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Personal Experiences

[875] Allyson in Anchorage, AK  Rude Manager

My husband is an employee at a Jiffy Lube here in Alaska, at 3429 E. Tudor Road Anchorage, AK 99507 #(907)562-0900.  Today, I called my husband at his work asking to speak with him and that it was an emergency.  Our 5 year old son had not come home from school on the bus like he is suppose to and come to find out...he was being non-compliant and refused to ride the bus.  My husband and I only have one car right now, which he had at the time and I needed him to go pick up our son.  My call was answered by his supervisor, Nathan "Nate" Victory, who is also the store manager there.  I was already frantic and upset to begin with over my son not riding the bus home, but I was no where rude or unreasonable over the phone in asking to speak with my husband.  Mr. Victory was very rude towards me and retorted, "Fine, I'll get him on here...now shut up".  I was appalled with the way I was spoken to and treated.  Mr. Victory obviously lacks the important and necessary customer service and people skills that are needed and required to work for a company such as Jiffy Lube.  I was also confronted in person by Mr. Victory about the whole situation, after I had already reported the ordeal to his superior, and lied to my face, denying what he had said.  There was no mistaking what he had in fact said to me over the phone.  Mr. Victory also remarked (in person) that my son missing the bus and having to pick him up did not constitute a "real" serious matter.  Whatever his excuses were, his attitude towards me was uncalled for and in my opinion, does not deserve his position.  I would strongly urge any fellow Alaskans reading this:  don't seek your service at this location, as long at Nathan Victory is the store manager.  You are garaunteed to be treated poorly and receive shoddy customer service by/from this man.

[874] Leonard in Las Cruces, NM  Damaged Wires

My wife discovered the "check engine" light on her XL-7 Suzuki circa two weeks after having been serviced at Jiffy Lube (oil change).  The oil change was performed on/about the 10th of October, 2007.  We took the vehicle to a local mechanic who told us that the problem was with a sensor.  Asked if the vehicle was still under warranty we answered "yes".  He suggested we take the vehicle to the dealership.  We took the vehicle to the dealership where it (vehicle) was purchased.  After a few hours the technician called and informed us that the problem was not with the sensor itself but rather with a wire that connects to it.  He further stated that the warranty would not cover the damage.  The technician indicated that when the oil filter was installed the wire harness was trapped between the filter and the chassis.  In short the damage to the wires was approximately $210.  The technician was able to repair the damage and not repair it with a new harness, which would have resulted in a much higher cost.  Following the repair we took the bill and a short description of the problem to a local Jiffy Lube where the oil change had taken place.  I described the problem and the manager on duty indicated he would like to see for himself.  Following the inspection he indicated that it was impossible for that to have occured citing that the wire harness was too thick and that oil would have leaked.  I stated that there was some leakage (info provided by dealership tech) and also that the wrong oil filter had been installed adding that it (filter) was put on very tightly.  This would probably explain why the filter leaked only modestly.  The manager on duty called his supervisor and we were informed that the supervisor would be in the next morning and he would call.  The following morning no calls were received from either the on duty manager or the super.  I therefore went to the Jiffy Lube and asked for the supervisor.  The same manager on duty informed me that the supervisor agreed with his assessment in that it was impossible for the mistake to be made indicating that no action would be taken by Jiffy Lube.

[873] Gan in Gaithersburg, MD  Cracked Fuel Line

I did an oil change service at jiffy lube, Gaithersburg MD (near chestnut st) and immediately found gas smell inside passenger compartment. Also gas spills on floor and all of a sudden has a check engine light. I took to the service center and was told by the manager that the fuel line tube has a crack and needs to be replaced. They said it didnt happened at the oil change service, it is a coincidence and it is not their problem. My car had a 60 miles service done few months before and is in perfect condition. "I smelled the gas right after the oil change and i am sure that the crack in the tube happened in that service". Mishandling from jiffy lube service ends in me paying around 400$ at my car dealer from my pocket.

[872] Stephen  Ripoff

I went to a new Jiffy Lube for the first time. I had my oil changed and a fuel filter changed. I was charged $76.07 after a $25.00 coupon. The replacement fuel filter was $65.99 before the rebate! I went to an auto parts store and found the filter would cost about $8.00. I think Jiffy Lube can get the fuel filters in bulk for $2.00 or less. I called another shop and was quoted $30.00 for a fuel filter installed. I am mad at myself for not seeing their price board. No more Jiffy Lube for me. After reading other complaints, I'm not sure the work was even done. I called the 800 number on the receipt and they transferred my call back to the local shop where I complained before in person. What a ripoff.

[871] Marshall in Gastonia, NC  Oil Not Changed

On 10/20/007 I took my GMC Sonoma to Jiffy Lube at 2109 Union Road Gastonia, NC for a routine oil change, after coming home I reviewed the oil level and oil filter after careful examination the oil filter was not new, it was the same filter with the same marks, dirty and clearly not new, the oil was cloudy and dark. I’m just not happy with the oil change the staff was friendly and courteous but the work was substandard and I will think twice before returning to Jiffy Lube.

[870] Tim  More Than A SUV

wow they just do not do all that they say that they are doing but gladly charge for the things that were are not done, nothing on the bottom side of my truck was touched but i was charged more for a SUV

[869] Butch in Royal Palm Beach, FL  Forgot To Replace Oil

I live in Royal Palm Beach Florida, and I took my 1996 Honda Accord to be serviced at Jiffy Lube. SInce the car had over 65,000 miles i decided to go ahead and let them do a Transmission fluid change. I paid my bill and left. A short time later, I noticed that the car was not running right, so I took it to a very close friend and had him check the car out. What we found was unbelieveable. Jiffy Lube drained the Transmission fluid but never filled it back up, they almost ruined my car. They took the money for the service, but never gave me what I paid for. I got lucky that I did not lose the transmission. I would never go back to any of these type places again.

[868] Jun in IL  Oil Plug Stripped

I have a Voyager van that we bought in 1999 and currently has about 42K miles. I took the car to Jiffy Lube for oil service in October 2005 in one of their stores at Illinois where we lived. In the summer of 2006 we moved to New Jersey. In May 2007 I took the car to another Jiffy Lube store in New Jersey for oil change. After the oil change, the store manager told me that the oil pan has been stripped. He said whoever did the previous oil change was responsible for the damage. So that must be the Jiffy Lube store in Illinois. Because we rarely drive the car, there were only less than 5000 miles between the two Jiffy Lube oil change. Jiffy Lube has both records in their computer system.
I contacted Jiffy Lube customer service in Houston. They told me that the store in Illinois should be responsible. But then they found out that was a franchise store that wasn’t covered by the corporate store policy. Who cares if it's franchise store or corporate store? It's all under one name: Jiffy Lube. I have made no less than 20 phone calls to Jiffy Lube. It has been dragged on for six months. Most recently, I finally gotten hold of the Lube customer representative who is charge of my case and spoke to him on the phone. He told me to get an estimate for repairing the damage. I went to a Chrysler dealer and got an estimate and faxed to Jiffy Lube according to their instructions. I talked to the same representative again and confirmed that he received the fax. This was more than two weeks ago. Since then I have made numerous phone calls but Jiffy Lube has fell silent again. I left several messages to the customer representative but he never returned my phone calls.
I’ll continue to pursue this fully knowing that Jiffy Lube will drag this on forever. One thing I can be sure is that I will never change oil at Jiffy Lube again and will tell as many other people as possible that they should not service their cars at Jiffy Lube as well.

[867] David in Bountiful, UT  Theft of Services

I have been taking my 1993 Chevy van to a Jiffy Lube in Bountiful UT. to be seviced for 2 years and have been a little concerned about paying for services performed and those services not being performed. I have been employed as a mechanic in past and have always done my own vehicle repairs when able. I am very mechanicly inclined.  I decided to check on what services they claim to do that I pay for and sure enough they did not perform all the services they claimed to have done that I paid for.
On the receipt they claimed to have:
1 - Checked the air filter as noted on the receipt.... they did not. The air filter cannot be accesed unless the engine cover is removed from the inside of the van...it was not, I even removed the air filter from the van before I took it in and when I asked them if they checked the air filter they said it was OK when in fact the air filter was not even there.
2 - Lubricated the chassis as noted on the receipt...... they did not. I jacked the van up before I took it in and marked all ten lubrication points wich are called grease zerks and when I got home and jacked up the van again to check ..... not one of the ten grease zerks were even touched.
3 - Changed the windshield wipers as noted on the receipt.... they did not. When I was asked to wait inside the waiting area lobby I instead walked outside and sat on the grass directly in front of they bay doors and watched them the whole time while they performed thier services and they did NOT replace the windshield wipers.
4 - Vacumed the interior as noted on the receipt.... they did not
5 - Washed all the exterior windows as noted on the receipt.... they did not
I paid for all of these services and not one of them were done. I also paid for the windshield wipers that were not replaced. In my book that is called THEFT

[866] Jessica in Denver, CO  Forgot To Replace Oil

I had been taking my Subaru Legacy to the Jiffy Lube on Leetsdale and Holly in Denver for many years with no problem.  I’ve always been very careful to get my oil changes and maintenance on time as prescribed by Subaru.  They recommended that I get the maintenance on my front and rear differential done as well so I agreed.  $235.15 and 15 minutes later I was back on the road hungry and heading home for a bite to eat.  I’d traveled less than 10 miles before my car started acting strange.  By strange, I mean that it was acting like I had the hand brake on but I didn’t.  About a minute later, it started making an awful grinding noise which prompted me to immediately pull off the highway at the next exit.  In the 3 years I’ve had my car I’ve never once had a mechanical problem and for it to suddenly do this so soon after leaving Jiffy Lube, was very suspicious to me.  I called Jiffy Lube and talked to the manager and explained the situation.  He said he’d come out and look at it right away.  I also called my boyfriend to ask him what he thought about the situation.  They both showed up exactly 1 hour later.  The Jiffy Lube mechanic immediately checked the front differential.  I would’ve thought he would’ve checked the oil or the antifreeze but instead he immediately checked the front differential and determined that the oil was “low”.  Strangely enough, the only products he’d brought with him were the differential oil.  No tools, no regular oil, nothing else, just 1 bottle of differential oil.  Of course, I didn’t even notice this but my boyfriend saw this and thought it was strange so being as helpful as possible offered the used of his tools and in the process managed to take pictures of the bottle of oil before and after the manager “topped off” my front differential, and also pictures of him putting the oil in the car.  He put in nearly 2 quarts of oil.  My boyfriend then called his mechanic and asked how much oil the front differential of my car would take.  The mechanic said my car only takes 1.7 quarts.  Therefore, it wasn’t that the oil was “low” but rather that there was nothing in there.  I of course had already checked for leaks and there was none.  The manager then asked that I drive the car back to the Jiffy Lube and he’d look at it again.  We’d traveled maybe 1 mile with my car making horrible noises when the manager pulled up next to me and told me to pull over and stated that my car was not going to survive the trip to the Jiffy Lube shop.  I called my insurance roadside assistance and they sent out a tow truck and took my car to the nearest dealership.  Since it was a Saturday, it could not be looked at until Monday morning.  

The dealership called me on Monday.  To even determine what the problem was they’d have to drop my transmission, which is a $600 job to start off with.  They called me as soon as they’d done their diagnostic on it and found “pinon gear ground off. Found ring gear damage from pinon gear.  This was caused by lack of lubrication (no fluid in front diff). Damage had already occurred before fluid had apparently been added.  Also found chunks of metal in bottom of front diff case.”  I called Jiffy Lube and talked to the manager again.  He kept trying to tell me that he had not added that much diff oil but it was a half hearted attempt.  I gave him the number of the mechanic and let them talk.  The mechanic told me the Jiffy Lube asked that it be reviewed by their adjustor.  I called Jiffy Lube corporate and filed a complaint.  I was given the wrong claim number and told that a district manager would call me within 48 hours.  48 hours went by neither I or the dealership had heard anything.  I called the manager again and left a message letting him know that I was without a car now for 5 days and was having trouble getting to and from work and I really needed them to help me out with a car in the mean time.  He text messaged me at 6pm and told me that he was in a meeting with the “big corporate guys” right then and that I should contact his district manager directly but say I got his number from the receipt”.  I tried to call the district manager, Dan Hill, but got no response.  I left messages but got no call back.  The next day I called corporate again and was told my claim number was wrong and that there was nothing they could do.  All they could do was ask the district manager to call me again.  I called the Jiffy Lube shop again and was told that the manager was “out of town” on “vacation” for a week and could not be contacted.  I tried calling the managers cell phone but the message had changed to be a woman’s voice mail this time.  I text messaged him and got no response.  The dealership was telling me the repairs would cost almost $2000.  I’d rented a rental car by then which for a week was costing me approximately $200.  The dealership was being helpful in that they’d taken pictures of the damage and proof that the damaged parts came from my car.  They also took pictures of “new” parts to compare the damage.  They also told me they’d keep all the damaged parts for me to use if I ever took Jiffy Lube to court.  I was stressed.  I have a good job, but don’t have a lot of saving yet.  To pay for this work, I’d have to drain all my savings and cash out any investments I have.  

I talked to my brother and he questioned whether my insurance would take care of this for me.  I called my insurance and they said that this was something they would cover and took my claim.  Therefore, I’m out $235.15 for the bad repairs and $500 for my deductible and $200 for my rental car (which my insurance may reimburse).  Instead of a total of almost $2,500 for everything and any costs to take them to court.  Therefore….my advice….have your insurance fight this battle for you.

[865] Rene in Salt Lake City, UT  Non-Existent Filter Was Dirty!

I just moved to Utah from New York State .  I needed an oil change so I went to JiffyLube near my work at 800 East 400 South, Salt Lake City.  I was told that my inside air filter was dirty and needed replacement.   I said, "Show it to me."  Not only couldn't they get the cover off easily (I thought they said they just looked at it), but when they finally got the cover off – voila – no filter to be found.   How can a non-existent filter be dirty?  Rip-off city – I will never go back – I didn't even see this kind of thing in New York!

[864] Dave in Ashburn, VA  Inadequate Tire Rotation

My daughter needed her oil change and I forgot to warn her they would try to rip her off through upselling.  The cost for an oil change - $159 in Ashburn, VA.  They rotated her tires and now her car rides awful.  The problem – they don’t have any balancing equipment to properly rotate tires but feel it is OK to charge you $50 to do it anyway and hope it is OK.  I asked them why they are doing something that they obviously don’t have the equipment to do and got no answer.  It is infuriating and I am an idiot for sending my daughter there at all. 

[863] Dennis in Bloomingdale, IL  Blown Engine

My son brought in his Mustang to the Bloomingdale, IL JiffyLube.  Not only was he up sold on almost every product  including an engine flush that ended up costing an 18 year old kid 210.00! Within 20 miles of leaving the location his engine blew up.  JiffyLube is saying it was due to improper maintenance however he had regular oil changes.  An inspection revealed black oil in a newly changed engine, potential engine flush fluid mixed with the oil.  JiffyLube could care less and continues to claim that it was a pre exisiting condition.  They brought in an inspector who candidly told me that he has seen this happen more than once with JiffyLube.  We are now left to deal with our insurance company and potentially may need to take them to court.

[862] Erica in Bloomington, IN  Forgot To Replace Oil Cap

Jiffy Lube #2638.  I am returning the coupons you recently sent.

At the end of July, I took my Ford Escape in for service at your store. It is one of the few oil change locations in Bloomington that stocked the necessary filters for the Hybrid version of the Escapes, and I have had no negative experiences on previous occasions. According to the service technicians, everything was completed normally ready to go. I was especially glad to know this because we were planning a thousand mile drive in the next week — we moved from Indiana to South Carolina.

During that trip, we began to notice a petroleum smell from the engine, but assumed that was due to the long stretches of driving which the car does not usually experience. However, over the next weeks, the smell stayed around and got worse; it also began to occur even during short trips. It became clear that it was definitely an oil or gas small coming from my engine (not other vehicles on the road), so I took it to my local Ford dealership to see if they could locate the problem.

Much to my surprise, it was not due to any fuel line leak or other problem with the car itself, as I had assumed. The problem: somebody left off the oil cap. So oil was splashing out of the reservoir every time we drove, and boiling off on the engine. For six weeks I had basically coated my engine in oil, burned it, and filled my passenger compartment with stink.

I am not a "car person". I don't service my own cars. I rely on Jiffy Lube or similar service stations to do that for me. And it is a basic expectation that when you provide that service, you should be replace all the parts that had to be removed when changing the oil — even a non car person knows that. I am angry that such a simple mistake caused an annoying stench in my engine and forced me to buy a new oil cap for my car, not to mention requiring me to prematurely refill the oil since I had been splashing it all over the engine and road and driveway for weeks.

I'd gotten over that anger until I received the coupons in the mail to remind me that you "want to keep [my] vehicle running great." I don't feel that's true. So please take the coupons back and remove my family's name and address from your mailing list.

[861] Victim in Falls Church, VA  Dishonest Tactics

I called my neighborhood Jiffy Lube in Falls Church, VA . and informed them that I had not received my free oil change rebate as promised on May 20, 2007.  Its has been 6 months and I am still waiting. I called and was told they could not honor the promotion due to it was over.  Well I understand that.  However I waited for the rebate to come in the mail as promised.  I don't think you know what your representatives are doing. I called and they are only willing to give me a 10% discount.  Well, I am not satisfied.  I feel that they need to be held accountable and provide the service they promote.  I am disappointed because I wanted to continue my business with Jiffy Lube  here in Falls Church located at 1014 W Broad Street and help my community.  However, it appears that you have dishonest tactics and you do not care about your customers.  I see that I am not the only person that is complaining about your store in Falls Church.  I will be looking for another place to take my automobile. 

[860] Robert in Nashville, TN  Took Advantage Young Girl

Jiffy Lube #2260, 312 White Bridge Rd., Nashville, TN  37209
Lucor, 312 White Bridge Road, Nashville TN 37209

On 11/3/07 my 17 yr old daughter arrived for an oil change. By the time she left they had charged her $91.73. They told her she had to have the tires rotated-there was no way for them to know if the tires were due for rotation or not and they did not need them, that was $20. They charged her an extra $13 for "preferred" oil, $6 for cleaning the battery, $8 to replace a light bulb as well as $37 for the oil change and filter. Most places charge $20 for an oil change. I talked the the guy in charge in person on 11/4 and he did nothing but said to talk to Mike Crawford. I called him on Monday 11/5 and he refused to do anything about this either. It is perfectly clear that they took advantage of a young girl to up-sell products and services thata were not needed.

[859] Frank in Austin, TX  Mysterious Check Engine Light

I forgot my inspection was up on my 2004 Jeep Wrangler yesterday [Nov 4 2007].  I only drive it ocassionally (2500 miles a year).  It was sunday so i took it to the local jiffy lube yesterday for a quick inspection.  The vehicle had no engine codes when i parked outside the bay door.  Lo and behold 5 minutes later it mysteriously had a Check Engine Light and the diagnosis was an O2 sensor.  

The best part...the "mechanic" just happened to have a bottle of fuel injector cleaner on sale for $40 that GUARANTEED a cleared code.

I can't prove anything, but i know they did something to my vehicle in the 5 minute time span to throw the code.  
It could have been something as simple as removing a vacuum line and starting the vehicle up.  

I kindly told the mechanic that i would be contacting someone higher up about this incident.  I unplugged my battery when i got home and when i hooked it back up the code was gone.

This incident occured at the Jiffy Lube on the 12000 block of 183 north in Austin, Texas.

[858] Joe in Houston, TX  Cabin Air Filter

I brought my car into your Jiffey Lube on 11/01/07 at 14531 Memorial Drive in Houston Texas. I ask for an Oil change and an inspection sticker. I the the process of doing the lube job I was called outside and told I did not have a cabin air filter. I told them to go ahead and put one in. When my car was finished I received my bill. It was $124.33, I said was is is it too much and asked why, was told the cabin Air Filter was $54.99. I complained about the price of the filter because an engine air filter is about 1/3 that price. I left Jiffy Lube and went to an auto parts house (O'RILEY'S) about two blocks from the jiffy lube location. I got a price on a Cabin Air Filter, price quoted me was $14.95. I called Jiffy Lube and ask if I couls return the filter they just installed. ther reply was they would give me a $10.00 discount on my next oil change. I know you have to make a profit and I am not against that, but over 300 % profit way too much. My family have at least 20 automobiles that we service regular, I have to say that if this can't be resolved shortly, we will have to take our business elsewhere.

[857] Employee  ROB Customers

I work for a Jiffy Lube Franchisee in ----.. I am a manager for one of their stores, and I go to school full time, and need a job. We are required to stand outside in all weather with a sign to attract customers into the stores. We have had people standing in lightning storms, and blizzards. I have been put on notice when I told my crew to come inside due to weather conditions. We have turn over every 3 - 6 months. Our regional managers offer jobs to people like myself, which pay well, then call us low life scum. I personally need to work to afford to go to school, my crew on the other hand can come and go, and they do. My job as of today was to get rid of people who have shown up everyday they are scheduled, who have no criminal records, (which most of our franchisee's employees are ex-cons, to include child molestors) but my crew is not liked because they get paid to much. I start them out at $7 an hour, and most haven't had a raise in 6 months. I am not going to get rid of anyone, and I will, and do whatever I ask my employees to do, which now they want me to quit for standing up for my employees. The regional managers have shown up at our stores drunk, started fights at bars, and drink and drive. At this point me, and my employees are just there for the pay. We have all been looking for work.

We ROB people with services that do not need to be done, and if they do we are double the price. We can do all the services that a dealer can do, and when done properly we do a great job, and we are alot quicker. Our regional managers have threatened our jobs if we do the services as they are to be done, so we refuse to do them, we are called pieces of shit for standing up for our customers. We have alot of repeat business, and they come back for me and my crew, I guess that is what makes us keep coming to work. We deal with alot of great people, and we do want to help maintain their vehicles, as long as they need it done. Will I and my crew be there in a few months, probably not, and this franchisee will find some other slouches to do half ass services, for the price of gold. I tell each and everyone of the guys that work for me, if they can find better, I personally will kick them out the door, they all deserve better. I have had to lay people off do to their color of their skin, hair style, and WE DO NOT HIRE WOMEN, period. I know I am fault by staying, but I too have had trouble in my past, which I have not been in trouble for 3 years, and help our community help those who have. R & P enterprises in Wichita, KS is the franchise owner and the love it when we tell everyone who they are, actually if they find out, it is grounds for termination. A few weeks back I had a conversation with one of our customers who asked me about one of our regional managers, and how he gets away with driving while drinking everyday he goes home. I said he doesn't, and it was told to me they work at the liquor store where he stops, and cracks one open while in the parking lot. So this is a little more reason why our customers should stay away from our stores. I am not defending Jiffy Lube, or the customers, just telling what I see everyday. Jiffy Lube Corporation allows people like this to run their name in the ground, along with Shell, Quaker state, and Pennzoil. Way to let good names go down with you. This captain isn't going down without the entire ship.

[856] Andy in MD  10X The Cost

The attendant removed the filter from the inside of my car and show it to me. It was dirty - I asked how much would it cost she she told me a cost that was 10 times above the cost at a parts store. Now I just limit them to oil changes.

[855] Luis in San Francisco, CA  Still Waiting...

This letter is to let you know that I'm very dissapointed with my experience with Jiffy Lube.  Back on 05/26/07 I went to my regular oil change visit, and the service guy gave me my receipt + he told me that I can submit a rebate (for a free oil change).

Well….it has been 5 months since that, and I'm still waiting for my "free oil change".  The sad part is that I'd called to complain, and a representative told me that she was going to call the rebate center, and that I should receive an answer in a week. (that was a month ago).

After this experience be sure that I'd never going back to a company that promises something, and don't follow thru with the promise!!

[854] Nathan  Deceit Same As Theft

My son just returned (Oct 27 2007) from what we expect was an oil change in our 1995 Toyota Camry. During the service, the tech showed him a filthy air cleaner with leaves and particulate matter. Followed by a suggestion for a $40 replacement. Of course I had told my son not to have any additional work done.  When he returned home, I bought a filter and began the replacement and after taking off the filter housing notice a completely spotless filter. The Jiffy Lube location had not replaced it, it had been done 4 months ago...by our normal mechanic.

To me deceit is the same as theft and this Jiffy Lube location should be arrested and jailed.  Iwould think Pennzoil will be interested in the business techniques that are used by sellers of their products.

[853] Dennis in Erie, PA  Theft of Service

I recently had two vehicles serviced at jiffy lube #3071 on October 27,2007 in Erie PA one a ford ranger I had oil change and radiator flush and a Pontiac grandma the paperwork clearly states they lubed all the 8 fittings on the ranger and two on the grand-am. When I was rotating the tires that same day noticed the grease fittings were not lubed so I investigated further and found the same on both vehicles in my book that is falsified documents and when you are paying for that service I consider it theft of service. I think someone from your corporate should investigate or maybe this is how you do business at all your locations.  I will NEVER take one of my vehicles back to jiffy lube makes me wonder what else was falsified.  Did they really check my transfer case and differential I really cant answer that makes me wonder if they even put the right oil in it.

[852] Kerry in Portland, OR  Slurs & Damage

I seldom use any oil change service but I used the jiffy lube in Portland Oregon and it was the worst experience I've had with any "mechanic". Two of the workers whispered racial slurs under their breath while laughing and having a good ole time. That was when I was leaving and later I found a huge oil leak, where there was none before, and a broken radiator drain valve causing a leak where there was none before and two hoses removed from my air filter compartment. I wondered why they were laughing so much as I left. I called the Manager and was told I could not speak with him. After it was clear I was not going to accept that answer, the "manager" came to the phone and said he wouldn't even look at my car to see the damage.
Wow, Jiffy Lube sucks! But what can you do?

[851] Fred in Aurora, IL  Wiper Blade Scam

Fox Valley Center location.  I am in training at the adjacent Sears location and I wanted to have my oil changed while I worked. They asked me if I needed wiper blades and I said they could stand a replacement but I usually change my own since I have over 33 years of mechanical experience. I asked him how much the wiper blades would cost me and he said $12. I knew I could do it cheaper but I figured I was busy and $12. wasn't that much so I said ok. I came back to pick up my car later and discovered that I was charged $12. for EACH wiper blade. As far as I'm concerned this was a classic case of " low balling " and I'm angry enough to write you this letter of complaint.

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