet have to suffer? To this day, I have not heard back from the owner nor has he made any attempts to return my calls. I’m furious and frustrated. All I wanted was an oil change and I left with a broken air filter housing, an oil filter that wasn’t placed properly so it leaked oil, and a lot of stress! Who else have they done something similar to ??? what has been done?

[734] Owen in Norwood, MA  Paid For Old Parts

I was in Jiffy Lube last summer at the Norwood, MA store.  I originally came in for an oil change.  The service a$$hole came out and told me I also needed to replace my Air Filter.  What they didn't know is before every oil change I always take my knife and mark and X on the oil filter (just so I can be assured it is changed).  I gave the ok to replace the Air Filter.  After pulling out of the parking lot, I stopped the car and checked to make sure both were changed.  Sadly they both were NOT!!  The oil filter still had the X on it and I opened the Air Filter chamber and the Air Filter was still the old one (I could tell because it was filled with leaves and dirt).  I was outraged so I went storming back and asked to speak with the Manager.  He (being the f'head that he is) kept telling me that both were changed and I was wrong.  I took him out to the car and showed him the marking on the Oil Filter and asked him if his guys put this X on it.  He was dumbfounded.  Then I asked him about the Air Filter and I got the same response that it was changed.  I unscrewed the 6 screws to the chamber and opened it up in front of him.  There was nothing he could say.  He told me to drive back in and it would be done correctly.  I told him I wanted my money back right then and I left.  I also made sure everyone waiting for their cars was aware of what had just transpired.  When I got home I called the corporate headquarters and told them of my story, but they brushed it off as an isolated incident and told me they would make it up to me.  Guess what they did?  Not only was the service manager still working there three weeks later, but I got a $5 off coupon in the mail with no apology.  I tell you I was in the right mind to file a lawsuit.  That is the last time I ever go to that dishonest place again.  Watch the video (from the link below) to see the latest investigation on their business practices.  If someone ever files a class action suit against them, I will be sure to join.  The government should be fining them for unethical business practices with warnings that if reached will force their doors to close.  I never had such a back experience in my life.

[733] Karen in Hallandale, FL  Extremely Rude

Yesterday afternoon I experienced complete and utter shock at the extremely RUDE way I was denied service at the Jiffy Lube store on the 700 block of Hallandale Beach Boulevard. 
I have been a customer at this store before and the service has always exceeded my expectations but on this visit as I entered the office area I indicated I needed a oil change and wanted to know the price.  I was instructed to "sit down" there was a car in front of me by a guy in dark shades behind the counter.  I waited then I realized my car was on the ramp and the techs were working removing oil, the air filter etc.  I went to the door and inquired as to what they were doing?  The guy in the shades replied we are changing your oil...I said but I'd like too know how much,  He said look at the wall it depends on the oil you want.
Well I have been to a Jiffy Lube before and usually the person and i have some type of dialogue as to MY needs. 
When I asked about the price the guy got extremly rude and told the techs very loudly "NO SERVICE"  "PUT THE OIL BACK IN THE CAR" "NO SERVICE"  The techs shocked began to question him{ they heard my questions) I asked why he was asking them to stop & he said I asked for an oil change I replied "I do need an oil change but i'd like to know how much it is"  He then instrctd them to "put the oil back in my car"  I WAS SHOCKED.  He went in the office and shut the door,  i went to the window and asked for the manager & he said he WAS he manager and he told them not to service my car.  Thats how they do business.
Iake dhis name he said "Omar, the manager" he was the most RUDE person I have ever experienced at this store.  One of the techs came up to me and siad he apologized for the "ignorance" of the other guy and tried to explain what the truck needed but I was so embarassed by this incident I just wanted to get out of there.

[732] Rick in Elk Grove, CA  Broke Fan

On the morning of 8-14-07 @ 8:30am. I needed to get my oil change on my work truck a 1999 Chevy s10 and went to jiffy lube (#1464 5464 florin rd.) before a busy day of work. My truck was running fine, but when the tech told me to start it to leave the most horrible noise I had ever heard echoed threw out the shop and the truck shook real bad. I turned off the truck immediately. The truck was un-drivable. I had it towed to a nearby shop to have it looked at. Mike with Franklin auto repair said “looks like the fan had hit something metal to make it bend and brake and eat the fan shroud” repairs costs would be over $300 with the tow and could not be repaired till the next day. Steve with jiffy lube corp. office responded the some day with “ we determined it was not are fault the parts just broke & good luck” how did jiffy lube determine this? I drove it in there & can’t drive it out? Now I’m out over $300 and more after missing work. I’m just looking for some answers & what I should do. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

[731] Mickey in Long Beach, CA  Theft

I went to my local Jiffy Lube Center, located on 7th Street and PCH in Long Beach California on August 20, 2007. Before I left my vehicle, I made a very specific point to check my change compartment which was opened and I closed the retractable cover to prevent temptation to take the money in the compartment. In my car, I use the center compartment to store quarters. For many months I had added quarters to this compartment until the point that it was almost completely full of quarters. Upon completion of my cars service, I returned to my car only to find that the compartment where I stored quarters was now almost empty and the quarters had been replaced with a handful of pennies. I immediately (I had not even started my car yet) complained to management. The assistant manager of the location told me that I needed to speak to the general manager. Who was not at the location. So I waited for him to arrive. Once he arrived and I calmly explained the situation to him, he told me that there is nothing he can do. I immediately called Jiffy Lube corporate and spoke to customer service who instructed me that nothing would be done until I could obtain a police report number. I called the police to file a report. When I called the police, they said this is a civil matter. So that was my very unpleasant experience with Jiffy Lube. I just want you to know that until yesterday when this crime occurred, I was a regular customer of this company. I would fill my car up with premium gas from the 76 station that is also connected to the Jiffy Lube, at least once a week. This complete disrespect and run around I have received from Jiffy Lube is a disgrace. I would like to hear back from someone at your office, who has the power to actually help me. If I do not hear back quickly I intend to post my experience with every friend, relative and consumer advocacy organization I can find on the internet.

[730] William  Greed

I was certainly disappointed to see that program, and will discontinue doing business with JiffyLube until you publicly state some corrective actions and that means separating those employees and their supervisors responsible for doing quality over sight of your stores. Greed has raised its ugly head in a previously reputable business, now all your stores are under suspect.

[729] Elizabeth  Women Discrimination

My story happened a few years ago but I am still angry about it to this day.  In March, 2005, I had my boyfriend take my car, an '87 Toyota Camry, to have the oil changed at Jiffy Lube.  My car was old in years, but it had under 80k miles and ran perfectly.  When my boyfriend came back, he said everything had gone fine.  The next day, I went out to my car to go to work and found a puddle of oil underneath the car.
I had to take off of work to get the problem taken care of, and I took my car back to Jiffy Lube and demanded that they fix it.  The tech was very friendly at first, and got underneath of the car.  He stated that he couldn't see what was wrong because there was oil everywhere - imagine, a car leaking oil having oil on it!  I told him that he needed to find the problem and fix it or I wanted to speak to a manager.  He went and got the manager, who took one look at my car and stated that it was an old car and these things happen.
My car had never leaked oil in the 4 years I had been driving it.  I was so angry and felt discriminated against for being a woman, as they assumed I would believe whatever I told them.  I told them I would be back in an hour and if they didn't fix the leak, I would be contacting a lawyer.  The manager then rolled his eyes and said "Whatever" and walked away from me.
I went home irate and got my boyfriend and we went back.  The manager agreed to try to fix the leak.  After 5 minutes, he said the problem was fixed but he never told me what had been wrong with the car.  Sure enough, it stopped leaking oil, so I was satisfied.  Two weeks later, it started to leak oil again, so I went back.  They claimed not to have my information on file and refused to fix the leak as they couldn't prove they had worked on my car. 
Jiffy Lube obviously has no care for customer service, and they are liars to boot.  I have spoken to a number of women who have felt discriminated against as well by Jiffy Lube employees.  I tell everyone I meet to avoid this place at all costs!

[728] Jim in Corvallis, OR  Bad Diagnosis

 I took both my cars in for service: 2004 Subaru Forester with 21,600 miles and a 2000 Toyota Sienna Van with 66,100 miles. Both cars were worked on simultaneously. Several hours earlier, the 2000 Toyota Sienna had its windshield wipers replaced at John and Phil's Toyota. Jiffy Lube recommended in its Service Checklist "Rec. Rpl." (recommend replacement). I guess they can't tell the difference between a new set and one in need of replacement. The same recommendation was made for the Subaru (its wiper blades were working just fine).
The Service Comments provided for both vehicles appear to be based on Jiffy Lube's intent to sell unneeded services. Both the 2004 Subaru with 21,600 miles and the 2000 Toyota Sienna Van with 66,100 miles had "Engine Oil Leak".  Both the 2004 Subaru with 21,600 miles and the 2000 Toyota Sienna Van with 66,100 miles had "Excessive Oil Sludge in Engine" and the "Oil Excessively Dirty". The 2004 Subaru had its oil changed about 3,200 miles earlier at the same Jiffy Lube store!  Jiffy Lube must have been running a special that day - how can the 2004 Subaru with only 21,600 miles have these awful maladies when a vehicle with 40,000 more miles has the same maladies? I think the maladies lie with Jiffy Lube business practices!
The Toyota Sienna Van, routinely serviced over its life at Toyota, was found by Jiffy Lube to have "Rust/Gel in Coolant" and "Metal Shavings in Trans(mission) Pan". These must be serious auto-immune diseases that were caught when the vehicle came into contact with Jiffy Lube staff.
This is the third time I've taken my cars to get oil changes at Jiffy Lube. I will no longer patronize them again. I'm tired of being hustled for services that are not needed and/or are over-priced and are of dubious value

[727] Perry in Gainesville, FL  Nobody is Working

I went in to the Jiffy Lube at 39th ave and 13th street northwest at about 9:30 am on Sunday morning,August 19,2007.
There was NO one inthe bays at that time. There was ONE "lube tech" sitting down in the bay, He was NOT in any uniform,in fact he had the hip-hop droopy pants and the boxer shorts sticking out attire that denoted a rap gang member and not a professional of ANY sort.
The person who was SUPPOSED to be behind the counter was out in THE PARKING LOT, looking at me and not responding. It was a fat white male. When he began to bounce a basketball up and down and continuing to JUST LOOK AT ME, I went home and changed my own damn oil.

[726] Lisa in Carlisle, PA  Windshield Scratches

I recently went to the Carlisle Jiffy Lube, for an oil change.  While there, I had them rotate my tires, and do  a rain ex treatment to my windshields. 
When I got home, I noticed large scratches on my rear windshield, and several smaller fine scratches on my front windshield.  None were  present before.  I contacted the company, who had the manager call me.  He asked me to bring the car in.  In summary, he verbalized that he didnt see any way his technicians could have scratched my windshields, and said "Most likely the scratches were there all along, maybe from snow/ice removal, and you just never noticed them, and the buffing from the rainex treatment, probably just emphasized them." 
At this point, let me say my career involves accurate assessment.I am a critical care nurse.....I make a point out of noticing things. It is an insult, to say that I could possibly drive my car for 6-8 months, and never once notice that I had scratches in my windshield.  On top of that, I had a rain ex treatment done in May.....so, if , as he said, the buffing probably made it stand out and it was there already, why wasnt it noticeable in may??? The answer? BECAUSE THE SCRATCHES WERE NOT THERE!  To make such a statement, is patronizing, and insulting.
It looked like they had taken any dirty rag they could find, and wiped my windshield with it....who knows what could have been imbedded in the rag.
He offered me a free oil change. I told him I was not interested.  He stated they would not pay to replace my windshields. I told him I was not looking for that, but had hoped they could do some kind of treatment that would minimize the scratches or make them invisible.
And, like some of the other customers that have written, I have to wonder if he would have had the guts to talk to me that way, if I had not been a female.

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