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[650] Patrick in Seattle, WA  Lawyers Running Amok

Towne and Country Chrysler itemizes the state business and occupation tax.  They also charge disposal fees. The grocery store could charge for lighting and refrigeration and the  manager's retirement fund or for goodwill. In fact, they do. They just  don't itemize it.  In my business activities I could add tuition for my kids if I customers  would pay it. Okay, I don't pay any tuition. That is irrelevant. Your Jiffy Lube case is just another case of lawyers running amok.

[649] Bob in Oakland, CA  Transmission

On 6-16-07 I called Jiffy Lube to let them know that my daughter's car transmission is not working and it appears motor oil was used to top off the transmission during last service. The store manager came to my house and inspected the transmission to find it over filled and with burnt motor oil on the dip stick. He suggested draining the oil down to appropriate level and this may allow the transmission to work again. I told him that the transmission will not engage and is burnt; the motor oil on the dip stick had a strong smell of being burnt. The car quit running and my daughter had to coast over to the side of the freeway. The manager said he will contact customer service the next day and will be calling me back.

Pablo Lopez, from Jiffy Lube customer service, called and instructed me to have the car towed to a service shop and he will have their investigator go to the shop and look at the car. Pablo told me they will take care of all charges if they discover the problem to be their responsibility. The investigator took oil samples from the car at AAMCO transmission and said it will take a few days for analysis to be complete.  Pablo called later and said the transmission repair cost of $2,528.42 is more than the value of the car which is only $300.00 to $900.00 and they will only give me this amount. I told Pable the car is worth more than that and I do not accept this offer. Pable called back a little while later and said he had made a mistake and the value of the car is $2,250.00 and they are willing to pay me this for car damage.
I told Pable and I had other expenses because of this transmission failure and I was requested to send them a list. I reviewed the list with Pablo's team leader, Erical Parks, because Pablo was being very rude and loud. Erical said she could agree to some of the items and the ones she didn't agree to, she would refer to her supervisor, Chris Chapman. Chris Chapman later told me they would only pay the $2,250.00. I told Chris I had additional expenses his office instructed me to do and feel it is fair for them to reimburse me accordingly. Chris went on to say they will only pay $2,250.00 and if I wasn't happy with that, I can take them to court for legal resolution.
The car needs transmission rebuilt. Towing from Oakland to Berkeley $29.54. Towing from Berkeley to Sacramento $334.64. Car rental at time of breakdown $149.36. Towing to AAMCO and back home $120.00. Future car rental for car replacement or repair of 5 days for $215.45. On going travel expenses for my daughter at $.45 per mile. I also believe my daughter may be entitled to like kind rental and or fees for the time she is denied use of her car. My daughter was not seeking all expenses and was reasonable with settling for the $2,250.00 plus additional expenses of $1,234.49. Remember, Jiffy Lube instructed us to have car towed to a shop for repair. My daughter is very upset with Jiffy Lube for being so rude and acting in bad faith. Any help with this matter will be greatly appreciated.

[648] Michael in Santa Clara, CA  Wrong Oil Filter

I  brought my car, a 1992 Nissan NX2000 2.0 into Jiffy Lube 2795 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, Ca. on May 12, 2007 for a Basic Oil Change.  On the morning of Sunday June 24, 2007 Got into my car to drive to get coffee when my oil light was on, I got out of the car opened the hood and oil was all over the floor.  I looked at the Oil Filter and spots of oil were on it.   I touched the oil filter with my finger and was loose. 

I called the Santa Clara Jiffy Lube where the work was done and they sent out the mechanic who had originally  Worked on the car in May.  He took the Oil Filter off,  replaced with another, was wrong  Filter. So he told me he would go back to Jiffy Lube get another Oil Filter and Oil.  When he returned he told me that the Oil Filter that was installed On May 12,2007 at Jiffy Lube was defective.  So from May 12, 2007 to June 24, 2007  the car has not been running sluggish ever since this incident. I took the car to J&S Motors on July 3, 2007 they Diagnosed the Nissan and They informed me that the Nissan 4cyl engines like one in my car,  was loosing compression from the Oil Filter not being tightly secure and most likely there is  internal engine damage . 

I would like a answer on what Jiffy Lube intends to do about this… I take my car in for a Oil change and now my engine is damaged.

[647] Employee in VA

Well I don't know where to start so will just get right into it. I have worked at a store for two and a half years and recently have been looking for a new line of work. I have had a lot of experience working on cars, trucks etc so figured I might enjoy a job at Jiffy lube. I was right for awhile and I did learn some new things there. But i can no longer work there with their complete disregard of Basic human rights, customer service and lack of training of new employees.
The only way to get ahead in this shop is not through ability and know how but by how much ass you kiss. When I went to the manager and expressed my concerns allI get is "I know" and nothing is ever done. I informed him that I was infact looking for other means of employeement. That's when the Crap hit the fan. I am now sitting on 2 weeks suspension for refusing to do someone elses job on top of my own. While on their paper that stated my suspension was worded like a 3rd grader wrote it and had no facts listed. This on top of the fact that I can on any day of the week I am there watch the Manger's pets refuse to do something and it get shuffled to someone else, not having anything at all done to them. People show up late without calling and nothing happens.
As it is Virginia and it being a right to work state they treat their employees no better than slaves. We are not schedualed anytype of breaks. our only source of water is tap water that is put in semi-clean delivery bottles (btw the customers get the same water) The training consists of some computer based training that really doesn't prepare you for working at the stores at all. If you don't like it their most popular response is there's the road it goes both ways.
And to all the people complaining about prices, times, etc you are right it is a rip off I'll be the first to agree with you. here's alittle example.
Cabin air filters - Your cost from JL 69.99 - JLs cost about 15.00 - You can buy the same air filter from an auto parts store for around 25.00.
Engine Air filters - your cost from JL anywhere from 15.00-30.00, JLs cost maybe 5.00 - 15.00 autoparts store 10 - 20
Jiffylubes markup is somewhere around 200% 300% percent per item
Back to employees your standard bay employee is making 8 dollars an hour and the stores are usually understaffed because of this. I read somewhere that they keep the stores understaffed to keep labor down. No they are understaffed because people don't want to work under these conditions, with the same pay they could get working at your local McDonalds in the AC. Rather than being in the 100+ healt with no breaks and minimal fluids.
As for all the women that come in there. You are targets in more ways than just the fact that you might not know as much as most people about cars. You will be oogled discussed in ways that would make a sailor blush. Your teenage daughters will be discussed in the same way.
so For those that continue to overpay and are happy with this enjoy yourselves. For those that have a doubt about it trust your instincts and do more research it's sites liekthis that really show what's going on once you weed through some of the responses that don't make a lot of sense.

[646] Faye in St. Charles, MO  No Air Filter

On June 16, 2007 I had my oil changed on my 2005 Ford 500 at a Jiffy Lube location in St. Charles, MO. They told me that I needed an air filter so I told them to change it. They took the old one out and showed it to me.

I took the car home and parked it because my son was going to drive it to Ohio the following Thursday. He drove the car to work and was getting ready to leave when the check engine light came on. Because he was getting ready to leave he parked the car and rented a car for the trip.

Today my husband took the car to the dealer and they discovered that there was NO AIR FILTER in the car. So that means that not only did I pay for an air filter that I didn't get but I also lost my old air filter and my son had to pay over $300.00 for a rental car.

I am not happy. I will never use Jiffy Lube again. They kept telling me that they were much cheaper than the dealer, but at least the dealer makes sure I have all the parts I need.

[645] Adam  Never Again

I have taken My Brand new 2006 car to jiffy lube 2 times now and after seeing the following investigation I am NEVER taking my car to Jiffy Lube again..


[644] Garri in Elmhurst, IL  Transmission Fraud

Today June 2nd 2007, at Jiffy Lube #191 339 North York Road, Elmhurst, IL 60126, Automatic transmission fluid change was recommended. In the month of July Jiffy Lube offers $10 Off on Automatic transmission fluid change (this should have made me suspicious) but we are going on 10 hour road trip, so I said OK.

However when I got home my wife reminded me that we had the transmission fluid changed on May 11 2007 at Elmhurst Auto Clinic because the same Jiffy Lube had said it needed it but couldn't do it because of some technical difficulty.  I immediately went back with my receipts from Elmhurst Auto Clinic and asked the manager of the Jiffy Lube #191 for my money back as I believe I was scammed. They refused by saying that they don't even look at the dirtiness of the Automatic transmission fluid before changing and even if it was not necessary and they can not refund my cost of $99.99.

If I do not get a refund on this fraud, I will boycott Jiffy Lube forever and tell all of my friends and family why not to use them as well. I have been a loyal JL customer for many years but they have defied my trust.

[643] Paula  Another Contact

My experience is that if my oil change ever did take place, it was done so poorly that 24 hours later I had zero oil in my brand new (7500m) Mazda3 engine.  The proof that I had a problem was so overwhelming that I never got denial about any of it, especially since I had so many witnesses to the state of my oil-free engine.
Started by talking with Judy Scholl, Manager of all customer service at corporate, and she bumped me upstairs to Dennis immediately.  I have two offer letters from Dennis Kearn offering to either replace my brand new engine since we knew I had driven many miles with no oil in the engine I had, or to take over the warranty on the engine.  Having seen plenty online about this very troubled organization I steered clear of either resolution and also did not accept their offer for $96.93 in reimbursed expenses as taking that would have involved signing a release, which I have no intention of doing.
I am going to small claims court in Northern California on 7/03/07 to collect the monies already offered me and to attempt to collect a larger sum for my trouble.  Small claims court is not the proper venue for the additional claim but if I do win damages, I will post it all over the internet so others can learn that there is a precident for receiving remuneration for time and trouble in California at least.
I have decided to wait and see on the condition of my engine, as no one I spoke to at Mazda corporate could guarantee one way or the other that I might experience trouble in the future.  So if something does happen in the future to my engine which I feel is related to this incident, I will then go back to JL having signed no release but hopefully having gained my expenses and damages from small claims court.
I had considered a class action, which is business as usual for JL, but these suits are extremely difficult to organize as I would have had to create a class of people who had the exact same experience I did, and proving what that experience actually was could be tricky.
The main message of this message is to put Dennis' name out there- calling the President would never get a referral to Dennis-it's just a way of blowing off steam for the caller and doesn't send a strong message to JL.  Dennis deals with this stuff all day, and as I said, he's empowered to do it all except offer payment for lost time and trouble- it's the company's policy that they don't offer that, which is why I'll attempt to collect it small claims court.
Dennis Kearn, Cluster Operations Manager
Jiffy Lube International, a subsidiary of Shell Lubricants
700 Milam
Room 1910
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 546-3701: Direct Land Line
(713) 546-3836: Fax
3 July 07 Update:
Just returned from my appearance in small claims court in Northern California on this matter.  JL didn't bother to show so I won my entire claim which included ten hours of time paid at my work rate but as I expected, did not include any inconvenience or pain and suffering bucks.
I suspect JL has a national policy with respect to their corporate stores at least which does not include defending small claims cases.  This would be helpful for your readers to know as they can pump up their claims as much as possible and if JL does not appear, then the judge awards the full amount after questioning what the items are.

[642] Robert Stick With Dealership

 was on the verge of having my vehicle serviced by your firm until I came across all of your firms issues while looking for a location.  Never will any of my vehicles be in your shops.  I'll stick with inflated prices at the dealership.

[641] Bill in Hampton, VA  Work Not Done

How horrible your service is in Hampton, Va, I would not take my wife's lawn wagon to you for service. I had my oil changed and one day later had it checked and the filter and oil was as old as when I brought it in.

[640] Angie in Independence, MO  Missing Change

I am writing to let you know about a complaint I have regarding Jiffy Lube #3040.  On May 6, 2007 I went to get a standard oil change and complementary vacuuming done to my car.  I always leave change in my armrest (which is covered and closed so no one should see it or be tempted) and even had part of a roll of quarters left in the paper roll.  Unfortunately for me, I did not realize my change was all gone until a week later when I was getting lunch at Sonic and realized I didn’t have enough cash on me and went to get some of my change and saw it was all gone.  I know for a fact that I have been the only one in my car for the last 4 months other than Jiffy Lube that day and my husband who is only in my car when I’m with him.  I also know for a fact that I didn’t “forget that I spent it all” because I always leave emergency money in my armrest and would never leave trash inside my armrest and whoever took my money left the paper roll that some of the quarters were in inside of my armrest.  Any trash that I have in my car gets put inside the car door pocket so that it’s easy for me to throw out all of my trash when I’m near a trashcan.

I did not get a chance to report this to Jiffy Lube until the weekend of June 8th because of health problems I have been having.  My husband did go by sometime before that to let them know and they told him to have me come in with my receipt so that they could see who worked on my car.  When I went in, I spoke with the manager who made a copy of my receipt and said he would “look into it.”  When I told him I had $9-10 worth of change in my car that was taken, he rudely said, “Why would someone steal that?  It would just awkwardly be clanging around in their pants pockets weighing them down.”  I could tell he didn’t believe me at all and didn’t even seem apologetic or compassionate.  I would think if someone went to the effort to steal the change, they would not put it in their pockets but into a bag or something that could be set aside with their belongings until they left for the day.  At any rate, he never got back with me….gee, big surprise.  What wonderful customer service and communication you have at store #3040.  The manager probably just went around back and tossed his copy of my receipt into the “circular file”.

I would have written this to you sooner but I had surgery on June 15 and am just now able to start getting back on my feet again.  I am very disappointed with Jiffy Lube.  When I pay for a service, I expect it to be done well and assume that they have good, trustworthy people working for them who would not help themselves to whatever is in a customer’s car.  Perhaps you should look into getting your employees bonded since they clearly enjoy taking things that don’t belong to them.  From now on, I plan to go to Valvoline where I can stay inside my car or my dealership, where while their hours are tough to work around and they charge more, at least there I know I won’t get a thief working on my car.

I’m sure nothing will be done about this since clearly no one seems phased that this is going on but I still wanted to let you and your corporate office know that this is happening.  I wouldn’t count on your business lasting more than a few years if no one puts a stop to this.  You’ll start being known as “not only do they clean your car, they clean you out”!  At this point, while I could use my $9-10 that I earned making an honest living, it’s more about the principle now.  I hate that crimes happen to honest people like myself by dishonest people who don’t care who they affect and when we try to report it and get the problem fixed, no one cares or believes us.  Gee, what a great business you have going.  I grew up in Kansas City and I plan to tell everyone I know and love to stay far away from Jiffy Lube, not for revenge, but so this doesn’t happen to them since it’s not right and no customer deserves this from a business they should be able to count on.

[639] Dennis in Bonney Lake, WA  Drain Plug Leak

On my latest trip to a local Jiffy Lube (store #3062, Bonney Lake, WA), the service person advised me of an oil leak from my engine, where there had been none before. Today I craweled under my truck (Chev S10 – Z72) and the bottom metal (1) a bottom skid plate covering the oil drain plug was missing (takes 4 bolts to remove), secondly the only oil leak found was found dripping from the (2) drain plug! Calling the last store I visited, the assistant manager (Brandon Logsdon) said there was “…no way to tell where it was removed” and not replaced, after suggesting that “…my truck probably didn’t have that plate”. He said “I had to know where the work was done before anything could be done”. No remediation was offered.

Well, I have utilized Jiffy Lube since I purchased the truck in 2002 and didn’t expect to have to perform an parts inventory each time I left Jiffy Lube servicing.. This is not the first time, I had parts left off my car after servicing).  I am highly dissatisfied and betrayed thinking Jifffy Lube service center were on the same par as would be expected from a legitimate business. What I would expect, is that the service center would mention the part was missing before seriving, or if this happens at one of their service centers (any), they could at least find a junk yard part replacement for me. Telling me too bad, sorry (in any “professional” format) just gets me angry. The experiece has left me very disappointed and will seek other service locations to take my 3 vehicles for work there.

[638] Richard  Synthetic Oil

After seeing this video I was not pleased, because I have been going to Jiffy lube for about a year and a half  http://mfile.akamai.com/12924/wmv/vod.ibsys.com/2006/0503/9152183.200k.asx

I really was not happy when I saw that this was a TRUE story. You can always go to www.snopes.com   this web site will always tell you if these scams are true or not, this one is true.

Then I actually experienced this with my wife's Lexus.... Jiffy Lube messed up Anna's Lexus, they didn't know how to simply remove the air filter, so they broke it off, this caused the "Check Engine" light to come on and cost us about $250.00  to get it fixed and corrected at the Lexus dealer.

Now you can go to this web site as well, and this is not good either. ww.jiffylubeproblems.com/

We will be taking our invoice that has the documentation someone who previously worked on this vehicle (Jiffy Lube changed her oil) did not know how to change and remove the air filter.

Now I'm wondering if I really got the fully synthetic oil change I paid for ????

[637] Michael in Joliet, IL  Too Many Miles

I came THIS CLOSE to having Jiffy Lube change the Automatic Transmission Fluid in my 2000 Chevy Impala with almost 120,000 miles on it with the original AFT in it. But I lost confidence in JL after discussing the ATF service with them on the phone.

One JL said they wouldn't even do it because it was so far over due. They incorrectly said it was due at 60k (It was due at 100k for this car.) They said the transmission would be ruined because it would not recognize the new fluid. (Huh? WTF does that mean?)

Another JL said they would do it but only if I got in there within the next 1,000 or 2,000 miles.

I ended up paying $125 for the Chevy dealer to do it instead of the $99 JL wanted. Yep, I paid $25 more, they did a great job, and I am extremely happy that I did!

Luckily, I change my own oil.

[636] Barry in Danville, VA Penalty Charges

Hello, I had an 'experience' of sorts at my recent attempt to stop by the Jiffy Lube in my town - Danville, VA. I am a very busy person and sometimes it is hard to make the time to slip in and get my oil changed, but do it as soon as I can each time it is due, even if it's 'over' the 'suggested' date and mileage printed on the reminder sticker on the windshield, which is a great invention - to whomever came up with that one. 

Back to my 'experience' - one day last week (week of June 18th - 22nd, 2007) I found a few minutes open up on an already busy lunch hour, so when I rode by the Jiffy Lube on Piney Forest Road and noticed only 1 car in the bays, decided it might be a good time to slip in for my already overdue oil change. I have found in the past that if they are not too busy, the employees will have the time to do a good job - not a rush job... which results in tools being left in the engine compartment as well as the oil cap being left off, spraying the whole engibe compartment - all of which I have had to deal with in the past with Jiffy Lube.

So, thinking this an ideal opportunity, I pulled up to a bay where an employee normally greets me in a cordial manner. This day was different. The employee 'greeting' me ('Neal' I think I made note of correctly) wasn't cordial or helpful in ANY way. The first thing I get from him is: he sticks his head in my car in my face and looks at the reminder sticker and tromps back inside - then back to me he states to me that I will HAVE to pay close to a $50 figure because I am over the mileage due to change the oil.

So, I try to ask whether or not this is a penalty charge of some sort becuase I hadn't had the opportunity to get by there to have it changed, and he goes on this rant about some procedure that HAS to be done and that if it were HIM, he wouldn't choose between getting the oil changed 'on time' and walking (referencing a broken down vehicle situation I assume)... In addition to this condescending tone and attitude he was doling out to me, he asked me how I'd be paying today and I said by personal check, like I always do... he shouts in to someone and asks if they'd take a check... so, I am already used to never seeing the same faces every time I go to Jiffy Lube, but this has become ridiculous....and all of this before even getting to pull the car into a service bay.

Needless to say, I was disgusted as I had never been treated like that before... and told 'Neal' that if I was going to be expected to pay twice what I normally pay for their 'suggested' add-ons to a standard oil change, then I would have to pass for that day and he seemed like he could've cared less the way he whipped around, shrugged his shoulder and loped back off into the service area.

So, at this point, still needing an oil change, I am debating where to take my business, as it is clear Jiffy Lube doesn't want or need my business, by hiring such disrespectful, know-it-all characters like this one I had to deal with.

[635] Bret in Jefferson City, MO  Drain Plug Failure

I found this site while researching “temporary oil plugs” to see if there was case law available for my suit.

On June 1, 2007 at about 9:00 AM, my daughter took her vehicle into Jiffy Lube #1114 (operated by MFA Oil, Inc. and located at 809 Stadium Blvd. in Jefferson City, MO) to get her oil changed. This was her third visit to this same location for service since I bought her the car in September 2006. The Manager performed the service and upon stripping the oil plug out replaced it with a “temporary oil plug” advising my daughter that he had done so but that it would be fine so long as she got it looked at in the next few weeks. She ran a few errands and then returned home. Later that afternoon, she went to a friend’s house, and then left for work for her 4:00 PM shift. The car stalled and died a few hundred feet from her employer’s door. She coasted into the parking lot and called me saying her car wouldn’t start.

I went up to look at the car and found the temporary plug missing and the engine seized.

I called the Jiffy Lube the following morning and talked to the Manager who had also done the service, and asked to meet me up there in a few minutes. He showed up with another Tech and looked at the car. The Manager seemed a bit shocked while the Tech seemed amused at his manager’s error. The manager told me that he would have installed a permanent plug but that he could not locate his “tap set” when the other tech promptly volunteered the location of the tap set in the next bay. He said he would call his boss and see what they could do to remedy the error.

On June 4th, I received a call from the Owner. He said that according to their analysis, they weren’t at fault. He said she had to have hit something to knock the plug out so it wasn’t their fault. I asked him about what the manager had said about the “tap set” and he said he didn’t know anything about that but that the temporary plug was fine. I asked about how the plug got stripped in the first place, he said the prior service probably did it; so I told him that this same Jiffy lube was the prior service. He said he would turn it in to his insurance and see what they would do.

They had an adjustor call my daughter without my permission or supervision. Yes, they questioned a 16 year-old and of course got her to say exactly what they needed her to say to deny the claim.

Evidently, stripping oil pan plugs is a common practice at Jiffy Lube, based upon what I have read here. They don’t seem to think there is any issue with that procedural error at all.

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, but still have a while to wait for a response.

I picked up Small Claims Court filing paperwork today.

I wasn’t angry when it happened as I figured they would just fix the damage. I am furious now. I am going to everything in my power to let every resident of Cole County, MO know about this. It would have been a lot easier and cheaper for them if they had just done the right thing.

[634] Michael in OH  Transmission Oil

I recently had my oil changed in my 2002 Ford Ranger Edge (only 40,000 miles) about 1 1/2 weeks ago.  I religiously change my oil every 3 months whether or not I have driven the recommended mileage or not(I never drive that much).  I always have used Jiffy Lube since moving here to Ohio...

I have had to take my truck into Midas as my clutch was out of order...I have just found out that there was motor oil in the transmission resevoir which never can happen naturally, it had to been done at the time of the oil change.  This mistake is costing me $1200 plus the cost of a rental car for 2 days($125).  I have a signed statement from the mechanics at Midas stating the above.  I am not hard on the clutch (I drive like an "old lady", no offense meant to old ladies..) and the vehicle only has 40,000 miles on it. 

This is very disappointing.  At this point, I will have to get renumeration from Jiffy Lube.  I will let y'all know how that goes.

[633] Keith in Show Low, AZ  Tire Problems

I had my car serviced today, and the guy checking the tire pressure, said there was a leak in the valve stem.  Then I went back to Big-O Tire where I had recently purchased tires.  The man there checked and replaced the valve core.  Then checked the tire pressure in all 4 tires again.  the 2 on the driver side were missing the valve caps. and 2 of the tires were at only 30 psi pressure.  should be 35.  Went back to the 2nd in command at Jiffy lube and told her about it and she seemed unconcerned. The guy who checked the tire pressure had the valve caps in his pocket.  I guess I will have to find another place to have my car serviced. 

[632] Bruce in Middleton, WI   Stripped Drain Plug

My daughter took her car in for oil change, on a Monday.  She came home from oil change and parked car in the garage.  She went to work Tuesday morning and I observed oil leak where the car was parked. I informed her and advised her to bring it back to Jiffy Lube and have them look at it.  She was told that she needed a new gasket for transmission pan.  I inspected the leak and determined that it was coming from the oil drain plug.  The color of the leakage was that of oil not transmission fluid.  I took the car back and demanded that I observe the leakage with the manager.  We went down into the pit and he did inform me that the leak was coming from the drain plug and fixed it at no charge.  Checking the oil level before I took it in, showed that the there was at least a half of quart of oil more that what was needed. the level above the fill mark on the dip stick was about a inch above fill mark.  Windshield washer fluid could have been add, fluid was not all the way to the top.  Radiator overflow was at minimum and not at maximum, no fluid added.

[631] Vickie in Joilet, IL  Stripped Drain Plug

On March of 2007 I took my 1998 Isuzu Trooper into Jiffy Lube for a 3,000 mile oil change, a few days later I notice a oil puddle on my garage floor I immediately took my vehicle into the dealership for inspection.  I was told the oil pan had an oversized Drain Plug in it, the threads were stripped and the Plug was not sealing properly.  Due to the threads being stripped I had to purchased an oil pan now I am out of $663.00 and the company will not reimburse.

[630] Brenda in Long Beach, CA  Transmission Errors

I took my 2003 Volvo C70 to Jiffy Lube on Firiday June 15,2007. The assistant manager Al, told me that I should get my transmission flushed. After the 3rd flush and the transmission slipping every time. I told them that they broke my car and that I needed to get my car to the dealer Jiffy Lube agreed and had the car towed to my dealer. JL told me to my face that they ,and their quote, we messed up your car, we will have it fixed and pay for a rental car. Now it is Tuesday June 19,2007 I've had to pay for the rental car. I spoke to Steve Shields at Jiffy Lubes Corporate office and he informed me that they did nothing wrong and won't be paying for anything. Volvo of Cerritos Informed me that Jiffy Lube put the wrong kind of fluid in my transmission and that I need a new transmission. Heres my cost so far- $ 4,900.00 new transmission, $240.00 for the rental car and over $1,500.00 in lost wages. Oh did I tell you that I'm a single mother with two children and Jiffy Lube does not care. Thanks Brenda Ryan of Long Beach Ca Jiffy Lube store # 1741 5630 E. 7th St. Long Beach, Ca.90804 562-494-7076

[629] Max in Chicago, IL  Employee

It's quite interesting how many problems have faced with multiple Jiffy Lube locations around the nation. While some of these stories are quite believable, others are quite a reach. As an 18 year old, college bound teen, who currently works at Jiffy Lube #839 in Chicago, IL I can most certainly tell all of you out there that mishaps do occur from time to time. I can say that since our management change in June of 2006, our store has done nothing but run an honest business. Granted, we do occasionally have slight incidents, but keep in mind that workers can buckle under the pressure of seven cars waiting in line for oil changes along with customers constantly waltzing around the bay, completely unaware of the safety posters covering the walls. I can say that in my experience of working at this store, we have and will continue to give the customer the benefit of the doubt. Unless we can find a plausible explanation to the cause of a problem that a customer seems to have had since their visit to us, we will assume full responsibility and repair the cost at the expense of the company.

My job at this store is that of the Customer Service Advisor. I am responsible for speaking to the customer and helping them make decisions regarding services that we offer for their vehicle. Despite other complaints voiced on this site, I have not once been pressured to sustain a minimum ticket average, or pressure our customers. In fact, since we are part of the network of company owned stores in the Chicago land area, I am constantly observed in order to ensure that I do not pressure the customers. Regional managers and trainers make visits to their stores to make sure that we uphold the standards put in place by the company. I am there to layout all of the available to the customer, educate them about the service we provide and then allow the customer to decide for themselves. IF the customer asks for our advice we give it, but it is purely based on the recommendations provided to us by their vehicle's manufacturer.

On a further note, many of the stories on this website seem to be very vague and in some circumstances, farfetched and not believable. Other people seem to be voicing complaints about matters that are so trivial it makes me wonder how they were posted on this site. (I wonder myself that since I am taking the company's position on such matters, if this post will even see the light of day...) Many of the situations that have occurred in these posts that place the company at fault also cast a very dim light on the customers who are complaining in the first place. Several people have mentioned being charged for brake repairs that were never completed. Of course we are not going to fix your brakes, Jiffy Lube does not require its techs to be ASE certified in any field of automotive mechanical repair. Does it say "brakes" anywhere in our store? No, in fact it does not. A common phrase that Jiffy Lube does display is that we deal with "preventative maintenance." A brake repair job is far from preventative maintenance. I also get a rise out of people who question the prices of our products and services. Paul in Herndon, VA who likes to ramble on about the "Untrained Immigrants" working at the Jiffy Lube location near him seems to think that $45 is a lot for a cabin air filter. I can agree that it is not the cheapest item for sale, but his so called "investigation" into an "actual cost" for the filter will most likely result in Paul finding the item for cheaper. Why do we charge $45 for the replacement? Well our employees certainly don't work for free, and I doubt that they would be very pleased if their paychecks were substantially decreased because Paul feels that he should only pay for the cost of the filter and not pay the labor fee for us to take 35 minutes to remove his glove compartment and install the part. Michelle in Chicago, IL says that when a store replaced a battery for her, hey blew one of the fuses, not allowing the car to travel more than 15 mph. That seems like a legitimate claim. However poor Michelle seems to ruin the credibility of her story saying that she "discovered the 15mph issue on the highway" which is astounding to me seeing as how it would have taken her ages to reach the highway going no more than 15 mph at any given time on city streets. Chicago traffic can be bad, but it's not that bad!

My point to all of this, is that while reading over this site, please keep in mind that this is the internet and any person could post a story which provides a certain level of entertainment. Granted, that basically means that I might have lied about everything mentioned above, but I hope that this is response is well written enough that you are able to trust me. If you don't and you find yourself in the Chicago land area, I invite you to try out Jiffy Lube #839 at the corner of Lincoln Ave. and Balmoral St. Come and see for yourself that there are still Jiffy Lubes out there capable and willing to give customers the service and respect that they deserve. My name is Max and I am currently the CSA working there, I will be working there during the months of June, July, and August over the next couple of years as I will be attending college in Iowa City during the rest of the year. Do not place us in the shadow of other stores, give us a chance and I am sure that we will be able to impress you.

[628] TY from Philadelphia, PA  No Oil In Engine

I took my car for a oil change at jiffy lube on city ave. Once i got the change about 2 weeks go by and my oil light came on so i checked it their was no oil. I took the car back they fill the call up again and they checked it the car was fine. 3weeks go by oil light again take it back because car starts to smoke they put more oil in. 1 week later car is making noise so i pull in to local shop they say the plug is loose with no washer and thats whats wrong with the oil leak. I go back they apologize and puts the washer and the guy working their said " I hope their is no engine damage" 4days after that car started smoking bad go back to local shop a the say I have engine trouble because of the no oil in my car. They want $2500 to fix it after i called jiffy lube they said they was going to fix it now they are tring to stiff me because they are trying to play the blame game. This is sad they make billions off of us now they don't want to pay for their unskilled employees. I am not going to lie down be cause this not right.

[627] Steve  Blown Away

I looked up Jiffy Lube on the internet to get the closest location to my home (just moved) to get two of my vehicles serviced today.  I stumbled on a site that had several investigative video's about Jiffy Lube and I was blown away! What a bunch of rip off artists you are! Where in the hell is the proper management structure and integrity that your employees and franchise owners are supposed to follow? Unbelievable!  Charging for servicing that was never done...I was dumfounded by what I saw.

I wont be taking my cars (3 of them by the way) to any Jiffy Lubes anymore...and I will be telling all my friends and family about what I saw in the investigative videos. You think I'm being to harsh? How else do expect people like myself to react after seeing what goes on in allot of the Jiffy Lubes across the country.

I am sure that allot of vehicle service shops do that in general and I will be marking my oil filters from now on to make sure they are actually changed!

[626] Nathan Blown Radiator

I just have to say that it is nice to be able to vent about issues that you have with a place. Most of the time I just start posting reviews with Google, Yahoo, Safari and Firefox warning people away from places like Jiffy Lube. I haven't begun doing this yet because my experience is not over and I am still waiting to see if they are going to take care of my issue. I just had an oil flush, radiator flush and transmission flush. I paid $311.00 for all of these services. After I got the tune up from Jiffy Lube, I parked the car, because I need to do emissions on it, so I could renew my plates, because they expired. My wife took it to get the emissions done and while there she said smoke came out of the engine and the car showed it over heated. Radiator fluid shot all over the ground. She turned off the car, the people there looked at the car to help her out, and they said it looked like it was very low on fluid. They told her that is what caused the car to over heat. They also said one of the hoses must have came loose because the fluid did not come out from the over flow. She let it cool down and they put some water in it for her. She called me at work and I instructed her to take it to it back to Jiffy Lube to get it taken care of. The people at Jiffy Lube said it was an air pocket and they refilled it. Now the bad news, because of the air pocket they left in my radiator when it over heated it blow the radiator. The person at the auto body shop said we need a new radiator and the work all together is going to cost me about 350.00 dollars. What am I suppose to do about this? I work 5 days a week 10 hour shifts, so I will not be able to deal with this till Saturday. I am not going to send my wife to Jiffy Lube, because the auto body guys there where giving her a run around in the first place. They let her drive off knowing there was a hole in the radiator and all they told her was to keep and eye on it. Right after she left there I told her to take it for the state inspection thinking that it was fix and that is how we found out that the radiator was blown.

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